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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 4, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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terror attacks in lon do. how british, u.s., and local leaders are respond together tragedy. ♪ >> some of the biggest stars in the world take the stage in london. hear their message to the killers. and megyn kelly compares putin to president trump during her one-on-one interview with news 4. >> london police say they are confident the three men killed minutes after last night's deadly terror rampage were the only attackers. but today they continue to arrest people possibly connected to the attack
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meanwhile, londoners refuse to be intimidated by the violence playing out on the streets. lucy cavana has the latest. >> this is still an on going investigation significant progress made in that investigation according to the authorities here who say they have identified the three attackers, threatt perpetrators of the yesterday's terrorist incident. all three of them were killed. authorities confirming they were the only ones involved which means there is no manhunt for other suspects at the moment. >> we're going to talk more about that connection and the support by anyone else. >> we have seen throughout the hours and aftermath of the attack search as cross the city of london largely focused in the east london area. numerous raids conducted there. numerous arrests. >> i heard a loud bang. i heard a loud bang and i sthed is definitely something unusual. >> police tried to
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anyone who may have associated with these three attackers anyone who might have more information and trying to help them figure out the motive and more importantly whether they were associated with any other networks, any terrorist organizations. now as for the attack itself, london police describe the dramatic scene the moment in which the authorities neutralalize the three suspects. >> there were 50 rounds and 50 bullets were fired by the officers. >> one civilian, one bystanders with injured in that gunfire. the by stander is recovering in the hospital. nbc news, london. earlier today, d.c. mayor tweeted her condolences. she said she's been in touch with the police in the district and that there were no credible threats to washington right now. >> our team coverage continues right now with reaction to the attacks in london. president trump has been tweeting today. a lot of people are not very ha
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nbc's jennifer johnson has that part of our coverage from washington. >> president trump sent condolences to london after the terrorist attack but also unleashed a twitter storm. we must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people, the president tweeted then criticized london's mayor, no reason to be alarmedhe? said he was trying to assure londoner who's were seeing a massive police presence. and we need the travel ban as an extra level of safety. critics say that wouldn't have stopped this kind of attack and isn't the answer. >> travel ban will be cannon fodder to the recruiters. it's the worst thing question do. >> others fear stigma tieing muslims will backfire. >> we alienate the very communities here in the united states whose cooperation we most need to detect and prevent these homegrown extremists from being able to carry out attacks. security experts say while
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u.s. is at risk nor attack, europe has more extremist populations. >> we never had the same degree, volume, speed radicalization that the uk, belgium, and the french have had. the trump administration has asked the supreme court to reinstate the proposed travel ban on six mostly muslim countries. lower courts have blocked the policy. >> this week the president faces another storm as fired fbi director james comey is set to testify before the senate intelligence committee thursday on the russian election investigation. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. that was the scene as ariana grande took the stage in the uk tonight. she played a tribute concert to raise money for the victims of the bombing outside of her concert at manchester arena. it's been two weeks since that attack happened. other pop performers like
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for the tribute. >> back state side closer to home. a man riding on a stolen motorcycle has died after being hit by a car of teenagers. the crash happened saturday near route 202 in upper moral borough. state police say the vehicle with the four teenagers tried to make a left turn and they hit the motorcycle. the teens are all okay. the biker, michael davis, was killed. police say the sports bike that he was on was stolen from howard county. >> and now, your storm team 4 forecast. >> it was a beautiful day out there today. temperatures in the upper 80s. but it didn't feel like that. that humidity was low. plus we had a nice breeze out. there a good looking day all around. it was a great weekend. 85 is that temperature right now. we've come down a few degrees. still going to be comfortable and dry as we continue throughout evening. if you have plans, want to eat dinner outside if you're not doing so already, it will be nice. now again, a very few cloud
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i do expect that increase in cloud cover and humidity as we go into the overnight. a warm front just to the north. now also can't rule out a few isolated sprinkles north of i-70 as we get into late evening. we're going to have a chance for scattered rain showers and we go through the day tomorrow. so we're going to be timing that out. it hapdz on a monday. maybe even a few storms so we'll time that out. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. you got it, lauren. news 4 had a chance to talk with megyn kelly about her interview with putin. they talked about several topics and she discussed the similarities between putin and president trump. take a listen. >> he seems to enjoy a charged back and forth. and nothing was off-limits. you know how trump will answer anything? sol president putin. and even when we had our exchanges, a few which were very charged, you know, very tense, ways sort of reading him for the signal, the body language or the
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gone too far or -- and it never came. >> can you see the pull interview on sunday night with megyn kelly. the premier set at 7:00 p.m. right here on nbc 4. fighting climate change with or without the president's support. we'll break down one local leader's plans plus breaking ground on a new project that promises to revitalize a comm
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creating jobs foreaner, reliour veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure...
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across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy. me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
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we got a first look at big changes komenting to montgomery county. wheaton is going to be starring stores, offices and a park. this is grand view avenue in the wheaton triangle. part of the city's revitalization project. >> we're into ground breaking ceremonies. we're not finished until we have a ribbon cutting ceremony. we'll have a ribbon cutting ceremony. the county executive saying the project should be done by 2020. we'll be watching. d.c. mayor is going to follow the paris climate change accord even though president trump pulled the u.s. from the deal. to date city said that mayor bowser is going to sign an order reaffirming the city's support for the agreement tomorrow. the order will renew the district's commitment to reducing global carbon emissions. co
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standing up to images of hate in our nation's capital. you're seeing here live pictures of the community vigil in southeast d.c. a number of people have gathered there in support of east watch washington heights baptist church. he is urging people to stand in solidarity after nooses have been found at museums and schools in our area.
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images of lynching and have long been used to intimidate african-americans. folks are standing in defiance of that tonight. breaking news in the london attacks now. isis has claimed responsibility for the tragedy in london. but it's important to note that nbc news has not been able to independently verify the terror group's claim. meanwhile, a team of university of maryland students trying to prevent terror attacks like the one we snau london. they developed a video game which teaches people to recognize the signs of radicalization and look for ways to take action. news 4's derrick ward now with more on b. this game called operation genovise. >> meet jack, a normal teenager for the most part though he is showing signs of radicalization. >> you look at his computer. he has a storm front tab open. >> this university of maryland graduate is a part of a team that developed a video game to counter-terrorism sector is trying to do for years, win a war of the mind,
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extremism. and in the game the player is a bystander, a family member or friend who might see the signs. >> and then really have that power to change them, help them down a better path. >> but what do you do? options include ignoring it, engaging him for more information and calling the police. real scenarios teen interviews for people whofz loved ones ar friend went radical. >> they said i had absolutely no idea that something was wrong or where i could turn. i didn't want to turn in my son zbhchlt i do aub inform things and it doesn't end well for jack or others. >> if you take the wrong action, jack bombed an event between the msa and the black student union. >> it is better to lose in the confines of cyberspace than in the real world. >> we would love for this to be family friendly and come out on family wii games or family play station or an app on your phone. >> the ultimate aim, she says, is to make a difference. derrick ward, news 4. good stuff. they hopeo
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on the market. the students have been contacted apple and android about an app based version of the game. we'll see where it goes. a boy in maryland must have really wanted a prize. he climbed inside one of the claw arcade games at a hotel in maryland last night. we're told that he got in to get the -- he got in throughout game's prize door. the problem was that he kobt get out. it took the machine's owners 30 minutes to get the keys to get the boy out of the machine. no word on when did get the toy. we'll tlet you know about. that thousands of people were in and out wheaton enjoying great food. the taste of wheaton festival took place downtown. that's been an annual tradition there for some 22 years. and they took -- they had the best luck weather wise today. you could imagine a better day to be outside eating good food? >> so nice out there today. did you get outside? okay. yes, storm team 4 forecast. why your voi
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it didn't sound like me. they don't want us to do cross talk. hopefully you got outside. it was so nice out there today. now things are going to change. as they always do. of course, we're headed into monday. of course, we've got some rain on monday. but we are dry this evening. we have increasing clouds during the overnight. we also have increasing humidity during the overnight. scattered showers through your day on monday. and maybe even as we get into the afternoon a few thunderstorms and then we've got unsettled conditions pretty much from monday all the way to thursday. but i do believe we're going to have sunshine. plenty of sunshine out there today. a nice little breeze. that took our temperatures into the upper 80s. some areas made it to 90 degrees. 85 here in washington. it is great evening. we'll continue to selt down into the 60s and 70s as we head into the overnight. of course with clouds increasing. the sun does not go down until 8. 306789. you have plevenlt time to get outside. can you see we're fine right now. i'm going to take the radar to the north a little bit. we have a
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north. i've been saying a few could try to sneak south over the pennsylvania border into maryland. so there could be a few sprinkles late this evening. again, sprinkles. that is north of i-70. and then we head south. we have another system in north carolina. so we're wedged between two systems. obviously we're seeing some great weather throughout today. but, of course this is not going to be the case in areas of low pressure is going to develop in north carolina, bring us some rain from the south tomorrow. we're going o have rain tomorrow morning when you wake up. it's mainly south in fredericksburg. the further north you go, you may have some sunshine tomorrow. but again, plan on a few rain showers out. there pack that um brel yachlt by the afternoon, rain definitely gets close to us. a few scattered thunderstorms tomorrow evening. tuesday we get sunshine. not a washout by any means. but again, of course, a few showers as well possible on tuesday. only in the 70s tomorrow with
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that humidity is creeping back n you'll notice that mugginess around for your monday. 77 tomorrow. again with a few scattered showers, maybe a few thunderstorm. then we head into tuesday. some isolated stray showers tuesday and wednesday. of course, cooler and then we stay cool. we get into thursday. but look at. this friday into next weekend look going. temperatures back to right around 90 the beginning of next week. >> all right. brice harper off his suspension. here's hoping he's coming back with a vengeance. >> he did get to go cool off a little bit. went home to vegas when he was suspended. sow was back in the lineup tonight after serving his three game suspension. and maybe some time away from the game could help him cool off and help him heat back up at the plate. owe went 0 for 5 in the day after the fight. harper back andig
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off the hand shake with stephen drew. he got a little rusty. he was out. but top of the sixth now. two on for trey turner. ahead of taylor. taylor almost runs him down. both come in to score. turner those third with an rbi triple. the nats take a 2-1 lead. bottom seven, still on the hill for the nats with a man on. facing chris davis. crush this is one to left. and just hits the foul pole. a two-run homer much davis' 17th of the season ties the game at three. still in the eighth until this. ryan zimmerman blasting a three-run home run, hits 16th of the season. gives the nats a 6-3 lead and that is where we stand right now. >> yeah, baby. >> orioles and r s
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good-bye to long time radio voice, retiring after 25 seasons. the bird trying to send him out with a win. orioles down 2-0. he takes this one the other way. just up and fair. jo joey ricker scores. and here is manny machado. a two run single for davis. he took the lead. but in the sixth, bases loaded jam for chris tillman. one strike away fret going out of it. ball in the dirt. penna grabs it. trying to get the runner at third. it goes to machado and down the line. one run in the second is being sement. two runs score on the error from pen yach a penna. red sox at two more and they win. the maryland baseball team's ncaa tournament run is over. the terps lost a four run lead. west virginia rallied to win 8-5 beating the ball club, the second time in three days.
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game two of the nba finals. golden state ran away with game one on thursday. so lebron james and the cavaliers, not smiling so much anymore. the warriors had a dominant 22-point game one win. kevin durant a game high 38 points in his second career and nba final appearance. he is g but the cavaliers have to worry about the likes of steph curry, clay thompson, draymond green. i mean, one of most talented teams we've ever seen and lebron james is well aware. >> i mean i've seen a lot of great teams. they rank right up. there you know, they work well together. you know, stthey have some guys that can lead a franchise without anybody else by themselves. you have to be able to just keep your composure, you know, stick to the game plan and execute as best you can for sure. >> the team that goes out with the most focus and highest intensity level will win the game much that's our
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not, what you know, people think we're going to do or will not do. it's just about going out there and competing at the highest level every time we step on the floor. >> i think wean c compete for a championship. >> john wall bringing endorsement for the mystics. watching them take on atlanta dream today. wall has to like this. fellow point guard christy tolliver coming out strong to start the game. scoring the mystics first nine points. christy with 15 in the game. now also coming up, big elena deladon backing down her defender. turn around. banks it off the glass and in. and the foul. she led the mystics with 23 points. washington wins its fourth straight game 78-72. up next, a nationally televised contest tuesday in dallas. and to the french open. busy day at roland garros. nadal moving on to the french. nadal looking like his normal dominant self taking on 18th ranked
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he breezed through him winning in straight sets. also moving on, novak djokovic, the second ranked player in the world. also breezing through. he takes this one in straight sets and is moving on. so exciting tennis there. venus williams, she lost today. she was the final winner who was still in the tournament. so it's wide open now. >> okay. i have to make point to go see elaina deladon. >> she is so good. >> she is the bomb. >> yeah. i'm onboard. >> there you go. >> okay. all right. last word. >> you are onboard with the weather? >> today, yes. can you give us more of this? >> i wish. yeah. it may change around here. we have rain tomorrow. we have a few thunderstorms. really going to be south of d.c. and then as we get into tuesday, a little breezy. isolated shower. same deal on wednesday. by next week, friday, saturday, sunday, beautiful and we warm back up intohe
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week. >> there is no nastiness there. >> no. >> heat or rain, it all looks good. >> not too bad. >> we can take that. we're tough. we can handle. that all right. that's it for us right now, folks. thanks for joining us. stay tuned. "nightly news" is coming up next. and i think we'll all be here at 11:00. make sure you join us. >> i have nothing to do. pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once. super pro-tip: buy your veggies pre-chopped. uber pro-tip: buy delicious produce you don't need to chop at all. boom. summer made easy at amazing prices. only at giant.
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me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting
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test. on this sunday night, terror in london. eight minutes of horror. the van running people over on the bridge, followed by the stabbing rampage. tonight eyewitnesses talk about how they escaped the deadly attack. the prime minister declares enough is enough, while president trump criticizes the mayor of london, pushing again for his travel ban. and after it all, moments of unity and defiance as the stars turn out in manchester. one-on-one. our exclusive interview with vladimir putin. tonight megyn kelly questions the russian president about the american president and his aides. cancer lifeline. the new system that is helping cancer patients live longer, and it's right in their own hands. and oh, thela


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