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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 5, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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has got to go. >> community outcry after another noose is found. and your work week forecast and it's starting out wet. when you'll see showers in your neighborhood and how long they'll last. "news 4 today" starts now. >> it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we are working for you. we start with melissa mollet. have a look at your commute. >> check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen. they made their way outside. how does it feel? >> yes. feels fantastic. nice breeze. very comfortable. >> i'm a fan so far. it's not raining on us. always appreciate that. >> not yet. we'll see the rain moving in. cloudy skies, local rain. around charlottesville, the rain is reading in our direction. for your my
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7:00 a.m., 73 degrees. kind of scattered. by 5:00 p.m., wet roads. chance of showers. things starting to wind down. before you leave this morning and get in the car, grab the umbrella. melissa mollet, the good news is it's not raining right now. >> that is good, good news. right now, no big problems on the road. we do have this situation still, inner loop at braddock. this crash is now on the shoulder which is, of course, good news. inner loop and outer loop, not seeing any of that. 66 and 95, no big problem there. taking a look at 270 from frederick on time. going to save you 26 minutes.
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it's a terroristic attack apparently in the middle of london. >> you're looking at new video showing the chaotic moments of saturday night's attack in london. people running for safety as gunshots ring out in the background. italian freelance photographer shot the footage we're watching. >> deadly attack started on london bridge where a van swerved into people and they stopped and got out and stabbed people. the attackers were shot and killed by police. 7 killed, 48 injured. isis claiming responsibility. london bridge is partially back open. angie goff has the latest from the live desk. angie. >> reporter: that's what we want to begin with, eun. the southern side of the london bridge has reopened to foot traffic. we've learned fromic
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they believe they know who the attackers are but they're not releasing that information just yet. there are still questions. part of what goes into that decision is they want to find out if the individuals are part of a bigger terror network. raids continue and 12 people arrested yesterday. despite the recent terror attacks, we've also learned that the u.k.'s general election will go on as planned later this week on june 8th. that's the latest live look. eun? >> 5:03. new this morning, president trump is vowing to do whatever is necessary to stop the threat of terrorism reading to america. >> he made those comments last night at a ford fund-raiser in washington. >> we knew our resolve stronger than ever before, to protect the united states and its allies from a vile enemy that has waged war on innocent life and it's gone on too
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this bloodshed must end. this bloodshed will end. >> those comments came after he tweeted several times on the attack sunday morning including one tweet that appeared to question the judgment of london's mayor. tracie potts will have more on th that. ♪ ♪ ariana grande paid tribute to victims of last month's attack in manchester, england. 22 people were killed at the end of her concert in manchester arena. yesterday's concert took on even a greater significance. pop stars including justin bieber and katy perry joined grande on the stage. more
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make sure you have the nbc washington app. that is where we will have all the updates as they happen in the london terror attacks. we'll show you how a group of university of maryland students recognizes the signs of radicalization. developing this morning in portland, oregon, tensions have calmed after chaos broke out between pro trump and anti-trump demonstrators. police used flash bang bombs and tear gas. more than a dozen weapons were taken. this follows the train attack in which two men were killed when they tried to help another person who was verbally abused by a passenger shouting anti-muslim slurs. today kids at veers elementary school in d.c. will be back in the classroom after a noose was found near the
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>> this is the fifth noose that's been found in our area in a little more than a month. news 4's justin finch is live at the school with more on what officials are doing to reassure their parents that their kids are safe. justin, good morning. >> reporter: hey there. good morning. for veers elementary parents, students and staff, this is all too close for comfort. their school is right here just across the street from this home here under construction where that noose was found. mayor bowser assuring families that this is under investigation and that the district office of human rights is launching a human rights protocol here. very strong showing here. again, that hate crime is what it's called is underway. a crowd of all colors is underway here. authorities display the southeast. they chanted, hate
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the leaders saying they refuse to allow hate and fear to take hold and the chief is saying all 44 members of the police force were outraged by what happened here. >> we are going to do everything that we possibly can to make sure that we find out who's responsible because in this city we are inclusive and we do not tolerate hate or ignorance by cowards. >> calle >> reporter: and as you mentioned, it's back to school for beers elementary school. i'm justin finch. news 4. back in to you. >> thank you, justin. 5:07 now. today the sex abuse trial of a former montgomery county elementary school teacher will begin. john vigna was an elementary school teacher. he's accused of inappropriately touching five students. he taught
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2016 and coached junior varsity baseball. years after playibeing accuf sexual assault, bill cosby's trial begins. claims of police abuse from a d.c. neighborhood commissioner. we'll show you the cell phone video that shows officers going too far and detaining him. and good morning, everybody. mostly cloudy sky out there this morning so he didn't have to do anything. rain down to our south and west in the southern shenandoah valley. that's coming our way.
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is unlike anything we've ever faced.leased the ultimate evil. [ sinister laugh ] [ dramatic music ] [ screams ] the mummy. rated pg-13. joao good morning, everybody. after a nice weekend showery. if you're planning outdoor activities, you might be dodging the drops for quite a few of the next several days. rainiest days likely to be today. we may have to wait until friday before we get much in the way of sunshine back. sheena has the
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minutes. >> taking a look at the roads. inner loop at braddock road. looks like the first patch is gone. it just cleared out of the way. beltway looks quite good. don't have any slowdowns there. eun? melissa, thank you. new this morning, president trump is going to look at plans to reform the air traffic control. it will speed up efforts by the faa to modernize the system that relies on land-based radar. other countries use gps systems that allow direct routes at cheaper costs. this is a week long focus on infrastructure by the white house. top stories we're following 56789:12, london police claim they know the identities of three people who carried out saturday
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7. whether they had any help, a live look at the london bridge. police have detained several people today. some of the other top stories we're also following today. >> the trial begins for a massachusetts woman. prosecutors say encouraged her boyfriend to till himself. michelle carter is charged with t murder in his death. the then 17-year-old encouraged him to commit suicide in text messages. roy eventually killed himself by carbon monoxide poisoning. a new york police officer is in critical condition after a car dragged him more than two city blocks. investigators say he was talking to two people inside a car when all of a sudden it took off. he fired off a shot which hit the passenger which is in serious condition. elected d.c.
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street in his own neighborhood said he will file a complaint against police after he was roughed up over the weekend. >> news 4's molette green says why kendall simmons is hurt and scared at this point. let's turn to molette green this morning. molette? >> reporter: aaron, eun, good morning to you. all of this happening friday night in the congress heights area of d.c. this amc commissioner said officers asked him if he had any weapons. yes, we have cell phone coverage capturing part of kendall simmons encounter. he was just sworn in in january said he suffered a minor concussion, scrapes and bruises when things escalated. he said he was forced to the ground and put in handcuffs. >> i'm a commissioner of the neighborhood. >> that's the cmi
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>> now simmons was let go without any charges. >> they didn't say what i was being detained for. you know, i just don't know. i'm confused and i'm scared. >> reporter: now simmons was eventually let go without any charges. d.c. police say they are investigating, looking into this, checking out the police body cam footage in their investigation. the officers involved are not facing any disciplinary action. and next hour we're going to hear from a witness who said he saw it all go down. that is the latest live from outside. back to you. >> molette green, thank you. 5:15. bill cosby will go on trial today. the actor fac
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>> his accuser is expected to testify. nbc's jay gray is here. this dates back ten years now. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. alleged assault over a decade earlier. it's the same story we've heard from more than 50 accusers over the last several years of bill cosby. this one, andrea constant will be the one who gets her day in court. that starts this morning. bill cosby, of course, has performed in front of millions around the world, taken the stage. here he'll face his most important audience, the 12 jurors, 6 alternates inside the courthouse here accused of using wine and drugs to fly tomsette. he considered her a coach. er
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that have outlined the same type of detail. the prosecution had hoped to hear from a dozen of those during this trial. the judge said they could hear from only one other than constant. that's the two wlee hear on the stand. will we hear from bill cosby? the consensus is no. he's not likely to testify in this case which could last three to four weeks. that's the latest live. now aaron, eun, back to you. >> jay gray. thank you. 5:17 now. more than 600 local nonprofits are participating in a program called do more 24. they're hoping all of you will consider donating to their efforts. the one-day fundraising drive is put on by the united way. nbc 4 is proud to be a partner of this event. you can find a complete list of the organizations along with ways to donate on the nbc washington app. a maryland
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passion for helping kids will be on the ellen show. >> they've adopted children through wednesday's child barbara harrison. rob sheer grew up in the foster care system and is raising four adopted children with his partner lee. >> within three months we got another call for a 6-month-old to a 2-year-old. we went from two guys to six people. >> i'm most grateful for having a family that loves me. >> all right. i'm not ready for that, you know what i mean? water works. look at that beautiful family. from maryland. the couple started the nonprofit called comfort cases which provides back packs filled with necessities. one international company is stepping in to help this great nonprofit. you can watch the ellen show every day right here on
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3:00 p.m. followed by news 4 at 4:00. this is one you love. >> everyone. every human being, it's something that really unites us. >> that's a great story. >> you have to watch the "ellen" show to see the rest of it. >> i know. >> in the meantime, 72 degrees already this morning. going to be a hot one, huh? >> not really. we have rain moving in. this morning when you step outside you might think, hey, it feels really comfortable, nice and warm out, a little bit of a breeze but in fact you need the umbrella. you'll need them even over the next several days. we have rain chances in quite a few days this week. cooler temperatures with clouds and rain around. the 90 degree temperatures, they do return in the ten-day forecast. we'll have that for you coming up. clouds around currently. sprinkles around. this area ad
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expect to move in. d.c. and south of that. there's that very unsettled weather pattern. this is going to stick around as we go through most of this week. that's why we're going to keep the rain chances in. gaithersburg and manassas, you'll see that moving in. by noon, you'll need the rainco raincoat. by 6:00 p.m. we have wet pavement but rain chances winding down. nice and dry currently. umbrellas through the day. tomorrow cloudy skies, slight chance of showers. the rain chance continues. extended outlook coming up with chuck. let's head to melissa and take a look at the commute. hey, melissa. >> good morning. wanted to show you again. no problems here. mainly for the express lane. big look at the beltway, nice look here at the inner
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outer loop. brand-new problem. hays market has a crash. eun? >> thank you, melissa. getting fit for summer starts before you get out of bed. the changes you can make to your sleep to improve your body this season.
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> do you get enough sleep at night, vanessa? >> no. >> i get about i would say 6 or 7 hours in a row. >> not enough. about four hours. >> never enough. >> four hours? boy, does that sound familiar to you? not getting enough sleep. turns out last night sunday is the worst night for sleeping. a new study from says three times as many of us sleep poorly. the biggest reason is because we throw off our normal sleep routine on the weekend a
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even drink alcohol. it turns out thursday is your best night for sleep. >> that's exactly me. making sure you get enough sleep is crucial in the fight to get or stay in shape. we're talking about how to get more sleep as we kick off our fit 4 summer series on "news 4 today." 35% of people are sleep deprived. probably higher. that's about the same number of people who are obese. that's according to the cdc. that may not be a coincidence. >> reporter: experts say getting less than 7 hours of sleep per night could be making you fat. study in the annals of internal medicine found that people who didn't get enough sleep felt hungrier, were less satisfied after meals and lacked energy. nutrition coach and author agrees, sleep is key to losing weight. >> when you don't get enough sleep, that actually can result in weight gain rather than
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>> reporter: but for many of us, getting a good night's sleep is easier said than done. here are the 4 secrets to better sleep. don't exercise too early or too late. avoid stimulants. don't eat three hours before bed and keep a schedule. >> i want you to stick to a schedule for eating and sleeping, but in particular for sleeping. i want you to get those 7 to 8 hours because they're very important to weight loss and you want you to do it on a regular schedule. >> you know, the other parts of that rej mgimen i can follow. the regular sleep is impossible for folks like us who have to get up early in the morning. >> we have a list of the medication apps that can help you get shut eye. >> be sure to tune in tomorrow for the next part of our fit 4 summer series. the best ways to cut down on belly fat.
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we'll explain which foods you should eat. a woman being dragged across a parking lot. how her trip to get gas led to this dangerous scene. outside where it is comfortably mild. we have rain approaching the area. you see it on your screen around charlottesville. chuck and i will show you where the rain is heading
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kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
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right now on "news 4 today," london bridge back open after deadly attacks on that famous landmark. new details about the 12 people in custody and their connection. tragedy at a local lake. a little boy's body pulled from the water after he wandered away. why his family will not face charges and important safety reminders we all should hear before we spend any time outdoors. new this morning, bryce harper becoming a cub? a new report to put the nats fans on edge. what it will take to keep him in washington. "news 4 today" starts now. >> that would be terrible, right? >> calm down. >> we'll fight for him. >> good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we'll get to those stories. a look at the forecast and the commute. >> chuck bell and sheena parveen are outside with what we should expect today. >> good morning.
5:31 am
chairs. don't be fooled into thinking it is going to be dry all weekend long. 80% chance with showers coming in with temperatures in the 70s. not expecting a lot of rain. rain is likely before lunchtime. >> good monday morning. crash on the intersection. sounds like traffic getting by.
5:32 am
in bound 66 before 50. and deer was hit. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 5:32. to the top stories we're following. last week a noose was found at a home under construction on 36th street. this was steps away. noose incident number 6. >> amc commissioner says he will file a complaint against d.c. police. this is cell phone video that shows kendall simmons being detained by officers. he says he was roughed up by police and even suffered a concussion but was eventually released by police and they are being investigated. police are raiding neighborhoods trying to learn everything they can go the
5:33 am
>> several people killed and now police believe they know who the attackers are. eun and aaron, police know. i want to take you live. people were attacked this weekend. we know that it is open. pedestrian traffic moving through. a double decker going through. great continui raids continuing. 12 people arrested yesterday alone. claiming responsibility. president trump is being criticized for how he responded to the london attack on twitter. coming up, news 4's tracie potts will have a look at one tweet
5:34 am
bowser will sign an order reaffirming the city's support for the agreement. last week president trump announced a plan to remove the u.s. from the deal. the process will take several years. the collection chronicals marion barry's mayoral campaign. it will include videos. it will be housed at the george washington university. barry died in 2014. it took just minutes for a toddler to wander off a playground and drowned in the lake. the little boy died even though police say the family did everything right.
5:35 am
the family immediately called police. 6 minutes later his body was found in the lake. >> even when family members are doing everything right, how easily a young person, and malik was not quite two years old, can wander off and end up in this type of tragedy. >> police say there are ways to protect your family. first of all, learn cpr in case of an emergency and teach children how to swim. also, don't get distracted stu are near water and if you do, take the child with you. always have a phone nearby to call 911. >> there is a pretty good chance that bryce harper is your kids' favorite baseball player but he might not be in d.c. too much longer. a new report says harper wants to play for the chicago cubs when he becomes a free agent. he is back on
5:36 am
serving his three game suspension. they're playing in los angeles. >> that would be such a huge loss. oh, my goodness gracious. he's such a big star. >> there's a lot of money. >> yeah. a historical landmark for african-american women in sports is in our backyard. >> celebrated a major mild stone to the wake robin golf club. it was founded in 1937 as a way to encourage african-american women to learn how to play golf. the club now also gives scholarships to college bound minority students. coming up tonight news 4's carol maloney will talk to a 99-year-old member of that club who joined in the 1940es. >> dragged at the pump. a woman dragged at the parking lot. plus, free food for the summer even when your kid is
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your kid can reive freeec
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you're watching "news 4 today." we have dramatic new video during a robbery in florida. take a look at the left side of your screen here. this happened in florida. someone broke into a woman's window and
5:40 am
she then tried to confront the man, then he drove off with her holding on to the car. the woman is 64 years old. she was not seriously hurt. police said the man took her phone, cash, and medical equipment. terror attacks in europe have people worried here at home something like that could happen in their community. now a group of university of maryland students have a way to preempt extremism. they have come up with a video game. the player is a bistander, like a family or friend, who may see the signs of extremism take root. all of these scenarios from people who were radicalized. >> i had absolutely no idea that something was wrong or i didn't know where i could turn to. i didn't want to turn in my son. >> the group's goal is to
5:41 am
can be used on home gaming sis temps and even mobile apps. a twitter battle over the london attacks. how president trump's messages reignited a fight with london's mayor. new this morning, kicked out of harvard before even starting classes there y. they're telling -- >> reporter: the district is ensuring families that they're protecting them what's being done in a live report. and grab the umbrella before you leave this morning. we have cloudy skies now. there is rain on the way. part of the area will see the morning rush and this afternoon, the timing coming up. good morning,
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he's somebody who says,. i am going to make change. and i wanna make change not for the richest, not for the most powerful, i'm gonna make change to make this economy
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that's who he is. i'm tom perriello, and as governor i'll fight to make sure every virginian gets a fair shot, that leaves no region or race behind. let's prove that donald trump's values are not virginia values. narrator:to do time is what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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outcry after another noose is found. and one on one with vladimir putin. he's talking election interference and his connection to president trump. we're also talking about rain. not yet. it is dry outside. if wleek off to the southwest, that rain will be here. fredericksburg and quantico, a look at the timing coming up. "news 4 today" starts now. london police conducting new raids this morning as they continue their investigation into saturday's attacks. they say a number of people detained suspected of some connection to three attackers. seven people were killed by the attackers. 48 were injured. we will have more on london from the live desk. first though president trump is being criticized for how he responded to the attacks on
5:46 am
twitter. >> this is reigniting a feud between the president and london's mayor. what did he say? >> reporter: he said the u.s. will do whatever it needs to to help in the wake of the attack but then he questions why with so many people killed and injured the mayor would say what he said, that people don't need to worry. there's no need to be alarmed. the mayor didn't say there's no need to be alarmed about what's happened. what he said was there was no need to be alarmed when you see more police on the street because they'll have a larger presence. then president trump went on to say what happened in london justifies why he wants a travel ban in the united states. trump responsive of london but then went on to attack a statement that was
5:47 am
context. >> tracie, here at home i want to ask you about james comey. he's set to testify thursday on capitol hill. >> reporter: right. >> what's the latest possibility that the president might invoke executive privilege to block him from talking? >> reporter: on friday, sean spicer said, we don't know. "the new york times" quoted two unnamed administration officials saying, no, the president will not use executive privilege. the question is what might james comey say about his private conversation with president trump. did the president try to pressure him to back off of the russian investigation. >> tgrai ssi, thank you. 5:47. the man who our intelligence agency ordered russia's hacking of the presidential election went one on one with nbc's megyn kelly last night. russian president vladimir p
5:48 am
dismissed the idea that his country hacked our election. he was asked about a dossier that may have been collected on president trump. >> do you have something damaging on our president? >> translator: well, this is just not a load of nonsense. where would we get this relationship from? why, did we have a special relationship with him? >> putin was asked about reports the president's son-in-law, jared kushner, tried to set up a secret network. he says he knows nothing about it. d.c. police chiefs calling them cowards. this is about a noose that was found at a home under construction on 36th place southea southeast. >> that home is right across from beers elementary school. news 4's justin finch is live with more on what they're doing. justin? >> reporter: aaron,d
5:49 am
when the news was found thursday, it sent chills through the neighborhood and nearby beers elementary. this morning some comfort has come knowing that police and the district are now investigating. it was a multi-cultural crowd that gathered here on sunday on 36th place southeast. they were led by local church leaders. an end to hate crimes. also to fear in this area. joining them the police says the case is under investigation and they are actively seeking leads in this case. this comes after mayor bowser announced the office of human rights has activated its hate crimes protocol. residents say they are refusing to feel safe and vowing to be vigilant. >> love will tackle anything and we know that the lord, our god, did not give us the spirit of fear but of power, of love, and a
5:50 am
>> reporter: as work resumes at this home today, school also resumes just across the street at beers elementary. students and staff watching over them. they're very much looking for a lead back to the public. thank you. >> justin finch, thank you. new this morning, a warning for students heading to college. you might want to be careful on what you have on social media. harvard has rescinded admission based on their pages. the university says it does not publicly comment on admission status of its applicants. >> 5:50. a former montgomery county elementary teacher's investigation will continue. he's accused of inappropriately touching five
5:51 am
over several years. he taught from 2000 to 2016 and coached junior varsity baseball. 5:51 right now. the news 4 i-team has new information for parents to keep your kids safe. here's investigative reporter scott maacfarlane. >> reporter: they will post the names of every teacher who's had his or her license revoked because of misconduct. a new report showed maryland, virginia and d.c. trail other states what they tell parents about their pret da tori information. and how we were able to share the information with the public. we feel very
5:52 am
people know the situations. we'll tell you what as part of our news 4 i-team. we'll show you how you can track what happened to the license of suspected predatory teachers in your area. for now, scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. kids don't have to go hungry this summer. that's because anychild or teen who gets free or reduced lunch can get them this summer. go to the usda's website and get it. 5:52. you talk about june 1st being the start of summer. >> yeah. >> we're in it. >> it feels so good though.
5:53 am
things. i love the law of daylight. bright and sunny at 8:15 in the evening. i'm thinking, why am i still here? i need to be in bed. >> you need to go to sleep. >> i needed to be in bed 15 minutes ago. >> last year our first 90 degree day in june didn't come until the 11th. we ended up with five days in the 90s. the june before that, 20 days in the 90ed. temperature trend is a downward trend here for the next couple of days. mid to upper 70s. cloudy skies around. temperatures barely making it to 70. not raining around the city. rain chance stands at
5:54 am
in the mid 60s to closer to 70 around town. rain showers with rumble. it's raining in charlottesville. it's moving towards stafford, fredericksburg, southern maryland. you'll get the most of the rain. ten day forecast. cloudy, cool, showery. >> high chance of rain. we turn the corner in time for the weekend. mid to upper 80s saturday and sunday. if you like warm weather, melissa mollet, next week is for you. >> i do like that. taking a look at the new issue here before the media breaks. blocking one lane. inner loop ramp to
5:55 am
out of the way. northbound bw near the beltway, disabled vehicle blocking the beltway. northbound indian head high waive. you have some delays before prince george's county. as far as travel times go, 270 is just fine. top of the beltway looking good. 95 northbound rolling along just fine. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car. >> the outrage is changing. visitor packing will have the first hour of parking free. in january they instituted the $2 hour weekday change. more than
5:56 am
there was free. the change was met with lawsuits, protests. they say their businesses trooped by 40%. good morning, i'm kate rogers. the creator of the roomba wants to do for your garden what he does for your other plants. the device is solar powered and it's got a launch program and it costs $300. 5:56. we all know those claw machine games that never actually give you the prize it seems like. one little boy in maryland decided to take things into his own hands. he crawled into the arcade machine and he got stuck in there. the boy was in there for
5:57 am
hour found the key and brut it to let the buy. >> he didn't get the toy because there is no way to win that game. you know what game this is, the claw -- >> no, you have to move it with the joystick, get it, it drops. it's rigged so you can't -- don't tell -- i know because i've wasted some money on that. now i know. >> let us know if you've ever gotten the toy out there. we're working on a number of stories for you for news 4 at 6:00. london attacks. the new police activity and president trump's first reaction to it on camera. plus, crosby's criminal trial. what to expect in court and who will be there to su pim once no one is there. an elected d.c. community leader says d.c. police roughed him up for n aopp
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more than 60 years ago inside an abandoned chicken coop. where our founder discovered a retired teacher living. no home. no healthcare. so she said "no" to this injustice, and "yes" to transforming lives. it's this drive, this compassion, that inspired aarp.
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how they live as they age. we advocate for health and financial security. we strengthen communities everywhere. we are aarp. creating real possibilities. agonizing chaos. the account from witnesses during the london attack. the changes this morning and president trump's reaction to the chance of an attack here. handcuffed and roughed up. a local community leader detained. now he's demanding answers from d.c. police. working for you getting you fit for summer. the one thing that could help your weight loss h
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you step into the gym. "news 4 today" starts now. >> it is 6:00 on this monday morning. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and the i'm eun yang. your news 4 team is here to get you out the door. monday is tough. >> it's hard. >> we have rain heading our direction to make it worse. >> we begin with the timing on that and what we can expect from our meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen who stepped outside this morning. hey, guys. >> still, no umbrella required just yet. before you leave the house this morning nkts you will definitely want to know where that thing is. >> yes, you will. you will want to know. we have rain on the radar not locally but it is on the way. currently 72 degrees. cloudy. live look at the airport. we are looking at the clouds around. the rain approaching fredericksburg. that will be one of the first areas to see the rain. 8:00 a.m. looking at it down 95 south of the


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