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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 5, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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now on midday, another deadly terror attack in london. >> we're following the latest in the investigation. feet away from a school, a noose found hacking at this home under construction. what's being done now to track down whoever is behind that symbol of hate. and umbrellas today. we have scattered showers move ing across the area. how long this will last and the cooldown this week. and thanks for being with us this morning. i'm susan hogan. >> and i'm pat lawson muse. let's check on
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so sheena parveen. >> in some areas, they already are. nothing heavy right thousand. it's mostly just light rain. we'll zoom into the district. it's become a lot more widespread than it was this morning. right around the beltway, fair fax, clinton, very light rain. we zoom out a little bit and you see it around culpepper. down 95 light rain fall asking we can expect it as we go really through the afternoon today. so don't let go of the umbrella. temperatures in the 70s. we're not going to get out of the 70s either. it will be cooler. here's future weather through the afternoon. tl you see the scattered showers sticking around through the evening commute. we do have a cooldown this week with continued rain chances. i'll show you the forecast, coming up. just in, we are following reports of a deadly mass shooting in florida. police are saying several people were killed in the orlando area. they say there's no threatht
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what that means someone has been arrested or if the shooter is dead. in fact, we don't know how many people are injured at all. florida's governor put out a statement asking all floridians to pray for the families impacted by this senseless act of violence. as we learn more, we'll update the story here on news 4 and via the nbc washington app. there are new searches in london this morning as police continue their investigation into saturday night's attack. seven people were killed when three attackers in a van swerved into pedestrians. then they got out and began stabbing people. >> the attackers were shot and killed by police, but investigators have detained several other people. bill neily is following new developments. >> reporter: dramatic new video of police confronting three killers. one man trying to survive as officers fire volleys of gunfire at the
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and injured. dozens more running for their lives. >> two guys getting shot. >> officers killing the attackers within minutes. >> we do believe we know who they are. we have made a number of arss. >> police are searching more homes this morning and investigating a claim by isis that it was responsible. the carnage began just before 10:00 saturday night. terrorists driving their van on to london bridge. at 10:08 police got the first call that the man had mounted the sidewalk ramming into pedestrians. when it stopped on the south side of the bridge, three men jumped out. they ran into crowded market stabbing people, some multiple times. targeting drinkers at the tavern and diners at black ask blue restaurant. just eight minutes after they were called, police fired 50 shots killing all three attackers outside the pub.
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the monday morning commute at london bridge. the security heavy, the angty real. britain's prime minister has now confirmed that all three attackers have been identified. she's under pressure. this is the third deadly attack in britain in the last three months. the fear now of more copy cat killings. back to you. an emotional ariana grande singing her version of "over the rainbow" at a tribute concert for the victims of last month's attack in manchester. 22 people were killed at her concert at manchester arena. yesterday's tribute concert took on a greater significance hours after saturday night's attack in london. just over $3 million was
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new this morning, the supreme court is going to decide how private your cell phone really is. the court agreed to hear a case about when police are allowed to track your phone. this is according to chief justice correspondent pete williams. the court will determine whether police need a warrant to track you through your cell phone. the court will hear the case in the fall. later this hour, president trump is expected to detail his plan to reform the air traffic control system. he wants to transfer its functions to a nonprofit corporation and while the president try s ies to focus on agenda, the russia investigation will be back in the spotlight. former director james comey is set to testify later this week. tracie potts takes a look. the fbi director president trump fired testifies thursday. james comey is expected to explain whether president trump pressured him to
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director confirmed three times that mr. trump was not a target. >> why would he tell the president that, when was the tone and the context of those discussions. >> the director of national intelligence dan coates and the head of the national security agency mike rogers faces similar questions wednesday. >> i want to ask those individuals directly. did they have that kind of pressure. >> in an exclusive interview, russian president vladimir putin claims russia doesn't stick its nose in other country's election but the does. >> put your finger anywhere on the map of the world and anywhere you'll hear complaints that american officials are interfering in internal processes. >> reporter: criticism from president trump about this. >> no reason to be alarmed. >> reporter: that's london's mayor addressing more police patrols after saturday's attack. president trump tweets, at least 7 dead and 48 wounded
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attack and mayor of london says there's no reason to be alarmed, we must stop being politically correct. and then the president tweeted about the travel ban saying, what happened in london is exactly why he wants that travel ban here. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. get iting back to james comey's testimony on capitol hill, there's a question about whether the president will use executive authority to block that testimony. counsellor to the president kellyanne conway was asked about that earlier on "today" and she refused to rule it out. >> the president will make that final decision, but if mr. comey does testify, we'll be watching with everyone else. >> she also defended the president's travel ban after he tweet ed about that earlier thi morning. right now, bill cosby is on trial. the criminal sexual assault case started hours ago in pennsylvania. gloria allred is there in
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coming up at 11:30, jay gray will tell us who is expected to take the stand in the case. another noose found outside a house is bringing a d.c. community together to speak out against hate. >> it's the sixth such incident in the past six weeks. justin finch joins us live from southeast washington to tell us how police are working to track down the suspect in this case. >> reporter: good morning, this is an older close knit community with an elementary right behind us. investigators are hoping that works in their a favor as they reach out and speak with neighbors this morning. detectives are knocking on doors, looking to neighbors for tips that could lead them to whoever left a noose at this construction site on thursday. a simple rope and knot tied to centuries of violence against african-americans found just across
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students ask parents were filing into elementary. >> it makes me nervous for the children for the older people that live in the neighborhood. everybody. >> it doesn't make any sense. >> over the weekend, action mayor bouzer announcing the district office of human rights is launching a hate crimes protocol into this case. on sunday two churches and christian praise led a crowd of many ages to stand against hate. in a climate where several nooses are turning up in our area, a call for it to. stop it here and now. >> to give you a sense of how close this noose was to that camp campus, that's the elementary school, a short walk
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place brings you right here to that house now under construction where the noose was found. and investigators are there this morning looking over that scene. also here neighbors telling us they have noticed tremendous changes, increased police patrols across the area and also as well lights being shown at this home at various times overnight. i'm justin finch, news 4, back to you. >> thank you, justin. it took only a matter of minutes for a toddler to wonder from a playground and drown at a lake innen montgomery county. it happened even though the police say the family did everything right. it happened on friday night. immediately call lis with disappearing about six minutes later his body was found in the lake. even when family members are doing everything right how easily a young person was not quite
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and end up in this type of tragedy. >> now there are some ways to protect your family. first of all, learn cpr in case of an emergency. and teach children how to swim. also don't get distracted if you are near water and it you do, take your children with you. always have a phone nearby to dial 911. d.c. mayor says the district will follow the paris climate deal even though president trump has pulled the u.s. out. today bouzer will sign an order reaffirming the support for the agreement. the order will renew the district's commitment to reducing global carbon e megss and expanding solar energy. last week the president announced plans to withdraw from the dole, but that process will take several years. he brought us some of the most beloved children's books of all time. >> now there's a museum dedicated to none other than the late great dr. seuss.
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creating jobs foreaner, reliour veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy.
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sgrmpblts all this week the news 4i-team is spotlighting how it's working for you. some recent investigations are sparking change and reaction. >> there's new information that's now available to keep your children safe. here is investigative
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>> major results, the education official ace announced they will post the names of every teacher who has had his or her license revoked for misconduct. that announcement comes weeks after a news 4i-team shows maryland, virginia and d.c. trail neighboring states in what they tell the public about predatory teachers. >> i think that we just needed to clarify it and be more transparent in how we were able to share that information with the public. we feel empowered that people need to e know the situations when they occur. >> and virginia state education officials considering changes too. we'll tell you what, as part of our report on news 4 at 6:00. also we'll show you how you can track what happened to the lieps of suspected predatory teachers in your area. for now, scott macfarlane, news 4i-team. children don't have to go hungry this
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that's because any child or teen who gets free or reduced lunch during the school year can also get a free meal once school lets out. the usda will serve 200 million free meals. all families need to do is log on to the website to find a designated summer meal site. new this morning, if you're headed to college in the fall, be careful about what you post on social media. harvard has rescinded offer os of remission to ten perspective students because of a private facebook chat. according to the crimson, the students sent messages allegedly targeting minority groups and mocking sexual assault. the university says it does not publicly comment about the admission status of its applicants. if you and your kids or maybe your grand kids cannot get enough of dr. seuss's books, there's a place you can go to immerse yourself in the stories. >> everyonas
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and why not. no one makes learning to read more fun than dr. seuss. one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. >> and fun is what this new nu museum is all about. >> he wanted children to pick up a book and not be able to put it down. >> theodore was dr. seuss. in fact, sus was his middle name and he hailed from here in springfield, massachusetts. even his home study where he breathed life into so many characters has been restored here. with the assistance of his stepdaughter. >> we have his easel and his chair and his pencils and his
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he worked on. it's the only time you're ever going to e see anything like this. >> publishing more than 40 books, they have sold more than 650 hl copies worldwide. >> do you like green eggs and ham? >> the biggest treat of all, a kids' expression when you're reading one of those stories. i do not like them anywhere. >> the sense of fun is timeless. >> on this fun day, a new generation learns the more that you read the more things you will know and the more that you learn, the more places you'll go. kevin tibls, massachusetts. >> lots of you love watching bryce harper help the nationals win, but a few years ago from now, he could be helping the chicago cubs. baseball writer says
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wants to play for the cubs when his contract is up. he becomes a free agent after next year. he could ask for the biggest contract in baseball history. harper is back on the field after serving a three-game suspension last week. the nats are playing in los angeles to be the. an historical landmark for women in sports is right in our backyard now. >> this coming weekend, it celebrated a major milestone. the wake-robin golf club is marking 80 years in the community. it was founded in 1937 as a way to encourage african-american women to learn the game of golf. the club now also gives scholarships to college-bound minority students. tonight carol maloney talks to a 90-year-old member who joined the club in the 1940s. she has her story coming up at 5:00. well, if sleep depravation
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and much more in our fit for sum isser series that's coming up when news 4 midday continues.
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me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting
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not enough. >> about four hours. >> never enough. >>
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we're talking about sleep and how little of it we actually get. so to kick off our fit 4 summer series, the battle over your waistline may come down to how much shut eye we get. >> according to the cdc, 35% of us are sleep deprived. that's about the same number of us who are obese. and as eun yang reports, that may not be a coincidence. >> experts say getting less than seven hours of sleep per night could be making you fat. a study in the internal medicine found that people who didn't get enough sleep felt hungrier, were less satisfied after meals and lacked energy. dr. brock agrees sleep is key to losing weight. >> when you don't get enough sleep, that can result in weight gain rather than weight loss. >> but for many of us, getting a good night's sleep is easier said than done. here are the four secrets to better sleep. don't exercise too early
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late. avoid stimulants. don't eat three hours before bed and keep a schedule. >> i want you to stick to a schedule for eating and sleeping. but in particular for sleeping. i want you to get the seven to eight hours because they are very important to your weight loss and i want you to do it on a regular schedule. >> our series fit 4 summer continues tomorrow with advice on how to cut down on belly fat. learn about some natural fruits and drinks that can help you slim down. that's tomorrow on news 4 today. someone who can definitely relate to lack of sleep is sheena. >> i get about six. i will say i did not sleep much last night and you are hungrier and you want junk food and bad food sounds good. >> which means you need more sleep. >> i know. >> we need more sunshine. >> we do. the weekend was gorgeous. today we're
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gloomy. we have rain around this morning. it's becoming more widespread. don't put the umbrella away. we have rain chances in the forecast over the next several days. we won't see the sun really in its full glory until the end of the week. that will go into the weekend. that's good news. the pattern will repeat itself where we have sunshine just in time for your weekend. umbrellas over the next few days. cool and cloudy this week. wait until you see how cool the daytime highs are going to be. we shoot up into the 90s. that's in the ten-day forecast. not until the end. but i'll show you that in a bit. here's a look at the radar. here are the light showers. nothing very heavy right around the district or beltway. clinton seeing the rain into parts of prince georges county. even farther south down 95. fredericksburg seeing that rain. so we have more widespread rain more than we did earlier. there's the big area moving through today. but if you look at much of the eastern half of the country,
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weather pattern so the rain chances will stick around for the next several days. future weather through the afternoon. expect showers around for the evening drive. we start to clear out later this evening, but we aren't out of the woods just yet. that's why we keep the rain chances around. mid- to low 70s. we're really not going to be warming up too much more. if you're walking the dog today, don't expect it to warm up. you can head to the website to figure out how to adopt them. if you're walking the dog, 75 degrees. scattered showers around. we'll take a close look at the extended forecast. he was once known as america's favorite tv dad. but this morning he's on trial. >> we're taking you to pennsyania wherelv
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we have an update to the shooting in florida. we told you about. orlando police just held a news conference. they say five people including the suspect died in that mass shooting. they say a man who was fired from his job a few months ago showed up with a gun and knife and killed his former co-workers. police say the shooter killed himself. he's not been identified. download the nbc wasng
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learn them today. bill cosby is on trial for sexual assault right now. his accuser is expected to take the stand in the case. jay gray tells us what to expect in the criminal trial, which has just gotten underway. >> reporter: he has performed before millions around the world. but as he entered the courthouse this morning, the accompanied by the actress who played his daughter on television, bill cosby faced his most important audience. a a jury of 12 and 6 alternates in a sexual assault trial. a woman says she went to cosby's home to talk about her career and e he gave her wine and pills. >> the effect of which rendered her unable to move or respond to his advances and he committed aggravated indecent assault upon her. >> more than 50 women have shared similar stories. >> i had an encounter with bill cosby. >> he had had gone from helping me
11:31 am
>> he made me a victim. >> cosby is not expected to testify shs but did speak to sirius xm radio host suggesting race could be a factor in the scandal surrounding his case. >> i just truly believe that some of it may very well be that. >> when pushed on the fact he has dozens of accusers both black and white, cosby pushed back. >> piling on, so to speak, is a way and certainly an impressive way to get public opinion to come to the other side. >> are you telling me they are all lying? >> you know better than that. >> cosby has denied the allegations. his legal team says they are looking forward to this trial. another alleged victim will take the stand during this trial which is expected to last three to four weeks. jay gray, nbc news, pennsylvania.
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trial of a former elementary schoolteacher will begin. he was a third grade teacher in silver ving. he's accused of inappropriately touching five female students over several years. e he taught from 2000 to 2016. and he coached junior varsity baseball. covering northern virginia now, your outrage over the parking crisis is leading to change. the starting today visitor parking will be free on weeknights after 5:00 p.m. and weekdays before 5:00 p.m. your first hour will be free. in january reston town center instituted the $2 an hour weekday change. it was met with a lawsuit, protest, customer boycott, some retailers going by 40%. a project to make the cleveland park metro
11:33 am
more efficient will probably make it more inconvenient for you. at least at first. construction starts today to replace five entrance escalators, which means you'll have to use the stairs or a different entrance. workers are expected to take 20 months to finish. they have seen a lot of construction lately. you may remember last year when one of the entrances at the cleveland park metro station turned into a waterfall after some heavy rain. the city improved the drainage in the area so that won't happen again. >> this is really cool. a maryland couple with a passion for helping kids will appear on "ellen." >> they are familiar to the nbc 4 family because they have adopted children through wednesday's child with barbara harrison. rob grew up in the foster system and is raising four adoptive children with his partner reese. >> we got another call for a 6-month-old and 2-year-old. the next thing we went from two guys to six le
11:34 am
a family that loves me. >> the family is from darnstown, maryland. the couple started a nonprofit called comfort cases chrks provides backpacks filled with necessities for foster children in virginia, maryland and the district. watch the show to see how international company is stepping this to help this nonprofit. you can watch the show every day here on nbc 4 at 3:00 followed by news 4 at 4:00. more than 600 local nonprofits are taking part in a program called do more 24 this thursday. they are all hoping you'll consider donating to the effort. it's one day fundraising drive that's put on by the united way, but many organizations are take part. nbc 4 is proud to be a partner in this event. you can find a complete list o
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organizations along with ways to donate on the nbc washington app or at the home remodelling business is getting a new boost. we will show you where the growing revolution is taking place when news 4 dday contmiin
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on sunday night, many people watched megyn kelly's exclusive interview with vladimir putin. >> it was one of the most controversial figures aired last night. >> she was face to face with putin where she asked him about the controversy surrounding his country's efforts to interfere in it the u.s. election. >> president putin,
11:38 am
repeatedly and passionately denied that russia was behind the interference with our american presidential election. but as you know, the consensus view in the united states is that you did. that's what the 17 intelligence agencies concluded and that's what the republicans and the democrats on the congressional oversight committees who have seen the classified report have said. are they all lying? >> translator: they have been misled. and they aren't analyzing the information in its entirety. i haven't seen even once any direct proof of russian interference in the presidential election in the united states. >> you said russia had nothing to do with the interference of the american election. then this week you floated the idea of patriotic hackers doing it. why the change and why now? >> translator: i hadn't said anything. it's just a french journalist asked me about those hackers. i told them the same think i can can tell
11:39 am
hackers can beanywhere. they can be in russia, in asia, even in america, latin america. they there can even be hackers in the united states. who shifted the blame on to russia. i will tell you something that you probably already know. i don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but the united states everywhere all over the world actively interfered with the electoral campaigns of other countries. put your finger anywhere on the map of the world and everywhere you will hear complaints that american officials are interfering an internal electoral processes. >> with respect, that sounds like a justification. >> translator: it sounds like a statement of fact. every action has an equal and opposite reaction. but we don't even have to do that. president. s come and go and even the parties in power change. but the
11:40 am
direction does not change. that's why we don't care who is the head of the united states. we know more or less what is going to happen. and so in this regard, even if we wanted to, it wouldn't make sense for us to interfere. >> there have been questions in america about donald trump's finances. he hasn't released his tax returns. there's questions about secret russian dossier that he says is fake, but purports to have blackmail information in it generated by the russians. there have been questions about the communications between the kremlin and trump campaign. all of which has americans asking do you have something damaging on our president? >> translator: where would we get this information tr? did we have a special relationship? we didn't have any relationship at all. there was a time when he used to come to moscow, but i never met with him. we have a lot of americans who visit us.
11:41 am
that was megyn kelly reporting. love to watch his facial expressions. just to try to read into things. >> not sure we can do that. >> one thing we can read is the weather. so how much rain are we expecting? >> it's not going to be very heavy today, but we'll be seeing quite awhile with some light scattered showers around. could be moderate here and th e there. can't rule out a thunderstorm or two. we're looking a at the next several days with some rain chances around. he's a live look outside. you see the overcast skies. we have light showers in the district currently. we'll take a zoom out. you see the green and that is is light rain. the rain in march tinsburg seeing that rain as well. but nothing very heavy right now. a little further south, we have some light rain blanketing 95 as you head south. and as we get closer to
11:42 am
culpepper, parts of the valley, the rain that's continuing to move and is n and that's why the rain chances are going to stay up. this is future weather through the evening drive. we still expect the rain to be falling later on this evening. we're not going to get too much warmer. if you're out exercising, this is pretty much what it's going to be like if you're running around outside. temperatures stay in the 70s over the next few days too. cloudy, slight chance for showers. but look at wednesday and thursday. now we're talking about highs around 70 degrees with a chance for some showers. finally we go into the weekend. lock at this. the sunshine returns just in time, just like last weekend. but look at those temperatures warming up. mid-80s saturday. upper
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toyota is working on a flying car. it's backing a start up to develop a vehicle able to transport the olympic torch to the opening ceremonies in tokyo in 2020. toi owe that ta has invested $400,000 so far. they have tact an early prototype. apple kicks off its developers conference today. it's an annual event where the company shows off new versions
11:46 am
tim cook gives the keynote address this afternoon. rumors are swirling around new maces, ipads and smart speaker series. but it's not likely to ship until later this year. as hot as the u.s. real estate market is right now, there's another area of housing that's also growing. however, these homeowners aren't moving. >> they are deciding to stay put. chris clackum explains. >> reporter: surveys and studies are showing that home remodelling is more preferable these days to home relocation. >> it's going to be a a busy year for remodelers and home improvement companies. >> 3 out of 4 homeowners s surveyed are planning a remodelling project this year while a harvard center for housing study anticipates healthy growth and remodelling big and small through 2025. >> if you're getting ready to move, you want to stick
11:47 am
smaller things. but if you're going to be in your house for four or five years, invest iing in the remod could be money well spent is. >> redoing the kitchen is the most popular. and most expensive remodelling project. >> 2016 data from houzz found it's shy of just 20,000. >> she broke down data from the remodelling website had houzz on what consumers spent on projects last year. with bathroom redos costing on average $12,000. she says not to expect a full return on your investment. >> you end recooping somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 to 70% back in terms of added value. >> reporter: surveys showed the vast majority paid cash for remodelling projects to avoid financing costs. chris clackum, nbc news. the u.s. depen
11:48 am
education is challenging high school students to create healthy, delicious and budget friendly menu items that can be served across the country. armstrong is judging the national cooking up change competition. joins us now to talk about the challenge and his new restaurant hummingbird. >> always good to see you. >> what are you looking for when judging the meals? >> i think the main thing that i'm looking for is food that tastes good. no matter what elements of healthiness or calories or sodium or sugar you put into it, if the food doesn't taste good, the kids aren't going to eat it. >> you can do this for $1 per meal? >> they get $1 a a meal. they have to produce a main course and two sides to go with it. this is their tenth year. i have judged a couple of them and s s
11:49 am
>> very cool. >> they love it. >> i'm talking about hummingbird. tell me what you're making today. >> a couple things. it's a a new restaurant in the hotel indigo on the waterfront. it's going to be a casual restaurant that's local, a lot of seafood. just easy going, beautiful river views. a beautiful deck outside. >> this weather has been great for that. >> i decided rather than cook something to do something that's more school lunch friendly. this is one of the dishes we serve for them. maybe the kids can take some inspiration. >> i teach my kid how to do this. it's a great way tde
11:50 am
vegetables. a lot of garlic. >> it makes it taste so good. >> especially with chicken. and so we'll saute the vegetables. >> you can add more chili if you like it spicy. i don't know if this is the dollar a meal segment, but we're in a different category. put a little bit of that and a touch of flour to tight b up the salt. if you can add the her bs tr me. we have some thyme, rosemary. >> this is from your garden? >> yes. >> this smells so wonderful. >> e we nicknamed it president obama because i was in the middle of cooking this for my
11:51 am
president was coming for dinner in half an hour. >> you were at home? >> i was at home cooking this meal. it's nickname is president obama stew. the fun thing is you can adapt it and manipulate it. you can add saffron, there's lots of things you can change to make it your own personal touch. here's in the fashion of the great julia child. it's a little spicy and a little not spicy. sweet, dlish flavor. >> what's the key? cook it down for how long? >> about 40 minutes. like the key thing that makes it special is. if you braise it the day ahead. you can gently reheat it and it's going to be better. the chicken will ab dosh
11:52 am
flavors. >> this is really delicious. and easy to make at home too. >> it's a few steps. we hide lots of vegetables for the kids. and they go first. >> would you put this on a menu? >> absolutely. the recipe is many my cookbook. >> thank you so much. good luck. the cooking up challenge finals is monday. department of education. you have a tough job. back to you. we are hungry. we'll get a final look at the forecast when news 4 continues.
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narrator:to do time is what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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stronger is blasting without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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wonder woman didn't just top the box office, it made his rhode island. the movie brought in $100.5 million making @ larnlest movie opening ever for a movie directed by a woman. it earned $122 million worldwide. it didn't stick to traditional film audience demographics. 52% of viewers were female. normally 60% are more of a superhero fan are males. you might be able to call this 94-year-old wonder woman in her own right. check her out. she became the oldest woman to ever complete a half marathon. she competed in the san diego rock and roll half marn
11:56 am
course with an unofficial time of 3 hours, 4 it minutes and 56 seconds. >> i guess it's unusual, but i don't really know why people make it. . i feel like i did when i was 16. but i just can't can move as fast. >> thompson says she first started running at 76 years old. she's also a two-time cancer survivor. i think that is is amazing. someone who has run their monos and half marathons, i applaud her because that's not easy even at my age. >> when you start at 76. >> i know, right. >> that's unblooechbl. quite an inspiration. >> i need to get on it. it's time for a final check of the forecast. >> it looks a little bit gloomy. a great place to go running is nn deeg. beautiful weather there. not for us.
11:57 am
area. up towards fred rixburg. off to parts of the valley. everyone is seeing light scattered showers. we have more rain moving in through the afternoon. for the evening commute, this is future weather. we're going to keep seeing that rain moving in. it's not really going to wind down until later on this evening. over the next few days, we're going to keep the rain chances in the forecast. 75 for a high today. scattered showers will be around. we stay in the 70s wednesday and thursday. we drop to around 70 degrees. look at the weekend. perfect timing for the sun to come back. saturday and sunday get iting warmer. and look at those 90s as we go into next week. >> looking mighty good. thank you. that's news 4 mied midday. thank you for joining us. we're back on the air with the latest of the breaking news at 4:00. >> and remember you can get news, weather and updates at any time with the nbc washington app. have a great day, every.
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow ♪ way up high >> ariana grande's powerful performance, "somewhere over the rainbow." just one of many emotion at moments during yesterday's one love manchester concert. what a special concert they performed. >> i think that's truly the beauty of it, so many young people. millennials often get brand as not having the passion or whatever. but here they pulled off something in less than two weeks that not


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