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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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rescued by schultz. played along by cole. carried back up-ice again and walked on by archibald. pass misfires for rowney. then nudged on, sissons dodges a check that was coming from rowney. held by cole. flopped to the side of the net. tried to one-time it on. that time it was kunitz, a shot, and a pad stop through a screen by rinne. turning now is cole. cole able to hold it around behind. cole able to turn further, got it back to schultz. and a shot was saved by rinne, and a penalty is coming up, it will be against the penguins, but there may be more after the fact.
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>> eddie: boy, pekka rinne has been spot-on these two games here in nashville. remember at 2-1, pekka rinne made some big-time stops against the penguins when they had that little bit of a surge there in the second period. and rinne, has regained his game after two sub par performances back in pittsburgh in games one and two. 20 straight saves for pekka rinne. and of the 23 shots, doc, got to say, at least eight or nine were a-chances. i mean, grade-a chances. >> mike:
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the one goal was a breakaway by crosby that he got a piece of, it hit the post and then ricocheted off him and in. we mentioned earlier, a country music celebration, the rest of this week. we will be coming back here saturday, and there will be a lot of sequins in town, but nothing like the shine of the stanley cup, which could be presented here to one of the two teams in game six on sunday. out of these penalties, they neutralize because archibald got annoyed at what was happening from ekholm, and so things cancel out. one last explanation here with 1:39 to go, and maybe another explanation, too. >> eddie: should be five-on-five here.
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with offsetting penalties, should be five-on-five. guess not. it's going to be four-on-four. my mistake. >> mike: that's okay. whatever the boss says. >> eddie: extra penalty to mattias ekholm. so, there's a power play out of all that, that waiting. penguins with the power play. >> mike: here's kessel. across to schultz. and schultz beating it over to malkin. malkin fires, and that one blocked down and then crosby has the net mouth, still, they scramble for it. forced away by josi. picked up by watson and cleared back down by josi, and this is stopped by matt murray. >> pierre: that left pad's getting a workout for pekka rinne.
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>> mike: glides ahead. drops it back. malkin brings it off. then jammed along. malkin fed it between his point men and so they will retreat to play yet again. the nhl is 100 years old. the adage is probably as old as it. never in trouble until you lose a home game. malkin, kessel. and getting a piece of that was rinne. >> mike: penalty on ryan ellis for cross checking guentzel. kessel again. shoved one in front. sparred for there and now because of the nashville touch, the penalty will be called.
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>> eddie: slash, cross check. that chance, phil kessel just misses on the short side. >> pierre: there's a workout for the left pad. that's a whole lot of strength, too, from pekka rinne right there. that's not an easy thing to do when you're not anchored with your skate on the ice. >> mike: won by the predators. cleared back down.
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it's a best of three. 21 straight saves for pekka rinne. a question mark when he arrived back in nashville, replaced by an exclamation point. and the series is even at two. they salute the crowd here, and the crowd has saluted them all night. see you thursday, 8:00 p.m. on nbc. you're watching the stanley cup final, presented by geico.
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how about that game five? 8:00 eastern here on nbc. and tonight, following your late, local news, it's an all-new "tonight show" starring jimmy fallon.
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possible illegal gambling leads to violence in the district. news4 has the video showing what happened the night a man was killed and seven others were hurt memorial day weekend. >> several people reporting coyote sightin
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it has some dog owners concerned. there's a promising new weight wlos procedure to help people shed 40 pounds or more without going under the knife. >> announcer: news4 at 11:00. starts now. >> it's been a scene of violence more than once in recent weeks. good evening i'm doreen gentzler. >> neighbors who live in the shaw neighborhood in northwest washington brought their concerns to d.c. police tonight. they have the first look at the this surveillance video here which is shedding new light about what may have happened the night one man was killed, seven others injured outside a apartment building. shomari stone is live with details. >> reporter: good evening. d.c. police chief released this video to the public. many of them were at this community meeting
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asking him questions and he wanted to be transparent let them see what is going on with this investigation. some of the people actually starting ducking down in their homes when they heard the multiple shots fired outside. tonight they were able to see what was going on outside. let's take a look. >> this is the beginning of the video. you have a group of people right here it looks like it's about 15 folks. >> reporter: news4 is here when peter newsham released this video of a memorial day weekend shooting killing 32 old and hurting seven people. >> it's our belief that they may have been gambling at the time. it may have been dice. >> reporter: this concerned crowd lives near the shooting scene. the surveillance video shows a dark car pull up around 1:00 in the morning last saturday. the two gunmen got out of a car and opened fire in this area over here. after the shooting
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walked right back in the car and drove away. >> the fact that those guys were out their gambling is no justification for anybody to be involved in that behavior. >> very much unsafe. >> reporter: jeff brown lives near the scene. >> i have a 24-year-old daughter and i'm really concerned about her welfare. >> reporter: a private camera captured this video. chief newsham also put up this temporary surveillance camera last week to calm fears. >> we're always urging folks if they see anything to let us know about it. >> reporter: and chief newsham urges people to call the police department if they see illegal gambling. the gambling can then lead to violence which was what appears to have happened in this case. live here in d.c., shomari stone, news4. listen to what people are saying about the man accused of killing seven people near the london bridge. he played ping-pong with neighbors, invited them over for barbecue and handed
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khuram shazad butt was one of three men who drove a van through a sidewalk full of people. investigators say butt was part of a group of isis supporters that police had been keeping an eye on. he was kicked out of a mosque for being too extreme. that candy, some neighbors say butt used it to recruit children to his cause. those warnings are raising new questions on whether british authorities missed the warning signs. police shot and killed the men within about ten minutes of the attack and so far they've identified two out of the three. at the live desk i'm chris lawrence. >> we're learning that coworkers had complained about john newman jr. before this morning's attack in orlando. accused of punching him knocking him to the ground in 2014. this morning the
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shot and killed five people before turning the gun on himself. investigators are searching his social media account looking for clues in the mobile home where he used to live. she's now admitted to leaking. we have new details tonight on that georgia woman arrested for leaking top secret information about an alleged russian cyberattack. this comes just days after vladimir putin denied interfering in our election. according to a federal complaint, reality lee winner is accused of mailing a classified nsa memo to the online news outlet the intercept. that memo says russian military officials sent spear phishing e-mails to more than 100 local election officials just days before november's presidential election. investigators tell nbc winner admitted leaking the top secret report to intercept just today. >> acts of hate in the district are now putting d.c.'s mayor in the national
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six incidents involving nooses have been reported in recent weeks. tonight on msnbc the mayor said she's outraged by the displays and the city won't tolerate them. >> we have locked arms and spoke up loudly and strongly and immediately against these types of acts. >> today the mayor also reiterated d.c.'s commitment to the paris climate accord after the trump administration broke from the agreement last week. >> we're committed to these greenhouse gas reductions and other ways to fight climate change. by the way, that's not new. >> d.c. won of seven cities in our area saying they will abide by the paris agreement, the bowser administration pledged to cut carbon emission by 80% by the year 2050. >> the president's own tweet could undermine his travel ban, which is now in the hands of the supreme court. he tweeted the current version is watered down a
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his old version that limited travel from six muslim majority countries. he also called it a travel ban. and legal experts say that could complicate the government's case. lower court judges who blocked his ban the first time said it was essentially a muslim ban and pointed to trump's own words on the campaign trail. >> people are double checking their locks tonight in one of d.c.'s most sought after neighbors. two men got into a woman's home in northwest d.c.'s american university park neighborhood over the weekend. nicole boozer says the racket they made woke her up. she says one of the men threatened her claiming he had a gun when she tried to make a run for it, one of them punched her in the side of the face. >> very frightening. when people like that will hurt you. >> boozer says the men got away with two laptops but didn't bother her any further. police are still looking for the suspects tonight.
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owners on high alert after coyotes were spotted in d.c.'s cleveland park. jackie banson spoke to a man who had a close-up encounter while walking his dog. >> it was extremely disconcerting. >> reporter: the man asked that we not use his name told news4 he was walking his dog, a boxer mix about 6:30 in the morning a few days ago. he says he noticed an animal that looked something like a dog. it was not skiddish the way a deer or fox might be. it began following him. >> a grayish brownish whitish animal. looked fairly about 100 yards behind me. it was about 30 yards behind me. and i had picked up my pace as you can imagine. >> reporter: coyotes have been spotted in the district since 2004. the animal he saw made a strange high pitched sound lik
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calling to another. >> i wonder what a coyote sounds like and i watched the youtube video and it sounded exactly like the sound that i heard. >> reporter: there was another recent report of a day light coyote siting on newark street. news has spread quickly through dog owners in the area. >> it's a little surprising in the city. >> i guess he screams and it's a very high pitched kind of a shrilly. >> reporter: the internet is filled with tips with what dog walkers and others can do in the event of an encounter with an urban coyote. something as simple as carrying an empty soda can shaking it the noise will scare it away. >> as far as the rest of the week, looking a bit unsettled i hear. >> if you're looking for some he
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how about it? >> a little bit of both guys over the next couple of days. tomorrow not all that bad. we saw a lot of rain today, at least a few hours of rain although it didn't amount to a whole lot. high temperatures still got into the mid-to upper 70s. 77 degrees the high temperature at the airport today. 74 down in richard monday. everybody below average or advertised 81 and we'll stay below average for the next couple of days. we're tracking a system to the north. you can see the showers. they are gone now. no more showers. that frontal boundary will come through tomorrow and it will change things for the middle part of the week. we get a lot cooler before we get a lot hotter. >> safe track is almost over and metro's ready to take a victory lap calling the program a success. safe track had built-in service interruption so the crews could work around the clock to make needed repairs. it completed three years of maintenance in just one year. it also says
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smoother now and the number of tracks fires and delays down. both of them but some riders don't think things are better. >> the delays are the same. there's always an issue like every other day and you never know -- i walked down here and i'm like is it going to be ten minutes or two minutes. there's no real consistency. >> safe track wrapped up at the end of this month but crews will continue to make needed repairs without the severe disruption. metro will also launch a preventive maintenance program that will reduce some service hours. >> when we come right back, renewed calls tonight to remove a fixture outside a local courthouse that's been there for more than a century. what could finally happen to this confederate statue after years of controversy and complaints. >> there's a new treatment to those looking to lose some weight. it's without the surgery that's helping some shed dozens of pounds.
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our children deal with these topics every day at school. ngat's happeni ralph northam: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
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in opening statements today the prosecution said bill cosby gave former temple university employee adrian constand pills at his house back in 2004. >> the defense brought up discrepancies in constand's statement to the police. she told them that she didn't talk to cosby after that night but the defense said she called him 53 times after that. dozens of women have accused cosby of inappropriate sexual contact. maay
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cosby denies all the allegations. >> another confederate memorial is in the line of fire tonight. this time in leesburg, virginia. the naacp is seeking a legal review over whether this statue could be relocated from the courthouse square here to balls fluff national cemetery. the daughters of the confederacy erected the statue back in 1908. >> they were trying to send a message at that point that this is white virginia and we're going to run it the way we want to run it. >> i think it represents american soldiers who gave their lives just like for any other battle. was it all about slavery, i don't believe so. >> in 2015 the naacp raised this statue issue and got permission and funding to add informational plagues or mon uments on the courthouse lawn. those plaques have not been created. >> lose more than 40 pounds in less than an hour, nour
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medical procedure that doctors say could be the next big thing in weight loss. it's nickname is the accordion procedure. endooscopic sleeve gastroplasty. researchers say it could help patients lose up to 18% of their body weight. you would be under anesthesia. as a doctor threads a device into the stomach. that device stitches the stomach reducing it to about the size of a banana. >> you improve your diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke risk and everything else that hopefully you'll live longer. >> things to think about this procedure. it's meant for people who are seriously obese and who can't lose weight with diet and exercise alone and so far health insurance coverage is limited. the procedure costs 10 to $15,000. >> virginia governor will sign two bills tomorrow aimed at cutting down on student suicides one bill requires theoo
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principal's to contact parents within five days if their child is involved in bullying. the other mandates training in bullying and suicide prevention for school counselors. the new laws take effect july 1st. he'll sign the bills at forest park high school in woodbridge to recognize the students there who have organized a suicide awareness walk for the past three years now. tomorrow marks 73 years since u.s. and allied forces stormed the beaches of normandy marking the key turning point in world war ii. on this d day anniversary more than 100 veterans will clean up the national mall. >> doug is back with more about our weather and we got some more changes ahead. >> we do. we don't go way down but we do go way up at the end. get ready for that. if you're waiting for the 90s, a lot of you are, it looks
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week. out there right now, though, pretty nice night after a little bit in the way of some rain. we saw rain for a few hours during the lunchtime hours. if you had the umbrella you were prepared for it. less than a 0.10 of an inch. the winds out of the southeast 3 miles an hour. most of the area still quite mild. 66 in huntington. we may see temperatures deep into the upper 50s and low 60s but that's about it. still a pretty nice morning. no rain to talk about. we are tracking a storm system up to our north. here's the shower we saw today. this was just some fairly light rain that came through earlier. look how much of the center portion of the country and southern portion of the country was seeing rain today. we're all watching this area of low pressure right up here. this is the same kind of weather pattern we saw in may rather cool and wet. that's what we've got out here today. you notice this area of low pressure it's spinning and back to the west and
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move back into our area and that's going to create some unsettled weather tomorrow and wednesday and thursday. tomorrow we get in on this area right here. there's a little bit of clearing, that means we can squeeze in a nice day i think. bus stop forecast, cloudy to start. some sunshine around noon. 79 and nice around 4:00 in the afternoon. your tuesday's looking pretty good. wednesday different. 79 for high tomorrow. clouds some sun. can't rule out an isolated shower tomorrow. i'm not anticipating many. 70 on wednesday. 70 that's more than ten degrees below average. only 73 on thursday under mostly cloudy skies. friday partly to mostly cloudy and here comes the heat. saturday looking great. 84 degrees on saturday under partly sunny skies. 92 on sunday. 95 on monday and 95 on tuesday. tuesday the record high is actually 96 we'lle
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that. this is what has been happening. this is the pattern we saw so much in the month of may, cool air in towards parts of the mid-atlantic and northeast and great lakes. that finally moving out and the heat moving in across the entire eastern half of the nation, even parts of canada, toronto, up towards quebec could see temperatures around 90 degrees. we've got some heat there. it's near record heat and we're talking that heat waefl could be the first heat wave of the season. right now i've got these four days of the next ten in the 90s and we'll have to wait and see just how hot we get. one of our computer models put us at 100 degrees. >> not yet. >> that's what i said. >> thank you, doug. omming up. good goals, great saves and cat fish wearing cowboys hats. we'll show you how the
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he's somebody who says,. i am going to make change. and i wanna make change not for the richest, not for the most powerful, i'm gonna make change to make this economy work better for hardworking families. that's who he is. i'm tom perriello, and as governor i'll fight to make sure every virginian gets a fair shot, that leaves no region or race behind. let's prove that donald trump's values are not virginia values. i just saved a bunch of money on my car insurhuh. with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico can help with way more than car insurance. boats, homes, motorcycles... even umbrella coverage. this guy's gonna wish he brought his umbrella. fire at will! how'd you know the guy's name is will? yeah? it's an expression, ya know? fire at will? you never heard of that? oh, there goes will!
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> we're all tied up. some good stuff down in nashville. >> i think we can now say nashville is a hockey town. it was absolutely nuts and you didn't have to be a predators or penguins fan to get into this hockey game. this was incredible playoff hockey. all the action coming in the second period. predators are an impressive 9-1 at home this post-season. they're so excited in nashville, they're putting be-diazled cowboys hats on the cactus and a penguin in his mouth. tied at one. crazy play here puck sent behind the net, matt murray stopped his wrap around goal or did
11:34 pm
puck goes over the red line after review, a good goal. go crazy nashville. preds up 2-1. penguins trying to come right back, crosby again this time, and another puck loose. somehow this puck does not find the back of the net. 23 saves in this game for pekka rinne. and a few minutes later the predators back on the attack. nash vilz finally push it back up the ice and buries. it predators add an empty seat netter they win it 4-1 the series is now tied at two games a piece. thursday right here on news4 game five 8:00 starts again and this series heading back to pittsburgh. the nationals are finishing up their road trip out west with the dodgers tonight. nats will have to gethe


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