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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 9, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the newsroom. >> let's get you up to speed first on the injured officers. you're looking at live pictures from med star hospital in northwest d.c. two d.c. police officers and a ddot employee are recovering there. >> this comes after a pickup truck plowed into them in the hard of adams morgan. >> video from the scene, you can see just how chaotic things were, how bad the damage was to one of those bikes. we have team coverage for you this morning with the latest on the victim's conditions as well as the investigation that's underway right now. first we do want to turn our attention to more breaking news, this time on the roadways. take a look up chopper 4 above the scene for us right now. a nasty accident on route 210. >> melissa mollet in first 4 traffic. tell us about the impact to the morning commute. >> we're talking about a real impact, guys, if this sticks around. take a look here. indian head highway shut down both directions b
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this is video from just a couple of hours ago. so six people taken to the hospital. a live look from above. at palmer road, you can see that one truck you saw there, that white truck just a minute ago, still there on the scene this morning. we have state highway there, police there as well. still, a very big area there closed. indian head highway looking at the map at palmer road, still have all lanes blocked in both directions. alternate, oxon hill road, old fort road. brad freight is up in chopper 4. what are you seeing? >> reporter: melissa, the cleanup is going to take a while. i'll tell you why. all of this debris that was strewn over 210 indian head highway, they had all lanes removed, that is going to need to be removed. that is going to take time. that pickup truck was just
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northbound side of 210. it looks like this is going to be closed for the rush hour. old fort, oxon hill is going to get you around this closure. melissa, what else is going on? >> inner loop at 50, arlington boulevard, a huge response because of this crash. rehad the express lanes shut down and the main lanes shut down. right now we are getting by albeit a little bit slowly. that's okay. it is still moving right now. 66 is fine. 95 northbound/southbound in virginia, no major worries there. 270 from frederick down to the spur, you're on time there. taking a look now at the weather. good morning, chuck bell. >> good morning, melissa. beautiful day to be outside. today starting off first thing this morning. time to get those last miles of biking and running and walking and jogging in because the heat is coming. i don't think we're going to be doing too much outdoor strenuous
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exercise next week. here's the tower over my head. bearing out eastbound towards what will soon be the rising sun on a friday morning. today cool day forecast. yes, indeed. don't forget your spf. we are just about to the longest days of the summer. temperatures mid 70s at 11:00 a.m. 80 degrees at 2:00. today's high, 82 degrees. it will be a great weekend for all capital pride. back to the news. >> chuck, thank you so much. >> 5:03. breaking news now, a pickup truck hit two dc police officers and a ddot employee sending all three of them to the hospital. >> just a horrifying site for anyone in d.c.'s neighborhood last night. megan mcgrath is live with an update on the officer's conditions. megan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. a lot of concern here at med star washington
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one of those d.c. police officers is described by the chief as being in very critical condition. the other officer and the d.c. traffic control aide, they were seriously injured but they are expected to make it. we're told their injuries not considered to be life threatening. the two officers were on bicycle patrol last night in adams morgan when they were struck by this pickup truck. witnesses say that one of those officers was thrown 30 feet in this violent collision. now, of course, most nights in adams morgan very, very busy. people walking around, people hanging out, going to restaurants. well, last night was absolutely no exception. when all of this unfolded there were a lot of people around, a lot of witnesses. and with more on the witness reaction, i'm going to send it over now to darcy spencer. darcy? >> reporter: well, good morning. we're actually here on --
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we are here on calvert street just a little bit away from where the scene is. you can see that there is a trash truck right there at adams mill road. that is where this whole thing came to an end where the pickup truck crashed into the trash truck. you'll see video of a white pickup truck. that is the vehicle according to police. the driver and a second person in that pickup truck were taken into custody according to police. we don't know at this point what they have been charged with. like megan said, this was a very chaotic scene. it was a beautiful night last night in adams morgan. a lot of people were out at the bars and restaurants and, of course, when they heard the sound, the impact of this pickup truck that was apparently speeding striking the two officers, striking the ddot employee, it was the who scene they have ever
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also that employee injured. as you said, one officer apparent li thrown 30 feet. let's hear from one woman who was inside one of the restaurants who ran outside when she heard that horrible sound. >> ran outside immediately and, i mean, what we saw was -- it was just horrifying. there was a police officer who had been thrown pretty much 30 feet just laying in the middle of the street. >> reporter: now the scene has pretty much been cleared in terms of the pickup truck just a few minutes ago. the trash truck remains there. we can still see flashing lights off in the distance so this is still a very active investigation. we're continuing to bring you live updates as it happens. back to you. >> darcy spencer live for us in adams morgan. thank you. we continue our team coverage now from the live desk. >> kristin wright is tracking online reaction to this. kristin? >> reporter: yeah, molette and aaron. a lot of people are talking about this on social media. we saw
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instagram posts. people posted pictures from the scene. we're seeing real concern about the two officers and the ddot worker hit. d.c. fire and ems said their prayers are with them. everyone hoping for a good outcome. back to you. >> kristin, thank you for that. be sure to follow megan mcgrath and darcy spencer and our team on twitter all morning as we work to get updates on the officer's conditions. look for an alert as soon as we have more information. 5:07. more breaking news after a violent night in parts of the district. we'll lay it out on the map here. let's start in the northeast. d.c. police say one man shot on clay street and three other men shot on f. street by minor elementary school. in northeast d.c. a woman was stabbed on u street at the metro station. police are looking for two women and a man in that incident. and another person was stabbed on chesapeake str
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off southern avenue. that person had critical injuries. >> now to this developing story in silver spring. you're looking at the scene where montgomery county police say two teens were stabbed. this happened shortly after 7:00, 500 feet from the long branch local park. we're told the two teens are supposed to be arrested. we don't yet have their names. family and friends gather for a young man who was stabbed hours before his graduation. he was killed on monday. he was with 17-year-old sha shadi najar. they were both found shot to death in a parked car a day before they were supposed to graduate from northwest high cool. happening today, the man who skipped court in a deadly drunk driving crash will face his sentencing. kenneth kelly admitted to slamming into another car while
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he was drunk in 2014. three women and two children were killed in that crash. then kelly never showed up for his sentencing. police eventually caught up to him. he faces more than 50 years in prison when he is sentenced in prince george's county court this afternoon. by saying that the organization was in disarray, that it was poorly led, that the work force had lost confidence in its leader, those were lies, plain and simple. >> it's my judgment that i was fired because of the russia investigation. >> stunning revelations by former fbi director james comey in his nearly three hour hearing yesterday on capitol hill. the big question coming out of that hearing though, did president trump commit obstruction of justice. that's one of four take aways to tell you about this morning. comey said he is, quote, sure the special counsel will look into it. he made memos of his
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because he was, quote, quite sure the president may lie about it. >> he leaked the memos because he hoped a special counsel would look into it. the president's personal lawyer fired back at comey yesterday and refuted his claims. let's go back to kristin wright at the live desk now following some wildfires burning right now. kristin. >> reporter: that's right. we're tracking wildfires that are burning out in arizona. the interesting thing here is that we're talking about two fires that are expected to merge. so that is really complicating things for firefighters to see all of that out there. this has made the lizard fire and dragoon fire evacuations in place in some areas. firefighters trying to get a handle on these two fires. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. a lot more colorful
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for washington capital pride. colored crosswalks are in place and the mayor is asking people to submit designs for four storm drains. if you're attending pride events this weekend, we'd like to see your pictures. use #capitalpride andpridenbcu. the weather for tomorrow's parade will be warm and humid. >> not too humid. 87 degrees at 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. the start is 4:30. it will be hot tomorrow. even hot jer on sunday for the festival down on pennsylvania avenue. weekend forecast more detailed. new overnight calls for brittain's prime minister theresa may to step down. what she has to say about the snap election threatening her job. and if youe
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and joining us, we're tracking breaking news in the district where two police officers and department of transportation worker are in the hospital after being hit. we're working on their conditions and more infmation onor t
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5:15 right now. we're following the latest on the breaking news this morning. show you some live pictures from med star washington hospital center. that's where we know one d.c. police officer is in very serious condition. another d.c. officer and ddot employee also injured after all three were hit by a pickup truck. this started at 18 and columbia road right in the heart of adams morgan last night. we have team coverage with megan mcgrath and darcy spencer at 5:30 and look for coverage in the nbc washington app. more breaking news in traffic. prince george's county. indian head highway shut down both ways at palmer road. very serious crash. we have a couple of other issues we're talking about as welcoming up. melissa, thank you. 5:16 right now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm
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yang. at least one person is dead and two others in critical condition after a bus crash in georgia. police say 38 people from a church in huntsville, alabama, were on that bus yesterday when it collided with a car. >> one of the men charged in oakland's ghostship fire that killed three dozen people will have more time before facing a judge. derek elmina was supposed to face a judge yesterday. the results are in and the british prime minister lost her majority in parliament. theresa may didn't have to call this election. it could hurt her ability to move forward with brexit. some people are saying she should resign, but reports say she doesn't plan to step aside. the pound lost value against the dollar overnight. we'll follow any other consequences of this. people are continuing to post notes and leave flowers for the victims of
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eight people were killed. 48 others injured after three islamist militants went on a killing spree last saturday night. two of the three attackers had been known to authorities and this morning we're hearing from a relative of the attacker named ka ram butt. butt openly discussed his support for isis and planned to go to syria to join the terror network. >> he wanted to go to syria. i heard from him. >> why? >> because he wanted to go to syria to fight, but it might be mentioned by authorities who sees his platform or whatever. he couldn't go there. >> that suspect also appeared in a british tv documentary last year called the jihadis next door. monday marks one year since the pulse nightclub attack in florida. people are honoring the 49 victims by giving back to their community. the university of ctr
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reflection. the campus is filled with art, banners, and lights to pay tribute. here in the district, a piece of artwork is on be display to show support for the lgbt community. >> this is part of the activities already underway for capital pride weekend. news 4's megan fitzgerald has a look. >> reporter: we are just one day away from capital pride weekend. the love travels mosaic are on display here for the second year in a row. the art exhibit is sponsored by marriott international. people passing by are encouraged to stop and create a piece of artwork which will be on display next to hundreds of other images created by the public. marriott says they will be donating thousands of dollars to a nonprofit organization that provides shelter, food, and rece
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youth. reporting in the district, megan fitzgerald, news 4. want to go back to melissa mollet with breaking news on indian head highway. >> we are still shut down. tow truck is on the scene. chopper 4 over the scene for almost an hour. 210 and indian head highway, at palmer road. the crash was in the northbound lanes. southbound is shut down. alternate oxon hill road, old fort road. either will work. inner loop at 50, a street sweeper and a truck collided. express lanes are okay. main lanes are getting by there on the left side. as you zoom out you can see the beltway looks all right with the exception of the problem on the inner loop. >> melissa, thanks so much. starting out kind of, you know, nice. >> i like to. >> it feels good. you can have the windows down. >> yes, dog and i did our last
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summertime comes in. i told her, this is it. we're going to be busy with pride stuff all weekend. join us at the capital pride parade. my better half eric will be along with me there. going to make sure that izaban can come along. she gets a lot of fan mail. temperatures still officially 60 at national airport though i think we'll probably kick down to 59 for an official low making this probably our last morning below 60 degrees for the foreseeable future. i don't see any shot of national airport below 60 in the next 7010 days. if you don't get there in the next hour, that's it. outside the beltway, it's a little bit cooler. 55 in win chester and front royal. here's montgomery county waking up in the low to mid 50s this morning. a quick rise in temperatures. we should be well up into the mid 50s by 8:00, 9:00. temperatures in the mid 70s. highs in your hometown today, 7
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continuesburg, west virginia. 83 in fredericksburg. for tomorrow, a nice day to be outside. a little warmer. everyone is up about five degrees tomorrow compared to today. today 82, tomorrow 87. only the slimmest little chance of a shower tomorrow. not worth putting on the five day forecast here. 87 tomorrow at the parade. 95 sunday at the festival. it is really going to be sizzling. don't forget to be extra hydrated. monday the record is 95 and the forecast is 95. tuesday record is 96, the temperature is 96. we're talking record heat. i'll show you the ten day forecast and show you how long that misery continues. >> chuck, thank you. it could be a big interruption to your commute. coming up, the safetrack work expected to cancel some service. remember to join us later today for the ellen degeneres
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welcome back. metro says you should start to see a smoother ride as the safetrack program comes to a close. >> now metro is turning its sights to more funding. transportation reporter adam tuss talks to metro leaders how they will make that happen. >> reporter: hey, look. metro says it's making progress. everything from new rail cars coming on to the system, like one you see right here, the 7,000 series rail cars, to new lighting to better experiences. metro says it is changing, but if that progress wants to stay, then metro says it needs to continue to invest in certain things, like maintenance and they certainly need more funding. >> the region is going to realize at some point in time, very quickly, i hope, before next january when the two legislators are going to have to take this up, that a dedicated tax of some sort is going to have to be necessary. >> reporter: metro leaders say quite
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new funding for the system, then things could go back to the way they have been for so long, and that is not a good place. back to you. >> metro's last safetrack surge is only eight days away. the final surge impacts the red line, shady grove and rockville stations will both close from june 17th to sunday june 25th. buses will run between shady grove and rockville and the twinbrook and glenmont station. we continue to track breaking news in the district. two police officers and a city worker hurt after a driver slammed into them in adams morgan. we are live from the scene as well as the hospital with updates on their conditions. our team coverage continues just ahead. plus, breaking news right now in prince george's county. a major shutdown. we're going to give you all the details about this problem on indian head highway. plus, another check on your friday forecast. you may want to grab a
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you'll need to ditcht a i narrator: the washington post endorses dr. ralph northam. mr. northam would make the better governor. and virginia progressives agree. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way.
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"news 4 today" begins with breaking news. it was just horrifying. there was a police officer who had been thrown pretty much 30 feet. >> the truck wasn't slowing down. truck was probably going about 50 miles an hour and just hit him. two crashes under investigation this morning and the one you just
5:30 am
for his life this morning. we're told the driver hit him, a second officer and a ddot employee while speeding through adams morgan overnight. >> this crash in austin hill that has shut down route 210 in both directions. look at this video. two cars mangled here. we're told at least six people were taken to the hospital. >> chopper 4 is over the scene. this is route 210 near palmer road. that's a very busy route for prince george's county drivers in oxon hill. news 4 team bringing you the latest on everything you need to know. melissa mollet begins our coverage. meliss melissa. >> reporter: breaking news in prince george's county. live picture from chopper 4. we've been there for over an hour. indian head highway at palmer road, crash in the northbound lanes. southbound lanes are also shut down this morning. so it looks like crews are doing some good work. they're trying to get things out of the way and reopen the roadway hopefully in the next 30 minutes
5:31 am
right now indian head highway near palmer, all lanes shut down. your alternate oxon hill road or fort road depending which way you're headed. inner loop at 50, arlington boulevard has one lane blocked. then because of the problems with the d.c. officers overnight, down in adams morgan 18th street near columbia road has police activity and some lanes blocked as well. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, melissa. great day to be outside once again. no chance for rain for your friday as skies are partly cloudy to mostly clear out here early. temperatures are comfy, indeed. here's a live picture of what will soon be a live picture. a lot of early morning coverage. @chuckbell4 is my twitter handle. do some social media sharing. 62 in arlington. 53 morning side. 57 in river dale.
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fredericksburg. as you plan out your friday, flawless weather. saturday, super. sunday, sizzling. monday, miserably hot. exactly how long we'll stay that miserable coming up with the ten day forecast at 5:51. see you then. >> thank you, chuck. we are keeping you on top of the breaking news this morning on officers who were mowed down be by a truck in d.c. within the last hour d.c. police towed that truck from the scene. >> yeah, the truck hit two d.c. police officers and a ddot employee in the adams morgan neighborhood last night. news 4's megan mcgrath is live at med star washington hospital. megan, the conditions of the officers have changed? >> reporter: yeah. we just got some new information from the police union and it's encouragin encouraging. the union saying one of the d.c. officers has been upgraded from critical condition to serious condition. so some improvement there.
5:33 am
in fair condition. now there was a third person that was injured in all of this, a traffic control aide. that person suffered serious injuries but we're told by the chief that person is expected to survive. now this was a very violent collision. the pickup truck speeding when it slammed into the victims at adams morgan last night. witnesses say one of the officers was thrown 30 feet. now there is still, of course, a lot of concern here. there's certainly going to be a long recovery period for all of the victims here, but, again, some encouraging news coming from the police union and upgrading of the victims here. back to you in the studio. >> megan mcgrath live for us at med star washington. the driver and passenger were both arrested. a weapon was found inside the truck. they didn't say what type of weapon. part of the road is still closed on 18th
5:34 am
investigation continues. make sure to follow megan mcgrath, darcy spencer and our team on twitter all morning long as we work to get more updates on those officers' conditions. look for an alert from our nbc washington app as soon as we get updated information. 5:34 right now. other top stories today, several people shot and stabbed in the district overnight. this video from a stabbing on chesapeake street southeast. there was also a stabbing from the yu street metro station. former fbi director james comey details his interactions with president trump. he even admitted to leaking some of his personal memos. coming up, news 4's edward lawrence will lay out what's next in the investigation. it is pride weekend in the nation's capital. you'll see many things to raise money for youth homelessness among the lgbt community. a look at the events you can take part in this weekend.
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loss of their 3-year-old little boy. fairfax county police say he died after falling through a second story window on wednesday. the child was playing and leaned against the window screen and fell out. this is at least the third time in as many years that a child in northern virginia has been killed or hurt in a window fall. safety advocates suggest keeping furniture away from the windows or installing window stops in cars. a scary discovery inside a middle school in the district. police say they found a gun inside a locker at hardy middle school in georgetown yesterday. a tip led school officials to contact police there. the school was locked down for about 25 minutes before that gun was found. if your child is in fairfax county public schools, they now have a new superintendant. the school board approved dr. scott braban. >> if we approach each other with open
5:36 am
minds, we can and will find the solution to our challenges. >> in addition to being a former teacher in the district, brabrand was assistant superintendant for a while leading the lynchburg city schools. he starts the 10th. karen garza resigned in september. she says her reputation was ruined by rolling stone magazine. now former uva administrator speaks out. hear how she plans to spend the millions in the defamation suit. we want to thank everyone who donated in the do more 24. more than $1.4 million doe naded to dozens of charities in one day. and we are continuing to track breaking news this morning. chopper 4 flying over a crash that has closed route 210 at palmer road. this is in oxon hills. this has been closed for hours.
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the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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5:40 am
worker were hit by a pickup truck. >> it started in the heart of the adams morgan neighborhood. we have team coverage with news 4's megan mcgrath and darcy spencer coming up at 6:00. take a look at this security video out of plainfield, new jersey. a woman seriously injured after tripping over an access door. this is on a sidewalk. she fell six feet down into a basement there. the woman was texting while she was walking. officials say the access door was open because crews were working on gas lines there. >> watch walking down the street. >> and she's 67 years old falling like that. >> she's going to be okay though. montgomery county is looking to make it safer for bicyclists. >> folks there want community input on preliminary bike way recommendations for the county's bicycle master plan. now the planning didn't began working on the bicycle master plan back in july of 2015. they
5:41 am
the planning board in late 2017. the plan focuses on developing a high quality low stress bicycle network throughout montgomery county. free parking spots in a prime location, but along the national mall that won't cost you a cent. and you only have until sunday to take advantage. we're going to tell you why and how much they'll be come monday, how much it's going to cost coming up. plus, paying it forward by paying for lunch. the mom that is getting rid of the school lunch debt one dollar at a time. hear about her mission and how you can help. breaking news in prince george's county. a major closure and one of them on the beltway. more of that coming up, chuck. beautiful day coming our way for running, jogging, good day to go to the pool. eating dinner outside, no problem. you can go to the baseball game
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h.05 the first pitc
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"news 4 today" begins with breaking news. major breaking stories on this friday morning. while you were asleep police shut down a major road. these are some live pictures from chopper 4 over route 210 in prince george's county. >> medics took six people to the hospital from there. there's still a lot of debris in the road. as you can see, the work continues at this hour. we are working for you to help you get around that closure and melissa mollet will let us know the minute that road opens up again. also breaking this morning, we're getting information about a serious crash in adams morgan. >> someone drove a pickup truck into two police officers and a d.c. employee. kristin wright is following this at the live desk. >> reporter: that's right. this is just a terrible situation. we have two d.c. police officers
5:46 am
by a pickup truck last night. the driver of that truck and a passenger were both arrested. you're looking at pictures from the scene. those are the bicycles that the two police officers were on. that pickup truck we understand just a little while ago was picked up and towed away by police. just ahead, we'll have live team coverage from the scene there at the hospital. med star georgetown hospital and these are live pictures of the hospital there where the three people are, the two officers are there now as well as that city worker and we'll have an update on all of their conditions coming up. molette? >> kristin, thank you. in many ways the comey hearing lived up to its billing. headlines from the hearing are gracing the front pages of some of the country's biggest papers, but it's front page
5:47 am
york daily news" likely to spark a lot of conversation on social media. the leaders of the senate investigation committee say their questions are far from over. >> edward lawrence is live from capitol hill. edward, what is the next step for the committee? >> reporter: yeah, it turns out the next step is going to be jared kushner. nbc news has learned that jared kushner will speak to senate members on the senate intelligence committee behind closed doors sometime in the middle of the month. jared kushner has said all along that he's willing to talk about his role or possible role in connection with the russian meetings he had, also turn over any notes that he had. this is important because he's had two undisclosed meetings, previously undisclosed. we now know about them. one with michael flynn, the former national security adviser, and another with a russian aid. we'd like to know if
5:48 am
these meetings. >> we didn't hear from the president yesterday but we did hear from his lawyer after jim comey spoke on the hill. what's the lawyer say? >> reporter: unusual, aaron, that the president was not tweeting or speaking about this. he was asked several times but chose not to comment. he let his personal attorney do the commenting. personal attorney said the president feels vindicated. he also said that comey's accusations were simply absurd. listen. >> the president never in form or substance directed or said that mr. comey stop investigating anyone. >> reporter: again, this investigation is far from over. the senate intelligence committee, a special prosecutor looking into it, also the house intelligence committee. we'll begin our investigations. >> edward lawrence on the hill. thank you. 5:48. reality winner is not getting out of jail
5:49 am
she's the government worker who's accused of leaking classified documents. she was denied bail yesterday. she leaked information about information leaked. a former mayor busted in drug for sex sting faces four decades in jail today. he pleaded guilty in an undercover sting outside a tyson's who are tell. silverthorn used a dating website to meet men for sex in exchange for crystal meth. follow us on twitter for updates. this morning we are hearing from the former uva administrator named in a now debunk rolling stone article. she's speaking for the first time after a three week long trial. she asked for $7.5 million. she described
5:50 am
after it was all said and done. >> you go into that process hoping people will take responsibility for their actions. i never felt like that happened. >> eramo was awarded $3 million. parking near the national mall, parking meters will kick into effect on monday. the meters will charge $2 an hour including sundays and holidays. the only exception, aaron, is christmas day. the meters are meant to encourage turnover of the limited parking on the mall and encourage them to use public parking. it will use the meters to improve the visitor experience on the national mall. 5:50. breaking news in first 4 traffic. melissa, what's the latest? >> reporter: this continues. this is video from this morning. two vehicles involved. six people hurt
5:51 am
let's take a live look from above. the vehicles are out of the way. now you can see they're just trying to clean things up, get things reopened in the next couple of minutes we hope, of course. 1 mile backup northbound, southbound still shut down. oxon hill road and old fort road are your alternates. we have brad telling us what's going on up above. >> reporter: looks like crews did make short work of this crash. they're about to open up the road after they clean up the absorbent is cleaned up. take a look at the delay on the northbound side of indian head highway. it will take a little while for that to clear out. melissa, what else is going on? >> thank you, brad. a couple o
5:52 am
inner loop and the outer loop at bw parkway. one ramp lane is shut down. right now we do have some lanes closed on the actual beltway. the rest of the beltway looks good. take a look at travel times coming up. good morning. quiet start to the day on your friday. there's a live picture from our city camera earlier this morning. just a couple of fair weather clouds around. not going to be bothering anybody at all today. but i do have to remind you, i put this up yesterday and this is a good reminder. today right at about 60 degrees at national airport. as you look at the last five years in a row our last morning to get below 60 comes out about june 5th, today obviously being the 9th, right on course for that. over the last five years the last time we dropped below 60 at national airport doesn't happen until the middle of september. the rest of june,
5:53 am
august and the first half of september. that's how long we have to wait until we get a cool morning. let's hope we break that trend. 60s and 50s across most of the suburbs. it's getting to be a hard stretch to cool down. what a great day to go to the pool. spf at 11:00 a.m. today's high, the trend is up, up and away. 87 coming for tomorrow. higher still, 95 on sunday, monday that would tie the record. wednesday the forecast 95. record is 98. may or may not get to that one. the record on thursday is 101. that one is sick. otherwise, get ready to sweat it out around here all
5:54 am
kristin wright at the live desk. we're watching what's happening in brittain. prime minister theresa may just lost her majority in parliament in the election. no party won enough seats to gain the overall majority to form a government once brittain leaves the -- once u.k. leaves the european union. this could delay brexit negotiations. this morning some are already calling for may to resign. she said that is not happening. molette? >> kristin, thank you so much. a pharmaceutical company is recalling its birth control pills. it's mibelas 24. it could result in an unplanned pregnancy. in other words, the first four days of the tablets labeled as active pills are actually placebos. for more specifics on this recall, visit the nbc 4
5:55 am
jobs in fairfax county. they're bringing the east coast campus to the hearndon area. virginia offered them $10,000 incentives. it's not clear when the new facility will open though. >> super model heidi cloom. her collection of clothes will be available at the german grocery chain lidl. it will provide high end fashions. a lidl store will open in virginia on june 15th. >> it could be interesting. takes so long to determine though. don't be surprised if you see ikea products for sale on a website other than
5:56 am
that's because the company is going to be passing products on to a third party site. look for those ads to begin next year. 5:56 now. this morning, a local mom is on a mission. >> she is trying to help pay down school lunch debt for other families. adelle nettles started a go fund me page and this has helped pay off three school lunch debts. prince george's county. so if the elementary school has $4,000 left in unpaid lunch bills, that comes out of the general fund.
5:57 am
make a difference, search lunch debt inside the nbc app. >> a little ways to go. the goal is $160,000. she's at about 600. needs help. >> we can get there. we can do this. new at 6:00, a boardwalk battle. ocean city sues. who the city is trying to keep off its famous boardwalk. summer vacation. parents targeted at school dropoffs. thieves are going after. driver arrested after crashing into a crowd in adams morgan. two d.c. officers and a ddot worker in the hospital.
5:58 am
i'm at higher risk fore as depression.ave a stroke. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. ♪
5:59 am
"news 4 today" begins with breaking news. and we heard an absolute horrifying screech and we ran outside immediately. and, i mean, what we saw, it was just horrifying. >> breaking news we're tracking for you this morning starts with a terrifying crash in a busy part of d.c. one police officer badly hurt a of a driver crashed into him. another officer and a ddot employee. this all happened in the adams morgan area, an area that was
6:00 am
packed late last night. we also need to tell you about a bad crash that could mean you have to leave earlier this morning. route 210 just reopened near palmer road. the backups continue. 6:00 a.m. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green in for eun yang. this is what the crash in oxon hill looked like not long before it was cleaned up. >> we begin with news 4's kristin wright at the live desk with what we know before. >> reporter: as you just mentioned, route 210 is just reopened. horrible pictures from a horrible crash involving two cars that collided. indian head highway near palmer road. we don't know the extent of their injuries. this is video on the ground of the big response there to help the six people


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