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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 12, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> now at 6:00, feeling the heat. we're in the thick of our first heat wave of the year. how long will it last, and what about those records? twin girls lose their parents in a horrible crime. how a virginia county is rallying around them tonight. a woman stumbles to the hotel desk in virginia, saying she's been shot. coming up on news4, what police found what they got to her hotel room. and only on news4, an investigation into more american secrets sold to foreign military contractors. first at 6:00, we're in weather alert mode tonight. >> big time. chief meteorologist doug kammerer has been monitoring our first heat wave of the year, as you see this live picture from national harbor. the today is the day you want to be near the water. >> that's for sure. a lot of times you get the breeze off the water. today, not much of one. we saw temperatures at 95 li
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the airport down to 92, so we gt a little bit of relief, but not much. these are the highs so far today. unofficially, 95 degrees at the airport. 92 in hagerstown. 91, richmond. washington tying a record now setback in 2002. so, yeah, the record high temperatures, we tied that one across the region today. more humid tomorrow. that's going to be a big key here. we did not see a lot of humid today. we'll seeing more tonight and through the day tomorrow. storm chances on the increase over the next couple days. i'll talk about that. and then the heat wave ends. most likely on wednesday. so thursday, a little bit cooler. but as i mentioned, that's also when the storm chances are on the upswing. we'll have more on that in about 15 minutes. >> doug, thank you. now to a tragic story about the murder of a mother in northern virginia. she was stabbed to death inside a home she shared with her twin daughters. >> police say the killer is the woman's ex-husband, the father
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8 years old. this happened early sunday morning on oak street and southwest. they believe he killed himself behind another house several blocks away. derrick ward joins us with the latest on the investigation. derrick, what a heartbreaking story. what have you learned? >> reporter: indeed, it is. what we've learned, the folks who live here on oak street are rather tight-knit. they watch out for each other. as a matter of fact, there was a neighbor who first tried to tend to sabrina titus's wounds after she was attacked. later today, some of these folks will be getting together in the wake of titus's tragic death and try to make sense of it all. at 10 before 7:00, sunday evening, a call to 911 for a woman who had been stabbed at this home. police found 47-year-old sabrina titus with wounds to her upper body. she would later be pronounced dead at the hospital. seven minutes after the first call to police, there's another. this time, shots
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they respond to this house on ross drive where they find ralph titus dead. two deaths a mile apart in a neighbor that doesn't often experience crime. >> it doesn't feel real. >> reporter: the police are saying the two deaths are related, the victims an estranged couple who share two children. police believe ralph titus shot his wife and then shot himself. a caretaker cannot contain her grief upon showing up and learning of last night's loss. the person who answered the door at ralph titus's address doesn't have a comment. the folks who live in this quiet neighborhood struggle to understand. >> i got home from college and everything you expect to feel like home and you expect it to feel safe, and this happens. >> reporter: police say none of the children at the oak street address were physically hurt during the incident. and word of just what happened is still spreading throughout this neighborhood and so is the grief. we're
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you. >> thank you, derrick. frantic moments at a hotel in northern virginia. chopper4 was at the scene when the hotel was locked down after a woman staggered into the lobby with a gunshot wound. a man inside the quality inn in woodbridge then forced a stand-off with police. news4's mark segraves explains what officers found what they made it into the room. >> reporter: police are still trying to piece things together, but what we know is that it all started in room 240 on the second floor of this quality inn hotel here in woodbridge. right now, you can see prince william county police evidence technicians are still here, gathering what they can. the first victim was a woman in her mid 50s who came into the lobby of this quality inn hotel in woodbridge suffering from a gunshot wound. a hotel employee tells news4, she had a bloody towel wrapped around her head. the victim said a man in her room had shot her. >> in our initial communication with her, we len
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possibly another party inside the room they were staying in, and that the incident was isolated to that room. we secured that hallway, evacuated area rooms around there. >> reporter: the woman was taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. for more than two hours, police tried to communicate with the man inside that room, but he never answered. police took the situation so seriously they positioned a counter-sniper across the street from the hotel room just in case. when police did force their way into the room, they found a man in his 50s also suffering from a gunshot wound. >> we set off a flash bang before we entered into the room. i don't know the condition that he was in. shortly after that, i heard that he was in custody, so i don't believe there was much resistance. however, he was injured. >> reporter: police say that injury may have been a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital by helicopter. police say both victims checked into the hotel together yesterday and were traveling together
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car in the hotel parking lot. in woodbridge, mark segraves, news4. right now, more legal trouble for the white house, the ninth circuit court of appeals is the latest court to uphold the decision that blocks the president's travel ban. the judges ruled that the ban discriminates based on people's nationality. a virginia court also ruled against the ban. the administration has appealed to the supreme court, just a few hours before that, the attorneys general in d.c. and maryland filed a new lawsuit against president trump. that suit says the president has violated the constitution's anti-kruppingds clause, by taking payments from foreign governments at his various businesses. and ivanka trump is back in the spotlight today. during an interview, she said she was blindsided by the level of viciousness in politics. she called the russia investigation a distraction, and blamed it on media ferocity, her words, and the pressure isn't expected to let up anytime so
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big event on capitol hill. attorney general jeff sessions will testify in front of congress tomorrow. nbc's blayne alexander is on the the white house with a look at what we might expect from that. blayne? >> reporter: doreen, what's interesting about this, according to the justice department, it was actually sessions himself who requested this public testimony. he wants to speak openly. because he says that it's important for the american people to hear directly from him. >> as you know -- >> reporter: team trump reporting for duty together. for the very first time, the president holding a full cabinet meeting today at the white house. >> just a very short time, we're seeing amazing results. >> reporter: opening by praising his accomplishments and inviting each cabinet member to do the same, including attorney general jeff sessions. >> great to be here. >> reporter: who tomorrow will face a different audience, testifying publicly before the senate intelligence committee about russia. >> he's going to testify. we're aware of it.
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>> reporter: sessions will face the same committee that heard testimony from former fbi director james comey, who testified last week he asked the attorney general to never be left alone with the president after their now infamous private oval office meeting. the white house unwilling to clarify the president's suggestion that that conversation and others were taped. >> the president made clear he would have an announcement shortly. >> reporter: today, more legal thorns in the president's side. his travel ban, once again blocked by an appeals court. and the attorneys general of maryland and d.c. announcing a lawsuit against president trump on grounds that he's violating anti-corruption laws through his hotel chain. >> we know that foreign governments are spending money there in order to curry favor with the president of the united states. >> reporter: the rnc called the lawsuit absurd and the white house says it will move to dismiss the case. and today the secret service says it does not have any tapes or transcripts of any recorded er
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but of course that does not rule out any recordings by anyone else. doreen? >> blayne, thank you. now to that lawsuit against president trump here in our area. >> d.c. attorney general carl racine and maryland attorney general brian frost filed suit against the president, saying he's benefitting from his private businesses. >> it's a lawsuit making national headlines. tom sherwood was at that news conference. why are these two attorneys general getting involved? >> two state attorneys general. they say the congress is not doing anything. they contend the president is violating the u.s. constitution. they say that he is personally benefitting from his private business while he's president. they're both democrats and they say they're not doing this for partisan reasons. they said they would do it even if oprah were running for president. they say the president has not separated himself from his personal businesses with his presidential duties. >> speaking of his personal businesses, flurl, this is not the only suit he's facing because of his businesses, right?
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in march when the owners of a property sued the president saying the president was using his notoriety of being president to draw people to his hotel. meanwhile, their cork wine bar was losing business, said they can't compete with the president. that's a local lawsuit, not a federal lawsuit. and all of these cases, the federal and the local case, will probably take weeks, if not many months to solve. as we heard earlier, the president's team says he's doing nothing wrong. although this is extraordinary. i don't think we've ever had any cases over the constitution, prohibiting the president from earning so much money. >> because he is the president, there's no sense this would be expedited? >> some courts it's really hard to expedite. but what was interesting about frost and racine, they said part of their lawsuit, they may ask for the president's income
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>> that's something a lot of people would like too se see. >> a lthat would be a big deal. it's been a week since the murder of two montgomery county high school students. one of their mothers speaks to pat collins. her message for her son's killer. you get up in the morning to go to work and find something like this, your tires missing, or your window broken and stuff taken out of the car. it's such an issue in prince george's county that the police department wants you to understand how to keep yourself safe. and an investigation only on news4, a growing scheme to sell ame
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i'm scott macfarlane in the newsroom. a case of international intrigue inside a d.c. court late today. seven men stand charged with conspiring to give u.s. trade secrets to a chinese military contractor. the men are accused of a scheme to sell the secrets about military equipment from a company based in houston to a major player in the military in china. we first got wind of this a few weeks ago, when two businessmen were arrested along connecticut avenue northwest here in d.c. that was just hours after the fbi raided one of the men's homes in houston. footage of that raid was obtained by the news4 i-team in late may. but that case has since expanded.
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prosecutors say the scheme involved millions of dollars. they say the equipment was a type of foam material and was high performance navy grade piece of equipment. two of the seven appeared in a d.c. court today. attorneys for some of the men say they deny the charges or have already pleaded not guilty. we've learned the feds have tried to seize at least two properties in d.c. the men are suspected of using as part of the scheme. >> thank you, scott. white flowers shaped into hearts bear the name of each life lost inside the pulse nightclub. >> as we mark a year since that terrorist attack in orlando, we see a community moving forward and supporting each other. >> nbc's sarah rosario is live to explain the message of hope shared there. >> reporter: leon and doreen, it has been an emotional day here in orlando as thousands of people have passed by pulse nightclub here, and they stil
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down right now, to pay respects to the 49 people killed a year ago today. and as this vigil continues to grow, so does a message of love that people here in orlando are standing united to fight against terrorism, discrimination, and hate. >> reporter: as the sounds of church bells ring, thousands reflect on the 49 killed in a massacre at pulse nightclub a year ago today. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the crime tape once wrapping the building is now replaced with colorful banners, artwork, candles, pictures and more. now standing as a symbol of love and resilience. a sign near a heart made from colored pebbles captured the mantra many cling to, we will not let hate win. a city united. >> in the face of what happened at pulse, it would have been so easy to turn to anger and to hatred, but that's notwh
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happened in our community. >> reporter: as part of their contribution, the kim bell sisters are handing out these hand-made hearts, 20,000 and counting. >> ever since the pulse, we have been handing these hearts out to show people love. >> reporter: from these children to adults, the littlest of gestures, contributing to a massive outrage, a choice to see tragedy through the eyes of love. >> and we saw love pouring forth from all parts of our community. >> reporter: a legacy for a community supporting a city in its darkest hour, one heart at a time. and in support of those lives lost, many of the landscaping here in orlando is lit up in rainbow colors. tonight, there's a memorial planned just outside of downtown where thousands of people are expected to attend. reporting from orlando, sarah rosario. doreen, back to you. >> sarah, thank you. this weekend, so many of you helped us celebrate pride week here in the district, and we want to thank everybody who came out to our booth this wn
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pride with your pictures. you can see them all in our nbc washington app. as well as moments from the march and the parade, just search pride. it's the fastest growing crime in prince george's county. people are waking up, walking out to their car to go to work and finding windows smashed, tires stolen and the car on jacks. tracee wilkins rode along with police today and they have some advice to stop this from happening to you. >> if you get those calls, just make sure we're doing what we're supposed to be doing, make sure we're processing these scenes. > >> reporter: this morning, police officers are reminded of what to do when responding to car break-ins. it's what corporal donald rick ert will be assigned to today. >> what exactly happened, sir? >> reporter: a man's tire is stolen from his car. >> you wake up in the morning and discover something like this, it's very frustrating. >> reporter: the
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the car four days ago. ibrahim was about to take his wife to work when he discovered the car up on jacks. >> it's just sad. we're working citizens, trying to go to work. you wake up in the morning and have to deal with things like this. rfrr. >> reporter: whoever did this, left fingerprints on the car and the jack they used. >> so we'll dust that too and see if we can get something. >> reporter: but in many cases, plos may not be as lucky. this was the scene at greenbelt metro station in january. dozens of cars broken into. it's happening more and more in the county. there have been more than 2,300 this year. >> anybody that's walking by, just pulls on a door that happens to be unlocked, it's there for the taking. >> reporter: prince george's county police are asking the public for help. >> treat your vehicle as if you are returning a rental car vehicle. take everything of value out of your car. >> reporter: the hope is with residents seeing how quickly these things can happen -- >> you're very welcome. and i'm sorry this has happened to you. >> reporter: -- the more
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>> don't make it easy for the bad guys. take your stuff out of the car. >> reporter: prince george's county has experienced a 14% increase in theft from auto since last year. in hyattsville, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. it's the kind of pain that makes everything harder. new tonight, a knee procedure promising instant results. we'll show you how this works. and it isn't just the race for governor getting attention, we'll look at the other contest expecting to bring people to the polls tomorrow. and a great day to be out by the water. our team of meteorologists have have been tracking the heat. and a safety reminder as well coming from doug and tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work.
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get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years. all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at you really don't need us to tell you this, but it's hot out there. we have team coverage as we track our first heat wave of the year. >> lauryn's been having a blast at national harbor in the heat. she's got her hat working for her, and i hear she's got super soakers. but first let's get to doug in the storm center. >> i didn't hear about the super soakers, but that's exactly what you need on a day like this. high temperature today, 95 degrees, we did tie the record. tomorrow, we're going right back to near record-breaking territory, 95 is what i'm going for, the record is actually 96. we are in weather alert modeas
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as we look out now, a few high clouds, 91 degrees. temperatures dropping, but not dropping very fast. and even by 11:00, i think we'll be in the low 80s. i think we'll start to really start to feel the humid. that wi -- humidity. 90 degrees in leesburg, 91 in fredericksburg. notice the humidity, up to 93 in manassas, 93 in leesburg. not a lot of heat indices in the area, but we'll see some and more tomorrow. the radar, no shower activity right now. take a look at the current numbers from across the nation. 92, philadelphia. 95 in chicago. so the heat, it's all across our area. really all across the east and that's why it's going to stick around for the next few days. lauryn has the sunscreen, the large hat, and now she's got the large sas
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and she's in the car. >> reporter: i am in the car. i had to come in here, doug, for a hot second, because it is hot out there right now this second. oh, boy, i gotta tell you, it is rough. i've been out here the last three and a half hours. definitely gotta go in and get a little bit of a break. pretty much i've been getting my breaks inside the storm team 4 by 4. we've had these popsicles since we got out here. our first live hit was 4:15. i had kids returning the popsicles. they're spilling into this. look at this, i was like, here, you can drink some pink and blue juice. the kids were throwing them back in there. so that's why we had to go to ben & jerry's. but we have one person that likes the heat. say your name again, because rime going to mess it up. >> fabiana. >> reporter: and what's your name sir? >> i'm kevin. >> reporter: so fabiana, my friend
6:26 pm
currently in brazil, it's 68 degrees. you like this heat? >> oh, no. >> reporter: you don't like this heat? >> it's not so good for me. >> reporter: we are warmer than san paolo, brazil. also it's another season for them. but stay safe, we got another warm day tomorrow as well. we got a big cooldown and doug will show that to you on the ten-day forecast. >> some good news about the cooldown. looked like a six-day heat wave, and now only four days before we cool things off. i think we'll see a chance for shower activity tomorrow. look at future weather here. notice a couple of showers, but again, not much. maybe an isolated rumble of thunder, but most of the day tomorrow will be dry. 95 degrees, weather alert tomorrow, muggy and hot. heat index, close to 100. it will feel hotter tomorrow than it did during the day today. because of the added humidity. the weather alert tomorrow and then look at the next couple days. 92 on wednesday. we drop by about
6:27 pm
87 on friday and saturday, back into the low 90s on sunday. notice as well, good chance for a few storms wednesday and then all the way through monday. so we have chance of afternoon storms, but it's just that. you guys know, those summertime thunderstorms that come down on you and cool you off just a little bit. >> and the ones that will make us feel like we're in a rainforest in brazil. >> exactly right. >> thanks, doug. we invite you to download our nbc wall app, you can find the forecast anytime and get weather alerts as our team tracks the first real heat of the summer moving in. a mother's plea to a mystery murder witness. coming up. i'm julie carey in loudoun county, where volunteers are going door to door in a final push for votes in tomorrow's virginia primary. and what voters decide will create a match-up that will be watched nationwide in the fall. what's at stake, just ahead.
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but first, here's lester holt with a look ahead for "nbc nightly news." >> hello leon and doreen. among the stories we're working on, the surprise turn at the bill cosby trial. we'll look at why attorney general jeff sessions will now testify before congress publicly about the russia investigation. and a non-surgical, non-drug treatment for pain relief that patients say works. ore on that vo: delivering cleaner, reliable energy... creating jobs for our veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build
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you're watching news4 at 6:00. now at 6:30, it's been one week since two teenagers were gunned down just hours before their high school graduation. the families of the young victims, searching for answers and trying to make sense of an unthinkable situation. >> we're learning to cope, we're learning to walk, to breathe again. >> my love died the day my son died. i have no more love left in my heart. >> reporter: police are working round the clock to piece together a timeline as they try to figure out who did this. >> pat collins talked with one of the victim's parents today. >> he joins us live in rockville with more. >> reporter: let me get right to the point. they believe there's someone out there who knows about this double murder. it's been said that that someone is talking, but thatso
6:32 pm
cops. here now, a mother's plea to the mystery murder witness. >> reporter: one week ago today, in a barrage of gunfire, two teenagers shot and killed in this car on a dead end street in montgomery village. one of the victims, shadi najjar, he was tina najjar's only child. she believes someone knows something about the murder but is too afraid to go to the cops. today, her plea to that witness. >> please, you go to the police. you're young, you're very young, you're afraid to open your mouth, but you have to do the right thing. if you love shadi, if you have love in your heart, you love your mother, you love your daddy, you love your family, you have anything good, you should not have hate. go ahead and do the right tg.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: back at headquarters, police made a similar plea to that key witness. warning that silence could bring trouble. >> understand how brazen this case is, and how violent, that's obvious. they can take their chances that they know something and that they can go silent, or they can take their chances and come speak to us, do the right thing, and let us take these people off the street. >> reporter: for tina najjar, it's been the hardest of times. like mothers do, she keeps and collects things to remember him by. the origami shadi made for her and her co-workers at shady grove hospital, the sketches, and the message drawings, the weak will perish. >> the person who killed my son has hate. you must have something bad in your heart to do
6:34 pm
believes these two teenagers were set up, that the victims knew their killers. so far, no arrest in the case. doreen, back to you. >> pat collins reporting, thank you. tonight a jury has convicted a former elementary school teacher in montgomery county in a child sex abuse case. five current and former students reported that john vigna touched them inappropriately over their clothing. vigna taught third, fourth, and fifth grade at the cloverly high school. prosecutors say he had been counselled twice against the practice of physical contact with students. now he's facing up to 25 years in prison. a judge will sentence him in august. only on news4, his fall from grace got national attention. tonight fairfax city's former mayor is sharing what led up to his humiliating arrest. caught in an
6:35 pm
sting. he opened up about his 14 years as a hidden drug addict and the moment his life changed forever. >> this was the first time an incident like this had happened, that you had done this? >> no. i wish i could say it was. the reality is that i've had an addiction problem for, like i said, about 14 years. but the self-destructive behavior was there beforehand. >> david's full report on meth and the mayor airs tonight on news4 at 11:00. if you want to hear the former mayor explain the demon behind his drug use, open the nbc washington app, and search drug addiction. tomorrow the polls will open at 6:00 a.m. for virginia's primary and the candidates are making their final push for votes. the spotlight is on the top of each ticket, but there's more competition than unusual in the house of delegates' races. julie carey takes
6:36 pm
>> reporter: it's a hot day for door-to-door but these college supporters are enthusiastic supporters of tom perriello. they had their final pep rally with the candidate minutes earlier. his aggressive upstart campaign has worked to harness the anger of anti-trump activists, but his opponent, lieutenant governor ralph northam has the support of all the state's top democrats. they've campaigned alongside him in the closing days. >> i'm ralph northam. >> i've seen your commercial. >> reporter: a political analyst said even in perriello doesn't become the nominee, his candida candidacy has shaped the race ahead. >> it's pushed the democratic party of virginia in a more liberal direction, in a more confrontational approach to donald trump. >> reporter: on the gop side,
6:37 pm
gillespie, expected to win over his two challengers, corey stewart and frank wagner. >> what you see with respect to the republican primary is a clear candidate who is known statewide, versus two people who are known regionally. and that's a huge challenge. >> reporter: having contests at the top in both party, expected to boost typically anemic primary turn-out. while the governor's race is the big draw, turn-out will also likely be fueled by the unusually high number of contested house of delegates races. many of them involving female candidates. in loudoun county, i'm julie carey, news4. stay with news4 and the nbc washington app as the numbers add up tomorrow. julie carey, david culver and chris lawrence will be providing team coverage. so if you want to hear where all the candidates stand on important issues, search virginia governor in our app. it sounds amazing, an instant fix for knee pain, no
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>> but first, stories of love are taking over social media today. the landmark case from virginia 50 years later. and how it's changed the way we love in this country. the heat on across the region, but just how much longer will we be dealing with the intense hea t? pro tip: giant has great prices on produce. so, when it's your turn to do the shopping and you need to get... raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... bananas for mom...wait, what's a jicama? and at these prices, i can make it all happen. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. save over $44 with exclusive digital coupons on top of great bonus buys. even better, this week only,
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for a free 16 oz. package of strawberries.
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today m
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the supreme court case legalized interracial marriage in the united states. and we're tracking all kinds of reaction on social media as people post their own stories and describe what the loving versus virginia case has meant to them. news4's chris lawrence is here with a closer look at the impact this case has had. >> remember, this case started with police raiding a family's home, pulling a pregnant woman out of her bed with her husband and hauling her off to jail. now, consider that in the context of today, when 11 million americans are married to someone of a different race. or even this scene, just a couple hours ago in richmond. when the governor of virginia unveiled a new historical marker to memorialize that landmark case. the lovings weren't trying to change the world. they were a working class couple living in a rural community. but richard was white, mildred, black and native american. and the commonwealth had strict laws aimed at preserving the purity of the white race.
6:42 pm
that. the loving case wasn't decided on the basis of love. the justices ruled the laws were designed to maintain white supremacy. one of the attorneys who worked on the case told us, i never imagined the profound social effect the numbers of interracial marriages increased astronomically. not to sugar coat things, interracial couples can still experience everything from uncomfortable stares to outright hostility, but since loving, the number of newly weds and interracial marriages has gone from 3 to 17%. it's staggering the amount of change there's been over this time. >> no doubt. one thing we can say for sure, our children will wonder what was all the fuss about. >> and you see the same sort of, the same arguments being applied in other social movements like the push for same-sex marriage as well. you can see more on our app as well. go
6:43 pm
instagram page, where you can follow the timeline on this case. >> thank you, chris. it's hot out there right now. here's a live look at the temperatures around town at this moment. we tied the record high today. will we do it again tomorrow? doug's back with that and some big changes ahead in his ten-day forecast. also ahead, a fascinating look at a lab in virginia, how it's helping police find a man's killecades after r dehi
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
a major development in a cold case in montgomery county in 1992, someone murdered james essel inside his store ie
6:46 pm
the case has been unsolved for 25 years, but now for the first time, police have images of what they think the suspect looked like then and now. a company in virginia called parabon nano labs created the images from dna from blood found at the crime scene. >> give us the tip that brings closure to this family. our goal with cold case is to bring conclusions, finality to them. >> reporter: it >> it's a picture of a suspect created from dna sample. there's a $10,000 reward in the case. tips can be made to crime solvers and they can be anonymous. >> that's fascinating, so far beyond law and order, that's something else. call it the calm before another storm on capitol hill, jeff sessions takes the hot seat in front of the senate intelligence committee. >> just one of the major political developments we're following today, and here to try to break some of this down for us,
6:47 pm
>> hey, doreen. good morning or good evening. welcome to nbc, leon. >> thank you, my friend. >> reporter: let's talk to you about what we can expect tomorrow, jeff sessions ready for a grilling. he'll be testifying tomorrow afternoon, under oath in public. the attorney really looking to respond to former fbi director jap james comey's testimony. this is going to be sessions first time in the hot seat since his confirmation hearing. back then, he failed to initially disclose a pair of meetings with the russian ambassador to the u.s., a man by the name of sergei kislyak. the committee is now trying to nail down whether there was a third meeting that sessions' aides vigorously deny. >> interesting. and now there's another development as well involved here, the tapes saga, whether or not tapes exist. maybe jeff sessions will be
6:48 pm
asked about that tomorrow. if there are tapes, the secret service doesn't know about them? >> yeah, that's the case right now. the secret service, there was a request for information for the secret service, saying if there are tapes, they don't know about them. the white house has been very vague about this. the president last week in the rose garden saying he was going to let folks know in the near future, whether, in fact, these tapes exist. but the reason they matter is because the president accused james comey basically during his testimony last week of lying under oath. and if that were the case, all he would have to do is put out the tapes of their conversation to prove his side of the story. >> seems like it will be a yes or no answer. but that's not how it works. >> exactly. >> peter alexander, thank you. going to be another busy week, much more on all of these developments tonight on "nbc nightly news" at 7:00 p.m. right after we're finished here with news4 at 6:00. we've been asking you on your nbc facebook page, how you feel about the heat wave. our man doug is tracking it. so far, most of you say, you're
6:49 pm
but it's here. >> got no choice, folks. do we have any relief coming? >> i think we do actually. i've done my summer forecast, which will be coming out in about a week and a half, of when we have the nbc4 tracking summer special in about a week and a half. but i'm going for close to average, 90-degree days. what does that tell you? it means expect an average summer. last year, well above average. we had 57 90-degree days. this year, i'm saying about 40 of them. 95 degrees, the high today. 93 in leesburg, so a hot day for sure, but the humidity was not a big factor and that's really helped as far as that's concerned. because tomorrow, i think the humidity is back. temperature right now, 91 at the airport. winds out of the southwest, 14 miles an hour. is it going to be a hot evening? the humidity will start to creep up. no rain on the radar, but just think about this next couple days, drink plenty of water if you're out doors, take
6:50 pm
indoors. wear light colored and loose fitting clothing. we had hey little ba little bit. if you're working outdoors, take some breaks inside some ac. 11:00 a.m. at the pool, 89 degrees. 93 degrees around 2:00, 95 by 5:00. another hot day tomorrow. i do expect to see the humidity up there tomorrow. the heat index could approach 100 degrees. that's what we're forecasting. so again, 95 tomorrow, that's why we're going weather alert because it will be close to a record high. 92 on wednesday. good chance of storms wednesday. we have a backdoor cold front that will move down. increasing the chance for storms and bringing cooler air. back down to 83 on thursday, the average high for this time of year. 87 on friday, 87 on saturday, and back to nee 93 on sunday. we'll stay warm, but it's the first time we've given you a ten-day forecast that looks like summer,
6:51 pm
90s and a good chance for storms each and every afternoon. typical summer right here in the washington, d.c. metro area. but tomorrow, humidity back up there. >> best place to be is in the water. >> or in the ac. >> thanks, doug. coming up in sports, battle of the beltways with a twist. >> david versus goliath and david is bringing the beer. we're talking a narrator: the washington post endorses dr. ralph northam. mr. northam would make the better governor.
6:52 pm
ly candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk. >> can you imagine putting on a uniform and running around outside in this heat? >> no. >> scorcher at nats park. this is the first time the nats are hosting the atlanta braves, so it's going to be a hot one. but the nats lost their last three to the rangers over the weekend. the first time being swept this year. tonight could be the final nba game of the season. game five in the bay area, golden state looking to close out the series at home after fumbling in game four in cleveland on friday. lebron james and company taking it to the warriors who were attempting to become the first team ever to go through a playoff run undefeated. but it was just last year when the warriors blew a 3-1 lead to the cavs, something golden state is very much aware of as they stand at 3-1 entering tonight's game. >> the past is the
6:55 pm
it's definitely fueled us all year, just trying to keep that hunger to get back to this stage. but we understand we're one win away from getting the job done. >> we're in a much better position this year. we're healthy. we've got kevin durant. that's a good thing. but they're better too. they're a better team too. >> the nba might crown a champion tonight. the nhl did it last night, the pittsburgh penguins back-to-back stanley cup champions, first team to do it since the red wings in '97-'98. today arriving back in pittsburgh, a victory parade will be held on wednesday at 11:00 a.m. >> boom. >> boom. a liquor store on the outskirts of baltimore, the meeting place and sponsor for the team that everyone in the soccer world is talking about. crist os fc, the last amateur team in the u.s. carol maloney reports ahead of a match for a club that doesn't practice but is
6:56 pm
united tomorrow night. >> i don't normally do sports stories outside liquor stores. >> i don't think anybody does. >> cristo's is the reason we're here. we wouldn't have our name our brand, if it wasn't for these guys. we are proud to represent them. >> reporter: 20 years of trophies proudly displayed at sponsor cristo's liquors. but now they're on the verge of their first major league soccer match. think david versus goliath. >> does anyone pick you to win the game against -- >> never. >> is it because you don't practice? >> i think that has a lot to do with it. [ laughter ] >> i was approached by someone that said you guys have to finally practice for this one, don't you? my response was, no, we don't train. >> we have tried every single time. we get about four people that can, and everyone else can't because of work. >> they make carb load at a tasting table in
6:57 pm
but this group takes pride in representing the every man. >> i think obviously the dream was for us to be professionals in college, but now that we're all out of college and have full-time jobs, the dream is to play at the highest level we can. beat d.c. is our dream now. >> it's a brotherhood, we fight for each and other and then we drink together. >> reporter: they are not just here for are the experience. they truly believe they belong. >> we're not looking for overtime for a tie, we're looking to smoke them 3-0 and go back home champions. [ laughter ] >> you gotta love the confidence. that game up at maryland soccer plex tomorrow. tickets still available. and the soccer plex is tweeting, calleding calling it the battle of the beltway and the cinderella story. >> that game's going to be over in 30 seconds. >> celebrate before the game. >> good for them. that's a nice piece from
6:58 pm
coming up next on "nbc nightly news." hope you'll stay tuned for that. >> it's coming up next, we'll see you at 11:00. tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor
6:59 pm
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