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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 13, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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we will pause for just a moment to allow some stations to return to regular programs. good afternoon, i'm leon harris. >> and i'm wendy rieger. we have been watching the testimony of attorney general jeff sessions. >> and we'll keep an eye on it for you, but we begin now with storm team4 first at 4:00, we have extreme heat in this area, got us close to a record this afternoon. >> it's a weather alert day, temperatures are in the 90s as you know, and you know it feels a lot hotter than that, we have you covered all afternoon. >> doug and lauryn are going to start things off, and we're looking ahead to some changes. >> yeah, within the next 24 hours, much cooler weather towards the end of the week, but today a hot one for sure. and it's the heat and the heat index. >> and you can feel the humidity, definitely more
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and we saw triple-digit heat indices out there. >> right now, currently, 92 in washington, con, coming down fr last hour. still 94 hagerstown, 95, philadelphia, ocean city. wouldn't that be nice? cooler to the west, where we have some storms in west virginia. most of these are dying as they move over the mountains, but we are tracking one area, just south of fredericksburg, spotsylvania county and we may see a few of these popping up. but the heat wave ends tomorrow. still rather humid and then storms becoming likely during the day, but not everybody is going to see rain tomorrow and not nearly as hot as we get to the end of the week. we'll have more on this, the pattern that sets up, because it does set us up for showers and thunderstorms through the weekend. we'll talk about that as well in about ten minutes. >> folks, stay ahead of the heat with the least from storm team4 anytime, anywhere, with the nbc washington app. and on this hot, hot day, a young boy has died while trying to cool off from
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daycare in the district. the little boy found unconscious in a small, backyard swimming pool this afternoon. m meagan fitzgerald is there with the details. >> reporter: we know the 911 call came in around 11:30, for an unconscious child in a pool at this house, which is also a daycare. first responders said they transported the child, in very serious condition to the hospital and that is where the child was pronounced dead. it all happened in the backyard of this home daycare, according to the office of the state surpt of education, the owner of the home is a licensed provider and neighbors tell us she's been caring for young children for years. this is still a very active and ongoing investigation, but at this point, police do not believe the daycare provider was
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according to d.c. fire additional, it's the first drowning and report of a possible drowning they've had in the last several months, and the first of the season. they're reminding guardians and parents to pay close attention to your children, especially during the hot days, because it just takes seconds for a possible drowning to happen. >> thank you, meagan. terrible outcome there. another busy day on capitol hill. let's get back to that. right now, attorney general jeff session system still testifying under oath as we speak -- as he speaks about his contacts with russia. >> chris lawrence has the details. >> the attorney general, just contradicted former fbi director james comey who testified that jeff sessions was slnt when he approached him about the private meeting with president trump. >> i affirmed his concern that we should be following the proper guidelines of the department of justice and basically back h
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concerns. >> sessions says he told comey the fbi and justice department need to be aware of official protocol when it comes to the fbi director's communications with the white house. sessions has said publicly he had two meetings with russian officials. he denied a third undisclosed meeting with the russians and pushed back on the idea that he's done something wrong. >> the suggestion that i participated in any collusion, that i was aware of any collusion with russia, to hurt this country, which i have served for 35 years, to undermine our democratic process and an appalling and detestable lie. >> what senator just asked sessions, what was comey talking about what he said there was somebody problematic about his dealings with the russi
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would lead to his recusal. sessions raised his voice and said "you tell me" and called that talk nothing more than innuendo. >> thank you, chris. the uva student who was released from a north korean prizon pr prison is expected to arrive back in the u.s. and he had been serving a 15-year prison term with hard labor for stealing a propaganda poster during a visit there last year. his family said in a statement to the associated press, he is in a coma and is now being medevacked back to the united states to their home in ohio. his parents say he has been in that coma since early last year, but they only learned about his health last week. the announcement comes as former nba pair
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is visiting north korea again. he said the issue of american detainees is not his purpose. rod m rodman has traveled to north korea four times. there's less than three hours to vote in the primary. two democrats are hoping to win their party's nomination. on the republican side, ed gillespie, corey stewart and frank wagner are all on the ticket. julie carey has been talking about voters and seeing a few trends emerge. >> reporter: no matter the outcome in today's virginia primary, there is going to be a little bit of history made. this is the first time both the republicans and democrats have had a gubernatorial primary on the same day. but at the two polling places we visited this afternoon, one in ashburn, one in
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county -- far more democrats were costing ballots. on the republican side, ed gillespie has long been seen as the clear front-runner over corey stewart and frank wagner. turn-out is expected to be low in the summertime primary, but democrats say, with all the anger over the trump presidency, they are expecting their numbers to be higher than normal. in loudoun county, i'm julie carey, news4. >> you have until 7:00 p.m. to get in line at the polls, but first brush up on where the major candidates stand on key issues. we posted their responses on the nbc washington app, search virginia governor. first at 4:00, a potential shake-up at the top of the company that revolutionized ride sharing. a big announcement from uber as it deals with claims that some of his employees sgaexually harassed women. and waiting for
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plans for a store that could change an already busy neighborhood. and a big shout-out on national tv. now we'll hit the court and see how this champion has made an impact on the community that raised him. and we are working for you even during our breaks. >> that's right. check out storm team4 and
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able to keep your laptop with you next time you fly back from overseas. today the homeland security secretary said they likely will not be expanding a ban on international flights. it still holds if you're traveling from ten different airports overseas, most of them in the middle east and africa. secretary kelly said he considered adding non-stop flights from europe, but he feels security is tight enough and he doesn't have to do that. and tonight, plans to build wegmans in d.c., part of a redevelopment plan for the fannie mae property. it also includes residential and other retail space. tonight's meeting, the developer will be there to take your questions, it starts at 7:30 at the second district police station on idaho avenue. >> going to be jumping. >> yes, it is. new wni
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affects millions of drivers. we'll tell you which cars got the
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chopper4 right now, above the scene of a crash on the beltway that happened this morning involving a maryland state trooper. the trooper lost control of his cruiser on the outer loop, the trooper is okay. but it's been a rough stretch on the roads for troopers in
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maryland. another maryland state trooper's recovering after being hit by a car during a traffic stop sunday morning in forestville. solomon flash was investigating a crash when another driver hit his patrol car. the driver of that car has been charged with dui. according to a news4 report, 37 troopers have been hit on the job since january of last year. and developing in rge judge, an all-out manhunt for two escaped convicts accused of killing two prison guards this morning. according to the local sheriff's office, the two men overpowered two correctional officers while they were on a transport bus. they took the officers' guns and shot and killed them, car jacked the first car they came upon, a green 2004 honda civic. >> a lot of pride in prince george's county today and happiness for a hometown superstar.
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>> the warriors are nba champions again. >> prince george's county native kevin durant's dreams have come true. in addition to winning the championship, he was also named the mvp of the finals. durant has played in oklahoma city and now in california, but he's never forgotten where he came from. >> just a month ago, durant donated big money to help renovate basket courts in his hometown of seat pleasant. tracee wilkins shows us how that star is making a big difference on both coasts of our country. >> reporter: it feels like it's kevin durant day in seat pleasant, at least here on the the recreation center where he grew up as a kid, learned the game of basketball and shouted out the folks here, this town, and the mentors who helped to shape his career. kevin durant winning his first ring last night, and mvp of the finals, gave a special shout-out to prince george's county for
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has given him, and to the city of seat pleasant, where he has recently donated this basketball court, had it refurbished for the kids and has done endless work to the recreation center as well. coming up on news4 at 5:00 and 6:00, we'll talk to people who knew him when he was this high, maybe this high, and some upand coming basketball players who have trained with k.d. and talk about their reflections on how he helped to shape their games. in seat pleasant, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> gotta be fun for them. >> absolutely. is this our last day for this and then we get relief? >> a little bit of relief. tomorrow still warm and humid, but not the heat of today. did you enjoy it? did you like it? some of you are saying yes. others are saying no way! it's hazy, hot and humid. the three hs in full effect today. currently 92, down from
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off the river. winds out of the south, 10 miles an hour. cooling things at the airport, but we're still on the hot side. baltimore, up to 96, 94 in manassas, 93 in martinsburg. we told you the humidity would be back and that's why we're talking heat index. currently 99 d.c., it's going to be a hot and humid afternoon and through the rest of the evening. we are tracking showers and thunderstorms. you see this guy towards spotsylvania, fredericksburg, this one not moving a lot either. but it will be close to spotsylvania, heads up for that one. not too strong, but it does have lightning with it. a lot more just back to the west. normally you'd be looking at this activity moving across the mountains into our region, but that's not going to
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west of the mountains, helping to keep those at bay. there's a frontal boundary that will move down from the north tomorrow. we like to call the it backdoor cold fronts. you can see a couple of showers, they're out of here by 11:00. notice the cloud cover tomorrow morning with the front from the north. and even tomorrow afternoon, seeing some scattered shower activity. 1:00, a few scattered showers. by 4:00, a few more developing. most of the area still remains on the dry side. but something to think about when you make your way out and about. maybe take the umbrella just in case. by 8:00, with the push towards the east, most of those storms are back to the blue ridge and portions of the shenandoah valley. temperatures may drop in the afternoon, mostly cloudy, showers and storms likely, but only 50% chance. 85 degrees on your thursday. about
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showers. 84 friday, can't rule out a shower, but mostly cloudy and a better chance of storms coming up on saturday and again on monday. the next real hot day, sunday coming up at 91, but the heat, the intense heat, gone for now. but the next ten days, we're in the 80s. >> all right, thank you. they light up the night and help keep drivers safe, but not every car is up to the task when it comes to headlights. which ones could be giving too little or too much light? and a neighborhood turned upside down when a bear wal ks
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first at 4:00, the ceo of uber taking a leave of absence. travis kalanick says he's responsible for the company's current situation, the investigations into a toxic workplace culture and its ignored claims of sexual harassment. he's in line with a list of recommendations from eric holder. he says uber should hold performance reviews to hold senior managers more accountable. we're working for you, the insurance institute for highway safety just released its ratings for headlight quality. >> something often overlooked by many drivers
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need to know. >> most drivers don't have the opportunity to test headlights in the dark before buying a car. >> we don't think that consumers should be expected to have to test drive a vehicle at night to make sure the headlights work well. >> reporter: that's why matt brum bello and the insurance institute for highway safety tested headlights. >> the volvo xc 60 and the hyundai santa fe. >> reporter: suvs and pick-ups have a hard time balancing that, due to the height of their headlights. >> you have the headlights closer to the eyes of everyone else on the road. >> reporter: in 2017, a car could be a top safety pick with marginal or poor rated headlights. but nexye
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require headlights to achieve an acceptable or good rating for a vehicle to earn the agency's top overall rating. brum bello says he's already seen manufacturers make positive changes. >> we do anticipate ratings to improve. >> reporter: improvements to make driving at night even safer. some people having lunch in prince william county looked out their windows and saw this guy out there roaming the streets. that is, yes, a black bear, taking a walk through the heritage hunt golf course. chopper4 was over the scene there looking for the bear this afternoon, but unfortunately, no sightings for us. but if you live in the area, make sure you bring inside any pets you have and also take any food you have outside that you care about inside. you should also pick up any ripe fruits and vegetables you have outside if you don't want them to be eaten by this guy. and if you do see the bear, stay inside and call police right away. >> don't go out and take a
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>> just don't. leave him alone. metro with still a big problem on his hands, why some of the steps to help riders keep their cool are not working. meth and the mayor, a former local mayor thrust into the national spotlight talks about what lies ahead and the addiction that ended his career.
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you're watching news4 at 4. >> happening right now at 4:30, we are live as the russian investigation and the nation's top law enforcement official are under oath. >> the hearing is still under way. the senate intelligence committee is asking attorney general jeff sessions questions about his contacts with the russian ambassador. blayne alexander is tracking the hearing for us. >> reporter: appearing before his former senate colleagues today for the first time as attorney general, jeff sessions, emphatically denying any russian collusion. >> i have never met with or had any conversation with any russians or any foreign officials concerning any type of interference with any campaign or election in
4:31 pm
states. >> reporter: his testimony coming right on the heels and in the same room as that of former fbi director james comey. today a topic of repeated questioning. >> mr. comey had served in the department for better than two decades and i was confident that he understood and would abide by the well established rules limiting communications with the white house, especially about ongoing investigations. >> reporter: as the hearing got under way, president trump leaving town, headed to wisconsin, talking jobs and health care. but leaving behind questions about the investigation led by special counsel robert mueller. is he on the president's chopping block? as suggested last night by presidential confidant chris ruddy. today he walked back that suggestion. >> do i think that he will actually fire him? no. but do i think it was an option or has been an option? yes. >> reporter: today deputy attorney general rod rosenstein said he is the only per
4:32 pm
doing it. as for those now infamous memos comey wrote detailing his meetings with the president, those memos will be turned over to the fbi. blayne alexander, nbc news, washington. quite a bit of confusion from reporters who cover capitol hill today. this morning, they were told they could no longer ask questions to lawmakers walking down the hallways. staff members warned reporters they would need to call to get permission to do future interviews. this sparked questions and comments from lots of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. chris van hollen said seems trump's disdain for the first amendment has reached capitol hill. and a political reporter spoke with gop senator lindsey graham who said, quote, of all the problems in america, y'all are pretty low on the list, referring to the reporters. apparently there was some confusion about a directive issued by rules committee chair richard shelby. he said no changes were made
4:33 pm
press access, but he did say that staff was being told to enforce existing rules. a familiar face that we all know and love, promoted to a new position with the redskins. doug williams introduced as the team's senior vice president of player personnel. he's been in the redskins front office since 2014. of course most of us remember his time as a super bowl winning quarterback with the burgundy and gold. and he's ready to help bring them back to the biggest stage. >> our job is not to coach them. our job is to pick them. and we gonna be trying to do the best job -- we will do the best job, give jay and his coaching staff the players that he needs to take all of us back to the super bowl. >> today's announcement comes as redskins mandatory mini camp is going on. sherree burruss next hour will have emotional reaction from the players on williams'
4:34 pm
the redskins back. not feeling like football season out there now. we're in the dead of summer. we have a few thunderstorms popping up. spotsylvania county, you're seeing a nice downpour there. not moving too quickly. it's warm and humid out there. temperatures in the low to mid 90s, but check out the heat index, the air temperature and the humidity combined, triple-digits in leesburg. feels like 99 degrees here in the district. if you're headed to nats park for this evening, of course it is night out there. braves game starts at 7:05. by the home stretch, temperatures in the mid 80s, still going to feel like we're at about 90 degrees. make sure you're hydrated. but we'll have your forecast coming up in just a little bit. now, it's been a no picnic day for some of you folks on metro for the third year in a row
4:35 pm
at the farragut north and dupont circle stations. >> because the cooling system is still broken. adam tuss, working for you, found out today, when you can expect some relief. >> reporter: the portable fans on the dupont circle station platform only blow hot air. on a day like today. well, at least the portable fans that are actually working. and it gets unkofrl inside here in a hurry. >> by the time you get into the metro, you're already in a full sweat and then you get to stay and wait in a sweat as well. it used to be cooler. >> reporter: it did. until the cooling system failed but that was years ago. the pipes which are supposed to carry cool water allowing cool air to blow into the station, are busted and have been for years. metro said it just started work on a temporary fix, a cooling tower. riders like mitch gardner say they've come to expect the heat in here. >> i
4:36 pm
deal. you just kinda get used to it. it would be nice if it were cooler, but okay. >> reporter: they say the temporary fix should be up and running by the end of the month, but that's little relief to the riders who are sweating it out today. metro says it tries to keep metro station about six degrees cooler inside than it is out here. but on a day like today, that's not going to be the case at dupont circle or farragut north. be prepared to sweat it out. and a sobering statement size more people dying from opioid overdoses than ever before. but now an unprecedented move as maryland takes a big step to stop the opioid crisis from getting worse. teaching kids to be financially responsible isn't easy in a world dominated by credit. we're working for you with some tips to teach them the value of cash and set them on the right track. and we're bringing you the latest headlines and weather
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there's no need for alarm. that's what the principal at one prince william county school is saying after a student there came to school with whooping cough. the student goes to patriot high school. this disease is very contagious, but it can be treated with antibiotics. most students have taken a vaccine for it, but it's recommended to get a booster shot around age 11 or 12. another tool is now available in the fight against the opioid crisis in maryland. a life-saving drug that stops an overdose is now available without a prescription. enalox own, also known as narcan. it's also available at licensed pharmacies. it costs a lot and that could be a barrier to its use. the price is upwards of $140 and not all insurance companies pay for it. health officials say even if you get a hold of this drug, still call
4:41 pm
know is having a drug overdose. a developing situation as we wait for the jury to deliver a verdict in the bill cosby trial. we'll tell you why the jurors needed some clarification. if you thought the last few days were hot, today is the hottest yet. whether it's behind
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4:44 pm
right now, a jury holds the fate of comedian bill cosby. they're working to reach a verdict in the sexual assault case against him. >> jay gray is at the courthouse in norristown, pennsylvania. i understand the jury had a question for the judge today. >> reporter: yeah, they've had several questions. in fact, right now, the jury back in the courtroom and asking a question of the judge. they've been in there for nearly an hour. we don't have any indication of what the latest question may be. what i can tell you, starting yesterday with the first four hours of deliberation last
4:45 pm
section of the transcripts from bill cosby's deposition in a civil case with andrea constand read aloud. they came back this morning as they started, asked for more of that deposition to be read, and another time came into the courtroom to ask a question about the charging. it was a distinct phrase in the third charge which says "without her knowledge" and that referring to giving an intoxicant before molesting someone. the judge said, that's what the charge is, i can't describe it any further. you have the charge there and that's what you need to deal with. so a jury that's asked four questions at least, still in there an hour, as i said, asking the current question. the judge has told them they can deliberate as long as necessary. of course bill cosby has denied all these allegations, says that any involvement between he and his chief accuser, andrea constand was consensual. if found guilty,
4:46 pm
for now, leon, wendy, back to you. >> thank you, jay. a family struggles after their mother is detained for deportation. >> handly's in the newsroom with more. >> her name is lilliana cruz mendez and advocates tell us she's an example of how the president's policies on immigration are dividing families. ahead at 5:00 tonight, our chris gordon talked to family members about how her two young children are doing now that their mother is about to be deported. also tonight, prince george's county celebrating along with the hometown kid kevin durant after he wins his first nba championship. tracee wilkins talking to one of durant's mentors tonight about his postgame shout-out and how his success is resonating with those who look up to the star. leon, i know we were both rooting for the cavs in this series, but every time he scored and looked good in the series, you had to smile. he's ours!
4:47 pm
you gotta love the hometown guy. good on him. >> see you at 5:00. >> thanks, jim. all right, folks, back to the weather now. more extreme heat today, but a change almost here. >> we're going to get to lauryn in a moment on the weather deck to tell you what the feels are out there. but first let's check with daou in the weather center. >> i could use some ac in the weather center, it's a little warm here. once again, highs close to record levels and we're dealing with the heat index too. it got to 99 earlier in d.c. right now, still at 99, with a current temperature at 92. the dew point at 70 degrees and it's on the unmpleasant side fo sure. one lone storm in spotsylvania county, that's it. this one just kind of meandering just to the west of spotsylvania. did have some lightning with it earlier, but it's all gone.
4:48 pm
this is not coming our way. what will is this front to the north. see the showers up here towards new england. this is the frontal boundary that will moving across our region. that's the backdoor cold front. by tomorrow, that will be just down to the south and that will allow for some cooler weather. temperatures are still going to be quite warm tomorrow, but not as bad as today. here's your planner tomorrow. 75 at 7:00 a.m. 84 by noon. 89 by 4:00, and a better chance of showers and thunderstorms during the day. i mentioned the humidity, it's going to be quite humid tomorrow, early, just like it is today. lauryn ricketts is outside. >> here's some hot coffee. >> i don't want hot coffee. lauryn? >> i don't want anything to do with that hot coffee. i need jim to bring me some ice water out here. doug, i walked outside and it just hits you like a ton of bricks. i'm melting right now. my makeup is melting off my face. let's go ahead to the maps s
4:49 pm
that's the air temperature, and also the humidity combined. then we get a number, the feel-like factor. feels like 99 here in d.c., 100 in leesburg, 94 in gaithersburg, 97 in manassas. i don't need to read them all out for you. it's a warm day out there. and as we go through tomorrow, we're going to be a little on the cooler side. it's still going to be muggy out there, but the heat index will be in the 60s early tomorrow morning. and by wednesday morning, tomorrow is wednesday, 75, so not quite as bad through the remainder of the day because of the cold front you were talking about. and we have some changes for the end of the week. we have daily rain chances, but not quite as hot and humid. >> and we're not going to get rid of the humidity totally, but it's going to feel a lot better. 89 tomorrow, 85 on thursday. chance of showers on thursday. can't rule out
4:50 pm
friday. that's the kind of pattern we have with a temperature of 84. back to 87 on saturday, good chance of afternoon showers and storms. 91 coming up on sunday and 87 on monday. so here we are, folks. we are in a summer pattern. temperatures in the mid 80s, some 90s thrown in, a little humid, afternoon chance of showers and thunderstorms. but right now, no real chance of severe weather. how often do you pay for something with cash these days? >> some of us old folks still do. >> you use your cards and phone to make these purchases. use cash? >> that's right. but how do you teach children, okay, who don't use cash, how do you teach them to understand the value of a dollar? consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you and has some tips. >> in our world of credit cards and online banking, physical money really has becoming alien to our kids. but there are four things you can do to counter this new reality and set
4:51 pm
financial success. >> reporter: number one, teach them the power of earning. nothing comes for free. and your little one ks start learning this as young as preschool. give them small chores to complete for rewards. number two, provide a modest allowance. pay them in cash and help them set a budget. decide how much goes to charity, savings and spending. have them count it each time they earn more, so they can see how each is growing. >> it will become practice, it will be instilled in them, so later on, they're practicing savings and money management. >> reporter: number three, bring them back to reality. a couple of dollars here and there add up quickly for purchases, so the next time they asked to spend a few bucks on a virtual treat, offer them a real one instead, like an ice cream cone, so they can see the value. number four, let kids experience credit, starting at around age 8, let your children purchase things they
4:52 pm
through you, that way they can see how interest works and decide if it's really worth it. well, summer is here and that means our kids are working and bringing in their first paycheck. what are the best ways to help them manage their money? we are working for you with that story tomorrow. a respected mayor with plans for the future, and the fall from grace that made national headlines. now that local former mayor, breaking his silence, telling his side of the story. this is news4, first at 4:00.
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for 14 years, the former mayor of fairfax says he led a double life, a secret life as a meth addict. >> a good 14 years or so, i have been using drugs. but i was meticulous, i was careful, until eventually i got caught. but the reality was, was that i never let it interfere with my city duties. >> different story now. scott silverthorne opens up about his adictidiction, his humiliating arrest. that's a story you'll see only on news4. >> when i ask you who that scott silverthorne was, you say you lived a double life, a secret life. what was that life? >>
4:56 pm
use that term a double life and a couple people when i spoke outside the courthouse the other day, said to me, why are you using that term? let me just say, because i don't think people really knew the real scott silverthorne. >> reporter: the once beloved mayor, now out of jail, after serving three months for drug distribution. last august he got caught in a police sting outside tyson's hotel, handing meth over two undercover cops. >> and within a literal split second, they both jumped out of the car and two or three suvs descended on the car that i was sitting in. >> and your heart drops in that moment? >> well, of course. it's never an easy thing to go through. but i knew something was up. >> reporter: silverthorne had connected with the men through a gay dating website. he said they enticed him to bring less than a
4:57 pm
to. >> i said from the very beginning, i want to accept responsibility for what i did. but i also want to make sure people know what i didn't do. >> reporter: the story got national attention. >> i've known him since he was a little boy, when his dad was mayor. he called and started to tell me what was going on, and i said, yeah, you're going to need a lawyer. >> reporter: brian drummond didn't want his client and friend talking to the press. so as to protect the case, but he also feared isolation and humiliation would get to silverthorne. >> my attorney called me numerous times, worried that i might do something crazy. >> take your own life? >> that was something he was concerned about. >> did you consider it? >> not even once. not even once. >> reporter: throughout the court proceedings, silverthorne was flocked by a team of supporters. as the mayor, he says he always tried to treat people well, no matter their job.
4:58 pm
i think it came back to me. i was surprised. it's really easy for people to desert people. it's easy. and i had a few. i mean, there's no question. but very few. > >> reporter: and on sentencing day, the judge made him turn and look at his supporters to acknowledge what more he could lose if it happens again. >> you referenced the personal comeback and the supporters rooting for that. the political one, is there one? >> i learned a long time, never say never, and there's been plenty of politicians who have done what i've done or something similar and have come back. i have spent my entire adult life working for the citizens of fairfax city. i'm ready to move on. >> a candid, bracing conversation those two had. and we've posted david's entire interview with the former mayor on our nbc washington app. they talked about some of the r'
4:59 pm
david asked what he thought about his sentence. because some complain that it was too light. all of that is available online right now. just go there and search silverthorne. the news continues right now with jim and wendy. news4 at 5:00 starts now. a young child is dead after being found in a backyard pool of a home daycare. i'll have the latest from the investigation. also tonight, near record heat and the high humidity, folks. >> now our third straight day of temperatures above 90 degrees. it's a weather alert day for you. as those temperatures remain high. but folks, there is some relief in route. doug is in our storm center 4. we need a fan with our copy here, doug. >> it's a hot one, and that's the way it will be through the rest of the evening and into early tomorrow. but tomorrow not as hot as today. weather alert
5:00 pm
close to record high temperatures, and we did tie a record at dulles today, of 94 degrees. a record here in d.c., 96, we didn't get that high. out there now, 90 degrees. it's come down. the humidity still up. 94, hagerstown, 95 in philadelphia. much cooler back to the west. we've seen a lot of showers and thunderstorms back that way. west of the blue ridge. but we're not going to see that moving to our area. had one storm in fredericksburg earlier, but that's dying off. all of this action will be dying as it moves across the blue ridge in towards our region. what we'll continue to see, the heat wave ending tomorrow, that's good news. still humid tomorrow, so it's not going to be that much cooler. storms likely tomorrow afternoon and not as hot end of the week. i'll have the updated forecast in about 15 minutes. >> doug, thank you. on this hot day in the district, a young boy has died, trying to stay cool. he was found unconscious in a sm


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