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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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close to record high temperatures, and we did tie a record at dulles today, of 94 degrees. a record here in d.c., 96, we didn't get that high. out there now, 90 degrees. it's come down. the humidity still up. 94, hagerstown, 95 in philadelphia. much cooler back to the west. we've seen a lot of showers and thunderstorms back that way. west of the blue ridge. but we're not going to see that moving to our area. had one storm in fredericksburg earlier, but that's dying off. all of this action will be dying as it moves across the blue ridge in towards our region. what we'll continue to see, the heat wave ending tomorrow, that's good news. still humid tomorrow, so it's not going to be that much cooler. storms likely tomorrow afternoon and not as hot end of the week. i'll have the updated forecast in about 15 minutes. >> doug, thank you. on this hot day in the district, a young boy has died, trying to stay cool. he was found unconscious in a sm
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a daycare facility. meagan fitzgerald is on 17th street in northeast d.c. where this happened. every parent's nightmare. what a tragedy today there. >> reporter: tragedy indeed, jim. definitely a tough story to cover, especially now that we're learning that this young boy was about to celebrate his second birthday at the end of this month. now his parents dropped him off at this house behind me, which is one of those home daycares. shortly after he was dropped off, there was a 911 call of a young boy unconscious in a pool. he was rushed to the hospital and that's where he died. this is not the scene neighbors who live around here say they're used to seeing outside this northeast home. neighbors like tiffany may say, when they saw an ambulance speed away, they knew something was terribly wrong. >> the first thing that came to mind after that, maybe something had happened to one of the children. >> reporter: it was just before 11:30 this morning,
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unresponsive child in a pool. when they arrived, the young boy was rushed to the hospital but he didn't survive. police say he was one of several kids enrolled at the home daycare, that the homeowner operates opinion. >> i know she definitely for years has had an excellent, top-rated home daycare center. but parents and guardians rushed to pick up their toddlers after learning about the tragedy that unfolded outside. police say it's still an active investigation but they haven't filed any charges against anyone. they're calling it a very tragic situation. but according to the cdc, two kids every day, die from drowning, under the age of 14. experts say it doesn't take a lot of water. a bathtub or a kiddie pool like we saw her, for a child to drown. it only takes
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something like this to happen. >> thank you, meagan. this is one of the most read stories on the nbc washington app and for good reason. the uva student released from a north korean prison is expected to arrive back in the u.s. sometime this evening and there are some dire concerns about his health. otto warmbier had been serving a 15-year prison term with hard labor, for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster during a visit to north korea last year. his family said in a statement to the associated press that he is in a coma. north korea claimed he fell ill with botch limp in march of last year and he's now on a medevac flight headed back to his family home in ohio. his parents say they've been told he was in a coma for more than a year and yet they are only hearing about it -- heard about it last week. virginia senator tim kaine released a statement, saying in part, my thoughts and prayers are with otto and his family, following this terrible ordeal. he goes o
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korean regime should be condemned for otto's unjust imprisonment. now to the latest from capitol hill where attorney general jeff sessions is in the hot seat this evening. the senate intelligence committee is grilling sessions on his involvement in the firing of fbi director james comey and the russia investigation. chris lawrence has been monitoring the latest for us. >> jeff sessions says he can't recall if top trump campaign officials met with the russians, but says he would have quit the campaign if he thought anything improper was going on. he called any suggestion that he may have colluded with russia to interfere with the election, quote, appalling and detestable. sessions says he never received any details on the investigation and had no interaction with the special counsel robert mueller. but when asked about his involvement in james comey's firing, sessions admits he never brought up any performance issues with comey. when asked about why comey testified that something may
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things got heated. >> there are none, senator widen. there are none. i can tell you that for absolute certainty. this is a secret inyunnuendo be leaked out there about me and i don't appreciate it. >> throughout the testimony, sessions kept coming back to the phrase "i can't recall" and when california senator kamala harris grilled him, sessions fired back. >> sir, i have -- >> will you let me qualify it? if i don't, you'll accuse me of lying. >> i do want you to be honest. >> i'm not able to be rushed this fast. it makes me nervous. >> the attorney general declined to go into detail about any conversations that he's had with president trump. when he was asked if the president had exerted executive privilege to keep that from being made public, sessions said no
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need to assert that sometime down the line in the future. we'll keep an eye on it, bring you any updates as they come in. today in virginia, voters setting the stage for one of the most high profile political contests in the country. each party picking its nominee for virginia's governor. two democrats want that job, tom perriello and ralph northam. on the republican side, ed gillespie, corey stewart and frank wagner fill out the ticket. julie carey joins us from a polling place in fairfax county. what are you noticing there, jules? >> reporter: hey, wendy. here in fairfax county and out in loudoun, we're seeing far more democratic ballots than republican. the other thing we know, turn-out is going to be extremely low when compared to a regular november election. in most places, it's not even going to approach
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>> reporter: turn-out at times a trickle even at this ashburn polling place that boasted some of the highest numbers on this primary day. but here and in other parts of northern virginia, far more voters casting democratic ballots. one reason, the democratic contest between ralph northam and tom perriello is seen as the closest race. voters we spoke with, going with northam because of his general assembly experience. >> i think both are equally good. but i looked at northam as a little more middle of the road. >> to be honest with you, i'll be happy with either one. but i feel like ralph has the experience. >> i liked what he had to say and how he represents the state of virginia. >> reporter: on the gop side, former rnc chairman ed gillespie seen as the front-runner. and both
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voters choosing gillespie because they believe he has the best chance of winning back the governor's seat. >> i was looking for somebody that i thought would most likely beat the democrat. >> that sounds like a vote for ed gillespie to me. >> that's right. >> i see him as the strongest. >> reporter: and some democrats also motivated to vote today by someone who is not on the virginia ballot -- president donald trump. >> his agenda and the republicans in congress scare me. so it was very motivating for me to be out. >> reporter: democrats hoping that trend will carry through to november. now, i will be with ralph northam in crystal city where he's hoping to become the democratic nominee for governor. we'll have reaction from both republicans and democrats tonight at 11:00. i'm julie carey, back to you. we'll be staying up for that. julie, thank you. we want to go back live to chopper4 over the scene of a trail derame
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fredericksburg, virginia, near route 3 and federal drive. police tell us nine cars of this csx train, pulling coal just left the tracks. the train stayed upright but did lose some of its load. no one was injured. but it will take a while too clean up. there was more action today in that violent double murder in montgomery village of those teenagers. police back at one of the victim's homes and we're hearing once again from the father of one of the victims who thinks he knows what may have happened. news4's pat collins is live at police headquarters in gaithersburg this evening. pat? >> reporter: wendy, we have a couple developments here today. we have cops lifting fingerprints off the home of one of the murder victims. and we have the father of one of the murder victims saying it was his son who was the target. and the other teenager, he was just in the wrong place. >> reporter:
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home of murder victim shadi najjar, they spent hours in the hot sun harvesting fingerprints from the house. if they can match fingerprints from shadi's home to fingerprints from the murder scene, it could raise the eerie possibility that his killer was at some point at shadi's house. shadi's parents believe he was set up to be gunned down by someone that he knew. 17-year-old shadi najjar, his friend 18-year-old artem ziberov died in a hail of bullets june 5th on a dead end street in montgomery village. miles away from their homes in germantown. today shadi's father said he believes his son was the intended target and that the other teenager was just in the wrong place. >> shadi is the
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was just there. artem, he doesn't have too much social work outside, because he has a job and he was busy. while shadi is more active among all his friends. so the reason we took shadi's phone and did not take the other person phone, that make it more understanding someone called shadi and direct him to be in that area, so an easy target. >> reporter: the two victims were honor roll students at northwest high school. they were both scheduled to graduate the next day. so what is the motive here? was it a jealous rage, a deal gone bad or something else? the investigation continues on. jim, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you. nbc's
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families of the victims of the sandy hook shooting are telling nbc's megyn kelly they do not want her at their event tomorrow here in d.c. this after kelly recorded an interview with radio show host alex jones, who has said that the sandy hook shooting was a hoax. kelly was scheduled to emcee an anti-gun violence event here in d.c. tomorrow, but the group sandy hook promise, disinvited her, saying her interview gives legitimacy to jones' views that the killing of 26 people, most
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newtown, connecticut, was staged by the government. today kelly said she understands and respects the group's decision, but is disappointed. she said she finds alex jones' suggestion that sandy hook was a hoax as personally revolting as every other rational person does, and that she wants to shine a light on that issue. in a preview clip of her sunday show on nbc, jones offers an ambiguous response when kelly asked him about the newtown massacre and he later tweeted that he was playing devil's advocate for his listeners who doubt that sandy hook happened. maryland is expanding access to the life-saving anti-overdose drug nal aoxone. the state's health department announced a new order to allow pharmacies to dispense it to all citizens. previously you had to be trained an
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overdose program to get access. >> we'd like for it to be as accessible as the epipen for people who know they have loved ones in their lives who are addicted. it is a brain disease once you're addicted. how you got there is irrelevant. >> single doses have helped in reversing hoirn overdoses, but experts say, you should always seek emergency services in an overdose situation. a developing story this afternoon, uber's ceo was stepping aside indefinitely because he wants to grieve for his mother who recently died. but this announcement came minutes before uber released the results of an internal investigation by former attorney general eric holder into the widespread sexual harassment claims and other issues going on at the ride sharing service. that report made 47 recommendations, including more oversight for t c
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values and reducing alcohol use at work events. several names always get us redskins fans super excited. joe gibbs, darryl green, and definitely doug williams. williams of course leading the redskins to a win in super bowl xxii, the first african american starting quarterback to win a super bowl. he's been back in the front office for a few years, and now his role is even bigger. sherree burruss is live at redskins park with more on today's promotion. >> reporter: hey, jim. a big announcement kicking off mandatory mini camp this week. as you said it, doug williams, the super bowl mvp, who has been in the redskins front office since 2014, was promoted to senior vice president of player personnel. >> you know what i'm most excited about being in a leadership role with the guys that i've been with for the last four years. a lot of people say why not the gm or what have you? i didn't put gm in my plan.
5:19 pm
me, senior vice president of personnel on that plan, because you know why, i work in the personnel department and i wanted to lead that department. >> reporter: in the new role, williams is in charge of picking the players. he'll be third in the chain of command behind dan snyder and bruce allen. >> he's never used his name to get him to where he is right now. >> couldn't have happened to a better guy. he addressed us a second ago and anybody who knows doug, he's not a real big talker. so for us to get some words of wisdom from him it's huge. a lot of young guys were foaming at the mouth to hear doug speak. we're hyped. i'm obviously excited for him. i think this whole organization is excited for him. >> stuck through with me through the process which is just talking to me and saying, you're one of the guys, you know how you play your passion, you remind me of myself. he's just really always been
5:20 pm
throughout the tough process i was going through. i'm very thankful he got a promotion. >> i'm so excited for that man. he's like -- i won't say a dad, but he's like the ear that i can always listen to. i'm happy for him. >> reporter: and that was running back matt jones. and coming up on news4 at 6:00, we hear why he was missing from otas the last couple weeks. live from redskins park, sherree burruss, news4 sports. a lot of redskins fans hoping williams and do for the skins what kevin durant did for the warriors in the nba. >> yeah, they are. coming up, his hometown reacts to the playoff mvp's shout-out. the immigration group casa is honoring lilliana cruz mend eds, t ez, the mother of two u.s.-born children who is facing deportatio
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we got a nice taste of summer in washington today to kinda get us warmed up for the summer. and then we go back to something more sane. >> yeah, more seasonal. average high temperatures in the mid 80s right now, back into that the next couple days. but we set a couple records today. dulles hit a record of
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>> yikes. >> so they're warmer than we are. you can have it. out there now, hazy, hot, and humid conditions, currently on the warm side, at 90 degrees. the wind out of the south. 13 miles an hour, off the river, makes things a little cooler at the airport because of that southerly component there, comes up the river and helps to cool things just a little bit. 92 man assas. baltimore, 95. it's a hot one. heat index of 97, d.c., 98, annapolis. 100 in leesburg and culpeper. d.c. got up to 99 at one point as the dew point really went up there, to 72 earlier this afternoon. we're not dealing with much in the way of storms. we had one around spotsylvania county. look to the west, west virginia, hardy and hampshire counties, looking at this storm just -- the east of petersburg and
5:25 pm
trying to meander towards the east, but not having much of a time doing it. most of the activity should be dying off. more storms and a couple severe back to the west. but i'm watching this front way to the north that's going to drop down, backdoor cold front and bring us an easterly component to the wind, helping to cool things off, especially into thursday and friday. first off, this evening, again, some cloud cover, maybe an isolated shower or two, but most of us on the dry side. your wednesday, notice the clouds around the area, even some shower activity, that front coming through, and notice here we are around 1:00, starting to see showers developing around the area. we're not going to see a lot, but notice just a couple of them developing. so you may want to take the brubru umbrella. if you do get caught in a dourp like this one here, it could produce locally heavy rainfall. then it moves back to the mountains and the shenandoah. heads up. 89 degrees, we may see temperatures fall early in the afternoon with the easterly fl
5:26 pm
couple of storms likely. next couple days, 85 degrees on your thursday. 84 on friday. not a great chance of showers or storms, but can't rule them out thursday or friday. better chance saturday afternoon. high of 87. still a chance of a couple showers on sunday with a high of 91, going to be a little bit on the humid side too. look at the ten-day forecast, that right there, my friends, is a summertime ten-day forecast, 80s and 90s, there it is. >> very nice. >> thank you, doug. she's been the face of what activists say is an unfair immigration policy. >> and now as that mother gets close to being deported, we'll find out how her family is coping with her loss. kevin durant mentioned the city of seat pleasant last night after the finals. coming up on news4, why this place means so much to him. i'm kristin wright in vienna, vearnl, where people have left flowers to remember a mother of three killed in an apparent murder-suic
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friends are remembering sabrina titus. ♪ [doorbell] ♪ ♪
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you're watching news4 at 5:00. now at 5:30, flowers left behind at a home in vienna, virginia. the children there struggling with the death of their parents after a murder-suicide. fren of sabrina titus want to make sure her three children remember their mother. she was stabbed to death by her ex-husband in vienna. news4's kristin wright shows us how the friends are pulling together. >> reporter: friends say this picture of sabrina titus running a 5k, pushing her son, truly captures her spirit. and her three children meant everything. photographer laura goier took the picture, never imagining it would be one of sabrina's last. >>
5:31 pm
who had to explain this to their children, when as an adult, i can barely even comprehend it. >> reporter: police say it appears that sabrina's ex-husband ralph titus killed her at her home in vienna sunday and also took his own life. at the house today, pink flowers under a tree, and a wheelchair ramp, a reminder of sabrina's little boy, who has special needs. sarah is her friend from the pta. >> we're all just heart broken. it's just such a tragic event to happen to sabrina and her family. >> reporter: the pta was just about to vote sabrina in as secretary. >> just really wanted to provide the best for her kids. back at her studio in vienna, laur is collecting pictures of sabrina and mementos to put inside a memory box for sabrina's young
5:32 pm
son left without both their parents. >> no matter how old you are when you lose your mom, you want to know who she was. >> reporter: and if you ask her friends, she was a super mom. kristin wright, news4. >> and we have posted a link to a gofundme account that is raising money for sabrina titus's children. you'll find it in our nbc washington app. just search vienna mom if you wish to donate. despite nationwide protests, a virginia woman, a mother of two, is facing deportation today. it's the same day she's also set to receive special honors for going public with her family's ordeal. this all began, you'll recall back in 2013 when lilliana cruz mendez was pulled over for a broken headlight. she pleaded guilty to the traffic offense and paid the $11 fine. she qualified for stays of deportation back in 2014 and '15, but she was arrested last month when she
5:33 pm
check-in with u.s. immigration. chris gordon is live in southeast d.c. with more on the story for us. chris? >> reporter: mrs. mendez will be honored for her courage tonight here at the fifth annual casa justice awards. organizers expect it to be emotional and inspiring. mrs. mendez has been separated from her family for yearly a month now, and tonight, could be facing deportation, literally at any moment. [ speaking foreign language ] >> she said she's not doing well. her heart is completely broken to be separated from her family. >> reporter: she speaks about her cousin, the 30-year-old mother of two children who were born in the u.s. mrs. mendez has been transported to louisiana where she's expecting to be deported to el salvador. for nearly a month now, she's been separated from her family. her 4--o
5:34 pm
and 11-year-old son steven, as well as her husband renee. [ speaking foreign language ] >> said they really have been destroyed by what has happened and the children really can't understand it. >> reporter: immigration records show cruz mendez was arrested by border patrol in 2006. a judge ordered her removal, but that order was not enforced. she had a traffic violation in 2013. and after that, reported regularly to i.c.e. on may 18th, she was detained and the deportation process began. >> shame on you, shame on you! >> reporter: now casa, the immigration advocacy group that has been fighting for her release is honoring mrs. mendez for her courage. >> she's a hero for our families, for our community, for virginia. she's a person who caught for immigration reform. she's a person who fought for the families. she's a per w
5:35 pm
about this country and about this community. >> reporter: casa says it will continue its fight to keep immigrant families from being separated by the threat of deportation. jim, back to you. > >> chris, thank you. a disagreement with the president's policies could keep the new nba champs from celebrating here at the white house. there have been multiple reports that the team voted unanimously against making a white house trip. today the team issued a statement, saying they have not yet received an invitation, and a decision would be made when and if necessary. >> everybody in p.g. county, everybody in d.c., virginia, feels good to see it come full circle. i'm enjoying it. >> he's an nba champ on the west coast, but he made it clear he will never forget where he got started. after coming so close in th
5:36 pm
first nba title last night with the warriors. the star has always made a point of giving back to his hometown of seat pleasant, and our prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins shows us how durant's work is helping breed a new pop of stars. >> reporter: in this moment, after winning his first nba championship, kevin durant was careful to name the people who got him here. >> my godfather, everybody in seat pleasant, everybody in p.g. county, maryland. >> reporter: he was referring to coach brown, a man who helped teach durant the game as a 9-year-old and advises him to this day. he's doing the same for other up and coming athletes like alexander long, a forward from norfolk state. long has trained with k.d. and considers the finals mvp a mentor. >> i've been inspired by kevin, i worked out with him, played against him. i admire him and his skill set.
5:37 pm
hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to give other kids interested in basketball a chance to be like him. just last month, durant's mother was here to cut the ribbon on a newly renovated basketball court, made possible with money from durant's foundation. >> he loves the community. he spent his childhood here and his adult life here. >> reporter: a few years ago, he was here in person for the opening of the indoor basket court he also donated to. he's such a fundamental part of this place that there's a room named in his honor. >> when you can come in and see a kid from humble beginnings and knowing that he came through the same doors that you came through, he shot on the same court that you shot on, anything's possible. >> reporter: coach brown, the same man who coached kevin durant, continues to coach young athletes here in seat pleasant. it explains why kevin durant gives back the way he does. in seat pleasant, i'm tracee wilkins, news4.
5:38 pm
stop. durant just keeps giving back. we love him. >> yes, he's a great guy. >> and the mom's not bad either. we just love his mom. coming up, a new test raises concerns about your safety on dark roads. when we come right back, what investigators found when they checked the lights on dozens of suvs. and there's a new drug. it can take away the
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"wonder woman" is still soaring at the box office and right here in our backyard, the "wonder woman" lasso of truth is the newest attraction at six flags. and the truth is, you had better be ready to go way up. we are talking way up, folks. the lasso of truth is 24 stories, making it the highest ride in the park. it twirls you at 40 miles an hour once you reach the maximum height. some riders tell us it kinda feels like you're flying. if you're going to san francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. today is the 50th anniversary of the hippie happening known as the summer of love. which gave birth to the '60s counter culture and the revolution that would follow. june 10th and 11th, 1967, there was a concert, the first rock concert in america. it drew
5:42 pm
county, north of san francisco. the jefferson airplane, the doors, the birds, among the bands performing over two days. this is where the phrase turn on, tune in, drop out, expressed the sexual drug and cultural revolution that would grow out of the asbury neighborhood. before the year was out, rumblings of protests about the escalating vietnam war would start to ignite. huey newton and bobby seal would start propagating the politics of the black pnanther party. what a time it was. san francisco is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the summer of love with a variety of tours and exhibits and a great deal of commendary, as you can imagine. we're getting a peek today at apple's plans for a new store in the old carnegie library. when we come right back, how apple is trying to turn the new store into an experience. and a unique story told through 50 years of
5:43 pm
barbara harrison takes us into
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we are working for you with important information for suv owners. new tests by the insurance institute for highway safety show that headlights on many of the mid size suvs either are not lighting up the road far enough or are causing glare for oncoming drivers, which can be dangerous. among 37 mid size suvs tested more than half rated marginal or even poor for headlight performance. the only models with g
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ratings were were the 2017 hyundai santa fe and the 2017 volvo xp 60. the 2017 kia sorento had the worst visibility. scientists are a step closer now to creating a safe way to tan. it's a drug that mimics sunlight to darken the pigment of your skin without damaging uv radiation. this will even work on people with fair skin, who normally just burn in the sun. uv is known to darken and burn the skin, leading to skin cancer. researchers hope this will prevent skin cancer and slow the appearance of aging. it's still a long way off from hitting store shelves but could someday be combined with sun screens. i'm so not ready for bathing suit season. oh, my goodness. >> who wants to be out there today? >> i'm not going to the beach anytime soon. >>
5:47 pm
rest of the week? are we going to see some cloud cover? >> the clouds are going to move in. we'll see cooler weather moving in and i chance of showers and thunderstorms moves in as well. we're in weather alert again today because of the intense heat across the region and because, as we said yesterday, close to record high temperatures. we hit 95 today in d.c., one degree shy of a record. we tied the record at dulles. we hit 95 at dulles, broke that record and tied the record at bwi. right now, at 90 degrees, winds out of the south at 13-mile-per-hour. but again, this is right off the river. the river always cooler this time of year, and just off the river, it's much warmer. 97 currently in vienna right now. ashburn as well as 95, 96 degrees. we have a couple of showers, nothing around the d.c. metro area. we'll stay dry. but to the west, winchester, we are dealing with a couple of storms, one
5:48 pm
and one best of winchester, this one trying to move across the mountains, along 50, but not going to really amount to much. much of us will stay dry tonight. about half of us will see rain tomorrow. lot of thunderstorms in this area. this is what you think is coming our way right now. no, that's not it. this line, you can see a line right here, this is a cold front. coming into new england, a backdoor cold front, by tomorrow, it will be down to our south. that will allow showers and thunderstorms to form and allow for cooler temperatures from the north during the day tomorrow too. so we're no longer predicting that intense heat, but today, look at this, hazy, hot and humid. that's why we send lauryn ricketts outside. if you're out and about this evening, you still have to take it easy outside. >> absolutely. mainly because of the humidity, doug, and it's thick and soupy out here right now. you walk out here, it hits you like a ton of bricks. so that's what we're dealing
5:49 pm
with, and we have been for the last two days. if you're headed to nats park, if you're going jogging, eating dinner outside, it's going to be warm out there. in fact, that nats game, it is night out tonight. in fact, we're playing the braves, but we'll see the temperatures at 90 around the first inning at 7:00. then by the home stretch, we're still in the 80s, but that heat index still around 90. you know it's going to be a warm night even when you're leafivin to get home. muggy conditions tomorrow too, doug, but eventually the cold front gives us some relief, right? >> i do think so. we'll see a little bit of relief tomorrow. highs in the upper 80s, 89 degrees is what i'm going for, yes, a couple of scattered showers and thunderstorms during the day. and we're in the 80s through friday and saturday. the best chance of storms saturday, 91 on sunday. can't rule out showers and storms on sunday, but a pretty hot ten-day forecast, at or above average most of the time here. >>
5:50 pm
see you in a bit. if you haven't been in the new textile museum at george washington university, you have a good reason to check it out now. >> it's featuring a 50-year retrospective from some of the most memorable moments from the ebony fashion fair. >> barbara harrison joins us with details of a traveling exhibition that will only be here just for a few weeks, huh, barbara? >> that's right. if you've never had a chance to see one of the traveling catwalk extravaganzas known as the ebony fashion fair, you can't imagine what you've missed. it was an idea dreamed up by the couple who own johnson's publishing in chicago, a mix of music and mesmerizing high fashion that helped bring down some walls of prejudice at the same time. >> reporter: this is the way it was. a catwalk of colorful couture designs from the great fashion houses of europe. but as ground-breaking as the fashion, what captured the
5:51 pm
colorful models who wore them. history now remembers the 50 years of the ebony fashion fair. the roadshow that took high fashion to towns and cities across america, from the 1950s, through the turn of the century. its final extravaganza in 2009. but the textile museum at george washington university, a visiting exhibition has brought those fabulous styles here again. the faces of those who wore them, still beguiling, now frozen in time. what was it like? >> it was a lot of this. a lot of that. >> no smiles? >> some smiles, but mostly a squint. >> reporter: nia spencer was once one of them. she never planned on becoming a model. >> this was never something that anyone would have foreseen in my future, anyone who knew me, anyway. i got involved in my senior year in college, a
5:52 pm
approached me and asked if i had a job lined up after i graduated and i did not. so she gave me the information to audition. i flew up, met mr. and mrs. johnson and i was on the road. >> reporter: eunice johnson, wife and founder of johnson publishing, created the ebony fashion fare and looked for models representing every shade of black america. >> the fur is cut into strips. >> reporter: the curator of contemporary art at the museum said it wasn't just about a fashion show. >> when you bought a ticket for the show, you had entrance to the fashion show, a portion of your ticket price was for a subscription to ebony or jet magazine. >> and it's also about giving back to the community from the shows played. they helped raise over $55 million for charitable causes. while the johnsons became some of the best customers of the great fashion houses around the world, there were early roadblocks. >> many designers were reluctant to sell to the
5:53 pm
they were afraid that their sales would suffer with their designs on black-skin models. >> reporter: but designers were soon to realize they were wrong. their brands were actually enhanced by the enchanting shows that were the ebony fashion fair. >> this look, the nouveau chic. >> the people who attended the fashion fair were generally people who were not seeing themselves represented on runways, had not seen themselves as beautiful in magazines. so the opportunity to go and see their particular brand of beauty celebrated was just powerful. >> in a look that's hot on the dot. >> hot on the dot. they have two floors of those fabulous styles from some of europe and america's greatest names in couture design. and it's at the new textile museum through july 24th, and we're making a trip to see the new museum because it's really beautiful. >> i didn't even know it was there. >> most people don't. >> the fashions look
5:54 pm
>> and they were thousands of dollars. and the johnsons bought them outright. they were not loaned to them. they were not giving a break in buying them. they bought them and really did well. the shows went all over the country, small towns, big cities. >> good story. >> and you have a few weeks to take into the exhibit here. >> until july 24th. >> thanks so much, barbara. >> welcome. and we're getting a new look at the plans for apple's new store in the old carnegie library. >> we are. coming up at 5:00, we'll tell you all about that, how this store will be different from apple's traditional business. i'm tom sherwood in downtown washington, this is the historic
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
more than a hundred years ago, the andrew carnegie library opened in downtown washington. its goal, to help educate the masses. >> it is something. now the historic building is setting off a modern-day education mission. tom sherwood takes a closer look at the big change to the iconic building. >> reporter: the carnegie library downtown, opened back in 1902. an integrated gathering place of learning, culture, and community. in recent years, it's been mostly empty, an occasional event space. the historical society of washington has a long-term lease on part of it. ann kessler, who volunteers here now has a personal connection
5:58 pm
1970. >> you met your husband here? >> yes, we're both librarians. then was transferred to science and technology which was right across the business division and we shared the same office and that's how we met and then he asked me out on a date. >> reporter: they married in 1971 and now are both retired in north cleveland park. kessler is glad the district is contracting with apple to bring new technology and learning into this historic space that has seen better days. >> if it can save the building, that would be good. it's a beautiful building and should be saved. >> reporter: apple is planning to buff up the building and promote retail with a wide variety of daily educational offerings when it opens in the next year or so. >> it couldn't be a more fitting place for apple. andrew kacarnegie, as you know, built the library, as kind of the same thing, a gathering place for
5:59 pm
>> reporter: and maybe apple will engineer a few future weddings. in the district, tom sherwood, news4. now at 6:00, tragedy at a local daycare after a child drowns in a pool. what we know about the circumstances surrounding his death. chilling new clues in the murder of two high school seniors, a day before their graduation. what the victim's father reveals about the crime and the timing of the attack. fireworks on capitol hill as attorney general jeff sessions talks about the firing of the fbi director, the russia investigation, and the one question that sparked a heated exchange on capitol hill. news4 at 6:00 starts now. first at 6:00, the heat is on. dangerous temperatures gripping our region. we're flirting with record high temperatures too. >> doug's tracking all that for us to let us know when we'll see some relief and what comes after this mess. >> you mentioned flirting with record highs. record high today, 96, we were one degree shy at 95 des,
6:00 pm
yesterday, we'd be right around 95. that's what he hit, 95 in d.c., 95 in hagerstown. 96 in philadelphia. 91 in richmond. we actually did break a record at dulles at 95 degrees and we tied a record at 97 at bwi, so it's been on the hot side for sure. you could use a little bit of relief as far as showers or thunderstorms go. not in our area, though. back to pittsburgh, and some in winchester, parts of the shenandoah valley, but they're not going to move in. a much better chance tomorrow. the heat wave ends tomorrow. we get a little relief. still hot and humid, though. still humid early in the day tomorrow. storms coming in likely during the afternoon and then not as hot as we end the workweek. back to more seasonal temperatures. we're talking about high temperatures back into the 80s. we'll talk much more about that, how long our next streak goes, because that's going to be very summer-like out there, with scattered showers and thunderstorms just about each day. i'll explain and take you hour by hour for tomorrow in about ten minutes. >> thank


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