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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  June 14, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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sentenced to 50 years of hard labor. just released yesterday. >> it was a lot tighter than expected, but the race to become the next governor of virginia is set now. former republican national committee chairman ed giless my and cory stuart to win the republican nomination. ralph anymore thnortham. ralph northam and tom will stand side by side. they and other top democratic leaders will hold a unity rally. the northam celebration started early and ended early. declared winner at 8:00 at night. arrived at victory party, bounded on the stage with a big
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>> we're going to focus on building our team. building our party. instill confidence by the races in november. >> together we can help elevate and mainstream ideas that should have been there all along. >> when new democratic nominee left after victory speech around 10:00, still didn't know who his next opponent would be. see what he has to say at the unity rally about ed giless leg gillespie is now looking ahead to november 2. >> we will fight for you. gillaspespie gillespie. we want you to be
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efforts. you are very welcome to join this campaign. we cannot afford four years of another liberal governor in virginia. >> served at virginia campaign chairman for a while refused to concede the election last night. when he spoke to his supporters, he had a very clear message, fight, fight, fight. in order to ask for recount, final vote margin would have to be less than 1 percentage point. for a look at all the results in the primaries, open the washington app. seeking relief at the nearest school, but after two deaths in four separate swimming actions across the area people are being reminded to take safety precautions. started yesterday morning when a nearly 2-year-old boy died at a home day care pool. then on the montgomery county line, a man's body was recovered near the reservoir where swimming in not allowed. inve
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pulled a five-year-old boy from a pool and is now in serious condition. and determines what was found at the bottom of a pool and rushed to the hospital. >> are attractive. the heat wave draws attention to the pool. at the same time the pool and the life guard at the pool is part of the answer. >> we are working you and your children safe this morning, here are some good swichling reminders. stay alert. even if you are an experienced swimmer, experts say you should never swim alone. make sure there are life guards around and also learn cpr. >> happening today we'll find out how soon you can text 911 for help in d.c. mayor will announce the service later this morning. texting 911 can be crucial in making a call might be dangerous. also more sensible to people who are deaf
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disability. several places in our area already allow to you text 911. cell phone towers like this one help ensure those important text and phone calls go through. the appearance of possible health risk of them have residents a bit concerned of location of future cell towers. tonight county leaders hold an open forum to discuss a new cell tower zoning. if you went outside to watch the rocket launch in virginia, there's a reason you didn't see anything. nasa delayed the launch for a fifth time last night. this time they say it was the weather. too cloudy. nasa wants to be able to see how it moves at very high altitude. when this actually does happen, there will be all kinds of colors in the night sky, they say. said the launch will happen no earlier than tomorrow. the time right now, 4:34.
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weather as well as your traffic. have a look at wednesday morning commute. start with chuck and lauren and look at the we'll call it a cool down. still pretty accurate? >> i would say that. mid 90s yesterday. upper today. 95 or higher. in fact, ugly day to be outside. still plenty more this morning. 80 at national airport. 79 in leesburg. you'll notice an ugly start to the day. won't get quite as hot later on. highs today around upper 80s. chance of thunderstorms around here 4-8:00 this afternoon. into this evening. not a big severe weather threat. any individual storms could impact us. little bit of a cool down coming our way. for more on that, let's go to the newsroom. >> found the hudi
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you're going to feel a lot of that humidity hit you like a ton of bricks. then it's moving down as we head to your thursday overnight humidity level starts to drop and pushing right back in to for friday and the weekend. get a little bit of a break from the humidity. definitely get a break from the heat tomorrow as well. we do vincent velasquhave anoth showers and storms. take a look. coming down we don't have anything in the way here. get there in 26 minutes. same thing. if you're headed northbound or out of town, also rolling along fine right now. southbound 95 right lane is getting by. milling and
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overall the beltway again looking quite good. a new search in the murders of two local teens just before their gas station. what police are looking for and what one victim's father believes led to his son's death. attorney general jeff sessions out of the hot seat. not before some lawmakers got fired up. big take away from yesterday's public hearing. two words people around here love to here.
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. montgomery county, police are searching for fingerprints. 17-year-old was with 18-year-old on june 5 when they were shot so death inside a car in montgomery village. the dad suicide speaking out about what he thinks happened here. he thinking the killer was probable inside his house at some point and set his son up to be killed. also believe the other teen was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> he doesn't have too much social life outside because he had a job and always been quiet. more active among his friends. >> police say the 23 shots wer
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fired. two different guns. they also say one of the teens had money in his hand. >> a maryland guy is facing several charges. swiped a piece of american history and tried to sell it. military dog tags from the national archive. did not work there. investigator say hi visited the building several times and took the tags, which belonged to an airman. prosecutors say he tried to sell those on ebay and attempted to donate them to a museum in virginia. hayes faces up to ten years in prison if convicted. don't wash the car just yet. could be some rain in our future. >> we could have some showers. show you that on the ten-day forecast coming up. step out the door this morning, humidity hitting you like
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of bricks. not quite as warm today as the last couple of days. show you that ten-day forecast. little bit coming up. >> and he was in trusted with the safety of children. now a substitute teacher from our area charged with. >> i had their blood on my shoes. >> and an intense manhunt underway. two escaped inmates accused of
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a warm day already out there. you know, things are going to heat up. we've got the mugginess, warm temperatures. not quite as warm as yesterday.
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going to have forecast time out that rain. that ten-day forecast coming up. a statewide man hunt right now in georgia after a pair of career criminals shot and killed two corrections officers. this happened tuesday when a large group of prisoners being transparted from one facility to another and during that time inmates described how they escaped through handcuffs. overpowered the correction officers and shot them with their own service weapon. which we're told they still have. since then, police say incredibly dangerous men were spotted at dollar store and ransacked for food and clothing. leaving people all throughout the state on absolute edge. back to you. mr. comey said there were matters with respect to the recusal that were problematic and he couldn't talk about them. what are ey
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>> why don't you tell me. there are none senator widen. there are none. >> some tense moments in yesterday's hearing with attorney general jeff sessions. >> sessions denying any improper contact with russians and contradicted part of james comey's testimony before the same committee last week. tracie potts live of capitol hill. what are some of the big take aways from the hearing and where do things go from here. >> first of all. big takeaway. and the russian government. however not talking about his private conversations with the president. that's what had democrats so frustrated. stonewalling, pressing him on not exactly privilege, but pressing him on what he calls department policy and not to
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he talked about his meetings with the russian ambassador saying there was not a third meeting as some have precluded. he talked about his recusal. you heard that exchange about his recusal and whether or not there were problems with that. the white house reaction is that sessions did a good job in the long awaited testimony. highest administration official so far to talk about such. >> tracie potts on the hill this morning. tracey, thank you. 4:47. man who fired an assault rifle in a d.c. pizza shop is apologizing. you might remember this scene. police arrested him near the common ping-pong restaurant this past december. welsh said he drove there to investigate internet rumors. calling decis
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shall reckless. asking judge to give four and a half years in prison at sentencing last week. a tight-knit community rallying around three children now left without their mother and their father. police say ralph stabbed his ex-wife at her home in vienna on sunday. shot himself a few blocks away in his own backyard. the mother had 8-year-old twins and a teenage son. a community fundraiser happening this morning. to help the children. we've also listed a link to a go fund me account to raise money for the family in the nbc washington app. search vienna mom. this morning a substitute teacher is charged with arranging to have sex with a minor and police want to make sure there are no other victims. 22-year-old was arrested after he arranged to meet a young girl. he was a substitute teacher for fair fax county schools. has been fired. if you
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inappropriate contact with this suspect, asked to call the child exploitation unit. the latest on this story coming up at 5:00. no need for alarm. that is what the principal in one school is saying after a student came to class with whooping cough. says the student goes to patriot high school. very contagious, but can be treated with antibiotics. most students have been treated for this, but recommend a boost r shot around age 11 or 12. whole foods suing one landlord in d.c. grocery chain claims will not sign off on needed renovations. store has been closed since march due to rodent and bug infestation. renovations are needed in order to fix the problem.
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this point from the landlord. we have updates this morning on two popular stores creating a lot of buzz for plans to move into d.c. wawa is set to come to 19th street. that's right near the metro station. that will happen in december. the store is going to have everything you expect from a wawa. meanwhile, another popular store, is setting its sight on northwest d.c. too. propose begmwegman wegman wegma >> we're not afraid to go to wawa. so hot and humid
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today. not as bad as yesterday. >> not quite so bad. 95 in nashville. very hot day for sure. still plenty warm and muggy. 80 degrees at national airport. some places made it all the way to mid 60s this morning. winchester, 61. still an awful lot of humidity out there. go out and running or biking early this morning for your exercise, just know it's going to be rather sticky outside early on. notice the temperature trend during the day, nowhere near as impressive. make it back to upper 80s to near 90 today. i think the 90 degree numbers will be few and far between. forecasting 89 in washington. 87 in gaithersburg. the reason won't be quite as warm, back cold front inching
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bubble up cloud cover by lunchtime and thunderstorm chances come back in by later on in the day. future weather at 5:00 this afternoon, hit and miss showers and thunderstorms. not expecting any organized severe weather. any individual storm slow movers that they are could individually put down a quick half an inch to inch of rain. settling down overnight and plenty of clouds and cooler tomorrow. rain chances stake up way late in the day. 11:00 thursday night. a lot later on in the day. a lot of clouds around tomorrow. rain chances stacked up much later on. for today, 50% chance of thunderstorms around this afternoon. tomorrow only 83 with a 30% chance of rain way late in the day. friday chances of showers around and then as we get to the weekend. higher temperatures and higher humidity back to the afternoon and evening thunderstorm chances. sunday will be the warmer day of the weekend. that is the only 90 degrees day on the ten-day forecast.
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that has just cleared here. southbound # 95 had just the right lane getting by. that milling and paving project has cleared out of the way. 66 looking good as well. taking a look at 95. 32 down to the beltway. no big issues there. headed northbound also looks nice and clear. all the other routes look good as well. bottom of the beltway, everything rolling along pretty nicely. 270 northbound and southbound. 4:53 right now. just getting word about a deadly shooting in the district. eric gonzalez working to get more information on that. bring us an update in about two minutes. also ahead, new details coming in from london. high-rise building still smoeldier this morning.
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a fatal shooting and now police are looking for the suspect and motive in the case. got the call around midnight. shots fired in the area of 5800 block. northeast. when they got there, officers found a man with gunshot wounds that did not surv
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there's no word on the suspect or even a motive in this case, but again, this all happening about midnight on the 5800 block in northeast. now a fatal shooting investigator going on there. back over to you. thank you. it is 5:57 right now. terrible crash accusing street racers behind the wheel. straightaway crime for speeding for a solution in 2015. neighbors here along this road have been fighting for a stop sign for years. county full-timely lfinally agr they thought it would fix the problem. this homeowner security camera. >> they need to do something. before someone actually dies. >> the
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certainly isn't quick. what's been causing the delay. and when homeowners might finally see action. >> you are saving money if your kids are just learning how to drive. cost less today than it used to add a teenager to car insurance. the number has gone down for five straight years. coast about $675 on average to add a teenager to your insurance. the number used to be a lot higher. nurses are constantly helping other people. for a change, chipotle mexican grill wants to help you. giving them a chance to refuel today through a buy one get one deal. free burrito, bowl, or salad with purchase of any entree. need to have your valid nurse's id with you. stay with us,
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good morning, everybody. we're working for you to get you out the door and on time this morning. >> melissa keeping an eye on the roads and rails for us. start with chuck and lauren who have headed outside. sticky out there guys? >> yes, definitely. definitely muggy out here right now. 5:00 a.m. >> i know. the sprinklers are going on too. both a nervous eye over our shoulder. i came outside and chuck was standing like this. what are you looking at? sprinklers. 79 degrees here in washington. 79 in riverdale. 73 in morning side. very muggy start indeed. 71 in gold run and prince william county. afternoon highs today. upper 80s flirting with 90s. not going to get tall way there. chance of getting rained on today about
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nbc washington app down loaded and ready to go. headed to the mets game. 4:00 game this afternoon. as a result of the early start time, there will be a chance for rain delay. traffic looking really good. no word work or any big problems. we just cross our fingers keeping it this way. inner loop and outer loop hasn't had any road work to speak of this morning. couple of earlier issues. now cleared out of the way. on 270 right now. coming down 270 down to the start. a little quick there. make it 26 minutes if you're headed out of town. northbound on 270. you're fine as well. 66 and 95 virginia. earlier road work has now cleared out of


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