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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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[ gunfire ] [ gunfire ] and one of the victims of that gunfire, third ranking republican in the house louisiana congressman and house majority whip steve scalise. he is reportedly in critical condition this evening. a capitol police officer from
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shot and a second officer suffered minor injuries. the officers are being hailed as heros tonight for taking down the gunman before the ambush turned into a massacre on that ball field. jim handly is leading our coverage in alexandria tonight. jim? >> reporter: doreen and wendy, this is a community park where generations of virginians have played, del ray as you both know having grown up in virginia is a community where people take pride in these beautiful row homes. this is a place where young people move so they can start families. there is a playground that i want to show you, over my shoulder if we can zoom in very tight over there. this playground is about 75 yards from where the gunman parked his van, a van that is now been processed by fbi and atf technicians. they've removed a mattress, they've removed clothing. they're trying to gain access to some electrical devices of tha
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gunman from illinois as well. that's how close that gunman parked to that playground. we talked to fitness instructors who were going to have a class out here today but because of the heat they called it off. even closer proximity, the third base dugout, right behind it that's where he opened fired. this section of alexandria, witnesses say the gunman started shooting through a chain-link fence near that third base dugout. congressman scalise was standing on second base. he was shot in the hip as gunfire raked other people on the field. some witnesses took cover and in the other dugout right in front of first base. news4 learned the gunman had a recent connection to the ymca right next to this field. we'll have more on that in a moment. very interesting just how far back he may have been living out of his van in this neighborhood but first, we want to hear from a texas congressman, roger williams who was the coach of this team about
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heard as it all unfolded shortly after 7:00 this morning. >> i heard the first shot and i wasn't sure, maybe it was a back firing of a car but then the second and third and everybody yelled he's got a gun. run for cover. ran to the first base dugout which is in the ground about seven feet and i literally dove into that. zack barth who works for me was shot while he was retrieving balls in the outfield. then zach had come running in from the outfield and we landed in each other's arms. he held me, i held him. jack barton and joe's son was in the dugout with us and we were all taking care of him. just trying to take care of each other. a lot of heros today. it seemed like it went forever. >> reporter: and we've heard that from many others too
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to ten minutes long of just continuous gunfire as many as 60 bullets. fbi technicians on the outfield right now casing the outfield for casings. we have team coverage on every angle of this story. we begin with julie carriey. she was one of the first on the scene this morning. julie? >> reporter: we're learning new details from that briefing and this is what the fbi is now circulating to the community. there are looking for more information about james hodgkinson as pat collins has been reporting. he had been in the alexandria area for months and the fbi special agent in charge just told us eeld been living out of that white van along monroe avenue here. they want to hear from anybody whose had interactions with him over the past few months. alexandria police chief offering a few new did he tails about that gun battle that took place. he called it combat. law enforcement source is telling me that this is how it
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initially directed his gunfire at those on the baseball field. the capitol police officers returned gunfire. that's when one of them was wounded. the gunman then took shelter behind the concession stand that's ad jas enterto that fall field. then alexandria police officers pulled up and that's when they too were able to open fire on this gunman. in this briefing law enforcement officials refusing to comment on any possible motive but the folks in this neighborhood and those who witness this attack, they think it was very targeted. morning routines on a baseball field inside a ymca turned into a seen of chaos when a gunman started shooting. the weapon an assault rifle. >> it was like boom, boom, boom for like the first ten or so and then there was a pause and then they started up again also rapid fire. >> reporter: the gunman's target, members of congress and their teammates. david thomas had just left the gym and was
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violence erupted. he spotted the gunman firing from behind the dugout. >> i could see smoke a little off the left and that smoke was actually from the gunman who was in the midst of shooting. i can still vividly see it. he was pacing back and forth like get out of here, get out of here. he was just shooting. he would walk to the other side of the dugout and start shooting again. >> this man watched the scene from unfold from inside the ymca. >> they were exchanging fire. i believe one of the police officers rounds passed through the ymca windows, two rounds hit the windows, one went through laended in the pool. >> reporter: return fire came right away from the capitol police officers on duty at the field to provide security for the congressman. alexandria police on the scene in just minutes. they also fired on the gunman james hodgkinson. >> i was not only chaotic but it was a combat situation and that's something that law enforcement is trained to do. >> ror
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conclusion, they believe this was a targeted attack aimed at this nation's political leaders. that's the sense jeff duncan had too. he had been practicing at the field earlier and was gone by the time the shots were fired but he remembers talking to a man he believes is the shooter right before he left. >> i know what he asked me, i know how i answered, i know what happened and i'm going to take it that he was targeting republicans this morning by shooting republican baseball team on the field. >> reporter: now you heard one of those witnesses mention a rifle. police just confirming here that the gunman had two weapons, a rifle and a handgun and of course they want to track where those came from. his name blasted all over this poster, but as the fbi agent in charge spoke to reporters here today, he said james hodgkinson's name once and he said that is the last time you'll hear me refer to him by name. back to you in the studio. >> thank you.
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determine this motive, we are getting a clearer picture of that gunman. he is from illinois but he has been in our area as you just heard for the past few months as far as back as march according to the fbi and this evening people who interacted with hodgkinson are sharing their own experiences. we'll get that part of the story now from pat collins who is live near the scene in del ray. pat? >> reporter: wendy, i'm in the backyard of a friend here in del ray. we're real close to the crime scene. i want you to take a look over there, way, way over there into the parking lot of the ymca. you're going to see an armored vehicle there and near that is the suspect's van. the feds say he's been here in alexandria since march, that he's been hanging out on eastman row street. that he has been sleeping in that van. t
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and other items. even a pillow and a mattress. evidence they'll use to learn more about the life of james hodgkinson and why he did what he did today. 66-year-old james hodgkinson shot and killed by police after he am burked some congressmen playing baseball. hodgkinson is interest belleville, illinois but appears he's spent weeks here in alexandria. he hung out at the y. >> he just sat there by himself on his laptop not talking to anyone else. >> it made no sense to me because he didn't fit in. we have people who come there for a very large, skinny or old or young, every ethnicity and language and even with all that he didn't fit in. >> reporter: he drank at the port barrel barbecue. >> just stared off a lot and i feel like maybe he came in to look out the windows, people watch or
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>> reporter: and online, he was vocal with strong and sometimes vulgar posts. i want to say mr. president, you're an expletive. you're the biggest expletive we've ever had in the oval office. now back in belleville, illinois, hodgkinson he ran a home inspection business but he left his license there expire. police say they were concerned about the way he was shooting his gun outside. >> in these rural areas now, they're building houses everywhere and people were concerned about him shooting, even though it is legal to shoot on his property, we don't want anybody getting hurt. >> reporter: now he's been here in alexandria since march, interacting with people in alexandria since march. the feds they want to know what he said, what he was doing, what he was up to
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doreen, back to you. thank you pat. here is the latest we have on how the four shooting victims are doing tonight. med star hospital center says congressman steve scalise had surgery for a wound to his hip and remains in critical condition. a family friend of tyson foods lobbyist matt mika describes his condition as very serious. he was shot twice in the chest. a family friend of zachary barth says he's out of the hospital after being shot in the calf. special agent crystal greiner who was shot in the ankle is in good condition. chris gordon joins us live with what we know about matt mika. >> we just got some new information on matt mika. we are told that he just recently acknowledged the people around him at gw hospital. he gave a thumbs up and a smile. now he's
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smile is good news. he's a former congressional staffer and just a short time ago we talked to his former boss, congressman timothy walberg. he calls mika his guy. >> saw him last night so it's a shock today but i know he's a fighter. if anything can be said about matt mika, he doesn't back down. >> reporter: matt mika's passion was baseball. he worked out with the republican congressional baseball team as a volunteer. he had played in college. mika is a lobbyist with tyson foods, washington d.c. office located on pennsylvania avenue just blocks from the u.s. capitol. his company issued a statement saying, matt has worked for tyson foods for more than six years and we are deeply concerned about him and his family. mika moved to this recently renovated condo building in northeast washington just a few months ago.
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work with a cold watched news coverage of the shooting all morning, not knowing that mika was one of the victims. >> the first i'm hearing, yes. >> reporter: what's your reaction? >> it's upsetting. it's sad that this has happened right here. we live in washington, we expect things to happen but we're grateful it doesn't always happen. you hear about it going on in london and other parts. t of the world. >> it's very sad to hear that somebody lived next door would be shot. i mean, it's startling and sad -- i mean there's no words to describe it. >> reporter: congressman walberg tells us that he plans to go to tomorrow's congressional baseball game to show that evil will not prevail. that's the latest live from along pennsylvania avenue, wendy back to you. >> chris gordon. thank you. news4 is working all the angles on this story. >> and we'll have more
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y2cufy y16fy welcome back. you are looking at a live picture near the baseball field where house majority whip steve scalise and three other people were shot this morning. >> that gunman opened fire on
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chris lawrence joins us now with a closer look of how all of this unfolded. >> congressman said it was bed lam. it had to feel that way. we're getting a much clearer picture of what went down and where. del ray is a small town in the middle of alexandria and this particular neighborhood is home to a dog park, a coffee shop and grocery store. the republican team had been practicing for about a half hour when the shooting started. it was just after 7:00 in the morning. where was the shooter in all of this? he was right behind a chain-link fence, between the third baseline and home plate. one witness says he was hunting us. first, he takes aim at a congressman on third base, trent kelly. he missed him. steve scalise, he's on second with nowhere to hide and gets shot ie
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just behind scalise in the outfield is a congressional staffer. zach barth gets hit in the leg, somehow manages to run to the first base dugout and that's where two capitol police officers were stationed there. now is everyone else trying to take cover behind this dugout, those two officers start returning fire at the shooter. alexandria police officers arrive to help and eventually they are able to pin him down right here behind that third base dugout. now look, there were hundreds, perhaps even -- i would say there were hundreds, perhaps, you know, dozens, hundreds of shots fired and the ball field actually shares a parking lot with one of the gyms next door. when we look now, here we go. there it is. these are some of the shots that hit. this is the
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one of the witnesses says the bullet landed right in the pool and ironically this is the same ymca where over the past month james hodgkinson had been spending almost all of his time. wendy. >> chris lawrence, thank you. that community where the investigation is unfolding, it's quiet, it's friendly, it's welcoming. >> a lot of people are familiar with del ray. tracee wilkins is talking to neighbors who never expected something like this to happen there. >> reporter: you can understand why. this is the kind of neighborhood where neighbors spend weekend at each other's houses. when they heard those gunshots this morning they could not believe that's what they were hearing. >> the biggest thing to me is someone brought an assault rifle into our neighborhood. >> reporter: just steps from her front door. >> i just broke down in tears because i have a daughter
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and, those shots could have hit our house. >> reporter: the people who live in the del ray section of alexandria take pride in this quiet neighborly place. >> i call this stroller and leash everyone. everyone has a kid, everyone has a dog, everyone's out walking all the time, very active community. >> reporter: but today in this neighborhood of mostly single family homes surrounded by well maintained yards and quiet streets, fbi agents and police are searching for shell casings and evidence after a mass shooting in the center of this community. >> i mean there's offices, there's a huge coffee shot. >> reporter: when the shots rang out this morning. >> we did hear the shots. i didn't think it was actual gunfire. >> reporter: many neighbors we spoke to say they didn't consider the possibility of an actual shooting happening. >> stounded to me like it could have been somebody with a big hammer hitting something or a pile driver. >> i just thought, oh, my god what's happening in our neighborhood. >> reporter: in this town where
6:21 pm
still meet for coffee. >> it's just a super tight knit community, everybody knows everybody sort of a place. >> reporter: most feel they have what it takes to move on from this unthinkable tragedy. >> i don't feel any less safe or more safe because it happened. >> i can tell you that this is the kind of community that just basically supports each other no matter what. >> reporter: this is such an active community and this is such a popular area that everyone i spoke to said they cannot believe that no one else outside of this immediate area was struck. it's a miracle. reporting live in del ray, i'm tracee wilkins. >> this could have ended a lot differently if it were not for the brave actions of that capitol police security detail. >> two officers took on the gunman and prevented a whole lot more possible injuries. roger williams suffered a sprained ankle but he credited the officers with saving his life. shomari stone is outside capitol police headquarters with
6:22 pm
these brave officers. >> reporter: good evening. a lot of people i talked to in this neighborhood who live near where the capitol police headquarters is located, tell me these officers are heros because they saved many lives on fwhabl field and they question what would have happened if they were not there on the security detail. let's tell you a little about them and show you a pictures of one of the officers. david bailey and crystal greiner were hurt in the shooting. this picture is from david bailey's linked in page. police have not released a photo of crystal greiner. they were on the security detail for congressman scalise. bailey has been a capitol police officer for over nine years. now he received a minor injury during the shooting. he was not shot however. he was treated and released from a hospital. crystal greiner, the gunman shot her in the ankle. she's been with the department for at least ten years, she also is expected to be okay. both officers are responsible for protecting members of
6:23 pm
me they are very, very well respected. the capitol police board released a statement saying, they commend the agents at the scene and other first responders for their immediate and decisive actions in protecting both members and staff and preventing further injury. back out here live, the u.s. capitol police also released a statement commending the officers. live here outside the u.s. capitol, shomari stone. >> let's take a short break and
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hot, hazy and humid out there doug. >> we got to get a break. >> we are. today the heat wave continued after a couple days in the 90s. three days in the 90s today. we still hit 91 earlier. hazy hot and humid for sure. sitting at 86 degrees. winds 10 miles per hour. that easterly flow will keep things cooler. right now still quite warm. 90 degrees fredericksburg and leesburg. look at luray. 95 in leesburg, 94 in culpeper. let me put the radar back on here so y
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look how much rain we have to our south and west including areas like luray just to the west of the winchester. let's zoom on in to fredericksburg and you can see the showers around fred rikz burg. these storms really not moving a lot so if you are driving there or live near fredericksburg. a pretty nice afternoon really. i'm talking about areas back towards the blue ridge. all in all your thursday looking pretty good. friday looking pretty good as well. friday afternoon into the evening hours a better chance of showers earn thunderstorms a aerial wide. that's father's day and temperatures still near 90s as we move toward the weekend looking hot and hu
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in alexandria. coming up on news4 at 6:00. we'll hear from members of congress who were on this baseball field whenhe h tor vo: delivering cleaner, reliable energy... creating jobs for our veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure...
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across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy.
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we're back now with a closer look at our top story. four people wounded when a gunman opened fire on a baseball field in alexandria this morning. >> this evening two of those victims and that includes a congressman are still in critical condition. news4 jim handly's on the scene with more. >> reporter: hi. it's hard t
6:31 pm
since those first sounds of gunfire erupted rocking this quiet community. there is an erie quiet now. many are walking by while fbi technicians still case this field behind me. let's get you caught up on what we know. about an hour ago, the fbi gave an update to the media. they tell us that james hodgkinson a 66-year-old from illinois ambushed this baseball practice involving republican members of congress who had been getting ready for a charity game that will still happen tomorrow night. among the wounded, house majority whip steve scalise. he's apparently been in our area. we understand for months now. this morning we launched an attack right here in this community. >> based on the question he asked me, i would make that assumption. because he asked me if this team was the republican or democrat te
6:32 pm
i responded it was the republican team practicing and he proceeded to shoot republicans. >> he shot at steve scalise. our second baseman, he hit steve scalise. the security detail and the capitol hill police immediately began -- to return fire and alexandria police also immediately came and began to return fire. shot the shooter and i think the security detail saved a lot of lives because they attacked the shooter. >> i got a look at the shooter. he came over behind the back stop but he had a clear site into the dugout so we can't stay up for long and then when we heard an all clear that the shooter was down then i ran out to steve to put pressur
6:33 pm
wound. >> reporter: we've been hearing from people in this neighborhood all afternoon who have actually seen this gunman. fbi officials say that he's been in this area perhaps as long ago as march living out of a van, a van that's in a parking lot over my shoulder here. they have processed this van, removing mattress, pillows, clothes too. julie carey was at that press conference. she joins us live. >> reporter: this is what fbi investigators are wanting to spotlight. they're putting this wanted information on social media circulating it through the community. they want to find out as much as possible about james hodgkinson. now as news4 was first to reported to we know he's been in the alexandria community for some months. i even had a benign interaction with him of mine own a couple weeks ago at the alexandria ymca that's just across from this ballpark. we learned at the briefing last hour that the
6:34 pm
his home in belleville, illinois in march and traveled here to alexandria. they don't know yet whether he made any stops along the way. we've learned he come to the ymca in the morning between 7:00 and 8:00 not really to work out but to take a shower there and then he would usually set up his laptop at the tables in the lobby. the former mayor bill yule is one who had repeated conversations with hodgkinson at the ymca even sharing information with him about a possible job opening. the former mayor tells me he had never heard hodgkinson make any controversial political statements or express any hatred toward republicans but as alexandria's residents and others who had interactions that is who the fbi now wants to hear from. >> law enforcement has reason to believe that the shooter has been in alexandria, virginia area since march of this
6:35 pm
community, we believe that the shooter has been living out of his vehicle in the vicinity of eastman row street therefore asking you to report any interactions that you may have had with him. >> reporter: now i'm not one of those who has any valuable information to offer the fbi but when i first saw james hodgkinson's picture today, i realized that i had had this brief encounter with him a couple of weeks ago. i was working out. he was there on his laptop as we're told he often does and he jarred a plug to my elliptical that i was working on and i just asked him to please plug it back in. that was the end of that conversation. fbi want to hear from many people in this community. we know he was in the ymca. he frequented some of the restaurant and bars in del ray. they want to get every bit of information they can as they move forward with this investigation.
6:36 pm
you had that incredible encounter and one among many in this community. the fbi would like to hear from anybody who has had a conversation or seen this gunman and the number to call is, 1-800-call-fbi. if you'd like to know the very latest details, go to our special section in our nbc washington app. i'll be back here live at 11:00 on the scene. doreen and wendy back to you for now. thanks. the timing of this is coincidental. members of congress are joining parents of the sandy hook. >> they're coming together for the sandy hook gala. the events is taken on added significance because of today's shooting in alexandria, mark. >> reporter: as you said this is an annual event so it's been in the planning stages for ms
6:37 pm
down here at the andrew melon hall down here on constitution avenue inside tonight they're going to hear from students who have come from around the country to talk about plans they've put in place to their schools to prevent gun violence. that's what the sandy hook promises all about, prevention and awareness. we have several members of congress, west virginia senator, we also have new york senator chuck schumer and the entire connecticut delegation is expected. we talked with nicole hockley, she lost her first grader, 6-year-old son dillon in that shooting at sandy hook. she's one of the cofounders of this organization. we talked to her this evening about why people still have not gotten the message that they say they want them to get about gun violence. here's what she had to say about reacting to a member of congress being shot on
6:38 pm
event. >> sometimes unfortunately you don't think about this issue and what you can do to prevent it until it effects you personally and hearing some of the comments from congressman and senators today, their feeling the impact of this on a very personal level. this is something that people across the country have to deal with every day. what happened today in virginia and what happened today in san francisco, california, is inscluzable but there's also 11 other states that have deaths alone today and the day's not even over. >> reporter: there will be speeches from members of congress or words will be given to the champions of the sandy hook promise as they're known and again the people here tonight are praying for the victims in alexandria. that's the very latest. news4. >> and i'm chris lawrence here at the live desk with breaking news on that investigation into russia's meddling in the u.s. election. "the washington post" is now reporting that the special
6:39 pm
counsel is now interviewing senior intelligence officials as part of an expanding investigation that now includes an examination of whether president trump attempted to obstruct justice. the post is characterizing this as a major turning point from simply looking at trump campaign officials to perhaps the president himself. ironically, though it was the post that published an article detailing why former fbi director james comey's testimony did not rise to the level of proving obstruction of justice. the post cited several reasons including the fact that the investigation was never shut down but more importantly that comey never talked about a corrupt intent. in other words, interference in an investigation does not always rise to the level of a felony. there has to be some sort of corrupt intent. comey estestimony did not show that but again "the washington post" reporting that now the
6:40 pm
looking into possible, possible obstruction of justice. nbc news working hard to get our owneporting on r
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
the news4 i-team has learned that members of congress raised warning flags about their safety just a few weeks ago. our scott macfarlane reports in mid-may the house argt at arms received a series of requests to
6:43 pm
congress when they are back home. >> when they're in their district offices and away from the blanket of security that they have at the capitol. scott joins us now about what changes were already in the works and what could happen next. >> reporter: as we learn the house sergeant of arms asked for a 2 million budget increase to help add more panic buttons and video surveillance equipment in those home offices of members of congress in an effort to better security them and the capitol police chief wants a budget boost too, he's asking for 8% more this year to add more officers and better keep threats away from the capitol grounds, deploying officers outside the d.c. capitol region to reduce the threat threatening people getting close to us. fact he was supposed to appear before the u.s. senate appropriations committee today to make his pitch but he cancelled because of the shootings. members of congress do note the difference between their protection on campus and off campus. >> when we're here at congress as you saw coming in
6:44 pm
women with weapons and they take their job very seriously. >> i have a growing concern for the safety of my staff especially off the hill and back in my district, whether or not the protocols that ought to be in place are in place to ensure their safety. >> reporter: the house democratic leader tells news4 he's asking the speaker of the house to launch a review of member security. we're told the decision on whether capitol police or the sergeant the at arms get those big funding boost won't happen until july at the soonest. >> a lot of unease in the meantime. >> thank you, scott. it could be a while before we find out about a motive in today's shooting. but what do we know about this shooter and what may have driven
6:45 pm
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250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than fios. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ back now with a closer look at the ambush at a baseball practice for republicans. >> a man from illinois shot four people this morning and that includes the
6:47 pm
steve scalise. >> pete williams is tracking the investigation, pete the fbi is putting out what looks like sort of a wanted poster asking anyone who may have come into contact with this gunman to give him a call. what do they know so far about this guy? >> i think the reason they're putting that poster out is they feel they don't know enough about why he came to washington and exactly when, what was going through his mind when he came here, what was his motive that -- did he have some act of violence? they said he was apparently homeless living out of a white cargo van that he parked on monroe street which was one of the streets that border the ballpark. they came here in late march. that's right after an incident where local authorities at his home in belleville, illinois say he had been firing a rifle into the wo
6:48 pm
that rifle was apparently a hunting rifle not the semi-automatic ak 7 style weapon that he used today. ood question is where and when he got that rifle and also a 9 millimeter handgun he had with him today at the shooting scene. why he came here, that is something they just don't know? they have found nothing so far that sheds any light on that. they know about all his social media postings, his strong feelings about republicans, his sometimes obscene comments about the president and republicans, but what -- what took that into an act of violence is simply they just don't know and that's why they're circulating these posters. they want to talk to anybody who had contact with him. >> what do they do in the meantime? you can collect shell casings until you find out some more are they stuck? >> oh, no. there's exploiting his social media, his cell phones, his
6:49 pm
e-mails, people he was talking to. they will try to build a timeline exactly when did he come to washington, try to figure out the day when he left belleville, illinois, when he got here, where he's been spending money? has he been using a credit card? has he been cashing checks? where did the money come from? those are aulg things to be exploited but it doesn't sound like he had the opportunity to talk to authorities. the medical examiner said he was shot several times and died shortly after this happened. >> lester holt reports from alexandria tonight right after this newscast, we hope you'll stay with us for that. doug was changed gears a little bit. we are now over the hump and heading towards the weekend and we have father's day coming up. how's it going to look for us? >> father's day gets hot again. 93 degrees
6:50 pm
about doing something for dad. >> inflate the pool. >> that's exactly right. 91 degrees. that was the high temperature today. another hot one, the heat wave continued today. 87 gaithersburg, 90 in quantitico. right now current temperature 86 degrees. winds out of the east about 10 miles per hour. we do have a line of storms back to the west. back towards hardy and hampshire counties back here, paige county, back toward luray, rappahannock county and straight on down to the south. the heaviest storms have been down around fredericksburg. this is the boundary you can see it right here. that boundary is picking up dust and insects and moving around. these boundaries tend to spawn some showers and storms. you can see some showers developing along that boundary but there are mostly down to the south around fredericksburg. as the boundary move back to the west
6:51 pm
will move back to the west. now, as far as tomorrow goes, not as hazy or hot. high temperature around 85 degrees. most of us on the dry side tomorrow and a much more comfortable day. i do expect to see cloud cover during the day tomorrow. 84 on your friday. much warmer for the weekend. 93 on sunday. humidity moves back in and it sticks around for most of next week. ♪
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> we love to go to safe and happy places in our minds like a ball field and the instance of chasing fly balls and fielding grounders. so perhaps it is even more jarring when that innocence as shattered as it was this morning when with a gunfire interrupted a congressional baseball prak in alexandria as we've been talking about. the violence was
6:55 pm
republican team practicing for tomorrow to be played at nationals park where bryce harper works and on twitter harper said, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families effected by this senseless act of violence at the congressional baseball practice. manager dusty baker also reacted. >> i was aware because i got calls from california because i live in alexandria, i got calls from there to see if i was okay. i had just gone to the capitol to have lunch with the guys that are playing the baseball game tomorrow, the managers. i don't know what the answer is. it's just sad when innocent people get hurt. >> fans packed the park. nats hosting the braves. bottom of the second, nats down 3-0 when the man on two outs, 0-2 count. goodwin launches this ball in th
6:56 pm
games. top three now. it's a former nat doing some damage. kurt saturday z-uk can i, you remember him? nats take a 6-2 lead and right now they're up 13-2 in the eighth inning. >> to baseball's future and the major league baseball draft and the names you know. the nats drafted darryn baker in the 27th round. also drafted today by the nats, jake cousins, a pitcher from the university of pennsylvania and the cousin of, kurt cousins. >> what do you know, wow. >> as for kurt he was throwing a football not a baseball with his teammates. they wrapped up mini camp. cousins is now take a break. our priority after perhaps pushing himself a bit too much last off-season.
6:57 pm
day like was monday night football against the steelers, if you do that 365 days a year there's a thing call burnout. i was worn out before the season started because i had pushed so hard to be top of my game and training camp practice one and preseason game one so i learned now after going through it one whole off-season as a starter to pace myself and to build towards week one. >> penguins 650,000 people taking in the fest vifts up from about 400,000 last we're for those back-to-back stanley cup champs. we'll be doing that with the capitols. >> i want that truck. we need that truck and trophy. >> just motivation to get your blood flowing. >> thanks dave. >> "nbc nightly news" is coming up next. we'll see you again tonight at 11:00. until then, have i good one.
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breaking news tonight, 10 minutes of horror on a baseball field here in virginia. [ gunshots ]. >> a gunman opens fire on members of congress. a house republican leader among those shot in critical condition, and capital police officers wounded and returning fire being hailed as heroes, risking their lives in a terrifying gun battle caught on camera. tonight, new clues to what may have motivated a killer to target republican lawmakers. also tonight, towering inferno, a raising toll as a high rise goes up in flames, residents trapped and parents dropping children out of windows. to safety below.


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