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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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under fire. >> it was not only chaotic but a combat situation. >> a horrifying scene that could have been much worse. >> there could
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25 deaths or more. >> praise for the heroes. >> a picture of the gunman. >> and the show of unity in the neighborhood where it all happened. news 4 at 11 starts now. >> three people still in the hospital tonight, two of them in critical condition now hours after a man opened fire on an early morning baseball practice. >> republican members of congress and their aides were practicing for a charity baseball game when dozens of shots rang out. tonight president trump and the first lady visited medstar hospital center. they met with officer crystal griner, the capitol police officer who was shot today along with congressman steve scalise. >> he was shot once in the hip causing severe bleeding and
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surgery. the other three shooting victims only congressional aid zach barth is out of the hospital. jim handily is in alexandria. >> the lights are staying on through the night as the investigation continues. there was supposed to be a little league championship baseball game at this park but the plans were shattered when a gunman decided to wage an assault on this community and on members of congress. meanwhile the fbi is probing the gunman's past trying to determine what motivated him to commit this horrific crime. they say that part of the explanation may lie in some target practice back in his hometown in illinois. he showed erratic behavior to neighbors there. he was seen in this community as far back as march. here is what the fbi had to
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tonight. >> i have no indication of why today at all. we have no indication that any of this was going on. >> reporter: we want to show you video of the van that he left in this parking lot before he waged his assault at the ballpark here, a van that fbi investigators went over. they removed mattress, pillows and clothing. the fbi wants to hear from anyone who may have been in contact. they believe he has been in this area since march in the delray community. joining me now you have been out and about talking to residents. you and i both know they are out and about and they are resilient. >> people here are strong. delray has always been known as a tight community. today was really a test of that. after what happened this morning, people just
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be together. for the close knit community of delray the tragedy could not hit closer to home. and soon this neighborhood home means an awful lot. >> it's where you know your neighbors. >> my first son was 3 years old we lived across the street from the field and he learned how to play baseball in that field. >> reporter: violence like this is unthinkable here. >> this stuff doesn't happen in delray. >> reporter: this community decided to walk, a simple way to be together on the longest of days. >> we should all be together during this time. >> reporter: alexandria's mayor, police chief and sheriff. >> very special here the way we are already so bonded together. >> we are here for you. we care about you. and we're going to spend time out here with you. >> reporter: the walk ended
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finding the right words hard for even a priest. >> i hardly know what to say on a day like this. we pray that you turn into something good for humanity. >> reporter: people here living true to the words on the buttons, love lives here in delray. >> we are a community because we are strong together. >> reporter: community also came together for a vigil and for a run as a way to be together and to stand strong tonight. as you said, just such a resilient community. >> they are indeed. we are just feet away from what is usually a crowded playground. my guess is that kids will be out playing tomorrow with their parents at their side. i'll be back in just a bit with some emotional reaction from members of congress. >> thank you. here is the latest we know about the victims who wer s
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we mentioned house majority whip steve scalise still in critical condition. doctors say the bullet fractured bones in his pelvis. matt mika remains in the intensive care unit also in critical condition. he was shot multiple times. he is a former aid. he is currently a lobbiest for tyson foods. congressional aid zach barth took to facebook to say he was okay and recovering after being shot. and special agent crystal griner, capitol police officer is in good condition. she was shot in the ankle. griner graduated from hood college. she is part of scalise's security detail and one of the officers being praised as a hero tonight. the shooting put tomorrow's congressional baseball game into question but not
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mark segraves is at nats park with why congressional members feel it is so important to go there and take the field. >> reporter: this is a tradition that dates back to the early 1900s. it's raised thousands and thousands of dollars for local charities here in the d.c. area over the years. in fact, the record of the game is time. each team has won 39 games over the years. but tomorrow's game will take on a whole new meaning after today's shooting. and yes the game will go on. >> the congressional baseball game is going on tomorrow night and it should. that was a standing ovation when announced. >> reporter: that was the reaction on capitol hill after lawmakers were briefed. while there is evidence this may have been a politically motivated attack -- >> asked me if this team was republican or democrats team practicing. i responded it was a republican team and he proceeded to shoot pu
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majority whip and others had a unifying effect on congressional leaders. >> we do not shed our humanity when we enter this chamber. for all the noise and fury, we are one family. >> and it's an injury in the family. >> reporter: for those who were at the ball field today as shots rang out like congressman joe barton who had his son at the practice, even hours later it seemed tough to talk about. >> when capitol hill police immediately began -- to return fire and alexandria police also immediately came and began to return fire they shot the shooter. >> reporter: the annual game raises money for local charities. the game could draw a huge crowd. d.c. police chief tweeted
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the safety of everyone attending the congressional baseball game tomorrow. now, on the way out of the gate there was a nats game tonight when i first got here, leaving was george wallace from wtop radio. he calls the congressional game each year. he told me last year there were more than 10,000 fans here and they expect more than that tomorrow. the gates open at 5:00. the game kicks off at 7:00 tomorrow evening. if you want tickets you can search congress game tickets. mark segraves, news 4. >> that game is a fundraiser for some local charities. the last member of congress injured by a gunman tweeted out her support. gabby giffords said her heart is with the victims and calls for congress to unite. the former arizona congress woman was critically wounded during an assassination attempt
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>> before this morning's violence many members of congress were looking forward to an event to honor victims -- >> the sandy hook promise gala recognizes people for their work in gun violence prevention. tonight's event is in northwest washington brought together lawmakers and parents of the sandy hook victims. >> sometimes you don't think about this issue and what you can do to prevent it until it effects you personally. >> we want to make the world safer, more knowledgeable and more caring. >> proceeds from tonight's gala will help to fund violence prevention programs. new developments on a few other big stories to get to. the "washington post" reports special council robert mueller is looking into whether president trump obstructed justice. this would be the first time the president would be investigated. the special councils
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into whether russia coordinated with the trump campaign. a ups employee opened fire inside a san francisco delivery center killing three people before he shot himself. employees describe the scene. some ran to the roof and others hid on a public bus. police have not released a name of the gunman or what his motive might have been. in london it could be weeks before the victims are found inside that burned down high rise apartment building. at least 12 are dead and 80 injured. one woman said she caught a baby who was dropped at least nine floors down to safety. not clear what caused that fire. well, we get 90 degrees one more day. that is our fourth 90 degree day as far as the heat wave is concerned. after today it is over. 93 in richmond. say good bye to the
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storms moving in. another live look at stadium park in alexan rea. the lights staying on all night as a tribute to the victims. what made one lawmaker break down as he recalled the shooting? we're coming right back. ♪ [doorbell] ♪
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two of the people injured this morning in alexandria were an aid and former aid to members of congress. >> we are learning more. we are getting
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from making the tragedy even worse. let's go back out live for more on that from delray. >> reporter: you know, we have talked so much this afternoon, this morning and evening about the real heroes of this day, those police officers who took down the gunman. they acted in split seconds to save lives. congressman roger williams of texas was spared the gun fire but one of his aides was hit. he got emotional when he thanked the first responders for saving his life. >> there will be those who will talk about what's wrong with america. but in this case officers griner and bailey we saw what is right with america. we saw two people risk their lives to save the lives of others. we saw courage in the face of death. we saw examples of why all americans should be grateful every day for law enforcement officers around
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there could have easily been 25 deaths or more today. i think we had 25 team players and about 15 staff. but officer griner and bailey prevented that and my family and i will be forever grateful. >> matt mika was seriously hurt on the baseball field. his family said he is in icu in critical condition. his former boss was a michigan congressm congressman. we had a chance to talk to him today about their close relationship. he says mika is a fighter, not someone to give up. >> he was a wonderful staffer of ours. if he were talking to my wife she would be tempted to say he was one of our third sons at least a good nephew. saw him last night. it's a shock today. i know he is a fighter. if anything
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matt mika, he doesn't back down. >> reporter: no doubt we will see countless tributes to mika and other victims tomorrow at nats park at the congressional ball game that they were practicing for today. to keep you updated go to our nbc washington app. we have a special section on this congressional baseball shooting today. back to you for now. >> thank you. the gunman in the shooting apparently helped sanders become president. >> the vermont senator says he believes the shooter volunteered for his 2016 presidential campaign. >> i am sickened by this despicable act. real change can only come about through nonviolent action and anything else runs counter to our most deeply held american
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values. >> bernie sanders is an independent but ran in the 2016 democratic primary. police have not given a motive for the shooting. we know the gunman wrote anti-trump posts on his facebook page. >> we hardly scratched the surface of the information available to you. we have so much more about security for lawmakers, a photo gallery of the after math of this morning's shootings and much more available. tap the red banner at the top of the home page. doug is back with more about our weather. what are we supposed to wear tomorrow? >> or not wear. >> i think we will be okay tomorrow. less humidity. a little less heat. we hit 91. i don't think we will get close to 90 tomorrow. 85 is close. not that close. out there right now a pretty nice night. a much nicer night. probably felt a cooler breeze across the area. we are seeing dew points start to drop. temperatures 78
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seven miles per hour. 77 in leesburg. we are still on the mild side. we did see some thunderstorms a little bit earlier back towards dulles airport to the north over an inch and a half of rain towards the national weather service headquarters. warrenton seeing rain. nothing around now. you can see the rain that came through. even heavier thunderstorms most just down to our south. we just missed out and our lawns can use it. it has been very dry. we do need to see rain. i don't think we will have much of a chance tomorrow. here is future weather. one thing we will see more cloud cover especially back to the west. in and around d.c. metro area may start out with sunshine. may see clouds from time to time. a pretty nice thursday. any chance of showers will stay towards our west. here is 4:00 again. seeing cloud cover around parts of the area. better chance of
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if you live i-95 to the east we should stay on the dry side. i don't think you will need umbrellas tomorrow. friday a different story. first off tomorrow high temperature of 85 degrees. lower humidity. that is the big factor today. humidity way up there. a few showers to the west. next couple of days temperatures looking pretty good tomorrow and friday. friday 84 but a good chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. some could bring locally heavy down pour that could include portions of the friday evening hours if you are heading out for date night. saturday 87 degrees. we see a slight chance of shower and storm saturday and sunday for father's day. notice father's day the warmest day on the map. 93 degrees. going to be a hot one out there for dad. pretty good chance of storms on monday. the weekend not bad. it will be a hot weekend. it will not be a
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>> a hot father's day means more cold beer. >> there you go. >> you hear that kids? they are asleep. >> thank you, doug. still ahead, kirk cousins and the redskins ramp up mini camp. >> sports next but first here is jimmy fallon. >> stay up late tonight. miley cyrus is taking over the tonight show.
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this is the xfinity
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up mini camp. does it matter what kirk cousins does this camp? >> no. he is the quarterback. now it is whether he gets a deal. he has one but he wants a longer one. >> the heat is on. it can only mean one thing. redskins mini camp. nothing like steamy weather to trigger mandatory football practice. two days of workouts, that's it. the final get together for the redskins before the end of july and the start of training camp. before that a big deadline. last time we see kirk cousins before the deadline. july 15 to sign cousins to a long term deal otherwise he spends second straight season in franchise tag.
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about leaving things to his agent. the most crisp camp he has been a part of. his head coach knows exactly why. >> because i shortened practice down today. he comes in here for two days. got to love him. practice short and sweet. he hasn't missed a beat. very athletic and big. >> she watches everything from fredrick county. she watches every game. he wasn't making anyone happy. braves up 4-2. this one is gone. allowing seven runs in five innings. why do they always do it
11:27 pm
old teams. in a bases loaded jam not getting out of this one. and takes this into left. two runs score. gives up five runs. the nats lose 13-2 m. the fight social media can't stop talking about. floyd mayweather has agreed to fight mcgregor, one of the top mma fighters in the world now going to try boxing against the best of boxing. this will be august 26 in las vegas as floyd comes out of retirement. it is going to be on pay per view. >> has that happened before? >> i don't this go so. not on this level. >> not for this much either. in they are go
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♪ scenes there from another prayer vigil tonight in alexandria less than a mile from where the shots were fired in delray. the pastor told us the focus of the service was from psalm 120. i am for peace but they
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war. there was another gathering at a nearby middle school, as well. >> strong community showing down there in delray. we wish that community the very best. >> we do and we expect a strong showing at the congressional baseball game scheduled for tomorrow
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