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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 15, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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targeted. four people shot when a gunman goes on a rampage. >> we are learning about him, his motives and a question he asked before the attack. >> the victims, who they are, their victims and their plans. "news 4 today" starts now. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez. eun yang is on assignment. justin finch is live at the field where it happened. >> the lights are on as the investigation continues. we'll get more on that. first though, check on your forecast and first 4 traffic. we'll start with chuck bell and lauren rickets who have stepped outside this morning. feels a lot better today than it did yesterday. >> certainly does. definitely. going to bed earlier, it's a little more comfortable when you step outside. >> i'll take it. >> me, too. >>
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get outside and run this afternoon in a couple of days. four things you need to know about the forecast. number one, no 90s today. awesome. chances for some showers today. mainly out in the valley. not much of a rain threat. sunday looks like we may be back into the 90s once again. if you're planning out your thursday, temperatures in the 60s and 70s now. look at that, a much lower slope on the temperature climb for today. afternoon highs up near about 85 degrees. rain chance 30%. most of that rain threat is focused west of the d.c. metro area. take a look at the five day forecast. cool weather, beach weather coming up in five minutes. for now though it is traffic time. >> taking a look at a couple of things that have cleared now. southbound 95 at 17. found the right lane is getting by. inner lep express lanes, entrance was blocked.
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would like this morning. bottom of the beltway and taking a look here through prince george's county, you can see we don't have any big problems there. fairfax county parkway to the beltway in bound same situation. outbound remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car today. >> it's 5:02. team coverage of the congressional baseball shooting this morning. we are live at nats park where congressmen will take the field in a few hours for a charity event. meanwhile, their practice field in alexandria remains a crime scene this morning. >> where is he at? >> i assume people have been calling 911 already. >> that was the scene almost 24 hours ago. dozens of gunshots turned simpson baseball field into a battlefield. target, members of congress. now the fbi is trying to figure
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out why. >> three people remain in the hospital this morning, including house majority whip steve scalise. he is in critical condition. doctors at med star washington centers hospital say the bullet did a lot of damage. lobbyist matt mika is in critical condition after being shot several times. crystal griner is in good condition. >> take a look at this. shooting happened at the simpson stadium park in the del ray neighborhood. neighbors described it as a quiet, close knit community. >> now it is swarming with federal agents. news 4's justin finch joining us live with more on the suspect the feds say caused all of this cha chaos. justin, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, erikaerika, baseball diamond is cordoned off. hours after the shooting james hodgkinson was shot and killed by police. here is a look. we
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a home inspector from belleville, illinois. they believe he was living out of his white van parked in this area. it was seen in the ymca parking lot yesterday. from that van we saw pillows and mattresses being pulled out. the ymca is next to the baseball field where he is believed to have opened fire on the gople congressional baseball practice yesterday morning. now members of that y, maybe even local people say they saw him in the area. the fbi looking for more insights like that to figure out who hodgkinson was and why he was here. >> he traveled from his residence in illinois and we are asking and speaking with individuals who know him personally or who may have encountered him on his travels. if you have information, please t
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>> reporter: and on social media hodkinson is said to have anti-trump leaning. he's a bernie sanders presidential volunteer. sanders disavowing the violence. >> justin, thank you. president trump and the first lady spent some time with the victims and their families last night at med star washington hospital center. the president sat at congressman steve scalise's bed site side and spoke with his wife. >> house majority whip steve scalise will have to have more surgery. it broke bones in his pelvis and caused severe injuries. >> matt mika is also in critical condition. he works as a lobbyist for tyson's fo.
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congressional aide zachary bart was shot and he is out of the hospital. he took to facebook saying he was okay and recovering. >> special agent crystal griner is in good condition. she was shot in the ankle. she graduated from hood college. she's part of representative scalise's security detail. >> now the shooting has sparked calls for unity in a congress that is deeply divided. house speaker paul ryan and house minority leader nancy pelosi spoke a few hours after the incident and called for unity. they assured tonight's congressional game will go on. >> the annual event at nats park draws thousands. d.c. police say everybody will be safe at that game tonight. more than 10,000 fans are expected to attend the 108th congressional baseball game starts at 7:00 tonight. news 4's megan mcgrath will have more concerning the security measures at
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the del ray community walked together. one mother told news 4 that the field where the shooting happened is the same field her son learned to play baseball. this tragedy proves how resilient and strong neighbors can be. >> this is a story we will continue to follow. you can get the developments on air and in our nbc washington app. 5:07. megan fitzgerald at the live desk with developing news. >> bad crash and two maryland state troopers were hurt. maryland state police say the troopers were trying to catch a driver traveling in the wrong direction but one trooper crashed into the other. the road was shut down although we're told it has reopened. trooper warren tomorrhompson an trooper camille cogoyle are expected to be okay. the other driver was eventually pu o
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dui. >> megan, thank you. it is 5:08. happening today. another man whose shooting spree shocked our area and the country will be in court today. hearings for leroy malveaux's resentencing start this afternoon montgomery county. his attorney brought up the case after a federal judges recently determined that malveaux had to be resentenced. mandatory life sentences for minors are unconstitutional. malveaux was 17 at the time he was convicted. the hearings would affect malveaux's sentence, not his conviction. virginia's attorney general is appealing the decision to grant him new sentencing hearings in that state. today d.c. police are expected to take action against turkish body guards caught kicking and beating residents. this video went viral on facebook. later today mayor muriel bowser and d.c. police chief peter
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newsham will announce 7 turkish security agents will face felony charges and 5 will face misdemeanors. now to what could be a major development in the russia investigation. the washington post reports that the special counsel, robert mueller, is looking into whether president trump tried to obstruct justice. coming up, news 4's tracie potts will take a look at who the post says mueller wants to talk to as part of the investigation. and we've got temperatures right now in the mid 70s and upper 60s depending on your location. we're going to warm up today, but not quite as warm as yesterday. yesterday we made it into the low 90s, upper 80s. today into the mid to low 80s. humidity coming next. storm chances coming back tomorrow. chuck will have your forecast. plus, the congressional tradition will go on. lawmakers preparing for a
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battle. more on the event and what will be different after yesterday's shooting. plus, teaching your kids to be financially fit. learning doesn't stop after the finish schyoo
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well, temperatures today are going to be in the low to mid 80s for daytime highs. a little bit more comfortable out there than it was yesterday. the humidity moving back in overnight. the temperatures soar and we get back into the 90ed. daily chances of rain with the forecast coming up. talking about your traffic. carroll avenue at tacoma park, reopened between jefferson avenue and flower avenue. southbound 95 at 17
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we'll take a look at the beltway. a look at those travel times coming up. the gop leaders out practicing yesterday morning for the annual congressional baseball game when shots rang out. >> terrifying incident is ramping up security for tonight's congressional game at nats park where 10,000 fans are expected. news 4's megan mcgrath is live at nats park where the game will go on. megan? >> reporter: that's right. it will go on. security is always robust here at nationals park whenever there's a game. there are magnatometers, bag searches and the like and tonight will be no differ as the congressional baseball game goes forward as scheduled. yesterday peter newsham, the chief of police in washington, d.c., he was tweeting out. take a look here. he says that his department will do our part to ensure the safety of everyone attending the congressional baseball game tonight. now the gam
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10,000 people roughly attended last year, and folks who do come to the stadium, you should expect a large police presence. now this is video from one of the previous years' games here. this has been happening since the early 1900s. the game raises money for charity. now this year the capital police memorial fund has been added to the list of groups that will receive part of the proceeds. of course, without those two capital police officers returning fire yesterday, violence may have been much worse. you may have seen many more victims than all of this. they have been added to the list of organizations that will benefit from this charity game. now the gates open at 5:00 tonight and the game gets underway at 7:00. back to you. >> all right. thank you, megan. just to give you a little bit of perspective on that game, the congressional baseball game started way back in 1909. this is a way for members of both parties to come together an s
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major fundraisers over the years. this year as you heard megan mention, the capitol police memorial fund will be added to this year's beneficiaries. tonight's game will mark the 108th congressional baseball game. that game, as she also mentioned, starts at 7:00 and will be well attended i imagine. i'm megan fitzgerald. a prison riot has come to an end. our affiliates in augusta, georgia, said six correctional officers were rescued from the trenton facility in the western part of the state of south carolina. several fires were started inside that prison. we know at least one officer was air lifted to a local hospital. several other ambulances brought to the scene. right now we're told that has stabilized. golden state warriors are having a parade to celebrate their nba finals championship. prince george's county native
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series. now that he has his ring he talked about where he could go next. >> i feel as though there's no question. we'll figure it all out. >> k.d. says he'll be back with golden state again. of course, a lot of people would like to see if he would end up playing for the wizards. report said that the warriors also plan to refuse a visit to the white house. the team released a statement saying it had not received an invitation to the white house yet. it said the organization would make those decisions when and if necessary. turning now to the weather. chuck joining us with a bit of a change-up. i feel like we're, i don't know, kind of dodging the rain drops a little bit. >> yeah, a little bit. we're missing them all month long and today's rain chance will once again primarily be more of a miss than a hit here in and around the city. rain chances today focusing mainly out onto the shenandoah valley. rain chances peeking here in the city as we head towards sunday and
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rain chance. on a quiet thursday morning, skies are partly to mostly cloudy. sun will be up here shortly at 5:42 in the morning. as i mentioned, this is our earliest sunrise of the year. we get to keep it here for the next week or so. today we get 14:53 of daylight. got to love this time of the year. 73 degrees in washington with a light wind out of the southeast averaging only 6 miles per hour. that general easterly component of the wind has taken quite a bit off the edge of the temperatures. 60s in the shenandoah valley. low 70s in the d.c. metro area. a mix of clouds and sunshine here early this morning. clouds will thicken up a little bit. by later on this afternoon there could be stray showers out towards the shenandoah valley. highs in the mid to lower 80s. radar scanning the skies finding hardly a thing to worry about. here's future weather. this is the reason i think the better rain chances will be out
5:19 am
as the wind goes up the front range of the blue ridge, it does have a chance to ring out the isolated showers. around the capitol beltway, not much of a chance of a rain shower. still partly to mostly cloudy. rain chances tomorrow a little better chance to have an isolated shower or two in the city. hit and miss chances the next couple of days. only about a 30 to 40% chance between now and sunday. monday looks like it will be on the stormy side. 60% chance of rain. only day likely to be in the 90s will be on sunday. let's go over to melissa mollet and first 4 traffic. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, chuck. taking a look at the beltway. inner loop and outer loop, couple of earlier pieces of road work going on. same thing on 66 and 95. earlier road work has cleared. on 270 clear from 70 down to the spur as you're headed southbound. if you're headed northbound, would he had an earlier bit of road work han
5:20 am
80 in urbana and that has cleared out of the way. last day for safetrack surge 15. they're still closed today. taking a look at your travel times. everything looking good in maryland and virginia. erika? >> thanks, melissa. we are working for you to help your children become financially fit, from babies to teens, we brought you the tips. coming up, the advice for your older children, too. and dr. apple? tech giant is working to become your one stop shop for everything medical. new details about the program being called an itunes for health. and live pictures from the scene of yesterday's shooting of a congressman and aide our team cs.ov
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very different scene this morning at simpson field in alexandria after yesterday's shooting. two men including a congressman are in
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coming up in a few minutes news 4's justin finch will have more from the former mayor's interaction with the suspect. >> if you have a kid that's graduating from college this summer, they might be in for a big reality check when it comes to managing money. >> we all did. >> bumps and brudss along the way. >> all week long we're working with you with ways to raise financially fit kids. consumer reporter susan hogan shares tips. >> reporter: this graduation season, that means many young kids are starting their first full-time job. here are four things you need to know. number one, pay your student loans. now that you've graduated, you'll have to send money each month. missing a payment can be costly. number two, contribute to your 401 k and max it out if possible. it's never too early to start saving for retirement. number three, create an emergency
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is a good number to shoot for. >> reporter: if you lose your job or need to buy a car, you can dip into that. number four, don't be afraid to ask for help. book time with a financial adviser. you may even have access to the service for free in your new job. that is so important. don't forget to be responsible about credit. it's easy to get so far behind and all of that interest can make it even harder to catch back up. back to you. >> now we have some important information for any college grad who is looking for a job. a new study says 70% of employers are screening employees online. that means you need to look positive and professional on social media. this came from career builder.c when they did the first study, only 11% of employers looked at social media. if you're using private accounts, they say they are less likely tont
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they can't find online. >> good information there. lauren rickets, are you there? >> i'm here. i'm here and it's a gorgeous morning outside. temperatures much more comfortable than they were yesterday morning and even the days prior to that. we're in the 60s and 70s right now, but we're warming things up. humidity is coming back. it's not here today, we're talking about storm chances. that's all here in a few minutes. bill cosby due back in court again. three days of deliberations and still no verdict. new details about the evidence the jury is reconsidering coming up. and we continue to bring you the latest on the shooting during a congressional baseball practice. we will check back in with justin finch at the field where it happened when w e
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it is 5:30 now. we are bringing you live coverage of the shooting of a congressman and congressional aide at an
5:30 am
field. >> they were practicing ahead of a game that will go on tonight at nats park. we'll check in with our crews at both locations coming up in a few minutes. >> first, good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez. eun yang is on assignment. >> melissa mollet will have a check on your commute. first storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and lauren rickets are outside on the storm team 4 weather desk. hey, guys. >> hey, there. gorgeous morning. >> love it. nice breeze out here this morning. temperatures considerably cooler than the same time yesterday morning. here's a great looking shot from our city camera appearing back over the potomac towards capitol hill. look at all of that awesome color in our early sky. four things to know over the next four days. cooler than the last four days. we'll break the streak at 90 degree days.
5:31 am
sunday looks very hot and humid. soak it in today. 60s and 70s to get your day started. highs in your hometown, 80 if you live in gaithersburg. focused out across parts of the shenandoah valley. for now traffic time. let's go to melissa. >> everything into town and out of town looking good. we're not seeing anything in the way of any problems as far as any weather. you just heard how nice it's going to be. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, right now everything looking quite good here this morning. 66, 95, same situation right now. 270, wanted to show you that and then it opens back up. it's moving okay. >> melissa, thank you. a live look
5:32 am
calm fields. a stark difference from yesterday. we have team coverage of the congressional baseball game. the practice field in alexandria remains a crime scene this morning. >> steve scalise is still in the hospital in critical condition. doctors at med star washington hospital said the bullet did a lot of damage. lobbyist matt mika is in critical condition after being shot several times. special agent crystal griner is in good condition. this shooting happened at the simpson stadium park in the del ray neighborhood of alexandria. it's across the street from the ymca. news 4's justin finch joins us with the former mayor's interaction with the suspect. >> reporter: hey there, erika. good morning. that's right. the former mayor and many here in del ray,
5:33 am
of their daily routine where they stop for walks and jogs. that won't be the case today. that park remains closed off to the public and officers are here on patrol as the investigation turns up a lot more about the shooting suspect here, james hodgkinson. he is 66 years old. a home inspector from belleville, illinois, and it is believed that he was here perhaps living for quite a bit, several weeks in a white van that we did see here on scene yesterday. investigators pulling from that van a mattress, pillows, other paper materials from the back of that van. he is believed to have lived in this area for several weeks in the ymca parking lot. he saw former mayor bill euley and he said he was surprised. >> when i got word and saw the
5:34 am
was, i said, oh, my god. it's unbelievable. you sit there, you talk to someone. he's very rational, seemed rational. very pleasant. >> reporter: and former mayor euille never spoke about politics making their interactions all the more interesting. the fbi is looking for more accounts from locals in the area. we know he's recognized by locals in the area and local business owners. they're hoping their accounts can help them build a sense of who hodgkinson was. >> justin finch live in alexandria. thank you. the alexandria neighborhood where that shooting happened is trying to rebound. >> it is an incredible display of strength and resilience in the del ray community. the neighbors say this is a place where everybody knows each other. many of their kids play at simpson field where that shooting
5:35 am
last night neighbors walked through the streets to simply show they're there for one another. the police chief spoke saying his department is there to assure them everybody is safe. >> so what's important here is that you know that we're here for you. we care about you and we're going to spend time out here with you. >> that walk ended with a prayer. this is a story we will continue to follow. you can get the latest developments right here on air and in our nbc washington app. 5:35. today keep an eye on the nbc washington app for any news about bill cosby's trial for sex assault. today will be the fourth day of jury deliberation. jurors stopped after going back and listening to testimony about a police interview. in that interview cosby acknowledged giving andrea constant pills. the jury has to be unanimous of aer
5:36 am
>> we expect to learn more about otto warmbier's condition. he's been in a coma for over a year. his doctors will address his medical condition during a news conference in ohio later today. today you can help two d.c. bike police officers who were hit by a truck. this accident happened about a week ago in adams morgan. one officer recovering at home but another is still in the hospital. a fund-raiser is happening at mada adams morgan. the gentleman that hit them is charged with assault with intent to kill. obstruction of justice investigation. possible new trouble for president trump. the questions the special counsel he assigned is now asking russia investigation. plus, the federal reserve raising rates. you probably heard the
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and we're looking for a few dreamers to join us. capitol hill police immediately begin to return fi e
5:40 am
again also came and immediately began to return fire. they shot the shooter. >> that shooter, james hodgkinson was killed by police yesterday morning. house majority whip steve scalise and two others were wounded. that game will still go on. before the violence, many members of congress were looking forward to an event to honor the victims of one of the worst school shootings in u.s. history. >> the sandy hook promise champions gala recognizes people for their work in gun violence prevention and mental health and wellness. last night's event at the melon auditorium brought together lawmakers and parents of the sandy hook victims. >> sometimes unfortunately you don't think about this issue and what you can do to prevent it until it affects you personally. >> i really just want to make the world safer, more knowledgeable, more caring.
5:41 am
gala hend with violence programs. new details about the deadly high rise fire and one incredible story of survival that you will be talking about today. and those temperatures moving into the 80s today as opposed to the lower 90s. you'll walk outside, it's a little more comfortable this morning. another chance of rain showers before humidity moves back into the weekend. chuck has your full forecast coming up. and a brand-new problem at burke. shiplett boulevard and burke, a crash reported there. new this morning, a lead warning. it's something you hear about when buying a home. now concerns it could be in the food you feed your children. we have the
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5:44 am
it is 5:45 now. this is a look at t
5:45 am
baseball fields. one is in the del ray neighborhood in alexandria where the feeling of horror flows through the community that is full of families. the other field on your screen here is nats park, which will take a much different feeling tonight. and a thousand people are expected to crowd the stands at nats park for the congressional baseball game. news 4's megan mcgrath is live with what's being done to keep our leaders and the fans safe. megan? >> reporter: well, yeah. there's certainly going to be an emphasis on security here tonight at the stadium but of course there is this feeling that this game absolutely needs to happen to send a message. members of congress yesterday when they were told during a briefing that the game would go on, they gave a standing ovation. representative rodney davis saying that he thinks it should absolutely go forward, that he hopes to raise even more money for local charities than normal and says it's important t
5:46 am
this type of hate. now yesterday police chief peter newsham tweeted this out. take a look. he says, his department will do our part to ensure the safety of everyone attending the congressional baseball game. now this is video of the game from a previous year. attendance is expected to get a boost as people come together in the wake of yesterday's violence. capitol police and capitol police memorial, rather, that fund has been added to the list of charities that will share the proceeds from ticket sales. of course, those two capitol police officers who returned fire yesterday, they're being credited with saving lives so that fund has been added to the list of charities here that are going to benefit tonight. now the gates here at national park open at 5:00. the game itself begins at 7:00. back to you in the studio. >> megan mcgrath. thank you. news 4 i-team says members of congress have been asking for better protection
5:47 am
protected bubble of the u.s. capitol since may. >> had steve scalise not been there, the capitol police wouldn't have been there either. they're requesting a 2 million budget increase for leaders when they're off capitol grounds. they're asking for an increase in their budget. one republican congressman who was injured yesterday hobbled on to -- into, i should say, the conference on crutches as you see here absolutely thankful to be alive. >> we saw two people risk their lives to save the lives of others. we saw courage in the face of death and we saw examples of why all-americans should be grateful every day for law enforcement officers around this country. >> a house democratic leader tells news 4 that he is asking the speaker to launch a review of member security. decisions on whether capitol
5:48 am
office would get boosts of funding happened in late july. the sun is up and investigators are back at simpson field looking for answers in the shooting that targeted members of congress. justin finch will have an update on where that stands and why the fbi needs your help. special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation could be expanding bringing focus to president trump. >> the washington post reporting that mueller is looking into whether the president tried to obstruct justice. >> tracie potts is live on capitol hill. two questions. what actions of the president is the special counsel looking into and who does he want to speak to? >> reporter: let's talk about the special actions he wants to look into. according to this new washington post report, mueller is looking at whether or not president trump tried to obstruct justice in this russia investigation. by obstructing justice that could mean trying to influence the investigation, trying t
5:49 am
trying to shut down the investigation. and he wants to talk to some of the president's top national security officials. that would include admiral mike rodgers, the head of the national security agency, who just testified here on capitol hill. it includes the director of national intelligence, dan coats. both of them testified that they wouldn't disclose details of their private conversation with the president. they did not feel pressured to do anything wrong, but lawmakers want to know if they were even asked to intervene in this investigation. the other person that he reportedly wants to talk to, the fbi wants to talk to, is the former nsa deputy who, according to a report, chronicled the conversation between his boss and the president. >> all right. tracie potts on capitol hill. thank you. for the first time since
5:50 am
will visit the supreme court. he'll welcome new justice neil gorsuch. it comes as the high court could decide by next week whether it could allow the president's travel ban to go into effect or up old lower rulings that blocks that order. i'm megan fitzgerald at the live desk here. we are following a developing story out of somalia where at least 19 people are dead after is slam mick militants launched a car bomb. a suicide bomber rammed his car into a important hotel. now we're told five of the gunmen there were killed. back to you. >> megan, thank you. 5:50 right now. here's a look at the other top stories we're following this morning. a ups employee killed three people and then himself in san francisco. police say the man was in uniform when he started shooting
5:51 am
hundreds of people in that building were taken out. two inmates are still on the run. this is the car they say the inmates stole after they allegedly killed two corrections officers on a prison transport bus tuesday. they're now looking for a stolen white 2-door ford, f-250. they believe the inmates are still in georgia. 12 people died in a tower destroyed in london. they say there could be even more bodies inside. the fire is finally out. no word on how this started, an apartment building here. a woman dropped her baby out of a bins window in an effort to save the baby. according to witnesses she was nine stories up but someone actually caught the baby safely. few minutes shy of the 6:00 hour now. turning to the weather. chuck and lauren have been in and out of the studio. how does the cumulative humidity compare to yesterda
5:52 am
nice change of air masses we've had take place -- i'll spit it out eventually. a nice change of air masses has taken place over the next 12 hours or so. we get to be a little cooler. yesterday made four days in a row 90 or higher. that streak ends today as we will not make it anywhere near 90 degrees. sun is coming up in our eastern sky. what a beautiful sunrise. officially came up at 5:42. we are within one minute of our longest day of the year. 73 washington, 67 in gaithersburg right now. 68 in mart continuesburg, west virginia. it will be a nice day to be outside today. little bit more cloud cover than the last few days. rain chances remain fairly low, especially low in and around the city. temperatures in the upper 70s by 11:00 in the morning, mid 80s by 2:00 in the afternoon and
5:53 am
up around 85 degrees. tomorrow also relatively comfortable. temperatures right about average. average high is 84. we're right on that for tomorrow. a little bit more cloud cover tomorrow and slightly better chance coming up tomorrow. if you're starting to think about the weekend at the beaches, 80 on friday, low 80s saturday, mid 80s sunday. pretty good beach weather. sunday ocean water temperature up to 69 degrees. that's almost warm enough to swim in. 85 here at home today, 84 tomorrow. there are small rain chances each and every day between now and sunday. monday looks like the best chance for everybody to get some needed rape be fall. we haven't had hardly any rain in the month of june. it is time to go over to first 4 traffic. melissa mollet tag teaming. >> chopper 4 over a nice morning commute. no problems over bw parkway. hopefully it stays
5:54 am
shiplett boulevard at burke road, still have that crash there. in bound on 66 no major issues. two slower spots as you're looking at 95 towards quantico and woodbridge. very typical this time of day. two issues one in frederick county southbound south of st. mary's. just after point of rocks bridge, southbound lanes blocked by that stopped truck. inner loop and outer loop, no big deal there. looking good. safetrack surge 15, still have the stations closed on the orange line. it wraps up. we are nice and clear maryland and virginia. remember to listen to wtop 013.5 f.m. scary new video this morning showing someone driving the wrong way on a highway in utah. take a look at this. you can see the truck in the front here hit the brakes and the other car swerved to avoid
5:55 am
this sent vehicles spinning. luckily no one was hurt here. police say the wrong way driver ran away from the scene after all of that. the driver didn't own the car. it was loaned to the person apparently. that driver is still on the run. we all know the warnings about lead paint, but new this morning there are concerns it could be in your child's footd. it shows detectible levels of lead in the baby's packaged food. it found what it calls detectible levels of lead. though there's no information about how much or which brands are involved. the fda says the administration set a maximum daily lead intake at 6 micrograms. why not zero? the fda says that lead is in food because it's in the environment and it can't simply be removed from food. doctors are discouraging parents from worrying too much about the lead levels in baby food. >> i certainly would not recommend avoiding entire food
5:56 am
groups because of concern of exposure. >> that said the fda is currently reviewing the 6 microgram lead level. good morning, i'm courtney ragan at cnbc headquarters. apple wants to turn your phone into a one stop shop for all of your medical information. cnbc hats learned they are working on creating an itunes for health data. it will be a centralized management system for everything from medical records to prescriptions. apple is reportedly in talks with several hospitals and i.t. health firms. the federal reserve is raising interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point. >> the question many of you may be asking, how will this affect me? news 4 is working for you with the bottom line here. take a look. if you're looking to buy a house, mortgage rates will not go up. as for your student loans, federal lending rates are locked in when that loan is taken out. unless you are
5:57 am
this year, you should not see a raise. the shooting in alexandria ballpark that left a congressman critically injured. this is the man who used a high powered rifle to attack a police officer. >> still, no verdict in the sexual assault trial involving bill cosby. take a look at what happens if there's a hung jury.
5:58 am
5:59 am
the emergency calls that won't be forgotten any time soon. >> we've got team coverage of this still developing story. >> reporter: it is now day two of the alexandria shooting investigation and we're hearing more about the suspect involved and from neighbors who say they recognize him. >> reporter: the congressional baseball game will go on as scheduled tonight. what to expect if you're attending. "news 4 today" starts now. it's about 6:00 a.m. good morning, everybody.
6:00 am
i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez. we begin with the latest on weather and traffic. we'll start with weather. >> chuck and lauren are outside for us this morning. it feels a whole lot better out there, guys. >> yes, definitely. >> open window weather. i've been sealed up in the ac for days. >> only one day because we have the humidity coming back and warmer temperatures coming back as well. >> unfortunately. it is summer in washington so such is life. sun came up at 5:42. 72 in arlington, 67 though in springfield, virginia. 67 degrees in poolsville. 70 in frederick, maryland. a mix of clouds and sunshine today. afternoon highs up in the low to mid 80s. only a slight chance for a shower today mainly out in the shenandoah valley. if you're wondering about the weekend, saturday and sunday, little warmer, little more humid, storm chances saturday and sunday


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