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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 15, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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force for lawmakers and new details about what happened at an alex sand dree ali alexandri ball field. >> i'm leon harris. >> i'm wendy rieger sitting in for pat lawson muse. alexandria police say recovering all of this evidence could take several days. the fbi recovered two weapons that belonged to the shooter, they are processing a creell phe and computer that were taken from hodgkinson's van. tleefrnlg >> three shooting victims are still in the hospital. matt mika remains in the icu. his family said he suffered massive trauma after bei
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multiple times in the chest and arm. >> and mike pence visited crystal griner. she was shot in the ank. >> they also visited steve scalise who is in critical condition and will need more surgery. president trump called him a fighter. >> i visited steve and his family at the hospital last night. i reassured them the country is pulling for them, praying for them and that we are here for them every single step of the way. >> on this thursday afternoon, jul julie carey has an update on the investigation. >> and chris lawrence is at nats park where they are about to play ball. a game they can't wait to play and we can't wait to see. >> i think you said it. to give you an idea of what this baseball game means to folks on capitol hill. democrats and r
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shooting, organizers said they started selling 500 tickets an hour. now they're expecting upwards of 18,000 people here at nats park over the next couple hours. you can see the u.s. capitol police have a robust presence out here. we have seen u.s. capitol police cars and trucks posted on just about every block. there are bomb squad members with canine dogs. we've seen them on an almost continuous loop around nats park over the last hour or so. no surprise in light of what happened yesterday and the sheer numbers of congressmen and congre congresswomen who will be here at the stadium in the next couple hours. while all of this is happening here, investigators are on the scene in alexandria processing and collecting evidence at that ball field in del ray. that's where julie has been working her sources trying to get the latest information. julie, what are you
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>> chris, this investigation is so intense that alexandria residents are being asked for their extreme patience, that's because the fbi is warning now this entire area might be closed down even through the weekend as they comb over every inch of this ball field and the adjacent ymca parking lot. >> reporter: eyes to the ground looking for evidence of the barrage of bullets that wounded four and later left gunman james hodgkinson dead. the fbi says he waged his attack on a congressional baseball practice with a .9 millimeter handgun and a rifle. both appear to be legally purchased from the federal firearms dealer. they also processed the white van parked in the ymca parking lot. that's where hodgkinson has been living the last few months, sleeping there and using the showers and tvs inside the gym. in there they found a creme
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cell phone and camera and computer that they will analyze. this ymca member recalls seeing hodgkinson in the gym most mornings, using an exercise bike, not really to work out but to watch political news shows on its tv monitor. >> going back and forth between the three news shows, fox, msnbc, cnn, i'm watching them, too. being political, i'm wondering what side of the aisle is this guy on. he was clearly barking at the republican side of the aisle on these shows. >> the ymca put out its first statement today. it says hodgkinson became a ymca member on april 4th, and that he just canceled his membership on monday saying he was moving. yesterday morning they say he arrived around 5:30 a.m. staffers recall seeing him in the lobby area on his computer, but none of them remember when he left the building. it wasn't until a member stepped outside and saw hodgkinson with a gun that she came
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the statement says none of the y staffers ever noticed hodgkinson doing anything inappropriate and they never had any complaints about his behavior there. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. here are some more details about the origins and significance of that congressional baseball game. this is video from last year. but this game started all the way back in 1909 as a way for members of both parties to come together, build friendships across the aisle. over the years it has evolved into a major event. it's become a pretty big fund-raiser for folks on the hill. a lot of clarities benefy iey i benefit from the game. even before the shooting, capitol police began upgrading the security on the hill. >> that's right. as scott mcfarland reports, the changes are visible across the capitol grounds. >> reporter: in the weeks before e
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concerned about possible security vulnerabilities, including outside the capitol building itself. more plainclothes officers were deployed and more canine units. the chief says that's to keep dangerous people further from the grounds and further from the thousands of people who work and visit here. other changes happening inside, including inside the rayburn office house garage. the installation of new metal detectors and more screening stations there. to be sure all the people in the cars and garage are well screened. as of last week, u.s. capitol police are deployed inside the o'neill federal building another block south of the capitol on the house side of the capitol. federal workers are inside that building. now there's a robust capitol police presence to protect them. are wrider changes needed far from washington, d.c.? there are more calls from that today. we'll tell you about that tonight on new
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we have a flash survey for you on this survey. what do you think will change after yesterday's shooting? do you think there will be increased security? do you think people will tone down the rhetoric? do you think we're dreaming and nothing will happen? go ahead to the facebook page and weigh in. james hodgkinson had been seen at a flenearby restaurant before the shooting. for more go to the app and search gop shooting. carroll county, maryland here. a massive fire is burning. this is a commercial building in mt. airy. fight fighters are trying to douse those flames. it's not clear if anyone is hurt or was inside the building when the fire broke out. we're also following
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news here in the district. >> the long-time activist and former council member jim graham passed away today. you probably remember jim, you have to. there is jim with his signature look, always wearing a bowtie, colorful spectacles, but well before he served his four terms representing ward 1 on that counsel, graham was a long-time lbgt advocate. he zefr eserved as the first di of whitman walker in the early days of the hiv and aids epidemic. jim graham was just 71 years of age. now some breaking news. golf lovers, this is what you call a hazard. this is all that is left of a blip that crashed at the u.s. open. this chopper video shows the blimp still on fire after it crashed on a field. this didn't happen on the course, it was about a half mile
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course. an official with the company that operates the blimp says the pilot is okay but is in the hospital. they say the pilot did not parachute to safety. he rode the blimp down to the ground and the propane tank exploded when he hit the ground. but the pilot is safe once again. no word on what caused that crash. now in northern virginia, leesburg police can't to know if you know anything about a missing woman and her two kids. family members reported angela crespo and her two children more than a month ago. police believe they may all be in mexico now. family members are concerned because they have not heard from him. developing now, the jury in the bill cosby sex assault trial was sent back to the jury room and told to try to reach a verdict. earlier today the jury said it is deadlocked and cannot reach a verdict. e
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try again. the judge sent a note to the judge this morning saying they cannot come to a yew flunanimou consensus on any of the counts. the charges against cosby carry up to ten years in prison. we are keeping an eye on that jury room. developments there at the courthouse. we'll have the latest in a live report in the next half hour. over to storm team 4. the sun may be shining where you are now, by the end of the evening some folks out there could see stormy weather. doug and amelia, you're standing by in the storm center keeping a close eye on this. what's the word? most of the storms today we said would stay back towards the blue ridge and the shenandoah valley. that's where we are expecting them. the rest of us are feeling cooler. >> as soon as we get a break from the humidity t builds back in over the weekend. going over the forecast today, it is starting to improve.
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ten-day forecast. a few chances of storms. right now, 84 degrees in d.c. easterly flow. 70 in ocean city. the last couple of days was in the 80s. 84 in west virginia. there is a line of storms, some severe weather into pennsylvania. this line down here will try to make its way into the shenandoah valley. that's something we will watch out for. but most of us will remain on the dry side tonight. storm chances on the increase moving into the day tomorrow. the heat returns into the weekend. we have that father's day forecast for you. then the best rain chances in the next ten days, actually coming in early next week. we'll talk about that as well. talk about all of it. i'll be back in about 1015 minutes. >> okay. >> the man behind the beltway sniper shootings could have his life sentence thrown out. we're hearing what one of his victims has to say about that. and a virginia college student thrown in jail in north korea and sent home in a coma. doctors give us an update. we're also hear from his heartbroken family for t
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and a story you can't miss if you or someone you know has little kids. which baby foods could have higher levels of lead? and keep it here, because we're giving you news and weather even during the break. >> check out storm team 4 and a look at the trending stoes onri
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outside the turkish ambassador's residence last month. arrest warrantses now issued for nine turkish security agents and three turkish police officers and two canadians. d.c. police want these people to surrender and face american justice. the violent attack on protesters during an official visit by turkey's president strained the relationship between the u.s. and turkey more than it already was. nine people were hurt. four other suspects have been arrested. first at 4:00, his role in the beltway sniper shootings terrorized the area and left ten people dead. >> but a judge is deciding whether lee boyd malvo's sentence is constitutional or ought to be thrown out. chris gordon is in the courtroom right now waiting for the decision. earlier today he talked with the sniper's first victim to get reaction to the developments. >> reporter: the sniper
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parking lot in clinton, maryland. the owner of what was then the margalina restaurant left for the day. when he got to his car, he was shot five times by a gunman he would later learn was teenager lee boyd malvo. the shooter robbed his bag with $3600 and his laptop. he says he later learned the money was used to buy the sniper's car and his laptop was used to track each of the sniper shootings. i asked him how he feels about the malvo's mandatory life sentence could be changed and some day he could be released from prison. >> i wasn't shocked to hear it but it's troubling that it came up this soon really. i thought it would -- might come up, but in the distant future. >> malvo's lawyers argue that his mandatory life sentence is unconstitution
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because the u.s. supreme court subsequently ruled that a juvenile cannot be sentenced to life without the possibility of paro parole. back to you. >> thank you. relief and outrage from the family of a university of virginia student just released by north korea. otto warmbier returned to his homestate of ohio this week. he was in a coma. doctors in cincinnati just talked about his condition. they said warmbier suffered a severe neurological injury and extensive loss of brain tissue. his father called the release bitter sweet. >> what did i say to my son? i knelt down by his side and i hugged him. i told him i missed him. i was so glad he made it home. earlier this year the uva undergrad confessed to stealing a propaganda poster while visiting to north korea. for that he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. fred warmbier called north korea a pariah regime, brutal a
4:18 pm
terroristic and he does not believe their version of the story about how his son lapsed into the coma. >> even if you believe their explanation of botulism and a sleeping pill causing the coma, and we don't, there is no excuse for any civilized nation to have kept his condition secret and denied him topnotch medical care for so long. >> warmbier's father went on to question whether the obama administration could have done more to try to free his son. rebel wilson is claiming a major victory in a defamation lawsuit against a global magazine. the pitch perfect actress sued bower media after it published a series of articles saying she lied about her real name, age and some childhood experiences. wilson said the stories cost her acting jobs and damaged her career. >> i felt that i had to take a stand. i had to stand up to a bully. a huge media organization,
4:19 pm
took me down in may of 2015 with a series of grubby and false articles. >> the jury ruled unanimously in her favor. in news 4 your health, after a dramatic rise, e-cigarette use appears to be declining among teens. that's according to the centers for disease control and prevention. the number of teen e-cigarette users dropped 11% in the past year. in 2016, for the first time both vaping and smoking rates went down. cdc says a combination of anti-smoking ads is reducing the smoking rates. another possibility source of lead exposure for your children is out there. >> a new report found detectable levels of lead in baby foods. researchers looked at the data
4:20 pm
some fruit juices, in root vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes and even in some teething cookies. but there was no information about how much lead was detecteded or which brands were involved. still health experts say there's no need to panic. >> i certainly would not recommend avoiding entire food groups because of a concern of lead exposure. root vegetables are a healthy choice for babies. >> lead can have an impact on a child's brain development but the fda does allow for trace amounts of it in the food supply. simply because it is a natural part of our environment. storm team 4 track the development or the chance thereof of showers and stormy weather in the area. all depends on where you are. >> green coming through. doug is coming in to tell u
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>> got a father's day weekend coming up. >> you are ready to be surprised and pampered? >> i'm expecting a tie. >> wow. that's different. >> with us, if we are pampered, we are surprised. >> yes. that's right. we still got my son's baseball game. i'm like it's father's day. there's a baseball game. but what better thing to do with your kids on father's day than play baseball. it will be hot for f
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right now nice weather, really nice afternoon. considering that we're coming off the first real heat wave of the season. temperatures today much cooler and even looks nicer outside. temperatures sitting at 84 degrees. winds out of the east at 12 miles per hour. that easterly flow kept temperatures cooler. especially towards the east where we have 81 in huntington. 85 in culpeper. 88 right now in leesburg. as far as the rain chances go, most of us will stay dry tonight. look at the radar. almost nothing here. the exception is just to the soit south of winchester. these storms are moving up to the north and moving across the frederick county line right now. look at the wider picture. i'm also tracking a line. there's two lines, one here, one back to the west this has severe weather with it around pittsburgh. tracking this line that will meander off to the east. it may impact parts of the shenandoah valley, maybe the blue ridge over the
4:25 pm
three hours. not expecting them in the d.c. metro area at all. future weather times this out. here's 6:00, not much going on in d.c. shower backs to the west. they move east and die out. that's what we expect. tomorrow, we wake up, we'll see some clouds. in is overdone as far as the cloud cover is concerned. 1:00 we see showers. during the afternoon we'll see scattering of showers. by 5:00, a better chance of showers and a couple of thunderstorms. some of those could be on the strong side. 8:00 tomorrow night on this computer model, giving it to us here around portions of northern virginia. we'll be watching this closely. if you have plans tomorrow evening, probably a good idea to take that umbrella with you. high temperatures tomorrow, up to 87. sun and clouds. more humid. scattered afternoon thunderstorms. the humidity works in during the day on saturday and sunday. tomorrow's storm impacts, not much. the digest impa
4:26 pm
rainfall. hail. it's all about the rainfall tomorrow. on saturday, high of 88. afternoon thunderstorms. on sunday, high of 93 degrees. that's your hazy, hot and humid day. we have a chance of an afternoon storm on father's day. most of shous should remain on dry side. monday, temperatures around 87. >> thank you. a celebration in the streets. but will this party continue in washington? why one tradition is far from certainty. and a live look now at nationals park where lawmakers are about to come together in a way we haven't seen in years. we'll get an update on the
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i'm chris lawrence down at nats park where we are waiting for the gates to open in just about an hour. here is what has changed since we talked to you just about 30 minutes ago. we have learned this event is blowing away expectations. we've now learned that they have raised well over $1 million for
4:30 pm
traditional charities like the local boys and girls clubs in d.c., but also the u.s. capital police memorial fund as well. double what they raised last year. they're now expecting about 20,000 people here in the next couple hours. to give you perspective on what that means, the nats on average, the actual ballclub draws about 30,000 this will be well above what is typical for this game. it means a lot to the folks that we talked to in terms of bringing republicans and democrats together, in terms of the sense of unity. as we've been standing out here, you know, there's no escaping the fact of what happened yesterday. we have seen a lot of security. the u.s. capitol police are posted on just about every corner. we've seen the bomb squad and k9 dogs in an almost continuous loop around nats park trying to make sure this area is
4:31 pm
no surprise when you think of the number of congressional members who are going to be here this evening. on the other side of town, in alexandria, investigators are still on the scene there both at the ball field and at the ymca next door. they've been collecting evidence, bullet fragments from that scene. and trying to retrace the steps to try to find out exactly why this shooting took place. we'll stay on top of this story and bring you more from down here at nats park. wendy, back to you. fofrnlg . >> thanks, chris. >> i would argue that the president has unleashed -- not totally, but partially to blame for demons that have been unleashed. not for what happened yesterday, but the fact you have the top guy saying i wish i could hit you in the face.
4:32 pm
we ought to call it as such. >> the demons that have been unleashed. that's south carolina congressman mark sanford weighing in on the ballpark shooting. troy johnson is here with today's talk around town. let's talk about these demons that have been released. what are your listeners telling you about what they think is behind the motivation that we had to watch yesterday. >> what was first on their mind, a lot of people concerned about congressman scalise and the other victims of yesterday's attack. of course praying for their families. but they're upset about the kind of rhetoric that came out right after this event was happening. they were saying this is the kind of politics that kept washington divided for a long time. expressed by politicians just hours after an absolutely horrific situation. people were saying it was disgusting for many to see. especially when you see the president saying this is a time for unity. they were also proud of the two
4:33 pm
griner and david bailey. they were saying these are real heroes who stepped in harm's way and thinking about the fact if they had not been here, this could have been a different situation. >> absolutely. what did they tell you about what they think is going to happen going forward? did they tell you they expect a change or a lasting change in this town because of all of this? >> they're concerned because if you think before this baseball game being a hinge in the change of the dialogue, that puts a lot of stress on one game. people say this university will unity will be created in that situation. so will folks take this as a sense of unity or move on to something else. >> your listeners also keeping an eye on home boy, kevin durant and the warriors. they had their parade today. the question in the air is whether or not the warriors will come here. as i understand it,
4:34 pm
been saying they don't want to come to visit trump in the white house here. there's some dispute about whether every player is on board, but your listeners have any views on this? >> people are saying good for them. they don't find it hard to understand with, as you mentioned, several players publicly saying they may not want to come to the white house. some chrriticized president tru, steph curry made some statements. >> steve kerr. >> steve kerr said some things as well. they're saying the big deal is about what you're seeing now, the celebration that you're seeing today. as you mentioned, kevin durant made some comments yesterday as well about this. he says that decision is a long way away. we're still trying to celebrate, still trying to figure out -- >> so he's being michael jordan on this thing. he's trying to walk the line. he has not yet said whether or not he thinks they should. >> he says he has an opinion but
4:35 pm
together and have a conversation about it in their own time. right now they wanted to enjoy the championship. >> one last thing, there was a similar conversation when the new england patriots won the super bowl earlier this year. now, you have something on that. >> i do. i had a chance to speak with david steele today a sports writer. he tells me in the age of outspoken athletes, we are not seeing anything new today. >> i think people who have some sort of objections to this might need to think about the number of individual athletes over the previous eight years during barack obama's administration who made their choice to stay away. made their choices publicly and clearly known. but athletes are and have been showing themselves as people who are not afraid to ability like american citizens who are exercising the rights that they're entitled to like everybody else. >> imagine that. athletes can do what we can do,
4:36 pm
championship. whether you like it or not, they'll make their decision. >> and they will get paid a lot more money do it. wendy? >> we have new developments in the investigation into russian interference into the presidential campaign. the investigation has widened. it now includes the present-day actions of president trump and whether he may have obstructed justice. blaiyne alexander is working ths story. >> reporter: for months now president trump made it known that he is not personally under investigation. but now it appears that may be changing. >> beginning today, i'd like to -- >> reporter: in a major development in the russia investigation, news that it is now expanding to include questions about president trump himself and possible obstruction of justice. >> mr. president, do you believe you are under investigation. >> reporter: no answer from the president when questioned by reporters. earlier on twitter he cal
4:37 pm
witch hunt in american political history. they made up a phony collusion with the russian story, found zero proof. now they go for obstruction of justice on the phony story. nice. nbc news confirmed that robert mueller will interview nsa chief mike rogers and national intelligence director dan coates who testified behind closed doors today on capitol hill. legal experts say the new focus could be a game changer. what is different about this? this is a huge development because the investigation is no longer exclusively focused on a presidential campaign and concerns about collusion. now the investigation is looking at the sitting president of the united states. >> the president's legal team slammed the leak of the story address outrageous and illegal. >> with the shooting ises of university echoing across washington, still
4:38 pm
investigation running its course. >> it's not a witch hunt. he has a job to do. >> reporter: an investigation with questions now reaching into the oval office. mueller could speak with those intelligence heads as early as next week. >> thank you. it's like itunes for your health. first at 4:00, why your phone couldoon be s t
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march. this afternoon these are home to houses of bees. the university will study the bees and their honey as they try to fight their endangerment. >> very happy. we have 12 hives inside and they have a lot of progress. if we have bees that are thriving at a landfill, it's a great indicator that our environment is in good shape. >> reporter: there are more than 100 species of bees in virginia. i did not know that. researchers are hoping to use this information from the project to educate the public on the importance of these pollenators. if you want to go inside the hive in search of the queen bee, search bees in the nbc washington app. >> you do it, tell me about it. >> i'll tweet. >> that stuff freaks me out. seven men and five women trying to come to a decision about whether or not to convict bill
4:43 pm
with a look at what happens next. this horrific fire has killed more than a dozen and left hundreds without a home. it left people missing. why the search for clues could turn this into
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. lots of people weighing in on social media as a jury works to break a deadlock in the sex the assault case against comedian bill cosby. >> it is a story that has cosby fans conflicted. chris pollone is outside the courthouse in pennsylvania. there's a good chance they'll come back deadlocked again. then what? >> it sure looks that way. this jury has been looking at the evidence and testimony for more than 35 hours now. they got this case monday night and they've been working 12-hour days since. this morning they went to the judge and said we cannot come to a unanimous decision on any one of the three counts that
4:47 pm
faces. so what does that mean? the judge gave them what's usually called an allen charge or dynamite charge, basically giving them a kick saying go back in that jury room. we have faith in you. we think you can get this done. they've been working for the last six hours trying to reach a verdict. in at least one count they have to find a unanimous verdict in one count of the three for this trial to come to an end. it doesn't appear that's happening at this point. we hope to get an update at some point tonight to see how far along they have come. cosby is being tried for a 2004 incident that happened at his home near here. cosbyaintains it was a consensual encounter with his associate, andrea constand, prosecutors say cosby drugged her and assaulted her. if they can't reach a decision, the d.a. will have to decide if he wants to retry cosby. i'm chr
4:48 pm
the cosby case is inspiring a change to the law in the district. >> jim hanley has more on that news story as we work for you on 5. >> as that jury deliberates, the fate of cosby outside of philadelphia, lawmakers in the district are trying to decide whether to make a change to the law on sex crimes seagraves has. and tonight at 5:00, a story you'll want to see if you're moving any time soon. it involves a family who moved from tokyo to maryland. but their furniture didn't make it what happened after the nbc 4 responds team got involved in this interflash nall shipping nightmare. we'll have more on the weekend weather, too, from doug cammer. i'll join wendy in a few for news 4 at 5:00. back to you for now. >> all right. >> thanks. >> now that you mentioned that weather, we find out right now what's going on
4:49 pm
4. >> che >> getting a break from the intense heat. four-day heat wave only in the mid 80s right now. but it looks like the heat wants to return along with the thunderstorms. >> saturday with a chance of storms, father's day looking better now. >> will be hot. nice conditions across our region. again temperatures much cooler. 84 degrees. lower humidity, storms well west. these should be 7 p.m. 77 degrees, mainly dry in the d.c. metro. mild around 11:00 tonight. looking okay out there for the evenings. no rain in the immediate area. you have to go way back to the west to see that rain. we're watching a line of storms now developing right in here. trying to move towards the shenandoah. we have a few more storms around the shenandoah, they fizzle out. we don't think they'll get across the mountains. you will not need the umbrella tonight. strong to s
4:50 pm
with this line right around the pittsburgh area. tomorrow a better chance for storms. if you're heading to the pool, good time do it. 79 degrees, nice and mild. 84 by 2:00. by late afternoon, mid 80s. a bit more humid. a better chance of showers and thunderstorms. one of those days where you go to the pool around 4:00, 5:00, you have to get out, wait for the storm to pass, then get back in. that's something we're watching. that's your pool forecast for friday. what about the weekend? amelia and i have been looking at that. she has more right over there. >> thanks. sorry about the a.m. on that graphic. i'll fix that. as we look at how the weather is impacting your weather, making that tee time with dad, you want to do so during the first half of the day on saturday or pretty much any time on sunday. heading to the beach, looking good. getting to that forecast in a moment. sunday brunch, hot, humid and dry. perfect weekend to take a shaded hike out there. if you're heading to the beach, looking good for that.
4:51 pm
the water temperature now close to 70 on sunday. a mix of clouds and sun. upper 70s once again. if you're staying at beach on monday or driving back, could be driving through some thunderstorms, 79. doug, we were look at the forecast for sunday. yesterday it looked like a few thunderstorms around. today it's looking better out there. >> yeah. we can't rule out an isolated shower or thunderstorm for father's day. most of the activity happening on monday. tomorrow, a slight chance on saturday, much better on monday. look at sunday. 93. let's take you through this and show bhau tyou what the day wil like. hot and humid. heat index in the upper 90s. it will be hot if you're thinking about grilling out. isolated storm possible. once again most of the day looks dry. we'll watch tomorrow storms and again your monday storms. all in all, not a bad ten-day forecast. >> not too bad. >> with those temperatures you have te
4:52 pm
cars, troopers rescued a young child and a dog who got locked into one in new jersey. a woman went to open the driver's side door of her car, when she looked inside she saw the passenger seat and her key there's and realized the dog do were logged with the dog and kid inside. she called 911. troopers showed up and broke the window. >> i would have just thrown a brick through my window. >> yeah. this week we're working for you on ways to raise financially fit children. >> susan hogan with the keys to success for graduates launching their careers. >> it's graduation season that mean misyoung kids are starting their first full-time job. here are four things you need to know. ♪ number one, pay your student loans. now that you graduated, you'll have to send money each month. missing a payment can be costly. number two, contribute
4:53 pm
401(k) and max it out if possible. it's never too early to start saving for retirement. number three, create an emergency fund. >> i think six months of fixed expenses is a good kind of gauge or good number to shoot for. >> ifyou lose your job or need to buy a new car, you can dip into that instead of credit. tip four, never be afraid to ask for help. you may even have access to this service for free through your new job. and don't forget to be responsible about credit. it's easy to get so far behind and all of that interest can make it harder to catch back up. back to you. >> thanks. superstar support after that horrific fire at that london high rise. adele makes an emotional visit as investigators search to learn why that fire spread so fast. >> this is news 4 first at 4:00.
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just hours after a firet fire torched a 24-story building, adele showed up to give her support. witnesses describe people looking out of their apartments as that blaze took off in horror. one woman dropped her baby from a tenth floor window into the arms of someone down below. the baby survived. this has now
4:57 pm
criminal investigation. >> reporter: london police say they launched a criminal investigation into the fire. british prime minister theresa may visiting the scene this morning. she's ordered a full public inquiry into that inferno as questions grow about whether this tragedy was preventable. >> we need to know what happened. we need to have an explanation of this. we owe that to the families, to the people who lost loved ones, friends, and the homes in which they lived. >> reporter: there was no centralized alarm system. residents were told to stay put and the residents association of the building says it warned about the risk of fire for years. but they claim the concerns were ignored by the local counsel. today more grief and anguish as police confirmed 17 deaths. that number is expected to rise significantly as many people remain unaccounted for. searching the building itself is expected to take weeks, possibly even months. in part that's because the
4:58 pm
drones to survey apartments and they've been able to peek in through doorways but not a comprehensive search for victims. so many families today remain without word of loved ones as questions about how this fire was able to spread so quickly and continue to grow. >> the news continues now with jim and wendy. tonight on news 4 at 5:00, the game goes on. a push for unity on the ball field. and new details about the evidence being gathered now in that attack on a congressional baseball practice. >> also the loss of an i ccon d anded a vo vand an advocate for the city's underserved. and the latest from the
4:59 pm
trying to get his sentence thrown out. >> the fbi says it is examining the electronics including a phone, computer and camera found in the shooter's van. >> a lot happening on this day after as investigators comb that baseball field for evidence. members of congress are getting ready to play ball. in just a couple of hours. we have team coverage with julie and chris laurence. >> first we want to tell you how the victims are doing. house majority whip steve scalise remains in critical condition at the hospital a source telling nbc news that scalise has undergone three surgeries and could require even more. he was shot in the hip. the bullet apparently traveled across his pelvis, fracturing bones and causing internal bleeding. both the president and the vice president visited the hospital where scalise is being treated. >> also in critical condition, tyson foods lobbyist mat
5:00 pm
his family saying he's currently in the icu and needs assistance to breathe. they say he'll also need additional surgeries. mika is said to be alert and communicating through notes. and capitol police special agent crystal griner remains at med star washington hospital center. you can see her in this picture over the shoulder of congressman scalise. griner was shot in the ankle during the shooting. she is said to be in good condition. >> congressman roger williams and a staffer, zack barth were both on the field when the shooting began. on "the today show" bart tah tad about being shot and trying to stay alive. >> they started shooting at me. i was pinned down in right field. at that point i was struck in the leg, and made a run for it. running for my life. got into the dugout. i was


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