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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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his family saying he's currently in the icu and needs assistance to breathe. they say he'll also need additional surgeries. mika is said to be alert and communicating through notes. and capitol police special agent crystal griner remains at med star washington hospital center. you can see her in this picture over the shoulder of congressman scalise. griner was shot in the ankle during the shooting. she is said to be in good condition. >> congressman roger williams and a staffer, zack barth were both on the field when the shooting began. on "the today show" bart tah tad about being shot and trying to stay alive. >> they started shooting at me. i was pinned down in right field. at that point i was struck in the leg, and made a run for it. running for my life. got into the dugout. i was
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trying to keep my head down. i'm okay. i'm very blessed to be alive. thank goodness for agents bailey and griner. without them there would have been tremendous loss of life. >> just one of a number of young people on that field yesterday. barth was released from the hospital yesterday. we are learning more about that gunman. his interactions with those in alexandria and we learned more about the guns he used in this attack. our northern virginia bur eau chief julie carey is live from del ray. >> dozens of fbi investigators just covering this area. they just headed home a short while ago. the fbi warning tonight that they may keep this area closed off and continue this intense investigation through the weekend. fbi investigators seem to be leaving no area of simpson field untouched.
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after james hodgkinson ambushed a congressional baseball practice. the barrage of gunfire intense. he wounded four before he was killed by officers. investigators say hodgkinson was armed with a handgun and assault rifle. both it appears legally purchased. they also processed the white van parked in the ymca parking lot. that's where hodgkinson has been living for the last few months. sleeping there and using showers and tvs in the ymca. inside the van they found a camera, cell phone and computer that they will analyze. already via social media they saw hodgkinson was angry with president trump and republicans. this ymca member recalls seeing hodgkinson in the gym most mornings, using an exercise bike, not really to work out but to watch political news shows on its tv monitor. >> going back and forth between the three news shows, fox, msnbc, cnn, i'm watching them, too.
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guy on. he was clearly barking at the rmen side of the aisle. >> reporter: last sunday hodgkinson gruffly asked him to make way for an exercise bike. >> it wasn't the del ray way. hey, do you mind if i use the bike. it was like, hey, you're in my way. i need to use this bike. >> reporter: now the ymca windows bear the marks of gunfire. the y issued a statement saying hodgkinson became a member on april 4th, but that he canceled his membership on monday saying he was moving. yesterday morning they say he arrived around 5:30 a.m. staffers recall seeing him in the lobby area on his computer, but they didn't see him leave the building. around 7:00 a.m. they called 911 when a member stepped outside and saw him with the gun. now the ymca staff says they never noticed hodgkinson doing anything inappropriate or doi
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concern. they had no complaints about him from other members. coming up at 6:00, we will hear directly from that ymca member who was one of the first to step out the door yesterday and see the gunman firing on the ball field. back to you in the studio. >> so many stories still to come. julie, thank you very much. lawmakers are getting set to play ball tonight. that game will go on as planned. in fact, ticket sales have skyrocketed in the wake of yesterday's shooting. chris lawrence continues our team coverage from nats park. we're just about a couple hours away now from the first pitch. >> reporter: exactly. they're going to open the gates here to the public in about 30 minutes. you mentioned the ticket sales. boy. organizers say in the moments after that shooting, they started selling about 500 tickets an hour, which means they're expecting more than 20,000 people here tonight. to put that in perspective, the nats themselves usually draw abou
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let's give you a live look inside the park right now. preparations are underway to start playing ball here in about two hours. one of the things to keep an eye on, there was some talk, a lot of talk on social media that maybe they should combine teams, republicans, democrats coming together, not on opposite sides, mixing the teams. but they won't go that far. keep an eye on the colors. normally everybody wears a jersey from their home district or state. this time they'll all be wearing lsu colors, louisiana state university. that's where representative steve scalise graduated from. he's a die-hard louisiana fan. so out of solidarity with him, to support him, everybody is going to be wearing that. we've seen a robust security presence here. d.c. police as well as u.s. capitol police on the grounds. we've seen the bomb squad with k9 dogs walking the perimeter almost constantly for the past couple
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when we talked about the ticket sales, what does that mean? it will impact a lot of folks here in our area. they have now raised well over 1 $1 million. it is double what they got last year. it's going to go to some of the traditional charities like the boys and girls club but also the u.s. capitol police memorial fund as well. we'll be heading inside the ballpark in the next couple minutes. we'll bring you updates from nats park. chris lawrence, live on news 4. back to you. >> chris, thank you very much. stay with us for more on this story. coming up in the next half hour, scott mcfarland looks at some of the security changes up on capitol hill. >> and we have a developing story this afternoon. leesburg police need your help. they want to know if you know anything about a woman missing with her two kids. family members report andrea varella crespo and her two children have been missing for more than a month. police believe they may be in mexi
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because they have not heard from her. this evening we are also remembering a legend in local politics. former council member jim graham has passed away. >> long before he represented ward 1, graham had been known for his activism on behalf of the lgbt community. >> tom sherwood covered graham for years. he joins us now with more. >> you have to remember basically two things about him. his council life and his life before that. with the council he was always for the poor, infirmed, homeless, people in need. he made that part of his life. he represented ward 1, which is the middle of the city. the smallest ward, but as he liked to say the most diverse ward. so he was very popular. he would advocate lower bus charges and things like that. prior to the council, he made a name for himself as head of the whitman walker clinic for nearly 17 years. this is back in the
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hiv/aids was wreaking havoc across the country. he built this whitman walk near a major operation that got funding, got people help. people couldn't get food or medicines or anything. he was a leader on that. i got liz lelizabeth taylor -- building on 14th street says elizabeth taylor on the board because she helped out here. they have a brand-new building on 14th street because i talked to the people there today, they said without jim graham this would not have happened. >> we were so sorry to hear it. it was so unexpected. >> he had a bacterial infection. he went very quickly. he lost lots of weight and he didn't make it. >> bless his heart. just 71? >> 71. >> young guy. he did set the bar on school specs. >> and the bowties. >> i have a story at 6:00, we have him in the bowtie,ri
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volkswagen. saw that. thank you, tom. doug, how is the weather? >> today, wendy, weather is good out there. pretty nice. we're looking at some partly cloudy skies, sunshine. temperatures today much cooler, in the low 80s. exactly where they should be. average high temperatures, 84. where is our number? 84. 84 hagerstown. 82 richmond. ocean city, 70 degrees. we have that onshore flow. with that we're seeing a bit in the way of cooler weather, lower dew points and humidity. tracking a line of storms to the west that will try to make their way into the shenandoah valley. most of us remaining dry. storm chances will be increasing during the day tomorrow. the heat returns into the weekend. we'll talk about that father's day forecast. i'll show you when we have the best chance for rain in the next ten days. all of that coming up in 10, 15 minutes. he was half of the team that carried out the beltway sniper shootings in
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today lee boyd malvo is trying to get his sentence reduced. we'll have reaction from his first victim. and he came home from north korea in a coma. now the parents of detainee otto warmbier are giving details on his condition. the changes to a law being sought by a d. woman and the .c
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the president is blasting new reports that special council robert mueller is looking into whether trump tried to obstruct justice in the russian investigation. the president calling it the greatest witch hunt in american political history. a former intelligence official is telling nbc news that mueller will interview the director of national intelligence, daniel coat coates and
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rogers. mueller wants to ask about conversations they had with the president and whether the president asked them to publicly deny evidence of collusion between his campaign and russia. we're hearing from the family of otto warmbier, the american college student released by north korea. is he now back in this country. but remains in a coma. opt officials tell us he suffered a severe neurological event. chris clackum has the latest. >> reporter: the family of 22-year-old ohio native otto warmbier are beyond happy he's home though still in a coma after 17 months in a north korean prison. >> we're thrilled our son is on american soil. >> reporter: wearing the same coat his son wore in a north korean courtroom, otto's father said the family was not told until last week that he had been in a coma for over a year. they also
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korea that botulism and a sleeping pill caused it. >> there's no excuse for any civilized nation to have kept his condition secret and denied him topnotch medical care for so long. >> reporter: the university of virginia student had been on a tour of the reclusive country when in january of 2016 he was detained for stealing a propaganda poster from his hotel and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. >> otto is held as a war criminal. they termed his confinement as war criminal. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: medical officials at the cincinnati hospital say he suffered extensive loss of brain tissue, but can't say what caused it. >> we have no certain or verifiable knowledge of the cause or circumstances of his neurological injury. >> reporter: the family asked doctors not to comment on otto's prognosis for the tu
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jurors in the bill cosby sex assault trial say they are trying to work through a deadlock. they told the judge in pennsylvania today they cannot come to a unanimous agreement on any of the three charges. that judge sent them back to the jury room today to keep trying. they're deliberating for four days now. accuser andrea constant claims cosby drugged her and assaulted her. cosby claims it was consensual. if jurors can't reach a verdict, the judge could declare a mistrial then it's up to prosecutors to decide whether to retry cosby or drop the charges. >> reporter: lawmakers in the district are debating on whether to change the local sexual assault laws. as mark seagraves reports, it's partly because of the cosby trial. >> across the board -- >> reporter: at times the discussion was spirited. as
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members why they should or should not eliminate the statute of limitations on sex abuse crimes. >> the potential consequences for innocent persons falsely accused of these crimes are devastating. >> reporter: the american civil liberties union of d.c. is against eliminating the statute of limitations for criminal or civil cases of sex abuse. the catholic church supports eliminating limits on criminal charges, but thinks eliminating the limits on civil cases is not fair. >> the archdiocese supports legislative efforts that are truly aimed at keeping children safe. but retroactively eliminating the statute of limitations on civil lawsuits against private organizations will not meet this goal. >> reporter: charlotte fox is one of many women who have accused bill cosby of assaulting sn them. >> the next thing i remember is waking up in a bed. it was not consensuaconsensual. >> reporter: is
5:18 pm
and jerry sandusky that led to the rethinking of the time limit. victims, like c.t. wilson who helped extend the statute of limitations in maryland. >> there's no way i can describe of being beaten and sodomized day after day. you have to break the cycle. silence is an abuser's greatest weapon. >> reporter: it could be months before legislation comes before the counsel for a vote. in the district, mar segraves, news 4. a live look outdoors. storm team 4 with a look at what's ahead in our forecast. could we see some rain to cool us off? a restaurant in our area is the feature of a documentary that's getting a lot of attention. how the project camge
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and bwhy it's a good one for foodies. >> on this father's day i think about my dad who was an airline pilot. he taught us to love weather. to really appreciate all the forces at work up in the heavens. that a thunderstorm is like an opera. my gosh, to watch a cold front come through. i can't look up at the sky now without thinking of my
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>> all right. doug joins us now. we have a case of the giggles. i tell you, we did get a cooler day compared to yesterday. didn't we? >> it's really nice. >> it was beautiful no air conditioning today. >> you know what would be nice? >> in the mountains. >> the mountains looking good the river very nice today. down there by the bay looking good the weather today about as good as it gets in the month of june. average high temperature, 84. outside, we g
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84 degrees. winds out of the southeast at 12 miles per hour. as we move on through the afternoon, really looking nice. do not expect showers or storms as you move in. you sure? i'm going to be dark. i can tell i'm dark. hey! let there be light! hi, everybody. all right. 81 degrees in gaithersburg. 85 in manassas. 86 in leesburg. yeah. the sun shining brightly across our area today. bright enough that the kids at silverbrook elementary, they had me in to talk about the weather. they had recess and their fourth grade party tomorrow. they should get it in. they're worried about storms late in the afternoon tomorrow. that's the left side of the group there. you just saw the right side. there's the left side. have to get both sides. they wanted one in the middle, but that's overkill, don't you think? hi to silverbrook and the fourth graders there. back to the west, we are tracking the storms into west virginia,
5:24 pm
they may come into shenandoah valley. some of these may die off as we move on to the east. severe storms in pennsylvania. that's about it. future weather times it out well. 6:00, these storms move in. they're kind of gone. just shower activity remaining back towards the blue ridge. the rest of us dry. tomorrow, a bit of a different story. we start out with cloud cover. i think we'll see sunshine tomorrow, too. the clouds are overdone on the model. giving us in the way of shower activity during the afternoon. watch what happens tomorrow evening. the showers begin to develop, a few storms develop. maybe some areas of heavy rain tomorrow night. that may affect your night out. think about that. high temperature tomorrow, 87. mix of sun and clouds. more on the humid side. humidity really creeping in this weekend. scattered afternoon showers tomorrow. a few more during the day on saturday with highs in the upper 80s. 93 on sunday. father's day, 93. that's a hot and humid day with an isolatedho
5:25 pm
forward to rain. if you need rain on your lawn, monday is the best chance to see it. high of 87. all of next week looking good. few days of showers no washouts, the biggest day of rain on monday. remember for dads, hot and humid. >> all right. doug, thank you. it was a protest that ended in a melee and caught the attention of the state department and d.c. police. what's happening after this violent confrontation outside the turkish embassy in d.c. a judge right now deciding the fate of convicted sniper lee boyd malvo. the latest on his effort to get his sentence reduced. and nats park becomes a scene of healing as republicans and democrats begin t
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right now at 5:30, that baseball field in alexandria still an active crime s
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shot there. alexandria police say recovering all the evidence could take several more days. >> today the fbi confirmed it has recovered two weapons that belong to the shooter. they are processing a cell phone, his computer and a camera all taken from suspect james hodgkinson's van. >> he was killed in that shootout with capitol hill. three of his four victims remain hospitalized this evening. >> this is a live look at nats park where members of congress are getting ready for there evening's congress the baseball game. a charity event has already raised $1 million. the ticket sales skyrocketing after yesterday's tragedy. just a few minutes ago, roger williams and his staffer zack barth were on the field, both in crutches. they were both at the practice
5:30 pm
barth was shot.sprained his ank during that shooting. in the weeks before the shooting spree congressional leaders quietly began a series of security upgrades. >> one of the biggest changes happened right outside the capitol building itself. news 4 learned a few months ago capitol police deployed more plainclothes officers and more canine units. the officers to better blend in with the crowds here. the chief says that is to keep dangerous people from the capitol itself. >> at vulnerabilities flagged her is at the rayburn house office building. we can't show it to you because cameras are not allowed in the garage. that's the issue. until now people in cars could drive into the garage
5:31 pm
medical detectors. and one week ago today, capitol police started monitoring this building, the o'neill building. there are members of congress questioning whether u.s. capitol police have to extend their safety net even further outside washington, d.c. >> most offices have done, if they have not will do probably some security assessments back in the offices. we will look at ways to make it safer. >> capitol police will ask for an 8% budget increase next year to help pay for the upgrades. there is another local government considering some big security upgrades in their buildings. that part of the story tonight at 6:00. for now, scott mcfarland, news 4. do you think anything will change on capitol hill following this shooting? the majority of you think nothing will change. you can weigh in now
5:32 pm
washington facebook page. d.c. police say they have identified more than a dozen people involved in that violent clash outside the turkish ambassador's residence in d.c. about a dozen demonstrators were there to protest the recent visit of the turkish president erdogan which happened last month. that's when the president's security detail attacked them. nine of the protesters were injured. the mayor says these new charges are meant to do more than just send a message. >> laws were broken in the district of columbia the metropolitan police department is responsible for enforcing our laws. it doesn't matter whether you're from here, from someplace else. at the very least, they won't be allowed in the country without first being arrested and being brought to justice. >> a virginia man is already facing assault charges in connection with this violence. he is set to appear in court tomorrow.
5:33 pm
along with his accomplice the two went on a shooting spree that parti izparalyzed the regi fear in 2002. a judge will decide if the malvo's sentence should be tossed out. chris has more on a key hearing today. >> reporter: le boe boyd malvo chose fonot to be here in the courtroom. he remained in jail. his attorney said as a minor he deserves at least a chance to be released from prison. prosecutors disagree, they say he was four months shy of his 18th birthday when he terrorized our area with john allen mohammed. they say if anybody deserves to be a poster child for life without the possibility of parole, it's
5:34 pm
>> reporter: the judge who sentenced lee boyd malvo in 2002006 called the sniper shooterings the worst in our area. now malvo says the sentences handed down are unconstitutional because a court ruled that a juvenile cannot be given a mandatory sentence. but prosecutors say malvo got what he deserved. >> in maryland, if you're convicted of first degree murder, life without the possibility of parole, if the state files a notice, is a potential sentence. it is a lawful sentence. >> reporter: malvo's lawyer is asking for a new sentencing hearing. the lawyer for the family of one of the victims says that's a frightening prospect. >> i'm sure each and every one of these people feel this at every birthday, holiday,
5:35 pm
live that they will have to deal with this horror again. >> people deserve to move on with their lives, having some assurance that the person who took the life of their loved one has been sentenced, sentenced appropriately and that sentence will not be disturbed. >> reporter: judge robert greenberg will decide if malvo will get a new sentencing hearing. the judge says he will issue a written opinion but he gave no indication when we can expect it. that's the latest from the montgomery county circuit court. wendy? >> thanks. president trump calls it mean. a new report calls it a job killer. >> when we come back, the impact the healthcare plan being pushed by the house could have on jobs here in our area. can you believe it? metro's safe track program
5:36 pm
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
the republican olympian to repeal and replace obamacare if passed as is could end up with the country losing nearly a million jobs. that includes tens of thousands in our area. a team of gw and commonwealth fund looked at the american healthcare act that was passed by house and initially the tax cu
5:39 pm
economic growth. but long-term they say cuts to medicaid and to the health subsidies would trigger a loss of 924,000 jobs by the year 2026. here in the dmv, that study found the district would lose more than 4200 jobs. maryland more than 21,000. virginia could lose nearly 13,000 jobs. donald trump, in president trump's homestate of new york t would be hit the hardest. projected to lose more than 86,000 jobs. we should note again, this is based on the house version of this bill. we have yet to see what the republicans in the senate plan to put forward. in northern virginia today, a regional law enforcement effort to curb opioid and heroin abuse to save lives. police and sheriffs departments across the area shared sucss
5:40 pm
addicts treatment instead of jail. >> we did a second part to it this year. something we didn't do last year. we did a type of a reversal operation. but five individuals attempted to purchase an illegal drug, which was not a drug. >> in fairfax county the addiction treatment is provide through the community services board and offers walk-in screenings and a detox center. a horrific scene overseas. 17 dead, others still missing after that horrific fire at that london high rise. why the investigation has turned into a criminal probe. and nbcresponds to one family's move, and how they had to pay thousands to move to maryland. ever since we learned how to
5:41 pm
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of our midsommar sales event offer. a criminal investigation is underway into this deadly fire at that high rise apartment in london. at least 17 people died. but that number is expected to still rise significantly because many people are still uni unaccounted for. searching the building itself is expected to take weeks, possibly a month. in part because that building is not safe. there was no centralized alarm system, some residents were told to stay put as the fire swept through the building. residents say they warned about the risk of fire for years. finally a little light at the end of the tunnel. the last safetrack surge is about to start. this one will shut down the red line between twinbrook and shady e
5:45 pm
>> one more surge to go. but the end of crippling around-the-clock maintenance is near. safetrack will be over by the end of the month. today metro leaders showing up in force to say safetrack went beyond their expectations. they touted charts showing the progress. >> we accomplished three years of work in one year. one-third of the system tracks were renewed. >> reporter: actual busted up pieces of the system on display. make no mistake, trains were running over this equipment. let's give you an idea of what's going on with safetrack. so many of these wooden rail ties have come out of the system. this is one of the worst out there. it can splinter apart. this is what is holding the rails in place. this is what the rails are supposed to look like. that's what safe track replaced. >> we have saved the patient from dying. but the patient is still sick. we have a lot more work
5:46 pm
>> reporter: parts of the metro system have been flagged by safety leaders as needing work. metro will start a new program june 25th. the majority of that work will happen when the system is closed. laura mason led the safetrack effort. she said there is no sugar coating it. safetrack had to happen. >> i would not put it off longer. some people said we could have used more time to plan. you could always use more time to plan. the areas we touched were in bad shape. that work was needed. >> ultimately riders say the proof is whether or not they can get from point "a" to point "b" on time. that's how they'll judge safetrack's success. along the red line, adam tuss, news 4. if you're moving any time soon, you will want to hear about this story. nbc 4 responds to an international shipping nightmare. >> a family moved from tokyo here to maryland. but their furniture never made it what happened next had them calling our consumer reporter, susan hogan for some
5:47 pm
international move from hell would be an understatement. this maryland family was about to give up all hope of ever seeing their belongings again. until they called nbc4 responds to get them the results they couldn't. ♪ >> reporter: picture this, take everything out of your house, i mean everything, and live there for two months with a 44-year-old. >> you had no beds. >> no. >> no couch. no tv. no glasses. no -- nothing. >> just our suitcases. >> reporter: and the clothes on their backs. the rest of amy's household goods were being held hostage 3,000 miles away at a moving company in gardena, california. but the nightmare started further away in japan when they hired a tokyo shipping company to move them back to the united states. >> he really wanted your business. >> and we want to save. >> reporter: they paid tokyo ex
5:48 pm
>> there was no red flag. >> reporter: a few days later employees showed up and packed up their entire house. and shipped the container to the company's american shipping partner, wsi van lines in california. and that's when things went from bad to worse. >> three days before we were going to close on our home, which is on april 14th, they tell me they cannot deliver our household goods. >> why? >> they said they have not been paid. >> by who? >> by the japanese company, tokyo express. >> amy's frantic phone calls and e-mails to tokyo express went unreturned, as did her calls to government agencies. >> we contacted the embassy, u.s. department of state. >> reporter: weeks went by, living in an empty house was taking its toll. >> at work i couldn't focus. i couldn't be effective in my job. we were so consumed by thinking of every possibility out there. >> there was one other possibility. >> we
5:49 pm
can you help us? >> reporter: nbc 4 responds went to the source and got an immediate response from the owner of tokyo express. in an e-mail he admitted his company short on cash, and couldn't immediately pay the california company to release the goods. that dead end led us here to the federal maritime commission in d.c. not only does this agency regulate the united states international transportation system, it also helps to resolve disputes. so we gave them the shipping disaster details. one week later, this happened. >> a moving truck arrived to their home. one by one their furniture, pictures, treasures filled their empty pous. their nightmare was over. >> when everyone wasn't listening, everyone else was deferring us, click on this, sign this, fill this out, you were t
5:50 pm
responsive. you connected us to the people who helped us. >> reporter: nbc 4 responds learned while a non-u.s. based entity is not required to be licensed with the federal maritime commission, many are. we checked. tokyo express is not licensed. as a result of our investigation, fmc tells us it is reviewing the facts brought to its attention. if the review uncovers potential violations of the shipping act, further investigation may be warranted. as for wsi van lines, they never responded to our request for a comment. the story continues in our nbc washington app, just search international moves. we have important information for you if you're planning to move and a link to see if the company you're dealing with is licensed. back to you. >> any way is a nightmare. just moving across town. >> good work. >> doug, you w
5:51 pm
>> yeah. i think so. a nice weekend saturday and sunday. sunday, hot and humid for dad. us dads, we have to be tough. we're ready for whatever. out there right now, plenty of sunshine. haze out there, too. 84 degrees. temperatures drops into the 70s by around 8:00, 9:00, 10:00. we will be dry in the metro. most of the storms well to the west. you can see those now. nothing around the d.c. metro area. all the storms back to the shenandoah valley, back into portions of west virginia. you can see this line, one line developed quickly died off. the next line moving into theva as we move to the east. what i am expecting is a pretty nice early part of tomorrow. mild, 79 degrees. get to the pool early. tomorrow afternoon at t
5:52 pm
stormy side. we do expect to see a good number of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. not anticipating much in the way of severe weather. but something we will watch. what about the weekend forecast? amelia and i have been pouring over the data all afternoon. the weekend not looking too bad. >> especially on sunday, father's day now looking mainly dry. you're making that tee time with dad, either make it early saturday or any time throughout the day on sunday. the weather looking mainly dry from start to finish for your sunday, it's going to be hot and humid out there. keep that in mind. here's a mrook look at the beac forecast. it is looking good there. a sunday brunch, hot and humid. we'll keep it dry. the outdoor hike nice on sunday. late day showers and thunderstorms possible on saturday a better chance tomorrow. here's the beach forecast. looking good for this weekend. saturday, upper 70s. sunday, upper 70s once again. the water temperature not as chilly as it has been. near 70 degrees there. monday looking like we'll h
5:53 pm
beaches as well as back here at home. overall again the weekend, saturday, maybe some scattered thunderstorms around. overall just hot and humid. >> looking at a good weekend for the most part. 88 degrees inland on saturday. 93 on sunday. so, yes, it is going to be on the hot and humid side for father's day. just know that. thinking about father's day f you're think being hiking, nein about hiking, not bad. most of the area looks dry. better chance of rain on monday. most of next week looking nice. a few chances of showers, this is a typical summertime pattern. we're finally there. i think everybody is happy about that. >> all right. we like it. thank you. from dreams to reality. foodie also love this one. >> we are. a look behind the scenes at two of the d.c. area's top restaurants. how places like roses luxury and
5:54 pm
concept to success. coming up on news 4 a historian and author is looking at ten years in prison and has already lost his job aft
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
two restaurants in our area are featured in a documentary that shows us what it takes to get a restaurant off the ground. >> not easy, but it's a
5:57 pm
news 4 christian wright takes a look. >> reporter: chef frank lynn is living the dream. >> it's incredible. it's been a long journey. >> reporter: frank put his heart and soul into opening his restaurant, frankly pizza in kensington, maryland. back years ago you couldn't have told him he would be here. >> i never wanted to open a restaurant, because that's crazy. i found myself with confidence in my abilities. >> reporter: three years later the pizzas are still coming. that long journey frank mentioned is on the big screen. >> the restaurant is a tough business, man, but it's fun. >> reporter: frank's brother-in-law, dustin harrison atlas made a documentary. new chefs on the block tells the story of gthe ups and downs of getting restaurants off the ground. >> it's not an easy road. it's the hardest thing i've done in my life. >> one thing that makes this film special, it's not about a
5:58 pm
other series, this is about what and who it takes to open a restaurant. >> reporter: the documentary is spot lighted this weekend. it screens at e street cinema on friday and afi theater on sunday. harrison atlas says this is a big moment. >> i used to walk by the afi theater and say i'll have a documentary there one day. >> reporter: new chefs on the block took four years to make. >> this is an american dream film. i hope people walk away with feeling inspired and like they can tackle something that most people wouldn't. >> reporter: the filmmaker hopes to turn it into a series. >> i love it. >> reporter: in the meantime frank says business is good and competition to feed d.c.'s foodies. ♪
5:59 pm
investigators canvas the scene for clues and zero no on a motive one day after a gunman zeroed in on congressmen. tonight team coverage. >> everything around me starts popping. i feel a pain in my leg. i look around, see i've been hit. >> reporter: retracing the moves of the gunman before the attack. >> it's baseball, it's america. when america gets punched, america punches back. we'll do that tonight. >> reporter: in . >> in a show of unity and strength, democrats and republicans are moving forward with the annual baseball game tonight. as you can imagine security is tight as fans begin to fill nats park. >> all of this coming as the fbi focuses its attention on a baseball diamond in del ray and a gunman with a political axe
6:00 pm
grind. >> chris lawrence is at the game tonight, scott mcfarland is digging deeper into the changes in place in the wake of yesterday's violence. let's start with julie. >> reporter: most of the investigators have headed home for the day. there are a few officers still protecting the scene. we watched throughout the day as this big area inside the crime scene tape, it looked like they didn't miss any bit of this grass as they combed for evidence, making sure they don't miss anything that might reveal exactly what happened. >> reporter: what investigators found in this white fan may provide the best clues yet about why james hodgkinson opened fire on a congressional baseball practice. already investigators have seen evidence that hodgkinson was angry with president trump and republicans. he had been living in the van since he came from illinois to alexandria back in march. inside investigators found his cell phone, computer and a camera. now processing them all. they say he was armed with two


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