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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 16, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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up when he moved into an assisted living facility. >> you were just saying you were looking for a pet. >> you must have me mistaken. no. no. >> go for walks with him. he needs them. 5:00 is your time right now and "news 4 today" continues right now. breaking now on "news 4 today," bad crash on a busy route in washington. the traffic problem that could impact your drive to work. plus, an annual tradition made even more special. congressmen playing ball after an attack on their colleagues. new details from the congressional game and what the suspect's wife is saying about the shooting. plus, it's friday. you may want to add that raincoat to your weekend plans. when you're going to start seeing showers ahead. your storm team 4 forecast. "news 4 today" starts now. good
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you're here with me this morning. >> i know. >> i'm david culver in for aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez. thanks for waking up early with us. we're going to get you caught up with all of the news since you went to bed starting with a few crashes. >> the person to check in with that is melissa mollet and after that is chuck bell and lauren rickets. >> breaking news if you're headed into or out of the district this morning and you take benning road. take a look at this. bad crash there from overnight has shut down benning road between oklahoma avenue and 295. so think about it now, what is your best way around this mess here this morning. if we can come back to my picture here right now, you can still see some of the response there in the distance. this is the closest camera we have here this morning, but just a warning for you. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway looking okay right now. no big problems. all of the earlier road work we were just talking about on the inner loop has just cleared. no
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66, no big issues. you can see here in the warrington area, we'll talk about a little bit of rain. looks like something falling from the sky there. 95 northbound and southbound no major issues. southbound near quantico, a little bit slow. good morning, chuck bell. >> good morning, melissa. keeping a very close eye out here. apparently they've adjusted the sprinkler schedule around the front lawn. >> yeah. >> it's dry. we're going to get sprinklers right in back of the head. >> there's one trng this way. the patio is all wet. >> we'll bring our umbrellas out. >> showers likely to come your way. rain drops around. full cloud cover outside earlier this morning. temperatures comfortable. it's nice out here. temperatures around 70 degrees. 72 leesburg, 68 front royal, prince george's county. radar shows rain coming from the sky anyway out across prince willi william and falquier
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day. rain chances really increase much more dramatically by later on this afternoon into this evening. have your umbrella ready to go. today's high up near 85 degrees. take a peek at the weekend coming up in a few more minutes. for now, back into the news. >> you don't see this often. rare show of unity. democrats and republicans coming together. it was time to line up for the annual congressional baseball game. house whip steve scalise would have been playing. >> scalise and several others were shot while practicing wednesday morning. he remains in critical condition but he's improving. he regularly decked out in lsu gear. last night members sported purple and gold in support of team
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people hope will last. >> it's really wonderful. i'll tell you, any time the democrats and republicans can get together, it's just a great day. >> for me, even though it's like democrats and republicans coming together, it's more about bringing the community together. >> officer david bailey threw out the first pitch. he was one of the capitol police officers injured in the shooting. the game raised $1 million for charity including the capital police memorial fund. the democrats beat the republicans 11-2. we mentioned house majority whip steve scalise is still in critical kn. matt mika is on a ventilator. he's been communicating through written notes. the others are expecting to be okay. this morning we are hearing from the wife of the suspected shooter. >> she is shedding a lot of light into this intense investigation. we know news 4's justin finch has bee
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her interview. he joins us with what we're learning. hey, justin, good morning to you. >> reporter: david, erika, good morning. indeed, more on that in a second. here at the park, a slight dropoff in the fbi and police presence out here. perhaps you can see all of the crime tape out here a sign that this investigation is still in the gathering stages this morning, but take you now to that investigation as it was happening yesterday. fbi agents out here combing every single inch of this part it seems including the baseball diamond where the shots were fired and leaving no stone unturned at the y where his van was found and where he was known to many members as well. they say he kept to himself and often saw them on his laptop as they did wednesday minutes before the shooting happened that morning. now we know found inside were a phone, computer and camera. those now being processed as evid
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which appeared to be legally purchased. we also understand he may have been living in the van since march. what they say is a motive. they do know that online he expressed very strong anti-trump, anti-republican leaning, however, it does appear at this time they're still looking for more leads at this time. we spoke -- rather, the world heard from his estranged wife yesterday and she struggled for words to explain what she said may have happened and caused this. >> i -- you know, i just don't know what to tell you people. i had no idea this was going to happen. i don't know what to tell you about it. i can't wrap my head around it. i want my neighbors to be in peace and you guys leave them alone. >> sue hodgkinson said her husband told her he wanted to go to d.c. and
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investigators to help them find a motive and more insight into this man who is now the suspect in this case. back in to you. >> justin finch live in the del ray section of alexandria. thank you, justin. this is a story with a lot of new developments just about every passing hour. we'll keep you up to spied wiee those. we'll tell you if somebody dined in the anacostia park. we'll update the story as soon as we get any additional information on it. and a disturbing immainly found montgomery county. someone hung a noose from a tree in a common area. montgomery county police are asking anybody with information to please speak up about this. today president donald trump going to make it more difficult for you to visit cuba in the future. he's e
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travel restrictions that are supposed to happen later today in miami. he's eliminating the category that allows individuals to travel to cuba alone. instead, you'll have to go as part of a licensed group. the administration is hoping to stop money going straight to the castro led government. u.s. travelers can still visit the island nation under 11 other categories. for now we're told this will not impact flights or cruises to cuba. 4 thour,000 military familil prepare to send their loved ones into the war zone. most of the troops will train and vice afghan forces. this morning, the man arrested last month for having guns at trump international hotel, he's back in police custody. brian moles was ordered to stay out of d.c. but he came back. police say this time it was to buy drugs. he also posted some concerning things on facebook according to
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photo of a newspaper headline about wednesday's shooting in alexandria and it's next to a black bag with unknown contents. moles will stay in jail until his trial. today one of the men accused of beating protesters at the turkish embassy will be in court. he was one of 12 people arrested in that incident there. guards are kicking and beating protesters in the video. this is from outside the turkish ambassad ambassador's residence. turkey president erdogan was in town at that time. seven others are charged with felonies. jurors in the bill cosby sexual assault trial will try again to come to a unanimous decision. the jury deliberated for 30 hours. couldn't come to a decision. cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a woman 13 years ago. he says the encounter was
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consensual. if it's deadlocked, they'll know whether to retry the case. cosby denies all of the allegations. now one of his accusers is trying to get the sex crime law in d.c. changed. we'll show you how charlotte fox hopes to make a difference. well, we've got temperatures rising as we continue through the morning. just a touch of humidity out there right now. it will continue to increase as temperatures increase throughout the remainder of the day. we are looking at a few showers. more on the storm team 4 radar right now. time out the rain in a few minutes. escaped inmates in custody, but it wasn't police who tracked them down. we're going to show you how an ordinary citizen caught them and made sure they wouldn't get away. plus, maryland's top attorney weighing in on ocean
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breaking news right now in first 4 traffic. one on the roads and one on the rails. benning road shut down between oklahoma avenue and 295. you can see part of that bad crash there. still flashing in the distance. on the rails, a warning for you. orange line, we were supposed to have that
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with surge 15 ended completely yesterday. right now on the orange line all stations are open but you still have buses running between cheverly and new carrollton. not completely open. >> good morning. >> good morning. we have a little bit of a warm day out there and a warm start. you'll definitely notice the humidity and rain drops. as you head out the door to work this morning or wherever you need to go because we have some rain showers on the storm team 4 radar. a few rain showers this morning and this afternoon. we could have a few thunderstorms around for the weekend as temperatures really heat up. of course, it's father's day weekend. we'll have your weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes. get to megan fitzgerald following an alarming new development about a terrible fire in london. megan? >> reporter: yeah, erika, that death toll in that massive apartment building fire in london continues to rise. right now authorities are saying at least 65 people are dead. that number is
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hours ago. hundreds of others or nearly 100, rather, are injured. now authorities admit the death toll could rise again because there's just no way of knowing how many people are still trapped inside that building. more than 250 firefighters battled the blaze through the night on wednesday. hundreds of people were sleeping when it started. but right now the cause of this blaze is still under investigation. david? >> megan fitz gerald at the live desk. 5:15 your time. the two men accused of killing prison guards in georgia now in custody. take a look. this is a picture of the inmates lying on the ground in tennessee. police say they caught the men after they broke into a home. police also say the men tied up the people inside the house and took their car. prisoners were serving time for armed robbery. her death sparked national outrage. now a new law is being named for sandra bland in texas. sandra bland act mandates county jail
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abuse issues to treatment. the "texas tribune" hopes this law will increase public safety. she died in police custody after this traffic stop. her death a suicide. some of the other top stories we're following this morning. today an 18-year-old woman will learn if she's guilty of killing her boyfriend -- convincing, rather, her boyfriend to kill himself. massachusetts judge will announce his verdict. the teen pressured heir br boyfd to take his own life. the defense says the boyfriend was already depressed. the scary situation at the u.s. open is over. a commercial blimp crashed and burned. the blimp didn't hurt anybody on the grounds but the pilot was severely burned. tragedy hit a popular new jersey
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drowning in the jersey shore. her cousin is on life support. it's unclear whether there were adults with the girls. police officers jumped into the water before other rescuers arrived. now to an update on a story that's been getting a lot of attention. the office of maryland's top attorney is backing up ocean city's ban on nudity saying the ban is perfectly legal. the office says people do not have a constitutional right to be nude in public. the controversy started after a woman challenged the legalities at this that women wear tops but not men. >> okay. so when you go out to dinner this weekend, maybe a good moment to think about the path it took for that restaurant to actually open its doors. >> that's right. there's a new documentary detailing two restaurants in our area. it's called "new chefs on the block" from getting frankly
5:18 am
pizza off the ground. the filmmaker said this is a new way to tell a new story on an old subject. >> one of the things that makes this film really special is that it's not about a chef and his food like so many other series are out there, this is really about what and who it takes to open and maintain a restaurant. >> it's spotlighting the documentary. this weekend it's at east street cinema at northwest and afi in silver springs on sunday. check out our nbc washington app. just search chef documentary. >> right now, benning road between oklahoma avenue and 295, we are shut down both directions. very bad crash. you can see the video from overnight right there. crews still on the scene, investigating, taking pictures, trying to figure out exactly what happened here. as soon as we get more information on this one, we will, of course, let you know.
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boulevard, have a crash reported there. might be an over turned vehicle. my camera right there right now not showing exactly what happened. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway looking quite good here. taking a look at metro, remember orange line. supposed to be done by today. all stations are now open but the buses are running between cheverly and new carrollton, not the actual train. >> good morning. >> good morning, melissa. cloudy start to the day today with a view from our tower camera. yes, indeed, all of the cloud cover across the area. rain chances creeping ever upwards. already raining across parts of northern virginia. upper 60s and low 70s. 4 things to know about the next 4 days. today, showers likely. rain chances 60%. tomorrow, lower rain chances. still a risk of thunderstorms around tomorrow afternoon. sunday, isolated chance of shower. al
5:20 am
humid, in the 9 os. monday looks like it will be the stormiest day out of the next four with heavy rain. right now, temperatures leesburg, 70 warrington. 69 in baltimore and here it is on storm team 4 radar. there's the capital beltway. 66 and 250 going out across fairfax and prince williams county. showers lifting here. manassas park, sterling, dulles airport. those are next in mind. there are bigger areas of rain down to our south and west. this little cluster of showers will continue to lift in our direction. so rain chances increase with time. not going to be the best pool day today. 11:00 in the morning, most of the afternoon temperatures in the mid 80s today. 30% chance of rain at 2:00 but a 60% chance of rain coming in after 4:00, 5:00. here's the five day forecast. 85 y,
5:21 am
hit-and-miss thunderstorm. 93 on sunday. that will be a steamer. stormy weather expected for monday. let's take a look at the beach forecast. coming up in a few more minutes. it's father's day weekend, but it's a local mom whose story you will be thinking of a lot today. this mom a mom of 14. 14. here's her secret to success coming up next. also ahead, they were protecting our roads when they were mowed down by a truck. we'll have an update on the condition of two o
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> you and i know the feeling well at this hour in the morning. it can be tough, right, to get yourself moving, doing good, the energy. parents know that is even tougher when you've got kids. >> that's right. one leesburg mom knows that raising children is a lot hard wo
5:25 am
two, she's the mom of 14 kids. >> she's a super mom. she shares words of parenting wisdom with news 4's aimee cho. >> >>. >> reporter: parenting more often than not it looks and sounds not a lot like this. >> get your stuff off the floor immediately. >> reporter: and this. and this. >> i just had it cleaned up two days ago. that's what i do. >> reporter: she's been doing this for 26 years and counting, and speaking of counting. >> 14 kids is -- you know, it becomes routine when you keep adding to the pile. it's not that many more. by the fifth one i had already driven myself to the hospital to give birth. >> reporter: that same drive helps her home school all 14, create skin care products and in case that wasn't enough, family's also got a farm. >> come on girls. it's just determination. it has to be something a person wants to do.
5:26 am
simultaneously. >> reporter: many of the kids have flown the nest and gone to college. you won't find her with an empty nest any time soon. >> i've always thought of adopting children. i think all children need a place that they can call home. >> reporter: in leesburg, aimee cho. >> amazing. i've heard it from friends of my parents that say after three it's just kind of -- just keep -- yeah, it's all the same after three. incredible story. >> i can hardly take care of myself. that's very impressive. let's send it on over to chuck and lauren in the storm team 4 weather center talking rain drops. >> i came outside to see if there's any rain out here yet. i know from the radar, not here quite yet. rain from fairfax and prince william county. but we will continue to have showers throughout the morning. we're going to time out the rain chances coming up on the other side of the break in a minute. as one safetrack surge
5:27 am
details on the shutdowns that will impact your weekend plans
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right now at 5:30 on this friday morning, a congressional match-up marked by unity. plus, a local woman who accused bill cosby of assault now fighting for local victims of sex crimes. the changes she says will help them find justice. and this poor cat right here taking the internet by storm. he's right here. >> nothing poor about him. >> no, he's doing -- well, i don't know. take your guess how much this cat weighs. we'll have the answer still ahead. "news 4 today" starts now. a game where all the gumballs are in a glass jar and you have to guess how many are in there -- >> looks like a gumball, too. >> i'd say a good 75 pounds on that guy, 80 pounds. >> we'll have to see. you're over, by the way. welcome in on this frid
5:31 am
gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez in for eun yang. >> melissa mollet standing by in the first 4 traffic center. we'll check in with chuck bell and lauren rickets after that. what have you got, melissa? >> breaking news in the district. here is the problem. terrible crash and investigation now underway here. look at that, just mangled car right now. crews still out on the scene. this means we still have benning road. live picture between oklahoma avenue and dc 295 shut down. very hard to see the response but it is there in the distance. that's something we'll be dealing with. they say probably for the next couple of hours. you can see that closure here. when it's purple, no data, nothing coming through at all. no flow, just flow. southbound g.w. parkway has some lanes blocked by a crash. northbound 395 before washington
5:32 am
reported there. as we widen out, inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no major issues right now. on metro orange line, the line is now completely open. trains are running but they are single tracking between cheverly and new carrollton. sending it outside to lauren and chuck. how are things out there? >> beautiful out there right now. not that bad. >> i like it, little bit of a breeze. >> yeah. >> not terribly humid just yet. >> you're right. >> increasing humidity. honestly, i think you'll like the way the day is starting. we are tracking rain drops. there's a live picture from right here over our head where the skies are cloudy. zooms in on storm team 4 radar. light showers over the city of fairfax and route 15 and 29 and i-66 out there through prince william county. couple of light showers. nothing all that heavy. it will get you wet if you're not careful. have your umbrella ready to go. first chance for rain will be drying up in the next couple of hours. increasing chance for thunderstorms later today. so you might
5:33 am
on twice. temperatures upper 60s to around 70. today's high, 85 degrees. odds you'll get rained on today stands at 60%. beach forecast, if you're going to do what i'm going to do and head on down the beach, not a bad weekend. chance of showers today and tomorrow. sunday will be a great day to be in the ocean. temperatures in the mid 80s. giving the whole ten day forecast. that's all coming up. guys, the sprinklers, watch out! just kidding. all right. switching gears now for at least one night democrats and republicans huddled together to pray for the country. and they also prayed for the victims of the shooting at that alexandria baseball field. >> megan fitzgerald joining us with highlights from the congressional baseball game. >> reporter: it certainly was a site to see. david bailey, you'll recall, he was one of the two capitol
5:34 am
morning. well, he took to the mound and threw out the first pitch. before the shooting on wednesday the game was expected to raise around $600,000, but that number almost doubled to 1 million bucks. that money goes to charity, including the capitol police memorial fund. house majority whip steve scalise would have been playing but he is still in the hospital listed in critical condition. he's from louisiana. he's usually decked out head to toe in lsu gear. to show support his teammates wore the jerseys for him. turn gears to the investigation. federal agents say they now know a little bit more about the shooter james hodgkinson. they are going through his phone, computer and camera. they've also learned that the guns he used in that shooting were bought legally. now coming up on news 4, justin finch will have more on possible motives that is coming straight from hodgkinson's wife.
5:35 am
here's a look at our top stories. good news for metro riders. the last stop on the safetrack surge. it should wrap up by june 25th. i know you are counting the days. coming up, news 4's molette green has what stations this will affect. the trump administration sending thousands of troops to afghanistan. 4,000 will deploy to train and advise afghan forces. the troops are needed to help stop the taliban. today the jury will be back behind closed doors in bill cosby's sex assault trial. the jurors said they were deadlocked but the judge said to keep trying on a verdict in the case. cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a former temple university employee. he says the encounter was consensual. dozens of women say cosby sexually assaulted him. he denies all of those allegations. one of his accusers is working to protect victims of sex crimes here in washington. her name is shacharlotte fox. she asked the counsel to
5:36 am
the statute of sex crimes. fox says it often takes four years for victims of sex crimes to say something. >> if you don't take full advantage of extending the statute of limitations, it will be another crime on humanity. >> fox says cosby sexually assaulted her when she lived in los angeles decades ago. again, cosby denies all allegations of sexual misconduct. the adams morgan community is pulling together for the two officers hit on the job. d.c. police officers were hurt one week ago when a pickup truck raced up 18th street. a ddot worker also got hit. last night the madams organ hosted a fund-raiser for the officers recovering. one is out of the hospital and one is still recovering. the driver of the pickup has been charged with assault with intent to kill. all right. police just released this
5:37 am
to see. officers were ambushed by water balloons. check this out. these officers playing around with the kids in the neighborhood on the last day of the school. they said hto delivery devices led to multiple water laser strikes. that's police talk for everybody got wet and had a good time. they posteden the video on facebook. health concerns at a local target? part of a local store shut down. what you need to know before you go shopping this weekend. erika, before we get to that, tell you about this. the d.c. sniper resentencing. a victim now speaking out about the chance that his convicted killer -- rather, relative of one of the victims is speaking out about the convicted killer and the possibility that that person could one dayo free. te gll
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
you're watching "news 4 today." soon a judge will decide if convicted beltway sniper leroy malveaux's life sentence should be thrown out. he went on a shooting spree back in 2002 that paralyzed this region. malveaux was sentenced to life without parole six times for the murders. now his lawyer says the sentence is unconstitutional after the u.s. supreme court ruled that a juvenile cannot be given a mandatory life sentence. yesterday in court one of the
5:41 am
shooting victims said he knew this day would come. >> i wasn't shocked to hear it, but it's still troubling to me that it came up this soon really. i thought it would -- might come up but in the distant future. >> montgomery county judge robert green will decide if malveaux will get a new sentencing hearing. the judge will issue a written decision but gave no indication when that will be. a lot of people calling our newsroom about this next story. want to update you here. a dog ran away during the chaos during the congressional shooting. daphne the dog found early yesterday. a d.c. resident's weight loss journey going viral. it's probably one you'd lik share. >> simba the cat, that's his name. 35 pounds. if you're not looking at your screen, you should. >> that is a big boy. he needs a new home. his last owner had to give him up when he moved into assiste
5:42 am
want to send it on over to first 4's traffic melissa mollet tracking breaking news. >> breaking news into and out of the district, shut down between oklahoma and 295. bad crash. take a look at this and travel times coming up. >> reporter: what passengers can expect when metro kicks in another surge. the last one on this year-long program. over hereno!ver here! (dog barking)
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right now on "news 4 today," a new safe track surge about to start, and it is the last time you're going to hear us say that. we'll fill you in on the shutdowns for this final surge. changes coming to the u.s. relationship with cuba again. what it means for those of you who plan to travel to the island nation. breaking news in first 4 traffic. benning road still shut down between oklahoma avenue and 295. how this is impacting things for people heade
5:46 am
news 4 today starts now. good morning, everybody. so this next story is music to metro rider's ears. the last safetrack surge begins tomorrow. >> news 4's molette green is live at shady grove station with everything you need to know to make it through the final stage. hey there, molette. >> reporter: hey there. you know, passengers are not quite yet ready to put on their dancing shoes. surge number 16 on the red line kicks in tomorrow. let's show you a map now to give you some perspective on when all of this kicks in. you won't be able to use the rockville or shady grove stations. as we've seen in the past, there will be free shuttle buses running at all times of the day at those stations. now passengers, of course, encouraged to try if they can to start their day at some of the other stations. twinbrook, wheaton during the surge period. one rider telling me he's not doing anyf
5:47 am
>> i think i'm going to drive. >> okay. >> i think i'm going to drive. at this hour there should be no traffic. don't have to worry about any hov lines. that's my plan. we'll see how it works out. >> reporter: now this safetrack work includes replacing cross ties, rail renewal, things that we need done to ensure safety and efficiency in the system, and many people might remember last august they did some work on this same stretch track and it became clear they needed to do more extensive work on the outbound track here, so we're closing in on the end of the surge. cramming in three years basically of work worth of maintenance into one year, but passengers have a lot to say about what comes after the surge and we'll have that part of the story for you in our next hour. i'm molette green live outside sh
5:48 am
back to you. >> thanks, molette. we will see you then. today the president will announce changes to travel and business with cuba. the latest change is a big break from a signature policy of the obama administration. it also comes as the president faces new trouble over the russia investigation. helping us look at all of this, news 4's blayne alexander live on capitol hill. blayne, we've made several trips over the island of cuba. people say, how can i go? there's interest there. two questions here, what's the impact on travelers? and then when we look at cuba itself, how is this going to impact small business owners there? >> reporter: david and erica, good morning to you both. fantastic question. that's the biggest question for people who want to travel. the short answer is it means you can no longer go as an individual. the biggest change to u.s. travelers looking to go to cuba is this new policy will eliminate the people-to-people
5:49 am
part of a group. you can no longer go as an individual. there are still 11 other ways people can go. you can check the state department website for that, but this might restrict travel for a lot of people. now for businesses down there, of course, a number of small businesses have expressed concern about this. the reason that president trump said that he is changing the policy is because he wants to limit some of the cash flow to what he calls an oppressive regime. some of the small businesses are saying, you know what, that will hurt us, too. small hotels, teach dance lessons or sell food, they rely on the constant cash flow of american tourists and their concerns that that might start to dry up with some of these changes. >> i know there's a lot of uneasiness down there in the island nation of cuba. we'll check in with you in the next hour for more on the russia investigation. we appreciate your time. your time right now is 5:49. two elite members of the u.s. capitol police are being honored. they helped save the lives of nearly two
5:50 am
under fire wednesday morning. the u.s. house formally paid tribute to them. they will be asked to approve a budget boost for u.s. capitol police. that would help increase security members for congress. congress though not the only legislative body upgrading security. montgomery county the council building there plans to add metal detectors. coming up news 4's justin finch will have more on the alexandrea shooting investigation. a former d.c. council member is being remembered this morning. for many his death comes as a shock. he served four terms on the council representing ward 1 and was defeated in 2014. ward 2 council member jack evans was really good friends with graham. >> i think it's important to remember there was a lot to jim graham. not only was he a council member, leader in the gay community, but he was a funny guy and very smart. >> jim graham was an early leader in
5:51 am
and aids as a long time head of the whitman walker clinic here in d.c. he was easy to recognize in his signature bow tie and tortoise shell glasses. he was 71 years old. a deadly parasite in the national mall reflecting pool is gone. the pool should reopen today. there was a parasite in the water and it killed 80 ducklings. it would give you an allergic reaction should you have touched it. >> reporter: i'm megan fitzgerald here at the live desk. following a developing story after northeast d.c. someone opened fire on northeast capitol street near division avenue. they spotted a possible suspect who then took off. investigators say that man struck several parked cars before police were able to make an arrest. we're told a weapon was found on the scene. back to you. breaking news. megan in first 4 traffic right
5:52 am
that has been sticking around now for about four hours. this is in the district, in northeast. right now benning road is shut down because of this bad crash. could be shut down through the morning commute. it's what d.c. police are telling us right now. if we can come back here to me live showing you the closest camera. there are flashing lights. that's where the road is shut down. between oklahoma avenue and 295, you can see all of that purple there showing us where we have nothing getting through this morning. southbound g.w. parkway at 395, crash has cleared out of the way. 395 before washington boulevard that crash is on the shoulder. good news there. metro orange line is open but we are single tracking between cheverly and new carrollton. everything looking quite good in maryland. same situation in virginia. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. time to listen to professor bell.
5:53 am
skies have gone cloudy during the overnight. there are areas of light rain to be dealt with early this morning. nothing major. we will have a better chance for thunderstorms coming our way later on this afternoon. there are the cloudy skies out there now. we need the rain around here. it's been very, very dry. so far for the entire month of june more than halfway through now. only a trace at national airport. almost 2 inches behind in rainfall just for the month of june. so wet may is now a distant memory. right now 60s to around 70 degrees. radar shows a cluster of showers across central virginia. it's waning a bit as it comes northbound. thunderstorms out here in the mountains of western virginia. it will try to slide our way later on today. umbrella is a good idea today. sprinkles on the west side of the beltway out near ties sons. a few showers on the fairfax/prince william town line. nothing heavy. no thunderstorms out there just yet. that will be changing though
5:54 am
areas of light rain in and out of here between now and lunchtime. generally dry around the noon hour. by early to mid afternoon there will be another round of showers likely to have some stronger thunderstorms included in them as well. planning out the day temperature wise, near 70 now. afternoon highs sort of depends on whether or not we can get some sunshine. areas that get any sun will be at 85. stay in the cloud cover, it will be a smidgen cooler than that. highs a little warmer than today. add three or four degrees to today. 84, 5 today. 87 tomorrow. here's your ten day forecast now. the hottest day of the next ten will be on sunday. 60% chance you're going to get rained on today. most of your weekend plans will be dry and unimpeded by rain. showers and thunderstorms and pockets of heavy rain likely to come your way on monday. let us go back tda
5:55 am
erika. batman may be gone but his legacy lives on. los angeles remembering adam west. some folks dressed up as batman or one of his side kicks. he played batman in the '60s. he died earlier this week. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. jeff bezos. he wants your help. he wants help on how to spend his money and he's estimated to be worth $80 billion. they've donated millions of dollars to scientific research. back over to you. >> thanks, landon. so you're not going to be able to grab a frappucino while
5:56 am
shopping because the starbucks is closed because it was cited for health code violations. he'd rather be in jail than at home. that's what a bank robber told his wife at kauchbs city. the 70-year-old said he robbed the bank just so that he could get away from her. he wrote the note that he gave to the bank teller in front of his wife. after the teller handed him the cash and the man simply waited for police. but to his disappointment, he was sentenced to six months of home confinement. all right. just another regular selfie until the former vice president of the united states planted a big kiss on her cheek. >> vice president joe biden is going viral yet again. here is why. >> ahhh! >> that kiss happening last month at morgan state university's graduation in baltimore. biden was the commencement ea
5:57 am
stage when she posed for a selfie with the former vp. before walking off biden did what you saw there, planting a kiss on her cheek and you can see, i'd say she's pretty excited about that. >> oh, yeah. >> do have a softer side. last night at nats park, everyone from the crowd to the lawmakers on the field, well, they showed it. >> that's right. after the break, touching moments from the congressional baseball game. a game that took on special meaning after this week's shooting at an alexandria ballpark. and a noose found at a condominium complex in maryland. what we know about how the symbol of hate got there.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news. wreckage everywhere after a car smashes into a telephone pole in northeast d.c. we're tracking the traffic impacts for you at this hour. i was shocked, and i heard -- heard it through an abc reporter on the phone. >> that's the wife of james hodgkinson. she is giving us new insight into the man she said fired dozens of shots at a congressional baseball practice. >> in an effort to heal, this is the start of the game.
6:00 am
republicans and democrats taking a knee together. we're going to show you another moment from that game that has everyone in the ballpark in that moment cheering on. "news 4 today" starts now. hi there. welcome in on this friday morning. it is -- aaron and eun off this morning. i'm erika gonzalez in for eun yang. we are working to get you to school on time. chuck and lauren kick off our coverage outside. less humid this morning, right? >> si, senior and seniorita. that's all the spanish i know. >> that's true. this weekend is hot and humid. >> brought our umbrella to play it on the safe side. you'll want to find yours as well. there are rain drops. cloudy skies. it looks like it's just about ready to start sprinkling.


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