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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 16, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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now on midday, a major change is coming to whole foods. >> that's right. internet giant am ma zon is taking over soon. what that means for you. a few showers out there and temperatures are in the 70s but headed to the 90s for the weekend. i have your full forecast coming up. good friday to you. i'm david culver. >> and i'm meagan fitzgerald. we made it to the end of the week. >> we did. happy friday. >> happy friday to you. >> let's look at the weather
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ricketts. what's going on? >> hey, meagan and david, we have a few showers out there and they continue to roll into the region. we had rain out there this morning and enough wetness on the pavement. you can see it pushing off to the north and east and then a few out towards the fredericksburg area. we get a little bit of sunshine right around i-81. that's where we see storms pop later. again, where we are getting that sunshine, the temperatures are around 80 degrees. maybe a few pieces of sunshine here in the d.c. area but, again, mainly out in the shenandoah valley. i'll let you know about the rain chances for the weekend. it's a holiday weekend. father's day forecast coming up. >> lauryn, thank you. there are major problems for people
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on the penn line in baltimore. the service was shut down. it started back up again but there were big delays. the person who was struck was trespassing but it's not clear why he or she was on the track in the first place. the person's condition has not been released. those of you who ride metro, do you hear that? it's because the safetrack surge begins tomorrow. molette green has more about what you need to know to make it through the final stage. >> reporter: yet another disruption coming your way. regular riders we talked to know what to expect they have planned ahead for surge number 16 which kicks in tomorrow, saturday. let's walk you through it, showing you first the map, to give you a perspective here. the rockville and shady grove stations wl
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course, metro will provide free shuttles at those stations for passengers and they will run at all times of the day. passengers, of course, encouraged to use alternative options. one of them being to start their day at some of the other stations on the system. glenn mark, wheaton, during the surge period. passengers tell me their expectations before, during and after this surge. >> i'm thinking about taking the bus from here but also i might drive. it's not that far. i'm hoping to find a way around it. i'm hoping the system will be more reliable. i have to go downtown every day. >> i'd rather have a week off and have them fix it properly than be on the train and have it stop. >> reporter: this is a nine-day surge. the plan was
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short amount of time to improve safety and reliability. everybody that i've talked to say that is what they are hoping that it will happen. i'm molette green. this is news4. president trump is on his way to miami. he's expected to announce new travel restrictions for people who want to visit cuba. easy limb nating t he's eliminating the travel restrictions for anyone traveling alone and for now this won't impact flights or cruises to the island. coming up, news4's tracie potts will explain how this will kurt cuban small business owners. we now know when cuba's president will step away from the job. raul castro took over for his ailing brother
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2008. there will be the first round of municipal elections in october and then in february parliament will vote for the next president. certainly the vice president is expected to succeed raul castro. meanwhile, back at the white house, the president's agenda overshadowed by bombshells in the investigation. we know the president himself is under criminal investigation. nbc's kristen welker explains what happens next. >> reporter: this morning, new signs the russia probe is reaching into new places. "the washington post" reporting special counsel robert mueller is investigating the business dealings of one of president trump's top advisers, son-in-law jared kushner. an attorney for kushner telling nbc news, we don't know what this report refers to. it's special practice for the counsel to examine
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russia. mr. kushner previously volunteered to share what he knows about russia-related matters. milli mueller is now investigating president trump for obstruction of justice after he fired fbi director james comey. >> do you believe you're under investigation now? >> reporter: the president not responding to reporters but later lashing out in an afternoon tweet storm on thursday trying to shift his focus through his former rival hillary clinton. why is it that hillary clinton's family and dems dealing with russia are not looked at but my nondealings are? her husband met with a.q. days before she was cleared and they talk about obstruction?"
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>> hillary clinton will be under investigation for a long, long time. >> reporter: now that mr. trump is under investigation, his team is not taking any chances. vice president mike pence is the latest to hire an outside attorney, richard cullen. new this morning, your grocery buying experience is about to change big time. amazon will buy whole foods market for nearly $14 billion. the name will stay the same and the ceo will remain in his position. the deal is expected to close within the second half of the year. congressman steve scalise remains in critical condition this morning and we're finding out more about the man who shot him from the shooter's wife. news4's justin finch is live for us in alexandria. good morning, justin. >> reporter: meagan, good morning. she says she's shocked to hear all of this happened and even more so that her husband, the suspected shooter in the case. he left
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months ago and stole all of the money from his business and thought when the money ran out, that he would come back. >> i just don't know what to tell you people. i had no idea this was going to happen. >> reporter: sue hodgkinson trembling on thursday recalling what made her husband leave his illinois home for the d.c. area months ago. >> he wanted to go up there and work with people to change the tax brackets. >> reporter: in alexandria, the simpson park has been cordoned off. they are looking for clues for what happened before the gunfire on wednesday morning. alleged trigger man is 66-year-old hodgkinson. five were wounded. hodgkinson later died of his wounds in a gunfire exchange with police. the fbi now has his white conversion van which was parked next door to the ymca
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lot. investigators believe had he been living there since march. found inside, a camera, computer and phone now being analyzed. also recovered, a handgun and rifle believe to be legally purchased. hodgkinson was a ymca member known to use the showers and work on his laptop and described by son as distant. and this morning, the investigation continues. here in del ray, lots of signs of that investigation. many streets and roads in this area remain closed off as is simpson park as the fbi continues to investigate. people in this area looking forward to getting back to normal but that could take some time. at least one more day until all of this stuff opens up. back to you. >> justin finch, thank you. verdict watch continues in pennsylvania. the latest on the jury's deliberation in the bill
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strayer university. let's get it, america. bill cosby's section assault trial could end in a mistrial. the jury deliberating 24 hours after it announced it was deadlocked in the case. the judge told the jurors, keep tr
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is happening this morning. >> reporter: a full 24 hours after telling the judge they could not come to a unanimous decision on the charges facing bill cosby, the jury is back at deliberations today. they have been back and forth to ask two questions. the first question was, they wanted the judge to define reasonable doubt for them. they also wanted to hear some more testimony that bill cosby gave in a deposition from 2005. now, after telling the judge that they couldn't reach a decision yesterday, the judge told them to go back and try again. it's clear that they are indeed trying again. the judge asked bill cosby if he knew that his lawyer has made five motions for a mistrial and if he understood that if he declared a mistrial, that cosby could be tried again. cosby told the judge yes. nevertheless, the judge did not grant the mistrial and says he's going to let this jury deliberate for as long as they want. it's been more than 40
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deliberation and thr trying to come into an agreement on the charges for a 2004 incident between him and andrea constand. i'm chris pallone, nbc news. taking you overseas where all folks are coming together for the victims of the massive fire in london, including the queen. you can see her right there. queen elizabeth visiting volunteers and first responders this morning. she thanked them for working to help people who were hurt in the high-rise fire. for instance william was also there. 30 people died in the fire earlier this week and the number is expected to rise. take a look at this video that is about to play behind me here. this is a teenager racing down a street in prince william county. moments later, he slammed into that white truck. neighbors say the speeding there has been out
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years. investigative reporter jody fleischer tells us about it. >> reporter: terry says cars racing up and down featherstone road is nothing new. he sees it every day. >> they are not really hot rods. they are kids in whatever car they are driving. >> reporter: this was almost before he was caught in the middle of this. >> we heard a loud boom and look out and my car is moving. >> reporter: two cars are shown speeding and passing another car and the teen narrowly missed a tree before slamming into terry's suv in his driveway. >> he told me he got run off the road. i said, let me see if i have it in video. >> reporter: terry got this video and realized that it
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the crash happened just four minutes later. >> if i had been in the back of the car, i wouldn't be here. my anger was overcoming me. >> i sent a letter to the county supervisor. >> reporter: it wasn't the first letter, says the hoa president, or the second or the third. more than a dozen e-mails document his fight to get a longer, flatter hump like this one. prince william county found it was needed back in december 2015. >> i spent eight year working for congress and i thought they were slow getting things done. >> the road belongs to virginia's department of transportation but the county is responsible for the victim. >> you can't just pop something down in the middle of the property. we have to work with v-d.o.t. as well. >> reporter:
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letter supporting it. the park has its own speed tables right near the entrance. >> it was insane. makes no sense. >> reporter: he spoke with officials from the county and state almost weekly. >> finally a gentleman called me about a year ago. he said, i'm sorry. i didn't realize what was going on in your community. >> reporter: it took todd another three months to get the required 75% of his neighbors to sign off and then the county had to secure funding and winter temperatures caused the delays. finally, last month the board of supervise so supervisors approved it. six days after this crash. >> it solidifies it's a good thing we're doing this. >> reporter: in the meantime, police stepped up the patrols. >> when we're there, nothing is going to happen. >> reporter: withouter
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video, the teen driver would not be charged with street racing. he's also charged with child endangerment because his two young siblings were in the back of the vehicle at the time of the crash. >> they need to do something before somebody actually dies. >> reporter: this really scared terry. the county has scheduled the installation for the speed table for friday. jodie fleischer, news4 i-team. so here we are at friday. the question is, what is your weekend going to look like? lauryn ricketts crunching the numbers to make sure that you're prepared for anything. and a very special greeting from vice president joe biden. the story behind the
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this is a story you're going to want to share. he'd rather be in jail than at home. that's what a bank robber told his wife in kansas city. he said he robbed a bank so he could get away from his spouse. the teller handed him the cash and then the man waited for the police. he was sentenced to six months of homefi
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>> that must be rough. to rob a bank? this was a regular selfie until the former vice president of the united states planted a kiss on her cheek. >> this has gone viral. you can look at why. >> ah! >> little uncle joe giving the smooches. >> she was walking across the stage and stopped for a selfie with the former vp. >> i heard lauryn ricketts, one of the few who can bring that same level of energy. >> i don't know. this morning i was a little dead and then i had a
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and i'm ready to go. >> who gave you coffee? >> the machine. i learned how to work it. >> amelia came in and she was talking about it. you really don't feel the humidity because she actually put it perfect. amelia draper, you'll see her at 4:00 and 5:00 with doug. it's gray, it's cloudy, a little damp out there. that's a live view from our camera. you can see that we have clouds and rain showers out there. it's going to be humid and hot and we have chances of rain. the best chance looks to be a monday. we have a few showers out there, all the way down to fredericksburg and a few showers moving out of st. mary's
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just light stuff right now. everybody else is dry. look at this. you can see sunshine popping in the shenandoah valley. that's where we have storms later on because they are getting the sunshine. temperatures around 80 there. we have been stuck in this cloud cover and a lot of areas are in the low to mid-70s. we're going to top out in the low 80s. about 83 for a daytime high today. we have a few showers out there if you have sunshine we'll get a little better chance for some storms. again, along i-81. here's your weekend forecast. look at that temperature. it's in the upper 80s. we'll have humidity around and then we keep it around on sunday. temperatures in the low 90s on your sunday. that is father's day. and stormy as well as we get into monday. next chance, 90 degrees, that's next saturday. av
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i'm mel leissa mollet. the 2017 columbia
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festival is saturday the 17th. there are closings between 11th street and 13th street northwest. toll virginia, the columbia pike blues festival also on saturday. road closures from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. also may be tough to find parking. heading up north now to montgomery county in bethesda, wisconsin avenue on saturday two southbound lanes and sidewalk shut down from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. they are trying to lift equipment on to a roof of a building and that's the reason for that. see you monday morning for news4 today. all right. well, in the last half hour, we just got some brand-new information about the murder of two teenagers in montgomery
11:29 am
county. shadi najjar and artem ziberov were killed inside a car in mon montgomery village. there is more than one shooter in this case and police are doubling the reward to $20,000 and they say they need information from anyone who has it. >> we believe there are people out there that have not come forward and have not given us information that they know about this case. it may be something small, it may be something as big as they witnessed something. we need them to come forward. >> najjar and ziberov were high school seniors and died right before their graduation. chris gordon will have any new information right here on news4. right now air force one is in the air headed to miami. this is video from an hour
11:30 am
announce changing in policies for cuba. those will likely tamp down on travel restrictions. joining me now from engage cuba is luke. you're a seennior adviser. the biggest thing that we hear from folks when they get back and talk to us from the interest of a traveling perspective, how do we get down there? >> we need to take a step back. folks need to remember that cuba is the only country in the world where our government imposes actual restrictions on how you travel there. those are restrictions that were lessened quite a bit during the obama administration. it w m
11:31 am
down there. it was going to be self-reporting, what you were doing. we're taking a giant step back this afternoon. it's not going to make it impossible. it's going to make it a lot harder. >> you mentioned self-reporting. >> that's the irony. what president trump has said is that he wants to do away with many regulations and help american jobs. in fact, he's adding regulations and our understanding is that the treasury department is going to be able to individually audit americans for up to five years to make sure you stuck to an itinerary, you purchase what you said you purchased. so again, it's a step back, but we're not closing the door. >> we've made several trips down to cuba in the past two years. one thing i've noticed is some of the changing of allowing businesses to open up.
11:32 am
optimistic. those who are business owners are going to be impacted? >> that's true. so many of the quote/unquote experts here who pass as experts have never even been to cuba. if you go down there, you see literally thousands of small businesses that have have opened and are thriving. i haven't been in school in years, but change comes when folks have rising expectations. there's no doubt that a whole generation of cubans down on the island have rising expectations. and i think because of this political payoff, the president, make no mistake, is paying off to supporters from south florida from during the campaign, you know, that there's going to be a setback for these young entrepreneurs. >> we look at
11:33 am
ballard and one of the most repressive regimes when it comes to journalists, when it comes to people wanting to speak their minds. is it possible what the administration is doing here could actually help that? >> here's the thing. history is our guide. we tried this policy for 55 years. we didn't force the castro brothers out of power. very definitely it didn't help the cuban people. we've had two years of a new policy and, again, one more irony. president trump has gone around the world and toasted despites from the head of saudi arabia where you can be imprisoned as a woman for driving a car, he was
11:34 am
trump did the sword dance. he's embraced the head of turkey, the president of the philippines. so human rights -- our view is, with raul castro stepping down in february, that this holds out the better hope and the other thing that this is going to do is strengthen the hand of the hard liners in the cuban government who can once again blame the kol loss scollosos fr north. >> there are different reactions down in little havana and miami. this is a very polarizing issue. >> it is. but not on the island. 90% support what obama did. when we come back, the story behind a tragic acciden
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millions of people visit yellowstone national park every year. many of the visitors include families with small children. this morning, we're learning about two tragic accidents at the popular national park. nbc's penny preston explains how one man died and another is fighting to stay alive. >> yellowstone lake is the largest fresh water lake in north america. it's fed by snow melt from the mountains surrounding it and it can suddenly turn from smooth to turbulence. the national park service says a kayak guide, 23-year-old timothy from salt lake city, died while trying to save a client whose kayak had capsized. it happened in the southern portion. the client was rescuedy
11:38 am
a park press release says park rangers responded to the scene of the accident and started cpr but he was pronounced dead on his way to a life flight. meanwhile, the park's hottest waters burned an employee late tuesday night. >> he, unfortunately, fell into a hot spring and then he was with a party of seven. >> reporter: this park spokeswoman says it happened off fountain flat drive. there are several hot springs on the edge of the river here but investigators have not yet determined exactly where the accident happened. the victim was flown to salt lake city. >> as a spokesperson, they say he's in critical yet stable condition. >> reporter: neither were park employees. rather, employees of those who at
11:39 am
>> when they arrive in the park, they receive an orientation and it's in depth and it's all about how they can stay safe in the park. >> for example. >> in june of last year a man died in a hot spring in yellowstone. >> take a look at this body camera video from the police. this is lighthearted. a super soaker. this is a neighborhood on hunting pass road and rising sun la.
11:40 am
training exercise and they'll be ready for next year. >> >> bring out the super soakers. >> i just bought two of them. ready for the summer. >> yeah. i am so excited. >> i had one when i was a kid and they are all over ebay now. >> we have showers out there just south of the district and look what is happening along the mountains. we've got a few storms are popping. and here are a few showers moving out of woodbridge and
11:41 am
and shenandoah valley area. if you get sunshine, you have a better chance of seeing storms. a few clouds have moved in and temperatures dipped a little bit. i'm going to take it up to 83 degrees today. keep your fingers crossed. i'm going to say 80 for us. we have the choulouds out thered they are holding on tight. if you get sunshine, you have a better chance of seeing some storms. we have a chance to see showers later on this afternoon. temperatures, again, low 80s. there's the planner for you. tomorrow's forecast is a little warmer and a little more sunshine. mid-to upper 80s for tomorrow. it's hot and humid for tomorrow. again, upper 80s for tomorrow. 40% of seeing showers and thunde
11:42 am
father's day, mostly dry. we have a chance to see thunderstorms in the afternoon but temperatures are going to be right around 90. in fact, it will feel warmer than that. close to 100 degrees at times on your father's day. so again, it's going to be a warm one if you're grilling or doing anything like that. monday looks like the best chance to see rain and storms throughout the day. that's the ten-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, lauryn. what does your father want for father's day? if you stilleed n
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listen to that. it sounds like fireworks and that's because it is. hundreds of fireworks explosives caught fire this all happened in idaho. no one was hurt and that's $25,000 worth of fireworks all gone. >> just before the fourth of july. >> yeah. father's day is this weekend. make sure you know. dads can be tough to shop for. >> and i'm a last-minute shopper. but we've got some tips for you. liz mcclauf lylaughlin has whatd tow.
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wireless and easy to install. and verizon hum acts as a virtual hot spot and can connect to roadside assistance. >> it gives him peace of mind when on the road and he has peace of mind when he hands his car keys to the teen driver. >> hum features speed tracking with realtime notifications. it uses a motion sensor to keep tabs on the house from anywhere. >> monitor who is coming home, able to keep tabs on teens. let's say they have a curfew. you can get an alert. >> there are other devices such as life. if dad is constantly frustrated with the internet at home, this router covers up to 4500 squar
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security features and parental control. >> it has pretime limits that can be set per device or user and also has anti-virus protection built into the router. >> reporter: the ability to control internet access can get the family a way to get quality time this father's day. liz mclaughlin, nbc news. [cheers and applause ] >> batman may be gone but his legacy lives on. this huge crowd turned out for a ceremony last night. he played in the classic tv series back in the '60s and died earlier this week. some people dressed up as batman or his sidekick. it's been a little over a year since antonin scalia passed away. now his story i
11:48 am
stage. you're going to be starring in this play? >> yeah. we did the play two years ago here in washington and took it to florida and california and now we're back home. so we're glad to be back. >> tell us about it. >> it's about the relationship between scalia and a clark. he's giving a lecture and gets heckled by a student asking questions. turns out to be a young harvard law school graduate applying for a job as his clerk. we have these two ark types of the far-reaching political spectrum which in the room sets up lots of laughs and great learning experience for civil discourse and i think there's a consensus now that both are deaf. here we have
11:49 am
to each other. >> tell us about what you've learned about justice and everything else. >> there is a grade command of language and deeply spiritual and a great civil servant. one of the startest persons i've ever met in my life. >> you had a chance to sit down with him and you met him? >> i did. >> what was that like? >> it was extraordinary. it was like being on the fly of the wall. a great thinker, funny, warm. we're both the kind of americans that are from new jersey. we had a lot in common. i didn't have a 45-pound brain but he was so warm and generous. i didn't expect that, someone of that stature but a deep commitment to democracy. it was quite remarkable. >> wow. what would you want the audience
11:50 am
play? >> given the political landscape at the moment, i think for an hour and a half, they could sit down and watch these two people learn to separate a position from who the person is. we tend to villify. that's not how democracy works. i think that's part of the takeaway. >> so for people interested in seeing it, how can they see the play? >> it's at arena stage so you can go to we run from july 7th through the 30th and we hope that everybody from this administration and anybody else interested in the law and language and fun comes sees it. >> thank you for joining us. looking forward to seeing that. all
11:51 am
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register the device. it is national flip-flop day. one retail chain is offering a freebie. they will give a free limited edition of a sunshine smoothie in a 16-ounce cup to anyone who walks into the store wearing flip-flops. this is at participating locations in more than 40 states. i'm landon dowdy. can you believe it, it's been six years since i first introduced lightning mcqueen and now the car has a few more tires on its lines. here is your box office preview. >> enjoy your retirement. >> this is "cars 3" and the champ is falling behind the latest
11:55 am
racers so he teamed up to make one last run at the checkered flag. it's rated pg. >> it's just like old times. >> and "rough night" as they celebrate the final hours of freedom but it becomes a crime scene when a hired dancer dies on the job. "rough night" is rated r. >> i'm keeping it real. >> and one of the america's most wanted in "all eyes on me." this examines the troubling time from tupac. "all eyes on me" is rated r. and the great white in "47 meters
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she's in a shark diving cage which becomes a deep sea feeding dish. that's the box office preview. nbc news. landon dowdy just told us about this. time to bring out your flip-flops. today is national flip-flop day. you should be careful, though, areai areaing wearing them because some 25,000 visits to the emergency room are related to wearing flip-flops in 2014. >> i didn't know that. >> you have to wear the clogs. >> i think there's a day for everything. >> there is. >> flip-flop day, pizza day, donut day. >> and it sounds like today would be a day to go outside of the flip-flops? >> yeah, it would be. >> definitely. also, maybe an umbrella day because you may need it later on. your feet may get a little wet from time to time. it's warm out there. av
11:57 am
and summer in the air. we're seeing a few showers out there right now mainly to the south of our area. just some light stuff rolling through our region. a few thunderstorms popped up and everybody is going to have a chance to see showers. temperatures, upper 70s to low 80s. we're going to have the humidity around and another chance for showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. sunday, probably mostly dry for your father's day but that heat index is right around 100 degrees and on the breezy side on sunday and monday. in our next 90-degree day after sunday, well, it will be next weekend, next saturday. >> it will be good to sit in the 80s for a bit. lauryn ricketts, thank you. that's going to do it for "news4 midday." we're back on air this afternoon at 4:00. >> you can get news and weather
11:58 am
have a fantastic weekend.
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[ music playing ] >> stand by, everyone, we are live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. don't look back. highs going to need that arm slap, all right. this is the great white, the discovery channel is dealing with this race of all time. welcome to ""access hollywood" live" michael phelps is the best swimmer on the planet. this week for shark week. >> how is this going to work? >> michael instagrammed the picture, he said it's something i always want to do. i don't think he's doing the cage dive here, though, he is actually, somehow going to be


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