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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 16, 2017 4:00pm-4:59pm EDT

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storms are firing up approximate. >> we are in weather alert mode, and the question, how will this impact your friday night? >> we want to get right to doug and amelia. >> we are calling this a weather alert day, and really it's more of a conversational weather alert. i'm not talking severe thunderstorms. >> right. >> but it's a heavy rain threat through the evening. >> and it's on your friday night. we're getting rain now that's the best chance for rain as we head into the holiday weekend. father's day, all about the heat and humidity, i'm going to click through the graphics. >> most of the rain, well west of i-95. the rain will move in across the region later tonight. not a lot of thunderstorm activity. all just heavy rain. this is just the last couple of hours. mostly towards the
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valley. and the flash-flood warning is in effect, for portions of paige county and the shenandoah valley. heaviest rain, well west of the region, but take a look, we have a boundary on top of us. there's another boundary to the west. that's what's going to come in here tomorrow. flash flood watch in effect and everybody to the west, including parts of the blue ridge and the shenandoah valley. luray, a flash-flood warning, it will move into the d.c. metro. we'll talk about when in just a few minutes. >> thanks, doug. before you head out on this friday night, make sure you have the nbc washington app ready to go on your phone. you can check the radar anytime, anywhere. let's get to new information that's just coming in. we've learned this about the four people shot on wednesday. crystal griner was shot in the
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zach barth was shot in the calf and he too will be okay. we just got this word from someone close to matt mika, he's doing better, he's been upgraded from critical to serious condition. a news conference just wrapped up at med star washington hospital center, where they were talking about congressman steve scalise's condition. what's the latest word? >> reporter: congressman scal eeg ease is in critical condition, he's still not out of the woods yet. it was a single rifle shot. med star's head of trauma said he could have died whethn he wa first brought in. he said his risk of death at that time was imminent. now he says it's substantially lowe
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last night. doctors say that went well. scalise still runs the risk of infection, that's the big thing now, but the doctor said he's encouraged by the congressman's improvements. >> he's been sedated, but we've been able to turn down that sedation enough for him to respond to his family members and he clearly knows they're there and appreciates their presence. >> does he understand what he's going through at this point? >> i don't want to get into the details of what he's going through. i think we're happy to see that he can respond to us ask nd to family. >> reporter: the chief read a staff and thanked everyone for their prayers and well wishes. >> thank you. from the victims to the investigation, more and more people in alexandria are coming forward with stories about encounters they had with the gunman, james hodgkinson. >> julie carey says one local man got a very clear view of
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hodgkinson's hatred towards some politicians. >> reporter: this gas station at the corner just about two blocks from the baseball field where james hodgkinson turned his weapon on a congressional baseball practice on wednesday. right outside that garage, that was where he had one of his final and most memorable interactions. it was 10:00 in the morning, the day before the shooting. hodge kinson came to get air in his tires, and he asked for help. he said he was returning to illinois soon. dobberman mentioned he had to work six days a week. he said hodgkinson exploded. >> he lost it. he said, have you seen what that [ bleep ] trump has done to our
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taxes! he just went off. he got very, i felt a lot of passion from the guy about his hatred. it was abnormal the way he flipped out, but he didn't say he was going to hurt anybody. >> reporter: meantime, residents wondering when this area around the ballpark will re-open. there are little league games scheduled this weekend. the city has said that any ymca member ks work out at city rec centers this weekend for free. first at 4:00, one or both of the teens murdered the night before graduation knew their shooters. that's just one revelation from detectives. both boys were shot and killed inside a car in montgomery village last week. now police say it was not a random attack. chris gordon is live in gaithersburg with what else we're learning. >> reporter: well, erika, police say there's a good chance that someone at
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in germantown knows something about these shootings. police say after 11 days of investigating this double murder, they need to hear from anyone with information. >> reporter: police say the two teenagers were targeted, investigators found 30 shell casings at the murder scene in montgomery village. they believe there were multiple shooters and multiple caliber weapons used in a very violent act. >> we do believe that the suspects and the victims knew each other. and more importantly, we believe there are people out there that have not come forward yet and have not given us information that they know about this case. >> reporter: 17-year-old shadi najjar and 18-year-old artem ziberov were killed the night before they were to graduate from northwest high school. artem's father met with detectives this afternoon. >> have any of their friends told you where they were that eveninho
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with? >> no. >> reporter: shadi's father has increased the reward being offered for information leading to an arrest in this murder case. >> the police, the police gave $10,000 reward and i double it, so the reward is $20,000 now. >> reporter: now, police say they understand that due to the violent nature of this crime, people with information may be hesitant to come forward. but police say it's the right thing and the safe thing to do. back to you. >> chris gordon, thank you. three people stealing from elderly men and women at a local doctor's office and the whole thing is caught on camera. also first at 4:00, they face challenges that many of us can't even imagine, but they're not letting their lost limb stop them from hitting the field. they're getting help from guys who know exactly what they're in
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wild weather not far out west that could make its way closer to the nation's capital. updates all afternoon from doug and amelia. and remember, we are working for you even during the break. >> check out the wea
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of our midsommar sales event offer. this court, having reviewed the evidence and applied the law there to, now finds you guilty. >> a juvenile court judge ruled that michelle carter caused the death of her 18-year-old victim. conrad roy was found dead in his truck of carbon monoxide poisoning. and prosecutors say she texted her boyfriend to get back in, when he got out of his truck. defense lawyers argued that he had a history of depression and suicide. carter, now 20, will remain free on bail until her sentencing in august. she faces a
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probation to 20 years in prison. now, first fira virginia ma ordered held without bond today. >> he's facing two counts of assault. this is naren seen kicking a woman who had collapsed on the ground. prosecutors say that woman suffered a bruise to her brain. but they pointed to an interview nairen gave to the "new york times" was a man. police used facial recognition software to identify him. amazon buys whole foods market. you've seen the headline, but we'll tell you how this move affec affects you. >> but first, doug has the latest. >> we have rain moving in, on our friday night. some of that rain could be heavy at times. flash-flood warnings back
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i'm jim handly at the live desk is breaking news. a minnesota police officer was just found not guilty for the deadly shooting of a black man in his car. the aftermath, you may recall on facebook live. a jury just acquitted yan ez of man shourt and two lesser charges. yan ez stopped castillo in july in minneapolis, then shot castille after she said he was carrying a gun. this case received national attention as castille's girlfriend streamed the aftermath on facebook live. yan ez said he was pulling his gun out of his pocket, despite his commands not to do so. they also argued castille was high on marijuana and said that affected his actions.
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actions sobbed loudly in court as the verdict was read and immediately left the courtroom after getting blocked by security officers. we'll have much more on this story on news4 at 5:00, from the live desk, i'm jim handly. back to you. >> thank you, jim. you won't hear the words safetrack much longer. the final surge starts tomorrow, and that will last for a little more than a week on the red line. shady grove and rockville will be closed and shuttle buses will run. >> i could set you up with direct deposit if that's easier. >> naomi watts stars in the book of henry, and to be generous, let's just say the reviews have been mixed. let's see what one critic thinks about that. >> jason fraley joining us now. is it worth it to take dad out to the box offichi
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>> well, it's more about mother/son, but i think it's going to depend how much you're able to suspend your disbelief. it's about a child prodigy, who thinks the girl next door might be abused. it has a nice cast. the kids are played by the kids from st. vincent and room. so good child stars here too. and the villain, the stepdad here, is played by dean norris, hank from breaking bad. so it's nice to see a darker side from him. while it starts intriguing, that whole thriller plot, you're initially into it. there's a twist early on, we won't say what it is, but it changes the movie we thought we were going to watch, and then it gets increasingly far-fetched. depends how much you're willing to go
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woman" check that out. and in a couple of weeks, stay dund for "baby driver." >> interesting name. >> that gets your attention. >> how about the film festival that we have here this weekend in our area in silver spring. >> yes, it's at the afi silver and at the museum and e street cinema. don't they have the guggenheim symposium, where they honor a different documentary filmmaker every year. this ye tomorrow, you can see "whitney, can i be me?" and then sunday, "year of the scab," it began with replacement players or scabs. >> sounds cool. >> from the movie
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buzzing about what is going on at the signature theater. and you got a chance to talk to the stars. tell me about it. >> yes, "jesus christ superstar" the classic musical by tim rice and andrew lloyd webber. here's what they had to say. >> they had it on their minds, we've got, i don't know how to love him. all the classics. >> what's the buzz? >> what's the buzz about the visuals? what are we going to see on stage here? does it look divine? >> it definitely does, but in a sleek and modern way. but the audience is literally thrust into the action. they're seated all around the stage and it's completely in the round. so it's very thrilling, as an audience member. >> good deal. >> a lot of people
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rock concept album. >> wtop's jason fraley, you still have me on "baby driver." >> wet the whistle. >> see you in a bit. it's a busy one in the storm center. >> we're going to see a couple of storms. the big deal tonight will be rain, heavy at times. you can see the rain now in loudoun county, toward the blue ridge and shenandoah valley. a lot of flash-flood warnings back here, around luray and points to the south. all of this will move into the d.c. metro area the next couple hours. weather alert, because we want to alert you we're in for rain across the area tonight. take the big umbrella if you're heading
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starting to see more colors popping up on the radar. >> yeah, if you've got dinner plans tonight, you might want to think about getting inside, because all day it's been really nice. >> yeah. >> on the humid side, but the rain's coming. we're in weather alert mode, not just because it's a severe weather event, but because we have heavy rain moving in when most of us are trying to get out. trying to get our weekend started and look at that rain. right now,
4:25 pm
fauquier and loudoun county, lu luray under a flash-flood warning. watch out in that area. this will always be moving to the east. right now, it's kinda staying back to the west, as expected. it will eventually move to the east the next couple of hours. morgan county, big time storms there, very heavy rain, that could be the next area of flash-flood warning up in that region. let's zoom in towards the front royal area. just south of winchester. going to be a mess tonight. if you live out in fauquier county, the front royal area, might take longer to get home. but all of this rain is moving to the east. we have a boundary right here, this will try to move to the east very slowly. but it will stay here tonight and tomorrow, giving us chance of storms during the day tomorrow.
4:26 pm
here's our latest commutputer model. around 9:00, notice very heavy rainfall from baltimore down through d.c. i'm not predicting a lot of severe weather as far as wind or hail. this is just going to be rain. but it could be some heavy rain, and it gets out of here by around 11:00, still some showers, but then it's out of here. tomorrow, we start off with cloud cover, maybe some fog. maybe some showers. the boundary sits across our area, we see more showers developing tomorrow, but not a lot of rain. and many of us will stay completely dry on your saturday. that's good news because it's a saturday. and we'll see more showers during the evening tomorrow. this is what we're expecting tonight. storm impact, tornado threat, almost zero. hail threat, very low. heavy rainfall, that's the biggest threat. next couple days, as we move in towards the weekend, 88 on your saturday. tomorrow is going to be hot and humid, 93 on
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of a storm, but it could be quite strong. 93 on sunday, 89 on monday, with the best chance of storms. and we do need the rain. >> absolutely. grass is starting to get crispy out there. all right, coming up just ahead, amazon makes a big move, venturing into the world of fios built its 100% fiber optic network because we knew venturing into the world of that everyone would need faster internet. so we're introducing fios gigabit connection. it delivers amazing new download speeds up to 940 megs. that's 20x faster and more powerful than most people have.
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now at 4:30, an unlikely combination. amazon and whole foods becoming one. so what does this mean for the future of supermarkets? >> summer storms firing off. doug and amelia working around the clock to help you prepare for your weekend. plus, have you ever seen a cat this big? one local shelter has him. new at 4:30, an update on what's next for this guy, after his picture went viral. >> you're watching news4 at 4:00. now at 4:30, prince george's county police need your help. they just released this surveillance video, hoping it will help them identify three suspects who they say stole an elderly woman's credit card and
4:31 pm
>> the thieves took the woman's wallet when she visited this medical facility in laurel. tracee wilkins explains why police are concerned there may be other victims. >> reporter: it's an unthinkable crime. elderly people targeted in a medical facility. police believe that's what crooks did in this facility on van duzen road, across the street from laurel hospital. on may 15th, two men and a woman were working this facility, stealing personal information and credit cards from patients inside. at least one 87-year-old victim has been identified. police have video of one of the suspects leaving a store after using the victim's credit card. people who work here tell me the suspects were going from office to office, taking stuff out of people's purses. so prince george's county police are concerned there may be other victims. they're asking people with information about the case, w
4:32 pm
give them a call. in laurel, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. president trump may have confirmed that he is under criminal investigation with a tweet he sent this morning. in it, he says he's being investigated for firing the fbi director, by the man who told him to fire fbi director james comey. >> this is in reference to deputy attorney rod rosenstein. we should note the memo did not call for his dismissal. president trump said he made the decision to fire comey on his own. >> the president has also rolled back some of president obama's initiatives with regard to cuba. >> what's the story? >> reporter: right now the president is on his way back here on the white house. his policy is not a complete reverse course from president obama's policy, but the president says his new policies are designed to isolate the cuban regime. >> reporter: president trump in
4:33 pm
a reversal of many of president obama's open-door policies towards cuba. >> effective immediately i'm cancelling the last administration's completely one-sided deal with cuba. >> reporter: he signed an order that restricts individual travel and seeks to keep tourism dollars out of the hands of the regime. >> we will not be silent in the face of communist oppression any longer. >> reporter: but critics say the decision ignores rapid change and opportunities following the death of castro. >> china and russia will be happy to come in and say, you can't trust the united states, trust us. >> reporter: the president seeming to confirm he's now personally under the microscope in the russia investigation, tweeting, i am being investigated by firing the fbi director by the man who told me toe
4:34 pm
witch-hunt. that's an apparent reference to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. >> he's just digging himself deeper in a hole. he seems to be trying to get rosenstein to resign. >> reporter: the president's personal attorney says the president wasn't confirming he's under investigation, but expressing his frustration with the leaks to the media. and now vice president mike pence has retained outside counsel to respond to questions from special counsel robert mueller. the vice president saying that this is just normal practice. back to you. we have more details now on a story that you probably saw on your phone today that really surprised a lot of people. >> amazon is buying whole foods, the grocery store chain. now, the deal is valued at over $13 billion and it gives amazon a chance to dive deeper into the online grocery business. it also provides financial relief for whole foods, who have been
4:35 pm
sealds. and their stock soared 27% once word of the deal got out. amazon's stock wubumped up 3%. we asked what all this means for you. >> we've seen amazon look at, you know, technologies, like getting rid of cashiers and replacing them with connectivity techniques that will allow you to walk into a store and walk out and have all those purchases in your cart tracked and charged to your credit card, for example. so far, perishables have been really difficult for online grocery delivery. but with whole foods stores being much closer to consumers' homes than amazon warehouses, this could be the thing that gets online grocery delivery to really take off. >> this deal is expected to close within the next few months. and by the way, whole foods will continue operating the stores under
4:36 pm
amazon sandwich bar doesn't sound appetizing, so it's probably a good idea. >> i want to know if i can get an avocado under $2. >> don't hold your breath. these kids want to play ball and they're not letting their lost limbs stop them. we'll take you to a local ball field where they're getting a little help from the grown-ups who know a thing or two about their struggle. continuing to track the rain, loudoun and northern fauquier counties, under the gun. the heaviest rain along the shenandoah valley and blue ridge. amia has the latestel
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award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer. and we're on storm team4 weather alert. showers are going to impact your friday evening. but tomorrow morning, it will be wild with mist and potentially patchy
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highs in the mid to upper 80s. by lunch time, maybe some peeks of sunshine and will help to fire off widely scattered showers and thunderstorms for the afternoon and evening hours. not everyone sees rain tomorrow, but plan for a thunderstorm moving through. it is father's day weekend. as you make the tee time tomorrow morning, or sunday will be the day to go golfing. but it's going to be hot on sunday. show you another look as doug and i are tracking areas of heavy rain, more on what your forecast will be for tonight, coming up in five minutes. d.c.'s a town full of fat cats but not many like this. >> well played. >> a rather large tabby up for adoption in the district has found a loving home now. >> the humane rescue alliance tweeted this picture of its staff holding 6-year-old simba who weighs a whopping 35 pounds. within a few hours, simba was adopte
4:41 pm
cat this large. with luck, that home has a treadmill. >> i mean -- >> good luck, simba. >> you've got to feet him really well or put him on a diet. my goodness. bill cosby's fate, hanging in the balance this afternoon. a live update from the courthouse, as a deadlocked jury tries to decide aeteran. >> v>
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switch now at 4 things to know on this friday afternoon. a storm team4 weather alert, heavy rain and storms pounding areas just to the west. we're watching some of them as they get closer here. team coverage from doug and amelia in just a moment. the bullet that struck congressman steve scalise on wednesday at a congressional baseball practice went in one hip and straight through to the others. his doctors said he was at imminent risk of death when he arrived at the hospital. he underwent t
4:45 pm
repair broken bones and organs. he remains in critical condition and more surgeries are expected down the road. president trump appears to be confirming that he is under investigation for firing fbi director james comey. he appeared to refer to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein who trump claims recommended comey be fired. at this hour, we are waiting to see if jurors in the bill cosby sex assault case will break a deadlock and render a verdict. >> nbc's chris pollone is live outside the courthouse this evening. you've gotta imagine prosecutors have to be worried right about now. >> reporter: yeah, i think both sides are nervous, truthfully. the jury has had this case for more than 47 hours. they took it late monday afternoon and have been deliberating ever since. yesterday they went in, in the morning and they told the judge that there was no way they could come to an agreement on any of the three charges facing bill cosby. he gave
4:46 pm
charge to get them moving, to encourage them to go back in and deliberate some more. that's what they've been doing since 11:00 yesterday morning. very busy day in court today for the jury. they've been back in the courtroom at least three times today to ask various questions. the first one this morning, they asked the judge to define what reasonable doubt means. then they wanted to hear a lot of testimony back over again that they heard last week original originally. the alleged incident took place in 2004 between constand and bill cosby. constand's mother had a lengthy phone conversation with bill cosby after this alleged incident. jurors are back in the jury room deliberating. cosby has been making motions to have the case thrown out, declared a mistrial. but so far, no mistrial. deliberations
4:47 pm
meanwhile, a not guilty verdict in the case of a police officer charged with the death of a motorist. >> jim handly's in the newsroom with this developing story. >> we continue to following this story for you at 5:00. a minnesota police officer cleared of shooting a black man in his car. the shooting's aftermath was streamed, you'll recall, live on facebook. we're hearing tonight from the family of fillando castille and what may have been behind all of this, what jurors are saying, we'll have more on what the family has to say. plus, physical therapy goes high tech. doreen gentzler reports on the new technology that's helping people recover faster. weekend warriors, this one included, we're going to be listening. see you soon for these stories and a good deal more and doug's stormy forecast at 5:00. >> you got it, jim. see you in a bit. are you planning a trip for this summer? if so, consider yourself lucky. >> turns out lots of americans say they can't afford one this
4:48 pm
associated press. it says about half of families making less than $50,000 a year don't plan on taking a summer vacation. 49% of them cited finances as the reason. 11% said they can't take the time off work, and 3% actually said they just don't like being away from work. >> what! >> something is wrong with that 3%. >> said nobody ever. >> i love being here. >> 3% of crazy. >> you better say that, buddy. back over to storm team4 now and the storms that are starting to fire up on this friday evening. >> what's up, man? >> we're in weather alert mode, in red, not because we have severe weather coming through, not because it's going to be something where you have to seek shelter, but it's going to be a rather rainy night. some areas will see very heavy rain. >> and that includes the potential for pockets of heavier rain in the d.c. metro area
4:49 pm
>> when people are enjoying their time off. >> on a friday night, imagine that. >> who wants to leave work? i'll be probably here getting you through the storms. it looks like rain. this is a very humid atmosphere outside. you can feel it when you step out the door. 83 degrees currently. as we look through 7:00. this is in the city now. in the beltway, scattered showers around 7:00. pockets of heavy rain around 9:00. notice that word, pockets. fairfax may be getting a downpour, where herndon may be on the drier side of things with showers. mild temperatures even around 11:00, but very humid. very heavy in the southern zone, madison county. moderate to steady rain from leesburg back to winchester, luray and morgan county, very heavy rain there. all of this moving our way. this is the area i'm watching that could come up i-95 over the next couple of hours. you can see it here. look at these storms
4:50 pm
south, making their way up to the north. right in here, moving up to the north. will they move in, how much rain will we be seeing? and then tomorrow, we have the boundary that's to our west, staying to our west and moving across or closer to our area and that leaves us in very warm and very humid conditions. amelia with more on what you can expect at the beach and also what you can expect the next couple days as far as the humidity goes. >> the beach is looking like the place to be. mainly dry saturdaynd sunday. mix of clouds and sun. upper 70s for high. water temperature in the upper 60s. heads up if you're sticking around town. this is your sunday afternoon, father's day afternoon. this is what it's going to feel like when you factor in the humidity. 97 degrees at 2:00. 6:00 p.m., firing up the grill, it's going to be a little bit hot out there. feeling about 100 in the district, doug, and about 96 up in gaithersburg. >> my son's got a baseball game at 5:00 on sunday afternoon. that's going to be a
4:51 pm
next ten days, a hot weeke for sure, and then look at monday. high of 89, but a good chance of some strong storms monday. monday may have to be another weather alert day, because we are expecting strong to potentially severe weather on monday. next week, though, looking pretty good. couple chances of showers, but no other real big storms. we need the rain and we'll get some the next couple days. >> thank you, doug. if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, there are a couple of big festivals you may want to consider, but some streets will be closed. >> here's a look at your first 4 traffic and what's happening this weekend as far as roads being impacted. the 2017 columbia heights festival on saturday. road closures from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. we're talking about 11th street between kenyon street and park road northwest and
4:52 pm
between sherman and 13th street northwest. columbia pike blues festival, also on saturday, from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. roads in the area, walter reed drive, columbia pike, and south 9th street, also tough to find parking in that area. they're eliminating some spots for the festival this weekend. to the north, in bethesda this weekend, wisconsin avenue near bethesda metro station, again on saturday. we're talking about two southbound lanes and the sidewalk shut down from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. they're trying to lift equipment onto the roof of a building and that's the reason for that. see you monday morning for news4 today. >> how about that. what a trooper, doing traffic for two. way to go. comic and pop culture lovers, rejoice. awesome con kicked off today. celebrating all things nerdy. whether you're into batman, doctor who, building up your own plug suits, attendees will have
4:53 pm
go and check it out. it runs through sunday at the washington convention center. they have overcome so much and now they are passing on their knowledge to those who need it the most, through softball. an uplifting kids camp for those who want to play ball despite a lost limb. >> this is news4, first at 4:00.
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introducing fios gigabit connection. superfast internet at an incredible price. with speeds up to 940 megs. that's 20x faster than most people have. and, it's just $79.99 a month online for 1 year. and only $5 more per month for the second year. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years. all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at leaders around the world are
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germany, the former german chancellor helmut comb died today. he served from 1992 to 1998. he played a crucial role in ending germany's division between east and west. he impacted the entire continent because he helped create the euro. president clinton awarded him the medal of freedom, a rarity for a non-american. life without a limb is limitless, the motto of the wounded warrior amputee softball team, playing saturday night on the campus of george mason university. but all this week, they were pushing the limits of some very happy campers. sherree burruss has that story. >> reporter: the bustle of a dugout, the crack of a bat, what you'd expect to hear from a softball camp in june, but there's something very different about this camp. >> it's been amazing, because we're all the same. we all have some kind of missing body part
4:57 pm
>> a dear friend of mine came up to me and said, what do you think about doing this for the kids? as in traveling around the country, a lot of amputee kids came to the games. >> at my hometown, there's not many people here like this, is amazing. >> i want you to run as fast as you can. >> reporter: cody rice, also missing part of his right leg. >> post injury, my life was very hard, but learned to cope with that, by setting small goals, proving i could do anything. i can hit farther than most guys with two feet, two arms and everything. >> reporter: now teaching from a unique perspective. >> i thought i was going to be a horrible hitter. it makes it easier for me to
4:58 pm
they know it, they teach it, because they know how it feels. >> it's very rewarding. i get to help these kids out, show them they can do anything. and they see me hit the ball far and they're like, whoa. i tell them, you can do the same. people say we're inspiration, but these kids are. >> is there a better way to end the kind of week we just had? wonderful stuff. the news continues right now with jim and erika. news4 at 5:00 starts now. and right now at 5:00, we're learning new information tonight about the condition of the congressman wounded in that shooting in alexandria this week. what doctors are now saying about his road to recovery. and storm team4 tracking heavy rain and looking at how it will impact your friday
4:59 pm
and fright noright now, we' weather alert mode as the storms start to kick off. i'm jim handly. >> and i'm erika gonzalez in for wendy rieger. doug? >> weather alert night because we're expecting heavy rain. it's not going to be severe weather. we're not expecting a ton of lightning with these storms or hail or even high winds. this is just going to be a rain event. we have a flash flood watch in effect for northern virginia. the rain is all to the west of i-95. we don't even expect it here until about 8/9:00. toward the shenandoah and around the blue ridge, this area already seeing flash-flood warnings to the south. can you see where the rain is trying to make its way to the east. this is what i'm watching, these storms right here. this is moving right up the boundary toward our region and the heavy rain moves in during the evening.
5:00 pm
fauquier and rappahannock, shenandoah valley, flash-flood warning in effect until 8:00. much more on the timing of the rain, amelia draper and i are in throughout the rest of the evening. he was at imminent risk of death, that's how doctors described the condition of house majority whip steve scalise, as he arrived at medstar washington hospital following that shooting on a ballpark in alexandria. that was wednesday. we have team coverage on the investigation and the victims. let's begin with kristin wright at the hospital with the latest on what doctors are describing now as a long road to recovery for scalise. >> reporter: congressman scalise is still in critical condition, in intensive care, but he's doing better. the head of trauma at medstar says that an excellent recovery is a good possibility. so that's good news. scalise was shot once in the hip. the bullet


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