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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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investigation. news4 at 6:00 starts now. first at 6:00, we're in weather alert mode tonight as storms move in for the start of your weekend. heavy rain and localized flooding in some places. skpnge >> doug's tracking it all for us. >> weather alert here on your friday night, not because we're tracking severe weather. we don't anticipate much in the way of strong thunderstorms. this is all a rain event. it's your friday night, getting ready for the weekend. that's why we're in weather alert mode. not saying don't go out at all, but a night to alert you, you will need the umbrella. we've had some flooding back here already and now that rain is moving close to the metro area for the next couple of hours. right now, towards spotsylvania, culpeper, fredericksburg, heads up here. this is where some of the heavy rain is. again, it's moving toward the north, the fredericksburg area
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well. you can see this on the wider view too. we have a boundary to the west that will allow showers and storms to come into the area. we have a flood watch in effect, flash flood watch in effect for points of the blue ridge, flood warning for morgan county, hampshire, west virginia. nothing in the d.c. area, but i expect to see showers and heavy yore downpours around 8 or 9:00. we'll explain what to expect for your weekend coming up in just a bit. >> thank you, doug. now to new developments in the ballpark shooting in alexandria. four people injured as a gunman opened fire on a congressman practicing for a charity baseball game. tonight, chilling new details about the encounter one man had with the suspect right before that attack. plus, an update from the doctors on the victims' conditions and the recovery ahead for them. we have team coverage for you tonight. starting with julie carey live in alexandria. julie? >> reporter: well, the focus of the investigation down the re
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the exact number of bullets and their trajectories. and tonight the fbi is giving us a look at the types of guns that james hodgkinson used. a handgun and a rifle that looked like this. now, they also continued to gather information on the gunman and that is going to include an interview with a manager of a gas station, just down the street from the crime scene. chris dobberman said it started out as small talk, a man with a white van came in asking for help putting air in his tires. but when the station manager mentioned he had to work six days a week, the man exploded. >> he lost it. he went from a normal conversation to, have you seen what that [ bleep ] trump has done to our taxes! he just went off. it was a little abnormal the way he flipped out about trump, but he didn't say he was going to hurt anybody. >> reporter: alarmed, dobberman sa
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man calmed down, said thanks, and left. he has since learned it was james hodgkinson. the next day he turned his rifle on a congressional baseball practice. >> it's a tragedy. i wish there was some way that he had made a threat, then i could have gave a warning. >> reporter: now dobberman is awaiting an fbi interview. residents are awaiting the re-opening of the area, with the ymca baseball and soccer fields and a dog park. businesses inside the crime scene area, very eager to re-open. the owner of swing's coffee roaster said his business was in jeopardy. and alexandria's first responders getting a big pat on the back. police chief mike brown writing, our officers valiantly took the shooter's fire and two of our officers found themselves in a position to return fire in the direction of the shooter. the businesses and residents saying thank you with letters and food donations and this
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at the dog park during the gunfire. thank you for saving both of our lives. you are our heroes. >> our officers realize how they touch people's lives when they see something like that. >> reporter: and some good news tonight from alexandria little league. they will be playing ball again on monday night. they have a re-opening ceremony scheduled for around 6:00. the community is invited to come. i'll switch over to kristin wright who has been update on the conditions of those wounded. >> reporter: well, the head of trauma here at medstar washington hospital center says when the congressman got here to the hospital, he was on the verge of death. representative scalise tonight is still in critical condition, but he's doing better. he's not out of the woods, though just yet. he was shot, once in the hip. the bullet crossed his pelvis into the other side of his hip, causing significant damage to his bones, internal organs, and blood ve
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last night to repair a broken bone. right now the congressman is sedated, but aware and responding. he's communicating with his family. one of his surgeons says this is the outlook right now. >> we are encouraged by improvement in his condition over the last 36 hours. we have controlled the internal bleeding and his vital signs have stabilized. he will require additional operations to manage abdominal injuries and other bone injuries. >> reporter: lots of well wishes coming in for the congressman in his recovery. today former president george w. bush posted a picture on instagram of him and laura bush with representative scalise. bush wrote that he talked to scalise's wife last night, saying they're praying for a full and speedy recovery. lobbyist matt mika has been
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serious condition. crystal griner is in good condition. zack barth was released from the hospital soon after the shooting. i should mention, though, today we also heard a statement from the congressman's family, thanking those capital police officers for the bravery during that shooting. and the head of trauma here at the hospital saying he does believe representative scalise will make a full recovery. back to you. >> kristin wright, thank you. in montgomery county, two honor roll students killed in a hail of gunfire on the eve of their high school graduation, and tonight, police are closing in on a motive. here's what we know. at least 30 shell casings were collected from the scene earlier this month. police believe there's more than one gunman. and tonight, they're making a plea for information to help solve this case. news4's chris gordon has reaction from the victims'
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there were at least two shooters and they believe that someone at northwest high school in germantown knows something about these shootings. >> reporter: police say the two teenagers were targeted. investigators found 30 shell casings at the murder scene in montgomery village. they believe there were multiple shooters and multiple caliber weapons used in a very violent act. >> we do believe that the suspects and the victims knew each other. and more importantly, we believe there are people out there that have not come forward yet and have not given us information that they know about this case. >> reporter: 17-year-old shadi najjar, and 18-year-old artem ziberov, were killed the night before they were to graduate from northwest high school. i spoke with artem's father as he was leaving to meet with detectives. have any of their fen
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evening, who they were meeting with? >> no. >> reporter: police are investigating a report that shadi owed someone money and that a debt collector stopped by his house, but was chased off by shadi's father armed with a shotgun. shadi's father said she hashe h shotgun, but didn't run anybody off. he said the back door to the house was found partially open. >> my wife heard some noise in the back door. it was about 2:00 in the morning and she said the door was open, the back door. but we didn't -- i mean, i didn't see that. we didn't see nobody. >> reporter: shadi's father today put up his own money to double the reward being offered for information leading to an arrest in this case. it's now up to $20,000. doreen? >> thank you, chris. some breaking news now. a u.s. navy ship is taking on water, after gti
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the open water near japan. this video from japan public broadcasting, shows the damage to the us fitzgerald. a u.s. defense official describes the damage as significant. the navy asked for help from the japanese coast guard. tonight the president's lawyer is downplaying a tweet that seemed to confirm mr. trump is under investigation for possibly instructing justice. the president's focus today was on an island 90 miles from the united states. edward lawrence is tracking it all from the white house this evening. edward? >> reporter: leon, good evening. the president is here now at the white house. he's back from his trip. as the news of his new policy is settling in. it's interesting to say it's not a complete reversal from president obama's policy, but the president said that his new policies are designed to isolate the cuban regime. >> reporter: president trump in
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announcing a reversal of many of president obama's open-door policies towards cuba. >> effective immediately, i am cancelling the last administration's completely one-sided deal with cuba. >> reporter: he signed an order that once again restricts individual travel and seeks to keep tourism dollars out of the hands of the regime. >> we will not be silenced in the face of community oppression any longer. but critics say the decision ignores rapid change and opportunities following the death of castro. >> china and russia will be happy to come in and say, you can't trust the united states, trust us. and then we'll have china and russia sitting on our doorstep. >> reporter: the major policy announcement was overshadowed by a tweet, the president seeming to confirm he's now personally under the microscope in the russia investigation, tweeting, i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire
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director. witch-hunt. that's an apparent reference to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. >> he's just digging himself deeper in a hole. he seems to be trying to get rosenstein to resign. >> reporter: the president's personal attorney says the president wasn't confirming he's under investigation. but expressing his frustration with the leaks to the media. >> reporte >> that was edward lawrence reporting. now an update after a high profile arrest at the trump hotel here. tonight we're seeing the facebook post that led to brian moles being arrested again. the post shows newspaper headlines about the shooting at the ballpark in alexandria. they show he came back to washington, d.c., which violates the condition of his release. he was arrested last month after police found guns in his car at the trump hotel. now the pennsylvania doctor must stay behind bars until his next court appearance later this month. targeting the most vulnerable in a place they go to
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tonight, news surveillance video as local police reveal how the crimes unfolded. >> chances are, you've seen the video. but do you know how police tracked down the people who were throwing punches near the turkish embassy in d.c. the technology that landed a virginia man in jail for this. and nbc's chuck todd joins us next as we break down the we's big politicalek
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president trump fired off four new tweets this morning, and this one in particular getting a lot of attention. >> that's right. he wrote that he is being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told him to fire the fbi director, witch-hunt. >> chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press." the president's tweet as we've reported, an apparent reference to rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, who put out his own very strange statement. we got all these sub plots going, when the only thing we -- that we're trying to do is investigate how russia may have interfered in our election. >> and this is the part where i think the president's behavior actually ends up creating -- taking time and effort away from that. to some, that in itself is circumstantial evidence of obstruction, not
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a version of it. like, wait a minute. and in fact, the more he complains about comey, we're not focused on the core issue at hand, which is a, what did russia do, b, did any americans help, and if so, were they connected to a campaign. that's at the core of the investigation. what he's doing here, he's putting rosenstein in a very awkward position. it may be that he has to recuse himself because he was in the room discussing comey's fate the day before it happened. and anybody that touched that could end up being a witness in this with the special counsel. nobody's confirmed that the president is under investigation for this. it would be surprising if he wasn't. >> it's been reported. >> but it was odd that the president confirmed it and his legal team, said no, we haven't been informed. that's a whole other story. but it puts him in a more awkward position. and if the president wants to fire mueller, he has to m
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rosenstein rosenstein do it. >> which would be illegal. >> pete williams explains it, rosenstein is extraordinarily upset with leaks, he thinks some of them have been misleading, including some of his own actions. he insists -- people insist he did this on his own volition, that it was not an ask of the white house. but if you're looking for what story was he referring to when he put the statement out, "the washington post" had a story last night that jared kushner, the president's son-in-law, that the investigation expanded into his finances. at one point, according to officials on this, after he put that statement out that said, we don't even know if they're referring to this government officials or other government officials, "the washington post" changed their story to say "u.s. officials". so it may be in reference to that, but there's been no confirmation to th
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> >> we're seeing people lawyering up. it's hard to say, it's 5:00 in the evening. but mike pence has gotten his own lawyer, and there's a number of questions about the people who are getting their own lawyers and now with pence, there's a question about whether or not he can use his campaign funds to pay for it. what's this all about? >> well, look, i think you're going to see the next stop on this front, you're going to see some legal defense funds start. i wouldn't be surprised if pence has his own. because frankly, that's cleaner. you're right, campaign money and all this stuff. what is almost standard practice when you have these situations is legal defense funds, i think you'll see that pop up. look, it's possible anybody that the president interacted with on mike flynn and on comey is going to be called as a witness by the special counsel. and anybody that does is going to feel the need for a lawyer. mike pence was somewhat on the periphery. by the way, the president, and we just reported this, it just came through our system. the president has added a new lawyer to his legal team, a
6:19 pm
fairly famous lawyer, dajohn do. he wrote the report about peas rose and gambling in baseball. but this is now the single most experienced lawyer of the president, long time, has defended people who have problems in front of the government. so unlike mr. kasowitz who doesn't have a lot of experience dealing with washington problems, john dowd is one of the big guns of washington. >> this is a good, economic boon for the lawyers. a lot of billable hours there. >> but it makes it harder to find legal experts in washington, because they all have conflicts now. >> i want to ask also the shootings in alexandria, such a show of unity in the house right afterward and a ball game last night. is it possible that this could provide some kind of a turning point, at least in the congress? >> i'm actually optimistic about congress as an institution on this front. this really sobered them up. let's think about
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there's been eight members of congress in our history that have been shot. two of them have happened in the last six years. in both cases, the immediate gut reaction of everybody was, you know, maybe we do need to tone it down a little bit. and i think that's real. i think yesterday was awkward, frankly. this has impacted us as washingtonians more than the rest of the country, but -- >> it happened here. >> and this is our community. congress, this is our community. republicans and democrats, we really -- and the president was on a hillary clinton rant two hours before the game started. he hasn't helped the situation here. but i think this has sobered up individual members of congress. i think you will see more collegiality. that doesn't mean you'll see comp myself, but personal collegiality may be back. >> it's given comfort to those who haven't been comfortable playing that game.
6:21 pm
activist base are going and now they have a permission slip to be who they really want to be. >> i hope you're right, chuck. and we hope you'll join chuck sunday morning at 10:30 right here on nbc4. >> got to work on father's day. >> i'll get off before noon. >> happy father's day. >> thank you, sir. you too. the top democrat on the house intelligence committee is advising president trump to stop lashing out on twitter. in a recent tweet, the president called the russia investigation a witch-hunt led by very bad and conflicted people. that's a reaction to special counsel mueller's investigation expanding to the president and possible obstruction of justice. >> bob mueller is someone who is widely respected on both said of the aisle. if he's doing this to set up a pretext to fire bob mueller, i'm confident that we would have the
6:22 pm
independent counsel law and have bob mueller in a way that would be beyond the president's power to fire him. and stop lashing out at people, it's not only unpresidential, but from the point of view of interfering in the investigation, deeply disturbing. >> he went on to add that he believes talk of impeachment is premature and that the focus should be on finding the facts. new reaction from the injured protesters as a local man is charged for this violent brawl outside the turkish ambassador's home in d.c. a $13 billion deal as amazon buys who
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we got some weather on the way tonight. so much so that we got two moat rolg rol -- meteorologists on the case. >> this isn't two for the price of one. >> two for the price of three. [ laughter ] >> just letting you know now. we're in weather alert mode, not because we have severe weather moving through. not because it's a major deal. but this will affect your night tonight if you're heading out across the area. >> you want to grab the umbrella, dealing with some showers even in the metro area. we'll take whatever rain we can get. we've been extremely dry this month. >> we have. pretty much all of northern virginia seeing the rain, with
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counties. lighter, steadier rain for fauquier and culpeper. becoming moderate. down to the south, we'll zoom and look around fredericksburg, some pretty good storms. making its way to westmoreland county. moving up to the north, in towards parts of southern maryland in the next hour or so. we'll be watching that and watching this area to see if it comes together in this region and moves back across the d.c. metro area. that's why we're in weather alert mode because we're going to be on the wet side tonight. take the umbrella if you're going to be out in about. >> temperature wise, looking pretty good. 8/9:00, those systems kind of coming together around the d.c. metro area and moving on through. still some showers by 11:00, but most of us starting to dry out at that time. tomorrow, starting with cloud cover and maybe some fog. then just some scattered showers, maybe an isolated thunderstorm, but most of tomorrow
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mixture of sun and clouds. temperatures currently at 83 degrees, winds out of the south, 5 miles per hour. luray, raining all afternoon. 76 in culpeper. eating out tonight, i think you're good until about 8:00. this d.c. metro area, by the way. 9:00, gets stormy. showers ending around 11:00. if you're heading out this weekend, lot of things going on this weekend. father's day as well. >> happy father's day, doug. >> thank you very much. >> as we look to how the weather's going to impact your weekend, if you're making a tee time, i would do so early tomorrow with a chance for late day showers and thunderstorms, also more comfortable during the morning hours. but if you want to get out sunday afternoon, know you're dealing with the heat and humidity. it's looking good, dry there, water temperature in the upper 60s. brunch on sunday, hot and humid, feeling more than 100 d
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going for a hike, perfect in the shade. take a look at how hot it's going to feel sunday afternoon with the humidity. mid 90s, about 95 in the district as we move to the evening hours. 6:00, feeling close to 100. not only in washington, but areas like leesburg as well. and then, widespread rain and thunderstorms, doug in the forecast on monday. that will finally remove the humidity for tuesday. >> we're watching out for monday for sure. tomorrow, hot and humid, storms possible in the afternoon, temperature around 88. the heat index into the low 90s tomorrow. 93 on sunday, as amelia mentioned, the heat index close to 100. isolated form possibl isolated storm possible. maybe one or two in the entire area, but could be quite severe. and good chance of severe weather on monday. high of 89 degrees. most of next week, lower humidity, looking pretty nice with the temperatures in the mid 80s. >> all right, thank you, doug and
6:29 pm
from the jury today as they continue deliberating in the bill cosby trial. we're live with the latest developments and what it says about how close they are to reaching a decision. sthm when you enter a medical facility like this one, the last thing you're thinking about is someone stealing from you. but that's what prince george's county police say happened to one ♪
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just in to the newsroom, new details about james hodgkinson. investigators say the day he went out, wednesday, to the republican congressional baseball practice, that he had a handwritten list of names on his person, the names of trent francs of arizona, congressman francs of arizona, jeff duncan of south carolina, mo brooks and a few others on the list. all of this adding to the uncertainty about whether or not this was a planned attack. we'd heard from his wife already in an interview, and she said had that he told her he was going back home to illinois. he had given up his membership at the ymca. again, a handwritten note is what authorities are saying was found on his person. again, also mo brooks, congressman brooks of alabama was one of the mt
6:33 pm
accounts that day who was on the field assisting his colleagues, even using his belt as a tourniquet to help somebody out to safety. new details coming into the newsroom. back to you. >> thanks, erika. now at 6:30, an unsettling crime spree, caught on tape, thieves targeting elderly patients in a medical building in prince george's county. they stole a woman's wallet and got a lot of cash with it. tracee wilkins explains why there may be more victims. >> there's rehab places in here, it's doctors' offices, it's across from the hospital, so there's a lot of elderly people. >> reporter: these two men walking back and forth inside this lobby blend in, and appear to belong here. so does this woman. but police say all three are pick pockets, targeting unsuspecting medical patients. >> we do believe there's a high likelihood that could be some additional victim
6:34 pm
15th at the pavilion across from the hospital these three walked in and out of medical offices taking credit cards and possibly debit cards out of purses of patients. it happened between 10:40 a.m. and 12:40 p.m. less than an hour later, security video captaures the female shopping and using the 87-year-old victim's stolen credit card. he was able to steal a large sum of money. >> very quickly try to acquire as many things as they can before the victim realizes that items were stolen from them. >> reporter: police are concerned that other patients were targeted and they may think they misplaced something that was actually stolen. >> our detectives think this could have happened multiple times. >> and there's the third one too. >> reporter: when we showed the vide video to people who use this facility, the reaction was shock and disgust. >> that's pretty unsett t
6:35 pm
office, which is primarily what is in here, that you would have to worry about your things being taken or being taken advantage of. >> reporter: if you were here on may 15th in the morning hours, or if you think you know the people you saw in that video, contact prince george's county police. at 301-937-0100. other top stories tonight, the fbi has released images of guns similar to the ones used at the congressional baseball practice. hospital officials say they're encouraged by improvements for congressman steve scalise, but he's still in critical condition. matt mika has been upgraded from critical to serious condition. pentagon officials say they have no information to support the claims that russia may have taken out a top isis leader. he was a driving force behind the isis effort to establish a caliphate in iraq and
6:36 pm
says it's trying to verify reports that he was i woukilled during a strike in raqqah last month. now to bill cosby's sex assault trial. the jurors have been deliberating for more than 49 hours now and there are signs it's starting to test the patience of the judge. nbc's chris pollone is outside the courthouse. prosecutors have to be worried about this. this is taking an awfully long time. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. people who work around the montgomery county courthouse have told me they cannot think of a time when a criminal jury has gone this long, 49 hours, deliberating a criminal case. they got this case monday evening. you remember yesterday they said they were hopelessly deadlocked. the judge sent them back in and said, keep trying. today they went into the courtroom three times to ask questions. they they asked what the
6:37 pm
of reasonable doubt is, they had testimony from constand read back and her mother. now they're back in the jury room. if pattern holds, we expect them to have dinner soon, but right now, there's no sign of any movement in this jury. and so far, they haven't come back to court to say, we're still deadlocked. so it's really tough to get a gauge on what's going through their minds right now and how close they are to coming even to a unanimous consensus on one of the three counts that he faces. we continue watching and waiting to see what happens here. we'll let you know if anything happens. i'm chris po back to you. new technology being tested at two major airports. how your face could get you through screenings faster and more efficiently. and the new ruling affecting what you can and cannot show when you're sun balebathing on maryland beaches. but first, here's doug. out there now,
6:38 pm
shower activity around fairfax county. parts of montgomery county, heavy rain around fredericksburg, the northern neck. moving into southern maryland, and around fredericksburg, coming now, as a matter of fact. 'llwe
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requiring women to cover up at the beach does not violate the constitution. that is the word from the maryland attorney general's office. earlier this month, a beach patrol memo reignited the issue of women going topless in lifeguard city. the town council responded by passing an ordinance banning women from going topless at the beach. he said he hopes this covers the issue ands
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after years of using passports to board a flight, that could be changing. delta and jetblue are launching a pilot program this week, using facial identification recognition systems. some will use it when checking bags, others before boarding the plane. the goal is to move passengers through airports more quickly and with less hassle. it could change the way we shop. details of amazon's purchase of whole foods and the changes you can expect as a customer. and new fall-out after a protest turned violent outside the turkish ambassador's residence in d.c.
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a virginia man is facing felony assault charges connected to the brawl outside the turkish ambassador's home in d.c. last month. police say he kicked a woman until he was unconscious. today a judge ordered him held without bond, calling him a danger to the community. mark segraves reports. >> it was fear. i was afraid what was going to happen to us. they attacked us twice that day. so i was worried they were going to hit us. >> reporter: protesters who were caught up in the brawl with turkish security guards said they feared for their lives. lucy was kicked so many times she passed out. police say it was sin an narin who was one of the people who kicked her. she was identified using facial recognition software. no cou in court today, a police officer said this is narin kicking another woman so hard she suer
6:46 pm
the popular called it a violent brazen attack. >> i didn't have a chance to even run or think sore anything. i found myself on the ground. i'm grateful for u.s. d.c. police department taking care of us. i'm pretty sure if they wouldn't be there, if they wouldn't protect us, i'm positive that i wouldn't survive. >> reporter: a new jersey man seen here in this white shirt has also been arrested and will be extradited to face charges in d.c. narin has never been arrested before, but the judge said because he attacked these women as police tried to stop him, he should be held without bond. sitting inside the courtroom today were a group of people who identified themselves as turkish americans, but left in a diplomatic car. in the district, mark segraves, news4. we have new information tonight about the death of former d.c. councilmanim
6:47 pm
fighting a bacterial infection. doctors have not confirmed it, but friends say he developed the infection after a course of antibiotics. he had been in and out of the hospital for several weekz. he served four terms on the d.c. counsel and was an early fighter in the fight against hiv and aids. while we don't know exactly what killed him, c-dif can lead to death. symptoms include severe diarrhea, life-threatening inflammation of the colon. it's most common among older adults in hospitals and long-term care facilities and it sickens about half a million americans each year. amazon revolutionized the way we shop once. now they plan to do it a second time. amazon is jumping head first into brick and mortar retail by buying whole foods. jog
6:48 pm
going to change the way we buy groceries. what do you think? >> it's a bold move by amazon and their founder. we're talking about a $13.7 billion deal. this is a big deal, because as they acquire whole foods, they're getting about 350 stores across the country. those can serve amazon not only as whole foods stores, which they will remain, according to amazon, but they might become neighborhood distribution centers. and the reason this may matter to you as the shopper is all about the price and the competition with the main rival in the field, and that is walmart. and we were talking with experts today to see how that might affect your pocket book. this is what they had to say. >> a mom at a grocery store should care about this deal because she'll get better selection and a better deal than
6:49 pm
prime customer, special stuff out of the store. >> it's exciting for the customer, but it means there might be fewer choices in the market. insta cart a start-up is now being threatened by this major deal. and the more traditional stores bike target, costco, walmart, and kroger, all of their stock falling today on this news, because there's a little bit of investor hesitation about what this means for all the other joyces out there. >> competition -- choices out there. >> competition seems like a good thing to me. our coverage isn't over yet. coming up after news4 at 6:00, a deeper look at how this mammoth deal may impact your buying habits. that's on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt right after this broadcast. >> we're days away from having froot loops delivered by drone, is that right? >> i guess. >> i had frosted flakes and chocolate rice chris pizhi
6:50 pm
wife leaves town. >> when you're getting the kids ready for school, it's what's going on. >> happy father's day to both of you guys. >> thank you, dear. >> it's going to be a good weekend coming up. let's take a look outside. a good weekend, but a warm weekend. right now, we're in weather alert mode, because we have rain coming in, just in time for our friday night. no severe weather just yet but i'm tracking one storm to the south. currently cloudy skies, winds out of the south, 5 miles per hour. here's the rain around all of northern virginia. a flood warning there until 11:45. down south, fauquier county, very heavy rain. fredericksburg, very heavy rain. this area of rain is moving to the north and building back to the west. so heads up king george county. heads up into southern maryland. earlier i was thinking this was going to be making its way to d.c. around 8 or
6:51 pm
it's not materializing around d.c. we'll have to wait and see if this does move in, best chance around 8 or 9:00. if you're thinking about getting dinner outside. you're good at the pool tomorrow. 86 by 2:00, 88 by 5:00. 40% chance of afternoon thunderstorm. most of the day looks dry. 93 on sunday, any storms that develop on sunday could be severe, but most of the area is dry. 93 on sunday with a heat index close to 100. the real rain coming on monday. highs in the 80s. we'll be right back.
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> we got the nba draft next week and a local product headed there. business afternoon as the big day approaches. chris miles standing by. what's the word? >> the projected number one pick in next week's draft has set the nba rumor mill on fire this afternoon, after he tweeted he signed a sneaker endorsement deal with nike. reports started to circulate that the boston celtics are receiving trade offers for the number one overall pick. the rumors have the 76ers willing to part ways with the third pick and send future picks as well to boston, just to move up two spots to select folts. magic johnson said he was
6:55 pm
and the second overall pick to move up one spot and draft folts and send him to the lakers. this is a link back to the celtics and their legendary head coach. he pose in front of red's old car outside his alma mater. this picture was posted before the trade rumors started. a guy that knows a thing or two about elite talent, former head coach john thompson signed in on the significance of folts being drafted first overall. >> a lot of time people will say in 40 years, but there have been some people who have never had a player come out of their city who is selected number one. and i think that's a tribute to washington and washington basketball. when you're in college, you start talking about our city as the best. and these guys are selected number one, that's not an easy thing to achieve right
6:56 pm
doug williams is very optimistic about the redskins' evaluation of talent these days. the burgundy and the gold wouldn't through the draft without a general manager. williams was niamed the vice president of player personnel believes the experience of trying to handle decisions as a group could be beneficial down the line. >> all of us don't have the same opinion. it's going to be up to me, it's going to be up to kyle and the guy that's covering that area, talking about the player, and i doubt if all three of us see one player the same way. and the key here, and we discussed this early this year, if there's a player that we are this far apart on, then our team need to leave that player alone. but if we're right here, we need to find a way to get closer. we can talk about , it watch th tape, try to get to some kind of answer. the nats are in new york. mad max is back on the bump. he has 24 strikeouts in
6:57 pm
june. mets are in second place in the nl east, trail the nats by 9 1/2 games. first pitch is at 7:00 tonight. the capitals have until 5:00 tomorrow to turn in their list of projected players ahead of the upcoming las vegas expansion draft. washington is expected to protect six forwards, three defensemen and one goalie which could leave grub aur or schmidt available. the expansion draft will be held on wednesday, june 21st. gruby has shown the potential to be a starting goalie in the nfl. leon, doreen, doug, a lot of players possibly moving in the near future. we'll have to keep an eye out for that. >> we know you will. >> thanks, chris. thank you for joining us. "nightly news" coming up next here. we hope to see you for news4 at 11:00. have a good evening.
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. breaking news tonight, a minnesota breaking news tonight, a minnesota police officer acquitted in the death philando castile, a fatal encounter during a traffic stop broadcast on facebook live. a case and a verdict ripping the nation. new clue, what nbc news learn aid authorities found on the gunman that opened fire on u.s. congressmen. gross rewards, amazon announces its buying whole foods. how a surprise mega deal could change the way millions shop for food. lashing out, for the first time president trump acknowledges he's under criminal investigation and goes on the attack against his own deputy attorney general. and a futuristic change in the air, no i.d. or even a ticket necessary. how about boarding a plane just by showing your face.


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