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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 16, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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. breaking news tonight, a minnesota breaking news tonight, a minnesota police officer acquitted in the death philando castile, a fatal encounter during a traffic stop broadcast on facebook live. a case and a verdict ripping the nation. new clue, what nbc news learn aid authorities found on the gunman that opened fire on u.s. congressmen. gross rewards, amazon announces its buying whole foods. how a surprise mega deal could change the way millions shop for food. lashing out, for the first time president trump acknowledges he's under criminal investigation and goes on the attack against his own deputy attorney general. and a futuristic change in the air, no i.d. or even a ticket necessary. how about boarding a plane just by showing your face.
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right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is nbc nightly news with lester holt. good evening. you may or may not immediately recall the name philando castil erecastile, after he was shot by a police officer during a traffic stop. a minnesota jury acquitted the officer of manslaughter in his death. he was shot several times after informing the officer he had a handgun in his car. his girlfriend seated next to him streamed the aftermath for the world to see. tonight, in the wake of the verdict, minnesota's governor is expressing his condolences to the family. nbc's blake mccoy has the latest. >> reporter: it was
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the video seen around the world. >> oh my god, please don't tell me he's dead. please don't tell me my boyfriend just went look that. >> reporter: 32-year-old pi -- philando castil erks shot during a traffic stop. his girlfriend diamond reynolds streaming the aftermath live on facebook. reynold's 4-year-old daughter in the backseat. >> it's okay. >> reporter: tonight the officer has been found not guilty of manslaughter. the family is outraged. >> my son loved this city and this city kill my son. and the murderer gets away. >> and for that man to get on the stand and lie and for those jurors not to have human empathy and a conscious to do the right thing. >> reporter: ten white jurors and two black jurors deliberated four days after officer yane zrz took the stand in his own def
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to shoot mr. castile. i was scared to death and i was scared i would die. he said he matched the description of a robbery suspect and saw marijuana and saw castil reach for e reach for e gun. >> you told him to get his i.d. and driver's license. >> reporter: prosecutors said castile had a permit and warned the officer he had a firearm and the officer overreacted. the shooting last summer sparked weeks of protest and flared racial tensions. tonight a heightened police presence as officer yanez has been found got nitty. he's been found not guilty but the city of minnesota decided to remove him from the force saying the public will be best served if yanez is no longer a police officer in the city. >> blake mccoy. thank you. we turn to a surprise mega deal that could change the way millions of americans go grocery shopping. internet giant amazon says it's buying whole foods, the popular supermarket chain
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walmart. an intense competition for your money. nbc news jo ling kent has details. >> reporter: rivals amazon and walmart, this time at the supermarket. amazon buying whole foods for $13.7 billion in cash attempting to catch up to walmart's successful grocery business. >> it's great. amazon is taking over pret pretty much everything.ty much everything. >> i hope it means i can get whole foods easier to my place really quickly. >> reporter: the deal means amazon will get 450 whole foods across the country to be neighborhood distribution centers. getting a lifeline after struggling financially and losing dominance in organic food. analysts say it could be a good deal for consumers. >> you'll have more selection and lower pricing and there will be two really, really big players making that happen. it will be walmart and it will be amazon. >> reporter: competitors took a big hit today as a
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turf. kroger, target and costco shares falling on the news. >> for the general grocery store, boy, it's tough. >> reporter: investors rewarded amazon for the deal today. the stock spiking enough to almost pay the bill. this is by founder jeff bazos upping the shopping cart. nbc news has learned details tonight about the investigation into wednesday's shooting at the practice for this week's congressional charity baseball game. investigators say the gunman was carrying a list containing the name of house republicans when he opened fire. our justice correspondent pete williams has late date he tails on this. >> reporter: while james hodgkinson was firing at members of congress, he was carrying a handwritten list in his pocket, names of several
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adding an element of mystery whether he planned an attack in advance. according to officials briefed, the list was trent franks of arizona, jeff duncan of south carolina and mo brooks of arizona along with a few others officials would not reveal. adding to the uncertainty about the list, franks was not on the team. congressman duncan says hodgkinson talked to him during wednesday's practice. >> he asked me if this team was the republican or democrat team practicing. i responded it was the republican team practicing and he proceeded to shoot republicans. >> reporter: investigators have yet to find anything indicating hodgkinson had an attack plan in mind. they say he told his wife this week he was heading back to illinois and cancelled his membership the day before and talked to a local garage about getting his van ready. doctors treating congressman steve scalise say while he remains in critical condition, they hope for an excellent recovery.
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lot of things that can happen. there are a lot of forks in the road we may not see yet. >> reporter: investigators say they have checked his laptop, his cell phone and a camera found in his van but have found no manifesto, no intent to commit violence, nothing to indicate hodgkinson was scouting potential targets, lester? >> pete williams, thank you. in washington a tweet from president trump had everyone trying to figure out what he really meant today when he said he was being investigated for firing fbi director james comey and it quickly lead to a clarification from the president's legal team. nbc's kristen welker has more tonight. >> reporter: president trump acknowledged for the first time today he's under federal investigation tweeting i am being investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director, witch hunt. that in apparent reference to deputy attorney general rod rosen stein.
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rosenstein sent the president a memo but mr. trump made it clear during an interview with lester he was going to fire comey regardless. >> i was going to fire comey. there is no good time to do it, by the way. they -- >> you let -- i accepted their recommendation. you already made the recommendation. >> i was going to fire regardless of recommendation. >> reporter: tonight a source close to the outside counsel tells nbc news the president was not confirming the investigation with his tweet but rather referencing an earlier news report adding mr. trump hasn't been notified he's under investigation. nbc news confirmed special counsel robert mueller is looking into whether president trump obstructed justice. >> president trump is constantly self-sabotaging. this is a president no matter the initiatives
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is trying to crack, he gets on twitter and destroys everything. >> reporter: top white house officials aren't taking any chances. vice president mike pence hiring his own outside counsel, richard cullen, a seasoned federal criminal attorney. today the vice president called the move routine. last month in an attorney for the trump campaign sent a letter to staffers to save all their documents including text messages and cell phones. this as the president increasingly takes matters into his own hands. and tonight, the president added a fourth lawyer to his legal team. meanwhile, he also released his 2016 financial disclosure form which shows he made almost half a billion dollars last year between sales and income including 37 from his resort. and 19 million dollar from his new d.c. hotel. the president transfers his income into a trust. he still hasn't released his tax returns. lester. >> kristen welker, thank you. two more political notes, the president made good on the promise to reverse parts of the historic opening to cuba by former president barack obama. he reinstated travel
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americans will no longer plan private trips to cuba and u.s. companies cannot do business with intelligence or security services. the aim is to force concessions by the cuban government. the white house let stand an immigration program known as d.o.c.a. preventing undocumented children from being deported. tonight a young woman is facing the prospect of up to 20 years behind bars convicted of involuntary manslaughter in an unusual and closely watched case after sending text messages to her suicidal boyfriend encouraging him to kill himself, which he did. nbc's morgan radford has more. >> ms. carter please stand. >> reporter: michelle carter in tears as a judge convicted her of involuntarily manslaughter after convincing her boyfriend to commit suicide. the basis thousands of text messages and phone calls with roy who had previously
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tonight is the night she wrote it's now or never. when roy texted i'm freaking out again, i'm over thinking. carter responded i thought you wanted to do this. the time is right, and you're ready. you just need to do it. that night, roy drove to this kmart parking lot outside of boston and filled his grandfather's pickup truck with carbon monoxide. when he got scared and left the car, carter later texted a friend. i told him to get back in. i couldn't have him live that way. the judge said that failure to help makes her responsible. >> she admits in a subsequent text she did nothing. >> reporter: legal experts say the verdict shows a message sent via text is as powerful as one delivered in person. >> she didn't turn on the gas in the car, she simply told him turn on the gas, get back in the car so she is two steps removed and 30 miles away from that actual scene. >> reporter: the defense said carter's behavior was because of a bad reaction to
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was take g and roy was determined to take his own life. >> he chose to breathe in the fumes. >> reporter: the evidence, videos roy made about his own depression. but the prosecution argued he could have been saved. >> he was a wonderful young man who had his whole life in front of him. he was making efforts to better himself and find his way. >> reporter: as the roy family waits for sentencing in august, they are urging anyone struggling with depression to get help before it's too late. morgan radford, nbc news, massachusetts. nearing the end of day five of deliberations for jurors in the bill cosby sexual assault case, still i case, still ino verdict. they came back to the judge again today with more questions, though no decisions. the length of deliberations is is now exceeded the length of the trial itself. a developing story tonight off the coast of japan where a u.s. navy destroyer has been damaged after colliding with a container ship. a navy official says the u.s.s. fitzgerald has taken on water and that multiple sailors have been re
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japanese coast guard assistance in responding to this collision. now to the mystery on capitol hill, a health care bill being crafted by republican senators behind closed doors, decisions about replacing obamacare that would affect families across the country being made in total secrecy without input from democrats and being shielded from public view. kasie hunt has details. >> reporter: forget public hearing and months of debate, republican senators are deciding the fate of health care coverage for millions. over lunch behind closed doors, twice a week on the second floor of the capital. they are supposed to vote on the obamacare repeal bill in the next two weeks but right now the process shrouded in secrecy. >> if you get a copy, will you send me a copy? >> reporter: the man that will carry it out needs a copy, too. >> you haven't seen it? >> reporter: democratic lear
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mitch mcconnell says the gop has no plans to hold. senate republicans are rewriting a house bill that barely passed last month but this week the president told senators the house bill is quote mean and moderate senators at fault. >> i cannot support a bill that terminates insurance for 23 million people who need it. >> reporter: they are trying to change it to get a majority of 50 votes, discussing keeping more of the medicaid expansion and protections for people with preexisting conditions. it matters for people like sarah, a breast cancer survivor. under the gop plan, her insurance premium could skyrockets. >> there are lives on the line and people that won't ever get better, and they need insurance to survive. >> reporter: with each passing week, more insurers pull out of the exchanges for 2018 not knowing what congress will do. millions of americans are waiting for answers, too. kasie hunt, nbc news, the capital. still ahead as we
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continue here tonight, confirming you are really the one getting on the airplane as the era of facial recognition begins at the airport. also, yoga as you never experienced it. yes, those are goats getting in on the action.
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back now with the high tech way to board an airplane that could signal the start of sweeping changes and airport travel. jetblue is testing facial recognition for travelers on certain flights getting on planes, not with tickets but with just their faces. if successful, it could be rolled out nationwide. miguel almaguer got a test run. >> reporter: boarding time boston to aruba, jetblue calls this a snapshot into the future. facial recognition confirming your identity, your flight information and in seconds, clearing you for take off. >> i think this is just an extra layer of secure the i which is what we want. >> reporter: our face now you boarding pass,
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no need to show i.d. or a ticket at the gate. >> if it works the way it's supposed to work, it should be a great benefit. >> reporter: biometrics information is scanned from data points on your face and analyzed against your passport picture to give the all clear instantly. >> traveling is stressful. we're looking to try to take the friction points out along the way. >> reporter: for now, the new technology is only available at one gate in boston but soon could be rolled out at airports across the country. it's just one tool giving flying a new look. in denver, the tsa is testing fingerprint technology using your hand for i.d. and boarding pass and in minneapolis, delta is using face scans, allowing passengers to check luggage. >> we are going to be
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able to run the customers across the system, revolutionary experience that will really change the way you get in and out of the airport. >> reporter: new technology redefining air travel, perhaps forever changing the face of flying. miguel almaguer, nb c news boston. bruce springsteen heading to a more intimate stage this fall. for my constipation, my doctor recommended i switch laxatives. stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften. unblocking your system naturally. miralax. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, i accept i take easier trails than i used to. a type of irregular heartbeat not caused
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and medicare coverage comes with more benefits, like dental and vision. when will this future arrive? it's already here, with the 18 million americans who rely on the public-private partnership of medicare advantage. medicare advantage.leading the way. the boss could be heading to broadway, bruce springstene will perform an eight-week run in new york, intimate concerts five times a week. dates haven't been finalized but as you might imagine, it's generating a lot of excitement among fans on social media. stay tuned for more. the latest fitness craze is over the internet and maybe you've seen it, videos of people doing it
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with no kidding, or maybe kidding, baby goats. we wanted to see if this was real or if people got anything out of it. here is kristen dahlgren with a look. >> inhaling deeply. >> reporter: at this new hampshire yoga class for every down dog, there is an up goat. >> come on, you can do it. >> reporter: no joke, baby goats turning yoga on its head. >> i think we can safely say you would leave class with a smile on your face. >> reporter: it really is the hottest new workout, classes popping up across the country and all over the internet. >> we posted a video of a class. i woke up at 4:00 the next morning and it reached 2 million people. >> reporter: peter is a goat farmer and soap maker, but now. >> the world famous yoga with baby goats. >> reporter: five baby goats are making the farm famous. >> for our viewers that might say i don't get it. >> they don't have to because there are certainly a lot of
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started on a whim turned into a 300-person waiting list. now they are building a bigger space. for julia lewis, it makes perfect sense. >> i absolutely love bay fwee goats and i already was doing yoga two or three times a week, so it's perfect. >> what is happening? >> reporter: as i found out, it is not necessarily about the zen but they aren't lying about the smile. >> i had people say they didn't even realize how much they worked their body. >> reporter: the goats are unpredictable, but there is one thing that seems consistent. >> what they say afterwards like this really cheered me up today. >> reporter: we hope it's done the same for you. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new hampshire. i think it has. when we come back. honoring a tv icon, same bat time, same bat signal. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals
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finally tonight, it was a fitting tribute last night in los angeles. hundreds gathered at city hall as the bat signal was finally tonight, it was a fitting tribute last night in los angeles. hundreds gathered at city hall as the bat signal was projected onto the building. it was all in honor of adam west that played batman in the '60s hit tv series and died one week ago. the original 1966 bat mobile and bat phone were on hand at the steps of city hall. gotham was more associated with new york city, the series was filmed around los angeles. adam west taught us everyone has a heart of gold. appreciate you spending part of your evening with us. that is "nbc nightly news" this friday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, good night and thank you for
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