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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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across the radar right now. the storms haven't hit your home yet. >> meteorologist doug and tom are in the storm center, guys; what should we be expecting for the next few hours. >> you've seen it come through downtown. you've seen it through montgomery county, and prince george all under severe thunderstorm warning until 4:00. those are now expired. i would not be surprised they reissued here that's what it is. severe thunderstorm warning. right now we're not looking at the severe thunderstorm warning we're asking some damage. >> outages have got about 15,000 people without power, we're getting another warning. a total amount of 25,000 are out in northern virginia. in maryland not as many, it's under a thousand without power there as we take a look at radar, doug is going to keep us about the latest movements. >> like we said, we expected this, f
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montgomery and howard county, strong storm here moving through right along 50. heads up over towards lowell area. this is the area to watch in effect until 4:45. another area of storms. through fairfax, you're going to get hit hard again. that's the same thing around here. farther south, look at this storm. a ton of lightning just after fredericksburg, this storm moving towards the northeast, and into southern maryland, another pretty good storm right here coming through parts of the county. this is all part of a line, a very long line of storm you can see it from maine all the way down towards the carolinas, severe thunderstorm watch where you've got a couple of more hours to go from this and keep you posted on everything. we'll hear them right here first. >> that's
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it here all evening, out there on the road, scanning for any damage or flooding out there and we'll let you know. >> you can stay ahead of the forecast with the nbc washington app. we'll send you any breaking weather alerts as we go through the afternoon and into the evening. >> late development in the murder of a fairfax county teen who was killed while walking. >> police now believe the killing may have been sparked by road rage. south lake high school student was killed early sunday morning at sterling. the suspect is being held without bond. northern virginia bureau chief talks with the victim's father, he wants to know why a complete stranger would kill his daughter. >> you can see the spray paint here along the road and here on the sidewalk. that's where the suspect allegedly took his car and jumped the curb targeting a group of teenagers who finished a meal down mcdonald's. it is also
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got out of his car with a baseball hit and hit the victim in the head. 22-year-old darwin torres appeared in court charged with killing. he's accused of attacking the victim with a bat and stuffing her body in a nearby pond. as the group fled, she fell and he struck her. today at south lake high school where he was about to finish her sophomore year, her friend decorated it in her honor. and at the apartment complex where lived with her parents and three siblings. victim's father said the sudden loss has devastated the family. he told detectives he would like to speak directly with the suspect. >> you don't do anything about it. >> we're also hearing today from
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with him when the suspect went after them all with his car. more on the story when i join you at 5:00. we have also learned more about the murder of two teenagers in montgomery county. the three men charged, the high school students will be staying in jail. a judge denied bond today. police arrested them over the weekend in connection with the murders of shadi najar. the pair was shot and killed earlier this month in a car. it happened just hours before the victim was set to graduate high school. collins was at the hearing today. ahead we'll hear from one of the fathers. in northern virginia, police chief stalked about -- talked about they -- the baseball field last week. city leaders just wrapped up a news conference providing a better understanding of what happened that day. news
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there. >> alexandria police chief mike brown tells us why they were engaging with gunfire with that suspect. he said one of those capitol police officers actually stepped out on to the field and started exchanging gunfire with the suspect driving him closer to home plate. meanwhile, he says, less than two minutes after that initial 911 call came in, three of the officers were out here on scene. >> two of the officers fired the weapon. a third officer was pinned down and not in the position to fire the weapon because it was coming at that time. >> he says these are the three officers from his department that arrived on the scene and engaged the shooter. their officer nicole, alexander jensen, these officers were able to take out the gunman within four minutes of the initial 911 call. before the scene was secure, he said first responders rushed on to the field to treat the injured congressman and other vi
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police say they went days combing through the crime scene but making sure they picked up everything tangible that will remir remind anyone who comes out to the field. it will take a while for this community to heal. cities bouncing back. the ymca is back in business, but it's got over a few windows there. >> two of the shooting victims are still in the hospital, but they continue to improve this afternoon. congressman's condition has been upgraded to serious. he was wounded seriously in the hip. the family of lobbyist matt says he could get out as early as today or perhaps tomorrow. he's recovering from gunshot wound to his chest. first at 4:00 is suppose to be a happy announcement. >>
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>> why people are upset at beyonce's father. >> a dramatic scene in prince george's county, what police didn't find when they finally got inside this bank. remember, the sex assault suspect you'll see here, he posed as a maintenance worker and attacked a woman and unexpected twist in this case. we'll show you the new video. and we are working for you, even during the break. >> that's right. we've got the top stories on our app right here on your sc
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reports of tree damage around the region. the house in silver springs had a tree come down. we had about 25,000 without power.
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the heaviest storm right now with thunder and lightning and heavy downpours, northern prince george. that's tracking over the next hour or so. doug and i back with frequent updates here throughout the rest of the afternoon. >> you can help police crack a sexual assault case if you recognize the man in this new video. it's a fresh look from the atrium in arlington. here it is, it shows someone letting the accused attacker into the building may 7. police say the man knocked on several doors claiming he was with building maintenance and he sex usually assaulted the woman who answered the door. you can see the video posted. here right now, authorities are trying to find answers to a mystery, a person was found dead inside of a burned out vehicle over the weekend. officers went to a property on excalibur lane after someone there reported a vehicle on fire and that's going found the person's body inside. this
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morning. investigators are calling the death suspicious. >> suspected terror attack with a familiar target, what police knew about the suspect before today's attack. >> and the jury breaks its silence in the bill cosby trial, testimony one juror said totally convinced him and what's still leaving him conf us
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our storm team 4 by 4 is out er
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severe thunderstorm here is what it looks like right now, getting the widespread power outages that will take about 15,000 people in fairfax county alone. >> in the meantime, a quick look at today's top story. some armoured cars, positioned, here we go show you the shout outside vw parkway. an employee at this place, somewhat there with a gun this morning, but the employee said he never saw the attacker leaves. turns out there was no other gun. >> deadly gunfire has rocked a dc neighborhood. a man was shot this morning on 54th street. he's in the grant park neighborhood in northeast, not far from the maryland line. right now investigators are working to identify the victim, suspects and the motive. there was another deadly shooting in the same block two years ago. >> a new supreme court ruling says the federal g
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trademarks, even if they're considered offensive which gives the major boost to the washington redskins. they're in a legal fight after the trademark because it was for native americans. police in paris are once again the target of terror attack. a man drove his car into a police convoy this afternoon. this is cell phone video taken at the scene. it happened as the officers were driving down the crowded streets. the driver is dead. no police officers or pedestrians were injured. today's attack is the second this year on police along. in april an officer was killed and another was injured when a gunman opened fire on their car. and here is the latest on the attack outside a london mosque, 47-year-old man is under arrest for suspicion of terrorism and attempted murder after driving a van into a crowd leaving a prayer service. british media says he's the
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he's from whales. today investigators searched a home in whales and the man van was driving, they're treating the investigation as an act of terror. one person died at the scene. it is clear, yet, if he died as a result of the attack. >> the weather, we've got some heavy stuff moving through the area right now. >> what's the latest. we're continuing to watch the strongest storms exiting the dc area, that severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 4:45. it's right along the river and right along it here as you make your way to the county, very strong storms there. more storms and heavy rain back to the west with with the severe threat has been lowered now that's why frederick county maryland and virginia no longer under severe thunderstorm watch. i wouldn't be surprised to see louden county and taken out of the watch over the next hour or so. it's this storm
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buoy area, very heavy rain and you can see all of the lightning. this came through d.c. earlier, knocked the car on the tree, also knocked a tree into a house around the silver spring area. so watch this one very closely. let's go ahead and zoom on in. this is all north of 50 now, right around over towards glen area. this is going to continue to move up towards the north and east, you can see the radar shifting it, too. watching this storm, pretty strong here. this one will once again move right over and this is an area that is deemed three different storms move through. so heads up. there could be some localized flooding in those areas. i-9 # 5 going to be a mess again as we continue to see that rain moving on in. look at this storm down here. this is in caroline county just south, moving in towards cape george county, a very strong storm here. this one will move into charles county coming up over the next hour or so, h
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maryland, you're getting started with the severe storms and you have a couple of stronger storms here in this storm moving into the chesapeake. again, right along the river. we've got storms everywhere. when i say everywhere, i mean from maine all the way down towards north carolina, the entire i-95 corridor under the gun here. you can see the pink, that's the watch that's in effect along that entire region. behind this, well, we'll see some really nice air over the next couple of days. take a look at what the rain has done. we were at 90 a little bit earlier. but where the rain has come in, 73 in hagerstown and back to the west, we'll see lower humidity as well. tomorrow really nice day. we get to 88, that's a hot day, a little bit of a breeze looks pretty good both tuesday and wednesday. hot again on thursday with a high of 92. friday around 90 right now the
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clouds but all and all not a bad weekend forecast. next ten days, still we're in the middle of summer, guys, that's the forecast. >> thank you, doug. in the case we've been following for weeks now, two high school students murdered the night before their graduation. first at 4, the text message that gave police a lead in the case. >> and firsthand account of the bill cosby trial from a man who was there the entire time. whate says has him hco
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if you haven't yet seen storms in your neighborhood just wait, tracking a system that's knocking out power and taking down trees in northern virginia. the storm team 4 by 4 is out on 27 270 checking out the beltway. the updated forecast minute as way. new details tonight for someone in court of every moment of the bill cosby's trial. the evidence showed the comedian drugged and molested. the testimony from her and her mother was most effective. he doesn't understand why the jury couldn't reach a unanimous decision. >> it was so much, it felt like it wasn't like he did this one time. i felt like it's happened over and over and over again. and i think that they
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decent job of proving that over and over and over again. i don't know why he wasn't convicted. >> because the jury was deadlocked, the case ended saturday in a mistrial. prosecutors said they'll try cosby again. we will see. it's a boy and a girl for beyonce and jay-z. >> the super star couple welcome home twins. all right. access has confirmed that birth is most anticipated download of the year. but -- >> i mean, i have to say, guys for me, it was a very -- you mentioned it, a boy and a girl for beyonce and jay-z. the babies may have arrived more than a week ago and neither had made the announcement. did you see what happened, her father matthew knowles confirmed the news, they were not happy saying he stole beyonce's thunder.
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keep all her secrets safe until she chooses to let the world know. contributor editor gave scott evans his take on how she managed to keep all of this so secret. >> well, beyonce is very good at controlling the flow of information about beyonce. so if she didn't want us to know, as long as her dad didn't spill the beans we wouldn't know. >> what do you think all of the secrecy is. what do you think part of it beyonce wanting us d keeping us wanting more. is there something else? >> a little bit this is a celebrity who has figured out a very good way of controlling the media. this is what every celebrity would like to do at this point. it's a tradition going back to michael jackson when he would tip off the tabloids where he might be or what he might be doing. instead of tipping them off and asking them to come to you. she's feeding information to the press. it allows her
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her image and her message. she's up to this for a minute. this isn't just about her personal life. when she was at the cmas last november, she didn't walk the red carpet. >> i still love that papa knowles was chirping like a canary and is the one that spilled the beans. can we give a shout out to grandparents, that he ear excited. jay-z's new album is going to be here next friday. so a lot going on in the carter household. >> okay. new piece of music coming out, as well. >> coming up tonight on access. >> we'll talk about the bill cosby and what went on in that trial, as well as look back at some great father's day photos from the celebs, great one from gisele and tom brady to jessica simpson and her husband. sidney crosby has the best throw back picture with h
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allow that tonight on access hollywood. >> all right. see you in a bit. children signing up to sit still. our angie says seats on the floor are filling up fast, first at four, how this class could change the summer for your entire family. >> parents come to the defense of their murdered son. pat is going to share the heartbreaking moment outside of court today. >> update on -- first at 4 fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs, 20 times faster than most people have. and the price is amazing too for $79.99 a month online for the first year you'll get our fastest triple play
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continuing to track the strong thunderstorms, you'll see now, i just told you about 10 minutes ago i would not be surprised if they took louden county out of the watch and it's no longer in there. montgomery county, frederick county maryland points to the west, no longer under severe thunderstorm watch. we're tracking the warning in through it and that's about it. a few other storms out there, but the severe threat really starting to dial back now. the exception down between fed ric fed driksburg -
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so please be careful down to the extreme southern maryland we'll continue to keep you posted throughout the rest of the afternoon. but for now, keep the metro area, we're now pretty much out of the severe weather threat, still a couple of stronger storms out there that could still bring in heavy rain. i think rain is the biggest factor as we move on through it. a little bit of lightning remaining there, too. we'll continue to keep it close. >> some new information today about the murder of two montgomery high school students. >> today three men charged in their deaths appeared in court and we learned about a critical clue that led police to the suspect. >> story from -- >> details of this troubling double murder investigation continues to lose out. in court documents made public today, it's revealed that a text message to his girlfriend helped the
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double murder. he and his friend gunned down as they sat in a car on a dead end street in montgomery village the night before they were to graduate from northwest high school. there are three suspects charged in connection with that murder, a murder that the judge described as overkill. the motive, according to court documents, witnesses have told police that shadi sold drugs and used drugs and last year robbed some drugs from a woman. that woman happened to be the girlfriend of one of the murder suspects. in front of the court today, his father held a big picture of his son and defended his son's reputation. >> my beautiful boy. i don't want to hear on tv about my boy, he's a
4:33 pm
thief, my boy doesn't need nothing. my boy is a beautiful boy. we loved him. we still love him. he will be in our hearts for every and ever. and i will coming here to make sure those people will go and get justice. >> more to be known. more words to be said. i'll see you back at 5:00. news 4:00. >> right now at the white house, folks like amazon ceo jeff and apple's ceo tim cook are waiting to talk to the president. the first meeting as the president's american technology counsel starts less than a half hour. it will explore ways to over haul the government so it runs more like a business. >> it comes as president trump attempts to navigate foreign policy waters all while questions about the investigation. >> alexander is tracking the story from capitol hill. hi
4:34 pm
both. president trump told to ignore shouted questions from reporters today about that russia investigation. instead he chose to focus on foreign policy, welcoming the president of panama to the white house. a commander in chief facing a potentially dangerous military escalation, after forces shoot down a serious fighter jet. >> this is certainly a little more dangerous period. >> closest ally, russia now vows to treat all u.s. claims in that part of the air space as targets. >> i doubt very much the russians will really look to shoot at a man, you never quite know. >> syria has been testing the u.s. in a series of provocative moves escalating and already relationships between the u.s. and russia. despite the shared goal of defeating isis. >> if you talk to foreign policy experts say russia is not our friend. russia is doing bad
4:35 pm
vis-a-vis our nato, vis-a-vis our democratic process. >> remains in the spotlight as they deny reports that he's personally under investigation. >> the administration has to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. what we've seen is his obsession and i think it raises profound concern as to whether it has the band width and capacity to focus where he needs to be focused. >> rare public remarks from presidential son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner. >> despite kushner being a central figure in the russian investigation, his duties appear to be expanding. >> and president trump's personal attorney says that the president may address questions about whether he takes -- taped k conversations with former fbi re
4:36 pm
today june 19th, marks the end of slavery in the united states. civil rights leaders held a prayer breakfast here in washington this morning. on this date back in 1865 major general gordon went to galveston texas with news that president lincoln displayed two years earlier. to free the men and women who were in their possession. >> june 19th was america's second independence day. it gives them the opportunity to took place in galveston but the whole history of slavery. >> we've posted a look at the history of june 19th in the washington app, open it up and search. >> a fair twist today in the death of beloved actress. k you may see the story trending on facebook. >> first
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here is the scene look out of the windshield of our storm team four by four it's out there working for you, the interloop of the beltway just past connecticut avenue. you can see things are starting to slow down. make sure you see the app handy. any breaking weather alerts that we have. back in moments right there with more on this. first at 4:00, lawmakers across the area may soon decide whether you have to pay for metro even if you don't use it. it needs hundreds of millions of dollars to get the system running smoothly, however lawmakers can't decide how to raise that money. dc has endorsed the sales tax, but most virginia and maryland leaders dismissed the idea. maryland leaders released the document today saying it should u
4:41 pm
to decide how to find that revenue. the document also calls for a significantly smaller metro board to help reform the transit agency's leadership. maryland woman was on the road happily ever after when a visit to the e.r. turned her world completely upside down. while she was planning to marry the man of her dreams she got sick. they thought she had cold or flu. by christmas eve 2014 her fiance knew she needed help. so went back to a doctor and nurse there listened to her chest and from that moment on her life would never be the same. >> and he asked us, are you sure that she would want to live this way? we all responded, yeah, she would live. she would want to live. she has two little boys and she would want to live for her
4:42 pm
>> ahead at 6:00, a common infection you have probably had before drastically change amanda's life. >> incredible story. >> the children that had children young as six sitting still on purpose. the medical benefits that could behind the lesson. >> and tracking severe weather. >> well, that's right, the warning that was in effect, now towards parts of the eastern show, moving now. here is the next storm i'm watching coming into southern maryland now, charles county,
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i'm at higher risk fore as depression.ave a stroke. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. ♪ the last thing we need here, is rush hour is a storme
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>> how is it looking? >> it's kind of winding down here. this is the top official last severe weather. he's retiring on wednesday. you've got one more severe storm here. they never get old, that's for sure. this one is different. we saw it weakening as it got close to the metro area. >> still some locations in the viewing area could still see some of that severe weather. you notice eastern shore, this is the area that i'm really watching, southern maryland, down towards northern that area has potential for severe weather. the rest of us, it's just rain. and the rain will be heavy at times. turn around don't drown if you see any flooded roadways, much of the area still under flash flood watch, i would not be surprised if that was cancelled, too. more rain coming right through the district through fairfax county, heavy rain now around the area.
4:47 pm
area right here, look at all the lightning right here, westmoreland county. this is moving into charles county, saint mary's, so watch out in those locations, you continue to watch this. this is a whole line of storms from the north from maine all the way down and we have seen some damage now, we have been looking at that throughout the last couple of hours. not just damage but power outages, too. >> a lot of tree limbs coming down. when that happens, you know, brings down the powerlines with it. as we take a look outside right now we can see overlooking washington, the live view from our city camera, visibility is way down from the heavy rain that's falling. washington monument is in there somewhere towards the left of your screen. you can see moderate to heavy rain right in the district, power outages, most of them have been confined in northern virginia, it's about 30,000 now without power in northern virginia and about 15 of those are in fairfax county alone and sort of c
4:48 pm
look at the change in temperature. when we were -- before the storms came in and upper 80s near 90s, now it's down. eastern shore with storms yet arrive. it is now still hovering right around 90 degrees and still very humid. we had a big change, too, in our watch, those were the zone still under the watch, montgomery county, they're going to droop maybe howard and prince william here shortly as well. >> mostly anybody west of i-95 may get dropped here as move on to the next couple of hours. as we look towards the radar, one more time i want you to watch this. tom just mentioned the fact we've had a lot of power outages, if you live in st. mary's county, charles county, yeah, you might lose some power, too, be ready for that just in case. once again we'll continue, the metro area just more areas of moderate to heavy rain fall. the severe threat is
4:49 pm
next couple of days highs in the upper 80s, lower humidity, pretty comfortable, temperatures are back in the low 90s. the weekend cloud cover, but still, mid-80s and upper 80s for the weekend. >> thank you. >> breaking news right now. his family has announced he's died. the university of student is the same at least last week severe brain damage. we'll have more on the story coming up. we have some new details now about the death of carey fisher, toxicology results show she had cocaine ecstasy, opioid's and alcohol in her system when she went into cardiac arrest. fisher died in december four
4:50 pm
flight. we've got a new weather alert, we're going to go right back to the weather center and see what's going on, doug. >> yeah, guys we just told you about this storm that it could go severe at any time. they just issued a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 5:30. this is st. mary's county, right around still, over towards southern portions and including, so heads up there, westmoreland county also, so southern maryland will continue to get it as we just mentioned, you may lose power in these areas. winds gusting 50 to 60 miles per hour. we'll continue to keep you posted as they run along through. southern maryland. >> thank you, doug. stress can impact everyone in your family, including your children, especially now just about wrapped up. shows you centuries old practice that more children are trying to help keep them calm year around. >> for most kids, signing up
4:51 pm
a class to sit still sounds crazy. spots on the floor are filling up fast. >> it's remarkable that you teach and they've got this inner resource that they can call on at any moment. >> as a parent, he suffered. he's out meditating at home helps. >> minute -- >> it's an experience he's now shared with more parents just meditate, with glitter jars, ball breathing, even bubbles. children as young as six are learning how to meditate in a class just for kids. >> it helped us to relax. >> it's pretty easy. >> the children national in d.c. tells news 4, mindfulness builds strong emotional health, promotes self control and help to get focused better in the classr
4:52 pm
notes. a nonprofit that teaches mindfulness says it's worked with 40 schools across the d.c. area. >> i wish they did it in every school because it helps the students stay present and learn to work with each other. >> with classes being held once a week, the hope is that these students will take what they learn here and practice the methods at home, no instructor, no problem. there are several calming acts that can help. a few suggestions stop, breathe and think, settle your glitter and smiling mind. >> we'll pick up and we'll put down. >> back in class, parents are encouraged to participate, too. >> you can kind of push pause, check your life and your phone at the door. >> breathe in and breathe out. >> for reality check in, we could all use. >> i always want kids to remember that more than anything that they've got what it
4:53 pm
side of them to have happy life themselves happiness to others. >> news 4. >> i think that's a wonderful idea. you can teach the children to do that. >> it's already limited and -- >> and he doesn't need much. let's face it. >> there's a lot of interest in growing, because the rising interest, the studio added more classes just for kids and leon through the week. >> okay. your family can't make it to class, check out a list. how many -- calming apps you can try with your child at home. search kid's meditation. >> whatever it takes. >> whatever it takes. >> family in virginia and marylandre
4:54 pm
their sons among the sailors killed overseas. why it took so long for the first emergency call to go out. >> news 4, first a t
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
the investigation into the family collision between the u.s. navy ship and cargo ship continues. the navy was -- had identified all seven sailors who were killed, two of them are from here in our area. savior is from baltimore county. outside of similar lotsville. >> the collision happened early saturday morning off the coast of japan. janice has the latest. >> there were several investigations underway to determine how and why this collision happened. how is it that an advanced u.s. warship with sophisticated communications equipment collided with a container ship more than three times its size in clear weather. japan's investigators have already boarded the cargo ship involved. it's called the apx. they have talked to crew members
4:58 pm
with the uss fitzgerald. navy officials here say they'll cooperate fully. they, too, are conducting to try to answer some questions. why is it that the crystals made a number of changes according to marine traffic records. and u turn before heading back towards tokyo. there are also questions about the time of the crash, navy officials here said it happened at 2:20 in the morning but japan's coast guard officials told nbc news it might have been happened closer to 1:30. so a lot of pieces need to come together in the puzzle. in the meantime, this is a time for grieving. bodies will be repay tree y -- to do everything they can to offer support to the families to make it through this time. now, back to
4:59 pm
>> we are in weather alert mode, this is video of a heavy downpour at the metro station. you can see it practically coming down in spots as the nation's capitol and it's all from work. >> the storm team 4 by 4 is serving the damage right now. we are tracking on reports of damage on ta-- they're fast and bricking lots of thunder, winds as well as heavy rain. >> tens of thousands of people are without power. 26,000 alone in fairfax county. i'm pat lawson news. >> and predicted, a wicked weather afternoon, i'm joan, we had team coverage, we kick things off with doug and tom, lots of rain is still an issue, guys. >> the rain is going to be an issue. thunderstorms will be an issue. the severe weather threat starting to deminnish areas to the west, including the d.c. metro area, still tracking thunderstorms. we have had any reports o
5:00 pm
it's a couple of streams out of the bank. these were fast moving didn't have a chance to unload, that was originally thought it might happen so the main effect damaging wind with power outages. >> we've seen quite a bit and continue to actually brand new -- brand new warning of some kind. that's new severe thunderstorm warning that's on the eastern shore. most of these storms moving out. you can see how it's eastern shore, just south of canton and just to the east, if you've got that line, that's the same line that we've been tracking since it came all the way back from culpepper all the way towards the eastern shore, tracking this area down to the south, too. in and around the d.c. metro area. severe weather threat, almost known, that's why we've taken, no longer under the severe thunderstorm watch. d.c. will probably be dropped in the half hour or so. we have heavier rain around the d.c. metro area. here is the storm. this is strong storm and only


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