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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it's a couple of streams out of the bank. these were fast moving didn't have a chance to unload, that was originally thought it might happen so the main effect damaging wind with power outages. >> we've seen quite a bit and continue to actually brand new -- brand new warning of some kind. that's new severe thunderstorm warning that's on the eastern shore. most of these storms moving out. you can see how it's eastern shore, just south of canton and just to the east, if you've got that line, that's the same line that we've been tracking since it came all the way back from culpepper all the way towards the eastern shore, tracking this area down to the south, too. in and around the d.c. metro area. severe weather threat, almost known, that's why we've taken, no longer under the severe thunderstorm watch. d.c. will probably be dropped in the half hour or so. we have heavier rain around the d.c. metro area. here is the storm. this is strong storm and only
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and st. mary's county all under severe thunderstorm warning until 5:30 tonight. we've got more rain that will continue to come through the d.c. metro area. you can see it here along 66 going in towards it. you'll see the heavy rain. we'll continue to watch this for you, severe weather threat, we're not quite done with the rain just yet. what's coming in next, we've got that in the forecast. we'll see you back here in a few minutes. >> as the storms pass through, you can track them as they get closer to your neighborhood. we've got interactive radar on our nbc washington app. you can have the power of storm team 4, any time anywhere. new details attacked. >> police say it was not a hate crime, road rage that led to the deadly confrontation. police just announced 17-year-old died of blu
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trauma. they say the suspect aimed his car at her and group of teens and later hit her with a baseball bat. >> this news is sending shock waves through the muslim community, because the teens were on their way to the mosque when they were attacked. the victim's father tonight is begging for answers. >> i want to know, why they kill her. we don't know this guy. we don't hate nobody for no religion. >> our northern virginia bureau chief has more on the motive and some of the students who were with him as that student -- as that suspect drove at them. >> a steady stream arriving at the apartment complex with the 17-year-old lived with her parents and three siblings. the victim's grief stricken father believe his f
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down when the suspect darwin torres began chasing a group of teens with his car. he allegedly got out with a baseball bat and hit him in the head. the suspect is then accused of putting her in his car and dumping her body in a nearby lake. >> he hit her and go get his car. >> this shows where the chaos started early yesterday morning when the car just occurred charging a group of teens that just finished early morning and headed back to their mosques for ramadan services. these teens in the group walking and when they noticed the danger. >> and then he went on the sidewalk. and then he went and -- everybody around him just ran. >> you thought
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>> yes. >> if we had not went into the woods. >> when the teens arrived, they realized she was missing. that began a frantic search that ended with a discovery of her body. her father says, when he got the terrible news yesterday he told detectives he wished he could speak to the suspect directly. >> clearly beloved, just finished sophomore year. decorated in her honor and holding a vigil. i'm julie harrison. we have some sad breaking news. they say he died this afternoon surrounded by family and friends who recalled the
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sentenced to 15 years in north korea prison for trying to steal a propaganda poster. he was returned home to his family in a coma. doctors say the 22-year-old's brain went too long without oxygen. we're watching developments on two more terror attacks tonight shaking parts of europe. >> the first happened early this morning in london, hours later there was another attack in paris. leon harris live death keeping an eye on both situations. leon. >> we're going to start off in london where the chief of police and city's mayor are saying they're going to be beefing up security even more after a third terror attack there in as many months. this time around, muslims appeared to be the target. the police chief says more officers are going to be patrolling neighborhoods to keep him safe. police are nvgiinvestigating wh the suspect got the van. ten people were injured when the driver plowed into the crowd leaving this morning. theyan
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alleged attacker until police arrived. he's now being held on terroristic charges. a few hours later the driver rammed a car on popular in paris. police say the driver died in the crash. the car was carrying explosives and multiple weapons. police say they believed they wanted to make a car a bomb but it failed. they're now treating this incident as an act of terrorist. this just the latest. the first happened in april but an attacker shot and killed a police officer, and then in may, there was that outside of the ariana grande in manchester, new england. three attackers used a truck to run over pedestrians and then stabbed people inside nearby bars and restaurants. >> thank you. leon. we are getting a better understanding of what happened at that al ax andrea ballpark when gunman fired shots at members of congress. today the city police chief
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cover and traded gunfire with the suspect and thanks to their actions, things were broughtly quickly under control. as news 4 megan reports they're also the community getting back to normal. >> cell phone video, but now we're learning more about what happened on the field. >> they were involved in stopping the initial assault. one of them actually went on to the field and got the individuals to move down away from the third baseline for his home plate. >> meanwhile, alexandria police chief said two minutes after the call came in, three of his officers were on the scene. >> two of the officers fired the weapon. the third officer was pinned down and was not in a position to fire the weapon because rapid fire that was coming at
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down ran towards the gunman from the area near the ymca. chief brown said she ended up distracting the gunman so officers alexandria, jensen and the two capitol police officers crystal griner and david bailee could take out the suspect. chief brown says the entire incident lasted about four minutes. it's hard to tell that this is a field where so much horror unfolded just days ago. kids are outside playing and soon games will begin again. neighbors say the incident brought them together things won't ever be the same. >> and just moments ago, we learned the first baseball game will be played at that ballpark tomorrow night at 6:00.
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throw out the ceremonial first pitch. >> new details now about the two shooting victims who remain in the hospital. congressman steve's condition has been upgraded to serious. he was shot in the hip. the family of lobbyist matt who was shot multiple times says he couldn't get out as early as today or tomorrow. a lot of activity in the supreme court today, this fall, the high court will take up a case involving alleged gerrymandering in wisconsin. panel ruled in a way that denied democrats a fair shot of electing candidates. the year before they drew those boundaries the gop had taken control of the state house, the senate and the governor's mansion to the first time for more than 40 years. the supreme court also ruled in favor of a death row inmate from alabama, that inmate argued he didn't have an independent ment
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prevent a death sentence in the case. now, this could impact two other death row cases. the court will not take up an appeal in a copyright dispute known as the dancing baby case, involving what constitutes fair use. now, this involved a decade old youtube clip of a toddler dancing as prince's let's go crazy played in the background. another major decision, they could have a big effect here. the court ruled that the federal government could not withhold or cancel trademarks that might s desparge or be offensive to others. they're keeping their trademark. >> the washington redskins have been fighting their trademark for redskins because it dissparges. now a supreme court case with similar
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unanimous court rule today music slant fundamentalal first amendment right to a trademark, even if others found it offensive. the redskins had supported before the supreme court, team owner dan snider today issued a simple statement. i am thrilled to the redskins. >> nbc news justice correspondent peter williams said, today's free speech court ruling does help the football team. it was unanimous ruling now. it doesn't directly effect the redskins, but, of course, now the redskins will go back to court and say, see, this ruling needs to be win and they undoubtedly willed it. >> passers by, mostly agreed. >> it's america. i mean, i'm native american. >> they should keep their name. >> in this district, long-time coci
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help these opposition for the team returning to the district. >> the name should not be a sticking point in getting the team here. whether the name the redskins or change, is up to the owner of the team. >> the council chairman phil and other members who opposed the team now say they still be reluctant to help the team move here if the name is left unchanged. in the district, tom sherwood, news four. >> and you all have been weighed in on our facebook page this afternoon on whether you think the redskins trademark is disparaging so far more than half of you say no. go to our nbc washington facebook page right now. >> now, that the case against comedian bill cosby has ended in mistrial. one of the jurors is breaking his silence ant the panel that couldn't reach a decision. >> also next, keeping your stuff safe, thousands of cars broken into on our nation's capitol just this year alone, why police are now going after potential victims as
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and why a text message helped crack the case of two reens murded the night before
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we have had severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 8:00 tonight. we're talking earlier they're starting to take areas to the west out of it. d.c., fairfax may have been out of it. they've taken them out of the severe thunderstorm watch as we continue severe threat, really, become minimal now. the only warning is down towards the county, saint mary's county. this is a strong storm, so far about customers without power as a result, so heads up in this area. if you live here, you're under the gun right now, make sure you stay, we're not settling the rain yet, minor rain along 66. we'll continue to keep you
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you walk out of the grocery store and see glass right under your car window. >> if you our lucky, only some loose change is missing. smash and grabs have happened to more than 4,800 cars in dc this year. sounds like a lot. but it's about 450 fewer cars than this time last year. here is mark explaining what the district is now doing to push that number even lower. >> next time you come to the district and you leave something valuable in your car, you might get one of these, a notice warning you not to make that same mistake again, in fact, today here in this northwest neighborhood. one police commander, they want to draw attention to the fact, violent crime city wide is down, there are still problems with things like smash and grab and opportunity from cars. particularly, when people leave things of value inside. >> make you feel like -- you
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>> just a friendly reminder. it looks like a ticket but it's not. it will say to the resident, this was the police this time and we noticed some valuables in your car. u it could be somebody, a would be thief the next time. >> if you make a payment that many of us make by leaving your cars unlocked or valuables inside, you might find yourself with one of these. in the district, mark, news 4. >> today we heard from one of the alternate jurors who sat on the sex assault trial in pennsylvania. that trial ended with a hung jury after six days of deliberation, alternate juror mike says the jury was not effected by the celebrity status. he also says he couldn't understand why cosby wasn't convicted. >> there was so much in a deposition, felt like it wasn't like he did this one time. i felt like it's
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and i think they did a decent job of proving that over and over and over again. i don't know why he wasn't convicted. >> so far the names of the primary jurors have not been released. it's not yet clear how many of those jurors voted for acquittal. >> mr. trump noted the deep ties between the two countries including the panama canal. >> the panama canal is doing quite well. i think we did a good job building it, a very good job. but things are going well in panama, the relationship has been very strong. we are developing new things to do and and only getting strong. >> the canal which connects the atlantic and pacific only more than a century old now.
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control of the panama in 1999. they talk about crime, drug trafficking and immigration. also at the white house today, executives from some of the world's largest tech companies, they're there as part of the trump administration's efforts to modernize the federal government. among those attending, tim cook and amazon's jeff besus. the president's son-in-law also organized today's meeting. the government is using out dated equipment and spending what he calls an unsustainable amount of money on technology. >> right now with winds, lightning and heavy rain causing problems just as folks start to make their way on. >> we're tracking the storms every move for you. doug will tell us why we may not out of thbee
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then a stormy afternoon out there. >> we've been lucky, because we've been indoors and hopefully our viewers are lucky, too. a lot of people are driving in this stuff, still, doug. >> we have some road closures. many of the main roads, we've got a neighborhood road, there's actually tree on a house a little bit
5:24 pm
there, reported trees and wires down into parts of montgomery county in and around the district. you can see right now, though, really starting to calm as far as things are concerned. we'll see some rain and that rain will be moderate to heavy. but the severe threat really diminishing. the only severe warning down towards saint mary's county, that's the only warning left in our area. a lot more with that line through parts of delaware and eastern shore towards new jersey. that line has moved through our area and is now well to the east. you can notice, the areas in pink still under severe thunderstorm watch. i spent the rest of the area will be dropped by around 6, 6:30. we still have d.c. montgomery. fairfax county all now out of the severe thunderstorm watch. as i mentioned, the strongest storm in through parts of saint mary's county. we've seen some trees, charles county, predamage into saint mary's county. this now moving
5:25 pm
into towards areas like cambridge. we saw some more showers behind it. now we're watching another area of just plain rain coming through -- maybe a rumble of thunder. this is going to be rain for the most part. wet commute going out 66. going to be wet one, too, right along i-95, run into more rain down to the south. heads up. going to be a rather wet evening for the next couple of hours. this is all storm system moving through the back edge back towards west virginia. we've got a few more hours of rain. the severe threat diminish now. behind this, behind this we'll get it, temperatures tomorrow going to be on the cool side, rather the warm side. it's going to feel a lot better. what a difference. . 89 virginia beach, the severe threat still in effect for those areas. this whole system movinn
5:26 pm
those changes. high temperatures tomorrow, 88 degrees, still a little bit above average. 88 on wednesday. but nice 88, meaning sunshine, low humidity, tuesday and wednesday looking good. we'll see high temperature of 92 degrees and humidity back up there. humidity on thursday, friday, humidity still up there, a better chance of showers and thunderstorms. this is something we'll have to watch, actually a tropical storm, i'll show it to you coming up. a tropical storm that could form and that could actually break some moisture into the area during the day on friday, saturday, sunday, a little bit calmer more cloud cover. and we do have tropical storm, which just formed in the atlantic. we'll talk about that as well. the tropics getting active, you know, that's what happened, when they move into the summer months, 80s, 90s here, too much more on that coming up at 5:45. >> we'll
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hey, when you're back in the gym, you're willing to try just about anything. yoga may be the key and they're trying it out with some of their biggest skeptics. to set up the motive of murder scene, the story coming up. plus one of dcs most infamous hotel rooms gets a major make over. you're watching news 4 at 5:00 omd we're c
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now at 5:30, more than 40,000 people in the dark right now after strong storms roll through our area just about an hour ago. >> they're just about over, for the most part, left a mess behi
5:31 pm
now in silver spring where we learned a tree fell on the house there. these are live pictures from the storm team 4 by 4. it's not just downed trees that we're dealing with, tens of thousands of people have no power. >> doug and tom tracking it all for you, they'll join us again in just minutes. >> now at 5:30, new details about a violent murder, two high school students in montgomery county. >> judge denied bond ff three men charged in the murder. gunned down in a car earlier this month, just hours before their graduation. collins has new reaction tonight from one of the victim's fathers. >> it was gigantic picture of his son in his hands, he stood in front of the courthouse today and vowed to seek justice. >> i will be coming here. those people will go and get
5:32 pm
i will do it all the way. >> 17-year-old shadi and his friend 18-year-old arden gunned down as they sat in this blue honda car on a dead end street in montgomery village. they were to graduate from northwest high school the next day. police say shadi was lured to the scene by one of the suspects who said he wanted to buy a graduation ticket. charged with first-degree murder, 24-year-old jose, charged with first-degree murder, 23-year-old edgar garcia, charged with first-degree murder, his brother. at the murder scene, police say all three suspects had different guns. 30 shots fired. in court, the judge described it this way. >> the judge called it
5:33 pm
reflective of delivered planning with lots of over kill. >> the motive in court papers witnesses told police that shadinajaar sold and used marijuana and that last year he stole drugs from a woman who they say is the girlfriend of one of the suspects. his father defended his son's reputation. >> there's no fact of the matter. there's no proof. >> all three suspects held without bond pending another court hearing next month. pat collins, news 4. chopper 4 caught a tense situation earlier today. an armed man assaulted an employee at a jewelry store. the employee managed to escape, called police and told them the man may still be inside
5:34 pm
store. they never found any suspects and nothing was taken from the store. >> police are trying to identify a body found in the patomic river. dc fire and ems discovered the body this morning it was found between roosevelt island and the virginia shore. d.c. police have taken over this investigation now, we're continuing to work our sources to learn more about just what happened. >> the man who helped lead the charge to legalize marijuana in the district is dealing with a huge clean up after a fire at his home on embassy row in northwest. adam said he got a call about his house being on fire after he left to pick up his daughter for a father's day picnic. he said the fire appeared to have started in his daughter's bedroom where she had a minifringe that was plugged into the wall. >> my daughter lost everything in her room and
5:35 pm
devastated. and man the whole fire is a horrible experience. >> developing situations overseas, first in syria where russia is the u.s. military decision to shoot down a syrian fighter jet. it will monitor any coalition west of the river, the u.s. government says it's down after dropped bombs near u.s. partner forces. >> and the u.s. e navy says it has recovered the bodies of seven crew members of the uss fitzgerald. those sailors were age 19-37 destroyer collider involved with a container ship off the coast of japan. investigators say it appears the u.s. ship failed to yield cr
5:36 pm
we want to bring in nbc news pentagon correspondent to talk more about both of these stories. let's begin with the ship collision, what else do we know about this incident and how is the u.s. military responding now. >> the u.s. military doing a variety of investigations centered. one thing we know about the navy, very good ships. you'll have a lot of details on just the speed, the distance, all kind of facts will come in here in the coming days. they hope to have the investigations done in weeks not months, sense of urgency, there's a major flaw in the system they want to correct it before any other potential accidents like this could happen. they're zeroing in on one discrepancy, the navy putting at 2:20. the japanese coast guard seem to be putting in at 1:30 in the morning. in there, the cargo ship, they made a dramatic turn, so the question
5:37 pm
philippine ship. >> it complicates it dramatically. the extent to which it's going to complicate, excuse me, the u.s. fighting against isis, we don't know, what the russians have said, they've said this morning, they'll treat u.s. planes flying west of the ukrainian as target. u.s. plains fly west all night long, all day long, just over night the strike that happened in syria. there are about 15 strikes on three different villages. two of them are west, so hard to see the u.s. abiding or at least backing down from that threat. guys. >> interesting. all right, pentagon correspondent. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> we'llav
5:38 pm
these stories tonight on nbc nightly news right after news 4 at 6:00. a startling revelation as doctors reveal more information about what killed actress carey fisher. >> plus how much money would it take for you to trade in your set of wheels for somebody else's, the catch is, it's tracking your every move. what that's all about and the technological advances you could help raise. and the severe weather now tracking well to our east, crossing the bay, a lot of thunder and lightning there crossing east of the bay. we still have a few showers around, they'll be with us off and o look atn
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y2d1iy y16fy
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actors carey fisher had several drugs in her system at the time of her death. fisher had traces of cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and alcohol in her system. fisher fell ill on a flight last december and died four days later. medical examiners say she may have taken the cocaine just a few days before that flight. coroner has ruled she died from sleep apnea and other factors. it's not clear what impact of drugs may have had on her death. opioid abuse is skyrocketing among young adults. new study says many of them aren't getting life saving treatments.
5:42 pm
boston university makes it more than 20,000 people diagnosed with opioid use disorder. it found about a quarter of them were given too common medication as part of their treatment. that number was much lower among teens, women and minorities. early intervention for opioid addiction has been shown to introduce the death. if you had it, you know, back pain can be unbearable. doctors think they may have a solution, yoga and they're testing it out on people who are skeptical, to say the least. >> plus, speeding through a local neighborhood, despite many attempts to slow them down. an update through news 4 i-team rert many hope wpoil
5:43 pm
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all right. we're still getting reports of damage coming in from around our region. i guess the question now, is -- >> is the worst over? >> the big internet, the worst is now over. a lot of areas cleaning up. we've had a lot of trees down and a lot of power outages, that's what we're looking at. >> no flooding, though, for the most part, there have been few places, silicon
5:46 pm
bit of flooding there. the storms are so fast and moving, a lot of rain in one area for a length of time. >> we're watching the storms, and still watching rain, frankly. the good news is severe weather threat is live on our tower cam. we're looking at this cloud cover here and the way keep looking stratle the clouds. you can see the instability is much less across our region. you can see with the severe line is, back to the east. we're talking new jersey, from delaware, eastern shore, still gaining severe thunderstorms in those areas. this is the same line that came through our region, but now it's well to the east, just tracking some heavier rain, moving in towards fredericksburg. in through the dc metro area. the strongest storms were down to the south and still are. extreme southern county, into parts of the eastern shore seeing heavy rain. back to the west, 66, still kind of a mess there, the beltway still a mess, all the way down and 95 is going to be a mess as well.
5:47 pm
see continue to see light rain. this whole storm system is moving off to the east and will continue to do so, again, severe threat minimal, we've seen a lot of power outages. >> a couple of hours ago, we've had the power outages mainly confined in northern virginia, we've had several hundred in maryland without power, southern maryland, of course, montgomery. and as we take a look now overlooking washington, the live view from our city camera an hour ago we could not see across the river, it was raining so hard. clearly see, power outages in northern virginia down to about 27,000, they did peak about 35,000 without power, just an hour or so ago, quickly got some of that back. temperatures have really dropped dramatically from where we were before the rain arrive near 90 degrees, now it's in the 70s. the severe thunderstorm watch, areas of pink for the most part we're in the clear here, what's going on with our
5:48 pm
>> that's -- i want to show you a time lapse of when the storms came on through here. they rumbled through very very quickly. this is from our tower cam out a little bit earlier as the storms rumbled on here, up around that 90 degrees, do we have it. it's coming. we were up around 90 degrees. we saw that line making its way on through. check this out. watch how you see this, boom, here comes the line moving on through the rain and then right on into heavy rain, not a whole lot right there, we did see wind damages moved off towards the east. speaking of it, i told you a minute ago we'll talk about the tropic. we're not going to worry about those tuesday, wednesday, thursday, but friday, we're going to watch frontal boundary and right now we're tracking two storms, one tropical storm brett which has formed and this area which could become cindy. we'll be watchingor
5:49 pm
coming up on friday. >> june in washington, thank you. the news 4 i-team showed you this horrible crash caught on camera. it happened where neighbors had gotten approval for some changes in the road to slow down the speeders about 18 months earlier. neighbors along that murder virginia street are hoping for an end to the speeding problem altogeth altogether. >> live now in our newsroom with the big that's now in place and how it's working. >> we showed you the long drawn out process neighbors tried to go through trying to stop the speeding on their street. well, on friday morning, prince william county crew showed up on the road and installed a table, it's basically a longer flatter speed to try to slow drivers down. the street is a long flat straightaway and neighbors told us drivers routinely double the speed limit there, that includes some drivers in
5:50 pm
right before one veered off the road and into a parked suv in a driveway. now, county it was eligible for a speed control assault back in december 2015. now, as of friday, that's finally happened, one neighbor, though, says home video it may be taking drivers a little bit of time to get use toyota. you can see it flying over that there. they're optimistically it will eventually slow people down. so is district supervisor who told us this afternoon, he will monitor how well the speed table works and will continue to work with residents but slow down speeders in that area. now, this is a story that started with a tip we received from a viewer. if you have something for the i-team to investigate, send us a tip by going to the washington app and clicking on investigation. >> jody, thank you. and infamous room at the water gate hotel is getting retroe make
5:51 pm
anniversary of the break in. news partners support that the hotel has hired scandal, costume designer, she'll resign that room 214. it was used and monitored the break in of the democratic national headquarters right next door. -- it's not clear how the room will look. it will add different furrishings and special items to highlight the district for the hotel casino. >> historian is considered today, the nation's second independence day, june 19th, commemorates the end of slavery in the u.s. civil rights leader marked the day for the prayer breakfast here in the district. they offered thanks because without their struggling, june teenth may have never come. here is a quick history lesson. on this day 1865 union soldiers arrived to
5:52 pm
emancipation proclamation, president lincoln ended slavery two years before but the practice continued across the confederates states. june teenth celebrated. its ceremonial holiday in 45 states and here in the district. we go into more detail about this on the washington app just search june teenth. there are yoga studios all across our region and a new study suggest may be an effective way to ease chronic back pain. >> some of the people who benefited the most from it, are the same ones who originally scoffed at the idea. >> erika edwards has our story. >> this is how yoga is usually portrayed in the media. the mom often white, probably wealthy. >> which may be why the idea of yoga to treat back pain received
5:53 pm
>> when you say yoga, it's like, huh? yoga. yeah, right. >> yes. really. researchers at boston medical center found yoga is just as eflkt tif as physical therapy at chronic back pain and improving function. the study included 320 people mostly from under served areas of boston. >> back pain and low income predominant minority has a greater impact in terms of causing more disability, more unemployment and greater amounts of suffering. >> an accident on the job severely injured the back. and then he hasn't stopped working. >> he was headed towards possible surgery. you know, the door opened up for this alternative type therapy. >> yoga, along with acupuncture, helped almost immediately. >>
5:54 pm
life for this yoga thing, because i'm filling 100% better and i want to stay filling better. >> erika edwards, nbc news. >> i'm adam, are you willing to drive someone else's car so they can see just how you drive and what you have to go through. you can also get paid for . iti'
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
we don't have to tell you that commuting in this area can
5:57 pm
someone is willing to pay you to drive. but there's a catch. they'll be collecting all sorts of data about how you drive, transportation reporter explains what researchers hoped to learn from all of this. >> driving around here, no picnic, of course, that's why researchers want you to drive some of their cars so they can measure just how tough it is. how you drive and how you react on the road, that's valuable information. >> i mean, i drive a little aggressively. i don't know if i would be open to that. >> virginia tech's transportation institute now asking drivers to take their heavily wired cars for a spin for a month and they'll pay you up to 500 bucks for it. but they get to keep the data. >> you know, i guess i'm okay with that. >> eric o'connor said he's already being tracked. he has an insurance policy where a device is put in his car to see how safe he is behind the wheel. >> we've got one of the
5:58 pm
the insurance company can tell you what you're, you know, how fast you're taking turns and things are you speeding and makes your premiums lower. >> because of privacy issues, here is what they're asking for from drivers, that you live or work in the dc area, drive a long distance commute like 25 plus miles one way, that you're that to -- 25-54 years old, you own a smartphone with blue tooth capability. more and more cars get more and more features possibly leading to self driving cars, transportation experts say data is like foil, everyone wants it. >> i think it's a slight innovation of privacy, to each its own. >> no matter how painful your commute is, that's now becoming very valuable information, in northern virginia, adam, news 44. >> now, if you're interested in this, you can sign up by going to the nbc washington app to get more information, search va tech
5:59 pm
study. >> severe storms rumbled through, we are out surveying the damage, also doug and tom will let us know what's next as we could see more rain tonight. >> it's a murder that has a muslim community shaken tonight. new details about the death of a teenager on her way to mosque. tonight her parents are desperate for answers after police say this was not a hate crime. >> al ax andrea police chief details the heroic role his officers played in a shooting that left leading house republican critically injured. >> good evening, everybody, i'm jim. >> i'm doreen, northern virginia hit the hardest. at one point, there were mor
6:00 pm
reported there alone. >> those storms are moving out right now. but we're seeing plenty of damage left behind. let's begin with doug and tom there in the storm center holding down the fort. we're kind of out of the woods. >> we can start that clean up in many areas, severe weather come through. most of us have seen just about everybody has seen some part of heavy rain, thunder and lightning, some areas got hit harder than others. >> we have reports of wind gusts as much as 60 miles an hour with all the trees we have that's all it takes. . the radar was lit up around 2 and 4:00. after that time we saw most of the severe weather move off. we had our last bit down towards the south, down in the course of saint mary's county. that's down towards the eastern shore, no more severe thunderstorm warnings in our area.


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