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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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duke's is the perfect companion for so many things. it makes a tomato taste more like a tomato. it makes bacon taste more like bacon. it's a unique flavor. the texture is incredible. duke's really adds integrity to our recipes. duke's is smooth and creamy. it has a lemony edge. it's not sweet. it tastes like real ingredients because it's made with real ingredients. i don't think there's another mayonnaise that compares to duke's. . now at 11:00, justice will be done. fairfax county police make a promise to a teen's family and the muslim community after her murder near a mosque. tornado confirmed. e
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neighborhood. and president trump speaks out tonight condemning north korea over the death of an american held prisoner until just last week. it was not a hate crime. that's the message repeated over and over tonight by fairfax county police. >> talk about the murder of a 17-year-old. the young muslim girl attacked and killed near a fairfax county mosque. we are live with some of the new information revealed tonight. >> reporter: a long time spokesman for the muslim society shook hands with the people overwhelmed by the
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>> the solidarity and the friendship that everyone is coming with and we appreciate that and that warms your heart in this most difficult time. >> reporter: as the group gathered a rainbow appeared overhead. >> the care for the community. >> reporter: the police have found no evidence that the suspect, a 22-year-old was motivated by hate or bias. they believe he beat the woman to death with a baseball bat as a result of road rage. we talked to one of two groups of teens riding bikes down the road. >> i think he was drunk. >> reporter: witnesses say that they scattered. >> there was an assault in fairfax county and another
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loudoun. >> you heard the reference to the two locations, the incident where the road rage occurred, fairfax county, her body was later found near a pond in loudoun county. and we're hearing that loudoun county may be the ones prosecuting this case. jackie bensen, news 4. that suspect is due back in court next month. a judge ordered torres to be held without bond. but a detainer request was placed against him because he is in the country illegally. he is a resident of el valve do -- el salvador. new tonight the national weather service confirms it was a tornado that caused all this damage in silver springs this afternoon. an ef-0 with
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miles an hour hit the northwood park neighborhood just before 4:00. first, news 4's shomari stone has a look at the damage there. >> reporter: that tornado nailed this silver springs neighborhood. we are near university boulevard and coalsville road. crews are removing debris from the roadway. they are in front of a home that was destroyed by the heavy wind when a tree toppled on top of it. we talked to a woman who lives around the corner. her home was destroyed. she is staying with a neighbor and sharing her story. >> we're sad. we loved the house. >> reporter: jennifer has lived here for a decade. a tree sliced through her home. her two kids and nanny were on the first floor. >> they went to get a snack
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the tree fell. >> it was a really loud bang and then just a crash and you know, a bunch of the plaster fell down. >> reporter: the heavy rain and strong wind blew through the neighborhood toppling trees, pulling down power lines and destroying cars. look at debby's shattered back windshield. >> i'm at a loss for words. >> reporter: her damage is minor compared to the house across the street. this tree slammed on it. their son told me they got out okay. >> my family is fine and everyone who lives there is fine. so it's just stuff. >> reporter: this guy help remove a tree outside his neighbor's house. >> my first concern is the electricity and downed wires. >> reporter: jennifer is down and bummed out but she puts the loss in perspective, realizing what is important. >> we are glad tt
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okay and we have a great neighborhood taking good care of us. >> reporter: i'm glad her kids are okay and she has homeowner's insurance. the crews will be working overnight. they have a lot of work to do. people in this neighborhood, word is getting out and they are stunned that a tornado came through here. i'm shomari stone live in silver spring. back to you. >> thank you. we saw a couple of hours of severe weather in our area this afternoon. doug. >> sure did. a lot dividend right now. >> and as we move on through the rest of the night, looking good for the day tomorrow as well. take a look at the radar, this goes back about ten hours or so, back to around 2:00. so about the last nine hours you see that line of storms racing through the area. a couple of areas of really strong storms and the rain moving out of here. but last the line racing off to the east.
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take a look at this. this is the severe weather reports from this line as it moves through. each of these reports a different kind of severe weather. try trees down and high wind and that tornado around the silver spring area. so we continue to watch this whole line move off to the east. a couple of showers back to the west that we could see tonight. what does that mean for tuesday and the rest of the week? i've got that forecast when we come back. and right now with the live desk. democrats are several hours into a marathon session criticizing republicans holding nothing but closed-door meetings. you can see the new jersey senator cory booker there speaking. the democrats don't have the numbers to chang
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but they are expressing fears that the g.o.p. leaders will be jamming a new health care bill through the senate with little or no debate. >> preparing a secret bill with no testimony, no public scrutiny, no opportunity for meaningful amendments, no opportunities for democrats to participate. we have the opportunity to get this right and we have the responsibility to get this right. >> my preference is through a committee, open for amendment and open for discussion in committee. i'm not a huge fan of the way it's unfolding. >> as of yet there is no republican health care bill to talk about just yet. but senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell is aiming to have an outline on wednesday. and would like to have a vote before the july 4th resource. we'll see if that happens. rain delayed the return of baseball at simpson park in delray
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the field will now reopen tomorrow. it turn into that crime scene last week when a gunman opened fire during a congressional baseball practice there. representatives of the alexandria fire and police departments will throw out the ceremonial first pitch tomorrow. >> it was alexandria police officers that took down that gunman last week. the officer's instincts saved a lot of lives. less than two minutes after the first 911 call three officers were on the scene. >> two of the officers fired their weapon, the third officer was pinned down and not in a position to fire the weapon because of the rapid fire coming at them. >> that officer was nicole bataglia. she distracted him so the other officers could take him
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chief brown says that the incident lasted about four minutes and fire and ems crews ran on to the field to help victims before the scene was secure. a text message led to the arrest of three men accused of killing two germantown teens the night before their high school graduation. a judge denied bond for those suspects today. one of the victims texted his girlfriend to say he was meeting the man seen here on the far right, roger garcia to sell him a graduation ticket and instead two others ended up shot and kill in his car in montgomery village. today, the shooting was retaliation for stealing drugs from one of the suspect's girlfriends. >> my son did not steal ever in his life. >> all
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in court next month. president trump is slamming north korea after the death of ot otto warbrier. >> at least we got him home to be with his parents where they were so happy to see him even though he was in very tough condition. >> he was sentenced to 15 years in a north korean prison for allegedly trying to steal a propaganda poster. his brain went too long without oxygen and there is no evidence to support north korea's claim his condition was caused by botulism. prince george's county schools are denying accusations of changing grades to boost graduation rates.
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an investigation has been ordered tonight. the ceo of the school district vehemently denies the allegations. he says they were cleared of the allegations earlier this year. his statement says in part while there may be valid concerns about our practices, and policies that conversation should seek to uplift students instead of advancing personal or political agendas. next, a supreme court ruling turns into a big win for the redskins. but what does it mean for the team's potential future in d.c.? would you respond to a craigslist ad for volunteers to test drive self driving cars.
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police in france are investigating this incident as a suspected terror attack. a man rammed his car into a police convoy on the champs-elysees, sparking an explosion. police pulled the driver out of the car but he later died. a handgun was found on the driver along with more explosives inside that car. no one else was hurt. this is the fifth attack in four months on security forces in paris. and shock in london after another suspected terror attack there. >> this time it appears muslims were targeted as they left a mosque after prayers. at leigh one person diednd
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suspect is in custody. >> bill nealy reports. >> reporter: moments after the attack an a driver is caught by muslim worshippers he tried to kill. he rammed his van into men who just finished prayer. survivors, furious. their imam, protecting the man as he is handed to police. witnesses say he had accelerated as he mounted the sidewalk, then threatened muslims. >> he said i'll do it again and stuck his and out like that as a gesture. i'll do it again. >> reporter: police say he is a terror suspect, darren osbourne. he was not on a terror watch list. british prime minister teresa may tried to reassure muslims saying she is determined to stamp out extremism but the pace of the terror attacks is accelerating and people here are angry. four
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a car attack and stabbing in westminster, a bomb at arianna kbr grande's concert in manchester. a stabbing at london bridge. and this one, a driver acting alone, say police. tonight, more flowers, more defiance. >> we are the greatest city in the world. >> reporter: and it's also a city on edge. bill nealy, nbc news, london. the washington redskins got to a boost from the supreme court ruling b. the supreme court said that they cannot ban mascots. it has slowed d.c. efforts to get the team
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expires. jack evans says that the name should not be a roadblock to the team's return. we all know driving around this area can cause a few headaches, maybe a lot of headaches. but now someone is going the pay you to do it. of course there is a catch. drivers are being asked to take their cars for a spin for a month and they will pay you up to $500 for it but they get to keep the data. the foal is to see how tough it is to drive around here. you have to drive 25 pliels or more one way. and be 25 to 54 years old with a valid driver's license and own a smartphone with bluetooth capability. i'm all for it except if they check my speed. >> they will have all the data. >>
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in any way. >> that question does come up a lot lately. >> so more rain on the way? >> maybe friday. we've got some on friday. we do need the rain. we have been very dry. i do think we're going to see some showers tonight but it's the next couple of days looking good. outside right now, a nice evening temperature wise, 75 degrees after a high close to 90 in many parts of the area. it was a hot and humid day and windy. that wind helped with the temperatures. the current temperature right now in the 70s. 73 in leesburg and 70 in winchester. a nice night and start to your tuesday. a really nice tuesday. the storms came through and the rain stuck around. southern maryland saw the most rain. same thing with areas around d.c.. but it is allow n pushed off to
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the only exception is st. mary's county. frederick county a few light showers here and another area to the west we're watching now. there's the storms moving off. and watching this line of showers. that's all it is, showers. but this line could move through the northern zones overnight. that where the frontal boundary is. and behind it, well, we get really, really nice. we'll see a pretty nice forecast. but there is this big trough of low pressure and we're going the stay unsettled in the east. but temperatures tomorrow, 80 degrees around 11 a.m. and 88 degrees at 5:00. but with lower humid, you are looking at a good tuesday. wednesday, a high of 88. there is the heat and humidity comes back. friday a chance of storms. we could see tropical moisture mixed in. two storms
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storm brett, this is going to head to the caribbean. but look at all the clouds in the central gulf of mexico. this could be tropical storm cindy that could move up into louisiana. so, again, we could see tropical moisture on friday but not anticipating any severe weather. saturday and sunday the clouds may linger. all in all, not a bad ten-day forecast. no extreme heat. you notice we're not talking about a heat wave although if we hit 90 on saturday it would be a little system. >> we can take a mini one. when we come back, a former local star
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. what happened to our nats tonight? they just fell apart. >> you know, there is a really, really painful loss you might never get over and that is the category tonight. the nats proving a 6-0 lead can be stressful. and the trouble started with the starter. and then there were plays to be made late. there's a lot of blame to go around. he shaved before his start tonight trying for a clean slate after a couple of tough starts. starting out well with
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harper in the first. he rocked the ball. and off the top of the wall. ruled a homer. two-run shot. and in the second. also using the power of the beard. unloads on the baseball. in the lagoon in left center. he ended up leaving the game with a neck injury. the nats took a 6-0 lead. the marlins coming back. bases loaded for former george mason patriot, dustin moore. the marlins erate the 6-0 lead. tied at 6. bases loaded here. and everyone going home after this. the nats blow a 6-0 lead. and marlins win 8-7. orioles welcoming the defending american league
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top four bases loaded. jackson takes the offering deep to left. fourth start of the season for bundy. no such trouble for cory kluger though, still on in the ninth with a 12-0 lead. strikes out the side. and the complete game shutout. cleveland blank the birds 12-0. lebron james is not happy tonight and there are whispers about what that means. he campaigned for an extension for david griffin, the gm, but he was fired tonight calling it a parting of ways. james says that his replacement might affect the future on the team. markelle fultz played one year at washington, expected to go number one
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if so, this is the first time the area has produced a top pick in the draft since 1971. where is he going? the celtics traded the top pick to the sixers. philly worked out fultz this weekend. watch news 4 on thursday for coverage from barclay's center to see how it all shakes out. >> going to
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george's county, the public school system was hold in spring dale. highlighting the work of outstanding male educators and the active participation of fathers in the school district.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- will ferrell. alison brie.


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