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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 20, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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on their age. younger scouts can learn about data privacy as well as cyber bullying. older scouts will study hacking and ethical -- the badges will be available in the fall of 2018. cyber security, kie cookies. >> always support the girl scouts. a lot more coming up. especially updates with the forecast. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. boy oh, boy, things are calming down this morning after severe storms pounded our area. >> the storms, including a confirmed tornado in silver spring, leaving quite a bit of damage. going to be hearing a lot of that in some neighborhoods today. just like yesterday. homeowners will be cleaning everything up. trees, fallen rims. some which crashed into power lines
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you can see. wow. good morning everybody. i'm angie goff in for eun yang on assignment. >> i'm chris lawrence in for aaron gilchrist this morning. a lot of folks will be dealing with cleanup. first,let see what you'll be facing this morning. melissa has a great look the at roads, but first we start with chuck and sheena. >> we're outside right now. it's warm and pretty muggy out. >> i like t it's pleasant enough. it was 81 degrees at this time yesterday. a howling south wind. a lot better picture outside early this morning. over our heads, there's a view from the tower camera, the moon and venus on the rise trying to outrun the rising sun. the sun is up. the summer solstice is just after midnight tonight into tomorrow morning. we're less than 24 hours away. these are the longest two days of the year. mid-60's, shenandoah valley. around 70 around town.
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>> sunny, nice, lower humidity. mid to upper 80s for highs. nice weather sticks around the next couple of days. back in to the news. all right. thank you, chuck. we want to continue our team coverage with news 4's justin finch. >> he's live in silver spring where that tornado touched down. justin, what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: hey there, chris. that was a quick-moving storm that left damage, large and small, right here a large example that's either one very large tree or perhaps a few trees that toppled this two-story house. no surprise, as a result, it has been declared unsafe this morning. the national weather service confirming here this was an ef-0 tornado that touched down in the north wood neighborhood affecting the streets including dennis avenue, edgewood avenue, north wood avenue. packing 70 mile per hour winds and perhaps could have been as much as 100 yards wide. when i say fast, i meanwa
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officials say it may have just taken one minute to do all of this damage. of course, tearing up several homes here. leaving several trees snapped and taking down several power lines. some people are actually home as the storm blew through. they describe what it was like. >> it was a really loud bang and then just a crash and a bunch of the plaster fell down. >> as you can see, some heavy damage from this storm here. crews worked very late to restore power, clear the streets away and restore utilities. however, you may find debris in the roadway here in silver spring. back to you. >> thanks, justin. a lot of you kept updated with the storms in the nbc washington app. if you don't already have it, get it now so you'll be prepared for the next storm to come along. 5:03 on a tuesday morningmentlet get to melissa mollet. you got a hiccup. >> a problem on
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crash blocking the left lane. we're going to look into both issues this morning. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway. no big problems. a little bit of roadwork, but nothing to worry about. it's not slowing anything down. two right lanes getting by. 66 here at 50. these are the inbound folks this morning. no big worries there. angie? >> melissa, thank you. the murder of a virginia teen is getting attention across the country after police say she was the victim of road rage. not a hate crime. volunteers from the muslim society lit candles and tried to comfort each other. police say that the teen was run down and beaten and dumped in a pond sunday morning. she along with a group of friends were heading back for ramadan services. this man attacked her aft
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another teen in that group. now, nabra's father has one question for torres. >> look at this. look at the eyes. why kill my daughter? for what? she don't do anything to him. to anybody. love everybody. >> several vigils will be held tonight, including one at lake end plaza at 6:30 this evening. there's another gathering in dupont circle, an hour later at 7:30. we have a list of the other vigils in our nbc washington app. that's what it sounds like when things get back to normal at simpson park. this is where the congressional baseball team was practicing. children take the field for the first tsi
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that field was supposed to reopen yesterday but the celebration was rained out. the sounds of kids playing ball will be a welcome sound compared to last week. this morning, we're learning more about how that shooting unfolded. three alexandria police officers are being praised for helping to take down james hodgkinson. the police chief says minutes after the first 911 call, three officers arrived on the field. one officer ran toward hod hodgkinson. the police chief says her actions distracted him. two other police officers started shooting. four people were wounded, including congressman scalise. neighbors say they're happy the field is reopening but things won't ever be the same. >> it's like post 9/11 normal. you realize that you still live in the city and
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everyone is saying how safe it is, but the reality is i still get texts every day about crime. >> understandable. the opening ceremonies are going to start around 6:00. representatives of the police and fire departments will throw out the first pitch. well, today we could learn more about the killing of democratic national committee staffer seth rich. a group of forensic experts at george washington university graduates investigating his death will release initial findings. rich was killed last year in the bloomingdale neighborhood. police believe the shooting was a random robbery and have made no arrests. this morning, people across the country are sending thoughts and prayers to otto warmbier's family. warmbier died yesterday, nearly a week after north korea released him from prison. he came back to the united states in a coma. the university of virginia student was visiting north korea 18 month ago when the government detained him for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster. the news o
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especially hard in his hometown in ohio. >> i cried. uh-huh. both for him and for his family. >> nearly every street has ribbons flying. funeral arrangements have not been announced. we're going to go to capitol hill with a look from tracie potts how this heightens tensions between the u.s. and north korea. turning into a bitter fight over health care in the senate. >> molette green at the live desk. >> democrats talk-a-thon. it didn't go as planned. here's how it played out. we saw the hash tag hold the floor trending for a while. the plan was to push for public hearings and debate over the plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act. >> it would affect the lives of everyone. our parents,
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our children struggling with asthma or opioid abuse. our spouse who is may be battling cancer. what is equally distressing is that this bill is being written in secret. >> all of this was supposed to last for hours. but majority leader mitch mcconnell objected and it all ended around midnight. republicans are preparing for a series of votes next week. there is no gop bill yet. that is the latest. back to you angie. >> thank you, mow lept. if you have a second, please take a good look at the screen right now. this is a 12-year-old. 12-year-old a kyra watkins. she disappeared yesterday afternoon. prince george's county police say she was last seen at 2:30 on cindy lane in capital heights. please call police if you spot her. we'll share an image online as well. prince george's count
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denying accusations that students' grades were changed to boost graduation rates. school ceo dr. kevin maxwell, vehemently denies the allegations coming from four members of his own school board. maxwell says the u.s. department of education cleared the school district of the same allegations earlier this year. his statement says in part, "while there may be valid concerns about our practices, processes and policies, that conversation should seek to uplift students instead of advancing personal or political agendas." coming up, we'll tell you the immediate action the school board wants governor larry hogan to take. if you collect stamps or love space, you'll love this. you can buy a stamp from the u.s. post office. look at that. it changes from an image of a solar eclipse to the moon. when you put your finger on the stamp, your body heat makes it change. like a mood ring. this is one way people are getting excited for the
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it will be the first one you can see across the u.s. in just about a hundred years. i can't help but think of solar eclipse. >> i'm having a pretty good hair day today. thank you very much. >> good. >> not half as humid sheep a, as it has been. >> the afternoon, it will be less humid. nicer day than yesterday. good hair day through the afternoon. 71 degrees right now. it is a warm start. but more sunshine this afternoon. we'll take a closer look at the forecast and 90s ahead. that's coming up in a bit. new twist in the cosby case. it could be a bombshell in the mistrial of bill cosby. what a judge could decide in the case as soon as today. a notorious hotel room gets a makeover. the big shots choming in to
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here are some top stories for this morning. we're looking at video from the moments after a driver tried to run down muslims in london. the group was coming out of their mosque when the man rammed his van into that group. we know that one person died and you can see part of the crowd trying to attack the driver but the imam at the mosque is the one that stopped them. police are calling the driver a terror suspect and say he wasn't on any watch list. this is a fourth terror attack in the uk in four months. police are investigating this incident as a suspected terror attack. a man rammed his car into a police -- police pulled the driver out but he later died. investigators say a handgun was found on the driver along with
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fortunately, no one was hurt. but this is the fifth attack in four months on security forces in paris. following up on a building fire in california. fire investigators saying that they cannot figure out what caused the deadly blaze at the oakland warehouse. 36 people died last september during a late-night party. investigators say that the fire started at the back corner of the ground flew but can't determine a cause because it was so extensive damage. whether to release the names of the jurors in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. revealing the names could make it more different to select an impartial jury when they retry the case. the judge in the case declared a mistrial. cosby has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct. this morning, we're hearing from one of the alternate jurors in that case. >> his name
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ki. he says he doesn't believe the jury was affected by the cosby's celebrity status and thought the prosecution's case was solid. >> i think there was so much in the deposition that told. i felt like it wasn't like he did this one time. i felt like it's happened over and over and over again. i think that they did a decent job of proving that over and over again. i don't know why he wasn't convicted. >> mcclos ki says if he were a member of the jury, he would have vote today convict cosby on all charges. he was one of the four alternate jurors in the case. he listened to all of the testimony but was sent to a different room when deliberations began. right now, there's an extreme heat wave under way affecting thousands of people out west. this is a live look just south of phoenix, arizona. it is the middle of the night there. it's already about 100 degrees.
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are being forced to cancel flights because their planes cannot handle the temperatures. doctors are also warning folks to be careful around concrete, even the leather inside their own cars. >> it will burn the skin right off you. >> they're used to the heat out there, but not like that. >> it's getting to be the rarefied air of record highs even in phoenix. their all-time record high temperature is 122 degrees. only been there once. they could be within a degree or two of that, not just today. tomorrow, the next day, the next day. i just tweeted out a picture of forecast for phoenix. they may not have a high below 110 until next monday. >> it's time to go on vacation. >> that's when you know it's time to leave phoenix. you want to find that picture. follow me on twitter at chuck bell 4. be tweeting out on instagram as well. forecast for you. sending out pictures as wl.
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feel free to send me pictures. happy to give you social media sharing. nice day coming our way today. outside the moon and venus and the sun moving up, up, up in the skies this morning. skies will be clearing out as well. sunrise 5:43. sun aet the 8:37. today and tomorrow because the summer solstice occurs just after midnight tonight, today and tomorrow the longest days of the year. 14 hours and 54 minutes of daylight to enjoy today. 71 degrees right now. mid-60s out in the shenandoah valley. 64 winchester and 65 dulles airport. 68 in prince george's county this morning. as you plan out the day, plan out sunshine start to finish. lower humidity as well. any rain chances are confined to really far southern maryland. little bit of a sprinkle towards leonards town. that will be coming to an end during time today. an improving weather pictur
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low humidity today and tomorrow. it will be warm. mid to upper 80s both days. but it won't be that humid. the heat and humidity start to come back for thursday. thunderstorm chances for friday and hit and miss shower on the weekend. the beach forecast and the ten-day coming up. for now, it's time for melissa mollet. >> he let's take a look at a new problem that we talked about quickly a minute ago. now it seems to be an issue here. northbound branch avenue there, near shortcut road, lanes are blocked. that is a report because of a crash. shortcut rote partially closed because of this. police trying to figure out what's going on. an update coming up. angie? >> melissa, thank you. the watergate's room 214, it's now getting a makeover. who better to do it than a scandal inspired makeover
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the costume designer for the abc show has been hired to create what the hotel is calling one of a kind guest accommodations to reflect the room's history. no details on what the makeover will include or whether or not it's going to go for a premium or if guests can request to stay there. >> steve gordon lit i and they monitored the break in at the actual office building. >> by the way, if you stay at the hotel, your room key says no need to break in. kind of funny. >> nice touch there. we know how bad traffic can be in the area. what would make it better? >> how about some cold hard cash. how to get involved in a paying study. to keep your kids healthy all summer long. why doctors want you to pay attention to more than just their physical well-being. be sure to join us later today for the ellen degeneres show airing here at 3:00 llowed by news 4 at 4:fo00
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big horn or for this herndon hornet. last night at the arena, at the george mason -- the former george mason patriots center. congratulations to the more than 400 seniors who graduated from the high school. the class of 2017. how about that. >> it is perfect. as know, the kids are all starting their summer vacations right now. we all want to make sure as moms and dads, they're staying healthy. >> that's why we're working for you. getting advice from the head of children's national hospital. he's been treating children for more than 30 years. >> yeah. he was -- he says having healthy kids isn't about paying attention to physical health. here's more. >> dr. newman says it's critical to make your children's emotional well-being a p
5:26 am
upsetting them can show up in different ways. >> first of all, work with your child's doctor to rule out potential medical reasons for your child's issue. here are other things to be aware of. watch for changes in your child's eating habits over a period of time. changes in sleep. changes that happen in the school setting. also, irritability over a period of time. dr. newman also said in the years he's been treating families, there's no substitute for a parent's intuition. so if something seems off with your child, talk to your pediatrician and take steps sooner rather than waiting. >> there are lots of good resources online to help parents navigate through children's health care needs. we'll share favorite resources of the doctor tomorrow. good morning. i'm standing outside. chuck will be joining me in just a
5:27 am
we have some foggy weather. there we go. temperatures nice and warm this morning. right around 70 degrees. coming up, we'll talk about the heat on the way this afternoon. but a much nicer day. that's all coming up in a bit. stay tuned. >> we could use a break, sheena. tornado confirmed. another look at the damage left behind when a twister touched down in montgomery county. a warning to remember next time you drive in the district. why you could get a ticket in an effort to stop car break-ins. it's 5:27.
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right now, news for today. roads closed and homes badly damaged by severe storms. a look at the cleanup still under way. plus, today's storm team 4 forecast. a much drier day ahead. and a look at when the 90s return to the forecast. >> get paid to drive.
5:31 am
you for your ride to work. how it will help put more driverless cars on the roads. got all that? good morning. i'm chris lawrence in for aaron this morning. >> i'm angie goff in for eun. we want to get to your weather and commute. melissa mollet standing by in first 4 traffic. >> but first sheena parveen and chuck bell are outside. >> you picked the perfect day to come back to work. >> i did. i missed the storms, i didn't really miss the storms. my power wept out, though. as a lot of people's did. today will be so much nicer, you will enjoy today. 71 degrees currently in the district. 64 frederick. 68 manassas. 68 in clinton. a warm start to your morning. little muggy too. the humidity will start dropping a bit through the day. we are dry locally. showers down to the south and east. but that's going to stay out o
5:32 am
looking at plenty of sunshine. p there's the rain. it will stay down there. we'll see the clear skies move in. sun glare for the morning drive. by lunchtime, dry roads, 84 degrees. this afternoon, we're looking at the upper 80s. it's going to be a warm day today. but, yes, at least we're not looking at the storms. that's always good news. speaking of the commute, let's check in with melissa mollet. >> an update with the problem. inbound on branch avenue at shortcut road. still have that crash there. but 5 is open. part of shortcut is still blocked because of that crash. inner loop and outer loop for the beltway. no big issues. we have the outer loop to connecticut avenue with one lane blocked. not seeing a slowdown yet. that could kick in pretty soon. on the red line, because of safetrack, shady grove and rockville stations are closed. remember, buses running between shady grove and twinbrook for safetrack. you loooo
5:33 am
66 and 95. no major worries. remember to listen to wtop 102.5 in your car today. in the top stories this morning, some folks are waking up to extensive damage after the wild weather tore through our area yesterday. >> it included a tornado that touched down in silver spring. that's where we find news 4's justin finch. it's amazing justin, how much damage can be done in so little time. >> reporter: take a look here at this home in north wood declared unsafe as a result of this storm that blew through yesterday which we now know contained a tornado. an ef-0. that coming to us and the national weather service saying this storm was a fast mover. perhaps going at about 70 miles per hour in wind speed at times. taking about a minute to do all this damage. this home on northwood avenue is hit by a large tree or a couple of trees. take a look. completely covered in debris
5:34 am
we are touring the area and looking at the damage. we'll bring you updates all morning. back to you. >> thank you, justin. today, there will be vigils held all over the country for nabra hassanen, the teen run down, beaten and dumped in a pond in a road rage incident on sunday morning. darwin martinez torres has been charged with her murder. the first vigil will happen at reston on lake and plaza. that starts at 6:30. also a vigil in dupont circle an hour later. simpson field in alexandria will reopen. congressman steve scalise was shot here during a congressional baseball practice. representatives of the alexandria police and fire will throw out the first pitch. little league games will begin at 7:00. three suspects held without bond in the murders of two teenagers in montgomery county. now we're learning this was a setup in retaliation for a
5:35 am
court documents so that najjar sent a message to his girlfriend saying he was going to sell a graugts ticket to one. suspects. it looks like the suspects were upset that najjar stole drugs from one of the suspect's girlfriends last year. but najjar's mother denies that ever happened. >> my son is innocent. my son did not steal ever in his life. he doesn't believe in that. >> those three suspects are expected to be back in court next month. lawmakers in rockville are taking steps they say will protect i mmigrants. >> motion carries. 3-2. >> late last night the city council passed an amendment that bars all city employees, including police officers, from checking a person's legal status. that's unless it's required by law. councilmembers did not use the term
5:36 am
the new bill. if you see a ticket on your car in the district, don't worry. it might actually be there to protect you. d.c. police are leaving warning tickets on cars that leave valuables out in plain sight. the tickets don't carry a fine. police and the d.c. mayor bow certificate, want to keep people from smashing your windshield. thieves broke into more than 4,000 cars so far this year. that number is actually down from last year. we don't have to tell you commuting in this area can be tough. but now someone is actually willing to pay you to drive. >> you heard that right. but -- there's always a but and a catch. they're going to collect all sorts of data about how you get around town. virginia tech is conducting the study. they'll pay you up to $500 to drive around in their heavily wired cars for a month. but they get to keep all the data. the goal
5:37 am
is to drive around here. to be part of the study, you must live or work in the d.c. area, drive at least 25 miles or more one way and you must be 25 to 54 years old, have a valid driver's license is on the list and own a smartphone with bluetooth capabilities. a new twister in tiger woods' dui saga. this time it's the help he's getting. who the pro golfer is turning to, just ahead. victory for redskins in court. how a supreme court decision impacted the controversial name debate and a plan to bring the stadium back to d.c. it's 5:37.
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this morning, a fake police officer is on the run in prince william county. a man impersonating a police officer tried to make a traffic stop. he was driving this white chevy silverado with the blue flashing light on top. this happened monday morning in woodbridge on the prince william parkway. when a real officer pulled up behind him, the fake police officer took off and ditched the truck which was stolen from fairfax county. they're still looking for him. tiger woods says he's getting, quote, professional help to manage his medication. >> woods making that announcement on twitter yesterday. it comes less than april month after woods was arrested for driving under the
5:41 am
wheel of his car. woods denied he was actually taking illegal drugs. the quicken loans national, a tournament that woods foundation has staged and benefited from, that gets under way next week in the area. it's unclear if woods will attend. millions of us suffer with back pain and a proposed solution may be one you never expect: the exercise one says you should consider to manage your pain. school district accused of letting students get by to boost graduation rates. i'm aimee cho with the allegations and the response from officials coming up. we're most of the way through the month of june now. hurricane season well under way. we have -- may have cindy to deal with in the next couple of days. a big check much our forecast coming up in a few minutes. right now, check on the road.
5:42 am
short cut, still have that crash this morning. delays on the red line in addition to s
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5:45 am
right now at 5:45, changing grades. to boost graduation rates, a local school district accused of giving out diplomas to students who don't deserve them. a late-night fight to stop a health care overhaul. why this battle may be coming too late. and the summer solstice happens just after midnight tonight. today and tomorrow, the longest two days the year. dry weather back in the picture and a break from the humidity too. sheena has a complete look at the forecast in ten minutes. don't go away. first, to that top story, allegations that
5:46 am
a group of school board members say teachers changed grades to boost graduation rates. >> aimee cho is live at the school headquarters. what do the board members want to happen right now? >> reporter: they're hoping the state will launch an investigation. the school board members claim that not only do grades get bumped up. some got community service hours they didn't perform and credit for classes they didn't take. now they claim this is widespread systemic corruption that's been going on for three years now. graduation rates have risen here in prince george's county in the past two years from 74% to 81%. however, many school officials say these claims of wrongdoing are completely false. >> i think they worked their tails off the last year to make sure and the students have. ultimately, it's the kids who are going to benefit from this. we want to make sure all of our children
5:47 am
county are career ready and college ready. >> reporter: the ceo of prince george's county public schools maxwell put out a statement in response. it read in part, "while there may be valid concerns about our practices, processes and policies, that conversation seek to uplift students instead of advancing a personal or political agendas." this isn't president first time claims like this came up. last year, they investigated similar claims but found no evidence of wrongdoing. this time the school board members are asking maryland governor hogan to look into the matter. back to you. let me just start off by asking president, asking the leader of the republican party, what do you say? what are you afraid of? >> democratic senators trying to use every tool in their toolbox to call attention to the
5:48 am
republicans' effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act. they took to the senate floor until just after midnight to blast republicans for holding closed door meetings to come up with their health care legislation. >> tracie potts joins us now live from capitol hill. tracie, lawmakers unveil their plan. >> it's a good question. when are they going to unveil the plan? that's why democrats are frustrated and tried that all-night talk-a-thon that ended up getting cut short. they want to see the republicans replace the health care plan but it hasn't been put out there yet. they're already scheduling votes for next week. that's what the talk-a-thon last night was about. democrats want to get this into the open in a public hearing where it can be debated. republicans want to fast track it, get votes in before july saying they're using the same process that democrats used to pass obama care so many yrs
5:49 am
ago. they're at a standstill right now. the question is, when do we see the details? the democratic leelder pressed the republican leader on whether or not they would have ten hours or more to read this before they vote. he wouldn't commit to that. he just said they would have adequate time. tracie potts on the hill for us. thanks. president trump has tough words for north korea after the death of uva student otto warmbier. he was held prisoner by the hostile regime for more than a year and then released last week in a coma. warmbier was sentenced to 15 years in a north korean prison for allegedly trying to steal a propaganda poster. doctors say his brain went too long without oxygen. i'm molette green at the live desk. we just got new information on the devastating wildfires in central portugal. firefighters saying they are 70% under control. that's a bit of good news. hundreds have
5:50 am
for plays there. we have new video just in where you can see had the toll it's taking this endless battle with firefighters there, cleepg on the ground. dozens were killed over the weekend much dozens of people. many were in their cars as they tried to get away on a local way. the prime minister calling this the biggest human tragedy in living memory there. back to you, angie. >> devastating. thank you, mow lept. today we could learn more about killing of democratic national committee staffer seth rich. a group of forensic experts in george washington university graduate students investigating the death will release initial findings. rich was killed in the bloomingdale neighborhood. they've made no arrests. big news for redskins fans. the team could benefit from a supreme court decision about a sense of trademark. the courts ruling has to do with a
5:51 am
slant. the ruling says the federal government can't refuse to register trademarks even if they're considered offensive by some. this could impact the team's name and whether they leave fedex field. members of the d.c. council said the name should not be a roadblock having the skins move back to d.c. we know that some people would do anything, like sheep a, do anything fog their dog, right? police in d.c. may have gone farther. a whole head. he tweeted out this picture and said officers went above and beyond to save a little chihuahua. it looks like they went more below and beyond i guess you could say. the dog did fall down that hive-hole. the chief says everyone, including the officer, made it out okay. >> go further, you're saying sheena wouldn't go down that hole? >> no. she would. >>
5:52 am
bulldozer. >> go all in. >> knock the building down to find the dog. how spectacular is this sunrise behind us? >> i've been saying that all morning. you can see what we have in store for today. >> yea. >> it's going to be dry. >> not like yesterday. but a lot of people still cleaning up. >> yes, a lot of people cleaning up. the good news for people cleaning up, obviously that's not good news. the weather fort, you don't have to worry about the storms impacting your storm cleanup this morning. we'll be seeing another beautiful day there. morning commute is looking good. but clearly, we have sun glare out there. lunch outside today. it's going to be a nice one. the humidity is going down a bit through the afternoon. if you're exerer siesing, need the short leaves. we're looking at the upper 830s and your p.m. commute also dry. temperature kurnly in the district 71 degrees. it is warm with the south wind. then you'll start to feel the humidity dropping. this morning, on the
5:53 am
lawrence 66. leesburg. clinton at 68 degrees. 64 in frederick. but here's the radar. we had a lot of storms, obviously, yesterday afternoon. they've all moved away. we have a little bit of rain to the south and east. but we are dry. the rain will keep moving away. we have a lot of dry air moving in. we'll see the sunshine today and that's why the humidity will be dropping a bit. as we go through the day today, if you're dining out, happy hour time, 88 degrees. it's going to be warm. dinnertime 84. each if you are dining out around lunchtime. there's the 90s thursday and friday. look at that. storms moving in for friday. rain chances over the weekend. but next week looks really good too. let's check the road on this tuesday morning. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. still have a problem here with that crash in the northbound lanes. part of shortcut road is still blocked. >> we're sending a chopper there to see what's
5:54 am
one lane blocked there. the beltway looking pretty good. eastbound 66 before 50, fairfax, have crash there on the left shoulder. as far as metro, red line extra delays here to twinbrook this morning because of a power problem at wheaton. safetrack surge 16 still under way. shady grove and rockville station. because of that yellow line delays to mt. vernon scare and your travel times in maryland and virginia looking good. listen to the radio in your car. guys? >> thanks, melissa. you know the tall grass you see along the route to work? it's raising concerns from two lawmakers from fairfax county. supervisors john cook and jeff mckay are having v dot to mow the roadside more often. they say it will improve safety and
5:55 am
v dot used to mow six times a year. that's been cut down to three. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc head kworsers. hasbro is jumping in with a new gaming plate. two options. the family friendly and the other towards adults. it's $49.99. the hasbro crate focuses on new and exclusive games rather than classic titles. with your business report, ip landon dowdy i. >> thanks, landon. it's two month away, but you can strt getting excited about this. the total solar eclipse much the u.s. post office is selling the scam. it's not two different scams. it change with you put your finger on it. it's room temperature. it shows the moon when it's warm. the eclipse is on august 21st
5:56 am
all across the u.s. since 1918, nearly 100 years ago. >> you know, if you suffer from terrible pack pain, you may want to practice yoga. >> someone who does, they're right. doing all that stretching. >> new research shows it might help you just as much as going see the doctor. researchers at boston medical center found that yoga helped to relieve chronic back pain. they say it shfd to be as effective as going to physical therapy. it was done in underserved bartz of boston. the patients say it did make a big difference. if you want to try it out, you should talk with your doctor first, chblg. the next time you go to chick-fil-a, you have the option for a glued en-free bun. they're not offering at all restaurants across the country. the bun comes individualry packaged. then the kitchens aren't gluten-free. but it will cost you
5:57 am
$1.15. they added the new bun because customers were asking for more gluten-free options. for a lot of schools, including your kids', school is out and so is the sun. new this morning, a warning about the sunscreen you probably rely on to protect your kids. >> spray-on lotions make live easier. ahead the 6:00, the right way to use them to make sure their skin is truly covered up. also at 6:00, new details from the cosby trial. hear from an alternate juror who left the comedian's future up in the air. waking up to damage like this. that's what the tornado did ned afternoon. live with update all morning. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce. so, when it's your turn to do the shopping and you need to get... raspberries for john... strawberries for amy...
5:58 am
take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
5:59 am
it was a really loud bang and then just a crash and a bunch of the plaster fell down. >> right now on "news4 today," tornado confirmed. homes badly damaged by those severe storms. now we're hearing from people who were inside when the trees came toppling down. as cleanup continues, your tuesday will be dry. storm team 4 updating your forecast for the day head. plus, the death of a muslim teenager not being investigated as a hate crime. the nationwide outrage and why in
6:00 am
case road rage. good morning. i'm chris lawrence in for aaron. >> i'm angie goff in for eun yang. take a look. this is another look at the damage left behind yesterday's ef-0 tornado. we're bringing you team coverage of the cleanup and the power outages. >> first, wee want to look at the commute and today's forecast. sheena parveen and chuck bell are outside. we'll check in with them first. hey, guys. >> the sun is shining, sheen is aback from hawaii. everything is coming up roses. >> there we go. i picked a good day for t yesterday not good with the storms. but today, total 180. it's nice. >> beautiful day to be outside. there's a picture of the sunrise over washington. today and tomorrow the longest two days of the year. summer solstice after midnight tonight. lower humidity today and tomorrow. just super summer weather for sure. 90s not back in the picture until thursday and rain


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