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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  June 20, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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case road rage. good morning. i'm chris lawrence in for aaron. >> i'm angie goff in for eun yang. take a look. this is another look at the damage left behind yesterday's ef-0 tornado. we're bringing you team coverage of the cleanup and the power outages. >> first, wee want to look at the commute and today's forecast. sheena parveen and chuck bell are outside. we'll check in with them first. hey, guys. >> the sun is shining, sheen is aback from hawaii. everything is coming up roses. >> there we go. i picked a good day for t yesterday not good with the storms. but today, total 180. it's nice. >> beautiful day to be outside. there's a picture of the sunrise over washington. today and tomorrow the longest two days of the year. summer solstice after midnight tonight. lower humidity today and tomorrow. just super summer weather for sure. 90s not back in the picture until thursday and rain
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a few sprinkles in southern maryland this morning. those won't be latsing much longer. 60s to 70 now. afternoon highs today with full sunshine. up into the mid 830s across the area. enjoy it everyone everybody. it's going to be a nice day to be outside. >> i think you can hear the breeze a little bit in the microphone. let's go back into first alert traffic. good morning, melissa. >> the northbound branch avenue, shortcut road crash as part of shortcut road blocked here this morning. we have the delays inbound at branch avenue. a one-mile backup near the intersection. outer loop ramp to connecticut, still the one lane blocked there. inbound 66 before 50 in fairfax. crash there is now on the left shoulder. inbound new york avenue before blade ensburg road, left lane blocked because of a broken down bus. delays to twinbrook because of a power problem
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we'll take a look at travel times coming up. >> thank you, melissa. we have power outages this morning after the big storms yesterday. molette green at the live desk with more. >> new numbers on the outages in northern virginia. let's take a look for you. dominion with 800. 450 with no lights in fairfax. about 250 in loudoun county and a few people fauquier county and stafford. >> thank you, molette. we have team coverage on all that wild weather that tore through the area. >> justin finch is live in silver spring where cleanup from yesterday's tornado is still under way. hi, justin. >> reporter: hey there, angie. yes, a second day of cleanup happening soon in the northwoods sections. hazards all around this morning. take a look here. downed wires connected to that home. also, big branches, lots of debris and over over
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weight of that tree. the second condemned home in the neighborhood. no doubt, it won't be safe for some time. monday afternoon, confirmation. the national weather service saying a tornado tore through this neighborhood yesterday afternoon. causing damage to homes, property and power lines along dennis, eastwood, edge wootd and northwood avenues. also other areas nearby. it touched down at 3:48 yesterday afternoon. for 60 seconds or so, came 70 mile per hour winds and the tornado measuring close to 100 yards. fire crews, utility companies and neighbors spent hours cleaning up yesterday. but some damage will take longer to repair. >> i'm just at a loss for words. i can't believe when i got home. my son called me at work and told me how his car, the window was broken out from a tree that fell. when i came home, i'm looking at
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>> reporter: a few cars damaged in this storm, too. we're off dennis avenue and take a look out here. lots of debris in the yards. also in the streets for those who are driving in this area. you won't feel that crunch. perhaps slide under your tires. you're being asked to take it easy as you drive in this storm. affected area this morning. live in silver spring. justin finch, news 4, back to you. >> thanks, justin. so many of you kept updated on how the storms impacted your neighborhood in the nbc washington app. if you want to track just when the next storm will hit, as we head into summer, make sure to download it now. today, all over the country, people will gather to remember a murdered virginia teen. last night, members with the all dulles area muslim society, they had candles and they held their own vigils for nabra hassanen. police say the teen was run down, beaten and dumped in a po
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sunday morning. she and a group of students were heading back to a mosque for ramadan services. torres attacked her after getting into a fight with another teen in that group. her death was not a hate crime. her father says he has one question for torres. >> look at the eyes. why kill my daughter? for what? she don't do anything to him, to anybody. i raise my kids to love everybody. >> there will be a vigil tonight for nabra in dupont circle at 7:30. there's another one tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. we have a list of the other events mapping and gatherings in our nbc washington app. little girl has gone missing and police need your help to find her. her name is a kyra watkins. she's 12 years old. she went missing
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say she was last seen around 2:30 on cindy lane in capitol heights. call the police if you find her. the sound of bats will return to simpson field in alexandria. it will reopen today one week after the shooting at the congressional baseball practice. >> new information we're learning about the shooting. molette? >> the opening ceremony at the field, it's going to begin tonight at 6:00 p.m. representatives of the alexandria police and the fire will throw out the first pitch. we're learning more about how the shooting unfolded. three officers are being praised for helping to take down james hodgkinson. the police chief says minutes after the first 911 call, three officers arrived at that field. one officer ran towards hodgkinson but was pinned to the ground by a barrage of gunfire. the police chief says her actions
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while two other officers and two capitol police officers started shooting. four people were wounded, including congressman steve scalise. the congressman and the other man seriously hurt in that shooting are both improving at the hospital. back to you now. >> thank you, molette. a look at the other top stories we continue to follow this morning. democratic senator on the floor to blast republicans for holding secret meetings in their effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act. they expressed their fear that republicans will -- little debate by the end of next week. coming up at 6:30, you'll hear what they had to say. this morning, prince george's county school officials are denying accusations they changed grades to boost graduation rates. >> the allegations comes from four members of the school board who insist they have evidence to back up their claim. coming up news 4's aimee cho will have a live report on the
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demanding this morning. people across the country want you to send your thoughts and prayers to otto warmbier. he died nearly a week after north korea released him from prison. he returned in a coma. the university of virginia student was visiting north korea 18 months ago when he was accused of allegedly stealing a propaganda poster. refugees, leaders and community activists will be gathering to celebrate world refugee day. it aims to show support for refugees and speak out against discriminatory policies. it's a hotel known for political scandal. soon watergate will be using the history to get you through the door. the high-profile designer hired to renovate the most infamous room. good tuesday morning. we're off to a much better start today. and
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the humidity feels a little bit lower outside. it's 70 degrees in the district. plenty of sun clear this morning and sunshine this afternoon. no storms in the forecast today. coming up, we'll talk about the warmer air ahead. we have 90s in the forecast. chuck and i are back with a closer look at that straight ahead. how would you like to get paid to drive? researchers want to give you cash to find out how you get to work. how it will help put more driverless cars on the road. look out for these kiechd ticket next time you drive in the district. how police hope the pink slips will stocar break-ins. p
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good morning. we're looking at a much nicer day today than yesterday.
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looking at the radar, they're down to the south and east. we'll be seeing plenty of sunshine this afternoon. temperatures warming up today. upper 80s and staying nice and dry. we'll talk about the 90s in the forecast. let's check the commute. good morning, melissa. >> taking a look at chopper 4 northbound here at 5:00 and shortcut road. you can see shortcut road here is partially blocked. we have a one-mile backup northbound on 5 here in thorng. just a warning for you there inbound 301. two issues on the beltway. one issue, i should say. outer ramp to connecticut has a lane blocked. inbound 66 at 50. crash on the left shoulder. i'm molette green at the live desk with breaking news out of london. we just got word that the suspect in that mosque attack in london is now facing terror charges. british police say darren osborn drove into a crowd of
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worshippers leaving the mosque the other day. osborne lifves in wales. he wanted to kill all muslims before driving into the crowd. he was charmgd with attempted murder and ins gags of terrorism. thanks thank you for the update. a man rammed his car into a police convoy on the champs de elys elysee. he later died. a handgun was found on the driver along with more explosives in the car. this is the fifth attack in four months on security force this is paris. a hearing will be on whether to release the names of the jurors in bill cosby's sexual assault trial. revealing the names could make it more difficult to select an impartial jury when they retry the case. the jury
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that he assaulted a woman. cosby denied all allegations of sexual misconduct. this morning, we're hearing from one of the alternate jurors in that case. he doesn't think the jury was affected by cosby's celebrity status and he thought the prosecution's case was solid. >> i think that there was so much in the deposition that told, i felt like it wasn't, like he did this one time. i felt like it's happened over and over and over again. and i think that they did a decent job of proving that over and over and over again. i don't know why he wasn't convicted. >> he says if he were a member of the jury, he would have voted to convict cosby on all charges. he was one of four alternates and listened to all the testimony. he was sent to another room when the deliberations
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car, it might be there to protect you. d.c. police are leaving warning tickets on cars that leave valuables in plain sight. they're these pink slips. they don't carry a fine. the mayor wants to prevent someone from smashing your windshield and break sbog your car. thieves broke into 4,800 cars so this year. that's a decrease, believe it or not, from last year. wow. >> not touf enough to worry about. just commuting can be pretty tough. someone is tlully willing to pay you to drive. >> that would soften the blow a bit. but there is a catch. they're going to collect all sorts of numbers, data, everything about how you get around town. virginia tech is doing the st y study. they'll pay you up to 500 bucks to drive around in their heavily wired cars for a month. but they get to keep all that data. the goal is to see how tough it
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some requirements. you need to work or live in the d.c. area. drive at least 25 miles or more one way. and you must be 25 to 54 years old. have a valid driver's license and own a smartphone that has bluetooth capabilities. if you are heading out the door in the next few minutes, at least you can have a beautiful sunrise to look at as you make your way to work. >> i almost made that criteria except my commute is only four miles. >> only 21 miles off. >> take you an hour. >> my all-time record from my commute from december of 2008, 2 hours and 45 minutes to go four miles. >> should have walked. >> it was so bad i can still specifically remember it happening to me in the moemgt. anyway, outside this morning, what a great looking day it is. june 20th is under way. there are clouds down across parts of southern maryland. a little bit of
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as well. southern st. mary's county. we have a zero% chance for rain in washington today. sun came up at 5 clop 34. the summer solstice after midnight, to the and tomorrow. the longest two days of the air. 64 now in winchester. 68 in warrenton and manassas. 65 at dulles. 70 degrees downtown at national airport. today's high 88 downtown. low to mid-80s in most of the out-lying areas. falling humidity. a lovely westerly breeze. a lingering rain chance across the lower parts of the bay and the lower parts of the eastern shore. even st. mary's county is starting to dry out a bit. rain chances are continuing to fall. humidity stays nice and low for today and tomorrow. the heat, the 90s back on thursday. thunderstorm chances back in the forecast friday afternoon. couldn't rule out a stray hit and miss shower. give you the beach forecast
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go over to melissa mollet. >> taking a look at the beltway. we have the one issue, top of the beltway. outer loop ramp to connecticut avenue with one lane blocked. the rest of the beltway looks okay. a crash part of shortcut road blocked as you head into prince george's. on metro, we had line dee am causing the issue at wheaton. we have safetrack surge 16. shady grove and rockville stations are closed. buses are running there instead. blue line delays to largo town -- on the yellow line, delays to mt. vernon square. as far as the travel times to 270, getting slow pause of that problem there. connecticut -- looking normal for this time of day. lis ep to g
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famous for its place in the watergate scandal getting a makeover. a scandal inspired makeover at that. the costume designer for an abc show has been hired to create what the hotel is calling one of a kind guest accommodations to reflect the room's history. >> no details on what the makeover will include. but i'm sure a lot of folks here will keep a close eye on it. >> it underwent a million dollars renovation and it opened up after that overhaul. when you kb into the hotel lobby, it plays speeches by president nixon. >> interesting. as the summer heat up, do you know the right way to spray? well, we're going to explain the best way to layer on that s sunscreen to make sure your family's skin is protected >> if you're home earlier now that more students are out,
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last night one of the biggest honors ever for this former herndon high school graduate. i got to deliver the commencement address to the more than 400 students whop lined up and walked across the stage and got their diploma. an outstanding group of students. i want to thank the student council and the principal for inviting me to be part of this wonderful tradition. i'm so proud and from doug kammerer and myself, go hornets. >> you should be. your kids have started summer vacation, my kids get out of school on friday. we want to make sure they're staying healthy. >> this week is dedicated to working for you, getting advice from the head of children's national hospital. dr. kurt newman has been treating children for more than 30 years. >> he says having healthy kids isn't just about paying attention to their physical
6:25 am
here's doreen gentzler with more. >> dr. newman says it's critical to make your child's emotional well-being a priority. >> with children, the things that upsetting them can show up in different ways. >> first of all, work with your child's doctor to rule out any potential medical reasons for your child's issue. here are some other things to be aware of. watch for changes in your child's eating habits over a period of time. changes in sleep. changes that happen in the school setting. also, irritability over a period of time. dr. newman also said in the years that he's been treating families, there's no substitute for a parent's intuition. so if something seems off with your child, talk to your pediatrician and take steps sooner rather than later. >> there are lots of good resources online to help parents navigate through their child's health care needs. tomorrow, we'll share some of dr. newman's favor
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>> thank you, doreen. there are plenty of details to consider when choosing a sunscreen. the spf and the ingredients of course. >> but the way you apply it can be key. consumer report says unless they're handled with care, spray sunscreens may be a bust. hold the nozzle close to your skin and spray until the skin glistens. then rub it in for petter coverage. if you're using a spray on your kids, spray the sunscreen into your hands first, then rub it into your child's skin. also, make sure you don't inhale that mist. it can cause lung irritation. boost graduation rates. i'm aimee cho in prince george's county with the ak sakes that school board members are making and what officials have to say about it. plus, a murder mystery. a local postal worker killed on the job. the video that may spark your elmory and h
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tornado swept through the area. children scrambling for cover. lo
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a teenager killed right after prayer service. the motive for the murder and why police say this case is not a hate crime. a graduation scandal. new accusations of corruption in the prince george's county school system. 6:30 on the dot on this tuesday morning. eun yang is on assignment still. aaron gilchrist is still off today as well. >> what a difference a day makes. heavy rain and severe weather pounded us yesterday. today it's going to be a complete 180. for more on what we can expect, let's go to storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen and chuck bell. hey, guys. >> we're in weather alert mode yesterday. had a confirmed tornado in montgomery county. today, just like that, you're back from vacation and the weather is better. >> i don't take credit for that, chuck. >> put it back dm your suitcase. >> i brought it back from hawaii. the sun is up. you can
6:31 am
it's still going to be 70 by 7:00 a.m. by lunchtime, warming quickly. mid-80s by the afternoon. upper 830s and notice the weather system that brought our storms yesterday. it's around the norfolk area. even farther south, looking at sunshine today. that's fantastic news. if unfortunately, you have storm cleanup, the weather is going to cooperate. we don't have any storms. we like to hear that after a day like yesterday. more rain chances for the weekend. but let's check your commute with melissa. >> good morning, guys. chopper 4 over the beltway at 50. looking nice and light. you have to love that. this one, it's just cleared out of way. top of the beltway, outer loop with a lane blocked. we still are slow there. talking about the outer loop. but no longer blocked rye now. northbound brap much avenue into prince george's county. still blocked about a
6:32 am
backup there. we'll look at the travel times and a kwcouple of issues on met coming up. our big stories right now from the school corruption scandal to the death of a uva student released from north korea. >> for now, the tornado that touched down in montgomery county. >> that's right. this is what neighbors are waking up to. trees and branches fell on their homes and cars. the tornado that touched down only lasted a minute. that was more than enough to cause quite a mess. the cleanup started yesterday. this homeowner startinged working to chop down the fallen trees. some of the homes lost power but most of it is back online. coming up, justin finch will be live to show us where the worst damage is in silver spring. >> not everybody is out of the dark right now at 6:32. several thousands of you waking up without electricity this morning. we're just seeing more than 2,000 in loudoun county
6:33 am
alonement there are also 450 in fairfax county and more than a hundred people don't have power in alexandria this morning. you can get the forecast at any time, you can set weather as your home screen and the nbc washington app, open upsets in the app. now a look at the top stories. tours are going to reopen simpson field in alexandria today. a gunman shot four people, includi congressman steve scalise. there will be a little league game that starts at 7:00 tonight. held without bond in the murders of two montgomery county teens much the murder was a setup in retail yags for an apparent robbery. coring come uhe was going to sel a graduation ticket to one of the suspects. the
6:34 am
najjar allegedly stole drugs last year. we could be hours away from learning about the killing of seth rich. a group of forensic experts in george washington university grad students are investigating his death. that group is expected to reach some of the findings. it happened in the bloomingdale neighborhood. police think it a neighborhood but haven't made any arrests. covering prince george's county. algtss this morning that could affect knaus of students at maryland's second largest school district. >> some board members say they have evidence students who earned the right to graduate were still able to walk across the stage. it was all done to boost the district's graduation rate. aimee cho is live at the board of education with more. what are you hearing, aimee? >> good morning. well, they want the state to investigate what
6:35 am
have gotten community service hours they didn't perform and even credit for classes they didn't take. the board members say they have evidence that this has been going on for three years now. graduation rates are up over the past few years from 74% to 81%. some officials say there's been absolutely no wrongdoing. >> i think they worked their tails off to make sure and the students have. ultimately, it is the kids who are going to benefit from this. we want to make sure all of our children coming out of prince george's county are career ready and college ready. >> reporter: the ceo of prince george's county public schools, maxwell, put out a statement in response reading in part "while there may be valid concerns about our practices, processes and policies, that conversation should seek to uplift students instead o
6:36 am
political agendas." claims like this came up next last year after an anonymous complaint. they investigated back then but found nothing to back it up. this time the board members are hoping larry hogan will look into the matter. we're live outside the prince george's county head quart erts. >> aimee cho this morning, thank you. reaction now to the death of university student otto warmbier that continues to come in. molette green is in the newsroom with more from the campus of uva. >> angie, uva president teresa sullivan released this statement about his death. our thoughts and prayers continue to be with his family and friends during what has been an incredibly difficult time. he will be missed by all those who knew and loved him. warmbier was held prisoner for more than a year and released last week in a comb a he was sentenced to 15 years in a north korean prison for allegedly trying to steal a propaganda
6:37 am
doctors say the 22-year-old's brain went too long without oxygen. the travel company that took warmbier to noorng noork says it wi -- north korea says it will no longer take americans to that country. the reason the killer targeted a teenager in virginia. the health care battle. the overall that could affect your camera and the new action that had democrats up all night on capitol hill. yesterday afternoon, we had to run for cover from severe weather. today, running outside. nothing to worry about. lower humidity as well. get to keep it for the next couple of days when we come back with the
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now, your storm team 4 forecast. >> coming up on 6:4 is on a tuesday morning. temperatures mostly in the 60s this morning. we'll be in the mid-80
6:41 am
low humidity too. got a closer look at the beach forecast and the weekend forecast in a few minutes. for right now, melissa mollet has three things circled on her maps. >> i do. northbound branch avenue, shortcut road. remember, as you head into prince george's county today, part of shortcut still blocked from the earlier crash. chopper 4 over the top of the beltway showing us pretty nice light volume there. outer loop near connecticut avenue. we'll take a look at the three circles in a minute. >> thank you, melissa. following a developing story on capitol hill. democratic senators were on the floor well after midnight to blast republicans for holding secret meetings in their effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act. >> they expressed their fear that republicans will jam a bill through with little debate by the end of next week. >> i don't think we ought to vote on a bill that will touch every single human being in this country when one party is locked
6:42 am
not able to read the bill and not able to discuss it and help make suggestions and changes. >> now, republicans could provide an outline of their health care proposal as early as tomorrow. they're aiming to get a vote next week. 6:42. a postal worker murdered trying to finish up his route. >> ahead, a look at the video that could catch a killer in the community. touched by a tragedy and saluted by a star. the surprise visit for heroic firefighters at a devastating blaze. >> reporter: a messy morning in montgomery county after a tornado blew through yesterday afternoon.
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say hello to the new frozen dunkin' coffee. real dunkin' coffee, blended frozen, creamy smooth. a whole new way to enjoy your favorite coffee. try a small for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. tornado touchdown. >> there was a really big crash. >> a tree falls on
6:46 am
kids inside. >> i knew i had to get them out of there. >> the nanny that came to the rescue and the weather we can expect in the next 24 hours. >> affected efrp in their heart and their core. a teen brutally beaten. >> this is the worst news that a parent can receive. >> a road rage attack that ended in murder. game of thrones fans, listen up. the washington nationals want you to be the queen of dragons. the hunt is on. and we have been tracking this wild weather and the damage that it left behind. >> news 4's justin finch continues our team coverage in silver spring. justin, how is the cleanup coming along. >> reporter: good morning, chris. it's just beginning now. it took about a minute for this tornado to tear through this area of silver spring and take down a tall tree
6:47 am
that house one of at least two condemned homes this morning. it's just causing lots of damage in the area. the national weather service said this was an ef-0 tornado packi pack wind speeds of 100 miles per hour. it ripped through this neighborhood causing damage to homes along dennis, eastwood, edgewood and northwood avenues out here. montgomery county fire fire crews and neighbors banded together to make sure that things got back to normal this morning. and hours later this morning, we can tell you that work is continuing today. looking across dennis avenue live, neighbors waking up, assembling the branches, clearing out the roadway here. you can see lots of debris in the area. the work will take some time. we also have reports of injuries reported
6:48 am
but they're described as nonlife-threatening this morning. again, the slow return to normal is under way in silver spring. back to you. i'm molette green at the live desk tracking the impact of this dangerously hot weather. the folks out west feeling the brunt of this. take a look. we want to show you the pavement, buckled, cracked from the heating and drying. that's going on in phoenix, arizona. this is just south of phoenix, arizona. ? the middle of the night, it's about 100 degrees there and we're seeing flights out of there canceled as well because some planes simply cannot take off in in extreme heat. doctors are warning people to be careful around concrete and the leather inside of their cars. temps in vegas, 117 degrees. we're seeing. look for more on this, the extreme heat out west on the
6:49 am
back to you. >> molette green, thank you so much. today, all over the country, people will gather to remember a murdered virginia teenager. last night members with the all dulles area muslim society had candles and held their own vigils for nabra hassanen. the teen was run down, beaten and dumped in a pond sunday morning in a road rage incident. she and a group of friends were headed back to their mosque for ramadan services. that's when darwin martinez torres attacked her after getting into a fight with another teen in the group. police say her death was not a hate crime and nabra's father has one question for the man. >> my only -- look at this face. look at the eyes. why you kill my daughter? for what? she don't do anything to him, to anybody. i raised her to love everybody. >> we know that there will be a
6:50 am
dupont circle at 7:30. then tomorrow there will be another gathering in reston at lake and plaza at 6:30 p.m. we have a list of the vigils in our nbc washington app. police are looking for help to find a girl who went missing in prince george's county. her name is a kyra watkins. she's 12 years old. the last time anyone saw her was on cindy lane in capitol heights. police are asking for your calls if you spot her. there is a $100,000 reward this morning for information that will help catch a killer. postal worker tyson barnett was killed on the job four years ago. take a look at the surveillance video, though. police rereleased it yesterday. police say they are still looking for information on that car right there. it was in the area around the time barnett was killed on november 23rd, 2013 in beverly. he was shot to death near the
6:51 am
intersection of reed street. the usa department -- the uk with any help it needs stopping terrorism. you're looking at video from the moments after a driver tried to run down muslims in london. the group is coming out of their mosque when the man rammed his van into the group. one person was killed. in fact, you see one part of the crowd trying to attack the driver. but the imam at that mosque stopped them. police are calling the driver a terror suspect. but they say he wasn't on any of their watch lists. this is the fourth terror attack in the uk in the past four months. it is now considered the deadliest fire in recent british history. investigators believe that 79 people were killed in the grenfell tower last week. it's not clear how it began, how the fire started. search and recovery efforts are hn
6:52 am
weeks. adele showing support for the fire crews at winning the battle to fight that fire in london. >> she visited the fire station in chelsea last week. the picture and post is going viral on facebook. one of the the firefighters wrote, not every day the wonderfully grounded and caring adele pops into our fire station for a cup of tea. >> today, you'll have a chance to win a fantasy experience at the park. this friday is game of thrones night. they have ten prize filled drag i don't know eggs. in d.c., maryland and virginia. if you find one, you get tickets to the game. a t-shirt or a chance to pose with the iron throne at friday's game. the nats are playing the reds on friday. game of thrones comes back next month. >> people are hyped-up. beautiful sunrise starts today. a different situation on the roads right now, too, from how we started thi
6:53 am
>> i know. we had a couple of big problems this morning. over the outer loop of the beltway at connecticut avenue. right now, volume looks pretty good. i'm hearing about a new crash along 270 here this morning. tell me where that is if you possibly can. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, we look okay. inbou inbound, 295 there, a little bit slow. same thing as you're headed inbound on 95 from virginia and it 10 inbound. 2070 crash at 80. northbound branch avenue at short cut road, branch is part of that section. still blocked and slow here as you head inbound through prince george's county there this morning as well. gw parkway, still have the crash there in one lane. 270, west montgomery avenue, main and local lanes are okay this morning. red line delays to twinbrook because of that tower problem at wheaton. as far as travel times here, 270
6:54 am
see typical there. 270 south at 80 going to be worse than it was. 66, 95, no major issues in virginia. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. hi, sheena. >> hey, melissa: today will be a much better day. we have the storms and storm cleanup today. if you are unfortunately dealing with the storm cleanup, we're going to have better weather today. you don't have to worry about the storms moving pack be in. we have 90s this week. so it is going to be pretty hot going into the weekend. we have showers moving back in and chuck will talk more about that. currently, 71 degrees in the district. plenty of sunshine, glare on the roads obviously. but this afternoon, we'll be continuing to see the -- evening sun glare too. 71 in the district. 70 quantico x 67 dulles. it files more pleasant outside because the humidity is lower than a couple hours ago. plen
6:55 am
neighborhood. that's pushing to the south and east. cold front caused that. now, behind it, we have sunshine and drier air. if you're walking the dog today, gra grady is available. beautiful afternoon. getting sunny and warm. i mentioned the warm sun. >> good morning sheena. poik to work. beautiful day outside. for today, a live picture of our tower camera. looking out to the northwest, up the potomac, there's a little bit of fog hanging over the potomac this morning as it winds between fairfax and montgomery county. on the whole, a great day to go splish splash in the pool today. don't forget your spf. it's tuesday morning. it teams you're thinking. -- up to near 90 on saturday. near 80s on sunday. little chance for rain both days. the better
6:56 am
hit and miss showers. temperatures in the low to mid-80s. water temperature up to 70 now. shears sheena with the ten-day. >> it's going to be a wrm one. look at the 930s. 92 thursday, 90 on friday. the rain chances come back as chuck showed you. next week is looking good. mid to low 80s. very comfortable. the four things to know today. one neighborhood in silver spring is going to be spending the day cleaning up after a tornado touched down. thousands of people still without power across northern virginia because of the severe storms. you can follow justin finch with a check on damage. this morning, george zimmerman county schools denying accusations they changed grades to increase the graduation rate. they insist they have evidence to back up the claims. you have the entire story in our app. the democrats took to the floor to blast republicans for holding closed door meetings to repeal and replace the affordable care
6:57 am
roo republicans plan to bring it to the floor next week. otto warmbier has died. the "today" show will have a look at how the president is reacting. that's next. big change in weather from yesterday, huh? >> absolutely right. low humidity around here the next couple of days with temperatures in the 80s. back to the 90s thursday and friday. looks like friday could have afternoon storms to contend with once again. >> all right. thank you for joining us and spending some of your tuesday morning with us. >> the "today" show is coming up next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with a check on weather and traffic.
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wewe got the keys!ys to our new house! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too.
7:00 am
good morning. good morning. international outrage, the death of college student otto warmbier ratcheting up the already tense relationship between the u.s. and north korea. >> it's a brutal regime, and we'll be able to handle it. >> was that a warning to north korea's leader and what will happen to the three other americans still being held? nail biter, down to the wire in the most expensive congressional race ever. georgia voters heading to the polls today. the candidates neck and neck in a traditionally republican district. with president trump already weighing in this morning. why the outcome of this race could be a game changer. extreme weather. a new tropical storm warning is


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