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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 20, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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injured and the alleged suspect was shot by security forces. police say the situation was under control. >> not clear though if this was an attempted terror attack. of course belgium has been on high alert since suicide bomber that killed 32 people last year. we'll stay on top of the story as soon as we get the information right here. >> right here in washington area, a crash in montgomery county has turned deadly. >> police say a man standing on the median got hit and killed. >> we first told you about the crash this morning. it happened in middle brook road in german town, that's where we find news force who has new details about what happened there. pat. >> and i'm standing on middle brook road. i want to give you some idea of what happened here this morning. the man on the median was standing right here when he was struck. but by the time it was over, he ended up laying -- way across the street against that fence
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behind the tree with the broken limbs. people who knew him at the scene where it happened today, he was known as the man on the median. they saw his belongings scattered about, his shoes, his backpack and though he's not been officially identified, people in the neighborhood say he was a friendly panhandler and that this is the median strip he wore just about every day. elizabeth park san, she remember. >> tragedy. >> what are you going to remember most about him? >> like i said, wave. his wave and saying thank you and god bless. >> the man on the median struck and killed this morning in a stranger violent accident on middle brook
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ka highway. they say this toyota sequoya struck the man and crossing four lanes of traffic, jumping the curb, slamming into a tree and then launching the man on the hood into the fence of the nearby school, working the case, lieutenant dave, that toyota hit the pedestrian. it knocked him up on to the hood of the toyota. >> that is correct. >> and he continued on that toyota until it came to rest over on the sidewalk. >> we believe that's how it occurred so far. >> the drivers of the two suv they were taken to the hospital, they're expected to be okay. he came by the scene and he saw the accident. it w h
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wheel of the vehicle. then he went to the rescue. but now, back to you. >> all right. thank you, pat. vigils set tonight here in washington and in other cities across the country in tribute to a teenager killed over the weekend. the young murder is charged with murder. they're calling it road rage and not hate crime. because of her faith it's getting worldwide attention. julie carey joins us live where one of the biggest vigils is set to take place tomorrow. julie. >> this is where -- tomorrow night, hundreds if not thousands of people are expected to come together to pay tribute to the south lake high school student. now, as you know, 17-year-old was with a large group of friends on early sunday morning. they finished eating and were
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back to the mosque to begin their fast. a car began following them, that's when police say one -- had words with the driver, 22-year-old darwin, the car then jumped the curb and the teen scattered. he fell behind and allegedly hit her head later dumping her body in a nearby pond. now, today, i went to visit the victim's father again. he said the fairfax county detective came to him on their theory of the case that the suspect was motivated by road rage and anger. >> he said because he's anger. my daughter didn't do anything to him. she was very nice girl. she don't fight. i'm
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>> the victim's father still believe it was her clothing and the fact that it identified her as a muslim woman that drew the attackers to her. he also learned some painful new details last night about the attack. i'll have more on that, reporting live julie carey, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. >> vigils are taking place across the nation. all right. you can see the damage and now we know what tornado swept through silver spring right around this time yesterday. was here to track it all and easier now with a look. what do we know about this? >> we're tracking that storm as we made its way through, there was no tornado warning with this storm. severe thunderstorm warning and this was one of those tornados like we saw a couple of weeks ago downtown where we strong small rotation, areas of rotation. this was one of those tornados
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hour an ef 0 tornado the maximum pass width of 100 yards, the length of a football field. that's where christian wright is right now. it's all from tree damage. >> yeah, you know, we've been hearing the sound of chainsaws all day long. people we have eve talked to here -- we've talked to here say they knew it was a tornado. this house here, one of the hardest hit tree was right through the roof there and they've been working on it all day long. we want to show you some video, some of the work being done here up close. we're talking to small tree here. pretty big from what we can tell. we've talked to a man who lives here. he was at the grocery store. she was hurt, but he says she's going to be fine. could have been much worse, across the street from there. the wind picked up
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it ended up completely wrapped around the tree. a woman in that house was home alone. she said she's never heard anything like it. >> i literally ran back and forth looking at the ceiling, expecting to see branches coming through. >> this area right here, we're going to show you at 5:00 today. it's interesting talking to all the neighbors around here what they heard and what they saw, we'll have more of that coming up a little bit later. people around here certainly hoping that they get a break and that there are no more big storms coming their way any time soon. >> thanks. it does not look like we'll be dealing with any big storm over the next couple of days, a couple of days to rest and prepare in those
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now, the warmest temperature on the map, a very nice day, low humidity across the area and take a look at the radar all across the mid-atlantic. storm that came through yesterday, way down to the south, more storms back towards chicago. we're high and dry. we will be for the next couple of days. the next best chance for moisture in our area, has sop characteristics for you. i'll break that down. we're looking at two tropical storms in the atlanta basin. we'll have more coming up. >> the new social media, new stamps that social media can't get enough of, how and why it changes with a special touch of your finger. >> very cool. >> all right. now, three local airports, and how you are benefitting from that. >> details on the new technology that one airline says will allow you to drop off your bag or flight faster than mor e
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first at 4:00. >> on the trial of fairfax family a woman accused of killing her husband in july of 2015. >> special election in georgia has the entire country's attention today. the state's sixth congressional district hasn't gone to democrat since 1976. the republican and democratic candidates were essentially tied before the voting started today. many see this race as referendum on president trump. >> also the city of alexandria preparing for reopening ceremony congressman were shot last week, a baseball game is going to be played in tifton park tonight, that will be the first game there since the shooting. we'll have live preview coming up in the next half hour. >> and we're staying on top of
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this hour, small explosion inside the brussels' central train station. saying security forces shot the alleged suspect. it's not clear if this was a terror attack. police say the situation is under control and no one was injured. >> police arrested a group of men who were making it unsafe just to go to the convenient store. we'll say how police caught the guys. the one thing which all ten robberies had in common. >> three weeks after he was arrested found asleep at the wheel and under the influence of drugs, prescription drugs, what golf legend tiger woods said he's doing now to make sure something
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a group holding of 7-eleven stores. the stores have one of the stores to explain how they track it. >> police say they just arrested they say are connected to ten robberies throughout the area, including three different jurisdictions, including this 7-eleven here. they tell us that these suspects will walk in with the hoodies on they have their guns out and demand money from cashier. one person was collecting money. they say the others were going for cigarettes. once they collected the cigarettes, this is all caught on surveillance video, that's all throut
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they tell us this happened starting from may 17th all the way to june 16th. so just within the last couple of days they made this arrest all because they say there was a pattern and they worked together with other agencies to snab these guys before they struck again. megan fitzgerald, news 4. >> a virginia man is facing drug charges after overdosing inside a government building. the sheriff's deputy say they found martin car on the bathroom floor inside the county administration building last week. deputies say they also found drug paraphernalia. they gave the car, gave car a dose after he regained consciousness. he admitted to using drugs, police say. police say he also had several pills and some marijuana. it is so hot in the southwest, some flights in and out of phoenix are cancelled. temperature there at the phoenix area is going to be getting close to 120 degrees today. re
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a few days. power companies saying they are confident the air conditioners will stay -- from las vegas. 120, what do you think about that? >> what about 110 in vegas, a little cooler there. >> is it time for this? >> it's all about timing. >> what is it like? >> it's dry way to suffer. >> it's a record high. the all time record high of 122. they can be very close to that. and extreme heat. you mentioned it, they do not fly anything over 118, so a lot of flights today were cancelled, he was suppose to go out to phoenix today. he had to go when it starts to cool. because the wings should not on that air. but i guess i think of temperatures that high in maybe july. >> june, july, august, warm out there, for sure. nothing like that. >>
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>> we're about 40 degrees cooler here, actually about 30. temperatures out there in the 80s. let's take a look at that airport. no problems from the planes today. yesterday the problems were the storms that were coming in. a okay. winds out of the west at 10 miles per hour, very nice afternoon and the big thing to lower humidity. for all you folks out there who are going to to you tube concert that forgot to say, hey, we're going to youtube concert, you want to go. 80 degrees at 9:00 a.m. 75 at 11:00 this is going to be great night for a concert. it's perfect for you two. we found the radar picture, not much to show. for the next couple of days here. need a little bit of break of what we saw yesterday, june very dry month. now, where is our next rain fall come from, not much going on and we have the front that came yesterday to our south. take a look at this. this is
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actual area of low pressure way down here towards the central of mexico. and it's going to move very close to houston over the next few days. look at all of these moisture, areas around new orleans could pick up 6 to 12 inches and that will move into the middle part of the country along with the front and then our move way during the day on friday. we'll see some of that, not a lot of that, but some of it during the day on friday. forecast for tomorrow, 88 degrees. still warm, let's hear it. and up to 89 now, see the difference now. 88 to 89, see the big difference. 94 on your thursday. that's the day we get really hot. the humidity creeps up a little bit, still not all that bad. temperatures around 85 degrees with a good chance of afternoon thunderstorms, some of that moisture move in we could see tropical downpours here on friday. saturday and sunday not looking too bad. nice shower on saturday, most of the weekend is
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monday. 76. >> thanks. >> local airports are constantly battling each other. >> we can tell you which one has been pulling in most of the passengers. >> all right. >> high in the sky and chopper 4. i'm adam flying high in chopper 4 tonight to tell you about our airport battle. our airports are in a complete contest for the most passengers. guess who is in the lead, dwi at marshall airport, right here. take a look at the southwest terminal here. swinging it over and coming in for landing bwi marshall has been consistently reagan national airport and dulles international airport for the number of passengers, in
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this year they're ahead and over the past couple of years they've actually been ahead. why does that matter. well, competition, of course, there is a friendly competition among these local airports, even if they want tell you that in person. it also matters because you might be able to get a better airport experience out of it. could it also potentially mean lower air fairs. we'll explore all of that coming up on news 4 tonight at 6:00 when we go inside the airport battle here. we'll tell you who is in the lead, how many passengers are flying through the airport on a consistent basis. we'll have all of that coming up for you on news 4. >> credit cards, health insurance, membership cards, many of them come with three perks. and you probably don't know about or don't have time to pay attention to. news 4 is working for you, so you don't have to. >> and he's for his beach blond locks and blue
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tiger woods he's getting help to manage all of the drugs he's been taking for back pain. he was arrested for dui last month and had several prich prescription drugs in his system at the time. >> you're under arrest. >> weeks after
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woods was arrested for driving under the influence, he released a statement on twitter now saying he's receiving professional help hoping "manage my medications and the ways that i deal with back pain and a sleep disorder." tiger adding, i want to thank everyone for the amazing out pour of the support and understanding. >> put your feet together and facing me. >> the world saw woods in this dash cam video in handcuffs under arrest for dui in jupiter, florida. >> do you know where you're at right now? >> police found the 14-time major champion asleep in his car with two flat tires, appearing disoriented woods told officers he was not drinking. >> have you been drinking today? >> no. >> according to police he did admit to being on prescription meld cases, including the powerful painkiller vicodin. >> have you taken any medication today? >> and according to this unredacted police
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medication. woods hasn't been seen on a golf course since february, recovering from his latest surgery for lower back injury, now the biggest name in golf is facing another challenging moment and taking steps. >> reporter: tiger woods has not entered a plea in the dui case. his arraignment was scheduled for -- carey sanders, nbc florida. >> and those are the jeans -- we know the gene mutations can increase a person's risk for developing breast cancer, how much. >> what use to be an every day baseball field, horrifying attack in which house majority is recovering
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after construction accident in long island, you can see here it's a really
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response here at the construction plant that was lost and injured at least, the two people are seeing things rushed away and continue to keep our eyes on the situation and bring you any new information. in the meantime right now a select group was a health care reform deal that will effect billions of americans even those who get insurance through their employers. >> they're keeping the specifics a secret, from colleagues who will eventually have to vote on the bill. blayne alexander has the story. >> for many, it is a secret bill on capitol hill. >> we have no details on what the republicans are cooking up behind closed doors. >> republican health care plan leaving some republicans in the dark. >> i have not seen a final proposal. >> so who has seen it, a group of about a dozen gop senators. the plan to release an outline tomorrow, full bills as early as sd
4:32 pm
july 4th, recess, even some top republicans calling this a bad process. >> we use to complain like hell and the democrats ran the affordable care act. >> and some democrats want to see it now, marching down to the congressional budget office where the price tag is being calculated. >> bill that will be voted on next week. >> meanwhile president trump, again, expressing sadness at the death of american college student otto held captive for more than a year in north korea. >> that should never ever be allowed to happen. >> the president appearing to lay some blame on the obama administration. >> frankly, if he were brought home sooner, i think the result would have been a lot different. >> with three americans still held prisoners, questions now whether the u.s. will turn tough words into action. the state department is strongly
4:33 pm
north korea but not issuing an all out band. but it is time to take that step. nbc news, washington. >> we expect the white house watching the special election in georgia very closely, the president has been tweeting, throwing his support behind republican nominee. georgia's sixth congressional district has gone to democrat since the '70s, but this has been neck and neck all the way. >> it's a very close race and that means it's all about turn out. >> this is, essentially, a jump ball. >> today's race is the most expensive for u.s. house seat ever. the democrats raised a staggering $23 million for the first time in history. new study has found women who carry mutations in the genes that cause breast cancer have a 70% chance of developing it. analyzing data from 10,000 women
4:34 pm
one or two genes known to increase chances of breast or ovarian cancer. the first to follow women who had breast cancer or the genes but no cancer. family history and mutation location were the highest risk factors. for more on this, go to the nbc washington app and search breast cancer studies. >> first at 4, you may soon be able to check the bag at the airport using your -- using a scanner which takes your picture and matches it to the picture on your photo id, if everything checks out it prints out a bag tag. delta says this will allow more employees to help customers with more pressing issues. >> we really want to move towards solutions with technology and innovation that allow our employees to get out from behind the counter, not processing transactions, but adding to the customer experience. >> now, delta is
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saved by the machine. minneapolis and if it's successful, they'll roll it out nationwide. >> uber is rolling out a new app that let's drivers accepts tips. the tipping function is only available in minneapolis and in houston. other cities will soon get the tipping function. uber has resisted adding a tipping component because it says -- it makes the cost of a ride unpredictable. this this move is part of 180 days of change. initiative named at repairing the image after series of uber scandal. >> no, i was barbie, girl. >> okay. this one is for you. a moment in a spotlight. >> that's right. >> barbie had hundreds of make overs, we know that. now it's time for ken to get his time in the sun. check this out,
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choose slim cam, broad ken, or the original guy. you can even get him with a man or corn rolls. it will also come in a variety of skin tone, leon is getting a throw out of this, a real kick. the make over is part of the health plan to appeal to today's children. all of the new styles will be on store shelves just in time for the holidays, leon. >> i don't think so. >> how far have we gone. >> did you ever think that you would see a day where there could be corn roll ken. >> you see it now. there you go. >> and a man bun. >> there you go. >> oh my god. >> they're kind of cute. >> that's it. that's the sign of the apock lips. it's over gang. coming up. hear from one mother who said a group of ninth grade to tenth even though he didn't earn the grades. >> two terror attacks all in the same y.
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>> police say a suspect was killed and the situation is now under control. >> nbc laura has new details and what authorities are doing to step up security. >> london and paris, two iconic cities graffling with violent attacks this week that involved vehicles and hateful intentions. yesterday in paris, the avenue shutdown after a man who police said was a known extremist rammed a police convoy. that attacker died at the scene,
4:41 pm
and explosives in his car. in london, 47-year-old father of four arrested after police say he drove his van into a crowd of worshippers leaving a mosque early monday morning injuring ten. >> muslim neighbors, the man identified by london police and that attack er say he was quiet but they weren't alarmed by him. >> london's metropolitan police commissioner says the tempo of recent attacks demand the change how once unarmed officers defend the public. >> at the mosque attack, a familiar scene grows. flowers, candles. mo mentos, and signs,
4:42 pm
reaffirming that fear and hate will not win. laurie ageary, nbc news. just over an hour from now, baseball returns to alexandria at a field where five people including a member of shot last week. we'll tell you there live. and why sending packages to loved one this holay season isid
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belgian police were investigating a small explosion inside the train station. >> the belgian military said it neutralized the suspect following the explosion, no one else is injured, but the grandpa las had to be evacuated. it's still unclear if this was an attempted terror attack. >> vigils are being held here in washington and other cities the teenager who was killed over the weekend. torres is charged with murder
4:46 pm
for an attack calling road rage not a hate crime because of muslim faith and getting worldwide attention. >> the fbi is investigating a group of men arrested for holding up convenient stores in three maryland counties. police say the man worked together for a four-week period to target ten separate 7-eleven. >> nearly a week after gunfire shattered the community, another side of hope perseverance tonight. news four is live at the park, got tonight's big reopening. this is an event of a lot of folks are waiting for. >> absolutely. it's open to the public. they're ready for the return of baseball here at the stadium. but there are still some reminders of that violent shooting last week, like this bullet hole the size of my index finger here in the fence that leads to home plate. well, tonight little leaguers will be taking the field and alexandria police and fire representatives wil
4:47 pm
out the ceremonial first pitch. it shows that the alexandria community feels safe again. baseball returns. the grounds crew lays down the lines and preparing the field for play here at eugene simpson stadium park. >> well, we're just thrilled beyond belief that it will be coming back to life again. they're such good energy here, all of my kids played little league here. >> one week ago simpson's stadium was the scene of the shootings that resulted in five people being wounded. as republican teen practiced for the annual congressional charity game. this evening, the community celebrates the reopening of simpson park and recognizes first responders who put their own lives on the line and answer the calls for help. >> i know that, you know, this community needs to heal and this is something i think will bring the community back together. >> well, the
4:48 pm
baseball back at 6:00 tonight. you might just mention, you might think about bringing your own chair, the stands are very small here. baseball back tonight, back to you. >> all right. good news. >> thanks. >> they are common but somewhat controversial. many police departments around the country have them, but until now, the police department did not. >> and that's all about to change now, you shouldn't standing by with a look at the story. what is the word here? >> that's right pat and leon next time you see a d.c. police officer, you may notice a new weapon on their belt. we're talking about tasers and we're talking one on one with dc police chief peter this evening about what's behind the weight and why he says the tasers are essential for deescalating the situation without lethal force. also new at 5:00 tonight, he's been saying it. tomorrow is the official first day of summer and sunscreen you may be using may not be doing as well as i
4:49 pm
we'll show you why you may be using it all wrong. and how you can make sure you can protect you and your family, susan is going to join us with that story coming up at five. we'll see you soon with those stories plus a good deal more. leon and pat, back to you for now. >> see you in a bit. >> thank you. first at 4, take a look at what's left after tornado touched down in montgomery county. police who live in the neighborhood say it's like the walls of their homes were about to collapse. today the chainsaws and people are out there starting to clean up. doug and tom, at least it's not too hot for today's clean up. and we've got something big to look forward to tomorrow. >> yeah, that's right. we had that frontal boundary move through today, you noticed a lot less in the way of humidity. a lot of sunshine out there. a nice opportunity and what you're talking about pat. >> it's coming in tonight. we've got information on that coming right up. what's going on now. >>
4:50 pm
across the area. we've seen the numbers throughout a little bit today. 87 degrees, a little bit earlier. down to 85 at the airport. temperatures dropping through the evening, perfect night and beautiful. this is all subject to the guy putting this together. i think 82 at 7:00 is beautiful with low humidity. you might think otherwise, again, yes, you're right. if it was all snow i will think perfect. i understand that, too. on the radar, we're looking at no rain, no snow out there right now. it welcome a nice evening. that's from the same area of the pressure off the coast of the same front that we've been watching here. it's also coming from the steps. this is actually tropical storm and look here is the center right in there, all the moisture and thunderstorms way up to the north. this is called what's being sheered apart. it's not going to gain much strength. it is expected to make its way towards the east and west and we can get some of the moisture in here the next
4:51 pm
pretty stationary, moving up, very close up to houston. they can have some big time flooding around houston. this is thursday around 1:00 central time with 40 mile an hour wind. notice the move into the middle part of the country on friday and some of that moisture will be our way during the day on friday, as well. that's what we'll be watching. full forecast, 83 degrees at 11:00 a.m. lots of sunshine tomorrow, speaking of sunshine, you're going to see a lot more of it today and tomorrow than you do the entire rest of the year. we'll have more on that going on today. >> that's right. this is time of the year, we've got the longest day, highest sun angle. when you're going to the pool, make sure you put on the sun block and get a quick burn this time of year. we do have that sun pouring down on washington now, live view from the storm team, overlooking national cathedral. you can see the washington monument. this arrives tonight just after midnight,
4:52 pm
so the longest days of the year are today and, again, tomorrow, 14 hours and 53 minutes of daylight today and tomorrow and we gradually start losing daylight after that. and doug show the satellite image, show the clouds streaming to the south and east, as rocket launched schedule for tonight. 9:05 to 9:20. we may see that launch, we won't see it here, but if it does happen, you may see some multi colored clouds high in the atmosphere. >> yeah, something they're putting it out here to get out there. you might be able to see those if it's clear enough tonight. now, temperatures the next couple of days, 89 on your wednesday. 94 on thursday, that's the hot day. not extremely humid. best chance of storm as i mentioned coming on friday and also into the 80s, saturday and sunday, a lot of saturday on sunday, but most of the weekend right now looking dry. and we're cooler
4:53 pm
week. >> listen. are we suppose to into the last day. is there something connected there. >> he's been thinking about this since he was a kid. he wanted to end of going into summer as the sun is setting. >> we will celebrate for the longest day of the year; is that it? >> that's the whole idea. >> that's right. last day tomorrow. >> timing is everything. >> timing is everything. >> love you, man. we'll see you in a minute. news 4 is working for you and revealing free parks you have access but didn't know about. washington consumer all kind that come with memberships and health insurance, aaa members can access free car fax reports. costco discounted travel deals prime members you get free unlimited photo storage. >> you can actual lissette it up as you load photos to your computer, they'lloa
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they'll store them there for free. we're talking about gigabytes of free stoirng for you. >> tonight on news 4 at 11:00, we'll have many more of the free perks, including the four meals that come with most credit cards. make sure you check that out. changing grades, that's what one county school system did to pass her son along to t next he
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major local school district accused of letting students get by, the members say they've got evidence of officials changing students grades to boost their graduation rates. the high school principles responded to that today saying this in part, these accusations are insulting to the professionals that have dedicated themselves to educating high school students in support of their success. we spoke with one mom, though, who said that grade changing is real and it happened to her son. news 4, amy has the story, first at 4:00. >> the family didn't want to show their face on camera. he was suppose to getting special limitation services to help them learn but they claim that's not what happened. >> when you fail -- they still consider a ninth grade until you pass them. >> three years ago, her son was finishing up ninth grade at the high school. >> i got a call from his counselor as you
4:58 pm
doing good in english. >> a grade of e, not enough to move on to tenth grade. she says the school wanted her to pay $500 for summer courses. >> they were insistent that he needed to get this stuff done to graduate. i didn't pay for the courses because i knew it wasn't his fault and nobody had done what they were suppose to do. >> few months later she say she got another call from the school, this time telling her they've changed those es to ds to put her son officially in the tenth grade. >> well, we got a phone call, it was that they had already changed the grade. they didn't ask us if that's what they wanted us to do. they did that as a cover up for themselves. >> kevin maxwell put out a statement about the grade changing accusation. he said, allegations that we systemically engaged in unethical practices are false, play to the worst suspicions about our school system and disparge all of us.
4:59 pm
we asked the county about this family's specific case. they told us the mom asked them to change the grades, but she says, that's not true. >> i didn't ask for it. i didn't want it done. and plain and simple they should have owned up to what they did. my son needed to earn his grade. he didn't know anything that he needed to know for the biology and english. >> her son is going into senior year at a private year. he's still struggling to catch up. breaking right now at 5:00, blasts in brussels, a train station rocked this evening, new details on what happened and if it could be an act of terror. >> wrong place, wrong time, what we're learning about a man many drivers saw every day on a busy road. and the crash just a few feet away that killed him. >> tornado touched down a quiet neighborhood here hit by powerful storms, we're there as
5:00 pm
talk about what it was like to have a tornado hit their street. and off the top tonight, that breaking news, we've just learned the mother at the middle of an immigration battle has been deported. we've been telling you for a few weeks about lilana and her fight to stay with her two children here in northern virginia. >> her children were born here in the u.s. a few minutes ago we learned she was deported last week. immigration records shows she was arrested by border patrol back in 2006. a judge ordered her removal, but that order was never enforced. she had a traffic violation and reported regularly to i.c.e. on may 18th she was detained and the deportation process began. >> we're waiting for reaction for this story. we'll keep you posted right here on news 4 and of course on our nbc


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