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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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talk about what it was like to have a tornado hit their street. and off the top tonight, that breaking news, we've just learned the mother at the middle of an immigration battle has been deported. we've been telling you for a few weeks about lilana and her fight to stay with her two children here in northern virginia. >> her children were born here in the u.s. a few minutes ago we learned she was deported last week. immigration records shows she was arrested by border patrol back in 2006. a judge ordered her removal, but that order was never enforced. she had a traffic violation and reported regularly to i.c.e. on may 18th she was detained and the deportation process began. >> we're waiting for reaction for this story. we'll keep you posted right here on news 4 and of course on our nbc
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meanwhile the father of that resting teenager tells news 4 this evening. he still convinced his daughter was attacked because she was muslim. >> fairfax county police says the -- they were killed in an explosion of road rage, not because of their faith. tonight their family is holding a news conference with their e mom. julie carey joins us live where the vigil is set for tomorrow. julie. >> reporter: well, more on that vigil in just a minute. first a development in the case, yesterday we said this case min moved because that's where the victim's body was found. the case will remain in fairfax county and be processed. now, the funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at the adams center. her body will be laid to rest in sterling. tomorrow evening, hundreds if not thousands expected to come together here to remember the south lake high school student. her murders
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worldwide attention on social media and there, just like with her father, many are questioning whether road rage alone fuelled the deadly attack with the baseball bat. >> fairfax county police believe the murder was an act of road rage, not a hate crime. a detective came to brief the victim's father last night, but he's still skeptical about that explanation. >> he said because he's anger, you know. my daughter, she don't do anything to him, you know. she's very nice girl, you know. she don't fight. >> 17-year-old was with a large group of friends early sunday morning who had just finished eating at mcdonald's and walking and biking back to the moose k. a car began following them. that's when police say one of the biking teens had words with the driver. the car jumped the curb and the teen scattered. she fell behind and he
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later dumping her body in a nearby pond. he's learned the blow of the bat sent his daughter's glasses flying. they along with her sandals were found at the scene. the fact she was clearly a muslim that drew the attacker to her. >> because she's a muslim. she has muslim clothes, the boy that killed my daughter. somebody make him angry. don't go behind this boy. >> on social media, people from around the world expressing their views, many using the hashtag justice, some have harsh words for police asks one woman, imagine if nabra was white and attacked by a muslim, would you still say it's a road rage incident. but others simply expressing profound sympathy for her father, may no parent ever suffer their own child leaving this world, especially the way his did. >> reporter: support for h
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their behalf has raised more than 280,000 in contributions from some 10,000 donors. back to you now in the studio. >> julie carey, thank you, julie. we're following breaking news overseas where there's been explosion at train station in belgium. it happened right in the heart of brussels. prompting evacuations. here is more. >> national newspaper in belgium is reporting that a man had a backpack and an explosive. that explosion happened at the central brussels train station. they shot the man after that explosion. it's unclear if he survived. it does not appear that anyone else was hurt. after this happened police wound up evacuating the city, major tourist site about two football fields away. rail service in the city has been halted and there's a major police presence in the area on the street. but again at this point belgian authorities a
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appear that anyone else was hurt in this incident. the country has been on high alert and brussels subway system and airport those attacks left 32 people dead. back to you. >> leon harris, bax heck here, e learning new details about a deadly crash involving a pedestrian. chopper 4 up over the seen this morning here in german town. in the past half hour police have now identified the man who was killed. let's get right to news 4 pat collins. he's live in great sen ka highway and middle brook road, pat, what are you learning now. >> reporter: jim, a few minutes ago police identified the man in the median, the man that was killed in this violent crash this morning, 64-year-old richard ali cooper with an unconfirmed address. as all of this unfolded a 19-year-old man
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he saw the crash and realized that the driver of one of the vehicles was his own mother. >> i couldn't believe it at first. i said that's mom. we just ran out the car and got her out of the car. >> reporter: he's a life guard. he was on his way to work this morning when he saw this terrible accident and then realized his mom was behind the wheel of the toyota sequoya one of the crash vehicles. >> then you pulled her from the car. >> yes. >> reporter: was she conscious when you pulled her out. >> she was a little slow. >> reporter: killed in this crash, a man who was standing on the median strip. neighbors say he's known to them as a friendly panhandler who works this intersection just about every day. this is how they say it
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truck came down middle brook road, down this hill and somehow went out of control, striking a man who was standing there on the median strip. as it did, it through the man on to the hood of the truck and into the windshield. that sequoya kept on going into the intersection where it hit that ford expedition and then it went into the lanes on the other side, one, two, three, four lanes it crossed before going over the curb, over the sidewalk and into that tree, throwing the man it hit against that fence way, way, way over there. >> so far no charges have been placed. >> absolutely not. we'll certainly sort through all of the evidence that we're collecting. we still need to talk with the drivers, not just the two, but the ford
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>> reporter: again, that could take some time because tonight the drivers of those two vehicles are in the hospital. police describe their condition as serious. now, back to you. >> thank you. in other parts of montgomery county. the chainsaws are out, folks. >> folks are out there cleaning up after a tornado that blasted through the area yesterday. it's a pain for everyone, the clean up is. but for one man, the storms were pretty scarey. >> my kids were home with my nanny and then i got a phone call from the neighbor that my car got destroyed and it looks like your house got a little bit messed up, too. >> folks in silver spring may have gotten the worst of it. christian is on the avenue now where she's been talking to people all day. look there tonight -- how does it look there to do chrkri sten >> they've been up theren
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cut down the big tree that went right through the roof in this neighborhood. clean up is going to be wild. >> when i came out, it was all the way over there in the middle of the backyard wrapped around the tree. that her home and four corners is still standing. >> felt like walls were coming in. >> the tornado so close. this is what's left of the house across the street. >> i lived here 23 years. i've been through a lot of storms but no wind that sounded like this. it literally felt like the house was going to lift up. >> it's a lot to clean up. it's not close to being done. jennifer can't go inside of her house. part of the roof leveled by trees. that can be replaced. >> they got out safely at the back. and the nanny lives down the street, she took the kids to her house and our hero. >> the big equipment, it all
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that feeling of being in the middle of a tornado. >> probably a minute or two, maybe. but, you know, when you're in the middle of that it just seems like it's not going to stop. >> a woman who was inside this house during the tornado ended up with a concussion, but her son tells me that she's going to be just fine, back to you. >> all right, kristin. >> our team coverage continues now with doug, he's in the storm center. doug, at this time, this hit, there was no tornado warning, how did this sneak up on everybody. >> this is the kind of tornado that we see quite often in our area. you remember we had a couple of tornados in downtown d.c. a couple of weeks ago. those were not on and then what happens you get these thunderstorms that move through parts of the area, they move through very quickly. you get these very small areas of rotation, those tornados extremely tiny and that's what
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this touchdown came through and very small damage path, 70 mile an hour wind, .2 mile x treemly small, many homes were damaged as a result of that. >> we'll clean up at the damage we saw yesterday. 1985 degrees -- 85 degrees right now. 79 in richmond. the changing weather towards the end of the week. two tropical storms out there. one of them could have a little bit of impact on that. >> all right. >> thank you, doug. you can take a look at the pictures of some of the damage in the clean up from the tornado in silver spring. open to nbc washington app and search tornado. >> taking the field for an emotional come back. alexandria is vowing to return to normal, after a gunman targeted congressman at a community ball field. >> also, tonight, d.c. police getting some new hardware. we're talking about tasers today. we go one on one to find out how
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crimes against people because of their sexual orientation continues to be the number one recorded hate crime. but the data shows a new trend emerging, there's an alarming increase of crimes against people of ethnicity, race and political affiliation. there were two politically related hate crimes all last year. there have already been five this year alone. we talked to dc director of
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trend. >> the first thing we want to do is encourage people to call 911. if they're not sure if there's a symbol of hate in their community that looks wrong or off. >> we have an interactive map that let's you look up every reported hate crime in your neighborhood. head to our washington app and search "hate crimes". >> the next time you see d.c. police officer, you may notice new weapon on his or her belt. >> some police officers will have tasers, they broke the story on twitter this afternoon. he spoke exclusively with chief and says the move has been in the works now for several years. >> you know you do pull a trigger on it. it's actually when you're located on the opposite side of the gun. it's yo it's yellow, bright yellow in color. it doesn't look in any way like a gun. >> describing how police in the district will
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similar to the tasers seen here. it's a pilot program that just began rolling out this week. >> the sergeants will be carrying them. we've trained 80 sergeants already. >> he says the tasers will give officers another option to take down a suspect. he says, it will help avoid take downs like this one back in 2015. >> one of the great things about the tool is that you can actually activate a sound that makes a crackling sound. so you will warn somebody, you can potentially activate that sound. and sometimes that alone will diffuse somebody from moving forward they realize they're getting ready to be tased. >> it's too soon to say whether all officers on the force will one day have tasers, he plans to arm enough with them. so one will be available any time a situation arises. he says, police won't use the tasers when a suspect has a gun.
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used when somebody has a gun in their hand is that the electronic could actually cause them to fire the weapon. >> news 4. japan's coast guard tonight is trying the figure out why nearly an hour went by before anyone reported that collision between the container ship and the u.s. navy destroyer. the two vessels collided early saturday morning just off japan's coast killing several american sailors. they want to know what crew members on the container ship did for 50 minutes before reporting it. we're also hearing from the family of an ohio man who says he went back in to a flooded compartment to help others. >> he went back to the get the others ones and, i guess, they had to close the hatch because the ship was taking on water. he was okay. he chose to go back. >> also, among the seven victims, from the
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charlottesville area and xavier martin from baltimore county maryland. if you go to the national mall this week, you'll notice the lincoln memorial reflecting again has water in it. it was refilled today were crews from the national park to drain and scrubbed the pool after 80 ducklings were discovered dead. they died because of a para- site found growing in snails. they continue to monitor the reflecting pool water quality. got to tell you, i love to spend time with you every night. this is where i would rather be this evening is the call before the concert at fedex field, u 2 is on the ground. chopper 4 up above the field this afternoon as they set up, they're preparing to take the stage this evening. you can see fans already gathering. this is the group's second joshua dream tour marking the 30th anniversary of the original
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they'll be performing the entire album album tonight. this is the first time -- parts of the southwest start melting under some of the worst heat people have seen in years. emergency crews are getting a lot of calls for heat-related illnesses in arizona and new mexico. it is so hot some planes simply cannot fly because it's too hot, the flights are being cancelled. in california the rapid heating and drying of pavement is damaging roads and bridges and buckling sidewalks. nbc's miguel reports on how first responders are dealing with the heat. >> reporter: today in phoenix where the temperature is expected to reach 118 degrees near record heat. fire crews out in this city are still training. >> how grueling and tasking is it for everybody there. >> we have a strong work out program that's set up. you do have to prepare, as i said rl
5:21 pm
to ten, it's an 11. >> that's hot out here. >> tonight, we'll take you on a ride along with these men and women who are responding to heat-weather related incidents all across the region. we'll have a full report for you tonight. and that's about the only extreme weather we're watching for you this evening, the preparations along the coast as winds pick up and tropical storm fires up. >> plus, four suspects, three counties, ten robberies. how police say they finally caught up tohe people t
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parts of the gulf coast on high alert tonight as tropical storm cindy turns closer to land. northern coast is already seeing strong winds, rain, increasing waves, too. louisiana has shuttered the flood gates and parts of three other states are now bracing for possible flash flooding. tropical storm cindy is expected to make land fall late tomorrow. some areas could see up to a foot of rain fall. definitely the calm before the storm. the waves are picking up any way. >> are we going to get any of that? >> could make its way here on friday. that will be some of the residual moisture. that storm not going to be a very strong one. you do not need a str
5:25 pm
to create big problems. nearly a foot of rain could fall in two different locations, one in new orleans, another around houston. we'll show you what we're dealing with, we've got some clouds, high clouds, if you widen out here, those high clouds actually coming as a result of cindy, you can see it right here, here is the circulation, watch right here, visible picture shows it right there. normally a storm like this, you've got some storms around the center of it. all the storms, always rain is to the north of the center. that tells us this is not going to be strengthening storm and not going to be strong when it makes land fall. when it does, here is the current position, cindy with winds of 45 miles an hour, movement about stationary. pressure now below a thousand mill bars. going to come very close to houston. some of the computer models giving houston a foot of rain as well. that will cause a lot of flooding in that area, coming on
5:26 pm
tropical storm and then coming in on friday into the center portion of the country. some of the moisture moves our way during the afternoon on friday. that's what we're looking at friday afternoon. not a lot of rain expected. 85 degrees right now. winds out of the south, subpoena miles an hour. nice afternoon, it is really quite pleasant. you guys mentioned u 2. i love them. i've never seen them in concert. it's at fedex t reason why, you know, i tend to work when they're on the show. 81 degrees at 7:00. 75 by 11:00. a beautiful night. really a beautiful night no matter what you're doing. no rain to talk about. we'll stay dry for the next couple of days. warm, less humid. comfortable, once again just like today. that temperature coming in, 88, 89. 94 on your thursday. yeah, that's a hot one. but not too humid thursday. there's friday with a good chance of thunderstorm activity. 85 degrees downpours
5:27 pm
saturday and sunday looking pretty good. highs in the mid-80s, mostly cloudy skies. chance of storm on monday, it will be a couple of stronger storms there, too. temperatures, notice, only mid-70s on monday and only upper 70s to around 80s on tuesday. most of next week on the cool side. we'll take that 80 on tuesday. >> this could make air travel so much easier. next at 5:30, the new technology that could speed up your time and help you catch that flight on time. >> this is chris warden in alexandria, virginia. simpson stadium reopens to baseball tonight one week after the congressional baseball shootings. how the community is reacting. plus uva student dies after returning home from north korean prison. the call for change here in washington. what could come next. and this is news 4 at 5:00 .
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the park is reopening about 30 minutes from now. some of the people who were there that fateful day are returning to the ballpark for the first time since the attack. >> news 4 chris gordon is live for us with a preview of tonight's reopening. chris. >> reporter: well, as you can see, there are some players on the field here behind me. they are warming up. the dell ray community is welcoming everyone. as you said, there was a visitor here today who took a tour because he can't make it tonight. he says this field will always have a special meaning for him. >> congressman of malcolm gegi
5:32 pm
first time since last week's shooting. he wanted to see if it is as he remembered it. >> well, i was at home when the shooting started. several numbers went to the dug out. >> so does the fence and first base dug out. >> it's just humbling to see how close we were to having massive casualties. >> michelle came to sit in the stands today on her lunch hour to think. >> why here? >> just the violence, the people. i'm just -- what happened last week, the shooting. i don't get what's going on and why we're so ugly to each other. >> reporter: for most of the community, tonight is a reason to celebrate, to pay tribute to the first responders. the five people wounded in the shootingnd
5:33 pm
baseball to simpson stadium. >> i think it's great. i think it's nice to have everyone to be able to come together again. >> reporter: now, as you can you can see, people are already arriving. we want to warn you that the standards are very small. there's two on each side, so you may want to think about bringing your own lawn chair, bring the kids, bring everyone who loves baseball. it is the del ray community are opening their arms to the dmc. that -- dmv. congressman remains in the hospital in serious condition. the family of lobbyist mat mika said he could get out of icu soon and they're expecting him to make a full recovery. he's recovering from gunshot wounds to the chest. every year, nearly 85,000 people are shot and survived. in a story called the journey of a bullet, nbc news talked to six pe
5:34 pm
gunshot wound changed their lives. you can read their stories on the nbc washington facebook page. there are new calls tonight for new travel restrictions involving americans going to north korea, following the death of uva student otto. congressman adam shift is pushing for a bill that will limit americans going to north korea and ban tourist travel altogether. he died, you'll recall, yesterday, a week after returning to the united states. he had been in a coma for more than a year, a growing number of lawmakers say his death amounts to murder. >> that should never ever be allowed to happen. frankly, if he were brought home sooner, i think the results would have been a lot different. >> north korea, still has three other americans in custody, no word on their status, asked about the threat of the sanctions, north a'
5:35 pm
ambassador says they're not afraid. joining us now with a closer look at this story is former acting cia director. he's now a national security analyst. so, we mentioned that he had been in a coma. no one here knew how grave his situation was. relations with korea are already tense. what kind of response can we expect from president trump now, if any. >> well, i know that meetings are underway now with the chinese. he's also meeting toward the end of next week with the south korean leader. and between south korea, china and the united states, i think we can come up with a response that will put additional pressure on north koreament we really need to isolate them economically and turn the pressure up. >> we don't have the kind of economic pressure on north korea that we managed to get on to
5:36 pm
additional steps we can take. >> president trump appeared to lay some of the blame on the obama administration, saying a return should have happened sooner. we still have three americans being held there now. can you talk about the difficulty of getting prisoners back, given this case, should we be concerned about their health? >> it's very hard to do this. i stay out of the politics here, but i think the president probably shouldn't go there in terms of putting some blame on the obama administration. the obama administration actually got back somewhere close to 10 americans during the course of their eight years in office. and president drump's been in office now for close to five minutes and we didn't get audited back. it's very hard with a regime like this, where you have no diplomatic relations. you have no embassy precious. a regime that's armed to
5:37 pm
nuclear weapons. there's additional weapon that we can put on in this case in this case may be the spur to do that. >> national security analyst john. we thank you for sharing your insights with us. much appreciated. >> you can watch more on this developing story, that starts at 7:00. they have been living in the shadows near union station with no one else to go. now this whole thing is could be getting some help. plus the big change coming to the uber app next time you hail a ride. >> we're getting a break from the humidity we usually get this time of year. we'll look of when that returns and our next chance is for
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. and the company announced today that it's adding the option to exam, something that has long said it would not do. passengers in houston, minneapolis and seattle will see the option starting today. it will be rolled out nationwide by the end of july. drivers will now also be able to collect the fee if riders cancelled after more than two
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minutes or keep waiting for more than two minutes. >> you may soon be able to check your own bags at the airport, speeding up your time. delta air lines is testing a new bio metric baggage system at minneapolis saint paul airport. you print your own pass and scan and the kiosk takes a picture of your face. if it matches the photo i.d. -- quick and easy and fast -- process -- >> and familiar with the popular
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honor -- something to see. >> it makes me cry here. >> the average age of a world war ii veteran, by the way, is now 85. about 500 of them die every day now. >> now the time of year to lever layer on the sunscreen. >> many of us --
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four men are arrested for robbing at a place. >> the group targeted 7-eleven stores. the crime spree spread across for georgia's and montgomery counties. >> news four megan fitzgerald live for us outside. 7-eleven was robbed a week ago, may g megan how they tracked these guys down. >> they started to develop a pattern. every time these guys would roll up to the 7-eleven, they would be in a white nissan. they say they were wearing similar clothing. they tell us the biggest piece is the fact they were able to share information amongst various different jurisdictions and that's, eventually, they'll say to crack this case. >> in less than a monthol
5:47 pm
loaded handguns to rob ten different 7-elevens. and much of the crime spree was caught on tape. >> the people with the guns made the demand while the other folks would gather cash out of the register and cigarettes. >> they see these robbers have the same mo. they walk into the store with the hoodies on, got what they wanted and took off within minutes. >> that is scarey. that's really scarey. >> this 7-eleven was robbed on friday. the manager didn't want to go on camera but showed us his surveillance video and said his two employees are traumatized. >> he was so panic he could not dial 911. he dialled 119. thank god no one was injured, you know, nobody got hurt. >> investigators say before the suspects came here, they were here where they robbed two other stores. after robbing a
5:48 pm
managed to pull the suspects over near meadowview drive. the fear hasn't completely gone away for some of the employees who work at these shops. but having these suspects off the streets, makes everyone feel safer. >> now we can feel safe for coming here. >> now, they tell us only one of the four suspects has bonded out. the other three are still in police custody. pat. >> all right, megan, fitzgerald, thank you, megan. >> new data released by the federal government details how bad the opioid epidemic is in the state of the maryland. maryland has the nation's highest rate of hospitalizations for opioid use. the rate of hospital admissions in a state of 362 for every 100,000 residents in 2014. that far exceeds the national
5:49 pm
>> i just posted this on my facebook page with mad help. plenty of important details to consider, though, when choosing a sunscreen. it's powerful out there. >> that's right. taking the wrong sunscreen can have painful and even dangerous consequences. tonight consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you with some important advice to help you avoid getting burned. >> when you pick a sunscreen to protect your family, you always look at the spf. but it's the way you apply it that can actually put your family at risk. consumer report says, unless they are handled with care, sunscreen can put you at risk. >> using spray sunscreen, apply them properly or you may get burned. >> problem isn't the spray sunscreen themselves, it's that most people don't apply them correctly. >> you might think it's a convenient to do zip zip and in fact
5:50 pm
sunscreen found they need to take great care when applying them or you may be shortchanging. start by holding the nozzle close to your skin and spray until the skin glistens and then rub it in for more even coverage. >> everybody has seen a parent running after their child spraying behind them. that's not an effective way to protect your skin. >> make sure you don't inhale the midst. it can cause lug irritation, which why consumer reports recommend not using them. if you choose to use it on your children, spray the sunscreen into your hand first, then rub it into your child's skin. and be prepared to spend more if you go with a spray, some of the products can escape into the air. it's smart to spray yourself twice, which means a good chunk of your sunscreen dollars could actually be gone with the wind. >> consumer reports says that at no time should kids, even you, ever spray the sunscreen right at your
5:51 pm
hand first and then apply it. >> i like that. >> now, you know. >> now i know. time for an update. >> doug, the storms are behind us, so what's the rest of the week looking like. >> it's all sunscreen weather. you just take a look out here. i was wondering where they are. tom has got friends out there. we've got live studio audience, although, this case is for weather damage audience. out there right now, we're dealing with the sunshine across the area. nice afternoon, temperature 85 degrees, winds out of the south, a very nice, nice tonight. a very nice evening and late afternoon. temperatures are on the under ground network, 82, over towards riverdale. nothing to talk about, no rain. that's very good news tomorrow looking at the very nice conditions, as well.
5:52 pm
82, perfect for lunch. we've got to get it this time of year. 88 degrees by four. it will be warm, a little bit above average. nice and beautiful at 7:00 tonight. looking really good during the day tomorrow. the first day of summer, talking about the summer salts and his last day officially here at nbc. >> that's tomorrow night. joined by all these folks here from chevy chase and these kids are celebrating one of the first days of summer vacation. all right. all right. we've got great weather for that and doug mentioned, yeah, the summer salt arrived. that's going to be late tonight. we've got a beautiful afternoon underway. here is a live view, tower camera overlooking the weather to our west and that's showing few clouds that are floating over us right now. but later on tonight. that's what we'll have the first arriving, that is going to be -- just after midnightig
5:53 pm
our longest day of the year. in fact, today and again tomorrow, we have daylight hours of 14 hours and 53 minutes of daylight, so these are the longest days, june 20th and the 21st. by the way, they're going to try to launch a rocket tonight. there are too many clouds around. as a result they have cancelled that flight. next is going to be on saturday. you guys loving summer so far. >> yeah. >> all right. back to you. >> looking good out there. temperatures next couple of days, all pretty good as we move on through the rest of the week. at 94 on thursday, with lower humidity, not too bad. a good chance of storm coming up on friday, rather wet with a high of 85. saturday and sunday looking mostly cloudy, mid to upper 80s. not much in the way of humidity. we could see a couple of stray showers sat and sunday. monday is a better chance for some rain, another front moves through. look at the high, only
5:54 pm
degrees, will be close to 10 degrees below average on tuesday and wednesday. look at those numbers waking up wednesday morning. 58. 82 in the afternoon on your wednesday. >> we will make that. >> all right. >> thanks, doug. >> men and women, forced out the careful plan to move a group of plmeless peo
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
behind union station o, the district says there are shelters available. >> trucks moved into position. yellow tape blocked off the area. dozens of the homeless gathered some of their belongings, took down their tents and tried to make way of the cleanup crews without moving their belongings. >> they've got to be really good at shutting down. >> homeless advocate, eric, himself, homeless, said the city gave the proper two wreak notice, but he said there are more homeless than temporary shelters to take them in. >> there's such a gross shortage of affordable housing, even housed people are having trouble maintaining their housing. if they don't do that, then you'll have more of this. >> city
5:58 pm
near union station, a large tent city was cleared out near the water gate months ago. >> we have places for people to go, but they don't need to be camping on public land and then it's actually much better for us to be able to engage when they're inside. >> city officials say there is a right to shelter. >> like cities around the country, there's just affordable housing. >> after a short time the train under path sidewalk to be reopen to the public. city officials say they'll monitor these cities don't return. tom sherwin, news 4. >> now the district says it will store any personal belongings for 60 days. >> it will help owners retrieve their properties free of charge.
5:59 pm
the murder of arrested teenager continues to provoke anger and draw sympathy. she was killed over the weekend as she walked with friends to a mosque. >> tonight hundreds of people are making plans to attend vigils across the country the life. this as fairfax county police tells new 4 every moment on the table and possible bias charge has not been ruled out. >> julie carey joins us with reaction. julie. >> reporter: a vigil is planned for tomorrow evening. in about 30 minutes, her family and their spiritual adviser will be holding a news conference. my colleague is there. now, i just spoke a short while ago with attorneys ray. and he tells me that every motive is on the table in this case, he says it's far too early to limit the case to just the investigation done so farnd
6:00 pm
that conclusion that it's solely a road rage incident. now his words will likely be welcomed to those who want an aggressive investigation into whether religious bias could have played a part in this crime. i visited with the victim's father this afternoon and he strongly feels that is the case. >> the brutal murder has clearly touched a nerve. on social media an artist rendering her image, hundreds right with the hashtag, justice for nara. her families planning for her funeral tomorrow. investigators continue to gather investigate, but fairfax county police have made it clear they believe the murder was an act of road rage. detective came to brief the victim's father last night, but he's still skeptical about that explanation. >> he say because he's anger, you know. my daughter, he doesn't do anything to him.


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