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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 20, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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that conclusion that it's solely a road rage incident. now his words will likely be welcomed to those who want an aggressive investigation into whether religious bias could have played a part in this crime. i visited with the victim's father this afternoon and he strongly feels that is the case. >> the brutal murder has clearly touched a nerve. on social media an artist rendering her image, hundreds right with the hashtag, justice for nara. her families planning for her funeral tomorrow. investigators continue to gather investigate, but fairfax county police have made it clear they believe the murder was an act of road rage. detective came to brief the victim's father last night, but he's still skeptical about that explanation. >> he say because he's anger, you know. my daughter, he doesn't do anything to him.
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she don't fight. >> 17-year-old was with a large group of friends early sunday morning who just finished eating at mcdonald's who were walking and biking back to the mosque. a car began following them. that's when police say one of the biking teens had words with the driver. the car jumped the curb and the teens scattered. she fell behind and torres allegedly hit her head with a baseball bat, later dumping her body. her father said, he's learned the blow of the bat sent his daughter's glasses flying. they, along with her sandals, were found at the scene. her father remains convinced it was her religion that drew the attacker to her. >> of course, she has muslim clothes. the boy killed my daughter, he say somebody make him angry. don't go behind this boy. >> on social media, some who share his view have harsh words for police, asked
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imagine if nabra was white and attacked by a muslim, would you still say it's a road rage incident. but others simply expressing profound sympathy for her father writing, may no parent ever suffer their own child leaving this world, especially the way his did. >> reporter: support for her family has been enormous, one fund created in their behalf, already has over $280,000. doreen, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, julie. nabra will be remembered during coast to coast vigils tonight. the women's initiative is partnering with groups and cities across the nation, support for nabra's family is growing in new york, boston, philadelphia, san francisco, los angeles, and detroit. we're following two breaking stories tonight. first, the mother in the middle of an immigration battle has been deported to
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weeks to keep her here with her two children in northern virginia. immigration records show she was arrested by border patrol in 2006. a judge ordered her removed but that order was never enforced. she had a traffic violation in 2013 and she reported regularly to i.c.e. she was detained last month. more breaking news this time in belgium where soldiers shot a man who was reportedly wearing a backpack and explosive belt. they moved after small explosion. it's unclear if the suspect survived. it does not appear that anyone else was injured. brussels has been on high alert. 32 people died in those attacks. new developments in the case of a man who admits he brought guns to d.c.'s trump hotel. he's facing federal charges. they indicted the man today for bringing illegal guns into the
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it was originally released from police custody but was rearrested last week after violating a judge's order and coming back to d.c. he was also ordered to have a mental evaluation. he'll be back in court this thursday. a man has died and two people are in serious conditions tonight after a crash at montgomery county. this happened this morning when a driver appeared to lose control striking a pedestrian and another vehicle. ted collins has been talking with people out there who know the driver and the vehicle and he's live at the scene. pat. >> reporter: leon, this is where the man in the median was standing when he was struck this morning. but when it was over, when it was over, he ended up over there, across the intersection, across four lanes of traffic, against the fence, behind the tree with the broken limbs. people who knew him at the scene where it
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he was known as the man on the median. they saw his belongings scattered about. his shoes, his backpack. police have identified him as 64-year-old richard lee cooper of an unconfirmed address. people in the neighborhood say it was a friendly panhandler that this is the median strip he worked just about every day. elizabeth park san, she remembered. >> tragedy. >> what are you going to remember most about it? >> like i said, he's saying thank you and god bless. >> also, at the scene today, felix, he was on his way to work when he saw this terrible accident and then realized his mom was behind the wheel of that toyota
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>> and then you pulled her from the car. >> yes. >> >> reporter: was she conscious when you pulled her out. >> she was a little -- she was a little slow. >> reporter: the man on the median struck and killed this morning in a strange of violent accident on middle brook road near great sen ka highweca high. they say it went out of control, threw him off on the hood and kept on going, hitting a ford expedition crossing four lanes of traffic, jumping the curb, slamming in to a tree and then launching the man on the hood into the fence of a nearby school. >> we have the drivers of the two vehicles are in the hospital tonight. they're set to be in serious condition. no charges have been filed in this case so far. there's a lot of police work yet to be done. doreen, back to you. >> thank you, p
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now, to the clean up. after a tornado touched down in silver spring yesterday, it was on the ground for just a minute or so, but neighbors say it was intent. it felt like their homes were about to be lifted right off the ground. >> tonight we've got team coverage for you. doug has got more of the tornado's path, let's take a look at the damage on there. >> there's nothing small about it. they have been up on that roof all day long cutting up the tree that went right through it. this house was one of the hardest hit. now, we want to show you the path of the tornado. take a look here. you see that red line. it went right down dennis, in the northward neighborhood, almost in a straight line, really. the tornado travels about .2 of a mile. estimates
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enough to do some real damage. picking up the pieces after a tornado takes a while. >> but the clean up must go on and it's exhausting. >> i'm waiting for my brother to come back with the chainsaw and cut up some of the big stuff. >> the tornado tore through four corners in silver spring monday afternoon. >> this looked like a war zone. he can't even go inside her house, caught on the roof leveled by trees. that can be replaced. >> but they got out safely out the back. and the nanny lives down the street so she took the kids to her house and her hero. >> the big equipment it all goes away. but that feeling of being in the middle of a tornado, that stay a long time. >> probably a minute or two, maybe. you know, when you're in the middle, it just seems like it's not going to stop. >> i can tell you,
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time. the man who lives here told me that his mother. i turn things over to my colleague, with more on this tornado, doug. >> and this is one of the tornados that we get here very often in our area, a lot of people think tornados are rare in our area. but these type of tornados spit up quite often. we've seen a few of them. we saw three of them just about three weeks ago, remember the two that came right through downtown. show you first off wharks we're -- what we're seeing right there, chopper 4, the damage from this and the one thing you notice here, this is all tree damage. we did not see -- we did not see any of the roofs starting to fill, this is all because of fallen trees and those trees definitely did make their presence known as they made their way right through a few houses, more than half a dozen homes damaged from this, a couple of those homes that you saw there
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we do get these tornados. these tornados, however, fortunately for us, the tornado, the path, looks like this. we saw as christy mentioned, 70 mile an hour wind, that's enough to sell a tree. this .2 miles in part of the damage and those homes. now, 84 degrees the current number. 78 down towards richmond. a nice day today, you can clean up after yesterday's storm damage. more storms during the day on friday. talk about that -- tropical system is up next. right now. >> thank you, doug. republicans and democrats are united in their outrage over otto's death, the university of virginia died yesterday just days after north korea returned him to the u.s. in a coma. the repressive regime said he became comatose last year after being sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for allegedly
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north korea, in his words, just murdered him. democratic congressman adam said the student's treatment, amounts to the murder of u.s. citizen. congressman is cosponsoring a bipartisan bill that bans tourist travel to north korea. senator mccain said americans who are, in his words, stupid enough to travel to north korea should be required to sign a waiver. >> in the meantime, senate republican leaders hope to vote next week on a health care reform bill that has been crafted in the process that shows a secret, even some top republicans are complaining. blayne alexander is digging for details on capitol hill. >> reporter: the senate's first real at repealing obama care. right now it appears that only a handful of senators actually even know what's in the
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week. >> republican health care plan, leaving some republicans in the dark. >> i have not seen a final proposal. >> so who has seen it, a group of about a dozen gop senators. the blayne release an outline tomorrow. a vote before the july 4th recess. even some top republicans calling this a bad process. >> we use to complain like hell and no democrats ran the affordable care act. they're doing the same thing. >> and some democrats want to see it now, marching down to the congressional budget office where the bill's price tag is being calculated. >> three united states senators in a bill that will probably be voted on next week. haven't seen the test. >> meanwhile, president trump, again, expressing sadness at the death of american
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more than a year in north korea. >> and you've never ever be allowed to happen. >> the president appearing to lay some blame on the obama administration. >> and frankly, if he were brought home sooner, i think the results would have been a lot different. >> with three americans still held prisoner in north korea, questions now about whether the u.s. will turn tough words into action. blayne alexander, nbc news, washington. a symbolic tribute at local ballpark almost a week after dozen open fire on u.s. member of congress. >> rising number of hate crimes in d.c., new numbers show who is being targeted and what some say
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sorry about the holdup, folks. we have some congestion on the runway and i'm being told it'll be another 15, maybe 20 minutes, and we will have you on your way.
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we're going over disturbing rides in hate crimes. we posted interactive on the nbc washington app which allows you to take the hate crimes happening in your neighborhood. mark seagraves breaks down the numbers. >> well, we did see an unsettling number of cases. >> the members monica finds unsettling show increases in hate crimes in almost every category. while crimes against people based on their gender identity and sexual orientation still co
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this year, there's also an increase in hate crimes aimed at people because of their race, national origin, and political affiliation. the national political rhetoric has a lot to do with the increase in these categories. >> i believe so. i think that when we normalize toxic language and language based very aggressive, that sounds violent, we hear it all the time now in the news and this type of behavior, you know, children talk about it, now. well, that's what he said, you know, and he was in the white house. >> d.c. police chief peter newsome provided us with news report and we put that data in an interactive map you can use to search the hate crimes in your neighborhood. so far this year, d.c. police have classified 51 incidents as hate crimes compared to 42 last year at this time. that number did not include incidents that occurred on
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universities like the noose at american university, or on federal land like the museum of african history and culture. >> we want to live in a city where people feel safe communicating where they are without necessarily -- >> in the district, mark sea graves, news 4. dc police are working hard to commit -- 107 of them in 2016. arrest were made in connection with 34 of those cases. so far this year, out of the a 1 reported hate crimes, they have been named in 16 of those cases. we asked you if you're concerned about the rise of hate crimes. how most of you say, yes, especially lately. you can weigh in on the nbc washington facebook page. doreen. nearly a week after gunfire shattered an alexandria community, another sign of hope and perseverance. eugene simpson's stadium park re-opened a short time ago. the same ballpark where five people, including aon
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while there are still some reminders there of what happened, the community is celebrating this evening. chris gordon is live with more on tonight's event. chris. >> reporter: well, doreen, it began with the words, welcome back. the alexandria little league today handed out these t-shirts which said alexandria is our city, simpson is our home. now the ceremony is underway right now honoring those five who were wounded here and the first responders who put their own lives on the line to save them. this afternoon, we spoke to one survivor who toured simpson stadium again. >> congressman of georgia returned to simpson stadium. the last time he was on this field he was under fire. he saw the bullet holes in the fence, the dug out, and the shed where he was pinned down. >> that bullet hole right there and i'm right here. >> he tried to help
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>> every time we would go out and try to help them, the shooter repositioned himself at that point and, you know, he would start concentrating fire over this way. >> he hopes his team returns here to practice for next year's congressional game and think it's great that little leaguers will be playing baseball here tonight. >> it's awesome. we never let these people knock us down. >> reporter: people have returned to the park, walking their dogs and bringing their babies. >> things like that are just crazy because this is one of the safer areas, beautiful out here. >> reporter: simpson stadium is ready. the grounds crews put down the baselines and prepared the field. signs on the stands show the community's support. >> well, we're just thrilled beyond belief that it would be coming back to life again. there's such good energy here, all of my kids played little league here. >> i know that, you know, the community needs to
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think this is something that will bring the community back together. >> the little league team playing tonight represents for alexandria and the ceremonial's first pitch which was due at about 7:00, will be thrown out by representatives of alexandria police. that's the latest from simpson stadium. back to you. >> thank you. a big break after a crime spree spanning three counties over four weeks. tonight police reveal what led to the arrest after series of robberies at convenient stores in maryland. i'm out of touch flying high and chopper four to show you this tonight. traffic jams at our local airport, which local airport is the busiest. might surprise you with the
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wild weather yesterday, but pretty nice out there today. >> we're looking at tornado coming through here yesterday. >> it takes a big storm like that to usher in beautiful weather, that's exactly what we have out there today. fantastic weather, not just today, probably the next couple of days before we see another chance of storms later this week. you see the cloud cover, few clouds, but also lots of sunshine today. temperatures made their way into the mid to upper 80s. we were at 87 a little bit earlier. winds down south at 17 miles an hour. it's been a little bit on the breezy side, too,
6:25 pm
that makes it one night. as we look out across the region, temperature wise, 83 huntington town, upper 70s and cambridge, not much better than this. normally in the month of june, tonight, going into to you tube concert, if you are going, you better hurry up. 78 by 9:00. 75 by 11:00. some great weather down there fedex, going to be a great one down there. no rain to speak of. it's all dry. it will stay that way for the next couple of days. you can see that on saturday lite and radar. not much in the way of rain between d.c. and chicago. look at this, this is the storm that we saw come through here yesterday. now, well off the coast, that frontal boundary interacting to what is now tropical storm. cindy has formed in the gulf of mexico. you can see the storm right there. there is the eye of the storm. notice all the moisture, and the storms are to the north of it. no storms around the center. we'll see a weak syste
6:26 pm
take a look at what it's doing, yes it's a weak system, but it's going to have a impact, take a look out of alabama a little bit earlier. rough surf is going to be something they'll talk about for days. more than that, it's going to be the rain. we can see rain upwards of 6 to 12 inches of rain over the next 24 to 48 hours. this is an area that saw incredible flooding earlier this year and it's the last year, they do not need to see any more rain. they need to get a lot of rain in two locations. you can see it around new orleans. when it comes on shore right around the houston area. cindy, moving stationary. but it is expected to start moving to the northwest come very close to houston as pretty good tropical storm there, 50 mile an hour before it might make its way on shore into the center portion of the country where we'll start to get into some of that tropical moisture, too, during the day on friday. not tomorrow, another great day. we'll sit on the hot side, lower humidity, it will be quite comfortable as you make your w
6:27 pm
94 degrees on thursday. that's the hot day. not expecting a lot of humidity. 94 on thursday. friday high temperature of 85. there's the good chance of thunderstorm. expect to get a little bit wet. saturday and sunday, temperatures to upper 80s. don't cancel any plans. you've got plans this weekend. looking pretty good. storm is coming up on monday. by the way, guys, next week looking quite cool. >> oh, my. >> big break there. >> we like the ten day forecast. >> thank you, john. still ahead, a drug epidemic hitting our streets and hospitals tonight, a closer look at the problem in our area as we travel to ground zero for the opioid crisis. four robbery suspects are behind bars. police say they're responsible for robbing ten different 7-elevens in three different counties. coming up, we'll tell you how police say they're able to track the suspect down. >> and would you believe that bwi is the area's busiest
6:28 pm
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we want them to grow up stronger.
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now at 6:0030, suspects jumping the countier when you stop in for quick shop at the convenient store. these men are charged with robbing ten convenient stores ac
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>> each time the target was the same, 7-eleven store. >> fitzgerald to explain how that pattern helped detectives crack the case, megan. >> police tell us that every time the suspect would drive up to the 7 lerch, they're in the same -- 7-eleven, they're in the same car. they wear similar clothing they tell us they would always hit these stores in the early morning hours or late in the evening. they say, though, it was the ability for officers to share information among the different jurisdictions that allowed them to adjust their tactics and eventually led them to tracking this case. >> surveillance cameras were rolling when four suspects robbed ten different 7-elevens. >> that is scarey. >> it was especially scarey for the victim. because the police say the men were armed with loaded handguns. but investigators say, their mo was almost always the same. they walked in to the store with their hoodies on and faces covered. quickly emptyin t
6:32 pm
boxes of cigarettes. on friday, this 7-eleven was the last store to get robbed. the manager didn't want to go on camera but showed us his surveillance video and says his two employees are traumatized. >> he was so frantic. he could not dial the 911. he dialled 119. >> thank god no one was injured. nobody got hur. >> investigators say the before the suspects came here, they robbed two other stores in another county. after robbing a total of three stores in one night, police managed to pull the suspects over. the fear hasn't completely gone away for some of the employees who work at these shops, but having these suspects off the street makes everyone feel safer. >> if they did catch one, now we can -- we're coming here. >>
6:33 pm
attorney office says one of the four suspects is out on bond tonight. they face a long list of charges, including armed robbery, first degree assault, as well as theft, back to you. >> thank you fitzgerald, thank you. >> tonight the family of nagra has arrested teenager who was murdered on her way to the mosque. disputing the police explanation of motive and her death. they believe her muslim clothing caught the attacker's attention. fairfax county prosecutor tells news 4 tonight, every motive is on the table and that possibly bias charge has been ruled out. in right now that has his family and they're holding a news conference to address their concerns, we'll be posting updates on the app and on news 4. >> new data just released by the federal government details how bad the
6:34 pm
maryland. the rate of hospital admissions in the state, 362 for every 100,000 residents of 2014. that far exceeds the national average 225. >> severe as a problem it is in maryland, communities across the country are in sab roll. there's indepth property cal from montgomery county oh oh. he was scheduled to have eight overdoses this year. >> do you know anybody that's died? >> yes. my boyfriend and my mom. >> local coroner says it amounts to mass casualty event. he's hoping for health. this has some members of congress warn it's a new health care bill will cut funding for the treatment, but addicts need most. jacob is called-
6:35 pm
we've been watching you this weekend going out and standing in a morgue talking to people's struggles. like, you are deeply into this subject. what are your takeaways from the reporting you've done so far. >> you know me, where you guys are right now, as well, it touches just about everybody, all across this country. just because in montgomery county ohio, they're the first capitol leader in overdose deaths. it doesn't mean that we're not related to everyone across this nation. in this particular county, everybody knows who is touched by the opioid crisis. it's also a political issue. local officials there in ohio, including republican senator, president trump's health care bill is going to ultimately take away the funding that many of these addicts. we're going to go inside that jail in montgomery county. as you mentioned,
6:36 pm
go through detox, more or less. that is because the funding is just not there to have beds and recovery centers, to have treatment programs and support -- that's worse than ever before. >> so many shocking stories and so many families fell apart. we'll have more of the reporting. we'll see it just ahead on nbc nightly news right after this newscast. we hope you'll stay with us. >> still ahead here a high profile arrest now tiger woods is taking some new steps to fill prescription drug use. >> the big reveal. d.c. landmark hours away from unvailing an iconic mural. >> we've all been waiting for this sunshine, it's going to last for a couple of
6:37 pm
we'll talk about next chance of rain moves in. we'll see you in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive.
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we just got some dash cam video that we want to show you in the police killing of a minnesota man. we have to warn you, this video is graphic and you could find it disturbing. from the dash cam, you can see the officer walk over to the car, filando his girlfriend and a child were inside. in this video, you hear castile tell the officer he has a gun. the officer tells him, don't reach for it. less than a minute after pulling him over, the officer fired seven shots. castile's girlfriend says he was reaching for his wallet to show the officer his id. the officer says, it appeared castile was reaching for a gun. last week you'll recall the officer accused in castile's death was acquitted. this new video was released as
6:41 pm
investigation. at the live desk, doreen. >> thank you, pat. georgia special elections are set to close in about 20 minutes. voters are choosing between democrat and republican karen handle in georgia's sixth district, that seat has not gone democratic since 1976 from political expert, see the race as referendum on donald trump's presidency. they say the results could effect what congress does next. we posted a list of four things to know about it and nbc washington app. and you can use the term, georgia. >> tiger woods said he's getting help, this comes after the whole world saw this video you see here at the arrest in florida last month. >> at a statement on twitter. the golfer said he needs to help -- to manage my medications and the way i feel with back pain and sleep disorder. officers found sleep in his car.
6:42 pm
disoriented and admitted to using prescription drugs including vicodin with it's going to be arraigned in august. >> a new study finds women who carry genetic mutation in their genes, in the genes that cause breast cancer have a 70% chance of developing breast cancer in their lifetime. analyze data from -- of the brca one or tworks it's known to increase chances. the study is to follow women who have breast cancer or the genes, but no cancer. researchers said family history and mutation location were the highest factor. airport wars. new numbers show where people prefer to fly. find out where they're going and the impact it could have on air fairs. >> plus a new school sign has some people doing double takes, who is responsible for this mistake and local high school under goes major
6:43 pm
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we're watching breaking news in baltimore, steam explosion near t
6:46 pm
part of utah place buckled near pratt street. there appears to be damage to the side of a nearby holiday inn hotel. we don't have any word yet on any injury, but, again, this is a live picture from downtown baltimore, apparently, a steam explosion. not too far from camden yard. >> wasn't that far from the park at all. >> a lot of people are familiar with this neighborhood. >> the competition is on at our local airports to attract the most passengers. >> all right. one airport has been leading the way. it may not be the one you would expect. transportation reporter has the story for you. >> i'm adam flying high in chopper 4 tonight to tell you about our airport battle. take a look at bwi marshall airport today. look at how many planes are here just in this one southwest terminal and this tells the story of bwi marshall. they have
6:47 pm
busiest local airport. take a look at one coming in for a landing here on the runway tonight at bwi marshall. bwi has been out pacing folks, reagan national and dulles international consistently for a long time here. spirit airlines plane come in for a touchdown and certainly low cost cariers have something to do with that. i want to show you about a graphic that shows you what i mean. 7.8 million passengers already so far this year through bwi marshall. 7.6 million at regular gan national and 6.5 manager at dulles international. you can see how the numbers kind of stack up this year, already, and how people are passing through these local airports. why does it matter? why does it matter how many people are going through the airport. it can give you a better airport experience. we talked about it today with maryland transportation leaders. >> it means more options for our travellers. as the airlines continue to
6:48 pm
and do markets across the country and around the world, more travel options for our customers. >> tonight atlanta bwi marshall, traffic jam in a rush to get these planes and running today. folks at reagan international say there's no more room to expand operational. they would like to push more people and more flight operation to dulles international. we'll see how it all goes and continue to track the airport battle. >> imagine going through security there quickly and without dumping out your bag. new technology being tested, forced lanes to speed up and include security screenings. it used 2 d sprays. the machines can scan through it. taking a look at this man's face. detectives want to know philip ross tried to convince you. he's a police officer. ross is
6:49 pm
impersonating police. on monday of last week, a real montgomery county officer pulled the 19-year-old over. he was speeding down georgia avenue with emergency lights flashing. investigators say he chosed the officer a metal badge and special agent id. >> new at 6:00 and embarrassing mistake. look at this, somebody forgot to run spell check, second e is missing from the word frederick on the sign creates from the new high school. it was installed friday and taken down monday, not before the picture went viral. he crafted the sign is responsible for the mistake and it's creating a placement at no cost. the new frederick high school is being built to the existing school. recently. >> here is here to health yo
6:50 pm
>> all right. the wait is almost over. men's chili bowl is going to unvail its new mural tomorrow. you've got a chance to vote and what you see and see that face there, that's one that we are the proudest of. he is going to be clear on that wall. said they'll honor his view and finishing touches. the ceremony is set for tomorrow at noon. and of course we'll be here. >> we'll be back. >> we sure will. >> looks like it has a full moon behind his head, did you see that. >> he wouldn't accept anything less. >> i would give the halo effect. >> that's no longer. >> it's very -- so we're looking pretty good for the next few days. >> we're looking pretty good. something going on that wasn't suppose to be happening this time. our both probably watching this right now. because the equipment couldn't fly int
6:51 pm
>> it's that bad. >> it is so hot in phoenix today, that they'll be grounding the flights. you cannot fly into democrat -- democrat forecast, 118. >> because the area is too thin and a lot of buoyancy of the airplane. i'm trying to be more scientific than i know. it's too hot and literally the plane will not have enough lift if it makes its way often. >> does not often. yeah. >> is that right? >> oh, wow. >> there for 122 degrees. take a look outside. we are beautiful on the right side of things. it's a gorgeous afternoon and got to continue to be a great friend. lots of sup shoo-- lots of suns. 84 in leesburg.
6:52 pm
around 8:30. all right, i want to thank you for the bft, the sharpers business arrived at 1029. this is during the day tomorrow, today and tomorrow, i had longest stay of the year. 14 hours 53 minutes, awesome. >> that also means that days start to get shorter as we make our way into thursday and friday. >> yeah. yeah. kind of amazing how that happens. >> 94 on thursday, even though we're 94 we're not going to see that much in the way of humidity. a couple of thunderstorms, maybe a few downpours and temperatures will be 80 this weekend, weekend looking pretty good for a crew. >> all right. good deal. >> all right. fishing for a win. >> why the nats
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r even bigger flavor. only at subway. the washington nationals are securely atop the nl east. but they've lost as many games this season when leading through six innings as they did in all of last year. they've already matched that number and the nats, they have lost seven of the last 11 games. tonight they'll be without anthony. first, here is a bit of a june sloon giving up 31 hits and 22 runs in the last four starts this month. after the nats jumped out to
6:56 pm
6-0 lead, he couldn't hold on, serving up this grand slam to west field high school's own justin hoping for a turn around after shaving that didn't exactly get it to work. the bullpen well, you know, it was the bullpen, he takes the loss as he walks in that sauce. gonzalez takes the mound tonight. he's won three of his last four starts and as you said, anthony is out of tonight's line up. but it's not for lack of production. in a series opener against the marlins, he blasted his 13 home run of the season, but it will be the third inning while making this incredible stop, he enters his neck. he's being called a stinger. he's out of the line up, hoping he's not serious. any time it's a neck injury, you have to be careful. >> anybody that's ever hurt their neck, that's -- it's frightening, but, you know, it could be serious thing so you don't wan
6:57 pm
chance. never had that before. it scares them and scared us, you know, we got that pain in your neck. today they were thinking, you know, it will be okay. >> game two at miami tonight at 7:10. washington wizards have one pick in this weekend's nba draft. they could be active in the trademark. the way it's trying to get over the playoffs come and finally get the eastern conference finals. two big names out there on the trademark and the last couple of days, taster start paul george who reportedly told his team he'll not resign there when he becomes there. he's coming off the best seasons and nba. it could be hard he wants to head home and do la, free agency. you'll be recorded. he just finished his second season in the league averaging 18 points. definitely keep you updated if they do make any moves at that draft is on thursday. >> either one of those would be a good fit here.
6:58 pm
>> over the hump. >> that coming here. >> thanks for joining us. nightly news coming upnext. >>
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les than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. tonight health care mystery. an obamacare replacement that affects tens of millions of americans kept from public view. cloaked in secrecy by senate republicans. a plan to vote in just days. what is in the bill? tropical storm warning expanded on the gulf coast from texas to louisiana. also, crippling heat. so hot in one city, it's forcing flights to be grounded. violent ride, severe turbulence and passengers and a crew member sent to the hospital in houston. train station explosion in brussels. soldiers opened fire. another apparent terror attack thwarted. an opioid epidemic striking so many families they're running out of treatment beds. jails turned into detox centers. and inspiring


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