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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  June 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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front lawn section. it is a beautiful start to this first day of summer. it feels fantastic. we have a nice light breeze. mix of sun and clouds in the upper 80s. 71 in the district. 66 in leesburg, 63 in clinton. 70 in fredericksburg. parts of the area south and east of the district will see more cloud cover. humidity is still comfortable today. now it is going to be tomorrow and friday when humidity increases. we have a tropical storm in the gulf of mexico. cindy. you see the arrows pointing our direction because by end of the week we expect remnants of that and gulf moisture to move our way. looking at rain and thunderstorms by friday because of it. i will show you the timing coming up. let's check the commute with melissa mollet. good morning. good morning. a reminder, silver, blue orange line delays both directions, track problem outside federal center southwest.
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red line shad shady grow and rockville stations closed. outer loop, taillights at university boulevard. you can see that normal slow down there. clinton, woodyard at richardson, lanes blocked because of a crash. we have travel times coming up. eun? thank you. breaking news now. we just received information about prince philip. >> angie goff at the live desk. >> not many details, breaking news out of london where we learned that prince philip has been admitted to the hospital to be treated for an infection as precautionary measure and as a result of this, we're hearing he will miss the queen's speech this morning, this according to british media. many outlets reporting it. the queen's speech signals state opening of parliament and once the speech is delivered, new parliamentary session
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begin. we'll continue to follow up on any updates on his condition. once again, prince philip is not attending the queen's speech. she will do that alone this morning, that should happen shortly. back to you. >> thank you. if just waking up, prince george's executive baker announced a run for maryland governor. >> erika gonzales is live with the latest on the breaking news. what's going on, erika? >> reporter: he was a likely challenger. but this morning, prince george's executive bake rushern baker is making it official. >> everything that's supposed to be up is up, everything that's supposed to be down is down. every day i live by the words my father taught me. if you see something wrong and you think you can do better, don't just complain, do something. >> reporter: the county executive tossing his hat in the ring in hopes of adding to5
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years in public service. first official day on the campaign trail, he will be out later this morning at lexington market and later at the gaylord. the county executive is not alone in his pursuit for maryland's top office. the field is crowded one. former naacp president and others seeking the nomination. governor hogan is seeking a second term, hoping to be the first republican in maryland to do so in more than 60 years. live in prince george's county, erika gonzales, back to you. >> thank you, erika. breaking news in d.c. overnight. a woman was killed. police haven't told us her name. they say someone shot the woman on 51st in northeast washington. she died. no one has been arrested. when we find out anything, we'll let you know right here. people across the country calling for justice for a teenage girl killed in our area and her family will gather for a
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service today. funeral services for nabra hassanen will take place this afternoon in sterling followed by a burial. news4 justin finch is there where family and friends will gather later today, will have a live report coming up at 6:30. new video this morning of a vigil held in charlottesville for otto warmbier. he died after visiting north korea and spending months detained there. officials from the white house meeting with chinese leaders today, talk about adding pressure on north korea where three americans are still being held. the baseball field that was the site of last week's shooting in alexandria is back open. several including steve scalise were injured in that shooting. coming up, we'll let you know when we could find out more information about progress of the investigation. uber ceo stepp
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travis kala nick resigned after they demand he go away. comes after a serious report, accusing him of fostering culture of harassment. jim graham's body will lie in repose at wilson building friday from noon to 5:00 p.m. the next day, there will be viewing and funeral service at all souls unitarian church in northwest washington. 6:05. back to angie goff with a storm charting the south now. what's this about? >> right. tropical storm cindy causing major issues in louisiana. we have been looking over video coming into the newsroom. at this point we're seeing along the gulf coast there's cranes on beaches, dropping rocks, trying to build barriers to protect the houses along the coast,
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texas now who are preparing, boarding up houses as a big, swirling system is expected to hit that coast hard. we want to go to sheena parveen. she's following that closely. here are the cranes i talked about a little earlier. sheena? >> yeah. you can see continuing to prepare along gulf coast states, a lot of heavy rain already moving in and wind. there's tropical storm cindy off the louisiana coast. you can see rain stretching into the florida panhandle through parts of alabama and georgia, mississippi as well. you see rain bands headed to new orleans now. this is heavy rain. this is tropical moisture which comes in downpours. this is future weather, tropical storm cindy moves on shore, then will fizzle out and remnants of it, leftover rain, we expect it to move in friday. could see showers and thunderstorms. we will be tracking it closely. first day of summer forecast and the closeroo
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coming up. aaron has the morning off. want to say welcome back to eun after a long trip and flight. >> it was a long flight, long trip r what an experience, though. i am from korea, but spent no significant time there in my life. it was a learning experience for me as well. 20 years since i last visited and it is a different country now. here are olympic venues, the city is ready to host. lansing in the middle there, did a bang up job. that's me in the gorgeous architecture. had a chance to see the city, look forward to sharing my stories and progress being made now to get ready for winter olympics. >> you said they're ready. >> they're ready. it is 97% almost complete and we're 8 months out. part of the venues were in
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fixing those up. they learned from rio issues. >> problems brazil had. >> want to be sure they're good to go. >> can't wait to hear the stories. there's a new tool out for losing weight, but it could be rough to swallow. a look at the balloon pill that could be the answer to your weight loss struggle. >> catching a criminal inside your home. you'll never believe where this alleged burglar was hiding after
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good wednesday morning. it is the first official day of summer. as you're driving around today, you'll notice it looks and feels like summer. temperatures will be in the upper 80s as we go through the afternoon. sun glare on the roads this morning, but nice and dry. we like a dry commute.
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melissa, good morning. >> we had a bad one a couple days ago in the evening with all of that rain. chopper 4 is over rockville, looking southbound, 270. no major problems there. light volume. love that. do still have a problem in clinton. we'll talk about travel times coming up. georgia has a new congresswoman. karen handel beat jon ossoff in a runoff election. it was the most expensive house race in u.s. history. we have new video of police shooting in minnesota, but want to warn you, some of this may be disturbing. yanez killed philando castile, was acquitted of manslaughter. >> don't pull it out, don't pull it
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oh man. the court just released video from police dash cam, it was recorded last july. the officer thought castille had a gun and was reaching for it. in the car, castille's girlfriend was streaming the encounter on facebook live, she said he was going for his license. the family plans to file a civil suit. a federal judge approved a settlement in wrongful death suit filed by michael brown's family. he was killed nearly three years ago by a police officer in ferguson, missouri. violent protests erupted after the death. terms haven't been released. the officer involved in the shooting was never charged with a crime. the judge that presided over bill cosby's sexual assault trial will decided to whether to identify the jurors in the case. during a hearing, lawyers for several media outlets argue
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remain sealed so they can select an impartial jury for the expected retrial. the judge declared a mistrial after they deadlocked. mr. cosby denied all allegations of sexual misconduct. seven 11 employees have to return to work to earn a wage, are traumatized after what you see in this surveillance footage. this 7-eleven was the last store to get robbed. the four suspects have been arrested and they robbed three different 7-eleven stores that same night. overall, ten different 7 will he havens across prince george's, anne arundel counties were hit. as if getting your home broken into isn't scary enough, imagine finding the burglar asleep in your bed. this happened this weekend in putnam county county, west virginia. >> the homeowner says he was recording damage when he realized he wasn't alone. deputies
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stacy foster who now faces charges for burglary and destruction of property. like goldilocks and the three bears. check out this underground explosion that shook downtown baltimore last night. five people were hurt when a steam pipe exploded about a block from camden yards just before the orioles game started at the park. windows were broken, cars covered in layers of debris. police say there was nothing criminal about the blast and those that were injured are expect to be okay. 6:15. looking to shed a few pounds this summer, there's a new weight loss tool that doesn't require surgery. patients are given a pill it is filled with nitrogen gas and stays there for
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it is only for those moderately overweight. barbie's boyfriend had a makeover. mattel rolled out these new and diverse ken dolls. it ranges from athletic to business, a couple of hipsters. they come in different skin tones and body tones. >> even a man bun. >> last year they rolled out a diverse barbie line. apparently this is ken's year to shine. pick and choose. >> the man bun gets me. >> only a matter of time before they start to do it by
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>> old man ken? not sure how that will go over. first day of summer. >> it has been feeling like it with the heat. >> it has. very comfortable again today. we're going to see warm temperatures. yesterday was nice, humidity was low. today similar. look at the beautiful sunrise for first day of summer. this is the summer solstice sunrise. you're watching it live. gorgeous conditions outside. expect it to look and feel like summer. hot and humid going through tomorrow. humidity will go up tomorrow and friday. by friday we have a tropical storm in the gulf of mexico, cindy, off the coast of louisiana. remnants could be effecting us on friday. looking at showers and storms in the forecast. we have some shower chances for the weekend, not the entire weekend. show you that in a second. currently, 71 degrees in the district. very comfortable outside. 63 in gaithersburg. manassas, 63. clinton is 68 degrees. walking the dog today,
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we have kendrick available for adoption. he needs a home. if you need a dog to walk, at the humane rescue line. by noon, mid-80s. 5:00 p.m. temperatures close to 90. a mostly dry day. you'll see a mix of sun and clouds. locally we're dry. rain still down along the eastern shore. that's going to still stay away today. stalled there yesterday. it is part of that weather system, tropical storm cindy, the gulf is holding this front back from moving through. eventually moisture moves in going to end of the week. future weather shows us mostly dry today. tomorrow, another nice day. humidity increases, maybe a late shower. friday, there you see a lot of tropical moisture getting closer. we expect some showers and thunderstorms friday. tomorrow is hot, 94 degrees. friday, hot and humid. over the weekend, saturday is the best chance for some showers. we'll look at the extended forecast next week coming up. let's check the
6:19 am
problem we have been talking about in clinton. here's what we're talking about. what is shut down. woodyard road at richardson road. crash investigation with lanes blocked there both directions. that was a pedestrian struck there. eyes on that in a bit. inner loop, volume is light. on metro, silver, blue, orange line delays. track issue outside federal center. delays both directions. red line, shady grove and rock land station still down. in maryland, 270 fine. top of the beltway looking normal. maybe faster than normal. like to see that every now and then. 66 inbound is okay and 95 northbound. listen to wtop 103.5. pull out the phone and say cheese. i'm so bad
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>> you cut off half your face. >> my arms are short. i can't do it. you have to do it. >> it is national selfie day, for your teens like any other day of your life. your facebook feed is probably full of people's faces. if you post something today, we would love to see it. >> share it with us, tag nbc washington on facebook, instagram and twitter. hope it is better than mine. from detained to deported. a mom with no criminal record forced away from her family. her story and the outrage it is causing ahead. feeling sick? don't turn to google. we all do it. up next, which reliable resource you shoulds
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angie goff at the live desk with breaking news out of clinton, maryland. news that could effect some of you that drive through prince george's county. we have word of pedestrian struck by the driver of a truck. this happened on maryland
6:24 am
known as woodyard. the victim is an adult female. told she's in critical condition, currently treated at the hospital. investigators are on the scene. tow truck on the scene. roads are currently closed. should be open in the next hour or so. danger field road and colonial lane advised to use an alternate. here's a question. how many of you googled medical information for yourself or for your child because you don't have time to go to the doctor. even though we know there's a lot of misinformation on the web, we do it anyway. >> it is important to know which resources to turn to when you need answers. we continue healthy kids week with the help of a few you can rely on.
6:25 am
online options to help you take the guesswork out of where and how to get the best health care for your child. >> there's a lot of online resources and a lot of apps. these are the places where you can find out where the specialists are, where pediatric hospitals are, where pediatric emergency departments are, start with those and get more and more specialized depending on the situation. >> reporter: here are some online resources dr. newman recommends. to learn about injury prevention, for help finding a good children's hospital near you, go to to learn more about pediatricians and specialists, go to to learn about hospital safety rankings, go to >> that's a lot of information. don't worry, we have it all out for you there on the nbc washington app.
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>> tomorrow, how to prevent more common injuries kids fall into. we continue to follow breaking news. prince george's county which i have rushern baker getting into the race for governor of maryland. how this could have a major impact in our area. justice for nabra, rallies and outrage after murder of a teenager in virgia. someni s countless patients. countless ailments. countless hours. and guess what? you can handle it all. be a leader in your field with a bsn from strayer university. a nursing program created by and for nurses. let's get it, nurses.
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breaking news this morning in the race for maryland governor. we are outside the prince george's executive office. rushern baker is ready to make moves to annapolis. from maryland to virginia, live in sterling at this mosque for a teenager murdered after leaving a prayer service. the latest on the investigation. all eyes on the gulf of mexico, tropical storm cindy could be impacting our weather later this week.
6:30 am
team today working for you, following several developments, getting you ready for the day ahead. >> you saw the news out of prince george's and fairfax counties. we'll get to live crews in a moment. first, let's get you out the door. >> good morning, everyone. i am eun yang. >> i am chris lawrence. aaron has the day off. >> it is officially summer. felt like that for a few days. chopper 4 showing the sunup on what's going to be a beautiful day. this is a live picture. storm team 4 meteorologist sheena parveen has more on what to expect. good morning. >> good morning. we missed you. almost 15 hours of sunlight today on the first official day of summer. technically started at 12:24 this morning. who's counting. going to be a nice day. look and feel like summer. beautiful sunrise here. expect sun glare as you're driving for the morning commute. 71 degrees in the district. it is very comfortable outside. as we go through the day on the first day of summer, great pool weather if
6:31 am
that by lunchtime. nice weather to sit outside. 85 degrees. this afternoon, 90. by end of the week, showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. there's tropical storm cindy and the gulf of mexico. a lot of moisture is heading our direction. show you the timing of that coming up. it is first day of summer. with sun glare, let's check the commute. >> good morning. a pain in the morning for sure. chopper 4 arriving at the scene in clinton, maryland. still a report things are shut down. seeing there it looks like it just reopened. let you know in a minute. woodyard at richardson, pedestrian struck earlier this morning. inner and outer loop of the beltway, don't have big issues. looking at the route in and out of town on 95, northbound in virginia from quantico to the beltway, couple of slow spots as you head in. once you pass into town, a little slow, 35 miles per hour. going to look at the other routes and travel times
6:32 am
up. we have breaking news in the race for maryland's governor, angie goff at the live desk with details. good morning. >> good morning. the leader of prince george's county saying he is running for governor of maryland. if you see something wrong and you think you can do better, don't just complain, do something. >> this morning, prince george's executive baker formally tosses his hat in the ring in hopes of adding to his public service career, a career spanning 25 years. i'm sorry a -- larry hogan is seeking a second term. >> thanks. the murder of a teenage muslim girl sparked outrage across the country. fairfax county police say nabra hassanen was killed
6:33 am
>> others here and across the country believe it was a hate crime. messages of prayer and solidarity have been posted online with hash tag justice for nabra. today, the young girl's funeral services will be held at the mosque she was headed to the night she was killed. news4's justin finch is live there with more. justin? >> reporter: eun, good morning. at 1:30 today, this afternoon, crowds gather at the adams center for what will no doubt be a somber farewell to nabra. looking at images from dupont circle, this is a justice for nabra rally held tuesday. many are concerned this case is not being looked into as a hate crime. nabra's father joined leadership from the mosque tuesday as well, saying he hopes that nabra is remembered for her kindness more than her death. the 17-year-old was beaten to death on sunday, reportedly after a road rage
6:34 am
drainsville road, an argument between a group of her friends and the driver. the driver is now identified as darwin torrez, he is charged with murder. she and friends were on foot, he was in his car, essentially got out of the car and beat her. nabra and her friends were headed back to ramadan services at the adams center mosque and the chaplain spoke about her yesterday. take a listen. >> she was the one who lifted people up when they felt down, if nobody gave you a compliment, she gave you a compliment. and it wasn't just to muslim youth. it was to all youth at south lakes high school and all youth. people knew nabra. >> reporter: a growing list of tributes are emerging across the country. we know this evening at 6:30 there will be another one held. more are planned in the immediate area by her friends and loved ones.
6:35 am
here's a look at other top stories, including breaking news overnight in the district. police are investigating the murder of a woman on 51st street in northeast d.c. right now, police are still looking for her killer. in the last half hour we learned that the uk's prince philip is in the hospital. he was admitted to the hospital in london last night as a precautionary measure. he is being treated for a pre-existing condition. he is 96 years old. the uber ceo is stepping down. travis kalanick resigned under mounting pressure from investors after a series of costly missteps that damaged uber's reputation, including allegations of sexual harassment in its offices. we expect to learn more about what happened in last week's shooting at a congressional baseball practice in alexandria. several people, including the house majority whip steve
6:36 am
he remains in the hospital in serious condition. the fbi and other law enforcement agencies will talk about their findings at a news conference later this morning. ♪ >> and baseball returned to eugene simpson stadium park yesterday, the site of last week's shooting. the game brought the community closer together as people reject hate and embrace the love of baseball. an accused fake police officer off the streets in montgomery county. 19-year-old philip ross was arrested after police say he impersonated an officer. he activated lights to get other drivers to move out of his way, and he is not alone. they're looking for another impersonator. that person fled from officers sunday night. honoring a cavalier morning on a college campus, fallout from death of
6:37 am
held prisoner. and call for action from the white house. plus, the big reveal, our news4 team is proud to have one of our local legends saluted. one place you want to be at lunchtime. and it is going to be a great day to sit outside, eat lunch, too, or head to the pool. first official day of summer. temperatures are comfortable outside. mainly mid-60s. 71 degrees in the district. how warm weet for f gir
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good wednesday morning. it is officially first day of summer. almost 15 hours of daylight. it is a nice day, 71 degrees in the district. beautiful sunrise to start the first day of summer. 85 by noon. coming
6:41 am
storms and impact locally. melissa? >> good morning. chopper 4 over an early wrer problem in clinton. pedestrian struck woodyard at richardson. that cleared out of the way. that's good news there. have a couple of other issues happening. we'll talk about those in a minute. beltway looking pretty good and light. you want to head over to u street for lunch. >> ben's chili bowl will unveil the new mural at noon. more than 30,000 voted for the iconic faces you want on the restaurant's brick wall. so proud our colleague jim vance is among them. others include harriet tubman, muhammad ali, prince, president obama, and former mayor marion barry. you can go inside and have one of those half smokes. prince george's executive throwing his hat in the maryland governor's race. the promises he is making and
6:42 am
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i love you. i love you too. breaking news. prince george's county executive rushern baker wants to move to the governor's mansion. >> we can't wait for change. we've got to make it happen. folks are tied up, we are ready to go. >> tropical storm cindy, threat beyond the gulf. >> water on the roads. >> the impact as the storm roars ashore. a college community in mourning. the action the u.s. could take after the death of a
6:46 am
just released from north korean prison. replacing obamacare, the change that will impact care for you and your family. the timing for the big reveal. >> everybody will have adequate time to take a look at it. if you're just waking up, big news in the maryland race for governor. >> that's right. we have breaking news. prince george's county executive rushern baker officially announced his run for maryland governor. erika gonzales is live with the latest on the breaking news. >> reporter: chris, good morning to you. he was a likely challenger. this morning, prince george's executive rushern baker is making it official, he is running for governor of maryland. >> everything that's supposed to be up is up and everything that's supposed to be down is down. and every day i live by the words my father taught me. if you see something wrong and you think you can do
6:47 am
don't just complain, do something. >> reporter: with the new campaign video, the county executive formally tosses his hat in the ring hoping to add to 25 years of public service. yesterday, new numbers show a lead in the state in terms of job creation. road to november, 2018 is already crowded, with a former naacp president, a senator, an author, and governor larry hogan must start preparing for a second term, a re-election would be historic. live in prince george's county, erika gonzalez, back to you. people are preparing for a serious storm. first day of summer, but in new orleans people are thinking about rain. take a live look. tropical storm cindy is targeting itself. 's
6:48 am
could cause flooding and other problems. >> kerry sanders is live in new orleans. can you give us an idea what it is like there now? >> reporter: good morning. you look at the shot behind me and you see the waves coming over on the walkway, you might think i am at the beach on the gulf of mexico. this is lake uppontchartrain. the wind is expected to hit 60 miles per hour. it will be a serious threat along with rain, rain that's already flooding some parking lots here and we're expecting upwards of 12 inches of rain. the amount of rain that will drop depends how fast or slow cindy moves. the concern is this is a slow moving storm. because it is slow moving, there will be more rain. more rain will cause more problems. there have already been evacuations in parishes in louisiana. this threat is not just in new orleans, it extends from florida l
6:49 am
chris, eun? >> kerry sanders live in new orleans, thank you. be sure to check out his full report coming up on the "today" show. team coverage tracking the storm with sheena parveen. >> yeah, sheena, what's going on here at home. >> here at home we're fine, but we're watching tropical storm cindy because eventually remnants, gulf moisture from the system will be making its way up the eastern seaboard, and that will be impacting us locally. here's a closer look. you saw the heavy rain, saw kerry sanders talk about heavy rain, we have a band moving into new orleans as far east as the florida panhandle. we will watch. this is future weather through time. this storm will move on shore, lose that tropical storm strength. but gulf moisture will be left over, that would be remnants of tropical storm cindy by friday. that's when we expect this to be impacting the area. a look at the extended forecast coming up.
6:50 am
to figure out how two inmates got a hold of a powerful narcotic. eric terrell and kenneth parker died within two weeks of each other. medical examiner ruled both men died of accidental overdose involving fentanyl. that's a powerful synthetic opioid that's sometimes mixed with heroin. d.c. department of corrections put out a statement saying we have no tolerance for contraband in our facilities. we're enhancing security procedures and staff training to maintain a safe and secure environment. the immigration advocacy group casa is slamming trump administration for deporting a mother from virginia with no criminal record. immigration and customs enforcement announced today they deported her to el salvador. she was arrested by border patrol agents 11 years ago. although a judge ordered her deported, the order was never enforced. she has two children who are
6:51 am
ago was cited for a traffic violation. since then, cruise mendez checked in regularly with yooi.. officials and last month they detained her. it clouds millions of law abiding immigrants across the country. get ready for another showdown on health care. senate republicans have been working behind closed doors on a plan to replace the the affordable care act. >> they're getting heat from democrats and some republicans for the secret nature of the process. that could change tomorrow when we get a draft of exactly what's in the bill. >> it will speak for itself. it will be different. and take a different approach based on endless discussions we've had with the only people interested in changing the law, which is republican senators. >> it could have a big effect on your family. lawmakers want to know how much the plan will cost
6:52 am
premiums go up. people gathered on uva's campus to pay tribute to their friend, otto warmbier. he died earlier this week, just days after he was released from north korea in a coma. warmbier would have graduated from uva last month. funeral service was planned for tomorrow at his high school in oh ohio. officials are talking with chinese leaders to talk about adding pressure on north korea where three americans are still being held. suffice to say aaron has the morning off. but eun, you have been gone for quite awhile in south korea. >> a long trip, incredible experience to be in the mother land, so to speak. >> 20 years. >> 20 years since i visited. and i spent no significant time there. it is a completely different country. just giving a sneak peek of what the country is doing to prepare for winter olympics february
6:53 am
i wanted to show the kids, we visited this temple, a national treasure. stunning part of the country i didn't understand was there. look at this. top of the ski jump in the middle, shoutout to lance, the photographer that worked his butt off. we had an incredibly tough schedule, really had a chance to experience the culture. we'll share those stories between now and february. >> looking sgood for a 14 hour flight. >> thanks for helping me out. all right. time to check the commute with melissa mollet. hello. >> just so you know, it is breakfast. chopper 4 is headed to the beltway, brand new crash to try to get our eyes on in a second. north of sixes road, crash, want
6:54 am
you can see through prince george's county headed inbound on 210, indian head highway, slow down near livingston, palmer roads. silver, blue, orange line delays, outside federal center southwest. travel times in maryland, 270, no problem. top of the beltway. looking at typically slow. 66 inbound. looking normal. same thing. 95 northbound in virginia. number to listen to wtop 103.5 in the car. i crashed straight into the wall. >> good morning, melissa, i did not hear it. we have monitors on the side you can't see, and melissa backs right up into it. the easiest way to get out. the classiest way to get out. today is the first day of summer. it is hotter tomorrow. will look and feel like summer today. we have been watching tropical storm cindy in the gulf of mexico. weec
6:55 am
the weekend, we have shower chances, not the entire weekend but part of it. beautiful sunrise on first day of summer. 72 degrees in the district. very comfortable. really everywhere. mostly mid-60s elsewhere. winchester at 64 degrees. if dining out today, a good day to do it. mix of sun and clouds. mid-80s by lunchtime. happy hour, 89 degrees. dinner time, still looking at the mid-80s. tomorrow will be hotter and more humid. rain to the south and east on the eastern shore. locally staying on the dry side. there's tropical storm cindy. heavy rain into the gulf coast states. eventually, that storm wrapped in a cold front that's stalled. then the moisture heads our way end of the week. future weather looking good. tomorrow, too. late shower at best. friday, see all that moisture headed our wa
6:56 am
could be looking at thunderstorms. aside from that, saturday we have shower chances, sunday not too bad. monday, rain returns and the rest of next week looks pretty good. >> thank you, sheena. 6:56. here are four things to know before you head out the door. prince george's county executive rushern baker announced he will run for maryland governor. baker served as county executive since 2010. family and friends will pay respects to the teenage girl killed in fairfax, a funeral prayer service gets under way this afternoon in sterling for nabra hassanen. follow justin finch on twitter to see how else they'll honor her. prince philip is in the hospital. stay tuned for an update on the "today" show next. kerry sanders showed us how they're getting ready for a tropical storm. cindy could drop a foot of rain in
6:57 am
that storm system will head our way. kerry has that story coming up on the "today" show. and talking about southbound kennel worth at the beltway. no major delays. a warning, no other major issues anywhere now. and you see the sunshine, sun glare for the morning commute, first day of summer will look and feel like it. near 90. tomorrow, 94. rain chance friday from what's left over from tropical storm cindy. won't be a tropical storm when it gets here, but we will be watching. thanks for joini>>ng
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
> good morning, breaking news. tropical cindy gaining strength as it bears down on the gulf coast. life threatening flooding expected. states of emergency already declared. wild out west. another day of record shattering heat, and no relief in sight. trump triumph. the republican candidate wins in that closely watched special election in georgia. a significant blow to democrats, now 0 for 4 in congressional races this year. so, where do both parties go from here? breaking overnight, facing mounting pressure, uber's ceo suddenly resigns. why he says he's stepping down as the ride


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