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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 21, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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a community comes together in support after the murder of a reston teen. and we are learning new information today about the circumstances surrounding her death. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm leon harrison. a funeral service was held for nabra hassanen who was killed over the weekend. meagan fitzgerald reports with the new information we've learned. >> reporter: hundreds of people from across the area were either bussed in by the buses that you see me, they walked or drove themselves. they are coming to the mosque for a prayer service to remember the life of 17-year-old nabra hassanen. many wanted to send a message to her family that the entire community sports them. nabra was murdered after she and friends were walking back to the
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that's when investigators seday darwin torez caught up with nabra beating her with a baseball bat and her body was found in a pond. >> prayers and condolences primarily. we decided it would be best to come out today. >> reporter: torres has been charged with murder and police are calling it a case of road rage, but the county's top prosecutor says every motive is on the table including a bias charge. now investigators tell us that they are looking into the possibility that nabra was sexually assaulted before she was murdered. meagan fitzgerald, news 4. first at 4:00, the fbi shares new details on members of congress at the baseball park. the nooib cfbi says the gunman alone. >> and they shared his access to guns and
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shooter visited days before the attack. congressman scalise is now listed in fair condition. the hospital says he's about to begin what is described as an extended period of healing and rehabilitation. chris gordon is live at simpson field with more on the investigation. >> reporter: well, the fbi says the shooter purchased a 9 millimeter handgun last november after the presidential election. he then drove here from bellville, illinois just two days before the shooting, he texted a family member saying he was thinking of returning home, but instead he came here to simpson stadium park in alexandria carrying that hand gun and a rifle. the shooter acted alone according to the fbi. they say 66-year-old james tom hodgkinson told his family in march that he was coming to
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he was living in his van. he rented a storage unit in alexandria. >> we determined that the vhe visited his yununit more than 4 times. >> reporter: and the day he appeared at the field request a are not baseball team was practicing. investigators say he fired 60 times, more than 50 with an sks arriv rifle like this, the frrest froa hand gun. investigators say he had anger issues and was under train mentally. his posts include anti-republican rants. investigators say he had a list with the name of six members of congress on it, but they are not calling it a hit list. >> if you look at his pattern of life and what he was doing on his latch top aptop and social there was no indication in a
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>> reporter: the fbi will not say what names are on the shooter's list. that is the latest live from alexandria. back to you. you can exhibit can expect tighter security when the congressional women take the field a few hours from now. the women's softball game is scheduled for tonight be at 7:00 at watkins rec reaction center. and just like last week he baseball game, tonight's game is expected to raise more money than ever before. other top stories today, the fbi is investigating this morning's attack at the time flint airport. they are investigating it as terrorism. a police officer was stabbed in the neck by a man who shouted allahu akbar before the attack. bishop international airport was closed and evacuated. the suspect is in custody. police also increased security at f
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precaution. the aclu says d.c. police abused and bullied anti-trump protesters on inauguration day. the lawsuit claims that they arrested innocent people and denied them food and water. senate republicans have been working on it for week behind closed doors. new health care legislation to repeal and replace major portions of the affordable care act. a big unveiling is scheduled for tomorrow as senators struggle over issues like the future of medicare and bringing down insurance costs. from the florida panhandle to eastern texas, millions lo sg the gulf coast are keeping an eye on tropical storm cindy and preparing people for the possibility of flash flooding. cindy expected to make landfall sometimes tomorrow. it's the first day of summer, so we decided to send our chief
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the sun in prince george's county. >> i hope you don't get any rain out there. >> reporter: guys, i'll tell you what, look at the clouds right now. i mean it looks like brain. everybody saying doug, are we getting rained on? no. cloud cover a little too high. but there is a little bit of rain up there and because of that, we're feeling a very nice little wind here, winds about 10 to 15 miles per hour giving us a nice breeze. 86, that has come down about two degrees. so take a look at what we have. we have a block party set up again here in prince george's county. we'll have a beautiful day. a lot of people here throughout the afternoon. and of course all dependent on the weather. temperatures in the mid-80s across our region. that's where we'll be around 7:00. its dipping into the 70s by 9:00 and so a very nice night. but we are tracking the storms. they are up north of the pennsylvania
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watch those if they do move into some of the northern zones. we'll continue to kip posted. but right now back inside to you. another backyard weather right here on news 4. >> we'll let you work the grill. coming up next, we're keeping you informed. parents, there is a massive recall you need to know about. this one involves something that you have strapped in the back seat of your car. and after months of scandals, uber's ceo has resigned. what does it mean for the customer and how will the company get back on track. and school is out and we have tips to make sure your kids are ready for summer camp and we'll tell you how they can stay healthy while they're there.
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work starting tonight. maryland department of transportation will be closing lanes on the outer loop at the bridge over connecticut avenue. by 11:00 p.m., three lanes will be closed down, the lanes will reopen by 5:00 hima.m., but clo sures continue each night. a warning to check your child. infants car seats are being recalled because of problems with the check clips. dozens of models have clips that can break causing a choking hazard. car seat maker britax doesn't know if any infants have been injured. they will still work in a crash. they are sending repair kits out to customers. we have posted the model numbers affected on nbc washington facebook page. county board approved a clubhouse, indoor batting tunnels and batting cages at tucker field. the george washington university baseball team uses that field. and the university will be paying for these
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partnership with the university for ten more years. uber is one of silicon valley's biggest success stories. why the resignation of their ceo matters for you. plus, what the company is doing now to improve relations with its customers. we'll be talking about new video that has a lot of people in shock. dash cam footage showing what happened in the moments before a man was shot by police during a pro tip for fruit lovers: giant has unbelievable produce prices. so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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your rides with uber are about to change. soon you can tip your driver. >> and today the ceo is stepping down. in a statement travis kalanick writes i love uber more than anything in the world and at this difficult moment in my personal life, i have accepted the investors' request with to step adam tuss is joining us. >> reporter: we were out here on the streets talking to some people about what they thought about all of this and everybody out here uses uber or did and they are very aware what have is happening help kalanick resigned amid allegations of sexual harassment, bad behavior, bullying and all of it has a trickle down effect on some people. as a matter of fact, listen to this woman that we talked to today, she lays it all out for
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another form of transportation. >> i think increasingly the ethical stuff will get in the way. people do care about it. i do care about it. and i think it will reach a critical point where the ethical concerns will make people pause. >> reporter: certainly. so some people already thinking that way, that they might make a switch. there are plenty of other people who say as long as they press the button at phone and the car shows up, they will continue to be a loyal uber customer. >> so what about the tipping issue? that is now dock up now that people can be able to start tipping their driver. what are you hearing about that? >> reporter: that is something that people didn't really want. for so long it's just where you took your ride, knew what the fare was, you knew what you were paying. and that was that.
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it, it creates ambiguity and one rider says some drivers have gone as as far as as putting a little tips sheet in their car. so another change that gets in your face that kind of changes with the way that ish uber is operating. but i don't see it being a huge decision maker for people changing more of the ethical concerns, that could pooem cause people to ship away from uber. >> the rates was supposed to be what the tip is all about. >> exactly. all right. thanks. tropical storm cindy is turning slowly toward the gulf coast. millions are bracing for heavy rain and potential flash floating in the next 24 hours. and remnants could impact us. doug kammerer is live out in prince george's county with a look at what is in store for us. he
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>> reporter: yeah, hey, what is in store is some pretty nice weather today. pretty nice weather tomorrow. a lot of people asking about these dark clouds we have around us, but these dark clouds are absolutely perfect for what we have as we make our way through the next couple days. the kids are out here, they pulled in on the buses. one of the programs that they have here. we have a lot of great things that will be going on this afternoon magic 102.3 and the barbecue guys are here. let's show you the weather. temperatures today in the 80s across our region. as we move on through the rest of the evening, temperatures in the 80s, but as we move through, we're tracking an area ever storminess up to the north. temperatures right now on the warm side, but not too humid. if you look up toward portions of pennsylvania, we are tracking a system just to the north of the mason dixon line here. that area of storminess is
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making its way towards maryland. but most of us will stay on the dry side. an exception will be those areas north of d.c., frederick up toward carroll county, howard county might see the best chance for storms. but we'll track it for you. as we look toward the next couple days, tomorrow another nice one. we'll see high temperatures tomorrow -- or temperatures starting offer around t around we're going for a high of 92 on on your thursday. so a warm afternoon. but again, humidity still not going to be all that big of a problem. as we look are toward the next ten days, here's what you can expect here. and you mentioned cindy. we'll have much more on this. but you right now, it looks like we could see the move moisture in on friday. so a high of 92 tomorrow. friday will be slightly cooler because of that chance for
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about a 60% chance. saturday and sunday both days looking good. can't rule out an isolated shower saturday. but right now rest of next week looking really good. monday, tuesday and wednesday not bad at all. takings chance of rain out. and we're at lake harbor community center. this is john and darius. they run the programs here. and this is a big time of year for you about. >> yes, it is. we have five camps here now, technology camp, basketball camp, we have a sports camp and also a dull l ly culinary camp a travel camp about that. >> and this isn't for kids to come in the afternoon. you want to take kids off the street at night. >> yes, this is an organization to give kids an opportunity to come off the streets between the hours of 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. and it starts this friday, it's free of charge. you just go to wpd and register or you can just drop
4:21 pm
lasts through august. >> and this is not just this community? >> no, 23 different community centers. >> so if you need a place to go friday nights, that is the place to go. we'll come back a little bit later on, more backyard weather. i have to get in on some of these kids going around here somewhere. >> that and ribs. well, school is out and camp is in. how to keep your campers healthy. and he's been the queen's beloved companion for 70 years.
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always concerned when a 96-year-old goes into the hospital, but buckingham palace says prince philip is in good spirits. he was admitted to treat an infection. he appeared to be in good health earlier this week. back in may, phillip announced that he would be cutting back on his public appearances. the queen didn't change her schedule can at all today. well, as you pack away the report cards and gett ethe kids ready for camp, there are a few things to remember. in news will your health, keeping your camper
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here to telling us a few things to know. and we know that every camper needs sunscreen, but it's important for children. >> that's right about that because one blistering sunburn will double your chances of melanoma as an adult. so apply it before camp, and continue to apply it dlout tthr date. and the sun protective clothing, hats, t shirts. >> and we talked about it yesterday applying it appropriately. >> yes. and lots of it. >> and no camper wants bug bites, but you should contain a spray that contains tedeet. but a lot worry whether this is really safe. >> according to the american cad might have pediatrics, it is safe even for baerbies. you want to use a strength
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about 30 pur%. higher concentrations are not stronger, but it lasts longer. but please do use it. >> and if they do get bitten, you don't want the bites to get infected. >> that's right. so you should be using things like an antihistamine. if you can keep them from scratching, it won't get in-effeinfec infect infected. but you don't make it something like benadryl haen ththen your in a coma during camp. sgland >> and we know they need plenty of hydration. do you recommend the plastic bottles? >> the concern there is that some have bpa. and the problem with that is it mimics estrogen and you don't want that to be given to kids. but we want them to drink are. so look at the bottom code.
4:27 pm
you are worried about. you can get metal bottles. make sure they are not aluminum. and it's okay to freeze the bottles. that bts would increase twon't chemicals. >> and we love campfires, but all kids shouldn't -- >> and especially the asthmatics. don't sit down wind. make sure you have your asthma medications going if you're near the campfire. this is not a time to take a medication vacation. you want to be on your medications particularly if you're active in camp and near the campfires. or fireworks fourth of july coming, be careful of that, too. >> all right. we want them to have a happy summer. thanks. and this story makes us very proud. ben's chili bowl gets fresh faces including prince, muhammad ali and our very own jim vance. plus reaction to the stunning dash cam video showing the moments leading up to the death of a
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senate republicans are set to reveal what they cause a discussion draft of their health care reform bill. they plan to vote on it days later, but lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are criticizing the secrecy of a process that will ultimately affect millions. blayne alexander reports. >> reporter: at the u.s. capitol, a protest outside over the health care bill being secretly craft inside. >> the right, into the privilege. >> reporter: gop leaders latest plan reveal a first draft tomorrow, a cbo score, how much the bill will cost early next week, and a vote next thursday. >> they are trying to do this as quickly and secrets difference
4:32 pm
>> reporter: republican leaders energized by last night's special election win in georgia want to keep the momentum going and vote before the july 4th recess. >> and i think all the concerns people have had about the process will evaporate because i think that there will be unlimited opportunity to read it and understand what is in it. >> reporter: and a new youtube video from the white house. elsewhere on capitol hill in two separate hearings, a focus russian election hacking. >> in 2016, the russian goeks at the direction of vladimir putin himself orchestrated cyberattacks on her nation for the purpose of influencing our elections. that is a fact plain and simple. >> as of right now, we have evidence of 21 states election related systems in 201 states that were targeted. and the need to stop
4:33 pm
blayne alexander, nblgs nc news washington. stirring up new emotion as more and more people see the latest police dam video of a police officer firing shots at castile. this footage and other information was released. yanez testified that castile i will nignored commands to not pull out his gun, but his girlfriend says he was reaching for his license, not the gun. your listeners have been talking to you about the case. what are you hearing? >> well, folks are shocked and s saddened. that is the beingabeing a aggre heard. because they ask can what is the jury not seeing what they are seeing. a police officer who lost control of the situation that was not escala
4:34 pm
they say it's bizarre to see officer yanez freeze after shooting castile. and you could sense in his conversation that he knew you something was wrong and we also now know that the police department in minnesota also feels the same way because he's been fired. they said that the public would be better served if this officer in particular wasn't in uniform. another point that listeners thought was interesting not hear the nra saying anything about this particular shooting. philando castile had a legal right to carry a weapon. he had a valid gun license. one person said their silence is deafening on this one. >> very much interesting point. normally you would see the nra jump to the defense of anyone with gun involved in a situation like this and here it is a year later and we with haven't heard a thing. >> and it doesn't look
4:35 pm
we'll hear much. >> the whole thing played out on social media. his girlfriend facebook lived the situation while she was in the car. which means that lots of young folks are seeing it and having the access to this information as well. what are you hearing about that? >> a lot of parents concerned about their children being exposed to the philando castile shooting and other situations across the country. and realizing that they have to have that talk with their kids about how to sbinteract with police. david mirl is ller is an authori talked to and he tells me that there are three things parents can can do to approach talking about this violent police confrontation and others in the news. it starts with making sure that the conversation is age appropriate. >> so the conversation you would have puts a 7-year-old would be entirely different than a conversation you would have with a pre-teen or teenager. i think the second thing that is critically important is
4:36 pm
your child to tell you what he or she knows. don't assume what your child knows. and third thing very quickly is we always got to reassure young people that they will be okay. always be respectful. answer whatever questions the officer asks. because the number one goal is to get home safely. >> interesting points. so that is snag pais something parents will have a real take away with. >> this is a case where he did everything by the book. he did not anything that any parent would tell your son or daughter to not do. solutions that your listeners are talking about? >> a lot of people saying there definitely needs to be police reform, something that has not been addressed in the right way. they say officers that break the law need to be held accountable and there needs to be more training for police officers and recognizing a person with a mental health issue, that needs
4:37 pm
we can deescalate situations where people can walk away a. alive. >> a lot to learn from the situation. thanks. tropical storm cindy isn't expected to make lawful for another 24 hours, but it's already drenching the gulf coast and whipping up high winds. >> and back here at home, i'm tracking a broken line of rain and thunderstorms moving toward the southeast. now, take a look at some of the impact. moving in to thurmont at about 5:00. out
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so if you've been in washington, d.c. for more than a couple hour, you probably have ar
4:41 pm
bowl sf bowl. >> and lots of excitement today where they celebrated a huge new mural that honors local and national eye koicons. tom sherwood was there for the unveiling. >> reporter: ben's chili bowl has been here since 1958. a lot has changed and so has this mural. while the inside of ben's is much like it was nearly 60 years ago, its famous side wall mural has been updated. president and mrs. obama to historical figures, chuck brown and jim vance. >> it's been my distinct honor and privilege to have been in the company of extraordinary people. >> reporter: a crowd of several hundred braved the heat to a sleuth t salute the new honorees. tom sherwood, news
4:42 pm
>> looking good. all right. coming up next, d.c. police slapped with a lawsuit today. >> why one group says innocent protesters were mistreated and detained for hours without the basic things they need to live. >> before you turn to google to find out why your child has the and i can che or pain, we'll te which reliable fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs, 20 times faster than most people have. and the price is amazing too for $79.99 a month online for the first year you'll get our fastest triple play with hbo included for 2 years. leave cable's slower internet speeds behind. so hurry up and switch to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement.
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remember these scenes? now the aclu is going after the district, police department and police cheech. they filed a lawsuit claiming proet te protesters rights were violated. it was chaoticing scene, fires, broken windows and pepper spray. >> but the lawsuit alleges that police helped create the chaos. kris
4:46 pm
what is in the lawsuit. >> reporter: the intersection of 12 etth and l was filled with protesters. aclu says actions by the police that day were abusive and unjustified. today they announced a lawsuit against police and the city on behalf of two protesters, a legal observer and photojournalist. they say they were peaceful but yet subjected to excessive force, bodily searches and denied food and water. reference he listen here to one account. >> they handcuffed us that were so tight, several fingers went number oilg. when i asked an officer to losing the tie, he replied they are not supposed to be comfortable. >> reporter: the police department says each y
4:47 pm
men and wichl mpd protect the rights and ensure the safety of thousand of first amendment assembly, demonstrations and protests. and all instances of use of force by officers and allegations of misconduct will be fully investigated. the lawsuit seeks monetary damages to be determined by a jury. the aclu says they could ahead more plaintiffs to the case. kristin wright, news 4. new today, mosquitos that carry diseases like the zika virus are showing up in more places, it can now be found 3 n. 38 more counties. researches don't think they are new, but they suspect that they are just increasing testing. the mosquitos have been in our area for over three years. how many of you have googled medical information for yourself or your child? many parents do that even though we all know there is a whole lot
4:48 pm
the web. >> that's right. it's important to know which resources to turn to when you need some real answers. to dor reas doreen gensler has a look ats ones you can count on. >> there a lot of online resources and a lot of apps where you can find the specialists are, where the pediatric hospitals are. so i'd start with those and then you can get more and more specialized depending on the situation. >> reporter: here are some of the resources that dr. newman recommends. for injury prevention, safe for help finding a good children's hospital, then go to children to learn more about pediatric specialists, go to
4:49 pm and we know that that was a lot of information, but don't worry, we have it all written out for you in the nbc washington app. and tomorrow we'll have a look at how to prevent some of the more common injuries kids suffer. well, kids love summer and summer weather is now in full swing. and you know today is the first full day of summer. >> that's right. summer solstice has arrived. and also was the most daylight in the northern hemisphere. storm team 4 is tracking the temperatures and tropical storm cindy that could bring rain to our area. >> but doug is out in the sunshine with a few clouds. all right t >> reporter: the sun is
4:50 pm
his face, but your face still looks really good. take a look, everybody out there will tell you it looks good. can you either smile or you have to make an evil face. so give me a smile on this side, smile on this side, look at me and give me a smile. and now look over there and give them the evil face. all right. good. so that is the two-face going on right there. what did you say your name was? dehaven brown. so you have yours done. we had a beautiful girl done. are you going to get yours done? >> no. i don't want face paint. >> reporter: i agree with you. me neither. i do not want -- we're too old for that, right? you must be at least seven. >> i'm seven. >> reporter: boom! thank you. but you had yours done. look how beautiful that looks. what is your name? >> aniya.
4:51 pm
>> reporter: all right. are you having fun? >> yeah. >> reporter: we love doing backyard weather. we're at the lake arbor community center. we've getting a little on the hot side. temperatures right now, we're watching storms that are moving in to northern maryland, unaround hauaurn hargs town. and you can see that. no lightning with these, but we use see a quick down toupour or. today we've hit the upper 80s once again. 87 degrees is the current temperature. dropping into the lower 80s by around 7:00 around 82. 79 by 9:00. beautiful 74 degrees by 11:00. a nice night tonight. temperature-wise, back toward leesburg at 90. 87 in
4:52 pm
right now mout. vernon at 83. here is the pool forecast. 87 at 2:00, 5:00 at 92. you have to make sure that you take the face paint before you get in the pool. now what i'm talking about? you went to the pool today? >> yeah. swim trunks on right now. >> reporter: i wish i did because now it's hot out here. and amelia is talking about a tropical storm that will only hit us like a little bit. right, amelia? >> just a little bit. in fact i think that the most rain that we'll see from the remnants of cindy going to be saturday morning, some she have heavy rain early and then after that, a pretty nice weekend. this is the latest radar from the storm system. potential 6 to 9 inches to parts of louisiana, mississippi and
4:53 pm
late tonight or early tomorrow right around texas or louisiana. maximum winds right now at 50 miles an hour. moving toward the north/northwest at around 9 miles per hour. national hurricane center saying that little changes to the forecast tract. so we have a pretty good handle on how it will move. thursday, into parts of louisiana. and look what happens as we hd into the weekend. the system is absorbed by a front that will bring us some rain to our area on friday and saturday. so here is your 10 day forecast. tomorrow dry as doug said, per feskt fo perfect pool day. 92. saturday, heavy rain early, after that humidity droopdrops. perfect 10 for sunday. and coming up, we'll blow go ove to newrleans where
4:54 pm
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tropical storm cindy churn closer to the louisiana coast 37 and jay gray joining us live from new orleans where the conditionings there and across the region. >> reporter: getting some rain here. cindy has already dlifelivered winds but it's the dri
4:57 pm
we've seen it moving flew in waves not only here in new orleans, but all along the gulf coast. high surf, and heavy rains continue to pound the gulf coast. tropical storm cindy pushing closer to the shore line bringing the potential for high winds, flood waters and tornados from houston through the florida panhandle. >> being on alert is really important. we will still see heavy rain and localized flooding. >> reporter: the biggest threat from cindy is torrential rains. some areas could see 10 to 12 inches over the next 24 hours, too much water too fast. people all over the state of louisiana not just look the coast should take it very seriously because it has the body poe to drop an awful lot of rain all the way through as it moves north. parts of louisiana already dealing with severe flooding. and crews are moving to higher ou
4:58 pm
they evacuated. >> reporter: businesses all across the strike zone have closed down, millions placing for what cindy could bring to the region. >> we live in a beautiful place, good lord washes it off every now and then. >> reporter: cindy expected to make lawful overnight near the texas/louisiana border. and then we will see the potential for tornadoes and flooding rains through the weekend. that's the latest live here. back to you. and the news continues right now with jim and pat. right now at 5:00, new questions tonight about the moments before the murder of a local teenager as hundreds gathered to say good-bye. new he said in the investigation no to an attack on members of congress. what the fbi is now saying about the case. and h
4:59 pm
on why you believes he could be maryland's next governor. we begin with new developments in the murder of a reston teen just hours after she was laid to rest. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm ha jim hjim handly. police are looking into the possibility that nabra hassanen was sexually assaulted before her body was dumped into a pond. >> and tonight at lake ann plaza, a vinlg i will wigil wil in her memory. >> reporter: investigators are saying that they are waiting for the final report from the medical examiner to determine whether or not this 17-year-old was sexually abused before she was murdered. but today the investigation is not what folks are focused on.
5:00 pm
and mosque to pay their respects. >> it's very terrifying. just not right. and no girl or nobody should ever have to go through it. >> reporter: thousands of mourners are struggling to accept the fact that 17-year-old nab bra hassanen was brutally murdered. >> i don't think any of us could describe it. >> reporter: and pain felt even by complete strangers. >> it's a hard time for the people. it could have easily happened to anyone. >> reporter: place say hassanen was with a xwruch friengroove g friends were walking when darwin torez jumped the curb and he caught up with hassanen beating her with a bat and threw her body


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