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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 21, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: fair fax county whom side detectives are investigating the possibility that this 17-year-old girl was sexually assaulted before she was murdered. they are waiting for the autopsy results from the medical examiner, but mourners say that they are more focused of course on how this young girl lived instead of the brutal way that she died. family members say that 17-year-old nabra hassanen was a shining star and epitome of kindness. those who knew her say that she will remember her bright smile. >> such a beautiful young lady. >> it's a pain in a i don't think any of us would be able to describe. >> reporter: a pain that is not only felt by people who knew hassanen, but by complete strangers, too. >> it's a lard tihard time. it could have easily happened to anyone male or female. all right police say hassanen was with a group of friends early sunday morning walking back from mcdonald's and heading to their mosque when investigators say that darwin torres jump t
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torres caught up with hassanen, beat her with a bat and threw her body in a pond. police are calling the murder a case of road wage and are looking into the possibility that she was sex sexually assaulted before she was killed. others are concerned hassanen was targeted because of her faith. >> maybe that's why, you know, she was targeted and that's what happened. but i don't know. >> we trust our authorities here. whichever the authorities say is good. >> reporter: whaefrt reasobeen the community's focus is remembering the life of a 17-year-old girl whose life was taken far too soon. it's important to note that even detectives are calling it road rage, prosecutors say they are looking at all of the evidence in the case, they are not ready to
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back to you. new tonight, someone set on fire some of the things left over from a vigil for nabra. it's not clear the man knew anything about the significance of the items or the gathering. they say he collected things he found and lit them on fire in the fntountain. police say east they have charged him with vandalism. new information about the man charged in a terror attack in michigan. the man from canada shouted a allahu akbar before stabbing a police office at flint international airport. the oifrd is officer is a father of two and is in stable condition. just moments ago, the fbi said the attack is an act of terrorism. and they said that the attacker referred to people being killed in syria, iraq and afghanistan in the attack. >>
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progress one week after being shot during baseball practice in alexandria. he's been upgraded now to fair condition. >> medstar washington hospital center says he is about to begin an extended period of healing and rehabilitation. today the fbi shared new details about that shooting. >> they described some of the evidence that they found and the places that the gun you man visited around town just days before the attack. chris gordon has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: he was living in his van here, he took pictures of himself at the u.s. capitol, on the mall and at museums. he rebltsed a stonted a storage. >> we determine that he had visited his unit more than 43 times between april and ju
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4th and june 14th. >> reporter: that is the day he appeared at the field where the republican congressional baseball team was practicing. investigators say that he fired 60 time, more than 50 with an sks rifle like this, the rest from a .9 millimeter hand gin. hodgkinson had anger issues and was under strain mentally and financially. his posts include anti-republican rants. investigators say he had a list with the names of six members of congress on it. but they are not calling it a hit list. >> if you look at his pattern of life and what he was doing on smooed accoun social media accounts, there is no indication that there was a threat associated with the names. >> reporter: some local residents helped victims to safety. >> we had individuals who directed people into locations in the y to shelter in place. >> reporter: the chief wants to recognize the
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stepped up, showed courage under fire and possibly saved lives. from alexandria, chris fwogordo news 4. u2 front man bono stopped by scalise's office to sign get well cards for the congressman and capitol police officers injured. u2 performed at fedex field last night. and he noted the audience had recently been through what he called some troubling days. he said he was grateful that scalise and the others had survive the shooting. the annual congressional women's softball game takes place tonight. women in congress will take on a team fielded by members of the media including nbls nc games. now he wants to lead a state. rushern baker is the latest candidate to enter the fray that is the maryland gubernatorial race. derrick ward talked with baker about his plans for
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>> reporter: announcement by way of a campaign ad. he is nearing the end of his second term, so now in the run to go run the state. >> i think this is a good time for me. look what i've done in prince george's county, but more importantly, the issues i care about statewide. >> reporter: those issues he had karks jobs, transportation, and public health. >> i think maryland has to lead in health care. >> reporter: he cites similarities between baltimore city and prince george's county. wa baker also said health care is an issue with which he is personally acquainted. his wife suffers from alzheimer's. it will be a tender balancing act, an issue he addressed at home before deciding to run. >> what it makes me is more in tune with what we need across the state to help people the sa same way i get help. >> reporter: he couldn't get support for a property tax hike and while he points
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on his watch, allegations that schooled officials padded numbers to make the rates hider. we didn't find the governor's race top of mind in baltimore or prince george's county, but there are those who are watching. >> as long as he's showing the people that he has goal oriented direction without corruption through leadership and politics, i believe that he's probably got a pretty good shot. >> reporter: he seeks to unseed a popular incumbent. derrick ward, news 4. baker now joins a pool of candidates. ben jealous, alec ross and ralph jaffy will be challenging larry hogan. sean quinn with is the libertarian party candidate. and republican leaders appearbe
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health care bill next week. but the contents of the bill are still a mystery to almost everyone. and concern is growing about a bill that could affect the health and financial security of million of us. blayne alexander is on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: so leaders have promised at least a draft of the bill by tomorrow, but now it's a question of timing with many people asking if there are enough time to have a thorough discussion before going for an expected vote next week. democrats and even some republicans are saying no. at the u.s. capitol, a protest outside over the health care bill being secretly crafted inside. >> house care is a right, into the privilege. >> reporter: the gop leaders latest plan reveal a first draft tomorrow. a cbo score, how much the bill will cost early next week and a vote next thursday. >> they are trying to do this as quickly and a
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they can because they know this bill is terribly unpopular. >> reporter: republic republican leaders. >> reporter: want to keep the money dumb going and vote before the july 4th recess. >> i think all the concerns people have haddumb going and v the july 4th recess. >> i think all the concerns people have had will vap eight because people can read it and understand what is in it. >> reporter: and the white house boosting its case with a new youtube video. elsewhere on cliapitol hill, a focus on russian election hacking. >> in 2016, the russian government at the direction of vladimir putin himself orchestrated cyberattacks on our nation for the purpose of influencing our election. that is a fact plain and simple. >> as of right now, we have evidence of 21 election related systems that were targeted. >> reporter: no evidence any votes were actually
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russia from striking again. and right now president trump is headed to iowa to hold a campaign style rally later this evening. and also nbc news has confirmed that the president plans to hold his first official re-election fundraiser one week from today. it will be at the trump hotel here in d.c. >> all right. thank you. d.c. mayor muriel bowser enjoys wide support as we approach the 2018 campaign season. a new poll out suggests that 67% of d.c. voters say they approve of her job performance. 19% of the people polled did not approve. 13% had no opinion. the margin of error plus or minus four percentage points. bowser is expected to launch her re-election campaign soon. >> we're doing great as a city, the best time in district history. but there are also opportunities for us to get
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washingtonians participating. so i'll push on my team to do more. >> muriel bowser defeated vince del gray in 2014. gray is now a d.c. council member and is mulling another run for mayor. the first day of summer, longest day of the year. and it sure feels like it. douging says we' insays we're a feel the heat. and you timed this one well. >> reporter: yeah, no kidding. and now we have a nice little cloud above us. we're at the lake arbor community center and before it was packed. and now the camps are about done, so that is good news for the kids. they have been picked up for the most part. but i want to show you temperature-wise what is happening to our north. we're tracking shower activity. storm team 4 radar tracking the showers from the north. we've seen those around washington county, frederick county and now
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north of i-70. most of us should stay dry as we move through the night tonight. how about that planner, temperatures right now into the mid-80s. and we're still on the warm side, but not too humid. 77 around 11:00. and i said most of the kids have left. but you guys saw us on t haven't and under we have to get down there. >> yeah. >> in the mcnabb jersey. he does not like eagles, just mcnabb. we'll see you coming up. you can wave to mom. traopical storm cindy is getting closer. >> and a shakeup
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>> and ben's which i wil
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giant has unbelievable pro tip produce prices. : so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. that's right honey. bye! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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it is one of the most famous murals in the ty
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and now it has a fresh coat of paint and new faces, too. >> ben's chili bowl is as much a tourist attraction as it is a diner. tom sherwood reports on the new mural. report crowd report. >> reporter: crowds a blarger because of the new mural. donny simpson was on the old mural and the new one. >> i keep really good company in the alley in d.c. >> reporter: and hair yut tub m harriet tubman to president obama, if takes its place in national history. >> to rededicate that wall to some people who have made our city better and the entire dnb better is my great pleasure. >> thank you. >> reporter: virginia ali wid t
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that heard from dave chappelle and dick gregory as well as jim vance who said he was blessed to be among the mural's honor rheerhee s. tom sherwood, news 4. >> and advance vance is on the with us right now. he's up on that mural. what does it feel like to be in such high company? >> i can tell you -- i don't have the words to express what a joyful thing this is. we're with always honored, but this is ben's chili bowl.
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it doesn't get any better. >> and you notice how nicely framed with the moon outlining his head. >> i heard you talk about that last night. it's a nice piskt ace picture a placed. president obama on one side, dave chappelle, and donny simpson on the far end. can't go wrong. it is a delightful honor. >> and well deserved. anyone who has watched knows your story. you are bigger than life to so many. and there is no place i've been where somebody has not stopped to ask me how you are doing. what's the latest,
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>> rchb >> aren't you getting sick of that? >> no, not yet. >> i'm doing just you fine. and so grateful for all their prayers. thanks, folks. >> well, you know we've talked about this i hear of the same questions all the tiles how are you doing. you know you see it on facebook and you see the e-mails and cards and letters how much people are pulling for you. we're pulling for you, too. and we need you to get back here to work as soon as you can. >> thank you. and just as soon as i can, thank you leon for keeping it warm. don't warm it up too much. >> i'm not getting too comfortable. this is still your seat. >> thank you. thanks guys. >> we'll see you soon. congratulations. developing right now at 6:00, tropical storm cindy spinning closer to the gulf t
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strong winds there. >> people along the shore line are making sure they are prepared for a landfall. as jay gray shows us from new orleans now, they are gathering batteries, tools and all kinds of supplies. >> reporter: yeah, just as a side note, great to hear from jim and right where he belongings on this walled. let's talk about this storm. it's already delivered the gusty winds, but the rain will be the biggest problem associated with this storm. we're in a break thankfully from the rain that has moved through in waves. s is the system continues to move through, it will bring in the waves that get tighter and tighter. we expect to see the rain continue. there is the potential for tornados as well, that will be a big problem. and we'
6:21 pm
continue through the weekend here and across the region. back to you. >> thank you, jay. now the question here, hugh will tropical storm cindy impact our area? doug and amelia are tracking the storm's move and they will tell you when it could bring rain here. and a d.c. mother killed on her way to bibletudy. swh
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doug kammerer is in michigan he wi mitchellville. >> reporter: oh, only thing better would be if i was like in a pool with a drink. but right now, this is great out here. lake arbor community center. just being out here with everybody in prince george's county having a great time. want to thank the guys from army coming down here. so many people out here earlier, weather today has been great. not too hot, just about right. low humidity. take a look outside and show you what we're dealing with right now. temperature-wise we're in the 80s. 86 still in the d.c. metro area. we'll continue to watch the winds out of the southwest at 13 miles per hour, that nice cool wind blowing there. 83 in gaithersburg. 87 in mans. b manassas. har hagerstown, 76 activity after me
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most of us will remain try. showers could make their way into damascus and extreme northern montgomery county.dtry. showers could make their way into damascus and extreme northern montgomery county.ry. showers could make their way into damascus and extreme northern montgomery county. our next best chance of rain actually comes on friday and some of that moisture may come from what is right now tropical storm cindy which may make its way on landfall later tonight. >> exactly into early tomorrow morning. so take a look, this is the rain doug was talking about now moving in to baltimore northern anne arundel county. but as we head down to the gulf, you can see tropical storm cindy bringing lots of rain to areas of louisiana, mississippi, alabama and the panhandle of florida. 6 to 9 inches in those areas. isolated higher amounts. winds at 50 miles an hour as it moves toward the northwest at 9 miles per hour. so again, it makes landfall overnight tonight. it is impacting the gulf throughout the day tomorrow and then as we head toward the end of the
6:26 pm
starts to make an easterly push, we'll see one remnant wave likely impact us on friday and another one on saturday morning. so take a look, it is dry tomorrow. 92 for a high. not only is it hot tomorrow, but muggy as well. the mugginess wasn't so bad today, but you will really notice it tomorrow. as we take a look at the 10 day forecast on friday, we'll have rain and storms at times due in part to the recommend nachbts of cindy and the front. you can see that 60% chance there. otherwise 86 muggy agredegrees. and still muggy on saturday. heavy rain potentially early saturday. but by midday, everything outdoors looking good. really low humidity and gorgeous on sunday. perfect dade to have an outdoor barbecue. and with that, we'll send it back to doug who is previewing eating, trying, is that going to come back to the
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>> reporter: there is no food coming back to the station. you can try all you want. leon and doreen were asking about that, too. sorry, it's all staying here. the kids have all left with the food. so we'll do one more segment coming up a at 6:45, but right now we're with the uso. and this efrntd battle of the barbecue. it's for you. >> yes, it is. and we're so honored to have giant engage with us again for this in-he hcredible event. there will be hundreds of thousands there and we're looking really forward to it. uso metro does so much for our military and so we're very proud to be partnering with giant yet again. >> reporter: and you've been doing this for quite a long time. >> yeah, absolutely. this is actually our second year partnering with giant as the primary beneficiary. so we're excited for all that they do
6:28 pm
saturday and sunday starting at 11:00. and we actually do have a need for volunteers. so if people are interested in volunteering for the event, check out barbecue in to find out how you can volunteer. >> reporter: and we were giving out these glass, but they already had their own. do you believe it? >> no, i don't and i don't believe they were willing to wear them. >> reporter: i was surprised, too. a lot more still ahead. firefighters head into situations that most of us run from, but that stress can really take a toll. we'll meet a local firefighter who decided to seek help and then speak out for his fellow firefighters. >> reporter: uber's chief resigns and the company makes a big change when i it comes to the way it operates. i'll explain how iall maa t kes
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chopper 4 is live over breaking news in montgomery county. a bad accident involving a car and landscaping truck. at least four people have been injured. some of them seriously we're told. >> one person being taken away on a gurney. medevac has been requested
6:32 pm
the boys and girls club there. no word on whether anyone from the club is involved in the accident. but we'll keep our eye on this and bring you more information as it becomes available. now at 6:30, a mother killed after leaving her bible study in d.c. >> it happened last night in northeast just a matter of blocks away from some churches and a police station. pat collins spoke with the victim's other about the loss. >> reporter: let me tell you about the victim. she's 41 years old on, she as three children, a boy and two girls. last night she was here for a bible class and after the wibib class, she went around the corner to visit a friend sneens since elementary school. and during that visit, during thatis ha visit, she was shot a killed. the victim, 41-year-old robin fitzgerald shot and killed last night after she attended
6:33 pm
class and then went to visit a friend in a basement apartment nearby. the friend she went to visit, clarence jacobs. he says his brother came to that apartment, that he and his brother got into an apartment, that his brother fired some shots through the wall and that one of the shots killed miss fitzgera fitzgerald. >> it's a tragedy that didn't need to happen. no words that i could put this in. robin was one of my oldest friends before i've known her since elementary school. >> and your brother was the one who shooting her. >> but it was an accident. it was not on purpose. >> reporter: clarence jacobs says it was an accident. he says his brother, aaron, turned himself into the cops today and tonight aaron jacobs has been charged with second-degree murder. i talked
6:34 pm
mother and she said this is the saddest of times for her. you see she had three daughters, a few years ago she lost one daughter in a terrible aus automobile accident and now another accident to gun violence. a lot of sorrow out here tonight. >> pat collins reporting. thank you. he was a silicon valley superstar who made uber so popular its become a verb. but tonight travis kalanick is out of a job. he is stepping down so that uber won't be distracted with another fight. employees have complained that the companies for teredkocompay culture and ignored claims of sexual assault. how will it affect your ride? >> adam tuss has you covered. >> reporter: uber is an organization
6:35 pm
it hurting business. long time users say the company has been tainted by the allegations. all leading up to travis kalanick resigning. >> uber is now not just sin nochb m synonymous with ride share, it's synonymous with the questionable business practices. >> reporter: amir says there has been a shift. >> some tell us that they prefer to use lyft over uber because of some of the negative publicity. >> reporter: and uber is changing some of the way it operates. another change when you are finished with your ride, you now have the option to tip your driver, that is not something that has necessarily been offered before. not everybody loves the idea, but then again, a lot of people say it's not enough to keep them away from uber. ultimately though uber's value for most is in the service it provides. >> i feel like for me it's just an iue
6:36 pm
if uber is there and they are providing the service i he hnee that's the main reason i use it. >> reporter: for now uber rolling along as the organization tries to to get back in the right lane. adam tuss, news 4. and we're asking on our facebook page will you tip your uber drivers? and we're seeing a pretty even split between yes, no and maybe. many of you also are saying that you don't use uber. so we invite you to add your response on facebook. it's a way to own a little piece of history.personal items from jacqueline kennedy onassis on the auction block. and after 34 year, tom kierein is calling it a career. but we couldn't let him retire ♪
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and now you could own some personal items that once belonged to jackie kennedy onassis. christie's auction hout house i offering it. and star is this cardier tank watch. it will come as a set with a painting jackie herself made as a thank you to the man who gave her the watch. the pair said to be worth as much as $120,000. at least. speaking of icons, we have one of our local ones here to talk about now from the newest member of the news 4 team which would be me to veteran team members, everybody got together for something special. >> a sendoff for tom kierein. he delivered his last weather cast on news 4 midday. and there were some surprises. >> the south and west from a tropical system look what else
6:41 pm
>> bob ryan is here. >> retired news 4 meteorologist bob ryan stopped by to welcome tom to the retirement club. tom is packing up and moving to colorado to start a whole new adventure. he has been a steady presence, such a reliable wit and wonderful worm presence and of course a weather whiz to news 4 since 1983 when he started off on the noon news with barbara harrison and pat lawson muse. tom, we wish you well. >> i don't think i've heard as anybody as descriptive as he is. >> we will really miss him. >> wish you the best. firefighters are here to help us, but who is here when they need help? >> asking for help wasn't an option because i was that super hero. >> now meet a local firefighter
6:42 pm
his colleagues deal with the pressures of mental health on their job.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
firefighters are some of the bravest people among us and here to help us, but who helps them when they need it? research suggests that firefighters are at increased risk for suicide and depression because of what they see and do on the job. one young man knows this first hand and is working to raise awareness and changing minds. >> asking for help wasn't an option because i was that super hero, and there was one night that i almost committed suicide.
6:45 pm
spent the past seven years as a volunteer firefighter for the vigilant hose company. the self described go getter, he jumped right in. >> i started running a lot of serious calls. >> reporter: he was ready fors excitement that came along with the job, but he was into tnot pd for how sdrefs stadevastating t would be. >> i've seen bodies pulled out of buildings, chopped up and mutilated by a tractor trailer. sights that we w. people don't think we see, we see. and he relive them every day. i had flashbacks all the time. >> reporter: mckenna was deeply shaken byes s the suicide of ni mittendorff. >> there was the talk at first is this mental health related. and i started thinking what was going throughout her mind. >> reporter: her suicide pushed mckenna to seek help, but when he finally
6:46 pm
there weren't many places he do find help and much of that had to do with what he found is the stigma stached eattached to me health. >> we think nothing can hurt us, we have this gear and all this training. >> reporter: frank davis was a firefighter for 40 years and currently president of the firehouse where mckenna and his brother are volunteer firefighters. >> i had to make a decision one day to let two children in a burning vehicle die basically because of power lines on the vehicle and i had to decide not let our guys put water on the vehicle because they would have been electrocuted. i still have those flashbacks and still wake up in the middle of the night with that stuff. but
6:47 pm
to suck it up and move on. and it works on you after a while. >> reporter: in an effort to raise awareness about mental health issues and help erase the stigma associated with asking for help, mckenna has written a research paper on the subject where his college thesis which will be published. he interviewed firefighters from around the country about their emotional experiences, ptsd and coping mechanisms. >> i want people to know that mental health in the fire service is okay. there is nothing wrong to ask for help. the brain can't see something a tra matt tick and ju traumatic and turn it off. >> don't try to go to alone, ask for help. it is available. nbc 4 is committed to raising a wearness through our changing minds campaign. to find resources, go to our nbc washington appnd
6:48 pm
fig search fighting stigma. >> him like goialmost like goin search fighting stigma. >> almost like going to a war zone.s search fighting stigma. >> almost like going to a war zone. search fighting stigma. >> almost like going to a war fighting stigma. >> almost like going to a war zone. >> and stuff they confront all the time. let's get the weather now. doug is doing his backyard weather from mitchellville on the first day of summer. >> reporter: first day of summer. longest day of the year.sunligh. and i had to step in the shade because you could feel it. and we have another cloud, the clouds felt so good. we'll show you what is happening right now. it's been a nice day. we have seen a couple storms up to our north from the mason dixon line up around the baltimore area. one area back towards hagerstown, we will watch that drop south and east along i-70. most will stay well to the north of our area as we move on in throughout the rest of the night tonight. temperature-wise right now, we're sitting in the 80s.
6:49 pm
and again with the nice little breeze, it feels quite nice especially with the clouds. you can see the storms in the distance there. 84 at 7:00. so another very nice night. and leading to a warm day tomorrow. take a look at the current temperatures around the region. riverdale coming in at 87, 85 in centreville, leesburg at 84. so it has been a pleasant afternoon everywhere today. even close to the water where the numbers have been in the upper 70s along the water. 84 tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. if you are heading to the pool, that is the place to be. 8 92 at 5:00. but low humidity. so a comfortable 92. take a look at the next 10 days including that weekend forecast, 86 on on friday, saturday and sunday looking great. right now next week monday, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s, so some great
6:50 pm
and this weekd, we aould he be washl could y barbecue battle and i have two chefs with me. >> oh, yeah, i've worked hard and doing what i enjoy. >> and we just graduated two weeks ago. >> reporter: con be frgratulatc. and what did you make? >> a pineapple sweet corn address asparagnd asparagus chu. >> and i made a strawberry with raspberry vinaigrette. >> reporter: and you came in second last year, so this is your time. >> absolutely. i'll bring it hard and make sure everyone enjoys every bite. >> reporter: and the weather will be great. if you wanlgtd me you want me t backyard, send me pictures of your backyard,l
6:51 pm
want me to come down. kammerer. >> and you're the honorary chef now because you've been out here all day. doug and the barbecue man right here live. >> reporter: i love it. you guys have probably got honorary degrees, but i have honorary chef. thank you very much. that's what i'm talking about right there. you know i love food. and good luck to you guys this weekend. >> thank you, doug. >> those two dishes looked too healthy for him. coming up in sports, mad max. how a no hitter turns in stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart...
6:52 pm
not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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20 games in 20 day stretch is complete. an off day tomorrow well deserved. to
6:55 pm
ace's comes to a crashing halt. scherzer visualizing before the game, but the real thing was nothing admire. scherzer still cruising in the sixth, up 1-0. one of the best each others of all, ichiro falls down trying to hit his slider. check this out. scherzer a no hitter into the eighth. but with one out in the frame, disaster strikes. a.j. ellis bounces one of scherzer's glove, turner can't make the play, an infield single. no hitter over, but still the chance for the shutout. but that didn't happen either. instead of being out of the inning, new tow two men on base thin g
6:56 pm
scherzer uncorking a wild pitch way over his head. tying run comes in from third. there goes the shutout. and here goes the lead. later in at bat, he rips to left. ray bu rayburn can't get there. the and the damage here is done. from a no hitter to a loss 37 sher a scherzer and nats fall 2-1. off day tomorrow before a home series with the reds on friday fp. we are 24 hours away from the nba draft. markelle fultz still the projected first pick. kevin durant hails from prince george's county, but remember he was a number two pick. so if fultz ends up going number one, i will be the first from the basketball hot bed to be top pick in the draft. nba holding a media day today. a lot of attention there on fultz.
6:57 pm
originally thought to be heading to boston, now likely heading up 95 to philadelphia after the 76ers traded for the top pick earlier this week. markelle not worried about the trade or chatter. >> i'm just happy to play the game of basketball. my goal is as to keep it going big. so i just want to work out and hopefully i get drafted. i want to win rookie of the year. want to be mvp. i set my goals high. >> and sonny jurgensen will be back on the broadcast, but he will not travel. the considered retiring from the broadcast booth after 35 years, but he said, quote, i was a little bored. so certainly great to see him back. >> not the same
6:58 pm
broadcast. thanks for joining us. nightly news is next. announcer: welcome to the future of health care.
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a future where out of pocket expenses are capped. and medicare coverage comes with more benefits, like dental and vision. when will this future arrive? it's already here, with the 18 million americans who rely on the public-private partnership of medicare advantage. medicare advantage.leading the way.
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tonight, airport attack. an officer stabbed inside the terminal. now the fbi's investigating it as a terrorist incident on american soil. we have late details. states of emergency. a tropical storm turns deadly as up to a foot of rain overwhelms the gulf coast. a powerful system steaming toward landfall. what's in the bill? high drama and healthcare for millions hanging in the balance. we could be just hours away from finding out what senate republicans have planned to replace obamacare. the textalyzer. as distracted driving crashes soar, a controversial new way police could start analyzing your phone after an accident. is it an invasion of privacy? and a billion dollar deal. a surprise announcement tonight from george clooney.


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