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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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now at 11:00, new questions in the investigation of a muslim teenager as murder. police give us answers while hundreds gather to pray for nabra hassanen. president trump hits the road tonight for a campaign
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about the new health care plan going public tomorrow. a capitol police officer throws out the first pitch at a congressional baseball game one week after her lifesaving actions in alexandria. good evening. tonight the family of nabra hassanen thanked everyone for their love and compassion in the days since her death. and that continued tonight. >> close to a thousand people gathered in reston to remember the 17-year-old. news4's jackie bensen learned new details about the investigation into her murder. jackie? >> reporter: that's right, doreen. tonight during an outpouring from nabra's closest friends, we learned that which are death may be even more horrible than we originally knew. >> nabra was caring. >> nabra was open minded. >>
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>> reporter: love poured from her neighborhood friends in the cedar ridge community and from the principal of her high school. >> nabra's incredible sense of kindness, style, humor, and her infectious style has left a lasting impression on us. >> reporter: tears came to the eyes of many as nabra's little sister delivered a message from the family. >> i just want to thank everybody for your love and support. and i just want to say to nabra, i love you and i'll always miss you. >> reporter: more than a thousand people filled the plaza at lake ann village in reston. >> nabra taught you how to lead. and we bear that legacy on our shoulders. we bear that responsibility to continue to make the rest of the world more like reston. >> reporter: beforehand, fairfax county's police chief spoke to the media about the murder investigations. he was asked if the
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attack 22-year-old darwin martinez torres is accused of includes sexual assault. >> we're pursuing that possibility. but we have to await forensic examination results. >> reporter: rossler was asked again why police believe nabra's murder was the result of road rage and not anti-muslim hatred. >> right now that is a myth on social media. there is no evidence at this point in the investigation at all that this was hate motivated. >> reporter: now, chief rossler says there is also no truth to the rumor that people, witnesses, have come forward, that the suspect made some type of anti-muslim statements. he said those are not true. he said anyone with information about the car kin torres' role in this is asked to call police right away. jackie bensen, news4. kaiser permanente is notifying two dozen
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patients that they may be at risk for infection. all of the procedures were performed at the medical facility in largo. apparently there is a defect in a piece of equipment that may have affected the sterilization process. kaiser permanente says the risk of infection is low, and, again, limited to 23 patients. all 23 should be screened for possible illnesses like hiv and hepatitis c. kaiser released a statement saying in part, "the healthy and safety of our members is our absolute top priority. we are reaching out to all potentially impacted members and are committed to ensuring that this does not happen again." leon harris here at the news4 live desk. we're hours away from finally learning the details of the new gop health care legislation. tonight at a rally in iowa, president trump said he's urging senate republicans to add more money to their plan because he wants a plan with heart. president trp
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crafting if democrats would come on board. with only 52 gop senators, the bill will not pass if only three of them say no. >> if we had even a little democrat support, just a little, like a couple of votes, you would have everything. and you could give us a lot of votes and we will be willing to change it and move it around and try to make it even better. it's going to have good heart, but even better. >> there are several reports tonight about what's going to be in this bill. nbc news is reporting changes are still being made as we speak, so no one really knows what's in it except for a handful of republicans. even some senators say they'll be in the dark until they get a copy tomorrow morning. we'll see what happens then. at the live desk, i'm leon harris. >> leon, thank you. sentencing is set for tomorrow when the so-called pizza gate shooting at comet ping-pong in d.c. last year.
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before seen photos from inside the restaurant after edgar welch was arrested. they show the bullet hole that he shot and a weapon resting on a keg where he set it down. welch said he was investigating a conspiracy theory about a child sex ring connected to the hillary clinton campaign. he has since apologized. prosecutors are asking for a 4 1/2 year prison sentence. one person died in a crash that tied up traffic on the beltway a little after 7:30 tonight. this is the outer loop near college park. two cars collided. you can see at least one of them ended up in the median. state police say two other people had to be hospitalized. it's not clear yet who was at fault. chopper 4 over the scene of another serious crash, this one happened in olney during rush hour. it involved a fully-loaded landscaping truck and another car on olney laytonsville road. one person had to be medevac'ed to the hospital. we don't have an update on the conditio
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a local mother is killed after leaving her bible study in northeast washington. now the man behind bars for the crime says it was all an accident. robin fitzgerald went to visit a friend, clarence jacobs, at his apartment along 51st street last night. jacobs told news4 he was fighting with his brother. aaron jacobs shot through a wall, hitting robin fitzgerald. he's now accused of murder. a man accused in a possible terror attack at a flint, michigan airport has already appeared in court. he shouted allahu akbar before stabbing an officer in the neck. law enforcement officials tell nbc news he was not in any fbi databases prior to the attack, and stabbed the officer outside the tsa screening area. that means he
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knife through security. >> when the subject went up to the officer and stabbed him, he continued to exclaim "allah" and he made an estimate something to the effect of, you have killed people in syria, iraq and afghanistan, and we are all going to die. >> the officer is out of surgery and is recovering tonight. storm team 4 tracking tropical storm cindy tonight in the gulf of mexico. the system isn't expected to make landfall until early tomorrow morning but it is already turning deadly. a 10-year-old vacationing with his family in alabama was killed today when strong waves washed a large log onto the shore, hitting him. from the florida panhandle to texas, there's widespread damage this evening. alabama and louisiana already declaring states of emergency. the potential flooding could be life-threatening. >> already looks bad. let's get a closer look at our forecast now w
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4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer. >> doug, this will impact us at some point. >> it is, friday and maybe into saturday two. two pieces of energy will make their way our way. the timing of it is the toughest part of the focused. you can see what's happening with cindy coming onshore tonight and tomorrow morning, close to the border of texas and louisiana. a lot of rain to the east. you've seen the tornadoes, we showed you numerous tornadoes and water spouts in that area. for us, what we're dealing with first is the heat. look at highs today, 90 degrees in d.c., 88 in dulles. i think we get hotter tomorrow before a good chance of rain moves in friday and saturday. i'll break it down for you and take you hour by hour on friday. how does that sound? >> sounds good, see you in a bit, doug, thank you. prince william county beeves up nondiscrimination protections for lgbt students and staff. in a
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board members officially banned discrimination in county schools on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. critics say the move threatens the privacy rights and security of children. but supporters argue fairfax county and other virginia districts have passed similar protections. the virginia attorney general says school boards can set their own policy. prince georges county executive rushern baker has his eyes on a new job. he announced in baltimore today he's running for governor. baker says it's a good time to look at what he's done in prince georges county and issues he cares about statewide, like education, jobs, transportation, public health. health care is an issue that touches him personally. his wife has been diagnosed with early onset alzheimer's disease. >> i'm in tune with what we need across the state to help people, the same way i get helped every day. >> baker joins
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democratic candidates. ben jealous, richard mataleno, alec ross, and ralph jaffe. they'll be challenging republican governor larry hogan. baker has served as county executive since 2010. the first major poll since last week's primary in virginia's race for governor has democrat ralph northham in the lead, leading republican ed gillespie 47-39% in the quinnipiac university survey. the margin of error is plus or minus four points. this poll also asks about president trump. almost half of virginia voters said they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who supports the president. about a quarter said they would be more likely. and 28% said their vote wouldn't change either way. >> reporter: i'm shomari stone. a congressional women's softball game, one week after a gunman opened fire at the congressional men's basketball game. i'll have the story,in
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also ahead tonight, after the big concert last night, bono pays a visit up to capitol hill today, showing his support for steve scalise as we get good news about the congressman's recovery. and stay tuned for our favorite story of the day. jim vance moamongscons. i
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(dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. a welcome surprise at tonight's congressional women's softball game, before the players even took the field. >> one of the victims and heroes from last week's shooting in alexandria is out of the hospital. she made an appeanc
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news4's shomari stone was there. >> reporter: capitol police officer crystal griner throws the first pitch in a wheelchair with her leg elevated. at the congressional women's softball game in southeast d.c., one week after gunman james hodgkinson shot her at the men's baseball practice in alexandria. >> so glad to have her here, both sides of the aisle and both houses are so sorry for what happened. >> reporter: officials say hodgkinson acted alone, had no ties to terrorism, and was under stress, running out of money and living out of his car. >> it was a tragedy, and something that we were all devastated to learn happened. >> reporter: security is high at the women's game. house speaker paul ryan showed up and fans watched congress women of both parties play on the same team against members of the press. they're all raising money to
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>> really overwhelming. >> reporter: susan miller was diagnosed in arlington, virginia a year ago. >> it's such a sense of gratitude and appreciation that you have so many people taking not only their time out of, you know, their careers, coming across the aisle for a rare change in d.c. these days. >> reporter: tonight i talked to some fans, they told me that they hope the congressional women can get along off the softball field as well. in southeast d.c., i'm shomari stone, news4. >> wonderful time there. one of the biggest music stars in the world took time from his schedule this evening to pay respects to congressman steve scalise today. bono met with the congressman's staff up on capitol hill and signed get well soon cards for scalise and capitol police. the congressman's twitter page posted these pictures. last night, the u2 front man gave scalise a shoutout during his concert at fedex field. scalise has
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fair condition. >> good news. lots of excitement on u street today, ben's chili local unveiled their new mural. >> a big nice for us too. from historical figures like harriet tubman to president obama, the mural features 16 people with ties to washington, d.c. history. news4's jim vance is bright and shiny up there on the mural. he talked about his likeness on the wall today. >> the blessings never stop flowing. i came here on june 10th of 1969. and one of the first places that i came to to spend my money in d.c. was ben's chili bowl. >> go, vance. he joined us on news4 at 6:00 by phone tonht
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we posted the conversation in our nbc washington app. just search "vance." >> and shockingly, he left there without getting a half smoke. >> imagine that. another familiar face here at channel 4 hung it up today after more than three decades. >> meteorologist tom kierein gave his final forecast today after 34 years of telling us what to expect when we head out the door. tom has retired. look at that old photo. former colleague bob ryan dropped by to say goodbye. tom will move to colorado to, in his words, explore the west. we are really happy for him, although we'll really miss him. >> he'll be documenting some awesome sunsets. >> he's got a heck of a plan. >> up to alaska, right? >> i've seen some people saying, yeah, retirement, i'm not sure what i'm going to do. no, he's ready. he's definitely ready. good luck to hi
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what's ahead for us? in the near future. >> some hot weather today, we hit 90 today. tomorrow we get into the low 90s. more humid during the day on your thursday too. then we start to see the remnants of cindy make their way up here, giving us rain on friday. we'll show you what's happening out there right now. a very nice night, but it's warm. 81 degrees at 11:00. temperatures in the 70s at most locations. martinsburg the loan exhibition at 68. shower activity there. 73 in huntingtown. a very nice night. there are a few showers. we saw pretty good storms around baltimore over towards dover. for us, it came through hagerstown, around frederick. that was about it. now we're tracking a couple of more showers in through winchester, right around the winchester area, frederick county, virginia, towards martinsburg. these will fall apart as they move east. don't be surprised if you see n sprinkle if you'real
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dog around the winchester area. this is a little boundary coming through the region. it won't mean much to us tomorrow. what will mean more over the next couple of days is cindy. way down south of the texas/louisiana border, look how big this storm is. you guys didn't help me with in a, thanks a lot. the clouds go all the way up towards chicago from this storm. eventually it makes its way onshore. winds 50 miles per hour, moving north-northwest at seven miles per hour. coming onshore overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. by friday, it's just to our west. as you follow this track, it moves right around our area during the day on saturday. we will see two bouts of moisture, one most likely on friday, another one saturday. first off, tomorrow. by 4:00, again, some cloud cover around the area. i expect to see clouds with some sunshine. could see an isolated shower and thunderstorm tomorrow, most of us remain dry. tomorrow at 11:00, clouds move in. tomorrow night, we start to see
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friday, around 3:00 a.m., by 7:00, 8:00, heavy remembain mov. we dry out a little bit friday afternoon, then we could see another round of maybe stronger thunderstorms move in friday evening. this is something we'll be watching. another band of heavy rain could move in saturday morning. 84 tomorrow at the pool at 11:00 a.m. by 5:00, it gets hot. 92 degrees, the pool a perfect place to go tomorrow. not so much on friday with that rain likely on friday. again, early saturday. but saturday i am not anticipating a washout. if you've got some activities late saturday afternoon, no problem. and look at next week. we're in the upper 70s to low 80s. >> look at all that sunshine. >> beautiful weather coming in. >> we like that. >> a little bit of rain. we need it. >> thank you, doug. coming up, the caps lose one of their young stars to a familiar foe.
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starting us off with some hockey. and building a team from scratch. >> there's now 31 teams in the nhl. the nhl draft is completing in las vegas tonight. here is what happens. the golden nights building their roster for their inaugural season. each existing team was allowed to protect only a certain amount of players. the other players on the roster available to be drafted by vegas. the las vegas golden knights have only drafted one player from each team. >> from washington, the vegas golden knights select nate schmidt, defenseman. >>
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george mcphee breaking cavs' hearts everywhere. schmidt, originally signed by mcphee in 2013. schmidt was a big part of the capitals' plan after coming into his own this season, scoring a goal with threes assists. it's a big loss with one of the happiest people you'll meet. he's taken that happy smile to las vegas. nats finish their series against the marlins. scherzer was hot for most of it. scherzer taking a no-hitter into the eighth. but he then ran into problems with one out and a one-two count. a.j. ellis bounces one off scherzer's glove. no-hitter is over. the train went off the tracks late
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loaded. scherzer, that wild pitch allows a timed run to come in from third. there goes the shutout. jean carlos rips one to left. gordon is thrown out at home. as you can tell, the damage was done. if a no-hitter, scherzer 2-1. orioles hosting the indians, this one started 45 minutes for a rain delay. kevin gosselin on the hill, struck out nine. in the fifth, lindor crushes to center. indians take a 3-0 lead. gosselin done after 5 2/3. six shutout innings, indians win it 5-1. orioles have allowed five or more runs. to the pitch, d.c.
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hosting atlanta united. their first home win since april 8th. they top atlanta 2-1 tonight. also washington wizards giving up their 52nd draft pick for tim frazier. the draft is tomorrow -- or excuse me, on thursday, and we'll have coverage. >> united versus the united. that's got to be confusing for the announcer.
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that does it
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"the tonight show with jimmy fallon" is heading your way next. >> thanks for watching, and see you tomorrow.
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