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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  June 22, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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boy was found by himself only this morning. take a look at his picture here. police want your help identifying him. montgomery county police say the boy was found near the westfield montgomery mall just before 2:00 a.m. he is safe with officers right now. however, police say the boy is nonverbal. they say he shows signs of possible autism. they think he's about 10 or 11 years old. if you have any idea who he is, police call police. also breaking this morning, this child could be in extreme danger. kimberly jane long went missing in smith county, virginia. >> she's only 4 years old. they've issued a amber alert for her and her suspected ab buck tore, joel d. long. they could be moving toward roanoke in a maroon toyota tacoma. >> if you see joel long
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tacoma, call police as soon as possible. good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm chris lawrence. aaron has the morning off. we want to get a check on your traffic and storm team 4. >> sheena parveen and lauryn ricketts are outside bearing down with the heat and humidity. how is it feeling? >> it's not bad. >> no, it's not. >> but it's warm. >> it's warm. >> you can feel the humidity in the air. we can also feel little mosquitoes. >> i feel my mosquito bite from earlier and new ones forming. >> the bugs are out this morning. it's humid and warm. 76 degrees. nice sunrise. but more clouds around than we had yesterday morning. tomorrow morning, rain around. by lunchtime, close to 90 degrees. by 5:00 p.m., hot, low 90s. there's tropical storm cindy spinning around the border of texas and louisiana. and the moisture from that is actually going to move here as we go into tomorrow. coming up in a bit, we'll talk about the timing of the rain for
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weekend. lauryn and i are back with the forecast. let's check the traffic with melissa mollet. >> delays inbound here. westbound 50 before mlk jr. highway. headed inbound in prince george's county, right side blocked by a crash. it involved a pedestrian earlier this morning. inbound 11th street bridge before southeast, southwest freeway. crash on the right side. lawyers road east of soapstone drive blocked through the morning rush. also hearing about a problem in montgomery county. edward ferry road near the river. a car bo the water after a crash. trying to get more information on that. we'll be back in a minute, guys. we're following breaking news at 6:02. thaek a look. this is what a crash looked like while you were sleeping. >> it's been impacting commuters. justin finch in live in greenbelt with the latest. what's going on, justin? >> hey there, chris. you know, this h t
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a tractor-trailer and a truck colliding on the inner loop hours before the morning rush. now the wreck is clear and the investigation is under way. police are wondering why one person left the scene early this morning. maryland state police did arrive close to 3:00 a.m. we're told crews quickly followed behind, clearing away the scene. the brunt of the crash came to a rest by exit 24 by the greenbelt metro. we're hearing again that one person was hospitalized in this crash. however, the investigation again centering on this person. at least one person who did leave the scene. police want to know why that person did that. i can tell you at the crash scene there was some concern about the truck involved in this kr wreck and its trajectory. live from the scene, i'm justin finch. news 4. >> thank you, justin. we're following a big developing story
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but that will not be the case just a few hours from now. >> yeah. that's because senate republicans will release their long awaited plan on health care. erika gonzalez has more on that at the live desk. >> the biggest impact would be for families and their wallets. according to the associated press, the plan would cut and revamp medicaid and penalties on people not buying health coverage. subsidies to help people buy insurance, that would be based on income. it would eliminate funding for planned parenthood. remember, house republicans passed a health plan last month that called for tax credits based on age. coming up, we'll hear more from tracie potts and looking at how the senate health care plan could bind republicans. more on that coming up. ♪ a shining example of kindness
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remembering 17-year-old nabra hassanen. this is video from the vigil for the teen last night. earlier in the day, more than 5,000 people attended her funeral in sterling. they left cars on the roads and walked more than a mile toward the mosque. people from all different faiths came to support the family. she was beaten with a baseball bat sunday morning in what police are calling a road rage incident. last night at the vigil, her little sister delivered a message from the family. >> i just want to thank everybody for your love and support. and i want to say to nabra, i love you and i'll always miss you. >> fairfax county police are looking into the possibility that she was sexually assaulted by the suspect. as of now, they say they can't say conclusively that she was assaulted until the medical examiner's office finishes its investigation.
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vigil, someone vandalized the memorial set up for nabra, police charged a man from south carolina with vandalism. it's not clear he knew about the significance of the items or the gathering. he collected a lot of the stuff he found around dupont circle tuesday night and then lit it on fire in the fountain. here's a look at your top stories. family and friends of a university of virginia student will remember him as a young man whose life was cut short. his funeral is today in ohio. the 22-year-old spent more than a year in a north korea prison. when he arrived in the u.s., he was in a coma. later this morning, the man who pled guilty in the so-called pizzagate at thomas ping-pong will be sentenced. edgar welch says he was investigating a conspiracy theory about a child sex ring connected to the hillary clinton campaign. prosecutors are asking for 4 1/2
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inside the restaurant. muriel bowser will announce a new plan to get rid of the rats in d.c. it starts with eliminating trash and up to 60 businesses will be able to buy or lease trash compactors. the district will start using solar trash cans and smart litter bins and residents will be able to text 311 to ask for an exterminator. >> you can look up now. oh, there's a storm slamming the southern coast right now. tropical storm cindy is already blamed for one death and it just made landfall in louisiana about an hour ago. >> yeah. it is bringing high waves, pouring rain and causing all kinds of problems. nbc's jay gray live in new orleans. what are you seeing right now, jay? >> reporter: hey there, chris, eun. thankfully, we're in a break between the waves. we've s
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of them in the city. it's also affecting much of the central gulf coast with that driving rain. we've seen waterspouts as well as tornadoes spawned by this system. unfortunately, it's turned deadly. a 10-year-old in alabama slammed by debris from one of the waves generated by this storm along the shore from there. look, this system, it's not raining here. but it's not over with just yet. in fact, the possibility of the tornadoes and flooding rains will continue and move with this system as it now pushes to the north and the east. that's the latest from a dry for now new orleans. eun, chris, back to you. >> thank you, jay. and you may be dry for now. but as the storm continues to churn up the gulf coast, it's going to weaken a bit. heavy rains will be a big problem especially along the gulf of mexico. we've got rain
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we'll talk about friday, not necessarily today. that's coming up in a few minutes. plus, a warning from the local hospital that you may want to hear. the routine procedure that may have put its patients at risk. >> changes could be coming to your driver's license. it has to do with the box you checked about your gender. the a
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we've got temperatures in the 70s right now. we'll continue to take the temperatures up into the upper 80s by noon. we're headed into the 90s today. a lot of humidity and chance of an isolated shower here or there. more rain tomorrow. how is your weekend shaping up? sheena will have the forecast on the ten-day in a few minutes.
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new problem in silver spring. you can see it in the distance. sounds like a pedestrian was struck there. >> edwards ferry road at the potomac river. report of a car into the water. for more on that, to the live desk with erika gonzalez. >> hey, melissa. we're taking a look at this new information just coming in to the live desk from montgomery county. fire and rescue about a vehicle in the water at the boat ramp. as you mentioned there. we've reached out to them to ask whether or not somebody is in the vehicle or in danger. can't tell you that right now. waiting for a response. we can tell you that chopper 4 is en route to the scene. we'll get you a picture as soon as we can. back over to you. >> thank you, erika. at least four deaths are being blamed on the sweltering heat out west. two of the deaths happened here at carlsbad caverns national
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daily temperatures topped 100 degrees for nearly a week there now. a father and son from texas died while trying to hike in the area. family members say they were experienced hikers. the deaths are under investigation. scary moments at the airport in flint, michigan. >> second floor inside the terminal. an officer down. >> that's a dispatcher calling for help after a man stabbed an airport police officer yesterday in flint. the fbi says 50-year-old from canada, entered on june 16th and made his way to flint yesterday where he targeted lieutenant jeff neville. it's investigated as an act of terrorism. the lieutenant is in satisfactory condition. two high school teenagers run down by a driver in times square celebrated a big accomplishment this weeng. the new jersey high school seniors graduated. jessica williams couldn't make it to the
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still in the hospital. but her mom walked across the stage in her place. destiny light foot had to use crutches to get herself across the stage. the girls were in times square last may for a senior skip day when police say richard rojas intentionally drove his car into a crowd full of people. the police say he was high on drugs and one person died in that attack. in news 4 your health, if you had a colonoscopy done in largo, maryland in april. listen up. officials are notifying about 2 dozen patients that they may be at risk for infection. learned a defective piece of equipment may have affected the sterilization process. kaiser permanente say the risk is low and limited to 23 patients. but officials want all of them screened for possible illnesses, hepatitis c and hiv. kaiser permanente rea
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absolute top priority. we're reaching out to all potentially impacted members and are committed to ensuring that this doesn't happen again. >> moms and dads, a new study estimates more than half of teenagers have sex by the time they turn 18. some good news. about 80% of them say they do use some form of contraception during that i first sexual experience. only a small percentage had that first sexual experience with someone they had just met. if you live in d.c., you'll no longer have to say whether you are male or female on your driver's license. d.c. is going to allow gender neutral i.d.s. instead of m or f on your license plate, there will be an x and you can choose which identifier you prefer. oregon is the only other state with a practice like this one. after 34 years of telling us what to expect when we head out the door, meteorologist tom kierein is waking up to retirement. >> chances are he's sleeping in
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description for a d.c. sunrise and he's a trusty source for all our winter storms. >> years and years and years tom, he predicts it. i stand in it. and then i measure it with the official pat collins snow stick. >> there you go. >> it's only appropriate that you take a pat collins snow stick. >> i am honored. >> it's a model, tom. >> i am honored, pat. >> it's one of a kind, like snowflakes. >> i love that pat collins is wearing that hat in june. >> incompetent doors, yeah. >> we rolled out so many surprises for tom during his final broadcast on midday yesterday including a visit from bob ryan. >> the man does not age. if you missed anything, check it out on our nbc washington app. search tom retires. just a class act. a consummate prsi
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>> we're looking at this gorgeous sunrise coming up behind us. >> blueberries, mango. >> just looking at it. >> tangerine sunrise. it's gorgeous outside. we're going to miss tom. he's so funny. i think a lot of people don't see the behind the scenes tom. he's so funny. we miss tom. he's probably sleeping right now. guaranteed. i hope he is. you better not be watching, tom. >> this morning, it's going to be a nice one. look at the sun coming up. we're going to have a lot of clouds. hot and more humid than yesterday. a warm start to your morning. tomorrow, it's going to be different. periods of rain starting in the morning. it will go into saturday. saturday morning expect the rain clearing saturday afternoon. humidity will be dropping, too. really the second half of your weekend is looking really nice. 76 right now in the district. it's warm outside. 70 in leesburg. 70 clinton. 68 degrees. if you're in frederick and if you're walking the dog told, keep in mind, it's going
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hot. you can find out how to adopt dogs at the rescue line. already 90 degrees by lunchtime. 5:00 p.m., 92. we're going to see big changes tomorrow. we're currently nice and dry. then we look to the south. that's thunderstorm cindy making landfall right along southwest louisiana, close to the texas border. as a tropical storm -- max winds 40 miles an hour. the moisture will move in our direction. as we go through tomorrow morning, you see 6:00 a.m. there are some of the rainfall already. a breakthrough the day and then into saturday, that's when we're looking at rain saturday morning. that could be the heaviest rain in the area. for your friday, 86 degrees. scattered showers in the morning. even late, early saturday, humidity drops sunday and it stays low into next week. a closer look at the extended forecast coming up. let's check the traffic. ? silver spring, still have this problem. southbound
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pedestrian struck. we have some southbound lanes. you can see in the distance still shut down here this morning because of that. also another problem. we're sending megan mcgrath there and chopper there. this is in poolsville. edwards ferry. a car into a river. sounds like it's submerged. they have rescue workers on the scene. no word on if someone is inside. all lanes opened as you're headed out of bowie and into the direct. a crash reported here as well. inbound 11th street bridge before southeast southwest freeway, a crash on the right side. yellow line delays right now. vernon square malfunction there at huntington. making history in tonight's nba draft. how a local standout is putting prince george's county in the record books. the kids are likely home more than ever in the summer. we continue with warngs aboutni
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keeping kids safe in the water is something every parent worries about.
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today, thousands of kids will jump in the pool for a lesson on how to stay alive. the largest swim lesson will happen all over the country and in our area as well today. you can take the kids to the pool at noon for their lessons. they'll be joined in the pool by former olympic swimmer maddy crispin. we'll bring you tips how to keep your kids healthy. today a closer look at safety inside the home. >> anyone with children knows there are a million things they can get into. you have to watch them so closely. doreen gentzler has the safety tips you should hear as we start the summer. >> we took a look at safe kids worldwide. some everyday household hazards really stood out. batteries. every year thousands of kids are treated in emergency rooms after swallowing those little button batteries. keep coin lithium battery controlled devices away from kids, including remotors, singing greeting
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calculators, key fobs and mores. also falls, they're the leading cause of nonfatal injuries. make sure window screens are secured and secure p dressers to the wall. those prevent tip-overs. according to safe, every hour a child goes to the e.r. because of a tv tip-over. poison dangers. laundry packets attract kids because they can resemble toys. make sure to stow them safely. if your child does swallow one, call poison control immediately. >> for more trips, use our nbc washington app and search healthy kids. we continue to follow our breaking news. a crash and fuel spill is all clear on the beltway. it's what happened after that accident that still has police looking for answers. plus, the so-called
6:26 am
pizzagate. internet rumors fueled a gunman's rage. a look inside the pizza shop after bullets were flying. we have heat and humidity. but we also have rain on the way. we're talking about that for the weekend. that's coming up after the break. stick around.
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"news4 today" begins with breaking news. breaking news coming out of poolsville. >> we're hearing about a car that's gone into the water. erika gonzalez at the live desk. >> chris, we understand this is near the boat ramp. now we're hearing that that vehicle is completely submerged. what we haven't heard yet is whether or not somebody is in that vehicle or whether or not anybody is in danger. we can tell you that other crews are there on the scene. we're also being told that chopper 4 is about ten minutes away from that scene. so as soon as we can get you a picture, we'll bring it to you. back over to you. >> erika, thank you. it is now 6:30. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm chris lawrence. aaron has the morning off. the day is starting off hot and a little bit sticky.
6:30 am
parveen and lauryn ricketts in the thick of it. >> i know you're from florida. is it feeling like that? these little bugs. >> right towards your eyes. i'm not sure what they're trying to do. it's kind of buggy this morning. the humidity outside. leesburg, winchester, 68 degrees. 75 quantico. ai it's a warm start. dry roads, near 90. low 90s this afternoon and now we look way down to the south, storm cindy making landfall. southwestern louisiana, right near the texas coastline. this is important to us. because the moisture is going to move our way as we go into tomorrow. so this time tomorrow, we'll be dealing with rainfall. the remnants of tropical storm cindy. coming up, we'll talk more about the timing of that and how it's going to impact your weekend. let's check your dry commute this morning with melissa. >> this problem should be there in the next ten minutes as
6:31 am
said. edwards ferry road across the river. trying to get more information on the car submerged. southbound lanes blocked northbound. left lane also blocked. this is a pedestrian involved crash there in silver spring this morning. incompetenter loop and outer loop of the beltway, no major problems there. 450, a crash reported inbound 11 -- crash on the right side. eun? >> thank you, melissa. if you are just joining us, we've been following breaking news in greenbelt. the inner loop of the beltway ws a mess earlier this morning. maryland state police say the crash involved a tractor-trailer and one other vehicle. police say one person was taken to an area hospital. no word on that person's condition. police also say at least one person may have runaway from the crash scene. news 4's justin finch will have the latest at 6:45. today, the case that brought fake news to everyone's attention will come
6:32 am
when edgar welch is sentenced for shooting inside thomas ping-pong. >> he was investigating a child sex ring connected to the hillary clinton campaign. dha conspiracy was false. megan mcgrath has a look at new photos from inside the restaurant that day. >> reporter: these never seen before photos were taken inside thomas ping-pong and they were just recently released by the prosecution. now, you can see a bullet hole in the wall from one of the shots that was fired inside the northwest restaurant. you can also see the weapons that were used here. a rifle resting on a beer keg where edgar welch set it down. there's a handgun on top of a ping-pong table. edgar welch came here to investigate false internet rumors of a child sex ring. he did open fire inside the restaurant but no one was hurt. he has since apologized for his actions and he has entered a guilty plea. today, welch is
6:33 am
prosecutors are asking for a 4.5-year prison sentence. he will learn his fate later on this morning. back to you in the studio. >> thanks to megan mcgrath. major new developments involving the child who showed up near a local mall. erika gonzalez at the live desk. >> we're just hearing from police that the parents of this missing boy have been located. according to police, it was his teacher, some camp counselors that have been watching the news this morning and phoned police. so police are now in the process of reuniting the parents with their son. he was found overnight wandering near westfield montgomery mall in his pajamas, barefoot. he was nonverbal. but thanks to the community he's being reunited with his parents. good news this morning. back over to you. >> thank goodness. erika, thank you. here is a look at other top stories this morning. a university of
6:34 am
korea will be laid to rest today. otto warmbier died monday. his funeral will be held in ohio. the 22-year-old spent more than a year in prison in north korea for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster. he returned to the u.s. recently in a coma. north korean officials say he contracted botulism, but american doctors have not found any traces of that rare illness. tropical storm cindy made landfall a couple hours ago along the texas/louisiana border. people along the gulf coast are si seeing flooding, high winds and thunderstorms. in alabama, a boy was killed by a huge wave that swept a log on shore and in about 15 minutes, nbc's jay gray will be live with more details on what kind of damage he's seen in new orleans. a tragic accidental shooting. that's what one man says happened inside his d.c. apartment when his brother shot his friend. robin fitzgerald was
6:35 am
clarence jacobs' apartment on 51st street northeast. she had left bible study at a nearby church. jacobs says he and his brother had an argument and during the fight, his brother pulled a gun and shot through a wall, accidentally hitting fitzgerald who was in the next room. she died at the hospital. aaron jacobs has been charged with her murder. we're learning more about the gunman in last week's congressional baseball shooting. of the fbi says james hodgkinson acted alone. agents say he was under financial and mental stress and had a deep animus towards president trump and republicans. several people, including steve scalise were shot and he's been upgraded to fair condition. one of the victims from that shooting made a special appearance at last night's congressional women's softball game. >> it was cheers all around for capitol police special agent crystal
6:36 am
[ applause ] >> all right! >> yeah. agent griner threw out the first pitch. it pit the women of congress of both party on the same team against the women of the press corps to raise money for breast cancer research. by the way, the so-called bad news babes did win that game. all for a good cause. honoring, nabra, a virginia community in mourning. new details emerge about the murder of a muslim teens. high hopes for a hometown star. it may be prince george's county on the map. who to watch, what it means for a local basketball star. the first full day of summer. temperatures in the lower to mid-90s today. certainly feeling more like summer. passing shower. we've got that humidity and that heat moving in for the weekend. we'll be talking about that and rain chances for your weekend after the break. we're following breaking news right now. take a look at a live pick if
6:37 am
arriving on the scene. you see a car there in the water. you can see right there. it looks like it's sinking. we'll bring you the latest this breonak
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breaking news on first 4 traffic. take a look at this. chopper 4 over this problem in poolsville. a car fully sub merged in the water. this is edwards ferry road. you can see montgomery county fire and rescue on the scene. they have banged out the back window, smashed that out and also this front driver's side window. montgomery county fire and rescue tweeting out the vehicle is submerged. initial indications is that it is unoccupied. they're checking the area looking for the owner at this point this morning. we'll keep you updated on this one. we've got that humidity in place. u'
6:41 am
as soon as you step out the door, it hits you. unfortunately, the humidity going to be with us. we also have rain moving in. we are going to be looking at rain showers. not only for tomorrow but for the first part of saturday. sunday looks gorgeous and nice next week. waking up and heading out the door, humid conditions. sunshine to deal with and warm temperatures for the first full day of summer. sheena will time out the forecast. i have the weekend forecast including the beach in a few minutes. >> did you say beach? >> cruel and unusual punishment on a workweek. a young man grew up in prince george's county about to become a millionaire. >> markelle fultz is projected as the number one overall pick in the nba draft tonight. our reporter carol maloney will be there. he's from upper morarlboro. >> he would be the first number one pick from our area in about 45 years. of course, nba superstar
6:42 am
durant is from around here. had a pretty good career. >> done okay for himself. >> technically, he was drafted number two overall about ten years ago. >> so excited for local guy done well. congrats. the replacement for obamacare drafted behind closed doors. the four things to know about the health care battle and what this plan means for your benefits. plus, talk about celebrities and -- the celebration say hello to the new frozen dunkin' coffee. real dunkin' coffee, blended frozen, creamy smooth. a whole new way to enjoy your favorite coffee.
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all for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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a noisy health care battle. the benefits of millions of americans is on verge of changing. what it means to you and your family. tropical storm cindy makes landfall with high winds, heavy rains,
6:46 am
waterspouts. >> it was pretty rough. we had quite a bit of lightning and thunder close by. >> first, a look at the damage and where the storm is headed next. familiar faces. ben's chili bowl honors local legends, including one who is very dear to our hearts. >> my blessings continue to flow. i'm erika gonzalez here at the live desk. chopper 4 over the scene in poolsville where a car has gone into the river. rescue crews were banging out some of the windows to see if there was anybody inside that needed help. i think crews are making their way towards the ramp. we're hearing from montgomery county fire and rescue that initially it doesn't look like there was anybody in that car or in need of help. of course, they're trying to locate the owner, figure out how this happened in
6:47 am
place. this is at edwards ferry in poolesville. that car in the river. these are live pictures from chopper 4. eun, chris, back to you. >> erika, thank you. it's 6:47. we're following breaking news right now. maryland state police are investigating an early morning crash on the inner loop of the beltway. >> it caused a mess for early morning commuters. justin finch is live in greenbelt. how is it looking for folks hitting the roads now? >> reporter: chris, the good news is that the roadway is clear. but after this crash this morning, that tractor-trailer and that truck colliding, police are now left with an interesting turn in their investigation. at least one person bailed from that wreck scene and the question, of course, is why. check out the krash site from earlier this morning. the inner loop near exit 24 is where it happened here. the tractor-trailer coming to a rest right by the greenbelt metro exit there. now, the fuel spill here further complicated cleanup efforts here but it was eventually cleared
6:48 am
close to 3:00 a.m. with crews following right behind them to begin cleanup here. again, we're hearing one person was hospitalized as a result of this crash. the extent of their injuries not yet released at this time or their condition. also too, that person, at least one person who left the scene. they want to know why the person left. we can tell by being out there, there was concern about the truck involved in this crash and what it was doing before the accident happened. back in to you. >> justin, thank you. flooding, thunderstorms and heavy, heavy rain, that is what people are dealing with along the southern coast right now. >> tropical storm cindy just hit land and nbc's jay gray is joining us live in new orleans. how is it looking, jay? >> reporter: chris, eun, thankfully, no rain right now. we've seen it coming through in waves since really early yesterday. but a break in the clouds, even a little sunriseer
6:49 am
orleans, which is a welcome sight. it's not over, though. we've dealt with conditions from yesterday as i talked about. not only here in new orleans but along the central gulf coast the storm spawning waterspouts and tornadoes. driving rain, though, the biggest problem associated with this storm. we've seen flooding in new orleans and, again, other areas along the strike zone. that's expected to continue throughout the day today. another storm turned deadly as well. yesterday, a 10-year-old vacationing with his family in alabama, was thrown against the shoreline by a huge wave generated by this storm. it has crossed the shoreline, the core of this storm. it's now moving inland. it will bring with it the possibility of those tornadoes and the flooding rains as it moves to the north and the east. really, through early this weekend. a break right now here. but forecasters warn we haven't seen the last of this storm just yet. >> jay gray, t
6:50 am
it's now 6:50. we have breaking news. an amber alert we've been telling you about all morning has been canceled. virginia state police called off the alert for kimberly jane long. they say she has been found unharmed. she's 4 years old. she was reported missing and in extreme danger after disappearing from smyth county, 80 miles southwest of blacksb g blacksburg. she's been found unharmed. last night we witnessed an overwhelming show of support for the hassanen family. >> earlier in the day, more than 5,000 people attended her funeral in sterling. she was beaten to death with a baseball bat sunday morning. what police are calling a road rage incident in fairfax county. police are looking into the possibility she was sexually assaulted by the suspect. we're keeping an eye on capitol hill. the battle over health care is going to take on a completely new focus
6:51 am
>> senate republicans, expected to release their plan to replace the affordable care act. >> erika gonzalez has more of the developments. >> here's a look at four things to know about what the plan could include, right? first, this is all according to the associated press. it would cut and revamp medicaid, end penalties on people not buying coverage. eliminate funding for planned parenthood. subsidies will be based on income. they passed a health plan that called for tax credit to help people buy insurance based on age. back over to you. >> thank you, erika. a lot of familiar faces if you pass ben's chili bowl today. >> including one much our favorite anchors here at news 4. the d.c. landmark unveiled the new mural and features harriet tubman and president obama. 16 figures in all. we're so incredibly proud that our colleague, jim vance, is among them. es
6:52 am
flowing. i came here on june 10th of 1969. and one of the first places that i came to, to spend my money in d.c. was ben's chili bowl. >> vance joined us on news 4 at 6:00 p.m. by phone to talk more about this honor. we posted that conversation in the nbc washington app. search ben. we've seen several accidents. we want a check of first 4 traffic is melissa mollet. >> breaking news continuing in poolesville. edwards ferry road in the potomac river. this vehicle fully submerged. montgomery fire and rescue is saying they don't believe anybody is in there. they broke out the windows a short time ago. now the goal is to get it out of the water, i'm sure.
6:53 am
university boulevard, still a little bit of a slowdown there southbound. an earlier pedestrian was struck. outer loop after pennsylvania avenue, one lane blocked for a disabled vehicle. rest of the beltway is okay. southbound connecticut avenue near beach drive, a crash reported there as well. 450 -- a new one, westbound 70 between mt. airy and new market. a crash there too. into town and out of town, roads look okay. 270 southbound, no major problems for travel times. half of the beltway not looking too bad. 66 inbound. 95 northbound in virginia there, very normal timing for a thursday morning. >> listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop into your car. tropical storm cindy is moving on shore making landfall as a tropical storm. mass winds 40 miles an hour. right along the southeast coast of louisiana, heavy rain about to really move o
6:54 am
louisiana shore. now we have to watch the tropical storm closely. the track is going to pull it here in the morning. keep that in mind. rain in the forecast and showers towards frostburg. most of the area dealing with some cloud cover. we'll stay dry through most of the day. can't rule out an isolated chance early on. mid to upper 60s. mid 70s in the district. it's a warm start and going to be hot this afternoon. if you're exercising, plenty of water. it's about mostly cloudy. highs in the low 90s today. future weather showing that rain moving in tomorrow morning. big break possible through much of the afternoon tomorrow. then we see rain returning saturday morning. then that humidity drops by the afternoon. closer look at the weekend forecast with the rain and also our beach forecast with lauryn. good morning. >> good morning, sheena. showers early on saturday morning and then get more comfortable saturda
6:55 am
saturday morning, maybe some pool time, maybe the kids dealing with some sporting activitying or -- heavy rain and a few thunderstorms possible. we'll get clearing in the afternoon. less humid temperatures will be in the 80s. sunday looks gorgeous with temperatures in the 80s with comfortable conditions, lower humidity. the humidity will be around, especially on friday and a chance for showers and thunderstorms on the northern beaches. then saturday, we will have some showers in the morning. again, temperatures in the 830s. but less humid into sunday. next week, we're still dealing with summer. today is the first full day of summer. sheena, we have any really warm temperatures next week? >> i think, lauryn, it's going to be really comfortable. look at the numbers after sunday. mid to low 80s most of next week and the humidity will be lower, too. the weekend leading up to fourth of july, we could be back around
6:56 am
it is 6:56. here are four things to know before you head out the door this morning. in the last 30 minutes police tracked down this boy's parents. montgomery county police say that after we broadcast his pho photo, we received calls from three teachers and april counselor. the police did. they found the boy at the westfield montgomery mall at 2:00 this morning. it's not clear how he made it there. right now, this car as melissa showed you, totally submerged in the potomac river near edwards ferry road. montgomery county fire and rescue doesn't think anyone was inside. still not clear what happened. the man who pled guilty in the so-called pizzagate shooting at thomas ping-pong in d.c. last year will be sentenced. edward welch said he was investigating a conspiracy theory about a child sex ring connected to the hillary clinton campaign. be sure to follow us
6:57 am
developments. an attack on an airport officer in flint. they're calling it an act of terror. coming up on the "today" show, you'll hear the exact words the attacker used. that does it for us. thanks for joining us. the "today" show is coming up next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with local news, weather and of course, traffic. >> have a great day.
6:58 am
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good morning. good morning. breaking news. cindy roars ashore. landfall in louisiana overnight. the tropical storm blamed for at least one death. residential rain leading to dangerous flooding across the region. we are live in the storm zone. the big reveal. republicans set to unveil their new health care bill this morning. president trump weighing in during a raucous rally in iowa. >> i hope we're going to surprise you with a really good plan. >> what's in the plan? terror in the terminal. a possible motive emerging in the chilling knife afac on a police officer inside a michigan airport. the suspect a canadian who investigators say shouted in arabic and expressed


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