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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 22, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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today that gunman was sentenced to four year. >> there was a child sex ring being operated. he tried to recruit others to help him and please from family and friends not to get involved, that's according to prosecutors. in court today, he said he was sorry. the prosecutors say he took three loaded guns into the restaurant, fired several shots. when he realized there was nothing illegal going on, he surrendered to police. he also ordered to pay $5,700 in restitution for all the damage he caused here. in northwest darcy spencer
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four. a man is charged with selling secrets. kevin is accused of taking the documents five years ago when he retired as government contractor. court documents show the former state department employee got $25,000 for the information. certain conditions are met. northern virginia bureau of chief julie carey joins us now to explain how this went down. that will be coming up on news 4 at 5:00. protesters dragged out of the hallway of the senate office building and arrested this morning. the protest came after the senate released its version of the obama care replacement bill. they arrested 43 people of obstruction. many of them had removed themselves from their wheelchairs and were laying on the floor. now, we're breaking down for you what's in the new senate health care bill. now it's fairly similar to the house bill that was passed earlier this year. it eliminates the obama
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mandate requiring to buy insurance and also eliminates the subsidies which gives them the money to purchase insurance. now those subsidies are replaced with tax credits. these tax credits are based on income not age, that's expected to held over americans who have been hurt. there are more protections for people with pre-existing conditions like the house bill and the bill also rolls back medicaid expansion and winds down the expansion program starting at 2020 that's later than the house bill. it does -- the senate has the wing for congressional budget office scoring. and they want to vote on this bill before the july 4th recess. at least four gop senators have said they cannot support it in its current form. blayne alexander is going to have new reaction. new twist in the back and forth between president trump and fire and fbi director. the president
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he did not record his conversations with comey. the two gave differing accounts of a conversation they had last month with a president saying comey had better hoped there are no takes of it. the white house had been dodging questions about whether those tapes existed, that is until today. today there was a funeral for otto, the 22-year-old virginia student who died after returning from north korea in a coma. it took place at his high school alma mater. government officials and strangers were among the mourners. the cause of his death is still a mystery. house speaker paul ryan visited steve scalise at the hospital this morning. he said his spirits are up as he recovers from last week's shooting. tropical storm cindy could cause life threatening flash floods. the system made land fall this morning along the
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spawned suspected tornados today. let's go to doug in the storm center. >> doug, how much is cindy going to impact us. >> i think it's going to have a pretty good impact to friday morning commute, early on saturday. we're going to see pieces of it. one of these pieces moving over night tonight. let's show you what's happening now. we're looking at showers and thunderstorms, these are not associated with cindy, these are moving around the pittsburgh area. notice right in here, i can zoom in here, these may be coming down just like yesterday, right down over towards baltimore. most of us should remain dry tonight. as we move in to what we're going to be seeing during the day tomorrow. tropical depression cindy, all of this in yellow, that is a tornado watch. and we'll have a couple of tornado warnings, including some around atlanta. take a look at what one tornado did. that was a convenient store right there. the tornado went right over that
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out. they're assessing the damage right there. there have been numerous tornados reported and you can see still going on right now with a lot of the damage that's going to continue. we'll watch this very closely as normal. land falling tropical systems and we've had quite a few of them today. as we move on through the rest of the night, over night rain through tomorrow morning, wet morning commute. not a wash out on your friday. we'll explain that weekend ahead. he was released from the hospital for 45 minutes. the softball game congresswomen against the women of press core and they raised $300,000 for young women with breast cancer. by the way, the team ended up winning two to one. >> low score for softball game. s
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surrounding this video, check this out. a car completely submerged in the patomic river today and no one around. police think may have happened there. >> if you love snacking on hum mus, you might want to know about this first, there could be bacteria lurking and important recall you need to know about. >> new details about health scare and medical facility, some patients who recently got a
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the owner of the car found submerged said she didn't know her car was missing. early this morning someone spotted it, crews pulled hyundai out of the water. no one was inside. investigators are still trying to figure out how the hyundai ended up in the river. the owner tells news 4, the car must have been stolen. all right, folks, get changes coming from metro starting on sunday. service hours will be reduced. trains will run between 5:00 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. monday through thursday. on sunday, the system opens at 8:00 a.m. and closes at 11:00 p.m. metro added some bus options for riders after the rail system closes down. metro fares, they're going up on sunday. all rail
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cents per trip. rush hour rise by 10 cents each way. regular and express bus fares take the biggest hit. those fares will increase by 25 cents. there is a new food recall involving three popular brands of hummus. they are concerned some ingredients may be contaminated with -- including walmart and target. you'll find a list of the infected brand. search hummus. >> what are the top stories today that women need to here. heart disease, it kills more women than all cancers combined. study said that many ladies and their doctors don't understand the risks. this woman made headlines once for being the first person to breast feed in the australian parliament. now, she's going a step further, first at 4:00.
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♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
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inthe only bed smart enough toer change sleep as we know it. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you comfortable. and snoring... does your bed do that? right now save on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, it's the lowest prices of the season with savings of $500 on our most popular p5 bed. important news for those who have colonoscopy back in april. they may be at risk for serious infectious. they say the risk of infection is low and it's limited to
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but officials want all of them to be screened now for possible illnesses like hiv and hepatitis c. the health and safety of our members is our absolute top priority. we're reaching out to all potentially impacted members and are committed to ensuring this does not happen again. >> many women worry about their weight, now startling new study finds that weight may also contribute to the growing number of women with heart disease. erika edwards explains. >> there are several reasons she did not see a doctor when she first began having heart attack symptoms. >> i thought this was an old man's disease. >> she put off getting medical care she urgently needed because of her weight. >> the goal was to lose a few pounds because i'm overweight. >> she's not the only woman who feels this way. nearly half of
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postponed or cancelled doctors visits because they wanted to lose weight first. dr. noel at cedar sinai heart institute in los angeles led the study. she said even in doctor's offices, female patients face gender stigma. >> they're more often to lose weight rather than actually take a medication or do something that would be helpful to their health. >> they surveyed physicians. the group wasn't as large, 300 doctors, including cardiologists who specialize in heart disease. >> a majority of physicians did not feel well prepared to discuss or to manage heart health in women. >> tracy ended up getting help. she's had surgery and now on heart medication. >> i walk my three miles a day. i watch what i eat.
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i think of -- i pray. >> unnecessary concerns about weight. erika edwards, nbc news. >> it's great day to get out and work on your weight or anything else. >> although you said -- >> he ran 17 miles today. >> he said 4 miles. >> four felt pretty good. we got grass, pollen and mold poll pollen, pollen not to worry about it. so that got you. out there right now, we're dealing with cloud cover. those clouds continuing to move on in. we're seeing a lot of cloud cover today. temperature wise, we're at 88 degrees right now. winds out of the west at 9 miles per hour. all in the upper 80s for the most part. 87 fredericksburg. 87 over towards baltimore area. we have some clouds, but no rain around the immediate area. ag
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storms that have developed, they're not moving all that much. if they continue to develop and move and down towards the south and east, right now toward franklin and polk county. heads up if you're up around the mids later this evening. you can see the clouds coming in. all of these mid to high level clouds. and you can see that system up to the north, too. the mid to high level clouds, though, they're coming courtesy of cindy. look how big this system is. it extends from the great lakes all the way down towards the gulf coast. you can see the spin and the atmosphere here. we have that one tornado, one confirmed tornado that we saw. other tornado warnings out there as well. we'll watch this system very closely. it is going to move into our area. it brings in some moisture. here we are through 11:00, most of us should remain on the dry side. 11:00 first piece of energy, by 5:00 a.m., right across parts of our area, we could have some wet roadway, here is 7:00 a.m. look at 270,
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270, always a mess. why not add some rain to it at 7:00 a.m. we couldn't see a wet morning commute. heads up there. i think almost all of this will be out of here at 10:00. that's good news if you have lunch plans outdoors or you're thinking about getting outside. sunshine as well. that's why it's going to be hot and humid tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, most of us remain on the dry side, so here is your forecast. 88 degrees tomorrow. early rain, maybe a few isolated afternoon storms, but most of us remain on the dry side tomorrow afternoon, so i still think it's a pretty good pool thing. a little bit more son and isolated storm around 5, we should remain on the dry side. temperatures around 88 degrees as i mentioned. hi temperature, 87 degrees on saturday. a good chance for rain in the morning. that's when the heaviest rain come in, tomorrow night into early saturday morning. 85 on sunday and some beautiful,
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absolute beautiful weather as we head into next week. we'll have more on the weekend forecast, including what cindy means to you and your weekend plans. >> at just 18 years old, the prince georgia county teenager is on his way to becoming a big opera star. [ music playing ] >> his name is aaron crouch, he was just accepted into julie art. he just completed his first year at the curtis institute of music in philadelphia. last fall he was one of only five students arn the world -- around the world to be accepted. he started learning how to sing classical music just three years ago. can you believe that? when he enrolled in the performing arts program. his teachers quickly realized this young man had an incredible and rare talent. he said he grew up sng
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new love is opera. >> i discovered so many things about myself in the practice of what my e voice doesn't like to do, when my voice works and when it doesn't work. what things effect my voice, what things don't effect my voice. >> erin believes he has the family to become one of the finest opera singers of his generation, can you believe that. >> that's amazing. >> that's pretty incredible. >> we'll hear more about him and hear more from him on news 4 at 5:00. >> i can't wait. hundreds of thousands of federal employees are having super low rates this year. >> why inaccurate information is threatening to derail. >> wouldn't you love to become a king or queen. prince hryar
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now, this next story is one that's got a lot of people talking on social media, just can't believe what happened here, a french fitness model is dead after a pressure wised whip cream dispenser exploded hitting her in the chest. her death was announced by her family yesterday and they posted these pictures on
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the dispenser she was using has been recalled. she died of cardiac arrest on friday after the incident. back in 2014, french officials actually warned people to be careful when using them because several of them exploded in the past. antiroyal delima, where it seems nobody wants to be king or queen. queen elizabeth the second has reigned for more than 65 years. according to prince harry, envy here, despite sharing her sense of duty. the mon arcy is a force for good. he and his brother william are trying to over haul the image. while no one wants to be king or queen, the family will carry out its duties at the right time just the same. >> tough to be the king. >> who knew. >> it looks like the queen's husband is feeling better. prince philip was released after spending two nights there. he was being treated for an infection, british officials say that he was i
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condition and has been hospitalized several times in recrept years. it was apparently -- recent years. >> cindy makes her way to the gulf coast unleashing heavy rain, when we'll start seeing remnants of the tropical storm here. >> and how one lawmaker is trying to prove she can work and raise a
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first at 4:30, investigators are trying to learn how a mother of four died. >> her body was found in front of the car over the weekend. news 4 just spoke with montgomery county police and more now on this developing story. >> we are several days now into the investigation of a woman found dead in a burning car in sandy springs. andrea's family is distraught. her body was found saturdayn
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was on fire near her home. police are calling it a suspicious death. now, they're waiting on autopsy results to see how she died. >> they are reviewing information and evidence that has been gathered. this is process of the investigation at oftentimes is boring, if you will. it doesn't appear that as much as being done because the activity at the scene is over, now they are beginning to analyze what they have. >> as to whether there's a threat to this quiet community, police say detectives are looking at everything. in montgomery county, kristin wright, news 4. health care reform in today's big reveal from senate republicans. their new health plan is coming under fire even from members of their old party. blaynye alexandra on details
4:31 pm
has a chance to pass, blayne. >> well, this is it, all 142 pages of this bill, much of it is changing parts of obama care, not a full repeal and it turns out that can actually be enough to sink this bill. the back and forth taking center stage on the senate floor. >> let us right now, democrats and republicans sit down and try to come up with a bipartisan bill. >> if i thought that was a sincere offer i would take it in a minute, in a new york minute, but it's not. >> it will be in order. >> the fight spilling into the halls of congress. >> i worked all my life with my disability but i'm not rich enough to keep my daughter alive without medicaid. >> they're unvailing their plan. with four gop senators saying they oppose the bill, it may already be doomed. >> we're afraid when we read the bill, it actually looks lik
4:32 pm
care. >> it keeps the structure of obama care, not a full repeal. the changes, gradually deepening cuts to medicaid and repeals for individual and employer mandates. what does it keep, coverage for pre-existing condition, states cannot opt out and kids can remain on their parents' insurance until age 26. the plan will give tax credits based on income. >> the medicaid expansion gone, ripped up and flushed down the toilet. >> republican leaders and the president say this is just a draft with plenty of time for changes. >> little any gosh yags, but it's going -- negotiation but it is going to be good. >> the clock is ticking. the republican leaders want this passed before july 4th. and what is still unknown, exactly how much this bill would cost and how many people would be ensured, those numbers are set to be released early next week. >> blayne alexander, thank you. in the case of multi
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tasking. and australians lawmaker made history last month when she became the first woman to breast food her baby in parliament. she's done it again. this time making history for breast feeding while delivering a speech on the senate floor. she stood up this morning with a towel over her shoulder as she cradled her little daughter. she moved a motion to drve related to -- related to black lung disease. so new mothers could nurse in the chamber and not miss important proceedings. before that, they had to leave the room. >> new today, the best strategies to prevent alzheimer's disease. new research finds no clear answer, but exercise, managing high blood pressure and brain trading seemed to offer the best possibilities. >> i think the practical implication is to remain cognitively active in life. try to avoid the tendency to sit down and watch television for endless hours at ni
4:34 pm
get out there and engage in life that may be stimulating with regard to going to lectures, going to reading the newspaper, discussing those kinds. >> probably good add vievice fo lot of things. you can watch it for news study tonight at seven. metro doesn't treat in the way they deserve. metro employees protesting about working conditions at the transit agency. >> are you one of the 500,000 government workers on track to have your loans completely erased. there are some new conce about rn
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new information about a man suspected of stabbing a police officer. the canadian man drove to the u.s. last friday and appeared in michigan as early as sunday. >> authorities just held a news conference to update the investigation.
4:38 pm
yesterday in what the fbi is calling an act of terrorism. the house homeland security chairman said the suspect tried to buy a gun in the flint area but was denied because he's not from the u.s. today the quebec premier said that muslims have an important responsibility in the fight against terrorism. >> unfortunately, you cannot disconnect this type of event, terrorism, from islam, in general. >> the injured officer is expected to recover. it's a program that is suppose to help you deal with your student loans, but a new report says the program is plagued with problems. the public service loan forgiveness program allows teachers, doctors, social workers and others to get rid of their student loan debt if they make a certain number of payments over a tenure period. but the protection bureau says some of the loan companies are stonewalling. the bureau says it's working on correcting the problem, the trump administration wants to eliminate the program altogether,ha
4:39 pm
to impact people who currently have loans. >> it's about to become the second place in the country where a person can be gender neutral on a driver's license instead of the licenses. it cannot be an x. the option is expected to be available later this month in dc by the only other place that does that. >> police are using new technology to solve old rape cases. how they're creating new sketches with dna. women report feeling warn out and home and stressed out at home returning to new ways to
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four things to know this afternoon on news 4 at 4:00. the man who opened fire in the inside the d.c. pizza shop has been sentenced to four years. to investigate internet rumors of a child's
4:43 pm
words can't undo or change what happened. at least four republican lawmakers said they can't support the gop health care bill. they're willing to vote for the measure if changes are made. the current removes obama care mandates and removes health care subsidies in favor of tax credits. the bill includes deep cuts in medicaid beginning in 2020. eight years ago today, we witnessed the deadlyiest crash in the history of metro. nine people died when a train crashed. investigators determined faulty equipment caused that crash. and take a good look at this sketch. it wasn't created using a witness description, police are hoping this can track unsolved rape in montgomery county. this new technology has been used once before, news four chris gordon talked to the 75-year-old victim about the new effort to solve her case. >> montgomer
4:44 pm
you to take a close look at this new picture of a suspect. it's a composite created from dna, showing a suspect police believe is responsible for raping an elderly woman twice in her jermantown condo. it has become a cold case over the years. today i spoke by phone with the victim who is now 75 years old, living in a long-term care facility. >> there was a time when nobody knew what dna was. and it's -- as science progresses, all the more to it. i think this individual isn't going to stop. he's going to keep on doing it and feel good about himself until he is caught. >> the same suspect is responsible for raping four other elderly women. and they are hoping that this new composite created from dna
4:45 pm
back to you. >> well, could boarding a plane be as easy as scanning a fingerprint. >> jim handily joins us now from the newsroom. >> similar to the technology you might use to unlock your cell phone it could make getting through security lines at the airports a whole lot easier. our trapgs reportnsportation is us to explain how it all works and how soon you'll be able to see it when you travel. plus, he was busted after returning home with 16 grand in cash in his luggage. now, we've got new developments in the case of leesburg man charged with selling secrets to the chinese. our julie carey on the scene where fbi agents are raiding a home in connection here to this case. these stories, plus a good deal more. and carol maloney is live for us at nba draft in brooklyn, more on
4:46 pm
it's a proud day in prince george county, we'll see you in a few. >> see you in a bit. cindy has been downgraded to a tropical depression, but continues to cause flooding damage as it makes its way into the northeast. nbc jay gray has been following the storm and he's in new orleans with a closer look at the conditions. >> crashing waves as the tropical storm makes land fall. the system water spouts and tornados this afternoon a twi twister graffled just outside of birmingham. >> this is something we've dot to deal with. just pray everybody is okay. >> cindy has dumped 12 inches or more rain in some of the hardest hit areas flooding continues to be an issue across the gulf coast. >> wherever the's
4:47 pm
need to kept careful and cautious. >> the storm turned deadly in alabama. it was hit by a large wooden post as it walked along the beach with his family. >> when the wave hit the timber. it rolled the timber up on top of the child. >> damage and degree stretches from houston through the florida panhandle, communities across the strike zone cleaning up as the tropical system now continues to push inland. >> they're certainly not out of the woods yet. it's a long way from being over. >> billions in the path of the storm bracing for what cindy could bring next. jay gray, nbc news. new orleans. >> no severe weather at all from this storm system, what we'll be watching, not just one but two areas of rain. >> we're talking about heavy rain, especially saturday morning, we've
4:48 pm
close to two inches in some area. >> the timing is interesting. we'll get back on that in just a minute. take a look at what we're dealing with now. we've seen a lot of clouds as a result of cindy. these are coming directly from cindy. right now 88 degrees, current temperature, temperatures dropping through the 80s down to the upper 70s. very nice night once again if you're thinking about getting out. the only exception could be towards the northern zone. these are the same area that saw it through the day yesterday. you can see here as we look in towards the area, a couple of storms, may see a little bit of lightning here, making their way down along 70. heads up around clairmont. you might see some of those. the bulk of the area will remain dry tonight. that's going to be the case off and on. here is tropical storm sidney or what's left of cindy, now a tropical depression still spinning down here. that's all tornado watches including one tornado
4:49 pm
alabama. that's flash flood watch, we do not have either of those in effect, most will stay towards the west. how is it going to effect us here, not just one round, taking us hour by hour. >> you can see on the radar, they're parts of virginia and west virginia. so that moves into our area over night after midnight, well, great day tomorrow morning for the morning commute, some showers, potentially, a few rumbles of thunder. we'll continue to see rain through at least the mid-morning hours, a little bit different they'll be in tomorrow morning updated the -- updating the forecast. but by the late morning and midday hours, look at future weather, we'll dry, you can't rule out shower thunderstorm later in the day but really it's like friday morning we'll have the rain. then stopping future whether saturday at 3:00 a.m. very early, another wave of rain, you see some very bright colors that's going to bring some pockets of heavy rain saturday
4:50 pm
dry again. but the road conditions is looking wet out there, tomorrow morning and then, again, on saturday morning after that, though, the weather, i mean for late june as we head into july looking really nice. >> yeah. we're not calling either friday or saturday wash out. that means most of the day will be dry both friday and saturday. high temperature tomorrow, 88 degrees good chance of rain early in the morning. the rain should get out of here. most of saturday looks nice. then we get into some nice weather, 85 on sunday, look at this, a phenomenal stretch of june weather, very rarely do we see temperatures upper 70s to around 80 degrees. i think we get there tuesday and wednesday, a little bit unsettled. lots of events. let's talk about a couple of them, if you're going to the beach, had a question, can i play tennis on saturday and sunday down at the beaches. sunday probably the better day. we expect to see rain especially early on saturday, even here looking okay. sunday looki
4:51 pm
down at the beach in water temperature up into the 70s now. another event coming up this weekend, this is going to be a cool one. you heard me talk about it a little bit yesterday, the barbecue battle, the 25th anniversary, national capitol barbec barbecue, 87 degrees on saturday, this is on pennsylvania avenue right around third street. 85 degrees on sunday you need to get tickets heads up there. it's great for that. most of the rain moves on out. we'll send it back into you. you know i love some barbecue. >> that's soggy barbecue, good deal. >> july fourth is just around, aaa predicting a new record for traveling over the holiday, expecting to hit traffic. mass majority going to be driving to destination more than 50 miles away from home. since the fourth is on a tuesday this year, aaa is predicting that many travelers will make it a four day weekend. air travel expected to rise for
4:52 pm
out and picnic in your plans. retail federation finds americans will spend more than $7 billion on food for the fourth of july. it's more than $73 a person. >> the woman's answer to man cave. they're inviting hide aways, they're in backyards. to get a. >> it can cost anywhere from a couple of hundreds dollars to thousands of dollars and some home improvement stores are offering do it yourself kits along with professional crews to help build those spots.
4:53 pm
>> you always say, if you're not happy, nobody is happy. >> he's got your man cave, right, consider this a she cave. >> i'll take your word for it. >> the reason why metro workers had a mock funeral, what they say no longer exist ere. th
4:54 pm
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they fell out west. two of those deaths happened at this spot here in new mexico's national park. daily high temperatures top 100 degrees for almost a week. officials say a father and son from texas died while trying to hike in that area. family members say they were experienced hikers. the deaths are under investigation now. new information about last week's deadly high-rise fire in london's prompting inspections of hundreds of similar buildings. the tower which caught fire and quickly burned was covered with combustible material that helped that fire spread rapidly trapping residents inside. they believe about 6 other buildings have same materials most used for public housing. at least 79 people died in last week's fire. we're learning it's going to be much cooler in north metro stations. transportation reporter adam has learned the chillers at both o
4:57 pm
running after weeks of being broken down. this news comes on the same day as metro workers hit the streets saying the agency doesn't treat them fairly. news 4 justin was there. >> that demonstration came to an end this morning at metro's board meeting after a dramatic demonstration outside the headquarters. let's take you now to video of that protest. this is the local trans union carrying a casket to the front of the metro building. a symbol, they say, of the middle class as a result of the metro board endorsing general manager paul's long-term plan, some even covering their hands with blood before going into that meeting. now, in that protest crowd a mix of train operators and other front line transit workers who were all concerned about the loss, they say, of the benefits of the safety conditions, as well, as special concerns about their contracts. >> it's not only going t
4:58 pm
hurt this region. safety has been the number one priority they've talked about and fell short. >> they're trying to take everything we know of, livelihood, pension, they're trying to cut our salaries and increased health insurance. it's take, take, take and never give anything. they want us to sacrifice everything. some members did speak out in that meeting today. metro headquarters justin finch, news 4. the news continues right now with jim and pat. >> fbi agents raid a man's home in louden county, why he's now charged with espionage and what he's accused of giving to china. >> newly released video of the man at the center, what it shows him doing before he fired a gun inside a dc restaurant. >> we'll tell you about some new
4:59 pm
boarding a plane as easy as scanning your fingerprint. when it comes to one of our local airports, we'll take you there live. >>. first we have breaking news in leesburg, as federal authorities converge on the home of a man charged with selling top secret documents to chinese. >> sealed indictment was returned this afternoon in federal court. he's a former government contractor who had top secret clearance. >> northern virginia julie carey was in court today when he appeared earlier. >> she's now at the home with the new developments for us, julie, what have you learned? >> all day long it has been with federal agents. when i first got here about an hour ago, i counted more than a dozen cars parked along the curb here. there were k-9 teams you see some of them right now. a short while ago, the bomb square command
5:00 pm
rolled away. let's take a look of a man at the center of this investigation. he's accused of selling secrets to the chinese for the for the consulting company he runs. today he was in court dressed only in a tank top in running shorts. clearly a surprise to him. malorie faces charges now that could send him to the prison for the rest of his life or under certain circumstances even carry the death penalty. malor malorie, we're told, speaks fluent mandarin chinese. he's worked for various government agencies and what he did, he had top secret clearance. but federal prosecutors say when malorie left the federal government in 2012 he took some of the top secret documents with him. he came under scrutiny in the spring when he flew back from shanghai and told custom officials he did not have more than $10,000 to report. in his carry on bag, they discovered some $16,000. now, the indictment alleges that


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