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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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rolled away. let's take a look of a man at the center of this investigation. he's accused of selling secrets to the chinese for the for the consulting company he runs. today he was in court dressed only in a tank top in running shorts. clearly a surprise to him. malorie faces charges now that could send him to the prison for the rest of his life or under certain circumstances even carry the death penalty. malor malorie, we're told, speaks fluent mandarin chinese. he's worked for various government agencies and what he did, he had top secret clearance. but federal prosecutors say when malorie left the federal government in 2012 he took some of the top secret documents with him. he came under scrutiny in the spring when he flew back from shanghai and told custom officials he did not have more than $10,000 to report. in his carry on bag, they discovered some $16,000. now, the indictment alleges that
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chinese intelligence officials in exchange for documents, some of them top secret. the indictment also says that mallory and chinese intelligence officials were using a special device to communicate and transmit documents. neighbors here say that the federal investigators rolled on to the block this morning. as you can see still here this evening executing the search warrant. neighbors, though, had very little to say about mallory. they don't know him well. they say the family really keeps to themselves. when i join at news 4 at 6:00 a look at some of those conversations between the chinese intelligence officials and mallory. those conversations captured on that device. back to you. >> julie carey, thank you. the man who opened fire inside a d.c. pizza shop will have to spend the next four years in prison. it's connected in northwest. days before the election,
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related to hacked e-mails relating to hillary clinton's campaign chair. in december a man to investigate a fake news story about child trafficking. in march that same man, edgar welch, pleaded guilty to gun charges. here is more with details from darcy. >> reporter: we're here in northwest washington right across the street where this all played out and made international headlines. like you said, the theory, there was a lot of talk about that in the courtroom today and fake news. we begin our story first with the video that the suspect made on his way to washington. >> a judge released video showing the gunman, edgar well f. -- welch. driving from his home delivering a message to his two daughters. prosecutors say he was
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determined and ready to die if need be to break up a child sex ring he had read about on the internet. that widespread conspiracy theory was fake, known as pizzagate. welch was sentenced to four years in prison for assault and transporting his three loaded guns, one of them an assault style rifle last december. he said he believed he was going to save children. the new evidence photos show the aftermath, the closet he shot into, the bar and tables where people were eating lunch. prosecutors called it an armed invasion. he fired several shots. when he realized there was no one there to save, he surrendered. he told the judge, words can't undo or change what has happened but i am
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the judge told welch he believed that he was a good person and wanted to save kids, but sometimes good people do bad things. she said the extent of the recklessness, in this case, is breathtaking. he was ordered to pay several thousand dollars in restitution because of all the damage that was inside. he was ordered to stay away from comet pizza once he's eventually released from jail. well, it is now out for public scrutiny and there's an awful lot to unpack in that 142 page draft of the republican senate health care bill made public earlier today. perhaps the area most impacted is medicaid. the measure winds down expansion of the program after 2020, which is a longer timeline than the house version. but this one includes deeper cuts in the long
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two things that will remain from obama care, no change to the law that keeps people with pre-existing conditions from being denied coverage and people under the age of 26 can stay on their parents plan. but the senate bill eliminates taxes on the wealthy, those making more than $250,000. it gets rid of the diindividual mandate. >> as republican senators were briefed on the bill. dozens of protesters held a die in outside mitch mcconnell's office, rice group, a desk organized the demonstration, capitol police officers arrested 43 people who refused to stop blocking the hallway. some of them had to be carried away
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senate floor, this measure appears to be in jeopardy. at least four senators have said they have posed the bill as it currently stands. leon harris is in our newsroom with reaction to this, leon. >> pat, with 52 members of republican members in the senate can afford to lose three votes and get this bill passed. some of the most conservative members of ones that are coming out against them. senators rand paul, ron johnson and mike lee are all saying they want changes and they're objecting to the subsidies that are in this bill. they say they don't believe the bill actually amounts to repeal of obama care. a number of moderate senators say they need to take a closer look at it before they make up their minds. >> u -- i need to understand what's going on. we're going to start drafting up an amendment. >> i didn't run on allowing it to continue just sub sid diez tax fair money. >> can we put together a bill better than obama care. if we can, we can do it next
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doesn't make this. this is not timeline, it did you want get better over time. >> the nonpartisan congressional budget office said it released the scoring of the bill early next week. the score of the house version said this was 23 million with coverage of the next decade. leader said he wants a voed on this before the fourth of july recess. we'll be watching. jim, back to you. >> tropical storm cindy, now tropical depression. it's left a lot of damage behind. it dumped heavy rain in parts of mississippi, alabama, georgia and tennessee all day and night yesterday. the governor of alabama is warning everyone that this threat is not over. tornado warnings are in effect now as the system pushes inland. parts of the states saw up to 12 inches of rain and some of the remnants of cindy could be felt here tomorrow. storm team four, chief meteorologistist doug camera joins us now with a timeline. doug, how about it. >> well, it looks like
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tonight into early tomorrow we're talking about the morning rush, that's when we think we could be most effective about it. let's take a look at the radar in our area, first, we do have a couple of local storms up to the north and west. you can see those up around pitburg, these are making their way down towards the south and east, watch out if you're north, you can see a few tonight like you did last night. this is what we're watching. this is tropical depression cindy and it's churning right now into texas. tornado watch is in effect, a couple of tornado warnings we have had one confirmed tornado. this is the first batch of rain we're going to get in. as we move on to the overnight hours. over night rain, likely, a wet morning commute for many of us. but not a wash out on friday. we're going to talk about when we could see the heaviest rain, we'll break it down for you, i'll take you hour by hour and see if that came up. >> thank you, doug, coming up on news four at five this evening. a confession from president trump.
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recordings of former fbi director james comey, so why did he put out that initial tweet. perfect for thirsty rats and greasy dumpsters like this one. dinner is served. what the city is trying to do about it coming up. >> and the sky in an effort to reach the edge of faith, how a pilot is trying to take a list
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the president tweeted he had no idea if there are any recordings of h
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with director james comey and he says he didn't make them. but he said he has no idea, leaving the door open, that they could exist. mr. trump itself first tweeted about possible recordings days after his fired comey. the president then declined to answer any questions about alleged recordings of more than a month. >> rats. we know you don't like them but the sight of them is a part of living in dc that could be tough to avoid sometimes. today the district announced new steps to try to control the rat population. there's a new grant and new grant money for commercial businesses to buy trash compactors to keep them away. d.c. has also installed sensors on 400 trash bins across the city. they describes how the -- they're equipped with special teno
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develop more efficient collection. >> pretty high-tech. the number of rat places up across the district. news four tom sherwood talks with neighbors who constantly deal with the rat problem. this could be any commercial ally anywhere, dirty, greasy, wet and all attractive to rats. but this ally is close to the home of steven auburn who lived nearby 19 years. >> this is where the rats feast among other places and having -- i've never seen it clean. >> the long time dc couple living just off connecticut avenue northwest says the rat population has exploded and now infest their nearby
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>> citizen complaints have jumped 25%. to 2,300 in 2015 to over 3,500 last year. through the summer, the city is offering commercial companies grants up to $13,500 to buy better rat resis tent trash equipment. but the homeowners say, tougher enforcement is needed, too. >> there's just been no enforcement of the regulations that do exist. >> the mayor facing re-election next year says the city is working on that, too. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. huge crowd gathered at om
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the state department's am boss d -- ambassador who helped secure the release. he came back to the u.s. last week in a coma. he died earlier this week. he was just 22. we're learning more about a deadly crash in greenville that shutdown part of the outer loop of beltway for 9 hours over night, state police tell us a driver was speeding, hit another car then the guardrail here near kennelworth avenue. a passenger in that speeding car died. the driver of the other car and two under age passengers suffered minor injuries. police identified the speeding driver as allen chavez va las kez. they say alcohol also contributed to this crash. it's still a mystery how this car wound up in the patomic river. someone spotted it around 6:00 this morning near the boat ramp at edwards ferry. chopper 4 up over the scene
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rescue crews knocked out the windows and make sure no one was inside. they towed the car to shore, montgomery county police tracked down the registered owner. she told them she didn't know her car was missing. >> he's a man set to go on an incredible journey to the edge of faith and how his plan, he's planning to get there pretty incredible. amelia joins us now to talk about how this is going to happen. >> well, a man is preparing to take a journey to the edge of the state and a glider that looks just like this. no jet engines no rockets. of the project is attempting to set world record for air gliding. he held immediate briefing in d.c. today, ahead of his flight next month. he and co-pilot will liftoff near the mountains in argentina, that's where a natural phenomenon known as mountain waves occurred or on to the mountains and down along pattern for hundreds of miles. if the glider source has
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51,000 feet, it will set a world record, now get this, his ultimate goal is 90,000 feet, that's about 17 miles above the earth. >>
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. >> doug is back with more on how cindy's hi guys. in the here.
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at least most of us stay on the dry side. cloud cover across the region. 87 degrees. winds out of the southwest at 13 miles per hour. a little bit on the humid side, too. around the rest of the area. temperatures not too bad. 82 -- 86 in culpepper. average high temperatures now 85. we're a little bit above average. nothing around the immediate metro area. we're tracking shower activity. this is just around the mason dixon line coming into portions of west virginia morgan county, could come into washington county, maybe down towards fredericks county. we'll watch those closely. we'll remain on the dlry side. watch out if
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but all eyes now are on cindy. making its way on shore earlier this morning. you can see a very good center circulation. this is now a tropical depression. out ahead of it we see a lot of moisture coming off. these are call -- these bands that come in here, these have potential not only heavy rains but also tornados. we've seen quite a few tornado warnings down into that area as well. we'll continue to watch that influx of moisture coming right off the gulf and coming into our area. here is the storm itself. here is the first batch of moisture up around our region, and it gets here by 11:00 p.m. tonight. we're dealing with clouds, here it comes around 5, 6, 7:00 a.m. by that time. that's when the roads are going to be rather wet. look at this 7:00 a.m. could be heavier rain at that time, the morning commute could be a little bit of a problem out there. by 10:00 this is all gone, off towards the east and we'll continue to see cloud cover at that time, tomorrow afternoon, clouds, some sunshine mixed in as well that's why
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get up into the 80s. you don't see many here, so that tells us most of us will remain dry on friday afternoon. so friday not a wash out at all. early rain, a few afternoon thunderstorms, mostly dry. temperature around 88 degrees. if you're thinking about going to the pool, i don't think it's a bad pool day at all. 83 degrees at 8:00. 88 by 5:00. no worries at the pool. if you see some darker skies or hear some thunder you want to get out of the pool right away. saturday morning, a better chance of rain, most of the day dry 87. and then some a absolutely beautiful weather as we head into next week, great stretch here. we'll talk much more about cindy and what it means for your saturday more at 5:54. montgomery county police have used dna to come up with a new composite sketch of a suspect who raped an elderly woman twice. it happened six years ago. the
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the victim tells us, what an arrest in this case would mean to her. it's the largest fine ever related to robo calls why one man is facing $120 million penalty. and live at the nba draft this evening with the local kid hoping to become the number one pick.
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now, at 5:30, technology that's only been used once before. police took dna from a crime scene to create this sketch of a person involved in a brutal sexually assault. >> it happened six years ago in germantown maryland, police tell us the same man raped a 75-year-old woman twice. news story talked to that victim today about the new hope for her
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this ground floor window, raping a 68-year-old woman inside her germ germ germantown condo. it was january 2011. it was the second time the same suspect attacked her while she leapt in her home. she also sexually assaulted four others, all elderly women, including an 86-year-old in this senor living facility in germantown. now police hope this new composite created from dna results in the arrest of this serial rapist. >> detectives from the cold case reached out based out of virginia and using dna evidence recovered from some of these crime scenes they were able to complete this composite of the suspect. >> it's called snapshot dna typing. it predicts the suspect ancestry and appearance. in this case it shows what it would look like now at age 25
5:30 pm
the victim who was raped twice in her german town condo is now 75 and lives in a long-term facility in maryland. i spoke with her today by phone. she wants to be identified as joy. >> it's very important to me that he is arrested, so anything we can do to catch him is going to save a lot of ladies. >> montgomery county says closing these rape cases is a top priority and they're hoping that the new composite created from dna will give the community a better picture of exactly who they are looking to arrest. at montgomery county police headquarters. >> the supreme court is upholding the convictions of seven men in the gang murder in the district that happened a while back, those men had argued that prosecutors withheld evidence in the 1984 murder of katherine fuller. they say that evidence would have shown that
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killed fuller, not a group. fuller's body was found in the garage about a mile from the capitol. police say a gang attacked her and then dragged her into an ally and assaulted her. the supreme court ruled that the evidence would not have made a difference in the out come of this case. family and friends are mourning a wife and mother of four as montgomery county investigators try to figure out what caused her death. her body was discovered inside a burning car next to her home on excalibur lane in sandy springs. news four christian wright has more on what police -- kristin wright has more on what police learned about the case so far. >> reporter: the home in sandy spring is quiet today. what happened to her, how she died, those questions are being asked over and over. >> vehicle fire. 704 and 724 respond. >> her body was found in the back of a burning honda pilot, right
5:32 pm
today we talked to relatives who deemed destraugt and privacy. she's described as extraordinarily devoted mother of four and wife. police say the circumstances of her death are suspicious. >> they termed it a suspicious death because they have not received the results yet from the medical examiner. >> police are being very tight lipped but say right now they're reviewing the information and evidence they've gathered. as to whether there's a threat to this community. >> detectives are holding open many possibilities in this case. >> obituary in the post also says she was a woman of strength and integrity who was already soarly missed. her funeral services are set for this saturday. in sandy springs, kristin wright, news four. >> lgbt students, staff and prince william county have new protections now against
5:33 pm
discrimination. inside nova's reporting, the school board passed antidiscrimination laws last night. the board approved the measures 5 to 3 during a packed board meeting. the measure ban discrimination on basis of sexual orientation, race or gender identity. the fcc is proposing $120 million fine for a robo call scheme. the miami business owner is behind the scheme. people who picked up the phone heard recording saying they could get a vacation package like marriott, expedia and hilton. instead, on unaffiliated call center pushed travel deals. the company made nearly 97 million calls from october to december 2016. the $120 million penalty is the largest in fcc history. we've been falling mar kell since
5:34 pm
top pick in the nba draft. news 4 carol maloney is live at the draft in brooklyn where dreams are about to come true. what a night, carol. >> what a night, a special night for so many in the dmb. right after -- coach mike jones who has been here before. he's such a veteran. he doesn't need to wear his credentials around like i do. this will be his third trip to the green room. for all the picks that you've seen come through, you've never had go number one over all. how do you think he feels. >> he's probably a little nervous. i think it's a sense of he's worked really hard for this, dreamed about it his whole life and it's actually going to happen tonight. he deserves it. >> this is the coach that worked with him and got him to propel himself to greatness in high school. but
5:35 pm
know you're shaking your head because everyone is talking about, you got cut varsity as a sophomore, what did that do to him. >> he's just a hard worker. he's the one that took the disappointment of that and turned it into motivation to push himself. i don't take any credit for that at all. i'll be a fool if i did, just like if i was a fool when i cut him in the first place. >> we'll talk about how jordan was cut when he was a freshman. now he could be number one over all, jordon was never number one, that was a slight too, right. so how do you know if he is drafted number one, he's ready for it. he can handle it. >> he's grounded and who he is. he's a humbled kid. his work ethic is phenomenal, extraordinary, that will never change. and his faith in god. i just think a total package that he is as a young man is the reason why he's going to be very successful professional
5:36 pm
goes, he doesn't care what number he goes. she should be right behind the doors as he speaks. they'll come out and take a picture, what are you going to be looking for as he comes out. >> i'm going to look for who has the ball in their hand. i don't know if it's going to be markel or somebody else. we want to see who has the ball. it's going to be the alpha male. >> it doesn't mean pittsburgh, we can tell you that markelle's table is right up front, the easiest path to the stage. i can see some activity behind us. look like they'll be coming out here taking the stage and -- oh, yeah, we have actually people taking pictures at this moment. all the prospects here tonight will be coming out for a picture. we're so excited that coach jones joined us here at the barclays center in brooklyn. we'll be here and continue coverage. congrats a little early. >> thank you very much. this is a great day for
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and his family. >> all right. we'll be continue to be here reporting from the barclays center, back to you. >> can't wait for 11:00 tonight. thanks so much. good stuff. >> it is the leading woman's health, but do you know what it is. >> doctors say half of you don't know the answer and it's putting lives at risk. >> getting through the airport process easier, how did you like just be able to use your two fingers to do it all. guess what, one airline is trying that out.
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i'm shomari stone here at the metro station in front of the giant's supermarket. d.c. police officers are standing at the entrance. they have crime scene tape up, why? a source tells me that a giant employee stabbed another employee inside this supermarket right here. i just found out that information a couple of minutes ago from a source. now, we do not know the extent of the injury of the giant employee, nor do we know if there were any arrest. we know that people are hitting off the metro station right over there, some of them planned on going to this to get some drinks on this hot day only to discover the yellow crime scene tape, they're coming up
5:41 pm
questions. i am sharing the information that i have. move a little to the left. there's a metro police officer, metropolitan police officer right there on connecticut avenue. people are trying to come to this, if you plan on coming, make sure you stay away right now because there is a crime scene investigation. i'm shomari stone here at the metro station, back to you. >> thank you. alarming findings today from a study that women and heart disease and it could be putting your health and life at risk. heart disease is the number one killer of women. researchers at cedar sinai medical center found that nearly half of women in this country don't know that. less than 40% said they've had a heart health assessment from their doctor and many women say they cancelled or delayed going to the doctor until they lose weight. body fat raises the risk of heart disease. researchers add that women also face gender stigma at the doctor's office.
5:42 pm
lose weight rather than actually take a medication do something that would be helpful to their health. >> researchers also surveyed cardiologists less than half felt to assess heart disease women for women. the study published. four sea turtles have been nursed back to health and released back into the atlantic ocean. crowds gathered here at neptune park on virginia beach this morning to witness. the turtles are named lama, max, and sea foam green, that's a mouthful. they've all been tagged so the researchers can track them. the same you use to unlock a phone could get you through airport security. >> explains the program that's on its way to reagan national airport. ♪ >> at j
5:43 pm
is on his way to becoming one of the biggest stars in the opera world. coming up aaron cuchro
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who needs a boarder pass for a flight when you can use your fingers. delta says it is the first airline rolling out this technology when you get through the airport using just two fingers and it's going to happen right here at reagan national. it went through the experience today. >> left hand facing. >> fingerprinting. eye scanning, our body becoming our passport. i love it. it's fantastic. >> well, because of it's easy, quick, don't have to take my i.d. out. >> showing off new technology that allows you certain access by placing your two fingers on a pad and in this program, right here at reagan national. >> so the first phase of this program is happening here at the sky club of delta. you come in with the two fingers, put it right down here on the scanner, hold two seconds, who am i -- welcome to the club and i'm in. the second phase will actually
5:47 pm
expected later this summer. >> right. later this summer, delta said you should be able to check your bag and get on a plane just by putting your two fingers on a pass. >> it takes the factor of having to carry a paper boarder pass or look for your mobile boarding pass or having your id, passport or driver's license. >> delta partnering with airport security company cleared to make this possible. if you want to scan through tsa and the line there, you do need to be a clear member. clear said its top priority is protecting your information. travellers like rich k. are on board. they say they actually hope this doesn't become the norm with all airlines because he wants the special access. >> what i like about it, you get very quick access in and out of the airport. if everybody does it, then it won't be quite as quick. >> the i.d. process now taking flight. at reagan national, adam, news
5:48 pm
4. ♪ ♪ an 18-year-old teen is on his way to becoming a big opera star. this is aaron crouch. he was accepted into julie art, he just finished his first year at the curtis institute of music and set to be the most selected for vocalist in the world. news 4 megan fitzgerald spoke to the teen who said his pass to the top was almost derailed. >> it can take a while for most people to find their own voice. and aaron crouch is no different. he started singing gospel music at just five years old. >> i just wasn't into pop and r&b, i just wasn't. i just liked gospel and i just sang gospel. >> but the tone of his life changed when he got to the high school and accepted into the performing arts program.
5:49 pm
trained. i remember going home and going to my mom, like angry because that's not what i was expecting. >> his music teacher remembers his hesitation. >> and then also to the vocal technique, which can be very daunting. >> you know how a lot of times we're afraid of things you don't understand. i didn't know anything about it. i didn't like that there was a lot of work. >> but all throughout high school, aaron worked hard, performing in plays and studying the words he would sing. >> it's basically, thank you for loving me. thank you for being there for me. >> so many people told aaron that he was a star. >> but there was just one person who was so negative all the time. i kind of
5:50 pm
i almost didn't apply for cur tus or july art because they told me not to. >> it was his parents and teacher who reminded him to believe. and in 2016, aaron got accepted into julie art and the curtis institute of music. he went on to win countless awards in competition. >> honestly, he could be one of the finest things ever. >> he let his talent drown out the voice that said he can't. ♪ ♪ >> megan fitzgerald, news 4. >> whoa. >> 18. >> just think how far that voice is going to take him. >> three years ago, he started three years ago. >> exactly. >> aaron crouch, remember the name. >> he had it in him all along. and, doug, you've got some good news and you may need after the rain. >> i think we're going to get one of the nices stretches of weather we've had in a while. te
5:51 pm
temperatures around 80 degrees, sunshine, that's not a perfect day. we've got to go through some unperfect days to get there. first off today, well, we haven't seen a lot of sunshine this afternoon. we've seen a lot more clouds than sun. we're sitting at 87 degrees, 84 degrees right now -- coming in around 7:00, those numbers dropping through the 80s down into the upper 70s. one thing i'm watching, this area of rain and thunderstorm just north of the boarder here, this may try to move down just like yesterday, down north of i-70 and should stay there. i think most of them will stay in the parts of pennsylvania. that's something we'll continue to watch. we're dry, we'll stay that way. most of the overnight hours until early tomorrow morning, we'll sign that up for you in just a second. here is the tropical depression cindy. it's making its way into parts of louisiana. look at the yellow. that's all tornado watch.
5:52 pm
warnings including one confirmed tornado. this is the first batch of moisture that we're going to be seeing. you can see, what we're going to be seeing here, amelia has been tracking that for you. amelia is going to take us hour by hour. this is not just one, this is two different stretches of weather, one tonight, one tomorrow night. >> you'll be dealing with rain for your friday morning and for your saturday morning, as well. future weather chiming it out well. doug and i both liking the solution. take a look, 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the rain in parts of our area including washington, so you're heading out friday morning dealing with wet roads on that morning commute. 7:00 a.m., notice the bright color here, yellow and oranges, no severe weather around tomorrow morning. but by 9:30, we're drying out peaks and sunshine during the afternoon hours. it's breezy and warm and mainly dry and small chance for shower and thunderstorm during the second half of your friday. then we move on into friday night and sur
5:53 pm
3:00 a.m. saturday, so very early saturday. notice some heavy rain impacting the area. we continue to track areas of rain until about 9:00, 10:00 a.m. after that, doug, we clear out and we're in for a spectacular weekend, like you said, not just the weekend, but a really nice stretch of weather. pretty much over the next ten days. >> it's not often we like below average temperatures, it is during the summer months we welcome them, 87 on your saturday, now, again, most of that rain. >> 83 degrees on monday, look attitudes, high of only 80 degrees. that means many of you only in the 70s, pretty nice all the way through next week, unsettled as we head towards the weekend. >> thank you, doug. he return home in a coma after more than a year in prison in north korea. >> and a week later, otto was dead. how he was remembered in the community where he grew up. >> and although at 6:00 tonight five little
5:54 pm
make a big difference for a tiny town where people are fighting for their zip code to clear stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid...
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stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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we're learning new details about what happened inside the jewelry room of the bill cosby sex assault trial. there's a mistrial after the jury said they were hopelessly deadlocked. >> today a juror told the associated press the panel was evenly split during be
5:57 pm
news said they initially voted 10 to 2 to convict, but 3 people later changed their minds. evenly splitting the panel, prosecutors plan to retry. >> in ohio today, funeral services were held for the uva student who died after being in prisoned by north korea. >> otto passed away this week after returning to the u.s. in a coma. >> richard childs was there as a huge crowd turned out to pay
5:58 pm
respects. >> this process has been a window into both evil and love and good. today we're seeing the good. >> the family shared these photos from inside the service. they show a crowd filling the school's auditory yum. part of the gym. they show the brother and sister laid out on the table where the belongings he took with him to north korea, including his passport and the jacket he wore while on trial. outside he'll pay tribute as mourners. >> we're so proud of how brave they've been throughout these 18 months and even now and how brave they'll be in the future. >> the community supports them, that we care for them and that they have continued to go through
5:59 pm
>> this young man remembered from near and from far, his life, perhaps touching others, perhaps changing policy, but always a life lived here amongst his friends and family. in wyoming, ohio, i'm richard childs. now, at 6:00, dragged away kicking and screaming. advocates for the disabled forcibly removed for speaking out against the new health care plan. >> what's in and what's out. could the new plan already be dead on arrival. >> plus cindy slams the coast with flooding and even tornados now what's left of the storm is headed our
6:00 pm
he is in jail tonight. he has a detention hearing set for tomorrow morning. investigators have been inside the house all day long. right now you can see one of the k-9 teams still out front looking around. if you look around the street here, this has been a real spectacle for neighbors here today. when we arrived about 90 minutes ago. this street was lined with federal agents, vehicles, many of them have left in the hour. there was evil a local bomb detection command center that was on the seat for a while. a lot of things they are checking out inside this home tonight, finding things that could broaden this investigation into selling secrets for the chinese. he appd


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