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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 22, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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he is in jail tonight. he has a detention hearing set for tomorrow morning. investigators have been inside the house all day long. right now you can see one of the k-9 teams still out front looking around. if you look around the street here, this has been a real spectacle for neighbors here today. when we arrived about 90 minutes ago. this street was lined with federal agents, vehicles, many of them have left in the hour. there was evil a local bomb detection command center that was on the seat for a while. a lot of things they are checking out inside this home tonight, finding things that could broaden this investigation into selling secrets for the chinese. he appd
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tank top and running shorts. mallory speaks fluent mandarin. he's worked for the security service and other government agencies and had top secret clearance. the federal investigators say when mallory left his government position in 2012 he took top secret documents with him. he came under scrutiny when he flew back from shanghai and told custom officials he did not have more than $10,000 to report. in his carry on bags they discovered more than 16,000. indictment alleged that also mallory got $25,000 in return for documents, some of them top secret. the indictment says mallory and the chinese operatives are using a special device to communicate. on it, fbi agents found this conversation, mallory writing i'm taking the real risk and sending this message. your object is to gain information and my object is to be
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>> now, kevin mallory with his wife and three children. he's been out here for maybe about 12 years. they say the family keeps to himself they do not know him very well. the charges that he faces right now could carry up to life in prison even the death penalty if certain elements can be proven. back to you now in the studio. >> thank you, julie. >> more breaking news now. police closed grocery store at northwest dc after one employee there stabbed another. >> this was at the giant store on connecticut avenue right near the metro station. d.c. police tweeted that they apprehended the suspect. you can see crime tape up inside the store. we're working to learn the condition as the person who was stabbed and we'll keep you updated on the nbc washington app. >> now video just released in connection with the shooting at come met ping-pong in dc. >> edward welch recorded this message to his daughter as he
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theory. he said he was trying to protect children when he opened fire inside that restaurant. tonight, he's in prison. news 4 darcy spencer has more on his sentence and reaction from there who was in the court from back to back. darcy. >> reporter: we're right across the street from cumming ping-pong where this all played out about six months ago. i covered it as breaking news. you can see it is open. some of the employees, as well as the owner showed up in court today to talk about how this shooting has impacted their lives and this business. >> it sort of jumped off the internet into the real world. >> eric o'connor and his wife lived near the pizza place in northwest d.c. they were stunned when a man acting on a conspiracy theory showed up with gun and opened fire inside the restaurant. that man edgar welch sentenced today after four years in prison. >> there are proper channel
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if there was something nefarious going on. he can take an active role on that but didn't need to bring a gun into a restaurant. >> employees and the owner gave statements in court. they talked about having violent nightmares, ptsd and inanxiety attack after the shooting. they hope he gets help and able to move on. a just released video shows the comet gunman driving from his home in north carolina to d.c. delivering a message to his two daughters. prosecutors say he was focused, determined and ready to die, if need be, to break up a child sex ring he had read about on the internet, widespread conspiracy theory was fake, known as pizzagate. >> to do for people who can't do
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>> he said he believed he was going to save children. the new evidence photo showed the aftermath, the closet he shot into it. the bar and tables where people were drinking and eating lunch. prosecutors called it an armed invasion. >> reporter: judge also ordered welch to pay several thousand dollars in restitution because of all the damage he caused inside the business. a judge also told him, he has to stay away from comet ping-pong once he's eventually released from prison. back to you. >> the shooting stemmed from a fake news story that made the round on social media. it's another really good reminder about the importance of news literacy. back in december tracked the evolution of real story nbc washington reported about parade ban. was destotorted so quickly. that it landed with the rumor bug
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you can watch the original report on nbc washington app. search news literacy. a powerful scene on capitol hill. they chatted no cuts to medicaid. save our liberty, advocates clustered inside the hall outside senate majority leader. capitol police were ordered to clear the hallway. 43 people were arrested. some of the protesters were wheeled away. others were carried away. the protest began soon to reform health care. >> matt has short runway, senator republican leaders hope to pass a week from now. the details are just being made public. we're getting our first look at it. >> the bill was 142 pages and we're still digging into it. here are four things to know about it right now. the plan includes deep cuts to medicaid and also ends the current mandate that most americans have health
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taxes on the wealthy and ensurers and it allows dates to drop. many that they're required to offer, such asthma ternty care and mental health treatment. the tracking reaction to the bill on both sides of the aisle. blayne. >> doreen and leon, this is it, all 142 pages of this bill. it's important to note that what it it's inside this bill a lot of is changing. it turns out that that alone could be enough to save this bill. >> the back and fort over health care taking center stage on the senate floor. >> let us right now democrats and republicans sit down and try to come up with a bipartisan bill. >> if i thought that was a sincere offer, i would take it in a minute, in a new york minute. but it's not. >> it will be in order. >> and the fight spilling into the halls of congress. >> i left all my life with my
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daughter alive without medicaid. >> senate republicans unvailing their health care plan, but with four gop senators saying they opposed the bill, it may already be doomed. >> we're afraid when we read the bill, it looks like a reiteration or keeping of obama care. >> the bill keeps the structure of obama care, not a full repeal. the changes gradually deepening cuts to medicaid and repeals for individual and employer mandate. what does it keep, coverage for pre-existing conditions, states cannot opt out and kids can remain on their a parents' insurance until age 26, the plan would also give tax credits based on income. >> the medicaid expansion gone, ripped up and flushed down the toilet. >> republican leaders and the president say this is just a draft with plenty of time for changes. >> little negotiation, but it's going to be very good. >> the clock is ticking. republican leaders want this passed before july 4th.
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now is exactly how much that bill will cost and how many people will be ensured. right now the nonpartisan congressional budget office is evaluating that tally. doreen, that number should be released at the beginning of next week. >> blayne alexander, a lot of concern about this bill. president trump is now suggesting that he does not have any tapes or recordings of his conversations with former fbi director james comey. right around the time the reporters in washington were trying to digest the new health care bill, the president tweeted that he has no idea whether there are tapes of his conversations with comey. he added that he did not make and does not have any such recordings. the president fired the fbi director may 9th, three days later mr. trump tweeted, james comey better hope that there are no tapes before he starts leaking to the press. comey later told congress about that in his words, lordy, i hope there are tapes.
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>> it happened when a tornado ripped through fair field alabama today. it's the work of now tropical depression cindy. >> chief meteorologistist is tracking that storm tonight and the impact is going to have here. >> that's exactly right. we think it's going to impact us tomorrow night, rather tonight, and again tomorrow night, two waves of moisture. let's take a look at the radar, we're tracking another area. this is not cindy related up to the north. some of these storms they dry to move into northern areas, storms developing into west virginia. these might try to come together and move closer to i-81. that's something i'm watching. all of this tornado watch in the yellow here for louisiana, parts of mississippi, over towards alabama and arkansas we did see that tornado, as you mentioned, numerous land falling tropical system, it's doing so, as well. now, what can we expect here as we move through tomorrow
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a time that rain moves in. but not a wash out of a friday or saturday. but i will show you how both are effected coming up in our full forecast. >> doug, thank you. here in the district. there is a new push to battle an all too common problem that we never like to see. tom reports now, complaints about rats are up dramatically. >> on connecticut avenue, the mayor is expected a public trash can, one of 400 outfitted with a sensor the signal it needs to be empty. that's one step to get ahead of rats and trash and other wastes. >> we're here to talk about rats. >> the mayor and top city health officials say the city this summer will pay up to $13,500 for small businesses to include trash containers. public health
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the city's control for 19 years. >> i hated rats. >> brown says rats are in every urban area across the nation. you can reduce but not eliminate them. >> 3 g demp stuumpsters and -- >> they reproduce so quickly that we need to eliminate the source. >> we're coming to the dumpsters. >> citizens across the city like janet welcome new ideas but they say want more prevention and more enforcement. >> there's just been no enforcement of the regulations that do exist. >> in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. >> mystery tonight in a quiet neighborhood of a burning car, a mother of 4 inside and a lot more questions than answered. we'll tell you what police are sharing about this case. >> and a juror breaks his silence just days after
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dead ♪
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the car was parked outside the woman's home on excalibur lane in sandy spring. news 4 kristin wright has more on what we
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puzzling case. >> reporter: andrea's family is distraught. he was found dead in a burning car near her house here in sandy spring on saturday. now several days later police say they are leaving everything open at this point. detectives say they're looking at all possibilities to explain what might have been. >> vehicle fire and 724 respond. >> reporter: today relatives didn't want to talk with us on camera and asked for privacy. her obituary in the washington post describes her as an extraordinarily devoted mother of four and wife. life long athlete and lover of all things outdoors. she was found in the back cargo space of a honda pilot. police are calling her death suspicious, as they wait for autopsy results. detectives are reviewing information and evidence. this is why they're staying tight
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>> detectives are holding information they don't want to hurt the investigation. >> reporter: obituary says she was a woman of strength and integrity. in montgomery county, kristin wright news four. it was a murder and trial that shocked our community. today upheld the convictions of seven men in the brutal murder of katherine fuller. her body was found in a garage about a mile from the capitol back in 1984. today the justices rejected claims that prosecutors withheld critical evidence and ruled that the evidence would not have made a difference in the out come of the case. six of the defendants are still in prison. one has died. one has been released. new at 6:00 it was tense inside the jury room they were crying while debating bill cosby's fate. the case ended in a deadlocked jury and mistrial. he faced three
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aggravated indecent assault for molesting a woman of 2004. he denies doing anything wrong. tonight we're hearing from a juror who doesn't want to share his name or face. he said he believes cosby did it but has already paid the price. >> whatever the man did, he's already paid his price. he paid suffered. a case that was settled in '05. >> again the -- it will be tried again with a new jury. he wants to know what's going on at work. house speaker paul ryan visited scalise today at the hospital. how he describes the number 3 republican in the house as bright and alert. he asked about the bills coming up for a vote on the house floor, ryan said. the congressman from louisiana was shot in the hip last week. he was on the field when a gunman
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republicans, practicing for a charity baseball game. first came the wind and the waves, now flooding and water spouts, seems like -- scenes like this one stretching from texas to florida. nbc jay gray is new orleans tracking the destruction and the clean up. >> crashing waves as the tropical storm makes land fall. water spouts and tornados. this afternoon the twister flattened and scattered debris in fair field alabama just outside of birmingham. >> something we've got to deal with. pray everybody is okay. >> dumped 12 inches or more rain in some of the hardest hit area. flooding continues to be an issue across the central gulf coast. >>
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>> the storm turned deadly in alabama. as he walks along the beach with his family. >> when the wave actually hit, it rolled the timber up on top. >> damage and debris stretches from houston through the florida panhandle. communities cleaning up as the tropical storm pushes. >> they're certainly not out of the woods yet. it's a long way of being over. >> billions embracing what cindy could bring next. jay gray, nbc news, new orleans. >> well, we want to know what cindy will bring to our region. team coverage in the storm center we're tracking what to expect and when. >> what's in a zip code one local town is five numbers on an envelope. symbol of their future. how neighbors in that town a
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we've got an update now from storm team four after tropical storm cindy collides. >> it's bringing high wind and heavy rain and tornados. the question is what's coming our way. >> doug and amelia standing by. we're about to get some rain, aren't we? >> it's much needed. we need to see the rain some of it comes tonight and tomorrow night it looks like maybe tomorrow night. >> we think the most rain will fall, like i said most tomorrow night. some pts
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aside from that no severe weather and no tornados and all of that weather. >> this is some beneficial rain fall. this is the kind of rain fall we need after a quick -- it's been a dry month of june. the clouds have been here all day. 87 degrees. winds out of the south, even with the clouds in the afternoon, we still managed to get to the upper 80s. 86 frederick. 86 in fredericksburg. we're tracking shower activity in our northern zone. nothing around the d.c. area. back in the west virginia out towards new hampshire county, but more showers over the boarder. you notice where these are moving a little to the north. there's a boundary to the west where we're watching these and around petersburg. these can come together and move in towards parts of northern maryland, most of us will remain on the dry side tonight. all eyes on cindy. cindy made its way on shore earlier this morning. still spinning defined tropical depression at the moment. you can see the moisture comin
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fingers of moisture right here. that's where we see the severe weather and possible tornado. for us, here is wave number one. wave number two comes closer with more on the timing that you can expect and tracking that, right now. >> we'll have some showers around tomorrow morning that can certainly slow your friday morning commute. take a look with future weather, 5 amtraking rain inside of d. -- 5 amtraking rain inside the d.c. area. notice yellow rain, by 10:00 a.m., guys, we're drawing out sunshine breaks. it is breezy, hot and humid. mid to upper 80s. was we look to the friday night, game should be fine. we start to see heavy rain move in. that's around saturday morning until about 10:00, maybe 11:00 a.m. after that it's looking really nice for the rest of the weekend. but take a look here at the road conditions, tomorrow morning dealing with wet roads,
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a problem, getting out of town heading to the beach friday looking good there, as well. saturday morning, more wet roads in the forecast, but, again, by midday, it's really clearing out. we'll take the rain, for the most part has a low impact on our weekend over all. >> even though some areas can see 1 to 2 inches of rain, especially tomorrow night. 88 tomorrow, with the rain early, we get into the upper 80s. that's storm or two can't be ruled out. any storms can be strong and could have some heavy downpours that's it. not a bad pool day. i think temperatures for the most part into the 80s most of the day looks dry after that early morning rain. sunday all the way through thursday, it's going to be nice. get ready to make that lunch date outdoors if you
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better late than never. >> how a piece of evidence helps form a piece of the puzzle that could crack this case. >> i'm adam, who needs a boarding pass any more when you have your two fingers. check out the new technoly that sogom
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we put them on tv all the time, composite sketches. they're critical to solving all kind of different crimes but until now it took a very detailed description from a witness or a victim to create. montgomery county police hope this will track rape case. this is the second time this type of sketch has been used. >> the serial rapist attacked a 61-year-old woman here on two different occasions. in january of 2011 he climbed in through the window pretending he had a gun. >> i immediately
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and he said don't scream. >> police are releasing this new composite of the suspect they say raped her and four other elderly women. the profile is made from dna evidence gathered. the process predicts the suspect's appearance, indicating he's from west africa. >> now that we have this dna composite. we have, you know, what we're fairly certain to believe that this is what the suspect looked like. >> the company that creates the composite using dna says they're remarkably accurate. their web site shows real suspects that have been caught compared to the composites they created. the victim raped twice is now 75 and lives in a long-term care facility i spoke with her by phone. >> he's got to be caught because he's got to be ht
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then. >> reporting from montgomery county, chris gordon, news 4. the owner of this cartels news 4 it must have been stolen. they didn't know the car was missing until it turned up in the patomic river this morning. it appears to have gone into water off boat ramp. montgomery county ems didn't find anybody inside the car. they were able to attach some heavy chains and used a tow truck to drag it back to show. today marks the anniversary. people were killed in 2009 when who red line trains collided in northeast d.c. 80 people were hurt that day. federal investigators blamed a computer malfunction for the crash metro safety has been under scrutiny ever since. they've made millions of dollars in improvements and instituted new safety procedures since that deadly
6:33 pm
metro will be open from 5:00 in the morning until 11:00 at night. on saturday the train will start at 7:00 a.m. and stop at 1:00 the following morning. sunday hours will be 8:00 in the morning until 11:00 a.m. >> depends on the time of day. it will be a 25 per ride increase during off peak hours and there will be a increase for rush hour rail trip and keep in mind those changes go into effect on sunday. >> a huge technological upgrade for your airport experience. imagine using just your two fingers to check your bags or get a plane. they're rolling out that type at reagan national airport, transportation reporter is testing out the new technology. >> no boarding pass, no mobile device, no, just you
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in other words, just you. >> no facial recognition, fingerprints, it seems like an easy way to do it. >> our body becoming our passport. >> i travel all the time, so anything that makes it more convenient and easier for me to get to and from where i'm going, i think it's a good thing. >> showing off new technology that allows you certain access by placing your two fingers on a pad. right here in re ggan national. >> who am i welcome to the sky club, i'm in. second phase will be out in the airport. that's expected later this summer. at dca later this summer, you should be able to check your bag and get on the plane by putting your two fingers on the bag. >> it takes the hassle factor of having
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pass or having your id or passport or driver's license. there are privacy concerns, they're partnering with the company clear to make all of this possible. clear said its top priority is protecting your information and company says it will never sell that information. travellers like rich kay are on board. they say it hope it doesn't become the norm with all airlines because he wants the special access. >> what i like about it is you get very quick access in and out of the airport. so everybody does it, then it won't be quite as quick. >> a new id process, now taking flight. at reagan national, news 4. we've got news about a food recall tonight. three brands of hummus may be contaminated with listeria. it's hummus with pine nut topping like fresh foods market, lantana. it was
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listeria can cause fever and diarrhea. it can be deadly for people with weak immune systems. >> a huge turn out to say good-bye to uva student whose trip to north korea ended in tragedy. why people who never even knew him came to say good-bye. cindy making his way up towards our region, not one but two different waves of rain. i'll show you when they move
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otto was a student at the uva. he was visiting north korea last year when he was arrested and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster. he died this weekdays after being returned from his family in a coma. ve
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support his father. >> this man lost a son to an insidious regime and i was over there and saw some of the things that they did. they're awful. they shouldn't be on the face of the earth. >> service took place at the high school where otto graduated just four years ago. >> every single one of us is born with one of these, a hole in the heart. but for some of it doesn't and can cause major problems later on. one local mother learned that the hard way. she was on her way back when she suffered four strokes. she had no idea she had a disorder known as pfo. as many as 20% of adults have. >> now most people had very small, they're not clinically significant. and you can't really find it unless you're looking for it. >> i was devastated. i thought i was going to die, honestly. and i sort of deep
6:41 pm
should have gotten it checked sooner. >> tonight at 11:00 what doctors say they look for to detect it before it's too late and the problems it could prevent for people who do even know they have a heart problem. >> right now, what's left of tropical storm cindy is wreaking havoc. doug is coming back here ahead on your friday weekend. friday and weekend plans. >> big quest, this town lost its zip code because it was so small and it's caused a lot of confusion, now residents
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year. july fourth cook out this year, according to the national retail federation. about $73 per person, i want to go to that cook out. that sounds better than mine and their retail federation says that's about $2 more than last year. the national retail federation says this folks, a record number of people will send money to get out of town for independence day, aaa says most of this year 44 million travellers will drive, out towards the eighth year in a row. >> doesn't look an awful lot. 73 ahead. >> having a zip code is something most of us take for granted, right? >> that's right. but the town of hillsborough in louden county know it's always a given. now just 130 people live there. the town is so small, 13 years ago it lost its zip code. >> hillsborough wants it back.
6:45 pm
effort. >> reporter: two minutes, that's all it takes to pass right through hillsborough. but if you did that, you missed meeting the people who call it home. people quick to share smiles and a helping hand. >> they're the type of people where you can borrow a cup of sugar. >> we're all trying to make sure we're helping each other out here. >> one thing they don't like sharing is a zip code with purceville. >> there's a point of pride in having your identity. >> mayor leading the zip code campaign and setting up a petition to the u.s. postal service. >> we're all volunteers here. >> one driving factor, it's easy to get lost. when you put in a hillsborough street address, up pops purceville. residents say even fire trucks get lost from time to time. and to potential customers f
6:46 pm
vine yard. >> i happen to get the purceville address, people don't know where we are. >> the ham year it lost its zip code, the post office closed its doors. >> sure it may be easier to pop outside and get your mail as opposed to trekking all the way to the post office, but for the people of hillsborough, they would actually prefer to go to the extra mile. >> running in to your post office, it makes you feel more part of the town. i'm so excited. >> what may help their case, last year the town grew by 100 acres. they have a whole list of projects they're working on. and over at the elementary school, working together is something they teach and even the littleiest in town. >> we need to check our code. we learn in first grade about communities. we all work together to not only to make the school a success, but also what we
6:47 pm
in town. >> so whether it's the first grade puzzle. >> looks good. >> or a zip code ka nocanundrum they're solving big problems in a small town way. >> i can't imagine living anywhere else. >> give them back their zip code, already. the postal service has the final say, though. if the answer is no, they can always appeal and try again. well, the first time in about three years you can keep cool at the north end due ponce circle. new cooling tower for those stations is up and running. this is the beginning of a three day test period. the cooling equipment there broke down years ago due to lincoln pipes. the pipes are in such bad shape they had to turn off the entire cooling system. now it's just a temporary fix. crews will have to dig up part of connecticut avenue to fix the problem permanently. >> that will be a mess of its own. >> which department. most
6:48 pm
>> one more road project. >> yeah, for sure. >> we're going to effect all the road work in the area. >> you know, maybe tomorrow morning it will effect you on the road, early. that's a very good point. you know, rain coming in right on through, about 7, 8, 9:00 a.m. just in time for the workers. for you to get into work. take the umbrella early. you should need it most of the day. your friday will not be a wash out. so if you're looking at it, oh, this is so important. if you're looking at your app and it tells you there's a chance of rain tomorrow afternoon, it's a good chance of rain and you see that thunderstorm i con on there, download the washington app it's so much better than that app you're looking at, ours will not tell you that, temperatures dropping into the 80s and into the 70s, nice night. there are some thunderstorms north of the mason dixon line, most of these will stay up there, watching a few back towards
6:49 pm
try north enzoern zone. here is the system that's moving up. this is cindy down to the south and we get into this area of rain first. that comes through tonight. so by tomorrow morning, we are expecting some rain around 75 degrees showers and thunderstorms around 7:00 a.m. news at 82 degrees. 4:00 in the afternoon, better chance of an isolated, i do mean isolated shower or storm, most of us will remain dry tomorrow afternoon. so about 70, 80 plkt chance of rain early in the morning, about 20, 30% chance in the afternoon and then 88 degrees, 86 degrees coming up tomorrow night at around 8:00. looks like we'll see that chance for rain tomorrow night into early saturday. now saturday morning, rain likely and most of saturday looks dry, 85 degrees on sunday and then all next week, all next week looking absolutely fabulous,
6:50 pm
-- 70s to about 80 degrees. >> anybody going to the beach. >> maybe you're staying home. see what i did there. see what i did. the barbecue battle where how much was it. >> $3 per person. >> it is not $73 a person down towards the barbecue battle. this is a great event going on down there looking good both saturday and sunday, a little bit breezy. i'm not sure of the ticket price, but about $73. >> we're trying to figure that one out. thank you. doug. >> barbecue battle. >> coming up in sports, ma, maloney is at the draft where they're ready to have the hard work pay off and dreams come true. >> we are moments away from a o momentous night. it's represented here well. you see him front and center here, right next to commissioner adam silver. we will have a full report coming up. first, though, here is lester holt with a
6:51 pm
what's ahead on nbc nightly news. >> leon and doreen ahead for us tonight, secret no more, senate republicans finally reveal their health care plan, we'll tell you what's in it and why some republicans report no. they strike against some of the ro bow calls and appear to be coming from a local phone near you. and things researchers think you can do now
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i'm at higher risk fore as depression.ave a stroke. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. ♪
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i mean, he is dressed to the nines. i don't know if you saw it. he has this gray suit on. purple on the inside representing washington. his shoes are made out of basketballs. so ball is life, as he says. right. but his heart racing, maybe sweaty palms. how would you feel if you were the first over all draft in this year's nba draft player. awaiting to hear their name call. the upper native probably won't be waiting long. more from barclays center, the epi center of tonight's draft. >> the wizards are having a why yet night with no draft pick. he should have a quick night, expected by so many to be the first over all draft pick here 2017 just earlier, all 20 green room invitees took the stage and get to
6:55 pm
full as the catholic grad of one year of washington and expected to go number one over all to the sixers. we talked to his high school head coach mike jones who is here and he says, nobody deserves it more than this player. >> he's a humble kid. his work ethic is phenomenal, extraordinary. that will never change. his faith in god, i think just the total package that he is as a young man is the reason why he's going to be successful professional basketball player. >> coming in, i want to win rookie of the year. i'll set my goals high. >> now if all of those experts are right and it's drafted number one over all, it will be the first time since 1971, the dmv has produced a player, top pick. the fourth player to ever go number one over all. it is a very special night. his family is going to take, right up in the front just talk
6:56 pm
we're here with reaction. we'll have it for you on news 4 at 11:00. >> we'll see you then, and the draft starts at 7:00 tonight. the nationals had a day off was june 1st. today is june 22nd for ryan zimmerman instead of kicking up his feet and catching up on rest. he was giving back wearing the uva polo at maryland. legendary grady announcer hosting its 20th golf tournament benefitting. and he's being honored for his work and being recognized by someone else doing work in the community, you can see there's a mutual admiration between the two. >> he played a sport of any kind, you know, you know, johnny, somehow, he's such a nice guy and genuine person and the work that he does in the community is exceptional. to be honored by him and to be asked to come out
6:57 pm
be a part of it. >> if i had a son i would want him to be like ryan zimmerman. i said, it's an off day, but you played in miami the day before, you'll get back at night, you'll be late getting in. are you going -- i'll be there. if it's for kids, i will be there and i will -- what do i have to do? that's the first thing they say, which makes you feel good. >> and finally, one of the two quarterbacks playing at fedex field on september 24th here on nbc 4 is a rich erman today. it is not kirk cousins, or greater quarterback. earned an extension. cousins is looking for his own long-term deal. that deadline july 17th. it looks like your move, redskins and that move to the 17th since the 15th since saturday. >> $125 million. >> that's a pretty penny. >> that's pretty good. ha
6:58 pm
>> thank you. >> all right, folks, that it's it for us. thanks for joining us. >> nightly news coming up next. >> we'll see you on new 4s a
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, secret no more. the senate republican healthcare plan unveiled and under fire. major cuts to medicaid and tax cuts for the wealthy. what it means for millions of american families. trump's admission. after his veiled threat to comey, the president finally admits there are no tapes, after a 41-day drama. a cosby juror speaks, taking us inside the jury room. why were they unable to reach a verdict? record robocall fine. calls that look like they're from a local phone number claiming you've won a free hotel stay. the feds cracking down on the company behind them. and preventing alzheimer's. how doctors think you might be able to give yourself an edge in the fight. "nightly news" begins right now. >> from nbc news world


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