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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  June 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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now at 11:00, selling secrets to china. that's the allegation against a virginia man. his home raided by the fbi today. tonight what investigators say they already know. and nba dreams come true tonight.
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prince george county native marquel foltz goes number one in the draft. we're all born with one, a hole in the heart. not everyone's goes away. the risk crow should know about and one woman's close all. first up tonight, what's left of tropical cindy causing all kinds of problems to our south. >> now that storm system is knocking on our door. some of the worst damage is in birmingham, alabama, an ef-2 tornado flattened buildings. the gulf of mexico is hammered with rainfall. >> let's see how this is going to impact us tomorrow. our chief meteorologist is in the storm center. >> for us it's just rain across the region. it's going to be here early tomorrow morning. and you friday will not be a washout but it's a good
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take the umbrella with you as you head out in the morning. you can see what's happening around our region. most of this activity is what's going to be moving in the next couple of hours. it's not far off. this is one area of moisture coming through in the morning rush and we've got cindy in the southwest, still a tropical deposition. that will move our way tomorrow night. not one but two areas of rainfall. tomorrow night and tomorrow morning and tomorrow night. not a washout on your friday. i'm going to take you hour by hour tomorrow and saturday. if you've got plans over the next 24 to 48 hours, aye got some details for you to help make the plans. >> doug, thank you. the virginia man accused of sending top secret document to chinese intelligence officers will be back in court tomorrow. news4 cameras are in leesburg today as the fbi searched kevin mallory's house. he's a
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security agent. the fbi interviewed him in april after he flew back to the u.s. from china with more than $16,000 in undeclared cash. mallory claimed he unknowingly met with chinese intelligence and said nothing he gave them was classified. but an fib search of electronic devices showed messages in which mallory said, quote, your object is to gain information and my object is to be paid. mallory could face life in prison if he's convicted and under certain circumstances even the death penalty. with the first pick in the 2017 nba draft, the philadelphia 76ers select marquel foltz from the university of washington. >> there it is, the big moment for prince george's county. not only going to the nba but
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the draft tonight. >> now he's philly bound. we've got reaction from his alma mater tonight. but let's begin with carol maloney. she's live at the draft in br k brookl brooklyn. >> reporter: every draft have their surprises, not tonight. not for marquel fultz rumored to go number one over all for nearly a year. tonight a reality. commissioner adam silver makes the announcement five minutes into the official draft, the first announcement of the night. he hails from upper marl boar ro. becomes only the forty player area out of the d.c. area to go number one overall. last one was 1971. there was a lot of emotion at the table the moment his name was called. >> i was just thinking about how much sacrifice that table has given
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me. knowing that this has happened, it's paid off really. i'll still got a lot of work to do. >> reporter: there's a michael jordanesque story line here because everyone was asking about it. he was cut from his varsity team as a sophomore. so asked about it plenty tonight but we're the only ones to capture on camera when the guy who cut him asked him about it. later on news4. back to you. >> so exciting. thank you. marquel's mom got to be there for his big night as you saw. but a lot of other family and friends were watching here al home. shomari stone as their reaction tonight. >> the philadelphia 76ers select marquel fultz from the -- >> it was amazing. that was a
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happiness after marquel fultz is picked number one in the nba draft. >> more quell said it best. god called your name. >> she watched the big announcement at his alma mater in maryland. his friends, coaches and former teammates celebrate on the biggest night of his life in the alumni lounge. >> going from a ninth grader five years ago to the number one pick now is unreal. >> extraordinary were the 19-year-old was cut from the varsity team. >> it doesn't come easy. wasn't always the biggest kid. >> but he persevered, worked hard and improved him game. >> i never thought he would do this. >> she remembers holding him as a baby. he's the number one draft pick, a role model for her son. >> i'm excited for
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his sister, moarquel, so proud f you. >> reporter: you're looking at the court where it all began. marquel fultz is where his mom tonight and his friends and family cannot wait for him to come back to prince george's county to celebrate face to face. i'm shomari stone back to you. leon harris at the live desk. protesters opposing the gop senate health care plan rallied an reagan national airport to. >> health care is a human right! >> they were there to urge passengers to call their senators and tell them how much they dislike the bill. the move followed the dramatic arrest of disabled protest erss on the hill today. lawmakers sent their night at the congressional picnic on the south lawn. lindsey graham said it was a coin
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fellow republicans with get enough votes to pass the health care plan. president trump didn't get into specifics but he did acknowledge the deep partisanship in washington and called for democrats and republicans to come together to get things done. >> hopefully those wounds can heal and heal quickly. the american people have entrusted us with great responsibility and i know that we will prove worthy of the trust. >> even in the senate passes the bill, the house has to act before the plan reaches the president's desk. back to you. tonight the university of maryland is dealing with allegations of racial discrimination against employees. it comes as the university moves to take action against hate and bias understand accidents on camp campus. news4's jackie benson reports on the expensive lawsuit just filed today. >> reporter: the lawsuit was filed in the u.s. district court of maryland on behalf of the two men. one works the high volge
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technician, the other works as a systems reliability engineer. the suit claims going back to 2013, the men, both african-american were disciplined differently and more harshly than white counterparts. one claimed that when his phone was stolen in a car break-in his employer reprimanded him. when the same thing happened to a white coworker, the phone was replaced and that person was not reprimanded pep when they made complaints about unequal treatment they were given more work and forced to work outside in extreme heat and cold. a spokesman stated that the university does not comment on pending litigation but did say that equitable employment is a priority. jackie benson, news4. new at 11:00, in prince george county, a packed school board meeting tonight, the first since members of the school board made allegations that the county is changing
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grad grades. protesters gathered before the meeting demanding an explanation. the u.s. department of education cleared the district of the same allegations earlier this year and also claims they're politically motivated. a north carolina man will serve four years in prison for the so-called pizza-gate shooting at come met ping-pong restaurant in northwest washington. edgar welch was investigating a child sex ring connected to the hillary clinton campaign. that was a made up conspiracy theory. tonight welch apologized in court. the judge said it was sheer luck that no one was hurt when welch fired his gun into come met. she sentenced welch in part to send a message. prosecutors had asked for four and a half years. developing tonight at 11:00, police are looking for answers after a
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montgomery county. she was discovered in the back of a honda pilot near her home. we told you about her death over the weekend but different learn who it was until today. right now the investigators are calling her death suspicious. next up at 11:00, heart trouble for one woman leads to not one but four strokes. she survived then found out it was all thanks to a heart defect that's more common than you may think. one of the jurors in the bill cosby sex assault trial going public with his account of what happened in the jury deliberations. how much would you pay to spend the night in a 150 square omot ro
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tonight for the first time we're hearing from a juror in the bill cosby sex assault case. he says the jury was split right down the middle for most of the deliberation on whether cosby sexually assaulted andrea constand in his home in 2004. the juror says he blooefds cosby and questioned constand's intentions. constand waited a year before going to police. the juror asked not to be identified. >> it's hard for me to believe that i've been injured and it takes me a year to report it. >> the da says he will retry the case, possibly as soon as this fall. meanwhile a cosby
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today the comedian is eager to get back to work and plans to hold town hall meetings to educate young people, particularly young athletes and married men about problems their behavior can create. now that spokesman didn't elaborate. his comments did draw the are of anti-sexual violence groups. every single one of us is born with one, a hole in the heart. most of us, they soon close up but not always and sometimes that can cause major problems. tracy deen was at a rest stop with her family near jacksonville, florida returning from vacation when she collapsed. >> my legs went out from under me for a little bit and i couldn't speak for a second. >> her husband wanted to call 911 especially when she got a crushing headache but it went away pretty quickly and dean said she felt fine. sh
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the other half went into a hole in my heart that i didn't know i had. it went to my head and spray into a stroke. >> what she had is known as a pfo, patent forramen. the hole makes it possible for a baby in utero to get blood to the heart. we're all born with one but typically it closes a few months after birth. dr. jim thompson is a pediatric cardiologist but he also operates on adults who did surgery to close up the holes in the heart. >> about 20% of all adults have pfo. most people have small pfos and they'll go their whole life not knowing they have it. looking at young people who have strokes for no reason an d
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a stroke, about 50% of those patients have a pfo. >> dr. thompson told us you need to look for the pfo in a stroke patient. >> you can form a clot in one of your veins that you don't know about and that small clat can break off and travel up your vein, go into your heart and without the pfo it would go out to the lungs. but if that same clot pops through the small hole in the heart, it can go up to your brain and cause a stroke. >> dr. thompson is trying to raise awareness about looking for pfos after stroke because once you find the hole you can fix it. a small device is inserted with a catheter through the groin and up to the hole in the heart. >> open one side, pull it against the wall and then open the other side. >> recovery is quick and the repair should be permanent. dr. thompson operated on tracy dean last year. she'll need regular checkups and blood thinning medicine for the
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is much brighter. >> i'm grateful that it was dr. thompson because what he does, he's the best at it. >> dr. thompson has performed more than 1,000 of these surgeries. he hopes to focus more attention on identifying and fixing pfos. something you may want to ask your doctor about if you or someone you know has had a stroke. >> amazing. good story. so rain on the way to work tomorrow, huh? >> rain, rain -- never mind. i was going to say it's -- >> rain rain go away? >> rain, rain go away. we'll be seeing it for a couple of hours. >> we could use the rain. >> we need the rain but it's not going to come during the afternoon. tomorrow will not be a washout. i'm going to rewrite that script. i don't know who wrote this stuff for me. take a look outside. show you what's happening. we have nice conditions. it is warm and humid. temperatures right now 81 degrees.
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you're walking around. winds out of the south about 7 miles an ur. everybody is in the 70s for the most part, 80s along the water in d.c., along the water in annapolis. to still on the warm side all across the region. no rain in the immediate area but there it is, coming our way into parts of west virginia. and that rain will work its way in here over the next few hours. you can see it in west virginia. this is the first batch of rain and it looks like not a whole lot here. look at the moisture streaming up out of the gulf. and then we're going to get in on the action from cindy which is still a tropical depression making it our way. let's take you hour by hour. this is right on through the day on saturday. overnight, nothing going on. but by 5:00, here comes the rain. you can see it all around the ar area. a couple of heavier showers around
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out there. the rain, most of it is done by 10:00. most of the area is going to be dry. here's a couple of storms around 1:00. watch what happens around 3:00. this computer model giving us a big storm and any storms could develop and become very strong storms with very heavy downpours. heavy rain and wind. this one around i-95, 3:00, 4:00 in the evening. here's 4:00 a.m. on saturday morning, rain and some of it heavy at times back towards the rest within coming through the d.c. metro area around 7:00, 8:00. most of your saturday is on the dry side too. we have a couple of dry afternoons it's just wet mornings on friday and saturday. and then great weather on sunday. high temperatures into the mid 80s. and then it's sun, sun, sun
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coming up next week. i mean next week really does look great. some areas may not get out of the 70s in the middle of next week. >> boring for the meteorologist, good for the rest of us. >> i don't get overtime next week. fulfilling a dream, marquel
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all right. moments don't get any bigger for mo marquel and mom. >> right now the nba draft is actually wrapping up but it was
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the team traded their only draft selection for a backup twin guard tim frazier. it was a busy night for marquel fultz. he was drafted first overall. our ariel maloney is live from the bar clays center. >> reporter: yeah, number one overall, even more amazing when you consider three years ago marquel fultz was cut from his high school varsity basketball team. tonight he was on top of the basketball world. the very top. and she says he welcomes everything that comes with it, the media requests, the spotlight and especially the pressure. >> i don't feel any pressure. i got goals i set for myself. that's the way i look at it. >> reporter: how is it going for you with all of the fire squad questi questioning? it's good.
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a lot. >> i don't smile a lot but i'm still happy. this season a opportunity that i have and a lot of people wish they were in my spot. this is a blessing. >> reporter: we do have one question from the back. right here. here he is. this guy right here. maybe you could ask him why did you cut me. >> i was getting ready to ask you, how do you feel about that coach that cut you. he was an idiot. >> it made me better. made my story better. made me put a chip on my shoulder anwork harder. >> reporter: i told you credit. >> no credit. it's because of his mom >> a little bit of that. it's just how i was raised. >> reporter: this is so special for the dmv. congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: great moment there with coach mike jones who came up just for the day. he has camp early tomorrow morning for his seniors. but he wanted to be here for that moment. now about this shoes, i think
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i just posted something on my twitter page. i asked him about the orange shoes. it was his idea. they're basketball leather, pretty cool. and he said they were dope. you got that going for you. as for his mother, she was very patientien patient. she sat at the table knowing i'm waiting for an interview with her. hoping to get that on nbc washington tomorrow because she didn't want to leave and she wanted to watch the 20 other guys that were here be drafted too. she's been busy but she's looking forward to talking to us. i hope i get that on tomorrow. >> me too. thank you so much, darrcarol. oriels finishing up their series against the indians. bottom one, seth smith up. this is a leadoff home run, a solo shot for smith and the birds take a 1-0 lead. to the third we're tied
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austin jackson does damage, getting this one past the short stop. oriels lose to the indians 6-3. 19th straight game allowing five or more runs. and a quick note to josh heart from silver spring was drafted 30th by the lakers. >> that's very big. >> good for him. >> good stuff.
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