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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  June 23, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. i'm adam tuss in for aaron this morning. we're getting a look at the damage left behind by tropical storm cindy. >> that's a lot of destruction there. it's a tropical depression now. what's left of it is what is soaking our area this morning. sheena parveen and amelia draper. more on how long the rain will stick around. >> first, we want to get to the breaking news on the roads. melissa is working on alternate routes. let's start with justin finch live along new york avenue. justin? >> reporter: good morning. coming to you from alongside the d.c. bound traffic now impacted by this wreck we've been talking about all morning. a long line of cars. but the d.c. bound traffic is able to move here along route 50 as a result of that crash we have been telling you about. take a look here. this is video from the aftermath overnight. this is happening in the area of the anacostia
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it's just past maryland -- police and fire had impacted the 3600 block of new york avenue. shutting down traffic along that roadway and the surrounding area. a major response indeed. we have more than four vehicles involved in the crash. at least three catching fire here. one person trapped inside of a vehicle and two others also hurt here. again, the response in traffic impacting the morning rush. we spoke to drivers caught in the traffic. take a listen. >> oh, okay. oh, my gosh, that's terrible. i'm sorry to hear that. i'm very late for work. >> yeah. >> yeah? >> did you wake up early, do anything differently as a result? >> i didn't know approximabout just now. >> reporter: so the advice would be to not be caught by surprise. the relief is that traffic is moving along here. as you can see it's being choked off into one lane to be pushed off
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happening and follow your alternates. that is the latest live. back into the studio. >> all right. thank you, justin. taking a look from above. from chopper 4. inbound 50 at 295 still had two-mile backup here as you head inbound. just showing you how impactful this is this morning. new york avenue on the anacostia river bridge. all lanes inbound and outbound are shut down this morning. as far as the alternates or diversi diversion, traffic being pushed off of -- outbound new york is pushed off at bladensburg road. an option could be metro. no delays on the orange line. chefferly, landover or -- on the beltway, no major problems. we do have this delay, though. it's starting to see pretty good backups and all of this rain impacting things as well. inner loop at 50. arlington boulevard,
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the inner loop before old georgetown road, we have a crash blocking two left lanes. headed outside, the rain on the roadways, with sheena and a meal wra. >> hey, melissa, we've been telling you to grab your umbrella all morning long. we forgot ours. >> we ran outside and said oh, no, we don't have the umbrella. it's raining on us a little bit. the problem is getting back inside. don't be surprised if our hair looks crazy when we get back inside. here's a look at the radar. more moderate to heavier rain in res ton, bethesda. all the rain will move into 95 woodbridge. seeing that more moderate rain north of quantico. there is a back edge of it. to the west, we're seeing the clouds there. we will be seeing this end in the next hour, hour and a half or so. temperatures, though, are mostly in the mid to upper 70
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low 70s west of the district. it is warm and humid. temperatures in the upper 80s. humid, windy today. the chance of a shower tomorrow night. more rain in the forecast, though. we'll be back in a bit to show you the timing of that. >> hurry up and get incompetent side. thank you, amelia and sheena. breaking news about the deadly tower fire in london. erika gonzalez has more information. >> new details coming into this the live desk on this horrific apartment fire in london. did they say that the fire that killed at least 79 people started in a fridge freezer. that is the latest information just coming out from detectives. now actually yesterday i believe, we learned that the same insulation in gren
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develop tower. it started in a fridge freezer with few details after that. we'll look into this and provide any updates swns we get them. >> erika, thank you. you may want to plan ahead very soon. >> starting on sunday, metro is making major changes to operating hours. monday through thursday, keep up with me. trains run from 5:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. on friday and saturday, metro will close at 1:00 in the morning. cuts on sunday even more significant. metro is adding bus options for riders after the rail system closes. you may want to save some changes because also on sunday, fares are going up. off hour rail fares which include weekend and federal holidays go up 25 cents per trip. rush hour fares go up by -- regular and express bus fares take the biggest hit. the fooers go up by 25
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we have a list of hours and bus routes in the nbc washington app. search metro. sticking with the trains. for the first time in three years, you can keep your cool at the dupont circle stations. the new cooling tower for those stations is up and running. cooling equipment broke down years ago due to leaking pipes. they were in such bad shape, metro had to turn off the entire cool system. that's a temperature fix. throughs will have to dig up part of connecticut avenue to permanently fix the problem. a new name in the running for maryland governor, james shea is entering the race. he's one of several democrats challenging the current mayor. echls shea is a former -- also in the running, state senator richard maldonado and former naacp president ben jellies. the primary is still a
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obama is getting back into politics who could be the next governor of virginia. obama will hit the campaign trail for democrat ralph northam. an obama aide confirmed that he made a congratulatory call to northam. no events have been set up. ed gillespie will be going against him. the man accused of sending top secret documents to chinese sources? >> leesburg searched kevin mallory's home yesterday. mallory is a former defense contractor and state department security agent. the fbi interviewed him in april after he flew back to the u.s. from china with more than $16,000 in undeclared cash. mallory claimed he unknow knowingly met with chinese intelligence and said nothing he gave them was clarified. a search for the devices, shows
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information information and my object is to get paid. >> he could face life in prison and in certain circumstances, even the death penalty. we want to go back to the live desk where erika gonzalez left behind. look at that damage. so this video into our newsroom. the scene is that of a tornado. this is the result of cindy. this is the scene of a town in alabama. a liquor store, a car repair shop absolutely wrecked. four people were hurt here. the storm was blamed for one death. a child. thousands of people still without power and now it is raining in that area as well. and raining here in d.c. >> from the live desk, i'mer akah gonzalez. back to you. make a look at the top stories. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has a big challenge ahead of him.
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president obama's health care law. four republicans have come out against the measure that would cut medicaid and defund planned parenthood. a mother of four was found dead inside a car. andrea haufer mael's body was near excalibur lane in sand i we told you about this last week. but right now, investigators are only calling her death suspicious. celebrating prince george's county and the number one draft pick. markelle fultz. new nba champ and kevin durr aunt september a shoutout to him. durant said number one picks come from prince george's county. we're on a roll. >> we certainly are. also showed fultz some will have love on facebook. i think he's going to get a lot of love, a whole lot. >> that's what happens w. you're number
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from the teammates. the university of maryland is dealing with a discrimination lawsuit. it comes as the university moves to take action against hate and bias incident on campus. it was filed by two african-american employees. they claim they had been treated differently than their wiet counterparts. they claim that when they made complaints about up equal treatment, they were given more work and forced to work outside in extreme heat and cold. the university says equitable employment is a priority. today a district icon will be remembered. former d.c. councilmember jim graham was a staunch advocate for gay rights and pioneer for hiv research funding. he served four terms until 1998. until 5:00 today, his body will lie in repose at the windy building. >> now, graham family will be part of the service. starting at
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will be allowed to pay respects. tomorrow his funeral will be at the all souls unitarian church in northwest d.c. graham always wore bow ties and people are encouraged to wear in his memory. he was a colorful character. a new chance for a convicted murderer made tame us by a netflix. why one of of the stars of making a murderer could go free the latest supplier and actor's comments about president trump that many said foo far. pockets of moderate rain moving through the district. latest updates on when it comes to an end and what it means for the afternoon in a few minutes. we're tracking breaking news right now. take a live look at the backups. a deadly crash on new york avenue causing problems in d.c. and maryland. it's sll melissa mollet, nextit.
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breaking news in first 4 traffic. big problem into the city for a lot of people today. chopper 4 over inbound 50 at 295. a two-mile backup there. the problem is new york avenue on the anacostia river bridge. all lanes blocked from a fatal crash overnight. right now you're pushed westbound on to kenilworth avenue. southbound bw same thing. pushed to bladensburg road. a big mess and all of the green, that's all the rain falling adding to the pain. >> dealing with rain and that's quickly coming to an end within the next hour or so. if you're getting out of town and headed to the beach this weekend, rain there especially during the morning hours. afternoon sho
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temperatures in the mid-80s. low 80s on a picture perfect sunday. we're tracking pockets of moderate rain through the metro area. coming up at 6:18, sheena will let you know when this is in your neighborhood. johnny depp is coming under fire for comments. he spoke in england at a music festival. he jokingly talked about the assassination of president trump. >> when is the last time an actor assassinated a president? i want to clarify. i'm not an actor. i lie for a living. however, it's been a while. and maybe it's time. >> during that comment, depp was referring to the assassination of abraham lincoln by
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earlier this month, comedian kathy griffin sparked controversy when she posted a photo showing a gruesome mask of the president. the mystery is over. there are no recordings of conversations between president trump and former fbi director james comey. the president now says he did not make and does not have any case. weeks ago he was the one who tweeted the possibility of recordings. he made this new announcement yesterday once again on twitter. we are now learning more about what happened inside the jury room during cosby's sex assault trial. >> this was so intense that some jurors in the sex assault case were crying. one juror thinks that cosby is guilty but says the comedian has already gone through a lot. >> whatever the man did, he has already paid his price. paid, suffered. i think they created this whole thing, a case that was settled
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again in '17. >> last week the jury was deadlocked and a mistrial declared. the prosecution would like to try again with a new jury. cosby has denied allegations that he drugged and assaulted a wambach in 2004. a new twist in the netflix series making a murderer. a federal appeals court upheld a ruling to overturn the conviction. dassey is the nephew of steven avery. he was accused of helping his uncle rape and kill a woman in 2005. the court agreed that dassey's's rights were violated during questioning. it doesn't mean he'll be freed from prison and the state can appeal the decision to the u.s. supreme court or retry him. we're now less than eight months away from the winter olympics in pyeongchang south korea. 1894 -- >> modern day. >> that was a long time ago. >> not the g
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>> way, way -- >> millions of people from more than 160 countries will promote the values of excellence, friendship and respect. here in the u.s., communities will host educational programs and activities. i just came back from checking out the progress in pyeongchang. organizers are ahead of schedule there. many venues are already complete. i was on the ice venue there at a hockey rink. you can check out my social media. follow me on instagram and facebook. all that good stuff. i'll be back to bring you live reports from the olympic games. >> absolutely. cool stuff. you've got a lot of stories to tell. >> many, many. >> we're going to be back now. over to the breaking news on new york avenue. >> melissa mollet starts our coverage with first 4 traffic. still a problem. 295. showing you some of the delays from chopper 4 above here this morning. that is a two-mile backup right now. again, this is new york avenue on the anacostia
6:20 am
right now, we'll check in with jack taylor from wtop to talk more about where we're being impacted and the diversion points. southbound lanes of the bottom of washington parkway, you'll be diverted to southbound d.c. 295. 50 westbound. your delay will begin as you head inside the beltway. you'll get -- the exit for kenilworth avenue. leaving the district outbound on new york avenue. bladensburg road. that's as far as you'll get. everybody should be headed southbound on to d.c. 295 headed down toward benning road. pennsylvania avenue to get him to the district this morning. all right. thank you, jack. another option this morning. orange line on metro. cheverly avenue, landover. all of them off route 50. might be an easier thought for a lot of people. beltway right now, really being rained on quite a bit. inner loop at 50. arlington boulevard, crash blocking the two right lanes.
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blocked. guys? melissa, we're also talking about rain. with all the traffic problems, we have rain moving through the district. once again. some of the rain could be locally heavy for some of you. berwyn seeing that around the beltway. as well approaching washington and south of that near alexandria. that's where we have moderate to heavy rainfall. that extends down to the south near la plata and as you go farther north, a lot of it is -- back edge to this. most of the day today cloudy skies. chance of a shower but more moisture to the south and west from what's left over of what was tropical storm cindy. that will be impacting us early tomorrow morning. if you're walking the dog. >> i think you may -- you can head to the website. pretty much humid and windy. 83 degrees. chance of a shower isolated thunderstorm this
6:22 am
today. the rain pretty much leaving. we have a chance later today. the better chance early tomorrow morning. we clear out through the afternoon with lower humidity. so you will definitely notice that in the second half of your saturday. sunday low humidity. we start off beautifully and it won't be humid. amelia and i are back in a bit with another check of the ray m raycoming up. a postal problem. >> forced to fight for a zip code. this is a great ory. st
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♪ >> he's just 18 years old. but on his way to becoming an opera star. this is aaron crouch from prince george's county. he just completed his first year at the curtis institute of music in philadelphia. that department is said to be the most selective for vocalists in the
6:26 am
he's one of only five students who was accepted there last fall. he started learning how to sing classical music three years ago at suit land high school. the sky is the limit. what a talent. >> set of pipes on that guy. >> i know. i wish i could do that. a small town in virginia is fighting to get its own zip code back. >> local leaders say safety and the economy are the driving forces for this campaign. hillsborough is in loudoun county and shares a zip code with another p city. it's the town next door. >> not really. not even close. the town is so small that 13 years ago it lost its zip code and the town doesn't even have a post office. the scary thing is that residents say fire trucks and emergency vehicles, they can get lost from time to time. if you put it in your gps, that can cause a problem. hillsboro's mayor is leading a campaign and sending a letter to the postal service. >> the
6:27 am
final say. >> give them their zip code back, man. >> good luck. we've been following breaking news all morning long. if you're just joining us, there's a deadly crash investigation on new york avenue. look at that. the impact and the work around still ahead. >> reporter: far kell fultz is the nba's number one draft pick. i'll have
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"news4 today" begins with breaking news. breaking news right now. a train -- a chain reaction crash. cars going up in flames. a deadly accident on one of our busiest routes into d.c. >> as the rain picks up this morning in our area, we're already seeing the backups stretch well into maryland. a mess of a morning commute. >> we have live team coverage from the scene. the impact on traffic that continues to worsen by the hour. we want to get up to the minute details on the deadly crash. >> happened this morning on the anacostia bridge on new york avenue. justin finch is live with more on what en
6:31 am
>> reporter: hey there, adam. good morning. we're watching traffic slowly move along inbound route 50 into the d.c. area. as you get closer to the anacostia river bridge, you will see that traffic choke off and it will be diverted around that accident scene. this all happened, as you mentioned, overnight in the area of the anacostia river bridge. a four-car crash. three of the vehicles actually catching fire. this is down the 3600 block of -- caused several closures in the area. you're hearing police tow trucks go by. the live shot there. we know of a series of cash ual thes here. one person killed. two others suffering nonlife-threatening injuries and one person treated on the scene. you're watching live as the traffic is moved along route 50 and off the area as it approaches the anacostia bridge. this is a day to use alternates. melissa
6:32 am
in-house. >> looking at where justin is this morning, we have chopper 4 over the scene. for the past two hours now. inbound 50 at 295. a two-mile backup there right now. it is painful everywhere. the green here in the background showing you where it's also raining adding to the mess. new york avenue on the anacostia river bridge, all lanes blocked inpound and outbound. you won't get through the area. as far as alternates and diversion points, on to kenilworth, southbound bw has to continue on to kenilworth. outbound new york at bladensburg road this morning. one option, again, orange line, cheverly, landover. a look at the beltway, no major problems. two earlier issues are now gone. eun? >> melissa, thank you. as you can see, the rain is falling now. this is what's left of cindy moving into our region. >> sheena parveen andme
6:33 am
draper here to -- you brought your umbrellas. >> you poor things. >> you should feel bad for us. standing out in the rain and the wind. i totally agree. it's a moderate rain moving through the area right now. >> it is moderate. >> amelia and i both brought an umbrella out. the wind is giving us some of that sideways rain. it's not going to last all day. here's a look at the radar. this is where it's really coming down. alexandria, approaching clinton. that's where we have moderate to heavy rain in buoy, berwyn, bethesda. in the district now. there is a back edge to this. here's what it looks like in the camera. visibility has really reduced out there with the rain getting heavier. but there you see the back edge where we just have clouds off west of the rain. that's when we'll start to dry out later on this morning. your morning commute, the rain now. wet roads at lunchtime. wet roads this afternoon. still the chance for a shower or thunderstorm. but starting off the weekend, we have more rain tomorrow. coming up amelia and i are back
6:34 am
of that and your beach forecast. >> somebody get these women inside, immediately. >> adam, get us breakfast too. it's now 6:34. take a look. this composite sketch could be the clue that police need to solve a rape case that uses new technology, not just to -- for dna. >> the process predict the suspects's appearance and ancestry. it indicates he's from west africa. he's suspected in five different rape cases in montgomery county. all elderly women. news 4's chris gordon spoke with one of the survivors by phone. >> he just ought to be caught because he ought to be caught. he's going to keep on doing this until he's too old to get through somebody's bedroom window. >> that woman was attacked six years ago. she's now 75 and lives in a long-term care facility in waldorf. >>
6:35 am
in prince george's county school districts. >> there's shocking claims. erika gonzalez is live with more on this. what's up? >> protesters showed up to last night's school board meeting and let their voices be heard. >> educate, then graduate. >> this is the first school board meeting since four members of the school board made allegations the county is changing students' grades in order to boost graduation rates. so here's what some school board members are saying. >> we would not make such allegations if there were not significant proof. we wouldn't make such allegations if we didn't know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we knew what we were talking about. >> the reason that weave made the allegations we've had and been as outspoken as we've been is because we ultimately believe this will improve the outcomes of students in prince george's county. when we lower the
6:36 am
students, we lower the bar for all of our students. school ceo, dr. kevin maxwell says the u.s. department of education cleared the district of the same allegations earlier this year. back over to you. erika, thank you. this morning, markelle fultz is probably still taking it all in. huge night for the prince george's county native and our area last night. >> looks good, too. he went number one in the nba draft. >> the philadelphia 76ers select markelle fultz from university of washington. >> the 19-year-old is from upper marlboro. went to demath i catholic in high yachtsville. his first thought was about, yep, his mom >> i was thinking about how much sacrifice that table has given me. just everything they've done for me. knowing that this is happening, this paid off. i still got a lot of work to do. i got a chance to take care of
6:37 am
>> we're happy because he's from prince george's county. >> you're happy because he's on the way to philadelphia to play for the 76ers. >> other nba players wasted no time welcoming him. kevin durant sent a shout out to fultz on twitter last night. fultz, as you probably know by now, was the first pick in the nba draft. number one pick comes from pg county. we're on a roll. >> also showing fultz love on facebook. lot of love to go around megan mcgrath. she's live at dematha with reaction from his former teammates. hi, megan. >> reporter: very, very exciting. markelle fultz, he's a local guy. he went to dematha catholic high school here in hyattsville. you can see the gym behind me. friends and family gathered to watch. there was quite a reaction when his name was read. listen to this. >> the philadelphia
6:38 am
markelle fultz from the university of washington. >> reporter: and markckelle word hard for this moment. at one point he was cut from the varsity team. but he worked hard and came back. his former teammates say he deserved this. >> it didn't come easy. wasn't always the biggest kid or most talented kid. >> i never thought he would do this. it's spectacular to see it. >> reporter: so a big night for marqukelle fultz and his family and a big night for the dematha family as well. i bet there will be a lot more celebrating happening today. back to you guys. >> very exciting, megan. thank you. protesters dragged off capitol hill. demonstrators in wheelchairs directed. what was left out of republican health care plan and what it means for you. if you haven't paid
6:39 am
about changes to your metro service. the service shakeup and how much it will cost you as soon as this weekend. we continue to follow breaking news of a deadly accident on new york avenue. the backups are more than
6:40 am
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6:42 am
breaking news in first 4 traffic. if you're headed into the district today, this is going to affect a lot people. new york avenue at the anacostia river bridge. all lanes blocked. we have major delays. we're going to talk about work arounds and travel times elsewhere coming up. amelia? and on storm team 4 radar, we're tracking rain moving from west to east. moderate rain now. this looks to come to an end by 7:30 or 8:00 a.m. all right. thanks, amelia. we'll stay tuned for the rainy forecast and coming up, sharing secrets with china. a virginia man accused of being a spy.
6:43 am
being taken today. a gruesome discovery. the mysterious death of a mother of four. the investigation begins in the trunk of a burned out car. we're going to continue to up dacht you on this deadly crash on new york avenue. more on the shutdown and the way to get around this mess, that's coming up next.
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breaking news. we have triple team traffic coverage. a fiery crash. people trapped. a rescue mission. we're live with what happened at one of our busiest roads in the district. >> i'll have the impact of the shutdown on new york avenue in your first 4 traffic. i'm jack taylor with wtop. i'll have your work-around before you head out the door. >> all of this after the rains and the remnants of tropical storm cindy move into the region.
6:47 am
i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk with an update for you on the horrific crash that we've been following all morning long. we can tell you this was a four-vehicle crash and a fire along with it. one person caught inside is out. but we are now being told by emergency responders that two people had to be transported to the hospital. one of them in critical condition. sadly, one person has died. all of the video that you've been seeing after the fact this morning shows these huge traffic snarls all morning long that melissa and justin and jack have been keeping track of. adam, eun, back to you. >> erika, thank you. it is 6:47. here's a look at the other top stories we're working for you this morning. another democrat is joining the race for governor in maryland. james shea is entering the race. he's a lawyer and a former chair of the university system of maryland board of regents. developing now, police looking for answers after a mother of
6:48 am
inside a burning car in montgomery county. andrea hawvermale's body was discovered in the back cargo space of a honda pilot on excalibur lane in sandi spring. they're only calling her death suspicious. capitol police arrested 43 people on the first day that the republican health care plan was revealed. it was a powerful scene in the hallways of congress as advocates for the disabled clustered around mitch mcconnell's office. >> aimed to take down the affordable care act. >> critics say it will hurt the poor by cutting medicaid and some republicans are even calling out the measure. >> more americans are going to get hurt unless we do something. >> i will not vote yes until i'm satisfied this puts us in a better place. >> in a facebook post, former president barack obama said the
6:49 am
health care bill. he says it is a massive transfer of wealth that cuts health care. president trump says he's hopeful that negotiations will help. a vote is planned for next week. today the virginia man accused of sending top secret documents to china, intelligence officer will be in court. news 4 cameras were there in le leesburg as they searched mallory's home. the fbi interviewed him in april after he flew back to the u.s. from china with more than $16,000 in undeclared cash. mallory claims he unknowingly met with chinese intelligence and said nothing he gave them was classified. but an fbi search of electronic devices showed messages in which mallory said, quote, your object is to gain information and my object is to be paid. mallory could face life in prison if convicted and under
6:50 am
certain circumstances, even the death penalty. this morning, university of maryland is dealing with a discrimination lawsuit. it comes as the university moves to take action against hate and bias on campus. the suit was filed by two african-american employees. they claim they've been treated differently than white counterparts. the two claim when they made complaints about unequal treatment, they were given more work and dporsed to work outside in extreme heat and cold. the university says equitable employment with a priority. get ready. big changes coming to metro starting on sunday. service hours will be reduced on certain days. trains will run between 5:00 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. on sunday, the system opens apartment 8:00 a.m. and closes at 11:00 p.m. >> metro is adding bus options for riders after the rail system closes. metro fares going up on sunday as well. off hourai
6:51 am
include weekends and hom days, are 25 cents per trip. rush hour fares up ten cents. other fares increase by 25 cents. we got a lot going on for sure. >> that's right. get ready. we've been following breaking news on the road all morning long. melissa mollet staying on top of it. >> breaking news in first 4 traffic. a huge problem for a lot of people headed into the district. new york avenue on the anacostia river bridge, all lanes are blocked causing a big slowdown all over the place. all of this green rain falling, adding to the pain. justin finch is close to the scene, really showing us what's going on as far as so many delays. hi, justin. >> reporter: hey there, melissa. traffic is creeping along inbound route 50 into the washington area. perhaps you can see just before it hits the anacostia river bridge, cars are being directed off forn
6:52 am
there. we've been following this in the area of the anacostia river bridge. this was a fatal, fiery, four-car crash. three cars involved did catch fire. the result, shutting down the 3600 block of -- in the d.c. area. also roads nearby. we know at this point, one person has died on the scene. one person is listed in critical condition. two others suffering nonlife-threatening injuries and one person treated on scene. as you make your way in and around this area this morning, you will see traffic and slowdowns as we're seeing right now. jack taylor also watching all of this. jack, what are you seeing? >> justin, there's a lot of delays, obviously. going to cause massive slowdowns bottom of washington parkway and 50 going westbound. the outbound travel lanes are block, bladensburg road. they're hoping to open those first. southbound on the bw parkway, yourp
6:53 am
try to right on that street. you can ride it toward benning road, pennsylvania avenue or the inbound 11th as alternates. it's going to be a mess. inbound lanes may not be open before the end of the rush hour. melissa, what else do you have? >> maybe a little advice like you do. for metro here, you want to do that instead. cheverly, landover, new carrollton. it might be a good spot for bailout. rest of the roadways look okay. eastbound prince william parkway. that crash, knob express lanes at prince william parkway, have a delay. travel times top of the beltway quite slow from 95 to 270 on the outer loop. 66 headed in to town and 95 northbound in virginia looking normal. remember to listen to wtop, like you did right there, before you hop into your car. >
6:54 am
travel times. this morning in the district, you see that line of rain moving through. we have a back edge. it should be over shortly here. in the district, we're seeing clearing from west to east. but we have heavier rain near laurel, 95 heading north. around clinton, bowie seeing the light rain scattered across parts of prince george's county. clinton as well. st. mary's county, the lighter rain. hagerstown, light to moderate rainfall. scattered showers. other than that, most of today will be cloudy with a chance for showers. more rain headed our way. saturday, not bad. we'll be warm and humid still. mostly cloudy this afternoon. chance of a shower. saturday morning, we have more rain moving in due to the remnants of what was tropical storm cindy and also cindy is doing damage to the south as well. let's head over to amelia with a closer look at your weekend forecast. >> we had reports of tornadoes du
6:55 am
i want to show you video out of fairfield, alabama, cindy did damage there. tornado reported. thankfully, no fatalities. take a look at the damage. this is damage mainly to a hardware store and also a liquor store in parts of alabama. as the moisture moves our way, you're seeing with the rain and dealing with it. we're only dealing with rain this morning. as we look to the weather outlet today, the commute looking rainy. maybe a thunderstorm for the commute. looking dry for most of us. we have the nats game tonight and a concert at meriweather. looking mainly dry for the sart of those. towards the tail end, could be dealing with rain. rain and thunderstorms around this weekend. early at the beach tomorrow but the afternoon looking dry and breezy. 86. sunday, 82. plenty of sunshine. in fact, sheena, sunday and beyond looks great. >> it looks gorgeous, amelia. because the humidity will also be low. ve
6:56 am
the week and into next week. look at the temperatures. it gets hot and stormy into next weekend. >> love that, sheena. it's 65 here. four things to know before you head out the door. traffic is creeping along new york avenue northeast because of this crash. this is in the area of the anacostia bridge. police say one person is dead. >> iconic d.c. councilmember jim kbram graham's body will lie in rep e repose. funeral services are planned for tomorrow in d.c. this morning the university of maryland police department is mourning the passing of its former chief. led the department for 20 years. his funeral will be next week in lip field, maryland. for the first time in 46 years, someone from our area went number one in the nba draft. markelle fultz is from upper marl bow owe. went to dematha high school. he's headed off to the city of brotherly loaf to play for the 76ers. some of u
6:57 am
interest in that. mover in the nbc washington app. congratulations to him. new york avenue at the anacostia river bridge, all lanes blocked from the fatal crash overnight. guys? >> melissa, we're dealing with the rain and april chance this afternoon. it looks cloudy past the morning. then by sunday, low humidity. looks fantastic for most of next week. so glad you came back inside. no umbrella necessary. >> my hair looks pretty good. >> yeah. thanks for joining us this morning. >> the "today" show is next. have areat day and a great g we just got the keys to our new house! we got the keys! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you.
6:58 am
i love you too.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good mo good morning. on life support? the gop senate health care bill already facing major opposition. leading the charge for republicans, including senator rand paul. so is there any chance it passes? we'll ask senator paul in a live interview. danger spreading, cindy pushing farther inland one day after pounding the south with torrential rain and spawning destructive tornados. today's flood threat stretching from louisiana all the way to pennsylvania. breaking overnight, north korea denying it tortured former detainee otto warmbier. calling itself the biggest victim in his death. as thousands tribute


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