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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 23, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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friday morning metro mess. the red line suspended twice today in two different spots. what you need to know right now about the changes coming to the transit system this weekend. and there are also major problems on the road this morning. two deadly accidents, including this fiery crash that left three vehicles charred. and after the morning rain, we're dealing with a cloud cover but some breaks soft sunshine now. i'll show you what we have in store for the afternoon and some rain to start your weekend. got a lot going on at 11:00 on a friday morning. >> yes, we do. >> thanks for joining us, i'm
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let's begin with that messy morning commute. >> montgomery county fire and rescue tweeted out this video. it shows firefighters responding to the medical center metro station after an arcing insulator there. the same thing happened outside the dupont circle station. this caused periodic suspensions of red line service and here's a live picture from the dupont metro station here where service was just restored but it could take some time for all the delays to clear. news4's kristen wright is live with more problems. >> reporter: hey there, guys, just talked to a woman who is so incredibly frustrated with metro at this point. she said she waited outside the station here for a couple of hours waiting for a shuttle and never saw one. just got off the phone with metro. as you mentioned, service has been restored on the red line. the problem, they're saying, an arcing insulator which we have heard before. residual delays. a group
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service has been restored, some of them are choosing to wait out here for the bus because of the residual delays and all the crowds that are still around. we want to show you video from just a few minutes ago before service was restored. the sidewalk outside the station swamped with people all trying to get somewhere and they just couldn't. many of them waiting for those shuttles, a lot of confusion as to where those shuttles were and if they were coming at all. we talked to more than a few people who said they were waiting and waiting and waiting to get on a shuttle so they could get to work and they never saw a bus here. we talked to a guy trying to get to chrissal city for work, a family, a tourist trying to get downtown to see sights, two women also trying to get to work. listen here to how their morning went. >> this is ridiculous. i ride the train from shady grove every day. every week, there's a problem with metro. when we first got here, they say, go upstairs, there are shuttle buses waiting. for the past two hours, there has not been one bus and then after that, they tell people to go downstairs, the
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running. this is not acceptable. >> reporter: metro also telling me that those shuttles, some of them are still in place, even though service has been restored. another thing, guys, it is sweltering hot out here, so very uncomfortable for people who had to just wait this out. back to you. >> adam just said that, kristen wright, thank you. we go to two deadly accidents that had a major impact on the morning commute starting on the fairfax county parkway. somebody was killed in a crash on the parkway just east of braddock road and there were multiple injuries in that crash as well. how seriously, still don't know. the other accident was a four-car pile-up in d.c., and three of those cars caught on fire. this caused so many problems on new york avenue. the vw parkway and all the roads that were around there early this morning, d.c. police said that the cars crashed just past the anacostia bridge at about
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one person was killed in this crash. another person, lasted into that morning rush hour. big change coming this weekend. back on metro, the service hours and the fare hikes are are going to start. trains are going to start running between 5:00 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. monday through thursday. on friday and saturday, metro are close at 1:00 in the morning and on sunday, the system opens at 8:00 a.m. and closes at 11:00 p.m. and that's in place, guys, for years. so be aware of that. and metro fares are also going up on sunday. off hour rail fares, which include weekends and federal holidays, rise 25 cents per trip. rush hour rail fares up by 10 cents each way starting monday morning. and regular and express bus fares take the biggest hit, those fares increase by 25 cents. with metro getting more expensive, a loft people are wondering if it's less expensive to drive or take metro. aaa did the research. these numbers are based on a 30-mile round trip from downtown
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a weekly trip on metro, including parking, would run $16 a day or $82 a week. driving a large sedan to work will cost you almost $22 a day so from this comparison, it looks like metro is a little cheaper. however, there are lots of variables that factor into commuting. so, it's really, i mean, whatever works for you. >> absolutely. all right. now let's switch gears. let's go to the weather and a very rainy morning. >> yeah. but we want to know if there's going to be more rain in store partner later today. we want to know if we can go to the pool. sheena's got the forecast. >> well, you could go to the pool, but we do, again, have some showers at least in the afternoon forecast. we do have breaks of sun right now, too, so things are going to warm up very quickly for them in the meantime, at least, we're going to be mostly dry. now we go through the afternoon today and that's when we're going to squeeze in that shower chance again so we're not how the of the woods just yet. live look outside but some of that sunlight is coming through. we look to the west and there is more rain, the
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was tropical storm cindy yesterday. that's now in parts of tennessee, moving into tennessee but a lot of gulf moisture really wrapped up in that system so that will be here for possibly later this afternoon and as we go into tomorrow morning. low 80s right now. future weather, though, showing us that chance later today. closer look at the timing into the weekend coming up. all right, sheena, thank you very much. today, the virginia man accused of sending top secret documents to chinese intelligence officials will be in court. news4 cameras were there in leesburg as the fbi searched kevin mallory's home yesterday. he's a former defense contractor and state department security agent. the fbi interviewed him in april after he flew back to the united states from china with more than $16,000 in undeclared cash. mallory claimed that he unknowingly met with chinese intelligence and said nothing he gave them was classified but an fbi search of electronic devices showed messages in which mallory said, "your object is to gain information and my object is to be paid."
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he's convicted, and under certain circumstances, even the death penalty. right now a d.c. police escort is leading the casket of a former council member to the wilson building. jim graham's body will lie in repose there until about 5:00 today. the four-term council member advocated for gay rights and was a pioneer for hiv research funding. in about an hour, the mayor, d.c. council members and graham's family will take part in a service for him and then starting at about 12:30, the public will be allowed to pay their respects. tomorrow, graham's funeral will be held at the all souls unitarian church in southwest. reaction continues to poor in over the newly released republican health care plan. democrats are hammering the plan for its cuts to medicaid and even some republicans not fully on board. president donald trump tweeted this morning that he's helped pass and sign nearly 40 pieces of legislation without democratic support, but nbc's
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lawmakers now need all the support they can get. >> reporter: day one of the republican health plan revealed demonstrators in wheelchairs arrested. >> the president had said that the senate bill needed heart. the way this bill cuts health care is heartless. >> reporter: the plan would get rid of the requirement to buy insurance, keep protections for people with preexisting conditions, provide less money for fewer people buying insurance on their own, and slow the growth of medicaid starting in three years. leaving fewer low income americans eligible. >> i'm not rich enough to keep my daughter alive without medicaid. >> reporter: with insurance companies quickly pulling out of obamacare, republicans insist they must act fast. >> more americans are going to get hurt unless we do something. >> reporter: democrats are crying foul. >> it is just intellectually and practically bankrupt. >> reporter: it cuts taxes on drug manufacturers and people ng
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>> all those juicy tax cuts for their rich buddies. >> reporter: several republicans are reluctant. >> this current draft doesn't get the job done. >> it looks like we're keeping obamacare, not repealing it. >> i will not vote yes until i'm satisfied this puts us in a better place. >> reporter: president trump is hopeful. >> little negotiation, but it's going to be great. >> reporter: so far, four republicans are against it. the party can only afford to lose two. changes are sure to happen here, but republicans could win some while losing others. it's a delicate balance they're trying to strike in a matter of days. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. so another new name this morning challenging larry hogan as maryland governor, democrat james shea is entering the race. he's one of six people in the democratic race right now. also running, prince george's county executive rushern
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state senator, and former naacp president ben jealous. election, november 2018. former president obama might be going on the campaign trail, but this time to stump for the person who could be virginia's next governor. the "huffington post" reports that mr. obama will hit the campaign trail for democrat ralph northam. according to the "washington post," an obama aide confirmed he made a congratulatory call. the time right now is 11:10. it's almost the fourth of july. if you're buying fireworks, you'll want a refresher on the best way to keep your family safe. news4's justin finch live in fairfax where they're showing off what to know in a pretty interesting way. >> reporter: with illegal fireworks, you are seconds away from danger at any time and that's the message that fairfax county firefighters drove home to us. i'm holding an arm. it came off this child-size mannequin when they used the
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now, luckily, in this case, these were mannequins that were being blown of up here, but this happens often in real life. summer celebrations can be ruin bid a fireworks accident, often caused by illegal fireworks. some simple rules of thumb are, if you do detonate any fire work, keep your company and yourself at least 25 feet away from the fireworks and also never allow your small kids to light or handle fireworks. now, in fairfax county, there is a stringent firework policy out here. simply put, if it goes up or blows up, you should never have it and if you're caught, there are serious consequences. >> to have these type of fireworks is a class one misdemeanor in the commonwealth of virginia which is punishable by $2,500 and up to or including one year
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>> reporter: now, this, of course, is a worst case scenario and this mannequin here, this child blown up by the blast earlier. if you have any questions about the fireworks that you purchase, the fire department says reach out to them and they will let you know. that is the latest here in fairfax. i'm justin finch, news4. thank you very much. good safety tips there. hey, johnny depp is under fire this morning. he's the latest american entertainer to be criticized for taking a joke against president trump too far. we'll let you know what he said while on stage. plus a prince george's basketball star making nba history.
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this composite sketch could lead to closure for five survivors of rape in montgomery county. cow county police are are hoping that somebody recognizes the man that we just showed you in that sketch. he is suspected of raping several elderly women years ago. >> the sketch is different because it was made with dna t. process predicts a suspect's appearance and ancestry. one of the women who was raped is now 75 years old and she spoke on the phone. >> it's very important to me that he is arrested. anything
11:16 am
is going to save a lot of other little old ladies problems. >> now, that woman was raped six years ago. police say she was attacked inside her condo twice by that man. developing this morning, police are looking for answers after a mother of four was found dead inside a burning car in montgomery county. andrea hawvermale's body was discovered near her home on excalibur lane in sandy spring. we first told you about the death last week but didn't learn that it was hawvermale until yesterday. right now, investigators are only calling her death suspicious. and medical examiner will determine how she died. new this morning, johnny depp coming under fire for a controversial comment against the president last night, he spoke in england at an outdoor musical festival. to the
11:17 am
jokingly suggest the assassination of president trump. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? i want to clarify. i'm not an actor. i lie for a living. however, it's been a while. and maybe it's time. >> now, during that comment, depp was referring to assassination of lincoln by john wilkes booth. earlier this month, comedian kathy griffin sparked a controversy when she posted a photo showing a gruesome mask of the president. >> educate, then graduate. protesters are letting their voices be heard in prince george's county. they gathered before a packed school board meeting last night. it was the first meeting since members of the school board made le
11:18 am
changing students' grades in order to boost graduation rates. school ceo dr. kevin maxwell says the u.s. department of education cleared the district of the same allegations earlier this year. this morning, the university of maryland dealing with a discrimination lawsuit. it comes as the university moves to take action against hate and bias incidents on campus. the suit was filed by two african-american employees and they claim that they've been treated differently than their white counterparts. the two claim that when they made complaints about unequal theresa m treatment, they were given more work and forced to work outside in the heat and cold. the university says equitable employment is a priority. now the real work begins for markelle fultz. he went number one in the nba draft. last night was a big moment for the prince george's county native and our entire area too. >> with the first pick in the 2017 nba draft, the philadelphia 76ers select
11:19 am
the university of washington. >> contain yourself, adam. >> we got a lot riding on him. >> the 19-year-old is from upper particle b marlboro. now he's heading off to philly to play for the 76ers. news4 was there for a special reunion between him and his old coach. >> reporter: number one overall for markelle fultz. even more amazing when you consider that just three years ago, he was cut from his varsity high school team. now, on top of the basketball world, feeling so much joy and no pressure. >> a lot of people say it has a lot of pressure but for me, i don't feel any pressure. i got goals that i set for myself and that's the way i look at it. i don't try to accomplish anybody else's goals except for my team and myself. >> reporter: we have one question from the back. this guy right here. maybe you could ask him why'd you cut me. >> i was getting ready to ask you how do you feel about that coach that cut you. he
11:20 am
>> it made me better. just made my story a little bit better and i think that actually helped me put a chip on my shoulder and work even harder. >> reporter: great moment with his former high school coach, mike jones there. and what a moe mmentous occasio. first player from the area to go number one overall since 1971. a long time coming. at the nba draft, news4 sports. >> no doubt everybody will be watching. >> yes. we hope him the best. we're really hoping that he does well. >> i bet you are. all right, sheena told us at the top of the broadcast that we can expect some more rain. so some of that rain is coming from what is left of tropical storm cindy. after the break, we're going to take a look at the damage asat cindy h caused and the
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so the tropical storm is over, but now, this is the clean-up that's got to get underway. >> it could take several days there. what was left of cindy brought heavy rain, flooding, high winds to multiple states down south, it created a tornado that hurt several people in a town in alabama. the weather channel's reynolds wolf shows us all the damage there. >> reporter: this morning, the fast-moving storm, what's left of tropical storm cindy is slamming the south and still packing a very dangerous punch. through the night, tornado watches and warnings keeping residents in the atlanta area
11:24 am
edge. just west of birmingham, alabama, an ef-2 tornado collapsing walls and blowing away roofs. >> we're looking at 120 miles an hour, which is an ef-2, pretty considerable damage. >> all of a sudden, the wind started getting stronger. >> reporter: residents shaken by close calls. >> when i looked up, it was a stick of wood had gone through my windshield of my car. and i'm just blessed to be here to tell this story. >> reporter: thousands are without power. but no serious injuries. around the gulf coast, the remnants of cindy unleashing torrential rains, causing flash foogd throughout the area, winter whipping up the surf, leaving only the hardiest beach goers to brave the waves. we've got triekind of tranquil conditions, all things considered. but from sunday through tuesday, much dryer and cooler weather can be expected. reporting from fair field, alabama, i'm reynolds wolf. >> some of those remnants are coming our
11:25 am
>> tennessee. the western portion of tennessee is getting what's left over of what's tropical storm cindy, then downgraded to a depression this morning. still a lot of rain with it, though. for us, right now, we're kind of in the clear. we have had some peeks of sunshine outside but as we go through the afternoon, we're still going to see the shower chance, humid, windy, and warm today. the it's going to stay sticky all day. evening shower chance. we could even see some in the next couple of hours try to move in but the better rain chance comes tomorrow morning. early tomorrow morning you could be waking up to some rain. after that rain moves through in the afternoon, humidity is going to drop off. and the humidity stays low for sunday and most of all of next week except for like friday. most of next week will be incredibly comfortable. 82 degrees in the district, cloudy skies, south wind of 16 miles an hour, windy and humid out there. satellite radar, we're seeing peeks of
11:26 am
cloud cover but if you look to the west, we have some showers developing here but a lot more farther off to the west and southwest and all that moisture is streaming in our direction. so we're not out of the woods just yet. if you're walking the dog today, we have soup here available at the humane kes crescue alliance. 88 degrees, 7:00 p.m., still warm and humid. here's future weather this afternoon, a couple showers possible, later on this evening and then we go into your saturday and we'll be waking up with very early showers before we do clear out. by the afternoon, saturday, humidity drops, sunday looking sunny, low humidity even going into next week. coming up, we'll look at the extended forecast and the beach forecast. a day after a uva student was buried, north korea leaders are making new claims. we're going to tell you what's being reported today on state media about the death of the otto warmbier. and replacing boarding passes, hey, with your fingerprint. the technol i
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so, a lot of you have been thinking about otto warmbier. he died here in the united states after he was held for months in north korea. now, north korea is saying that it did not
11:30 am
the country claimed it didn't torture or mistreat warmbier while he was in custody. doctors here say warmbier suffered a severe neurological injury, not clear how, though. his family says north korea is to blame. thousands of people went to warmbier's funeral in ohio yesterday. that's where he grew up and then enrolled at uva. >> well, the mystery is over. there are no recordings of conversations between president trump and former fbi director james comey. the president now says he did not make and does not have any tapes. weeks ago, he was the one who tweeted the possibility of recordings, and he made this new announcement yesterday once again on twitter. the mood was so tense inside the jury room at the bill cosby sex assault trial that some jurors were crying. this new information is coming from one of those jurors after the jury could not reach a verdict. that juror did not want to reveal his identity but says that he thinks cosby is guilty but thought that he had already been
11:31 am
already paid his price. paid -- suffered. i think it created this whole thing, a case that was settled in '05 and we had to bring it up again in '17. >> so even though a mistrial was declared, the prosecution says it wants to try again with a new jury. cosby has denied allegations that he drugged and assaulted a woman in 2004. well, there's about to be a huge technological upgrade for your airport experience. imagine using just your two fingers to check your bags or get on a plane. delta is close to rolling out that type of feature at reagan national airport and i actually got to test out that new technology. >> reporter: no boarding pass, no mobile device, nope, just your hands or your eyes. in other words, just you. >> facial recognition, fingerprints, it seems like an easy way to do it. >> reporter: our bodies becoming our passports.
11:32 am
anything that makes it more convenient, easier for me to get to and from where i'm going, i think it's a good thing. >> reporter: delta showing off new technology that allows you certain access just by placing your two fingers on a pad and the test bed for this program, right here at reagan national. so the first phase of this program is happening here at the sky club of delta. you come in with your two if i think fingers, put it right down here on the scanner, hold it down two seconds. who am i? >> mr. tuss. >> reporter: and i'm in. the second phase will actually be out in the airport. that's expected later this summer. that's right, at dca later this summer, delta says you should be able to check your bags and get on a plane just by putting your two fingers on a pad. >> it takes out the hassle factor of having to carry a paper boarding pass or look for your mobile boarding pass or having an i.d. or driver's license. >> reporter: of course there are privacy concerns here.
11:33 am
delta's partnering with airport security company clear to make all this probable. clear says its top priority is protecting your information and the company says it will never sell that information. travelers like rich kay are on board but then they hope this doesn't become the norm with all airlines. because he wants the special access. >> what i like about it is you get very quick access, in and out of the airport. so if everybody does it, then it won't be quite as quick. >> now, unfortunately, this service is not free right now. you'll have to buy a clear membership with the i.d. service there, but you should save a whole lot of time and stress if you do that. the march on washington film festival starts next month. the annual event was established to increase awareness of the civil rights era and to inspire new activism. the festival's executive producer joins us now with more on what people can expect. good morning and thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> so this festival is 21 different events over the course of 10 days, lot to pack in
11:34 am
right? >> yes, july 13. it's a thursday. opening night is let freedom sing. our festival is films but also performances and scholarships and stories from icons of the era. so, opening night is two kwooch from reed temple and covenant baptist church. and your own leon harris is going to be a part of this. >> couple days later, july 15, the ed sullivan show will be in the spotlight. tell me about that. you're already smiling. you're so excited about this. >> i am indeed. so, i remember watching "the ed sullivan show." it was on for decades and what i didn't know was that ed sullivan was a civil rights activist because he brought so many african-american acts on his stage at a time when he was probably threatened, the show boycott, sometimes the show wasn't shown in different parts of the south so that day we're having two young women,
11:35 am
granddaughter, and diane carol's daughter are making a documentary about ed's civil rights work. they're producing that now and diane carol is going to be with us. she was on the show nine times. so we're very excited about having that. >> how very special. and there's also a sports element in this as well. how does that come into play in this? >> what we do is look at civil rights in all aspects of life so on the sports evening, we're showing a documentary about the 17 other african-american athletes that went with jesse owens to berlin at that olympic games. the hitler games. and so we want to know their story as well. this will talk about that. >> so there's a lot to kind of pick and choose from here over the course of 10 days so quickly tell people where they can find tickets, where they can come and take part in this. >> www.marchonwashingtonfilm and click on festival schedule. >> july 13 through the 22nd. adam, back to you. take aoo
11:36 am
very cute face. this dog was picked up by the humane rescue alliance suffering from extreme heat exhaustion. we'll tell you how you can protect your own pets this summer as the temperatures rise.
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welcome back. we told you that experiences were some of the hot ticket items this past father's day. well, maybe this game was one of them. check this out. at a dodgers game, the dad pulls off a nice catch here with a baby in his arms. >> father of the year. and look at the mom. she's like, give me that kid. >> she's like, dude, you need to protect the kid, not try to catch the ball. the dad managed to hold on to his child, not drop the foul ball. he's just trying to catch the ball and he got in trouble. >> up instantly. >> she rips the baby out of his hands. give me the child and what are you doing
11:39 am
you know that led to a fight later that night. she's like, you just wait until we get home, mister. >> he caught the ball. maybe he slept on the couch later on in the night. >> i love how she turned her back to him like, don't even try. sheena parveen, heading into the weekend, can we get out and enjoy a little bit of sun? >> oh, yes. it's actually going to shape up to be really nice after the rain tomorrow morning. we need to get through the rain tomorrow morning. we have a chance later on today too but then saturday afternoon and going into sunday, some really nice changes. here's your weather outlook this afternoon. chance of a shower, dinner out is going to be humid, warm, and windy and still the chance of a shower, but then we go into tomorrow morning and that's when we're going to have the most rainfall moving through in the morning. so just keep that in mind. you might be waking up to maybe even a thunderstorm. then we go into saturday afternoon. humidity drops and we start to dry out and clear out and it will be really comfortable even as we go into sunday. locally, though, we're nice and dry right
11:40 am
out there but we have more cloud cover on the way just off to our west with some showers. those could move through in the next couple of hours but we have a lot more moisture around to west and southwest. some of that around south tennessee, remnants of what was tropical storm cindy so a lot of that gulf moisture still going to make its way here as we go into tomorrow morning, mainly, but still that chance later today. 84 in the district, warming up, 82 dulles, quantico, if you're exercising today, keep in mind the pavement is wet and still that chance of a shower this afternoon. up by 4:00 p.m., 88 degrees, going to stay warm and humid. showers around by 5:00 p.m., possibly more developing then early tomorrow morning we get that rain and by the afternoon, the humidity drops. you'll notice that tomorrow afternoon and that's going to carry over into sunday. beach forecast not looking too bad. today, not so nice. tomorrow afternoon looking better. sunday looking really good. the low humid
11:41 am
90s next weekend. thanks, sheena. we are back after this. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs. it's 20 times faster than most people have. you get more speed that allows you to do more of the things you love. like binge watching game of thrones on multiple devices... while your son hosts a massive gaming tournament. and your daughter live streams yet another 4k video of herself singing...
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as the first weekend of summer's arriving, so are the warnings about heat and pets. senior humane law enforcement officer dan is here with ways to keep your four-legged friends safe, especially in this heat. good morning, officer. so tell me, first of all, w
11:44 am
this is suds mckenzie. what's his situation? >> suds is on hold in a cruelty case right now involving him being left out in the heat. >> okay. >> he's in a foster home right now while he recovers from heatstroke. >> that is -- you told me the story earlier. we're going to get into a little bit more, but it's horrible. now he's laying here, he seems to be pretty much well but you're saying he's still getting blood work. >> he's receiving daily fluid injections. he's on a special food, medications to try to mitigate the effects of the heatstroke episode that he had about two weeks ago to try to prevent any permanent damage to his body. >> okay. now i will say, he is the absolute sweetest dog. unfortunately, he got stuck in a horrible situation. he's so sweet, he's so happy, very loving. tell me what happened. how did you guys find him and what was going on in this heat
11:45 am
actually, the metropolitan police department did, saw him tied up in a parking lot. it was a 90-something degree day. the heat index was pushing 100. they saw him in obvious heat distress, just randomly pulled into the parking lot, suds collapsed in the parking lot. the police officers carried him into a laundry mat and it was through their quick action to start the cooling process in the laundromat that really suds is with us now. suds was completely unresponsive. animal control and offers with hra shoid wed up to assist and were able to rush him to an emergency hospital where he spent over five days receiving life-saving treatment. >> so he's still dealing with some stuff. you mentioned they koold him
11:46 am
to cool him down. talk about some of the ways you can cool your dog down and what are the warning signs if they're getting overheated. >> the warning signs that your dog is becoming overheated is, i mean, you're normally used to the way your dog pants but if you see sort of excessive panting, the tongue really hanging out, him breathing really, really hard, that's a sign that he's kind of pushing the limits, excessive salvation, slobber, all over the place. if he's starting to become disoriented and wobbling around, that is -- now you are beyond the point of -- >> so pretty obvious signs once it gets to that point. how do we cool them down, though? >> the best way to do it is to cool them down slowly. you don't want to dunk them in a vat of ice water. >> okay. kind of like under the armpits. >> the pads of the feet. the groin area. the ears. places like that. >> where you see flesh and not as much fur.
11:47 am
way to cool off those parts because it evaporates. >> i didn't know that. >> if you ever get a shot on your arm and it feels really cool, it does the same thing for them. cool water, not ice cold water. cool water and a fan is best. if you see the dog acting that way, you need to start the cooling process, but you also need to get him to an emergency hospital. >> okay. now if you see a dog in a heat situation, obviously, call one of you guys, you know, call the humane enforcement and also hot cars, really quickly, because we're almost out of time. talk about leaving your dog in a hot car. obviously don't do it. >> people don't understand how quickly it gets too hot in a car. there is no appropriate amount of time to leave your dog in a car on a warm day. cracking your windows does nothing. in a vehicle that's not moving, it doesn't create any air exchange. you have stagnant, hot air in the car. the dog panting, becoming dehydrated and it just -- the situation
11:48 am
exponentially. just gets worse by the second. >> so just don't do it. don't put your dog in a hot car. that is the absolute worst situation. >> leave them at home. >> thank you so much for being here. we're going to help suds get back to health too. what a speet dog. nbc4's proud to help clear the shelters every year. there he is. he's so sweet. this year's event will be august 19 if you're interested in adopting a pet. we have resources on the nbc washington app and suds is a in a foster home right now but of course we'll be keeping up with him and the humane rescue alliance. thank you so much. keep your dogs cool as we go through the hot summer months. for the first time in about three years, you can keep cool at the farragut north and dupont circle cooling stations. the cooling equipment broke down a few years ago. the spiepipes were in such bad e that metro had to turn off the system. the cooling towers are a temporary fix. crews will have to dig up parts of
11:49 am
this next segment is tough but somebody's got to do it. the annual event features cooking contests, samples, live music and more. proceeds benefit the uso and the capital area food bank. it takes place between 3rd and 7th streets northwest and in studio with us today, mr. myron mixon. good morning to you, sir. you are known as the winningest man in barbecue, is that correct? >> that is correct. >> what does that mean? you win all over the place. >> all over the country. but i've won more grand championships than anybody. >> wow. then you certainly know what you're talking about. tell us what you have here that you're preparing for us. >> what we're doing here, i've got a pork butt. i'm going to show you how to prep it. this is the way we would prep it at our restaurant. over in alexandria, old town. at myron mixon pit
11:50 am
to fat. >> i didn't know that. >> you want to come in and take some of your vegetable oil and all this is for is to adhere the rub, the seasoning to it. and we're going to come in and add our barbecue rub to the outside. ready to go on the smoker for about five hours. and when it goes on the smoker for five hours -- >> this is the finished product here. >> this is it right here. >> let me see what it look like after. oh my gosh. just tear into it. >> look there. >> now, can you just go get this at any store or do you have to kind of have -- find a specialty store for this, for the pork butt. like can i just go in and get that at any -- >> yeah, you can get the pork butt at any supermarket. i mean, it's not hard to prepare. >> oh. >> isn't that awesome. >> my goodness. >> that's what i'm talking about. but it's probably one of the most simple items you can do besides doing chicken. just got to watch your temperatures, internal temperature, you want it to be around 200 degrees internally, but the pork butts, then we go over
11:51 am
>> and you do the same kind of rub on the ribs. >> yes. same kind of rub on the ribs. but again, this is exactly what we do at our restaurant. all the sides you see here are my own recipes for them. some of them are from my mom, especially like the coleslaw. >> oh my goodness. i'm just going to keep eating while you do this. >> take a rack of ribs. you know when they're tender is when you can do that right there. >> oh, right up there. erika, i'm sorry. >> you talk. >> he's just handing me the ribs now. what am i supposed to do? >> don't say no to the man. >> what am i supposed to do besides start eating. >> i will. i'm not ashamed. >> is this going to be downtown this weekend as well. >> we'll be down there cooking like this. we're competing. we won this contest, the giant barbecue bell 12 times. going for our 13th. but you can get every bit of this, like i said, at our restaurant, myron mixon pit master barbecue, n
11:52 am
come by and see us. when i'm in town, most of the time, we do whole hog night, keep up with us on social media. come eat whole hog with me. that's really what i'm known for also. those are awesome, ain't they. >> this is ridiculous. >> i'm from texas. i'm critical of my barbecue. this is good stuff. >> did you think it was going to be bad? >> you said we have world champion, how could i -- >> there's a lot of people always get themselves these reps that ain't backed up. i back mine up. >> you're a character. you're also the mayor of your own small town in georgia. >> i'm the mayor of my town in georgia. we have 1500 people. we're a full service little town there, police protection, fire protection, but it's a part-time job. >> everybody's barbecuing this summer. what's the big mistake that everybody makes? any the big mistake is people get intimidated by fire, dealing with fire and stuff and they overcook or undercook the meat. and really what you need to do et
11:53 am
talked about, 200 degrees, it's done. ribs you're looking about 205, wean t between the bones. chicken, 180 on dark meat, 160 on white meat but always use an internal thermometer. >> internal thermometer. that is the key to cooking, erika. >> i'm sorry. i can't hear you. >> or y'all can just come eat with me and don't worry about it. >> all right, mr. mayor. >> mr. myron mixon, the mayor also. up next you're going to meet a local teen on his way to becoming a major opera star. >> where's that pudding, sir?
11:54 am
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11:56 am
he's just 18 years old, but he is on his way to becoming an opera star. >> such a cool story here. aaron crouch is from prince george's county and you have to hear him sing. ♪ >> wow. crouch just completed his first year at the curtis institute of music in philadelphia. that department is said to be the most selective conservatory for vocalists in the world and get this, he started learning how to sing classical music just three years ago in high school. >> so many things about myself in the practice room, like what my voice doesn't like to do, when my voice works and when my voice doesn't
11:57 am
affect my voice, what things don't affect my voice. ♪ >> aaron grew up singing gospel music in his parents' church, said he didn't like pop music or r&b and gospel is what really spoke to him. said it was difficult to enter the world of professional music but now he absolutely loves it and he was accepted into jewel yar julliard. his parents kept him grounded skpks, you can do it. >> the lesson there is don't listen to the people who tell you no. believe in yourself and you can do it. congratulations to him and what a voice on him. let's get one final check of the weather here as we wrap up news4 midday. a little bit of rain drops this morning but shaping up to be okay, right, sheena? >> okay through the rest of the day. sunshine now, chance of a shower this afternoon. otherwise, humid and windy but the weekend looks pretty decent after tomorrow morning. >> thank you, sheena. thanks so much for joining us. we're back on the air this afternoon, first
11:58 am
>> remember that you can
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ o jewelry shining so bright strawberry champagne on ice ♪ ♪ lucky for you that's what i like lucky for you that's what i like ♪ >> that's what i like. a little bruno mars rendition to get us going. happy friday. that is the group uplift performing on the new competition show "boy band." alfonso, finally got his name right. >> it's alfonso. >> yes. >> alfonso rivera. >> not alonzo. >> not


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