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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 23, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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the victims' knew each other. you're looking now with the possibility it may be a murder suicide. >> now to the weather, as cindy moves away from the gulf coast, more people are filling the impact, rain and flooding. the biggest concern as the storm weakens and moving our way. doug is tracking the remnants of cindy on the radar and when and how long it's going to last and what it's doing to mean to the weekend. >> it's going to be quick hitter for us. that's good news if you have weekend plans. i do not expect this to impact weekend plans much at all. out there right now we saw shower activity come through about an hour or two hours ago, that shower activity. it is gone and we are clear as far as the radar is concerned. one little area right here inside the beltway. that's sprinkles. the rest of us are dry. severe weather to the north. severe thunderstorm watch in fact above the pennsylvania border. f
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to wait a while before cindy moves in. this is the remnants of cindy right here. this is the area that's going to move right to the north and west. it's going to give us a good chance of some heavy rain over night tonight. i'll explain, i'll take you hour by hour and show you what to expect for your early morning on your saturday and especially the entire week end, i've got that forecast. >> thanks, doug. metro issued a rare apology on this melt down on the red line. train stopped running during the morning rush. walked outside and that station they're swamped with stranded riders. the major inconvenience came two days before service cut and fair hike starts. on weeknights, that's monday through thursday, metro will open from 5:00 in the morning until 11:00 at night. friday's hours will be from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., saturday the train will start running at 7:00 a.m. and stop at 1:00 the following morning. sunday hours will be from 8 in the morning until
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not a happy day for riders on metro. >> no, not a good day at all. so, two problems on the red line this morning. both of them involving insulators. metro says that water got into the tunnel causing all of the problems and headaches for people this morning. this was one of the stations that was a complete mess. so many riders, not all of them, but many riders say that there's just no good excuse, at this point, especially when they're about to pay more. >> there's no space and tell them they're coming. that's a flat out lie. don't lie to the people. >> he needed to vent after this morning's metro melt down on the red line. and the fact that fares go up on sunday. >> this is ridiculous. everybody is late for work and you're going to raise
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>> the system is safer and more reliable today than it was 13 months ago. >> and there are many. >> i think that they are making the best efforts they can. i think they recognize that mb knew -- that more needs to be done. i've seen that several times. >> it's ridiculous. >> you would never in any other company ask for more money when you provide a service that's measurably worse than
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a budget gap. if you would like to see the new fares and new schedules for yourself, open the nbc washington app, leon. back to you. >> thanks kristin. it makes us ask you today, will you take metro less as the new schedule and the fair hikes kick in. so far most of you responding saying that you a -- you can weigh in right now on the nbc washington facebook page and keep an eye on it. >> we're happy to share with you that there is progress for congressman and the young lobbyist wounded in that ballpark shooting. the house majority is out of intensive care at med star washington hospital. he's listed in fare condition, now, 9 t days after a gunman opened fire on republican lawmaker practicing for that charity baseball game. also improving
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george washington university hospital tweeted this photo of jason weather who stopped yesterday to visit. >> after gunfire breaks out inside. one man shot and wounded there in a massive police presence. >> this is unfolding at popular breakfast and lunch spot. that's where we find news 4 pat collins with more on all of this. >> talk about a quick turn around. the robbery took place here about 2:30 this afternoon. less than three hours later. the chief of police tweeted out security camera video of the two suspects wanted in the case. if you recognize these guy is, the cops want to hear from you. short time ago i talked to a woman who was here when it all
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went down. >> reporter: she was here today when two guys robbed the place and shot a customer. >> gave him the money. and threw it on the counter and he started holding the gun. and he shot the young man. >> customer? >> uh-huh. >> the police on this in
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k-9 dogs are running with a purpose. cops deepen the brush, looking for suspects and evidence. police on the edge armed with long guns, a manhunt of consequence today in a wooded area on the north side of kennel worth avenue near douglas street. . it's called the breakfast place. but everybody knows here it's marry's place. why it's like the tasty diner, it's been in business here for decades. this afternoon just before closing a man, customer shot inside. police say he's expected to be okay. >> reporter: let's take another look at security camera pictures at the two suspects in this case, the pictures tweeted out today by police
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recognize these guys call the cops and get them off the street. leon, back to you. >> thank you, pat. well steamy summer friday here in washington. >> while president trump is throwing shade at the russia investigation, blayne alexander, live at the white house. >> a story of two different bills here today here at the white house, president trump signing one bill to help protect our nation's veterans. over on capitol hill republicans are still divided on another bill. health care. >> thank you. >> with wounded warriors looking on, president trump taking steps to protect the nation's veterans. >> this is one of the largest reforms to the va in its history. >> signing a bill to make it easier to fire
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>> veterans were put on secret wait list, given the wrong medication, given the bad treatments. >> touting it as another campaign promise fulfilled as it cast doubts over the investigation and possible russian collusion, hours after admitting he does not have taped conversations between himself and fired fbi director james comey, the president questioning the credibility of special counsel robert mueller in an interview with fox news. the people that have been hired are all hillary clinton supporters. >> and suggesting, again, he may have been a target of obama administration surveillance while over on capitol hill the fight continues to end obama's signature piece of legislation, a health care battle now between
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republicans. >> the bill is to the president's liking, the white house, says, the question now, how hard will he personally push to get all republicans on board. and right now, republicans do not have the support to move this bill through the senate. in fact, earlier this afternoon, another senator came out against the bill that puts the republican nos at five. they're hoping to turn it around and get a vote by the end of next week. >> thank you. one day after the funeral of university of virginia student otto, north korea says the cause of his death is a mystery. they don't know why he died after 18 months. they say blame president obama's administration, saying he was a victim of u.s. policy known as strategic patience. he was in a coma when he
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he died on monday. jim graham who made constituent service his hallmark was remembered today by many of the people he served. derrick ward was there among those, but also celebrating life. >> a final trip up the stairs to the wilson building and former and current colleague on the council, once aside, former ward one council member coffin was placed and then site. georgia harris was a receptionist in that office, how she got that position how she calls him a mentor. >> he gave me a job, i came to homeless. i came to get my home back and my children back. he came and met my family. >> he made his mark working affordable and safe housing making them front and center by prominence over
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you felt like your uncled stop by. we've got to attack him, no, he stopped by and he was genuinely concerned about what the people need. >> before serving on the council he steered through financial straits as it threatened to close it down to cause human display on the council. >> what an enormous contribution he made to help him tackle of hiv and aids in the city. >> even amid a 2009 recognition of developers he kept constituent services at the top of its list throughout 16 years on the dc council. that's say those who knew him will be his true legacy. >> haunted by the memories, a mother breaking her silence two decades after being attacked. why she's coming
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back to politics now and a look at brand new nbc news "wall street journal" poll numbers. >> president trump's job approval rating stands at 40%,
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month's rating from 39%, but the president's base is holding strong. recommend republicans support mr. trump by 82-13%. >> the health care reform battle even though the new poll shows 16% of adults believe the house version of that bill is a good idea. chuck todd is the nbc news political director and moderator of meet the press. it was done before we had the senate version of the health care bill, but we're still waiting to really understand that one. how do you see this playing out. >> i think -- it's more like the house bill than i think some of us thought it would be. but there's an important subgroup in that health care bill, so, yes, only 16% support. but more among republicans, more support the bill that don't support the bill. not a great number, that's what's driving all of this. why do senate republicans even in the face of what
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extraordinary popular bill that they're about to pass. why are they going to do it. sent the message to republicans that, oh, the base hasn't given them on and the base may punish republicans for not doing anything on health care. i think it's a bad choice to make. mitch mcconnell, the way is going to try to pass this bill is make the case make the political case and say, look, this is going to be hard in about four years to deal with. but right now, it will be worse if we do nothing. >> but what about all the angry town hall meetings that the congressman had. >> look, i think there's going to be some and it will be a penalty. we live in such, you know, we live in a polarized way. for instance, while the bill is unpopular among people that live in republican
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it's not unpopular. so the point -- you get this point where we're -- it really depends on where you stand and because the republican feedback loop, when they do their polling among their constituents because of the way we're all living in the separate camps, they don't feel a penalty for those that don't like it. there's no political penalty. >> it was historically bad but solid. and that's exactly what it is. the biggest faction, there's no majority. the biggest faction, though, is trump's faction at 38 to 40%. it is solid. right, they're not budging. >> no matter what. they're organized around anything other than not -- it's antitrump, there's no other organizing principle and it's not been enough to stop the agenda. >> this russia investigation could have an effect. and there's p
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turn now that trump has come out and admitting he never had a case on comey. this can be seen as evidence of witness tampering and perhaps obstruction of justice. what's your take, first of all. >> it feels like doesn't do this justice, ironny, is the word that doesn't feel like that. it's because of the threat's tapes tweets that comey decided to go public with the memos. those memos in turn triggered deputy attorney general to appoint special counsel who is now looking into the russia investigation but also the department of justice. plenty of legal scholars have said the president's explanation for the tweet was a form of intimidation. he doesn't use the word intimidation, he thought, hey, he was influence his testimony. again this is unforced, it was self inflicted. th
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in his inability to come part mentalize it. >> they're saying that trump was asking them to come out and denounce the investigation as well. when you combine all of those together, it's -- he's stepping on every single legal land mime that's been placed around him. he can survive that, as long as the core part of the investigation doesn't turn up anything of collusion. >> turning the corner a little bit, the lack of news conference as the president hasn't had one in four months or something and now they're banning cameras from the press briefings. i mean, should americans be concerned about this lack of transparency? aside from the media complaining about it, what about the public? >> i'm not going to get on
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camera issue too much in that. before 1998, it was a regular thing that debriefings were televised. it wasn't until the lewinsky scandal took off. the press secretary didn't kick them out. right. so then it became a tradition in all of that stuff. i would -- i am more concerned about the lack of -- so they held a briefing today, but they consistently say, you ask them a question and it can be a substantive question about policy and it's like, we'll get back to you and they never get back. it's not -- it's the idea that the press shop is in actually acting as a go between between the public and the information that's public wants to know they're a conduit and transparency. i think over time all of this accumulate. when you combine it with the health care bill in secret, then you throw in, he won't release his tax returns and things like that. over time, that
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accumulate. no one individual i think is a problem. again, because the media is as popular as congress is these days. it's not like people are going to go marching in the streets going we want cameras in the white house press briefing room. they're not going to be doing that, per se. >> all right, chuck, you've got two exclusive guests this week. >> yeah, we'll get a lot of health care. >> vth senator and wisconsin senator ron johnson we'll look forward to it. meet the press 10:30 sunday morning. we hope you'll tune in. thank you. >> thank you. >> see you in a minute. wild scene at the mega bus goes out of control, crashing into several cars and shutting down a busy street for hours. what we're just learning about the moments leading up to this massive wreck. she was just 18 years old when she was sexually assaulted by a man who would later become known as the patomic river rapist, coming up, she's sharing her story with news 4 and hoping to hp
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>> if this happens to you, it's not your fault. and to know that it doesn't have to ruin
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i've had a lot of people get to me on twitter, text me, hey, should we cancel our plans tomorrow on saturday because we've got thunderstorms coming, no, they will be done by 8:00 in the morning. remember that. ol
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seen. we saw the rain come through as you woke up around 9:00, the rain was done by that time. we're dealing with clouds, sunshine across the area, 86 degrees, humidity is the only factor we're dealing with right now, temperatures dropping through the saturday. 86 in leesburg. 89 down towards fredericksburg. we saw some showers there right around the d.c. metro area as they came through just like this over the last couple of hours. you can see it, watch this, we'll go back a couple hours, there they go, they're done to the north and west, everybody in pink under a severe thunderstorm watch that does not include any of our area, the exception franklin polk county in pennsylvania, they're getting heavy storms. they'll stay to our north and west, most of the night tonight, we're actually waiting for what is left of cindy. you can see it right here. here it is right in here. that's cindy spinning and it's going to move just to our north and west as it doe
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northwest zones will pick up the heaviest rain. let's time it out for you. you've got dinner plans tonight, i think you'll be a okay. i don't think you'll need the umbrella. you can take it just in case, which probably won't need it. tomorrow 4:00 a.m. rain moving in, heavy along i-81. watch what happens here between 5:00 and 6:00. we see a line developing, that line could be rather strong. it will be moving rather quickly we can see some quick downpours, winds, maybe some heavy rain fall at that time. but by 8:00, by 9:00, if like me you're sleeping in, it's looking good by 9:00 and most of your day is sunny. we'll see a lot of sunshine tomorrow. it will be rather breezy. that's the one thing to think about, pretty good pool day. humid 83 degrees at 11:00 a.m. 85 by 2:00. no problem at all. you're thinking about getting out of the boat going to jet speed. going to the beaches, looking
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about 89 tomorrow. but 85, less humid on sunday and look at early next week. 83 monday. 80 on tuesday and 82 wednesday, just beautiful weather to start the week. we're talking another heat wave, but that's next. >> that's a long time away. thank you, doug. a mother sharing her story for the first time after being attacked by the patomic river, more than 25 years ago. what she remembers about that night and her message to others. >> a change of venue for our huge charity golf tournament as crews move forward witho
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it's a story you'll see only on news 4. the youngest victim of a serial rapist breaks her silence. >> he will say things like shut up or i'm going to kill you. i didn't know if he had a weapon. >> more than two decades ago, the same suspect stalked and attacked nearly a dozen young women in the dc area, one of mental thursdayed. >> he became known as the patomic river rapist. >> spoke to the woman who said the man attacked her when she was a teenager. she joins us now with the story, dorothy. >> doreen i was moved by this woman's
6:32 pm
about this attack. it was a horrific attack. she says that it made her stronger. it was many many years ago and she says she only now feels like she can show her face and share her story publicly hoping to help other women. >> because he knew that, you know, i was there and he knew there were children there and i just remembered saying, don't, you know, wake the babies, don't hurt the babies. >> kelly was an 18-year-old college student baby sitting three small children at a home in german town where she says her attacker broke in, threw a blanket over her head, tied her up and brutally raped her. >> he had taken phone cords and tied me. like behind my back with my ankles. he had pulled my shirt up over my head. >> he raped her and talked to her. she knew had been watching her and her boyfriend who had already gone home. >> he said things like
6:33 pm
said, yeah. >> why aren't your having sex with him? >> he didn't just leave the house, she could hear his footsteps on the hard wood floor walking around he even went into the refrigerator that's when she broke free. >> i remember taking the phone cords that were double tripled i don't know how many times wrapped around me and felt like super woman. i like ripped the cords. i used my face to rub on the carpet to get my shirt off of my head so i can see i got up and ran. >> when police got there, he was gone. he had run into the wooded area behind a house and vanished. that was in september of 1991 her attacker would become the patomic river rapist. linking him to sex assault and murder in dc and montgomery county. she was the second and youngest victim.
6:34 pm
ways. it made me stronger, it made me more of a fighter, i think. she said having a supportive family. >> you're not worthy, you're not. why did this happen to you. >> she's now a wife, a nurse and a mom, hoping to help other victims by speaking out. >> if they can hear my story and learn something, you know, if i can help them not feel dirty or not feel ashamed, then it's worth it to me, now. >> she told me she had a feeling that night someone may be watching her, an important lesson she's going to share with her kids. one of my stories coming up, what she hopes to tell her attacker one day if he's ever
6:35 pm
arrested and to see past coverage head to the nbc washington. it certainly did. yeah. they actually reached out to us through facebook and she said, for the first time she felt like she could be strong enough to share that story and show her face. we didn't provide her whole name. there's some concern this man hasn't been caught. she's incredibly strong and inspiring. >> impressive to see and great to be sharing that with other people. >> thank you, dorothy, more at 11:00, we'll see you then. one person is dead and another is in the hospital after a crash. this happened on new york avenue in northeast washington in the back up spread to the bw parkway and beyond. four cars were involved. three of them caught fire. investigators are working to figure out exactly what caused the crash. police have not released the name of the person who died. >> two employees at the university of maryland are suing the school for discrimination. the two african-american men have been treated differently than their white
6:36 pm
workload and they say the school disciplined them differently than other employees. the lawsuit comes as the school tries to take action against hate and bias. the university sas equitable employment is a priority. still ahead, a visual reminder about the dangers of fireworks as we start making plans for the fourth of july. >> this is chris gordon covering preparation for the quicken loan national golf tournament benefitting the foundation ahead. i'll have the answer ahead. will tiger be making an appearance here next week. >> and should you be playing golf this weekend? we've got that forecast, that went in the hole, by the way. see you in a minute.
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. boise are three times more -- boys are three times more likely than girls to be hurt by fireworks, boys between the ages of 10 and 14 are the most likely to be the hurt. >> meaning of boys will be boys. but they can be smart, too. all right, the quicken loans national golf tournament kicks off next week. the tiger woods foundation. as you can see from this video shot, preparations are underway for the big event and nearly complete. golfers will be teeing up on thursday and you can see patomic, montgomery county as news 4 chris gordon reports tonight. many
6:41 pm
to be there. >> for 11 years the golf tournament has honored the military and supported the tiger woods foundation. tiger has been a big draw even in years when injuries have kept him from playing. this past memorial day, tiger was arrested for dui. this week tiger tweeted, i'm currently receiving professional help to manage my medications and the ways that i deal with back pain and the sleep disorder. i want to thank everyone for the amazing out pouring of support and understanding, especially the fans and players on tour. i ask quicken loans national tournament director the question on many minds. >> reporter: will tiger woods be here this year? >> tiger said he's receiving on going treatment. because of that, he's not able to attend this year's quicken loans national. he will be in touch through the week and we'll send him regular updates throughout the tournament. >> until this year, the tournament has been hosted locally at
6:42 pm
this is the first time in 16 years that tpc, patomic at the farm has hosted a pga tour event. the golf course has undergone a $25 million renovation, 120 pros have been invited to play here. >> of course local hero billy hurly the third makes his first and he'll be joined by rick fowler and justice thompson and patrick reed. stars of the game coming to the quicken loans national. >> reporter: this is the 18th green, where the winner will be determined this year and tpc patomic will show whether it is a true test of golf and worthy of a large local audience and national tv exposure. chris gordon, news 4. riders seeing red after melt down on metro. see what caused the delays and the changes coming this weekend? >> reporter: police say three people were rushed to the hospital and after ten cars were
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look now at our top stories, police are looking into a possible murder suicid
6:46 pm
officers found a man shot to death inside a hinesville apartment complex today and short time later police in riverdale found another man they believe shot himself. investigators also believe the two men knew each other. >> the trains are back on track tonight after trouble on the red line this morning. rainwater got into the tunnel and caused into arcing insulators. riders outside waited a long time for shuttle buses, adding to their frustration, fares are going up on metro and service is being cut. starting sunday, tickets will cost more and the train will not run as often. >> politicians and the people he served were among the mourners at a memorial for jim graham today. former dc councilman died sunday. graham served 16 years representing r, those who knew him say his true legacy will be his service to those he represented. new twist, tonight a man accused of buying blood from people is no longer facing
6:47 pm
prosecutors dismissed the case. he was arrested in may and accused of practicing as a registered nurse without a license. police said he was paying people $30 to draw samples of blood and then storing it in the southwest dc apartment. today the charge was dismissed without prejudice, which means it could be refiled or that additional charges could be filed in the future. >> buzz businessy stretch of eighth street. the bus hit several parked cars and kept going for about a block. megan fitzgerald talked with witnesses who saw the whole thing unfold. >> we heard, he pushing the cars down. >> it was a scene many neighbors who live and work around here say they've never seen before. >> it's just me, it shook me. >> just before 11:30 this morning police say this mega bus came rolling down eighth street. witnesses say it was
6:48 pm
control. >> everyone is saying oh, he's not stopping, he's not stopping. >> it started on sixth and eighth. that truck right there, that van, he dragged that van. he dragged this van from all the way back there. and then it came up, hit that car and then everything just collided altogether. >> i see it coming with the white van attached to the side of it like it was pinned in and then that bmw was coming this way. he hit the bmw, spined it around, that's when he by the grace of god he got to that building and he stopped. >> daniel james said his car was also dragged. it ended up here but he said he parked nearly two cars away. >> i saw my car. >> crews worked to tell some of the ten cars police say were involved in the accident. and quickly clean up the mess it left behind while police worked to try and figure out how this happened in the first place. it's still
6:49 pm
investigation, police tell us three people were rush today the hospital being treated for nonlife threatening injuries. they haven't said if charges are being filed at this point. they say they're looking into the possibilities that the driver of that bus had some sort of a medical emergency. reporting in northeast, megan fitzgerald news 4. doug is back with the good word on our weekend weather. we have a reason to sleep in tomorrow, i understand. >> perfect timing. >> i'll say so. my wife sits down, i have no kids at home. 10, 11:00, baby, here i come. it's going to be quite nice out there if you're waking up around that time. if you're waking up around 6:00 and take that morning jog. if you're taking that jog, it's a humid afternoon for sure. it's going to be humid evening, but that is the only, really, anointment tonight. the sun is back out. temperatures have risen again, back to 86 ee
6:50 pm
86 dc, 87 down towards fredericksburg. again, a nice night going to be eating out. should you carry the umbrella, sure, i don't think you'll need it though. the entire area is on the dry side. but there's a ton of activity just to the north, i mean, look at these storms coming through, severe thunderstorm warning back from philadelphia back through pennsylvania. a couple of tornado warnings back here, that's not coming our way. that is all with that means it's going to come back down. but just to our north, and that means we are going to see, here we go. i'll work this in, a line of storm that comes through right around the 6:00 a.m. hours. let's take you hour by hour, nothing around 9:00, you're good for dinner. if you're taking that morning jog, 4:00 a.m., hagerstown, that's when the rain comes in,
6:51 pm
think, that's one thing to watch out for, by by 9:00 in the morning it is out of here, your weekend looking good. coming up at sports, even though they're making a pick in the nhl draft tonight, they're making some moves. we've got the details coming up on that. >> he's got a look at what's ahead on nbc nightly news. leon and doreen ahead for us this evening, unsettling report how little the administration has done to prevent russian meddling. how shrieking retail industry is reshaping the summer job picture and rising from the flood waters of iconic super storm sandy thrilling n heightsew
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
the caps are bringing back one of their on. >> they're locking them down. standing by in the studio to get us all caught up on this one. >> hey, it looks like it should be around the nation's capitol for a long time, at least, until there's another president. this afternoon the star right winger who todd alex ovechkin with the
6:55 pm
reup for the next eight years. it's a $46 million contract that will keep the 30-year-old most likely for the duration of his career. so far, so good. two seasons with the caps, oshie has earned 107 points. it's the first time since 2010 that a capitols player has not named has scored over 30 goals in a season. it's time to trust the process for the own, the 19-year-old became the first player from the area to get selected first over all in the nba draft in 46 years. that was last night. well, if you saw the broadcast here on nbc four and you saw the exclusive 101 interview with him. this afternoon in philadelphia getting to know his new teammate playing just 90 minutes away from his hometown seem to be a big benefit for him and his
6:56 pm
on the other side of the country at the university of washington. >> this is truly honor to come here, i mean, i've been through a lot growing up and i'm looking forward to coming to the city and being close to home, i'm big on family, being my family is so close, it makes me feel better. they were going to come with me, but this is definitely a little bit of comfort. >> another local product looking to make an impact in the city of brotherly love. he's locked down a spot on philadelphia's summer league team. last night he went undrafted with a guy that led maryland to three consecutive tournaments the journey to make nba, it begins now. the wizards did not have a pick in last night's draft. they traded away the 57th pick to new orleans, back up point guard, tim frazier, the 26-year-old started 35 games last year and averaged over five assists. he could be the credible back
6:57 pm
wizards have coveted for a long time. >> he's a winner. he's a tough kid. grid griddy, knows how to play, another guy that can push the pace and continue our pace and play fast. i think it's a great pick up. pick up a great edition he has adds another important piece to our team and gives us some options. >> the nationals play 17 straight nights until the all star break. with seven consecutive at home. they're in town steven, gets the nod two days after it and carry the no hitter into the eighth from washington. two and one, 4.35 era career first pitch is set for 705, also nhl draft is tonight caps don't have any pick in the first round. but again we'll look to see if they trade up. guys, back to you. >> good deal. >> thank you, and don't forget about josh hart, local guy from silver
6:58 pm
he's going to the lakers. >> good bowl. i like that. >> see you at 11:00. >> she's on it. i've got to give it to you. nightly news coming up next. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
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tonight, critical condition. a fifth republican senator comes out against the senate gop's healthcare plan. he says medicare cuts go too far. a cliff-hanger days before a plan to vote. police shooting mistrial. after a fatal encounter caught on camera that sparked outrage, a hung jury unable to reach a verdict. rehascams. addicts desperate to get clean, but authorities warn many are being lured by the promise of recovery only to overdose. some given drugs by convicted felons there to supervise them. new reality. where there's trouble in store for a lot of teenagers looking for work this summer. and twist and shout. five years after superstorm sandy, an iconic attraction returns to the boardwalk. "nightly news"


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