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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 24, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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6:00. families forced from their homes overnight. an entire apartment building. plus our weekend starting out with shower as what's left of tropical storm cindy moves through. when we're going to see the sunshine again. that's coming up in storm team 4 forecast. >> happened cuffed for selling waters? outrage as these photos continue to go viral. good saturday morning to everyone out there. hope you're having a good one. thanks for starting with us. i'm adam tuss for david. >> i'm angie goff. open the door, open the
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inside out. >> wild weather. storm team meteorologist here to tell us about it. >> can you believe this is directly what was tropical storm cindy. i'll tell you, the atmosphere fever ceases to amaze me. let's get a look at the radar. we do have showers, they are pretty much out of here. that's the good news. notice where they are situated, southern maryland toward the beach. we are seeing some of those showers but most of us already dry at this point. not going to continue to push out. after that we make it into the clear. temperatures in the 70s, sprinkles out there but we are headed to a dry afternoon. temperatures this afternoon in the low 80s. we'll talk more soon. back to you all. >> thank you, som ara, we're following a breaking story where firefighters have spent the morning rescuing people from a burning apartment building. >> take a look at this video. you can see firefighters using e
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building. this happened around the corner from the walmart on georgia avenue for those familiar with the area. firefighters putting out these involves on twitter. 100 firefighters called to help out with the rescue and to help get the situation under control. they say the conditions got so bad they had to get out of the building and down to the fire from the outside. please continue to follow this breaking story on the nbc app. benning road metro station, a man sent to the hospital after someone stabbed him in the shoulder. police say this happened around midnight and someone is in custody. we're working to find out how the man is doing. developments from a murder in hyattsville. this is the first murder in the city. police are telling people not to be alarmed. the two men found dead yesterday morning found blocks apart likely knew each other. won near the apartment in the arts district,
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avenue and riverdale park. police say it looks like one of the men shot himself. a bold robbery and shooting inside a popular northeast restaurant had police still on the lookout this morning. take a look for your self. d.c. police went to find these between men who you see wearing the hoodies. they are calling them suspects in this crime. two men went into mary's place, demanded money and shot a young man. that person is expected to be okay a longtime employee of the breakfast and lunch club said she was shaken. >> i'm praying -- [ inaudible ]. >> police urge you to give them a call if you spot the suspect. this morning congressman steve scalise is out of the icu following last week's horrific shookt. positive continue news continues
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his family said he's out of the hospital. you see him here. we are truly grateful for compassionate world-class care tore doctors, nurses and team at george washington hospital. we will never forget and continue to be great it will for the heroism shown by capitol police. people outraged here this morning and it has to do with the pictures you see on the screen. the pictures show three young black men in handcuffs on the national park. saying teenagers were selling bottled water in the mall without a permit. >> people asking why selling water was serious enough for the handcuffs. >> there's obvious ai had racial disparity on how they are treating these young men and other vendors on the mall. right offense here we can look around, see ice cream vendors. they may get citations. i've seen them get citations before. i've never seen them hauled out of the car
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there's disparity. we have to be honest about it. >> u.s. park police said handcuffs used for safety purposes. safety councilmember charles allen sent a letter to u.s. parks saying, "i can't help but think how the reaction by these same officers might have varied if different children had set up a quaeint hand painted lemonade stand on the top. mourners urged to wear bow times for jim graham. the former councilmember was known for his stylish neck wear and constituent services. starting in 1995. paid respects as he lay in repose at the wilson building. today a funeral at the all souls untarrian at 10:a.m. he was 71. time for you 6:05. what a day for metro yesterday. take a
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had to stand outside to wait for a bus on the red lines. arcing insulators caused by heavy rain were responsible for both those incidents. today should be another rabz day. we're going to cross our fingers here and hope for the best. meltdown leads into a weekend of major changes for metro. starting tomorrow metro fares are going up. off our rail fares including weekends and holidays, $0.25 a trip. rush hour by a dime monday morning. regular take the biggest hit, they increase by $0.25. the changes don't stop there. service hours are also being reduced certain days. trains will run between 5:00 a.m. and 11:00 monday through thursday. friday and saturday, close at 1:00 in the morning. on sunday the system opens at 8:00 in the morning and closes at 8:00 at night.
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all that done for maintenance purposes. it was closed for nearly three decades and caused quite a stir of controversy. now a part of the road in d.c. will open today. a three-quarter mile portion is now the valley trail. it will be open to runners and hikers. muriel bowser cuts the ribbon at 3:00 today. >> very cool. you may need to find an alternate route through d.c. hbcu alumni 5k route is happening. runners and walkers taking up roadways. several will be closed starting at 7:30 this morning including georgia avenue northwest. everything should be back to normal by about 10:30 this morning. we are working for you always. >> yeah. >> this morning and every morning with nbc 4 all state mm
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>> shredding. get into the spirit now. this saturday morning you have a chance to safely get rid of any old bank statements and paper documents. the event taking over montgomery colleges rockville campus. you're looking at footage from previous shredding events. it's the easiest way to prevent identity theft. >> starts at 8:00, ends at 11:00. you must be in line to participate. there is a four box maximum per car. fit what you can in the boxes. we'll be there at 9:00 to show you how it's going. cleaning up after cindy. closer look at the damage the tropical storm left behind as it went through our region. obamacare overhaul. another strike for senate republicans. why another one of their own members is backing out of the plan to repeal and replace what it means for you coverage. time
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." and you are taking a live look at the capital this morning. that's where we've been watching a battle play out over the proposal that would scrap the affordable care act. >> that's right. there's a voting deadline in about a week's time. it's not clear if senate republicans can get enough votes. the number of republicans who say they can't support it has risen to five. >> i'm announcing today that in this form i will not support it. >> gop senator dan dean heller is the first moderate to oppose it because he says the cuts to medicare goes too far. joins conservatives saying it doesn't go far enough to repeal affordable care act. american
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say it will cut coverage to millions. talking about negotiation but three no votes will kill the plan. johnny depp is apologizing for the fiery comments he made about president trump. this is what the actor told the crowd at the music festival in the uk last night. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? >> that it was in poor taste. he was trying to be funny and not incite violence against anyone. white house press secretary shouns was upset there wasn't enough outrage over the attacks. you could see social media after it did air. secret service said it was aware of what depp said but did not elaborate. >> time is 6:12, let's take a live look outside. looks to be moving out. that is good news for saturday. showers doing, too. as we start off the weekend we're going to check in with
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a lot of us this morning woke up to the sound of round. probably thinking, should i keep those saturday plans, is there another wave coming, will it be warm and humid? i'll answer all those questions coming up in your full forecast. >> if you are waking up, we are getting a
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look at the landslide. the landslide buried more than 100 people and 40 feels sleeping in the village. rescuers launched a search for the missing. local authorities declared state of emergency and more rescuers sent into help. last check 141 people are still missing. we turnpike now to this developing story, this is in london where hundreds have been forced out of their home after five buildings evacuated because of fire safety concerns. the buildings had some of the materials that killed people last week. 100 relocated while repairs are done. the work is expected to take about three weeks. earlier this week we showed you this incredible vehicle of a steam pipe explosion in downtown baltimore. look at that, yards from c
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officers who went to the scene there might have been exposed to asbestos. the company that operated the pipes found low levels of dangerous minerals today. five people hurt when the ground burst open. nearby buildings and a number of cars were also covered in the debris. this morning families trying to piece their lives back together after tornadoes tore through birmingham, alabama, area thursday. you're looking at footage of the cleanup. you realize how much time it's going to take to clean up all of this. only a hand full of people were hurt. weakening tropical depression cindy. the system fueled harsh weather across the southeast. tomorrow we'll have more on that coming up. well, if there's any place that knows what it's like to have to rebuild after a storm, seaside heights. >> jersey shore, seaside town crushed by hurricane sandy. hard to believe that was five years ago. this is the first weekend a new roller coast c
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not only carry tourists but also new hope for the town. the hydra replaces jetstar, you might remember of that coaster in the water. the hydra has more twists and turned, the beach boardwalk with other rides. sandy left behind $70 billion in damages. let me tell you something, i have relatives in that area. there are still some places that haven't recovered from that. still some horses boarded up. >> five years a very small time compared to the extent of damage that was done there. i will never forget that image of that roller coaster washing in the sea. >> we've got a lot of rainfall this morning. that was from whatever was left of cindy? >> yes. we saw remnants of that. tropical moisture ahead of that cool front we have passing through. we have a lot to talk about. i know a lot of us woke up to the sound of rainfall. i have good news for your saturday. let's get straight to the radar and
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the line of our heaviest showers moved through not too long ago. actually moving pretty quickly. right now headed out towards the bay and out towards delaware. so we are dry and we are in the clear for the remainders of the morning. let's get a look at future cast now. 9:00 a.m. this morning notice what it has on the model here. no rain. some clouds still lingering. we'll look cloudy. do not worry, we're not expecting rain clouds. after that sunshine breaking through by the afternoon. we'll head towards our mostly sunny conditions for saturday. we start sunday morning off very nice to be a beautiful sunrise. by sunday afternoon, beautiful clouds, not worried over there west of blue ridge. i think we will stay dry for sunday. current temperatures, feeling soupy, felt extra warm. 70s ft. meade, 70 dulles and 74 in the district
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this morning, i do have showers in the 6:00 a.m. hour. we should be seeing wet pavement by 8:00. probably more ideal to hit that rain at 9:00 you'll get more sunshine. that's your forecast. back to you. >> thanks, somara. good news for cavs fans this nhl draft, re-upped. o oshi. $28 million over the next eight years. we'll have to wait longer to see who we end up with for that draft. last night chicago won't have a pick until today. >> my wife thinks he's cute. >> he tweeted yesterday, thought he resigned. i was worried. adding color to a local town. this art you can relax on. the story behind these brigly paintedht
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. >> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." the art project we told you about in alexandria comes to a close today. for the past few weeks people have been writing their burdens on rocks and painting a paper bird as part of the soar project in delray.
6:24 am
they are not alone and able to move past them. thousands of people have participated. >> we're going to invite people to take a rock that speaks to them. it doesn't have to be their own rock, then paint over the rock, and make something beautiful out of it. i think the symbolism is really nice. sometimes the stuff that is maybe the worst parts of us become the most beautiful parts of us. >> time to start anew. >> yeah. >> still time to check out the project and check out the well ray project in delray. there will be fitness classes with other vendors. it's free and runs from 9:00 until 1:00 this morning. very cool. public art is getting a front row seat. next time you're in the area you may want to stop and set on the new additions around town. this is the kind of art that let's you rest for a while. >> it brings a lot of people in town. 's
6:25 am
>> the hunt for painted benches. afulup to last year's summer project, painted wine barrels, which organizers say was a huge success. volunteer artists were given the benches and came up with their own design. >> i was in spider to paint this bench. at first i thought hedgehog. then, i thought, no, that's not going to look comfortable. so i decided to go with something i thought would make little kids happy. i thought sitting with kittens on the bench would be the best ever. >> last year there weren't enough benches to go around with all that wanted to sponsor them. >> something cool going on. that's what we like, always something fun happening. >> art works auctioned off to benefit public art in town. >> we raised $37,000 auction and that went for a pop-up gallery for local artists. we had that for three months. we also had huge cutout
6:26 am
gave to 85 artists and they volunteered their time to paint them. we put them all around purcellville. we will do 120 and have artists paint those on main street. what we created here were self-funding art projects for the town. >> organizers are working on the maps of where the bempnches are located. this year they will have a chance to vote on the favorite work with artists getting a cash prize. the link to purcellville is nbc washington app, just searches benches. >> purcellville is wonderful. >> i like the wet paint one. >> there was a great. >> very cool. >> a nearby town fights for rights. why this virginia town was taken away and what they are doing to get it back. >> a look outside. clouds moving out a
6:27 am
they are on their way out. somara will be back to fill u
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our top story at 6:29 on saturday morning. at least 100 firefighters have been working to control a massive apartment fire on peabody street in northwest d.c.
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my goodness. multiple people had to be pulled from their apartments when the flames broke out. one person taken to the hospital with minor injuries. d.c. wants answers. charles allen upset over these photos that show teens in handcuffs after being detained for selling boltsed water along national mall. police say they were cuffed to protect officers and their own safety. many say that move went too far. jim graham will be laid to rest. he served for d.c. for 60 years and is well-known for his activism in the gay community. he was 71 years old. "news 4 today" starts now. >> time to wake up sleepy heads. 6:30 saturday morning. get your energy up. trying to get energy up. >> he's been my cheerleaders all morning. >> some days despite the coffee. >> it's rough. >> probably didn't help i
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pitter patter. somara theodore is here. >> i think it's moving out. >> it is out of here. as soon as you look at radar you see showers moving out. we're actually shaping up for a lovely saturday ahead. a few changes ahead so we may get breezy conditions. overall staying dry. just the whole forecast. take a look at the radar now. see the line of heavier showers moving through the 5:00 hour. very quickly pushed out to the bay and now headed into delaware. we are tdry behind that and dry through saturday. right now temperatures in the 70s but climbing. winds out of the west at 9 miles per hour. take a look at what you can expect for the remainder of the day. climb into the low 80s by lunch time. by 3:00, 4:00, hit mid to upper 80s. we're going to talk more about the remainder of the weekend coming up but for now back to you. >> we're waiting for an update after this
6:32 am
agencies says three people hurt. 7th and 8th northeast around noon. witnesses say the bus crashed into parked cars and other cars driving down the road there. >> he's not stopping. he's not stopping. >> we heard, that must be -- >> no charges filed against bus driver. >> d.c. police say they are trying to find out if the driver had some sort of medical emergency. >> yeah. a man died and three others were hurt when a driver lost control and ended up on the wrong side of fairfax county parkway. the driver crossed over a median and into the path of another car on friday morning's rush. a 20-year-old was killed. not clear which car he was in. police also haven't said how the other victims are doing this morning. >> 6:32. the man accused of injury police officers is due back in
6:33 am
smoking marijuana before the horrific crash. he's accused of plowing into officers on june 8th. news partners say a judge reviewed surveillance video that crashed yesterday. one of the officers is still in the hospital. a federal appeals court is temporarily blocking an order that would grant a new sentencing hearing to convicted sniper lee malvo. he was just 17 when convicted for a series of shootings that killed ten and wounded three. those shootings terrorized virginia, maryland, and the district. his sentences have been questioned because of the supreme court ruling that says mandatory leave sentences for juveniles are unconstitutional. san francisco police say a ups driver who killed three co-workers in a shooting spree last week was armed with two stolen guns and targeted his victims. investigators say they have not identified
6:34 am
three co-workers, who wounded two others before killing himself. police say they are working to interview more than 100 people. also combed through dozens of pieces of evidence to determine what could have triggered that attack. >> let's go back to the district now. if you are taking any visitors to the world war ii memorial this weekend, it may look different. national parks service draining rainbow pool and other water features tomorrow. an update to the current lighting fixtures with high efficiency lighting there. the pools will be refilled and running again by friday. the work is happening now to avoid conflict with the honor flights that bring veterans to the district to visit the memorial. the quicken loans national golf tournament returns to maryland. that's in just a few days. before flying over potomac and farm to look at all the prep. >> exciting stuff. that's where some of the best pros in the world will be teeing up thursday. with them will be a
6:35 am
chris gordon explains why the tournament has special meaning for local service members. >> jason served six years in the marin marines. while stationed with quantico he got involved with the golf tournament. he became an intern with quicken loans national. >> i watched people play on tv since i was a kid. i just wanted to interact with them. i know it's memorable for me but you really learn it's memorable for them as well. >> over the years deihe has been honorary military caddie for some of the pros. he's tended the flag and taken a picture with last year's champ billy hurley, naval cad any graduate winning his frirs here. >> one-time opportunity and i'm truly blessed to this this opportunity. >> quicken national has become known as the military tournament. >> we use the week to honor brave men and women of the armed ic
6:36 am
many ways through support of lockheed martin. over 30,000 complimentary tickets given out to military and their families throughout the week. >> we absolute our heroes. that's what it says on the wall signed by the players, public, and military, thanking those serving our country right now. jason says it has significance. >> the signing wall is huge for us. it's one of the unique opportunities we offer for military members to show their support to the military members as well as from the professionals. >> reporter: it has been 16 years since potomac has hosted a pga event. after a $25 million makeover, it is back on the national stage. chris gordon, news 4. tiger woods foundation has a big role in this tournament. you probably heard about his recent legal struggles after being arrested for driving under the influence in florida last month.
6:37 am
about his involvement this year. still ahead, fireworks safety. it's about that time. summer fun can take a turn pretty fast. important reminders you want to share with your family as we get
6:38 am
6:39 am
well, imagine that's your backyard where your children are playing. every year we remeend you about dangers of fireworks because every year adults and children end up in the hospital. consumer products safety commission estimates 8500 people will be hurt by fireworks this year alone. 40% of the injuries will be children under the age of 18. boys are three times more likely to be hurt by firks they say. well, nothing quite tastes ke
6:40 am
barbecue. you well know. >> good reason to head to downtown d.c. this week. 25th annual giant national capital barbecue battle happening today and tomorrow. look at that. >> looks great. >> shutting down pennsylvania and constitution avenues between 3rd and 7th street. cooks from across the country, i can smell it, competing for coveted title. i talked to a guy on news 4 midday who won 12 times. he talks about mistakes made when it comes to barbecue. actually says you overcook and undercook it. you need a meat thermometer. check out. he stuffed me with that yesterday. so good. >> is it bad i could eat ribs and coffee for previous. >> not at all. >> ooh. going to the dogs literally. not pretty but getting a
6:41 am
attention. which one of these was the ugliest dog in the world? we have the answer just ahead. >> he's not that ugly. kind of cute. at 6:40, a look outside, check on weather with somara when we come back. capitol hill snningpi
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countless ailments. countless hours. and guess what? you can handle it all. be a leader in your field with a bsn from strayer university. a nursing program created by and for nurses. let's get it, nurses. good morning, everyone. happy saturday to you. let's
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rain showers earlier, but we are going to wrap that up. the last of those showers, waiting on more sunshine to break through those clouds. temperatures rising mid to upper 80s. saturday panning out to be a beautiful one. we'll talk more about your full weekend forecast coming up. but for now, adam, angie, over to you. >> thanks, somara. "today" show next on nbc 4. >> let's get a preview. joining us live from new york. good saturday morning, guys. >> good morning. coming up on saturday morning today, a fifth republican senator says he can't support the health care bill in its present form. can it be saved and will president trump start twisting arms? live at the white house. >> also ahead, a unique new look into the life of amanda knox, weeks after she was acquitted for the death of her roommate in italy. a case that made national headlines. we took a field trip to governor's island, slides, bike rides and shipping champagne. we'll take you along
6:45 am
ride. >> roll out the red carpet for they get funny looking furry friends. we will take you to california to meet the winner of the world's ugliest dog competition. it was a close one. >> those stories and more when we get started saturday morning right here on "today." adam and angie. >> is it me? i think they are all cute. >> a lot of people agree with you. >> not the one with the tongue to the side. >> i think you're lying on television. >> i'm not. i'm a dog lover. >> some of those dogs are ugly cute. some are just ugly ugly. >> you're right. here is one thing to think about when you head out to your mailbox later today, perhaps. your zip code. having one, that's something most of us take for granted. >> of course. for the 130 people who live in the town of hillsboro, loudoun county, that's not the case. they lost their zip code 13 years ago. >> explaining how hillsboro is fighting to get
6:46 am
two minutes. that's all it takes to drive through hillsboro. if you did that you'd miss the people who call it home. people who share a smile and helping hand. >> the type of people you can borrow a cup of sugar. >> one thing they adopt like sharing, a zip code with purcellvil purcellville, the town next door. >> this area is hillsboro and we do not like to be called purcellville. >> a pride with your identity. >> the mayor leading the campaign and sending up a petition to u.s. postal service. >> we're all volunteers here. >> one factor, it's easy to get lost. when you put in a hillsboro street address, up pops purcellville. >> everyone goes straight to purcellville. >> he says even fire trucks get lost time to time, as do potential customers for local businesses like
6:47 am
>> having to give purse israel address, people don't know who we are. >> the mail. the same year hills president obama lost their zip code, their beloved post office lost its doors. sure it may be easier to pop outside and get your mail as opposed to trekking to the post office. but for the people of hillsboro. they actually prefer to go the extra mile. >> running into your post office makes you feel more part of the town. i'm excited. i want to get the post office here. >> what may help their case. last year the town group with a list of projects they are working on to spruce things up. >> are you ready? >> the elementary school working together is something they teach even the little one in town. >> we learn in first grade about communities. we all work together to not only make the school a success but also what
6:48 am
>> whether puzzles or zip code conundrum, people of hillsboro are solving big problems in a small town way together. >> i love living here. i can't imagine living anywhere else. >> in hillsboro, amy cho, news 4. the postal service has the final say. if the answer is no, hillsborou hillsborough can try again. >> give back numbers. >> everyone thinks their pet is the cutest. >> the world's ugliest dog competition. some of the contestants are so ugly they are almost cute, right? the competition is dominated by hairless and tiny dogs. >> he's ugly. that's an ugly dog. >> he's cute. this year's winner is a big girl. martha is 3-year-old neopolitan. >> that is
6:49 am
looks tired. she's lazy, slow. when she was announced as winner, just goes up on the stage. the trophy and trip to new york city for media purposes there, which is pretty cool. coming up on the "today" show, they are going to take you there and you can see more contestants. if i saw that dog -- >> look. >> i would go. >> wants you to public her belly. >> we had a little cool front. >> yes, we did. proceeding that is moisture from tropical storm cindy. it's all out of here. we are shaping up to have a nice saturday. breezy on the outside. on the back we're going to calm down. right to the radar so i can show you what we're working with this morning. there's that line of showers. it's actually one of the heavier lines we've had throughout the overpass hours. that moves through really quickly. at the start of the show, it was
6:50 am
you can see it pushed out towards dover, salisbury. we are dry and setting up. future cast pushing into 10:00 a.m. still got the clouds lingering especially through metro area. give us time. break through clouds leaving us with mostly sunny conditions for the afternoon. as we head into sunday much the same. less humidity than we saw this morning. really a lot of improvements on the back end of this cold front. if you are planning your saturday outdoors, here is what i say. go for the morning rain. rain is done, out of here. request patio seating. it's a good day to wash your car. we have nice weather ahead of us. storm team 4 ten-day forecast. after this rain moves out we've got sunshine through the middle of the week. our rain chances do return by the middle of the week. as far as temperatures go mid to upper 80s today and tomorrow.
6:51 am
week. that's your forecast. >> thank you, somara. ten minutes away from the 7:00 hour. log your calendar. we found another way for you to put that fitbit tracker of yours to use. the fitness company is bringing free workout series along waterfront. sessions include boot camp workout followed by a yoga class. according to washingtonian magazine, series called fitbit local started two years ago and continues to expand in major cities across the country. >> namaste. we posted a link where you can rsvp. just search fitbit. >> i post add link for a yoga class where they drink cold beer. i'm trying this. >> no problem. also coming up this morning, they fought for our freedom. some local service members are waking up in new homes. how cool is that. a look
6:52 am
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♪ [doorbell] ♪ ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health,
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♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ >> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back. this gold star father got to get a first look at the house dedicated to his son brendan, a navy s.e.a.l. who died in afghanistan. >> the house for wounded veterans just getting out of the hospital and needing a place to
6:55 am
call home. they build in liver dale maryland. each one is dedicated to a fallen service member. that's wonderful. >> love it. well, muslim around the world and here at home will mark the end of ramadan tonight. the holy month of prayer is a time for charity for many muslims. one founded faith, association for immediate and temporary health, helps low in come families and domestic abuse in virginia. the group expects $500,000 tonight. find out how you can help search ramadan on nbc washington app. all right. the time is 6:55. here are four things to know on saturday morning. red cross helping to find housing for a number of people displaced by this massive apartment fire in the district. it happened on peabody street northwest. fire crews had to pull people as
6:56 am
metro making changes that will affect riders. starting tomorrow fares going up and hours are changing. we've got the complete list of hours and updates in our nbc washington app. search metro. >> a viewing for jim graham this morning. the former councilmember remembered for his community service and activism. he was 71 years old. >> we are working for you nbc community shred event happening montgomery college rockville campus, starts at 8:00 and goes to 11:00. we will be live during 9:00 show. rain is moving out of here tomorrow. >> actually already gone. nothing to worry about. your saturday shaping up really nice. as this continues to improve we're going to see the sunshine breaking through the clouds, even more in the afternoon. it will be breezy at times but that humidity is much lower. temperatures in the upper 80s today. >> look at that stretch of weather coming up here. it's going to be nice. >> what about the people headed he
6:57 am
>> i think it will be relatively nice. we'll be seeing temperatures along the shore, cooler in the lower 80s. it's going to be a great day out there. a little breezy, so probably wait until the afternoon. i think tomorrow will be a really good day. lower humidity, lots of sunshine. >> a good weekend to look forward to. also don't forget we've got a lot of barbecue. >> the barbecue battle downtown. that's the big event if you want to do that. myron mixon definitely filled me full of barbecue. it was good. that's going to do it for "news 4 today." we'll be back in 25 minutes with local
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good morning. flat lining? a republican senator says he can't support the new health care bill, putting its passage in serious jeopardy. the white house trying to rally the public. >> the president and i are counting on your support. we need your energy. >> will president trump and senate leadership be able to twist enough arms toet it passed? we're live at the white house. breaking overnight. massive landslide. more than 120 people are feared buried after a partial mountain collapse. this morning, rescuers desperately trying to reach survivors trapped underneath the rubble. professor under fire. outrage after a college instructor writes on facebook that otto warmbier, the student who died after returning home from north korea in a coma"g


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