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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 26, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> we're not going to come back in. it's comfortably cool. it's crisp and the humidity incredibly low. >> we love it. >> usually in the morning at least when we have low humidity in the afternoon, it's a little bit muggy sometimes. the sun comes up and it feels nice. without the sunup yet, it feels fantastic. 70 degrees in the district. that is a comfortably cool 70 degrees. manassa manassas, 54 degrees. winchester 55. clinton, 67. very comfortable start to your day. as we go through the afternoon, it's going to be one much those perfect days where the temperatures are in the low 80s, mostly sunny, the humidity stays low. then we'll see increasing clouds later tonight. that's going to carry over into your tuesday. so you'll notice more clouds around tomorrow. we're still looking at the low humidity for most of this week. then we get some shower chances closer to the weekend. we'll check on that forecast and the rain chances coming up. let's check the roads with melissa mollet. >> good mog
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inner loop at van dorn street. sounds like we have the vehicles involved on the shoulder here this morning. then some debris there in the roadway. 58th street and southern avenue southeast there. have that area closed there. 5900 block as well for in police investigation that angie told us about from the live desk a while ago. eastbound k street after 15th in northwest, had the emergency utility work blocking the lane from a power outage situation there. 56, looks good. so does 95. we'll look at 270 coming up. breaking news about the race for a seat here in our area. >> angie is at the live desk with more. >> that breaking news. state senator c. anthony muse will announce he will run for prince george's county executive. you might recall the current leader of the county, baker, announcing last week that he will run for governor. muse is currently serving his third term representing the so
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county. the democratic primary, keep in mind, exactly one year from today. the minister from maryland is married to pat lawson muse, the news 4 anchor. while kids on summer vacation, school officials are in crisis mode right now. maryland governor larry hogan demanded an investigation into the school system. >> we first told you last week. they're accusing -- accused of changing students' grades to boost graduation rates. how did this go from an allegation to full-blown investigation, justin? >> reporter: hey there, chris. good morning. the call for investigation now indeed have the backing of the governor. obtained by news 4 yesterday, governor hogan says that he's "deeply troubled" by these accusatio accusations. they're talking about alleged fraud and corruption within prince george's county schools specifly
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grades. high school graduation rates -- yesterday governor hogan called for the state board of investigation to investigate the systemic fraud and -- president andrew merrick. hogan also cites concerns among prince george's county schools officials as well as lawmakers. however, county schools executives kevin maxwell is heading back against a plan and a statement reading in part "i have maintained that politics lie at the root of these ak sakes. there's been no systemic effort to promote students at prince george's county schools." . the governor saying for whistle blowers, he's suggesting that they should get protection for coming forward. back in to you. >> justin, thank you. it's 5:03. today the man whom police say was responsible for days of panic and
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george's and montgomery counties will be in court. he's charged with his wife's murder in the parking lot of high point high school. he's also charged with shooting someone who tried to help her. the shootings happened last may and he already faces a life sentence for shooting four people in montgomery county after his wife's murder. two of those victims died. she would always find her way to church. robin fitzgerald's church family said that about her at a vigil last night. they gathered after the the house of praise to remember the mom of three. ♪ >> fitzgerald spent the final hours of her life at bible study at the church. she was killed by a stray bullet inside her friend's apartment just across the street last week. the pastor at the house of praise says fitzgerald's passing has been tough on his ko congregati congregation. >> she will always be
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>> a funeral is scheduled for this coming saturday. police have arrested a man and charged him with fitzgerald's murder. firefighters are still trying to douse hotspots at a deadly fire in northwest d.c. on sunday, investigators discovered a man's body while searching the burned out apartment building in bright wood. they haven't released his identity but found it in the same room where the fire may have started. the building on peabody street caught fire at 3:00 a.m. saturday. firefighters had to carry children down ladders as adults climbed out of windows. five firefighters and a resident were injured. they're all doing okay. at least 200 people had to find temporary housing. friends say coach leonard schultz was the kind of person you wanted your children to look up to. he was killed in a traffic accident over the weekend. he was a special ed teacher in vienna and coached football there. the school is making
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available to any students that need help. on saturday, a box truck ran into schultz and his nephew on the beltway in fairfax county. they were trying to secure a boat to the back of this truck dwh it hit them. schultz's nephew is still in critical condition. the driver of the box truck has been charged with reckless driving. developing this morning, japanese airbag maker takata has filed for bankruptcy and here in the u.s. the company still has to pay to repair all of the defective airbags. the company must also cover the compensation for the victims hurt by the airbags. takata has been overwhelmed by billions of dollars in losses and fines. at least 16 people died because of faulty inflators. this morning, metro stations just opened for the day. if you're headed to the train, keep in mind that you will have to pay more. >> there's a lot to break down. adam tuss is at gallery place to sort it all out for us. hey, adam. >> reporter: hey, chris. no excuses. we've been telling everydy
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new hours in effect. as you mentioned, the system just opened at 5:00 this morning. but there are already people out here waiting for the bus, as you can see. here's what you need to know about today. i'm going to let you know what you need to know about today. fares are going up 10 to 25 cents depending on when you catch the train. the train is 10 cents more for peak, 25 cents more off-peak. the hour, they changed to closing at 11:30 at night during the weekdays now. you have to be aware of that if you're going to be out later tonight. all of this is for a new expanded maintenance program, not safetrack but more maintenance that the general manager planned for the system. that's going to happen when the hours are off-hours and when the system is closed. this new expanded maintenance will last for the next two years. this is something you really got to be aware of. 10 to 25 cents more today. the system opens at 5:00. it'sea
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the weekdays. be aware. study up. just because it closes at 11:30, that doesn't mean the last train leaves the station at 11:30. we'll be following it all for you. >> confused by all of this. study up. back to you. >> adam tuss. thank you. flights from reagan national airport appear to be running on time. some were delayed for 30 minutes. the airport had to fix part of the main runway last night. it could be a critical day for the senate health care bill. they're expected to release the analysis of the plan. the cba will estimate how many people could lose coverage and the impact on premiums. edward lawrence will examine how the analysis will affect the chances at republicans getting a bill passed this week. 5:08 now. let's check back in with angie goff with more breaking news. >> eun, a chaotic scene in
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recovering at this hour. protesters say that a man was beaten after he was pulled over. he later died. then tried to break up this demonstration right here. there was a fight. six officers were hurt. you can see at one point people started fires and they threw bricks. police arrested four people. more as we get it. eun? >> angie, thank you. >> today might be a good day to roll down the windows on your drive in to work. that's nice, chuck. >> absolutely. i'd like to know how many people have roll-down windows. i bet that number is getting to be pretty small. june so far has been warm and dry. looks like the dry pattern continues on through the week. we may be taking the edge off the heat and humidity the next few days. a check of the forecast the next five days is coming up in a few more minute. >> chuck, thank you. something you probably don't even think about when you send the kids outside to play. but they really could be harmful to their health. how to keep your son and daughter safe from ticks. t
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year is found alive. i shared this on my page. the story likely filling your facebook feed already this morning. some use equipment to be at their best. and some use it to sleep their best. the beautyrest black hybrid provides exceptional support and unique conforming feel. exclusively at mattress firm.
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all right. this time of the year to have
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fantastic. >> change from last week. way to start the workweek. >> absolutely. this is the kind of weather we all enjoy in summertime. perfect pool weather for everybody out on summer vacation. even you can sneak out on your lunch-hour, perfect day to jump into the pool. don't forget your spf on these cool days. don't even need the towel to dry you off. the low humidity will dry you off. feel cool and refreshed. melissa mollet. we should go swimming today. >> maybe. near van dorn street, a reminder. still have the crash on the beltway. a couple of other things going around as well. we'll get to that in just a minute. the live desk. >> melissa, following this in effect. drivers on this monday, we know it's a problem that will be with us throughout the rush hour. pepco on the scene dng
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one eastbound lane of k street. this is between connecticut avenue and 14th street. a lot of commuters use that to get into d.c. we know that the service lanes will remain open. follow first 4 traffic throughout the morning for updates. eun? >> thank you, angie. a new study says child vaccination rates are directly tied to school attendance in developing countries. girls in low-income nations are less likely to go to school than boys, especially if they're caring for siblings who are sick. a new stanford university study says boosting back the rates will narrow the gender gap. before you send your child to play at their friend's house this summer, the leading pediatricians wants parents to ask about guns. nearly 1.7 children live in a home with weapons. it's now the
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death among teens. if you have doubts about the safety of another home, invite kids to your house instead. this week we're working for you to keep you safe and secure this summer. >> yeah. lot of you will be spending the summer outside. for all the fun out there, you don't have to go far to find danger. >> molette green has an important reminder for you and your family. >> a ticking time bomb. crawling in tall grass. in your backyard, in a forest or park near you. >> the deer ticks, the black legged ticks is one of the ticks that causes some concern with carrying lyme disease. >> they can be called blood suckers as well. >> senior park ranger devon mills spreads the word with these signs in the park in prince george's county. >> ever had a tick bite? >> no. >> bug
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>> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> i'm sorry. i should have. with lyme disease and all, i should do it. i'm glad you reminded me. next time i'll have it. >> first thing, repellent. >> one of the best tools to keep you safe, a bug spray with deet can protect you for several hours. ticks lay in wait in tall grass so cover up. >> watch me tuck this in. >> the creepy crawlers are the size of a point of a pen or sesame seed. small. so proper removal is key. >> use fine tip tweezers. grap the tick by its head. >> no walk in the park. molette green, news 4. >> lyme disease can be a serious problem. >> boy oh, boy. >> you made a great point. you don't know where they're hiding.
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if you do get a bite, there's warning signs for untreefted lyme disease. >> we have a complete list on the nbc washington app. open it up and search safe summer. the world war ii memorial looks different right now. >> the rainbow pool is empty. crews from the national park service are replacing the light fixture with high efficiency lighting. the pools will be refilled and operational again by next friday. all right. you know, sheena, this is our kind of weather. >> it's warm. not humid. >> your hair looks fantastic. >> it always does. >> eun's always looks good. >> this weather outside, everyone is going to have a good hair day. now we know what bad hair days -- >> step outside. >> don't you worry, chris, your hair will be totally fine today. humidity levels will be low today. be comfortable. most of this week. i love it, too. not just today but tomorrow and
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friday we start to go up. we can enjoy most of this week. crisp and cool this morning. wait until tomorrow morning and wednesday morning. it's really going to be nice outside. low humidity most of the week until the weekend and thaen it creeps up. that's going to come with showers this weekend, too, unfortunately. 70 degrees in the district right now. clear skies. northwest wind 10 miles an hour. that's helping pull in the drier air force. we have mid-50s on the map. the district is one of the warmest spots but still crisp outside. in manassas right now, 57 in clinton. 55 winchester. we're nice and dry. no rain in the forecast today. if you're exercising, perfect day to do that. get outside. 7:00 a.m., comfortably cool. we get towards noon, around 80 by 5:00 p.m. 83 degrees with
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day. here's future weather. we go through the day this afternoon. beautiful, clouds increase overnight and into tomorrow. more clouds around tomorrow. there's a small chance for an isolated shower at best tomorrow. i think most of the area should stay dry. if it keeps on dropping, look at the temperatures by wednesday morning. around the district, we'll be in the low 60s. we'll still be expecting those 50s in some of our suburbs off to the west and the north. yes, it's going to be really nice going through the week. tomorrow with the isolated shower chancend a the mostly cloudy skies, the upper 70s. low 80s on wednesday. sunny, low humidity, 90 towards thursday. there's the rain chances i was telling you about. they start on friday. they continue into part of your weekend. then up to 93 degrees. it is going to feel more like summer as we get closer to your, i guess, fourth of july week and even though it's on a tuesday. a lot of people celebrating this weekend i'm sure. let's check the roads. a closer look at your forecast
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hey, melissa. >> a new problem i want to mention on the beltway. we had this crash, inner loop at van dorn street. right now, we're hearing all lanes might be blocked. we had this crash on the shoulder. sounds like perhaps a pedestrian has been struck. we're trying to figure out what's going on. that is your report here. we're trying to confirm that with police. >> 270 northbound, southbound at montrose road. no problems there. 58th street at southern avenue and southeast, a police investigation. that area shut down and eastbound k street after 15th street in northwest. that utility work with the pepco work blocking the right lane. more coming up. emmy goes to "news4 today." >> woo-hoo! we want take this moment to congratulate some of our leagues. there's lindsey walters, our producer currently in the booth right now. news 4 was recognized with an emmy this weekend at the capitol
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the news 4 i-team, our angie goff, barbara harrison were among those who also received special honors. barbara received a board of governor's award for her 35 years as an anchor and reporter. she's told incredible stories and is such a lovely human being. >> she's become an icon. >> we know a lot of the stories touch you and your community as well. it's been a -- >> we did well, our team. >> pat on the back. >> go news 4. he's been called the most hated man in america. today, his trial begins. what's expected to happen when he heads to court. >> remember to join us for the ellen degeneres
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hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement. inner loop at van dorn street. breaking news. we are shut down on the beltway trying to figure out what's going on here. for sure, we're starting to see
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melissa, thank you. taking a look at top stories this morning. it's often described as the most hated man in america. today, jury selection gets under way in the trial of martin shkreli. known for drastically increasing the price of hiv medication. he's accused of taking millions of dollars from his former drug company to pay investors into hedge funds that he ran. he has denied any wrongdoing. >> the faa is investigating why a plane went off the runway moments after landing. it happened yesterday at logan airport in boston. the plane's left mainlanding gear hit two taxiway lights. pilots were able to steer the plane to gate. no one was hurt. the prime minister of india welcomed to the white house today. this is video of the prime minister addressing a joint session of congress a little more than a year ago. the two leaders are expected to talk about fighting terrorism andro
5:26 am
we have new video to look at. this comes to us out of oregon. take a look. this is where bad weather making -- fighting a 200-acre wildfire. look at the sky. gusty rain. you can hear it fueling. we just learned, reopened. dangerous wildfires raging in california. utah as well. weather there, though, helping in utah. more than a thousand forced to leave their homes and the fire that has grown to more than 42,000 acres. only 10% contained in morning. at the live desk. they'll catch you. they'll catch you, honey. go ahead. >> it is a video many people are talking about today. a teen falling from an amusement park ride into the arms much strangers below. the video on how it happened ahead at 5:30. >
5:27 am
reminding us of the importance of swim safety. how two toddlers ended up in a pool alone. >> if you're about to walk outside, you will notice very quickly that it is comfortable outside. coming up, we'll take a closer look at what the temperatures are like right now as we step out the door.
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right now it's 5:306789 a beautiful monday to start off your workweek. this storm team 4 forecast is one that will make you want to get out of bed this morning. >> i'm angie goff. the local government websites hacked with pro-isis messages. it's not the only victim of this cyber attack. they'll catch you. they'll catch you, honey. go ahead. >> plus, rescue from a ride high above the ground. a teenage girl save
5:31 am
strangers. we're learning a lot more about how it happened on a ride that's supposed to be safe for even your smallest kids. good morning to you. i'm eun yien. >> yang. >> i'm chris lawrence. we start with a check of the commute and that beautiful forecast. >> sheena parveen and chuck bell outside. >> first, melissa mollet has breaking news on the beltway. >> big problem on the beltway. breaking news. take a look at this. again, inner loop ativ van dorn street. we're shut down. this right now already a 1.5-mile backup. sounds like possibly a pedestrian struck. v dot is tweeting out that this is a collision, reconstruction situation. take a look at this closure. this is going to be a massive mess for some time to come. at 5:15, this came in. about 15 minutes ago. this iset
5:32 am
some time. we'll keep our eyes on this. live chopper 4 will be over it soon. we'll talk with that coming up. >> not a good way to start a monday. >> not a good way. the good side to the commute, we don't have rain falling. nice, comfortable weather. >> very true. it's an open window alert for your drive this morning. you're beautiful out there. >> montgomery county at 56. 55 in fairfax. 67 in beautiful prince george's county. your planner for today, comfortable now. 50s and 60s between now and 8:00. mid-70s by lunchtime. afternoon highs today in the upper 70s and low 80s. tomorrow, a little cooler, little bit more cloud cover. still not much of a rain threat. there could be an isolated tuesday afternoon shower to help cool you off a little bit. wow, a real break from the heat and humidity that lasts at least into the middle of the
5:33 am
up. back to you. thank you, chuck. you'll ride on metro, it may be more expensive this morning than friday. new fares kicked in yesterday increasing trips on buses and trains up to 25 cents. parking lots are also going up in price. train service will also end at 11:30 on weeknights. >> maryland governor larry hogan is calling for a full investigation into the prince george's county school system. whistle blowers say they have evidence grades were changed to boost graduation rates. hogan has asked the maryland state board of education to investigate this. coming up, news 4's justin finch will have the school system's response to that investigation. two days after a devastating fire in northwest, firefighters are still on the scene in wright wood. a man's body was found in the burned-out building on peabody street. he's not been identified. now government websites were hacked, including one in our area.
5:34 am
at the live desk. angie? >> this happened in howard county. someone hacked the main government website. this is what you get if you were to go to the site this minute. instead, what they did is posted pro-isis messages, which have since been removed. currently down and howard county telling us it's working closely with an i.t. team to get it up and running again. this did happen in multiple places around the country. notably the state of ohio. the governor's page and pages unfortunately, casinos and the department of corrections, they were all hacked just like this. they are also down at this hour. today the man accused of hurting two d.c. police officers and a v-dot employee going to be back in court. >> smoking marijuana before the horrific crash on june 8th in adams morgan. accused of plowing into the officers with his truck. chd
5:35 am
assault. one of those officers even two to three weeks later still in a hospital. >> a sterling boy is in critical condition at a fairfax hospital this morning after a terrible school accident. the boy's twin sister died after the two toddlers wandered into the family's pool. this happened saturday on acorn court. their mother found the children unconscious upstate on this -- nbc washington app. multiple people are missing right now and police believe you might be able to help track them down. she's 17 years old from tacoma park, maryland. the last place anyone saw her was hudson avenue. >> in the district, a mother and her daughter are both missing. it's been more than ten days since michelle manly and daisy disappeared. daisy is almost two years old. d.c. police say they we
5:36 am
you can share their pictures on the nbc washington facebook page. if you've seen either one, police are asking for you to call them. we have a positive story about a missing person's case. a teenager is back home after a year after she disappeared. you might see this in your news feed. she lived in north carolina and went missing a year ago. this past weekend, federal agents found her living in a house in georgia. hailey is 17 years old. agents arrested a man in his early 30s. a dangerous drop from a ride at six flags thousands of people are sharing this morning. now we're learning how it happened. a ride that's supposed to be family friendly. >> it is a site you use to share videos and catch up with friends. now, facebook is getting ready to rival netflix. details on the new shows you could soon be se ei
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talk about being at the right place at the right time. a good samaritan caught a 14-year-old girl who was dangling from an amusement park ride. i can't believe that she made it. this happened over the weekend on the sky ride at six flags in upstate new york. >>
5:40 am
they'll catch you honey, go ahead, go ahead. this is billed as a family ride. doesn't even have a minimum height requirement. the girl was rushed to the hospital where she's list fd in stable condition. the man who caught her, he had a minor back injury. you got to figure he's dropping down and he's catching her. >> thank goodness he did what he did at the time. we'll try to bring that video to you, that video that we've been talking about. >> she was screaming. you got to help her, she can't hold on, she's going to fall. she's slipping, she's choking, she can't breathe. her head is caught. oh, my god, it was hysterics. >> it's unclear how she ended up dangling from that ride. state investigators inspected it. found everything okay. but they are going to keep that ride closed while an internal review is being conducted. six flags american buoy doesn't have a ride quite like that one. but you probably remember the
5:41 am
local amusement park. 24 people were stranded. 80 feet in the air for hours on the joker's jinx back in april. on that ride, your feet are actually secured underneath you. there's not really a risk of falling out. that ride did reopen about three days after the glitch happened. >> i shy away from roller coasters. i really do. it is the company that owes millions of drivers replacement airbags. takata is filing for bankruptcy. what it means for your airbags and the plan to replace them. breaking news right now in first 4 traffic. we're talking about a massive problem in northern virginia. take a look here. inner loop at van dorn street, we're shut down. a huge backup. this is a reconstruction situation. this means if you head this way in the next couple of hours, it will affect you. we'll talk more about this coming up. sheena? >> weatherwise, melissa, the commute is not bad in that way. 70 degrees in the district right
5:42 am
you can roll the windows down and it's going to be nice this afternoon. we'll talk about hotter
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5:45 am
breaking news in northern virginia. inner loop at van dorn street. we're shut down. this is a two-mile backup. it's growing quickly. it's growing to two miles in the past 25 minutes. take a look at this closure. duke street, franconia road. either of those are alternates. they're going to be quite busy this morning. this is going to be shut down for some time. right now on ne"news4 today the cost of your ride going up. what to know before your next ride. a beloved coach killed in a crash. tributes to the long-time teacher pouring in. from social media to tv shows, facebook isn't just about connecting with friends anymore. why your
5:46 am
feel more like netflix. facebook and amazon basically going to take over. they can do anything with these two things. it's going to cost you more to ride metro. fare hikes are in effect now. >> adam tuss has been warning us about this for weeks. he's at the gallery place metro station. >> reporter: no excuses riders. today is the day fares have gone up. you need an extra quarter or a dime. 10 to 25 cents more per trip. fake a look as people are riding the bus this morning and getting ready to go. the new fares kick in during rush hour periods and off-peak periods. ten cents more to ride the trains during peak and 25 cents off peak. the bus will cost you a quarter more. we've been tell you about the fares for a long time. basically, metro has a policy where it raises fares o
5:47 am
this is tied to inflation. that's what's happening here. be aware that new metro hours are in effect as well. >> adam mentioned, here are the changes we've been talking approximate for the hours. it will mean longer service on weekend service. here's what you should know. metro will stay open until 11:30 monday through thursday. on fridays and saturdays, through 1:00 in the morning. on sunday is opens later and closes earlier gliefrjts the health care debate will take center stage today. the budget office expected to release its analysis of the health care bill. >> need today pass the bill. >> a lot of folks keeping an eye on the supreme court as well. >> that is because it marks the end of the term for the court. there are big decisions the justices have left to make. edward lawrence is live on capitol hill now. edwa edward, the biggest design her left on what the court
5:48 am
ban, what choices they have. >> that is what everybody is sort of watching. there's several things that the supreme court could do. one, they could side with the president and uphold his ban. they could also side with the critics of that saying it's unconstitutional and ban or uphoemd the ban on the travel ban. the justices could schedule oral arguments that would happen in the fall when they come back into session. the fourth thing is reject the case or the appeal altogether. that leaves in place the lower court ruling. so there are a number of options and we should know by noon today what happens. >> all right, edward lawrence live on capitol hill for us. edward, thank you. friends say coach leonard schultz was a map of integrity dedicated to his students. the special ed teacher was killed in a traffic accident over the weekend. students who need support can go to the school in vienna and meet with counselors. on saturday, a box truck ran
5:49 am
the beltway inner loop in fairfax. the two were trying to secure a boat to the back of their truck when the accident happened. schultz's nephew is still in critical condition this morning. the driver of the box truck has been charged with reckless driving. i'm angie goff. breaking news. hurricane dora has formed. the tropical storm turned into a hurricane this hour off mexico's southwestern coast. so far, it has sustained winds of 70 miles per hour. it's expected to bring really heavy rain to the coast without making a direct hit. now i just talked to chuck bell in the weather center. he said the good news is it's headed back into the sea and the chance of it boomeranging back is slim. chris, eun. sometimes you need a story to bring a smile to your face in the morning. a new miss senior d.c. has been crowned. >> all right. the pageant took place at the university of
5:50 am
columbia yesterday. here you're seeing the past winners were reunited and competed at this year's ceremony. they we they wore fashions representing the year they took part in the competition. they were judged on elegance, talent and community service. the d.c. office on aging sponsored the annual event. this year, eight d.c. residents, 60 or over competed for the title. frances curtis johnson took home the crown, miss senior d.c. congrats to all who competed. new information from melissa mollet in first 4 traffic. >> breaking news on the beltway? >> breaking news. take a look at this. inner loop here at van dorn street. we're shut down. have a two-plus mile backup here that's built up in the past 30 minutes. what we're trying to figure out is the best alternate. best thing to do right now, franconia road, duke street.
5:51 am
roads to have to take. but they are, nonetheless, alternates and right now are not yet packed this morning. this is something that, it's a reconstruction situation. it could be around for another couple of hours. take a look at that closure. alternates, duke street, franconia road, outer loop through that area is unaffected. this is very impactful for a lot of people, especially headed through northern virginia. a portion of the beltway here this morning. want to remind you about that. we'll have lots more on this. adam tuss on the way. chopper 4 will be there soon as well. good morning chuck bell. good morning. nice day to be outside for today. hope you have a chance to get out and enjoy it. weather, mother nature playing some slow pitch with us today. check that out. sun is up now. officially sunrise. 5:45 this morning. it's on the way up. it's been a warm and dry june so
5:52 am
degrees warmer than average. we're about 2 inches below average in rainfall just for the month of june. things are starting to dry out just a bit. we've had six days in the 90s. right now, with a beautiful clear sky out there, the humidity is low, low, low. only a slight chance for a shower coming our way tomorrow. wednesday looks like another magnificent day to be outside. the heat and humidity, i know a lot of people like the heat and humidity. it's coming back before the week is over. enjoy it while we have it. 59 front royal. 59 in winchester. 70 in arlington right now. today's forecasted high, 83 degrees with sun and very low humidity out there. little bubble of high pressure has moved in. rain chances will remain very low for today, tomorrow and wednesday. that little rain chance, i mean just a little sliver of a chance for rain tomorrow. today, just fair weather cloud cover at the peak of heating. for the most part overnight, during the day tomorrow, a hit or miss
5:53 am
chance of it. i wouldn't worry too much about that. i think most of us have to wait until friday or the weekend before rain chances go back up. tomorrow afternoon with the extra cloud cover, though, we'll be cooler. highs only in the mid to upper 70s coming your way tomorrow. if you're thinking about the beach this weekend, friday, saturday, sunday looks like great beach weather. friday, saturday, sunday, dry temperatures in the mid-830s. chance for a thunderstorm coming. 71 degrees, that is nice. extended forecast, then. 83 and sunny today. 79 with clouds around for tomorrow. 82 and sunshine on wednesday. back near 90 on thursday. isolated thunderstorm chances friday, saturday and sunday. no washouts. back to the usual hit and miss nature of the thunderstorms. thank you, chuck. if you're hitting the roads for the fourth of july, it may be affordable. gas prices are falling. the national average for a gallon of regular is
5:54 am
that's $.07 less than two weeks ago. in d.c., $2.46. drivers in maryland will pay about $2.23 a gallon. virginia drivers get the bargain again. average just over $2 a gallon, still making plans for it. a list of places you can go swimming without crossing the bay bridge. >> turns out a lot of folks have dishwashers but they're not really using them. a new survey showed that most have it. but 20% don't even use it once a week. one in five families say they don't use the dishwasher despite proof hand washing the dishes uses more water and energy. >> i've been trying to tell my mom. we grew up the dishwasher was a place to dry the dishes. you had to hand wash the dishes. now she's on board. i keep telling you, it wastes more water to h
5:55 am
so we let them do. they're they're 3 and 5 years old. takes them a while. >> still. we're working for you in the community. we want to thank all 2,000 of you who came out to the nbc4 all state community shred this weekend. >> the final number was more than 2300. we had a line of cars at montgomery college campus in rockville where we've started shredding around 8:00 in the morning. it took about 30 minutes to make it to the front and most folks brought a bag or two of sensitive documents with them. shredding is one of the easiest ways to prevent identity theft. if you miss this opportunity, we've got several throughout the year. >> check the nbc washington app for upcoming days. your co-workers may be talking about this because it is so ridiculous. prada. >> prada, we know prada, they make luxury handbags and clothing.
5:56 am
beautiful stuff. the company is selling a paper clip. a paper clip for $180. it is sterling silver. six centimeters long. that's not very big. the logo embossed on the site. >> six centimeters. >> department store, barney's new york is selling these twitter. >> it's intended to be used as a money clip. it looks like a paper clip. one person said this better tie my life together for this price. >> you're about to get 137 new ways to express yourself. >> emojis are coming. just what you wanted. you give a zombie, gender neutral ee moej is. broccoli, yoga pauses. >> looking at -- >> input from the public. if there's one that's missing,
5:57 am
really odd. the emojis, you have to do that. >> next at 6:00. more frustration in the takata airbag recall. the company that owes millions for safer place -- what about drivers who need repairs? >> new video. first public appearance since her release. the top of state leadership is joining calls for an investigation into prince george's county schools. we'll tell you who is being called to lead the probe and why. said mr. k. your son is alive. >> plus, it was the phone call that changed his life all over again. a man learns his son is alive days after his funeral. >> terrible mixup still ahead. right
5:58 am
news. melissa is back with mor on thee
5:59 am
right now at 6:00 a.m., i picture perfect monday. the storm team 4 team is outside to share with you. a local school district under investigation. claims that grades are being
6:00 am
rates. who is now stepping in to take a closer look at dozens of schools. >> takata in trouble again. a company that owes millions of drivers new airbags filing for bankruptcy. what it means for the recall you've been waiting for. good morning everyone. welcome to monday. i'm eun yang. >> i'm chris lawrence. aaron has the morning off. thanks for waking up early on a monday with us. >> you might want to leave extra time if you have to drive on the beltway. melissa mollet has breaking news. we're going to check in with chuck bell and sheena parveen. melissa. >> great news in northern virginia. inner loop at van dorn street. we're shut down. a four-mile backup here this morning because of this crash. so we understand from v-dot this is a collision reconstruction situation. that means it could be around for a couple of hours. take a look at the backups on the map. all of these folks


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