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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 26, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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now on news 4 midday, traffic finally moving again on the beltway. >> a fatal crash shoot down the loop for hours. what we learned. governor is calling for a state investigation of the county public schools. i have what's triggering that request and the reaction from the county school board this morning. northwest winds have blown the humidity out of the town for a few days. how long should we plan to be below 90 degrees? i've got your forecast coming up. >> announcer: news 4 midday becomes with breaking new. the supreme court
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trump's travel ban, but the court will allow the administration to enforce some of the ban. what does that mean? if you have a relationship with someone within one of those countries, it cannot be enforced. if there's no relationship or someone is a refugee, it will be enforced. the justices will hear the arguments in the fall. >> thanks for joining us. time to check on the forecast? >> no humidity. >> what we need to know heading into the lunch hour. we have to go outside. >> nothing stopping you. refreshing northwesterly breeze. that will be the case for a coming days. humidity on vacation for the foreseen future. that means very cool mornings coming our way, and plenty dry for the month of june so far. it loo
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degree through much of the week. about 80 degrees along the i-95 corridor. afternoon temperatures aren't going to budge a whole heck of a lot. that part of the forecast is just minutes away. >> thank you, chuck. this morning at the height of rush hour traffic was bulked up at one point for nine miles. look at those backups. it was all because of a deadly crash near the van doran street access. adam, what's it look like now? >> the road is back open. unfortunately this was a deadly accident. you can see both lanes of the beltway moving once again, but you have to tell you, guys, in all the years, this was one of the worst backups that i have ever seen.
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going nowhere fast. >> you've got to sit there, really. there's nothing else to do. >> a literal parking lot. drivers standing around just waiting, some even walking the dogs, othering trying to back out of the traffic, all of this after a bad wreck that happened around 5:00 this morning. virginia state police say there were two separate crashes, and in the second crash, someone and you have car was hit and killed. it caused a complete shutdown of the road. these cars aren't going anywhere. they've just been sitting here, people throwing their hands up, because there's really nothing they can do. >> this was the scene from chop are 4. meanwhile, back on the beltway, a group huddled as a car battery died. cara allen had been traveling all night. she was looking for a bathroom. >> what can you do?
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dancing. that's what we've been doing. >> trying to make the best of the situation. >> yeah, what else do you do? >> the good news, the road convince again flowing. one other person was taking to the hospital, but that person is expected to be okay so good news there. >> thank you, adam. the governor's office is demanding an investigation into prince george's county schools. the controversy erupted over students' grades. justin? >> reporter: good morning, with some encouragement from the school board, governor hogan is asking for the state board of education to look into claims and concerns that some high school students may have had their credits and grades improperly changed. the letters were
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some of the school officials aninesing he's heard claims of widespread systemic corruption in the public schools and is requesting a full investigation. hogan also send a letter to andrew smarick, requesting his agency to take on the probe reading in part -- any instances of fraud and corruption in the maryland public school system certainly represents a state interest. some students grades, fraudulently boosting grau and performance rates. the statement -- i have maintained that politics lie at the root of these accusations. there has been no systemic effort to promote students in prince george's county schools. >> they should own up to what they did and correct it. >> reporter: this month news 4's
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said her son's grades were changed without properly earning the credit. she said she never asked and her son who is now a senior in private school still struggles. >> my son needed to earn his grades. he didn't know anything he need to do go for biology and english. >> reporter: gin, the county denied those grade, changes were made without that parent's permission, it only stands as a request. we did reach out for a koomts from prince george's county as well as the state board of education, they are awaiting a response on this investigation request, rather, at this time. back into you. >> thanks for keeping us updated. thank you, justin. were one year away from the democratic primary in maryland running for a new job. he just
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he used southern prince george's county in various roles for more than 20 years when he ran for county executive back in 2002. happening right now the man who was responsible for days of panic and confusion in prince george's and montgomery county is in court. he's charged with his wife ace must have had in the parking lot of high point high school. he's also charged with shooting someone who try to do help her. he faces a life sentence for shooting four people in montgomery county after his wife's murder, two of those victims died. her pastor called her a pillar of the deanwood community. that community is honoring the memory of ana fitzgerald. the mother of three spent her last hours attending bible study. she was killed last week by a spray bulle
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apartment right cross. the pastor says his congregation is still trying to cope with her passing. >> she will always be remembered in this neighborhood because she was the hard of deanwood. her funeral is scheduled for this coming saturday. one person has been charged with her murder. d.c. firefighters are expected to remain on the scene of this deadly fire in brightwood. investigators found a man's body yesterday. they think he was in the same spot where the fire may have started. five firefighters and one other person were hurt. they are doing okay. at least 2700 people were forced to find temporary housing. friends say leonard shultz was the kind of person youed your kids to look up to. he was killed in a traffic accident in fairfax county. students who need support this morning witho
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school in vienna and meet with counselor. the two were trying to could you are a boat to the back of their truck when it hit them. shultz's nephews is still in critical condition, and the driver has been charged with reckless drives. senate leaders have promised to call for a vote by the end of this week, but with five republicans opposed to it, they're facing an uphill ballots. edwards lawrence has a look at why the showdown is likely to intensify over the next few days. >> reporter: republicans will have to walk a fine line tots the health care bill to pass. too many changes and hard-line conservatives will not support it. not enough changes, and those against the bill will not come on board. >> i know the leadership has as well. >> reporter: donald trump says he's fully behipped the senate's plan. >> i want to see the bill with heart. health care is a very complicated subject.
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>> reporter: cuts remain sticking points. >> you can't take over $800 billion out of the medicaid program and not expect that it's going to have an impact on rural nursing homes. >> reporter: other senators say the process is moving too fast. >> i don't have the feedback from constituencies who will not have had time to review the senate bill. we should not be voting on this next week. >> reporter: bernie sanders says democrats would compromise if republicans would ask. >> there's no way on god's earth this bill should be passed this week. >> reporter: the president says no democrat would vote for any republican-led bill, especially one overhauling health care. >> later we expect the congressional budget office to release their score on the cost of this senate health care bill. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. after
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takata has filed for bankruptcy today. matt bradley explains what's next for the company. >> reporter: it's the end of a giant. one of the world's largest auto parts manufacturers filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday. that bookends a decade-long scandal when the company recalled millions -- was the largest auto parts recall in history. yesterday's bankruptcy filing is the largest ever bankruptcy of a japanese corporation. it also ends an a he ra. founded in 1933 as a texas tiles form, takata was among the flagship corporations that led japan's post-world war ii growth and befitsing such a collapse, it's still not out of the woods. it owns billions of liability and faces legal challenges from anll
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saved concerns about air bag inflators. some in cases they fired lethal shrapnel. of the of the company's assets will be purchased by key safety systems, a michigan-based firm owned by a chinese electronics company. thanks to this sale, many of the employees are likely to keep their jobs. back to you. >> matt bradley reporting. our susan hogan will break down the local impact of this news coming up at 11:30. much more to come. >> including
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take a look at this dramatic rescue of a swimmer after he was stranded on a rock. this happened in northern california over the weekend. a swimmer thought he could swim across the russian river, but then realized it was too strong. he sat waiting for help. the man says he is thankful for the help and plans to pay that good forting forward by volunteers for thinks local search and rescue team. they'll catch you, honey, go ahead. >> if you
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you will see this on your social media feed today. a good mare can call a 14-year-old girl tapingling. and you just have to trust. she was stuck there. this happened over the weekend on the sky ride in update new york. >> i shared it on my facebook page. paramediced rushed her -- the man who cat her was treated for a minor back injury. witnesses are still talking about what it was like to happen. >> he was screaming, you got to helper. she's going to fall. she's slipg, she's choking, oh, myogod. it was just his hysterics. authorities say state inspectors inspected the ride and up for the ride in working order. it will remain closed while an internal review is conducted. six flags america doesn't
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but you probably remember the most recent issue on the joker's jinx, in april people were stranded for several hours. on that rollers coasters your feet you are secured underneath you. that coaster did reopen about three days after the glitch. 11 days after attending his son's funeral, frank kerrigan received a call he will never forget. the caller told him his son was alive. the official had misdemeanor identified body. >> i said, oh, my god, frank gets on the phone and says, hi, dad, how are you doing? we're so happy for frank to be with us and we're joyous. at the same time we still feel the pain. >> the coroner's i've said the body was misidentified used old driver's license photo in the system. the kerrigan family is now suing
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$20,000 on the funeral and have no idea who they buried in the actual service. >> they're happy to obviously have their son home. they say their son frankie is mentally ill and homeless as well. a jury selection is under way for shkreli. he's accused of running a ponzi scheme taking millions from his former drug company to pay investors in two 00 funds he ran. he's been out on bail and denies any wrongdoing. you're probably going to see a whole lot of people on the roads over the holiday weekend and for good week. chris clackum shows why you'll be saving money this fourth of july. >> gassing up for the upcoming july 4th weekend are in for a pleasant surprise. gas prices are about five cents
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>> makes it easier to decide if we're going to drive versus flying. >> heading into the summer we see prices rise, that hasn't been the case for 2017. >> reporter: gas isn't the only thing travelers will find cheaper this year. airfares are down 10%, rental cars 14% less. >> a few years ago when it was almost $4 a gallon, you know, flying was a lot cheaper than driving. >> reporter: aaa's tamara johnson says they're predicting a record rear. >> it will be a historic day we're expecting that 44 million americans will be traveling this holiday season. >> reporter: 37 million will be driving, taking full advantage of cheaper travel this year. >> a lot of people are taking off for the fourth. a lot of them are out on the roads, so i think the fourth of july week gender is bridgesing them out early. >> reporte
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highways are likely to look like rush hour instead of a holiday. chris clackum, nbc news. just ahead on news 4 midday, we're working for you to make sure your summer is safe and secure. >> a reminder to kip use you are family free
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this week we are working for you to keep you and your family safe and secure this summer. >> a lot
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the summer outside. for all of the fun out there, you don't have to go far to find danger. >> this is an important rye minder for you and your family. >> reporter: a ticking time bomb, crawling in tall grass, in your backyard, in a forest or park near you. >> the deer tick, it is black-legged tick, is one of the ticks that causes some concerns with it carrying lyme disease. >> reporter: they're blood suckers. >> they can be called that as well. >> reporter: putting you at risk he spreads the dessert with these signs. have you ever had a tick bite? >> uh, no. >> reporter: wear some bug spray. what happened? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> i'm sorry. i should have with lyme disease, i should do it, but i'm glad you reminded me.
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>> first thing, repellant. >> reporter: one of the best tools, a bug sprays with deet can protect you for several hours. ticks lay and wait in tall grass, so cover up. >> the creepy crawlers are the size of a point of a pin or says my seed, small. >> use fine-tipped tweetser and grab the tick by its head. >> reporter: to head off long-lasting health problems that are no walk in the park. molette green, news 4. >> good reminder. if you do get a tick bites there are warning signs for untreated lyme disease. >> we have a complete list over on the app. just search "safe summer." >> chuck bell is back from a little working trip. >> a little working trip, yes. i was out at the american
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learning the tricks of the trade, learning what's new and exciting. >> you can't run that show. >> most interesting presentation, one of the presenters from knoxville, the big forest fires they had down there last years thanksgiving time, gatlin burg, tennessee had 118 degree temperature in november with the winds coming down from the mountains on fire. wow, that was the most unbelievable thing i heard at the whole conference. 118 in ten set in november? fortunately all those fires are out, and they wanted to remind everyone, they are open for tourism. gatlin burg will be one of the great places to see the eclipse. we won't see it as
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union has been warmer and drier than average. so far about two inches behind in rainfall. june temperatures have been nearly three degrees warmer than average, six days 90 or higher, maybe within or two more before the month comes to an end. won't be a nice one today, though. a nice one that westerly breeze is blowing all of the humid out of here. average is 86 now, we'll be about 82, 83 for highs today. today just sunny and comfortable all day, down to about 67 by 11:00 tonight. there's a ripple in the atmosphere that may write to wring out one or two spotty showers tomorrow. not too terribly worried about it. stade ahead of the weather by following us.
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what about the weekend? the early lean on the weekend, it will be hot and humid, low to mid on saturday. i'll give
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 midday." unfortunately we hear
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dying after being left in a hot car. >> this year half of those deaths have happened in texas. >> reporter: three tragic cases of children dying after being trapped in scorching hot cars. in ft. worth balloon and tears for a 3-year-old who somehow climbed into a car in 98-degree heat. his heartbroken parents finding him unresponsive 450 minutes later. >> in parker county, texas, she says she admit to do locking her children in the car as punishment while she slept. so far this year 14 children have died in hot cars. the average per year is 37, or one child every nine days. eric steve son knows the agony all too well. he broke his morning routine by taking his wife to work first. >> it's not
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parents. you've just gotten into a routine, gotten distracted. >> reporter: he left their 3-year-old in the vehicle for an hour and 15 minutes while the temperature climbed to 80 degrees, an estimated 120 inside the van. >> michael suffered sick heatstrokes, but survived. both he and his father are still recovering. >> if we didn't talk about it, we can't raise awareness. >> >> reporter: what can you do? experts say put a briefcase or phone in the backseat. also there are new apps on your phone that will i alert you whenever you leave your car. there's new legislation in congress getting bipartisan support establishing a new child safety alert that would alert partse parents whenever they leave their child in the backseat. we told you about takata's
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joins us with what this latest development means for you. >> hi there, we hear from consumers recently, with air bag recalls, and they are still wait fog a replacement. we have four things to know. first of all, recalls will continue. 70% of the replacement air bags are being supplied by other makers, but there is a risk that supplies coming from takata could be affect ed they say the bankruptcy could -- for dozens of people who -- caused by the exploding air bag inflators. more recalls are expected. there are still millions of takata inflators on the road right now that could be recalled. the recalls will be rolled out in waves through
11:33 am
drivers, you can still file lawsuits. while bankruptcy proceedings will staal, future and current lawyers, consumers can still sue the car manufacturers. that's because automakers are still on the hook for selling the defective air bag. to check to see if your car is part of the recall, we have a livan right now on our app where you can check. you just have to search takata recall. we also want to tell you about a story we're working on for news4 at 6:00. we've learned a change of legislation is taking a toll on some public safety officers and their families. a firefighter from fairfax county reached out to us after learning his wife and stepdaughter will lose their health insurance coverage july 1st. why is this happening? and how this impacts you, the taxpayer? we're working for you, tonight at 6:00. thank you, susan, with all the different parts and plants, it
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cars are actually built in america. released the list of most american-made vehicles. we're seeing a bick shake-up from last year. topping the list are two jeep sports-utility vehicles assembled in ohio. last year two cars made by japanese automakers topped that list. it revamped its criteria for better reflect, but now it's based on assembly location, the percentage of parts made domestically and the number of american workers the manufacture are employs. if you are using metro today, expect to pay more. metro's new high afarce -- an extra ten cents, until 9:30 in the morning 3:00 to 7:00 in the night. bus fares will also cost you an extra quarter this morning, and the reminder there are
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hours. trains will stop running at 11:30 at night monday through thursday. in the district many people -- the summer youth employment program was recently expanded to include young adults. that will mean roughly 13,000 people will be working for the next six weeks in positions at local companies even in the government. it can be hard to tell what's going to happen tomorrow, let alone years from now, but one man has a pretty good track record when it comes to predicting the future. jane wells has his story. >> reporter: check this out, a painting predicting the kentucky derby in the year 2075. there's a man with a wireless handheld device, messengers on wheels like a segue and the floweding board is call the intrnet. this was created in 1976 before any of this existed. it says internet in
11:36 am
he's been accurately predicting the future for decades. my mantra is if it's a good idea it will happen eventually. this is are from "blade runner." >> he's a visual futurist, a legend in detroit for his car designs, but came to hollywood 35 years ago to create the cars and the look for "blade runner." . he's prescribed things like driverless cars and wearables, all coming true. los angeles hasn't turned out as awful as "blade runner" predicted, but still has the worst traffic. >> this is looking west on first street. >> reporter: he sees a future with fewer people owning cars as millennial don't see the need. >> they're not interested in it. they have social media to talk to their friend, i mean worldwide, so more people using the same car and then of course
11:37 am
>> reporter: he driverless ubers or trucks delivers goods from amazon. what about the hyper looked? >> it's a good idea, but the infrastructure cost, i don't know who will pay for that. >> and he head more in the future more of is willy in the cities, to bringing nature into the -- >> create a country neighborhood in the middle of a metropolis. i know it's going to happen more and more. you have to think about all of this. >> reporter: he's been right before. very interesting. you want to know where we'll be ten years from now -- >> i knee hid to pick some lottery numbers, give me some luck. >> let's go into a pool on that one. this is what's paying too much attention to your phone hurts. >> details on a
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a california man was hit by a train because he was looking down at his cell phone. this happened in san diego on saturday night. police say the man didn't know he was standing near the train tracks and didn't notice the train. the operator applied the emergency brakes, but could not stop in time. the man was seriously hurt, but survived, which is a miracle. >> they're not as loud apparently as you think they are. you think oncoming train, you would hear something, feel something at some point jump out of the way? >> everything always says a tornado sounds like a freight train. >> it just shows how distracted we have become. >> the human brain is a single-file processor. it does one thing at a time really well, but sometimes if you're focused here, you're not listening --
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single-file processor is focused on the weather which couldn't be more classic than june in washington. a little cooler than average, we'll talk it. today, low humidity, absolutely perfect. foreman there's a chance for one or two isolated showers, but most of us will be rain free probably until the end of the week. probably back to near 90 as we get to thursday or friday. right now in the upper 70s, again, a perfect afternoon, if you're going out to the pool, as suppliering and splashing, 81 at 2:00, 83 at 4:00 p.m., don't forget your spf, because you'll be encouraged to stay outside all the longer. >> 81 in edgewater. 83 for fredericksburg. if you're going i don't you side, the temperature trend is
11:42 am
you're average is 87, and we'll debt cooler than average today, tomorrow and wednesday, back up to 90 on thursday. going to the baseball game tonight, the cubbies are in town, the world champion cubbies? how rare is it for me to say that, 73 degrees, let's hope it turns into a big nats win. here's a check of that extended forecast. five days in a row, three cooler than average, one above, and one that's stormy and steamy on friday afternoon. the whole ten-day forecast is coming up. chuck, thank you. running out of the emojis to use? don't worry, there are plenty more on a way, a preview to a smartphone near at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any...
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at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. we, no matter how you're feeling, there's usually a way to express it with an emoji. jo ling kent shows us. >> reporter: if a picture is worth is,000 words, an emoji might be worth 1,000 texts. new pickett ograms are headed your way. emojis are everywhere, of billion sent every single
11:46 am
>> we're watching a whole new means of express used around the world come into being right in front of our very eyes. >> greg welsch is the nonprofit that decides which emeteorology emojis will get made. >> you can look at the list that are in the vetting. >> anyone can propose an emeteorologist. once approved by unicode, designers at tech companies like apple and google get to work. >> different companies have different types of emojis, apple has their own said. >> she heads of the team at google. >> we define the look and feel behind the concepts. >> gender neutral people and a woman in a head scarf, all requested by
11:47 am
>> we wanted to try to disassociate from the cultural satire i don't types, putting women in pink and men in blue. we have moved beyond that. >> you have a lot of power. >> yeah, i think that's an incredible part, but it's a really open process. that's cool, that anyone in the world can submit an emoji. >> the new set is arriving on your smartphones now. jo ling kent, nbc news, san francisco. and there's emeteorologists for tacos and sushand sushi. glee all of that airs tonight at 9:00 on fnt. a final check of your forecast when we continue. don't forget to tune
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ellen show at 3:00, then st
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you probably have seen the amazing rescue on your facebook feed, but there was more to this story, as a teenage girls falls off a ride at a six flags new york. she survived and is recovering. >> reporter: an end to a ride no one
11:51 am
a terrified 14-year-old girl hanging on for deer life dangling from the seat of a ride. >> her neck is stuck. >> reporter: the harrowing moments caught on six flags saturday night. >> a young person dangling by just her arms and head, basically off the chair. >> reporter: the girl's brother on the chair with her shouting for help kleining franically to her arms. >> don't let her fall, don't let he die, please somebody save her i can't hold on much longer. bystander jumped into act. one main climbing it a nearby tree in an effort to be to the girts. others forming a human landing pad. honey, let go. i had promise il
11:52 am
>> the girl finally lets go. the girl was hospitalized shake unbut alive six flags released a statement saying they'll conduct a thorough internal review. harrowing moments causing some to question whether the dang is worth of thrill. wall street is poised to start the week with some green arrows. the markets are coming off a positive week that saw the nasdaq rise nearly 2%. that despite a sharp fall of crude prices. on continued concerns about a global supply glut. investors get data this week on housing, consumer confidence and gdp. the dow slipped on friday. the nasdaq rising three to 2438. air bag maker takata has filed for
11:53 am
for a japanese manufacturer. the company says it will be bought by key safety systems for $1.6 billion. takata still faces tens of billions in costs and liability resulting from a worldwide recall linked to more than a dozen deaths, only about 30% of the bags recalled have been replaced. the company will continue to offer-to- -- "wall street journal" reports associate network is in talks with major studioing to produce tv-quality scripted shows. facebook is aiming to launch original programming by late summer and is willing to spent as much as $3 million per epson. with the business report, i'm landon downey. this next story is, what? prada is a luxury brand. it's selling what appears to be a paper
11:54 am
that's a lot of money. >> i wouldn't go more than 120. >> to add to your collection? >> it's sterling sill her, but only six centimeters long, the logo is embossed on the side. >> i guess department stores is selling it, it's supposed to been used like a money clip. one person said for that price, this better hold my entire life together. >> for sure. >> i think we can empathize. last year we first introduced you to these track stars, all sisters. things are going well for them when it comes to running. their home life was a different story. now their lives are very different. kristin dahlgren has an update. >> the
11:55 am
ache any other star struck sisters. these three have come a long way. we first met brook, rain and ty last march in a brooklyn homeless shelter where they shared one bed with their mom. they found solace in running track. >> track gives us hope and strength to move on from our problems. >> reporter: they also found success, winning medals, landing magazine covers. since our story aired, comedian tyler perry offered to pay rent for two years. now in a new apartment, tanya has a new job. and this weekend, the girls got a vip invitation to the nationals, to meet some of the greatest athletes of all time, allyson felix, and legend carl lewis. >> big smiles. >>
11:56 am
first-place medal. >> thank you. >> it was very exciting and mind-blowing. >> and eye jumper vash brought brooke onto the podium. the she want address haven't forgotten how hard it was to get here. >> our past is still a part of us. just because we have all of this and and we're grateful doesn't mean we have to change for it. >> reporter: in fact, after seeing this, they plan to work harder. >> never stop doing what you think you're capable of doing because of what other people say? >> reporter: and what's next for you guys? >> olympics. >> reporter: for now, though, it's time to go home, which may not be such a bad thing now that it's finally a place of their own. kristin dahlgren, nbc news, sacramento. what a great story. the sky is the limit. >> love that picture of the four of them hugging on the couch there.
11:57 am
at the weather. chuck bell, nice day to be outside. absolutely perfect days for sitting outside with a tall glass of iced tea. >> a little chance for a shower coming our way tomorrow. nothing to worry about here. skies go from partly to mostly cloudy. and a mostly cloudy start to the day, even though i think the computer may be overstating the amount of coverage here, still i think about a 20% chance of a quick-moving short-lasting shower during the afternoon tomorrow, so keep that in mind as you're planning out your day on tuesday. beach forecast, friday, saturday, sunday, near perfect beach weather. here's our hawaiiwhole ten-day forecast. a little chance for a thunderstorm in the afternoon. >> thanks a lot. chuck. that will do it f
11:58 am
midday." we're back on the news first at 4:00. and we hope you have a great day, and we'll see
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ bruno mars kicking off the bet awards. scott adams, nina parker here today. welcome, guys. i love that move. what was that move? >> this


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