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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 27, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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overnight, the white house warns syria over head they're planning another chemical attack. healthcare hanging in the balance, republicans against their own new bill, slump has plan to push it forward. wildfires and extreme temperatures and overflowing rivers from extreme snow melt. police are on the lookout for brazen robbers caught in the midst of a vicious attack. the nba crowns the best of the best. good to be with you on a tuesday morning. i'm frances rivera. breaking overnight, the white house delivering a stern warning
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saying the white house has spotted his forces preparing for another potential chemical weapons attack and said they would quote pay a heavy price if they proceed with such an attack. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley said any further attacks to the people of syria will be blamed on assad. nbc's matt bradley has breaking details from london. what more do we know? >> thanks, frances. middle eastern observers are calling this an unprecedented step in u.s. foreign policy, so rare to fire a shot across the bow like it did last night. the president's statement was pretty vague. the white house said they're seeing movements on the ground that they say are similar to those that led up to the chemical attack in western syria back in april. that attack killed 100 people and injured hundreds more.
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in response, 60 cruise missiles at the syrian government air base he said launched the attacks. that was the first time the u.s. forces attacked the syrian regime. remember, the u.s. says it's fighting in syria only against isis. and in moscow said they would consider any western aircraft outside syria to be targets. if the syrian assad regime follows through with the attacks, that could make a follow-up by the president even more complicated. more on the gop's effort to repeal obamacare. member will vote how a motion to move the bill forward putting it on track for a final vote by the end of the week. the analysis
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budget office finds 22 million americans would likely be uninsured over the next decade as a result of the bill and the plan would save over $3 whunl billion over the next -- years. >> healthcare for 22 million people hanging in the balance, how many could lose coverage in the next decade in the new healthcare bill according to the congressional office it's many morse uninsured than many hoped. if you're on the fence i'm not sure this report helps you much. >> obviously, it's not good news. >> reporter: tweeting cbo confirms this thing is a [ bleep ] sandwich. but the cuts to medicaid will help save $321 billion over the next 10 years. that gives senate majority
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to negotiate even as he faces protests in the ranks. >> i would like to delay the thing. there's no way we should be voting on this next week. >> reporter: senator ron johnson one of five republicans saying they will vote no without changes and only three votes will still sink the bill. many undecided. are you a yes on the healthcare bill or no? have you decided yet? >> i read it this weekend. there's -- still focusing on it. >> reporter: the president on the phone this weekend with conservatives and moderates a delicate balancing act. >> you move it this way and this group doesn't like it. you move it over here, a very narrow path. >> we're joined by edward lawrence, where does the healthcare battle go from this point on? >> the first challenge happens today. we're expecting an initial
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and we are hearing four will vote no to that initial move to proceed. they say they will vote no not even allowing the bill to come forward for debate. the republicans need two senators, two of those republican senators to change their mind. to do that, vice president mike pence will be on capitol hill today. he's expected to have a lunch with senators meeting one-on-on before going to a dinner. meeting with senator tom cotton and senator ben trying to go forward today and get the bill passed by friday. a fascinating piece what will happen if the gop senate plan becomes law. the shooting death of minnesota motorist castillo, a nearly the $3 million settlement has been
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involved in the shooting was acquitted of manslaughter and other charges. it marks the latest case a police shooting resulted in a large settlement despite no criminal conviction for the officer involved. trying to track down 3 out of 4 people caught on camera brutally robbing two tourists. a warning the video may be disturbing. they were walking down the street saturday night when suddenly attacked from behind by the suspects. see the man knocked to the ground. he remains motionless. police say the victims' wallets and cell phones were stolen and both taken to the hospital in critical condition. police identified one suspect, 21-year-old dejuan paul asking for anyone with information on the remaining suspects to call police. the incoming triple threat from texas to
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gripping the country. wildfires and a heat wave and a river overflowing from snow melt. >> reporter: this is what firefighters call a recipe for disaster, fast moving flames through hot winds and torching terrain. residents racing to evacuate just outside los angeles late sunday, the inferno within feet of destroying an entire neighborhood. >> it's pretty scary thinking your house could burn down. >> reporter: 21 large wildfires are exploding across seven western states the biggest and most destructive in utah where more than a dozen homes have been lost. >> you feel so bad for the ones that have been lost already. i can't believe it. >> reporter: fueling fire, record breaking heat and now the scorching temperatures are triggering another problem. rivers ranging from snow melt.
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swimmer stranded, no time to spare. across the west, a triple threat, ferocious flames, killer heat and dangerous currents. >> our thowrnanks to miguel almr for that report. bill, can you find anything relief inside these areas? >> some relief from the heat but no relief for the wildfires. this is where the current wildfires are brng and the central rockies and spot of southern california. when a red flag warns, conditions are ripe for the fires to spread rapidly. storms in florida and south texas and the country to the east coast. >> that's a look at the country, here's a closer look at your day ahead. >> the heat is
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rapid city, 85 degrees. and typical variety storms in areas of florida and the texas coast. the first of its kind, the nba inaugural award show in new york, russell westbrook from the oklahoma thunder was named the league mvp. averaging a triple-double with 42 triple-doubles in one season. congrats to him. lebron is known as the best player but this was a special season. >> and fun to watch at the awards starting every year. another fun thing to watch with them. >> thank you. just ahead. the bizarre body language between trump's son-in-law and the indian minister and why did he just hire one of washington's most powerful attorneys? who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin.
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also a prolific hugger. india's prime minister known for his negotiating skills and the hand shake seen time and time again, president donald trump. when the men met for the first time, they hug it out. there, you see both leaders embracing in the rose garden after a joint statement and then had dinner together after dressing their countries strong ties. heading to the supreme court, the highest court in the land said it will hear the president's appeal on the ban in october granting the government a partial victory allowing parts of the ban in place in the meantime. what does that mean for people trying to get into the united states? the details. >> reporter: for the first time in five months a legal win at least a partial win for president trump after a series of setbacks blocking enforcement
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and the supreme court said some can now be enforced. 90 day pauses on issuing visas. the white house insisted to protect national security it must use the pause to assess the reliability, background information provided by those country on visa applicants. a clear victory president trump says, adding, i cannot allow people into our country who want to do us harm. the court was unanimous on agreeing to take up the president's appeals. by a vote of 6-3, it agreed with the lower courts the travel ban cannot be enforced against anyone seeking a visa who has a close relative here or wants to come here to study or teach or accept a job offer. that means anyone in those categories can still apply for a visa. that's why the challengers say this is a legal win for them. >> president trump, you can't enforce the refuge ban and can't
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connected to those in the united states the heart of our challenge. . this these justices say they would have allowed the entire ban in effect. they say it's not all good news for them. >> we are concerned about those who do not have ties to the united states of america and what it will mean for them. >> reporter: the travel restrictions last only nib90 da and the court won't hear it until october and by then it could be discussed as moot no longer a live controversy. heading to russia have nearly ten years as ambassador to the u.s. while they say kislyak's departure is part of a long planned rotation he is part of a fbi and congressional probe in russian meddling. it is conversations with kislyak that led to attorney general jeff sessions
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this resignation. confirming the president's son-in-law jared kushner hired an attorney for the russian investigations. he served as chief counsel to the democrats during president clinton's impeachment proceedings. coming up, which stock shot up 13% in slow going for apple. and slow going for drug executive shkreli, several jurors saying they think he's a snake and price gouger, next. . meningococcal group b disease, or meningitis b, is real. bexsero is a vaccine to help prevent meningitis b in 10 to 25 year olds. even if meningitis b is uncommon, that's not a chance we're willing to take. meningitis b is different from the meningitis most teens were probably vaccinated against
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secretary of state rex tillerson will meet after the country was hit by an embargo by extremist groups. and leaking classified information to a news outlook, this 25-year-old faces several years in jail after being arrested earlier this month. actor charlie sheen is auctioning off some of his most prized possessions. babe ruth's 1927 ring and the sale contract of the red sox to the yankees. the ring $611,000 as of this margin and closes friday. wall street is buzzing as
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teams are in one area and jury selection in another. very good day to ah. shares inherits mobile up 13.5% on the back of reports apple is going to lease a small fleet of vehicles lexis 458 suvs to carry out self-drives tests. shares in apple didn't move on this one but a big move to hertz on the outside. trying to find a jury for martin shkreli's trial is very difficult, the man who tried to raise drug prices about 5,000% and one called him evil, a snake, greed. elsewhere, sprint is in talks with charter and comcast in a bid to offer wireless
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making headlines this morning. first, a baby boy with a big surprise to mom and dad when this baby who was born weighing a whopping 14 pounds 4 ounces putting him at the weight range of an average 4 to 5-month-old or basically more than my two kids combined. certainly making the hospital's record books. then, there's this. 20 pound live lobster spotted in a passenger's luggage. the tsa says a live lobster is allowed through security but must be transported in a clear plastic spill proof container. >> imagine putting the rubber bands on that, you could lose his hand. >> he put it in his luggage next to his toothbrush and underwear. >> the big huge ones do not taste as good as the little ones do. >> i always heard that. >> when it comes financials,
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lunches instead of save their cash. they eat out five times a week, 29% buying coffee three times a week and 51% going to bars, what they admit, once a week. the frequent spending is making it harder to develop their savings accounts. that seem accurate to you? >> i think so. they have to take picture of fancy lattes. >> you're blaming social media? >> you send out pictures of your food? >> i'm not a millennial. adding to the weiner fleet, this is the drone designed to deliver it to the hungry customers and can travel a mile-a-minute delivering a single hot dog. >> if it can sweatshirt ketchup and mustard i'm in. >> it has the pick up bugs up there. >> you're going to ruin it for me.
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now on "news4 today," a driver crashes into a pole, causing the car to burst into flames. what we just learned about the person's condition as well as how it could affect your commute into work. metro riders who paid more than they should and how to get your money back. an area man's owe bit rare i blaming the nats bullpen for his passing. wow. that is something, huh? >> wait until you read it. that's all i got to say. >> good morning everybody. i'm eun yang. i'm chris lawrence. off to a mild start this
4:27 am
morning. >> chuck bell and sheena parveen have a look at your forecast in a moment. first, melissa mollet has a look at the commute. >> single-car crash into a pole. one person dead. we're going to talk more about this throughout the morning. take a look at the map and what is shut down at this point this morning. silver hill road between brooks drive and approximapennsylvania avenue. all lanes blocked. inner loop after pennsylvania avenue, looking quite good this morning. 270 live look at montrose road northbound, southbound, no worries. back to that fatal crash in prince george's county. we toss it over to angie goff at the live desk. >> this happened around 1:40 this morning. as a result, we have police still there on the scene investigating as melissa mentioned. what you need to know if you are headed out early in that part of prince george's county. as we take a look at that car
4:28 am
after crashing into the hole as melissa mentioned, this is in the 5400 block of silver hill road. it is closed in both directions. and that driver running into that pole. at this point, the police have not identified the victim and they're also trying to figure out what led up to this accident. we'll definitely bring you more as we get it. eun, chris? >> thank you, angie. now we want to check on the forecast. >> chuck, sheena, it feels wonderful out there. >> you're welcome. >> it's about as nice as we could have it this time of year. >> even the clouds and a chance of a shower, looking at low humidity. still comfortable this afternoon. 70 in the district. warrenton at 55 degrees. 59 at frederick. 61 leesburg. 63 quantico. another nice start to your day. here's your wake-up wer.
4:29 am
a few areas to the west and south. by 7:00 a.m. a chaps of a shower for the morning drive. mostly cloudy, chance of a passing shower. it will really be the case throughout the afternoon. we'll stay relatively dry with the clouds around. can't rule out a passing shower. we'll take a closer look at the timing and heat and humidity returning for the weekend and storms coming up. >> thanks, sheena. if you are riding metro this morning, we'll give you issues that might affect your ride. what maintenance work is planned now that safetrack is over. also, you might be getting a refund from metro for overpaying for fares. first, videos of an arrest involving a suspected fare evader yesterday morning. >> it happened inside the gallery place metro station where someone recorded what happened on a
4:30 am
>> the video shows metro police officers surrounding a man and using pepper spray on him. we don't know what happened before the video started but a black lives matter activist says it's similar to what happened on the national mall where a group of young black men were handcuffed for selling water without a permit. the man ignored officers' repeated instructions and then became combative. this summer, you might be getting a refund from metro. the agency discovered in some cases riders were paying wrong fare for at least the last three years. up to 5% of riders were overcharged or undercharged about $.05. metro discovered the error when they updated new fares this week. any customers overcharged more than $2 since 2015 will notice a refund on their register card. year-long maintenance program ended other the


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