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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 27, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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with an upscale urban feel. >> whatever that means. >> right. >> earlier this month wawa announced it was opening the first location in farragut north. they opened five to ten locations in d.c. in the next few years. >> people who love wawa are really into it. check it out. you can save money if you order pizza today. pizza hut is offering half off pizzas with the promo code all-american, all one word. you have to order online. the promotion is for the college world series. the lsu tigers and the florida gators are playing for the championship. that breaking news, a deadly crash in prince george's county after a driver crashes into a pole causing the car to burst into flames. good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm eun yang. >> i'm chris lawrence in for aaron this morning. >> a look at your weather in a minute. we want to begin with melissa mollet and that
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your first 4 traffic. >> big problems in prince george's county in district heights. take a look at what's shut down. the section of silver hill between brooks drive and pennsylvania avenue. right now, all lanes blocked because of that investigation. we also know ramps from inbound, outbound parkway to silver hill road also shut down at this point this morning. could be a big mess for a lot of people to try and head through that area. angie goff at the live desk with more. >> good morning, melissa. we do want you to look at this video that we have of this deadly crash. this as you mentioned in the 5400 block of silver hill road in district heights. you see right there, the car flipped over on its side. this after that driver did run into a pole. investigators got to the scene around 1:40 this morning. they say that they're still trying to figure out what caused the driver to crash. adam tuss is on the way to the scene. we'll have an update for you shortly. now
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>> angie, thank you. it's 5:02. we go outside to chuck and sheena. talking about this beautiful weather. >> you find sprinkles out there? >> no sprinkles yet. we have a few on radar. >> you know something i don't know? >> no. i do see more clouds around this morning. >> absolutely right. a little bit cloudy. but not the kind that will ruin your outdoor plans. there's a live view over downtown. can easily see the monument. nothing that heavy. there are sprinkles across western fairfax county, near fredericksburg, moving towards quantico. there's rain chances towards winchester and martinsburg. not expecting heavy rain. comfortable. national airport, 72 two mornings in a row. 79 degrees today. risk of a shower. rain chances about 30% with most of that threat stacked up in the first part of the day. after lunch, most of
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stay dry. a peek of the weekend, nats/cubs forecast coming up. back to the news. chuck, thank you. if you're headed out the door to ride metro, something that might affect your ride. this morning, we learn which maintenance work is planned now that safetrack is over. also, you might be getting a refund from metro for overpaying for fares. first, we want to show you video of an arrest inside a metro station that's upsetting some people. this involved a suspected fare evader yesterday morning. >> it happened inside the gallery place metro station where someone recorded what happened on a cell phone. >> give me your hands. >> it shows metro police officers using pepper spray on the man moments after they surrounded him. now, we don't know before the video started. but a black lives matter activist tells news 4 it's similar to what happened friday on the national mall where a group of young black men were handcuffed for selling water without a permit. this arrest at
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the man ignored officers' repeated instructions and then became combative. this summer, you may be getting a refund from metro. in some cases, riders were paying the wrong fare for the last three years. up to 5% of riders were either overcharged or undercharged about $.05. metro discovered the error when it updated new fares this week. any customers overcharged more than $2 since 2015 will notice a refund on their registered smart trip cards. metro's year-long maintenance program ended over the weekend. that doesn't mean everything is back to normal. you're starting to see the higher fares on metro and longer waits as the system makes changes. general manager paul wiedefeld will update the montgomery council about his plans fortining improvements on metro. we'll continue to update you on these stories throughout the day. head to the
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and sign up for news alerts. chopper 4 captured a water rescue on the potomac river. take a look. two men were fishing when their boat was pushed into the seneca breaks rapids. the waves tossed them out of their boat. montgomery county fire and rescue says people in another boat pulled the pair out of the water and rescue crews were even able to recover their boat. a sad update to share with you of a story we've been following for a few days. a little boy from sterling, virginia, died after a tragic accident in a swimming pool. the report is that he passed away monday morning from the same accident that also killed his twin sister. on saturday, the 2-year-old twins wandered into the family's pool on acorn court and the sheriff's office says the mom found them unconscious. this time of year, drowning is a huge concern for parents. we've put together an interactive tool that shows you how having the right equipment
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prevent a tragedy. head to the nbc washington app and search pool safety. that was the u.s. response to a chemical attack in syria back in april. this morning the white house is warning president assad not to do it again. white house press secretary sean spicer issued a statement last night saying the u.s. has spotted potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the syrian government. spicer warned that if there is another attack using chemical weapons, assad and his military will "pay a heavy price." we want to turn things over to capitol hill where passing the senate health care plan this week became a little tougher. this comes after the congressional budget office released its analysis of the republican plan. the cbo estimates 15 million more people would be uninsured next year while 22 million people would not have coverage in a decade.
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defic deficit. edward lawrence will have a look at how it's impacting the bill's chance was passing. now to the latest on that graduation grade scandal rocking schools in prince george's county. we've been staying on top of this story every step of the way. >> governor larry hogan asked the state board of education to look into allegations grades were changed to boost graduation rates. one delegate says it should be easy to find out who is lying. >> these kids just graduated, they should be able to show us evidence. if the assignments were turned in late, you should be able to show it to us. >> today, the investigation will move forward when the state board of education comes together in baltimore. >> justin finch is live in upper marlboro with more on that meeting. good morning, justin. >> reporter: chris, good morning. the meeting today could potentially move governor hogan's investigation request forward and here in prince george's county, some are eager for that investigation as others are questioning the
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the prince george's county delegation does support this investigation request. walker reacted to governor hogan's sunday request to the state board of education with hogan citing claims from some prince george's county education board members alleging some high schoolers credits and grades were changed, raising the high school graduation and performance rate. delegate walker says the county deserves to know the truth. >> we just want to make sure that we're doing the right thing. we invest a lot of money in education in prince george's county. and to have disturbing news like these allegations is very hard to stomach. >> reporter: prince george's school ceo kevin maxwell denies these allegations. he says they are political in nature by his guesstimation and also an open letter online, he does say a previous state investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing here in
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we are live in upper marlboro. i'm justin finch. news 4. back to you. >> thank you, justin. now over to angie goff at the live desk. you're looking out west at a wildfire? >> yeah, chris. take a look at this. this is video out of southern utah where firefighters are getting ready for their 11th day fighting the biggest wildfire. some of the flames reaching 100 feet high. so far, near 44,000 acres have burned and more than 20 buildings, including many homes have been destroyed. high winds and high temperatures making it another tough day to get the fire under kroell. it's only 10% contained. the fire started by someone using a torch to burn weeds. officials at this point are not releasing that individual's name. eun? angie, thank you. today these will be the sights and sounds on the national mall as we prepare you for the fourth of july. this morning, consumer product safety commission will hold its
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demonstration. the examples are dramatized. but are meant to show how quickly something can go wrong if you're not handling fireworks properly. very dangerous. fireworks not the only danger to face this holiday weekend. many of you will be breaking out the grills and we're working to keep you and your family safe during the backyard celebrations. coming up in 15 minutes, we'll have what you need to know to avoid a trip to the e.r. a family in virginia used an obituary to say how they feel about the nats pitching. patrick killebrew passed away last week at the age of 68. in his obituary, his son included the fact that he passed away after the nationals blew a six-run lead. each asked for donations for the "nationals bullpen fund." it was published in the richmond times dispatch. >> apparently his mother, the son says his mother approved of this idea. i think it's trying to say how much he loved his team, right?
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i don't know. they're saying that the bullpen did him in. >> ouch. okay. this is how much you love the nats. we're off to a cool and comfortable start today. very nice. but some of you could see showers, sheena parveen. >> yes, eun yang. a beautiful start to your tuesday. temperatures mostly in the 60s. some areas in the mid to upper 50s. when we're back, we'll track the showers for you and the heat and humidity coming back as well. that's straight ahead. plus breaking news in prince george's county in district heights. still have part of the road shut down. part of eastbound silver hill still closed between brooks drive and pennsylvania avenue. we do have some of those lanes just reopened westbound. still shut down adam tuss just arrived at the scene. a live report coming u
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breaking news in first 4 traffic. prince george's county district heights, we had this fatal crash investigation under way. still, we have part of eastbound silver hill road shut down between brooks drive and pennsylvania avenue. some lanes have reopened. just talk to adam tuss on the
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in just a moment. westbound silver hill still shut down. >> all right. >> by now, you've probably seen the video of a 14-year-old girl hanging from a ride in upstate new york to be caught by a man and his daughter below her. now, we're hearing from the father/daughter duo to say they were in the right place at the right time. >> told us we were her heroes. i told her no, we were just -- god put us in the right place at the right time. >> god dropped an angel and i caught her. >> matthew howard went to the hospital for a back injury after catching the girl. meanwhile, police say human error on part of the 14-year-old girl caused her to flip out of the ride. it was not a mechanical malfunction. you can't mess around on those rides. there's a safety. i don't know exactly what happened and
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but those heights -- >> it was a family -- it was a kids ride, not a big roller coaster. >> it was a slow-moving gondola ride. >> a lot of people trying to figure out how it happened. in news for your health, we hope your child never has to go to the hospital, but if they do, two of the best children's hospital in the country are right here in our area. johns hopkins children's center in baltimore. a children's national medical center in d.c. have both been ranked in the top ten for best children's hospitals. in fact, children's national medical center was ranked number one when it comes to care for sick or premature babies. >> we're so lucky to have children's hospital here in d.c. the summer grilling season is here. it's the time of year where you see friends and familiar i posting pictures of delicious food. it comes with a warning. >> from the grill, the fireworks, molette green has reminders
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safe and secure for your summer celebration. >> don't get burned while testing out your grill master skills. a backyard barbecue could end your outdoor fun. >> barbecue two weeks ago where the guy didn't do the flue and it basically put the fire out. >> grilling and stuff like that, thinking what i was supposed to do. but i wasn't. i burned my fingers. >> lucky for him it wasn't serious enough for a trip to the e.r. this time of year, burn doctors are sending out a warning. dr. jeffrey shup is the director of the burn center at med star washington hospital. >> we see a number of patients from grilling and bonfires and things like that. >> big, loud and spectacular, but fireworks are always a big summertime hazard. >> sometimes people are holding on to the fireworks while they're ignited and then they explode in their hands. they can lose fis,
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their extremities. once you're injured by a burn and need surgery, we can close the wounds and get you back to functional recovery. you'll always have that wound the rest of your life. if your summer sizzler lands on you, doctors say blotting it or in more serious cases, remember to stop, drop and roll or extinguish it with water and get help right away. i'm molette green, news 4. all right. we were just talking about this. it's a good idea to leave the fireworks to the professionals. i don't want to go near it. just for the small risk. sparklers make me nervous. we're making it easier for you with an interactive map with all of our local fireworks displays. fireworks finder in the nbc washington app. back to that breaking news at 5:18. this is on the road. could impact the morning commute for some of you. >> melissa has been tracking it for us. >> we do have an update as far as some lanes reopening eastbound silver hill
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this video from the scene a couple of hours ago, fatal crash investigation. vehicle hit a pole and caught on fire. at this point this morning, adam tuss is on the scene. part of eastbound silver hill road between brooks drive and pennsylvania avenue has now reopened. but he says the car, the investigation still there on one side of the roadway westbound silver hill is still closed here this morning. taking a look elsewhere, rest of the beltway looks okay. no major issues here. we do have broken down vehicle here on the right side of the roadway. inner loop, ramp there to westbound little river turnpike. other than that, no major problems right now. we're going to check in with adam tuss live at the fatal crash investigation scene coming up in a little bit. guys? >> boy oh, boy when you step outside this morning, that crisp air is going to feel so good. >> soak it in. you have today and tomorrow and then that is it. >> that's it. >> summertime is ready to come roaring back in in time for the
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if you like 90-degree weather, it's about ready to move in and probably hang around for most of next two months as we get to the warmest time of the year. right now, skies partly to mostly cloudy across washington. can still see all of downtown. no heavy rain out there yet. but there are rain chances to deal with early this morning. one little line of rain showers up here moving towards martinsburg and hagerstown. another cluster of very isolated and light raindrops mainly on the south side of the d.c. metro. we'll zoom in first. raindrops south of fredericksburg, the northern neck here. the raindrops into charles and st. mary's county the next 20 to 30 minutes. eventually, they get towards cal ver ton as well. the rain dodrops in fauquier county, they're not reaching the ground. rainfall amounts today, very, very light. here's future weather. a high resolution model u
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most of the rain chances between now and 6:30 from washington and points south southern prince george's county down into southern maryland. by 8:30, a few lingering drops near martinsburg. by 10:00, 11:00. a drying trend. no more than an isolated rain chance later on this afternoon. most of our rain threat will be between now and 9:00 or 10:00. come later today, in the upper 50s and 60s now. as you plan out your day, high temperatures may not each make 80 degrees across the area. that will be a break. don't get used to it. we'll be back in the 80s tomorrow. nothing wrong there. with low humidity. thursday, 91 and hot. friday, 93, hot and humid. our next best chance for thunderstorms comes on saturday and on into sunday as well. we'll give you the ten-day forecast next half hour. for now, back to the news. thanks -- >> don't sound so excited. >> it's back to the news! >> there you go. a famous painter
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the scandalous reason officials are removing salvador dali from his final resting place. >> chuck pumped up for later today for the ellen degeneres show. it is right here at 3:00. followed by "news4 today."
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welcome back at 5:25. four things to know this morning. a california father suspected of killing his 5-year-old son will appear in court for an extradition hearing in las vegas. homicide detectives have not found the boy's body but he's been missing for two months. they believe the man killed the boy to get back at his estranged wife. jury selection continues today in the federal fraud trial of martin shkreli, the ex-pharmaceutical company executive is on trial for allegedly defrauding investors. the
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several potential jurors couldn't ignore his raising the price of a life-saving drug. one called him the face of corporate greed. in a georgia court today. reality winner is charged with mailing journalists information related to the russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. a spanish judge plans to solve a paternity mystery by exhuming a body. they need a dna sample from the artist to determine whether a 61-year-old woman is really his daughter. he died back in 1989. if the woman is his daughter, she'll be allowed to use his last name and be entitled to part of his estate. it's 5:26. first 4 traffic is still tracking breaking news right now after a deadly crash. this could cause a major headache if you're about to leave for work. another check on our team coverage just ahead. plus, atvs all over our ea
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these wild rides can be a danger to other drivers, but police won't pursue them. ahead at 5:30, we'll explain why. good morning, i'm outside and it's comfortable. a lot of clouds around. i don't know if you can see, chuck. he's right there. chuck is behind me. he's wandering around. i have to get him and bring him over here. after the break, we're back to talk about
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breaking news at 5 clone 30. a deadly crash under prince george's county could impact the way you take your ride to work. we're working for you with team coverage. dangerous drives. atv riders are causing problems all over our area. we're learning why police haven't been going out of their way to stop them. tis the season for blue crabs. why you want -- don't want to wait much longer to h
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summer feast. good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. i'm chris lawrence in for aaron. we're helping get you out the door this morning. you may want to leave yourself extra time. >> tracking a deadly crash that shut down silver hill road in both directions. melissa mollet is here with the alternat alternates. >> breaking news big time for lots of folks in prince george's county. take a look here. this is the good part. eastbound silver hill between brooks drive and pennsylvania avenue. eastbound lanes are now open. westbound lanes, though, still shut down. that is the problem for a lot of people here this morning. going to have to avoid that area, hoping that's going to get out of the way soon. again, this is a fatal crash investigation. adam tuss is at the scene. we'll talk to him shortly and see what's going on from there. >> inner loop from little river turnpike. broken down car. st just south of prince william parkway. have a crash there as well. good morning,
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really nice outside this morning, chuck. >> the clouds roll in here and there's a chance between now and 10:00. i'm so loving today and tomorrow >> me too. even though the clouds around today, it's comfortable. you see the cloud layer around, very different from yesterday morning. still a nice sunrise. now we zoom out on the radar. you see the showers around fredericksburg heading into charles county. we'll be watching those closely. some of them are a little bit heavy. we'll be watching those as they make their way north and east. light showers heading towards hort heart wood and some of the moderate to heavier showers. watching a little bit of light rain near hagerstown and watching for that to skim parts of the area. 7:00 a.m., 70 degrees. chance of a passing shower. more clouds today. high in the upper 70s. a chance of a passing shower this afternoon. overall, really pleasant and comfortable day. >> i'll be working on my social media
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we'll be posting that soon. always bring our phones out with us. of course. coming up, we'll talk about the heat and humidity coming back. and a chance for storms. that's straight ahead. >> we'll be looking out for those posts. your other top stories we're following. maryland state board of education will meet in baltim e baltimore. they're expected to discuss a graduation rate scandal rocking schools in prince george's county. yesterday, governor hogan sent them a letter asking for an investigation. coming up, we'll have reaction from one of maryland's delegates on the accusations of corruption. you may be getting a metro refund this summer. the agency says it charged some riders the wrong fares for at least the last three years. some people were over or under charged by five cents. that adds up over time. just discovered the error when it updated the new fares. the congressional budget office is ought with the senate republican health
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it estimates 15 million people would be uninsured next year and 22 million would not have coverage in a decade. it does cut federal spending. edward lawrence will have a look the how the estimate is affecting republican votes in a few minutes. developing this morning, the white house is issuing a new warning to syrian president bashar al assad. >> angie goff is in the newsroom with details. angie? >> eun, chris, take a look. >> that is how the u.s. responded to the chemical attack in syria a few months ago. now the white house is warning president al assad not to do it again. white house press secretary sean spicer issuing a statement last night saying the u.s. spotted potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the syrian government. the white house says the preparations are similar to what was being done before the april attack. spicer warning if
5:35 am
another attack using chemical weapo weapons, assad and his military will quote, pay a heavy price. guilty across the board. he admitted to shooting and killing his estranged wife outside high point high school last year. the crime spree continued the next day when he shot four people in parking lots at montgomery mall and aspen hill. two people died and he entered guilty pleas in those cases as well. this morning, people in a burning apartment building still can't get inside. one man was found dead in that building on peabody street following saturday's fire. they were told the building is safe, but right now only fire investigators are being allowed in. crews are still trying to find out how that fire started. police are promising to crackdown on atv riders wreaking havoc in our area. take a look at this video from national harbor on sunday. you can see the mor
5:36 am
the streets and even speeding across the busy sidewalks there. this wasn't even the first incident that day. a viewer sent us videos from four other places around d.c. where dirt bikes and atvs came roaring through. >> the anxiety not only myself, i think people around me are just -- people were nervous. you could see the looks on the drivers around them. pulling up on curbs sometimes. you see police rushing out and not really doing anything. i don't think they really can. >> we reported on police response to these riders before even though what they're doing is illegal, officers generally don't pursue them out of fear it could cause injuries or worse. we brought you the breaking news on monday morning. a woman was killed on the inner loop of the beltway. her car got rear-ended. she pulled over, got out and that's when another vehicle hit her. here are four things to know to stay safe if
5:37 am
interstate crash or breakdown. first, get to a safe place and call for help. in most cases, advising you to stay in your car and turn on your flashers. if you have to get out of your car, exit away from the flow of traffic. this time of year, we like to kick back and enjoy crabs. we all know they're not a cheap treat. why your crab feast could become more expensive if you don't act fast. still ahead, a new twist in bill cosby's legal troubles. why the comedian could soon be ewcing a n trial across the
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welcome back. may want to get your crab feast on sooner than later. >> not just because they're so delicious, but because they could cost more if y
5:41 am
the juvenile crab population is way down. we're talking 54%. the researchers suggest that crabbers scale back the harvest and let them grow and reproduce. if that happens, crab prices will increase. we know some of you won't mind. >> i desire them, i'm going to get them. >> no matter how much it costs? >> no matter how much they cost. >> you care about where the crabs are from? do you want chesapeake bay crabs? >> yes, because they taste good. >> yeah. duh. there's only one way to eat crabs. where they're from. you're right, you have to pay for them. i'm willing to do it, too. there is a price. in the report. the population of adult female crabs in the bay is higher than expected. now i want some crabs. breaking news in first alert traffic. still this problem in district heights. eastbound silver hill road between brooks and
5:42 am
a couple of other problems we'll talk about in a minute. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, melissa. still tracking raindrops moving over the northern neck and into parts of charles and northern st. mary's county. you can see it on storm team 4 radar. the showers are going northbound. all going to get in on raindrops over the next little bit. rain chances dried up by later on today and the rest of the week. got your whole ten-day forecast just ahead. >> reporter: the state board of education is set to meet in baltimore today. what it could mean for an investigation into princ george's ce ou
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fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs, 20 times faster than most people have. and the price is amazing too for $79.99 a month online for the first year you'll get our fastest triple play with hbo included for 2 years. leave cable's slower internet speeds behind. so hurry up and switch to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement. breaking news in first 4 traffic. district heights here, fatal crash investigation. the lanes are now open, westbound still shut down. plus, grade changing allegations. calls for an investigation into a major school district. the meeting today that could have a
5:46 am
kids' classrooms. the republican plan to overhaul obamacare will cut federal spending. now we're learning how many people could lose coverage if it becomes law. that breaking news, melissa, was just telling us about in district heights. news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss is live on the scene of that deadly crash. adam, what are you seeing? >> reporter: eun, take a look at this. it's pretty incredible here. it's a spectacular crash. you can see the car on the flatbed all mangled up. that's not the worst of it. swing it over here and look at the telephone pole that this car actually hit. snapped in two like a toothpick. unbelievable to see a telephone pole of that size just pulled down and now the wires are actually leaning down. the pepco crews have been doing work on the wires. westbound silver hill road shut down in this area near the suitland metro. be aware of
5:47 am
melissa will have your work-arounds coming up. coming up, prince george's county -- >> should be able to show the evidence. if the assignments were turned in late, should be able to show it to us. now to the latest scandal on prince george's county. we've been staying on top of the story every step of the way. today the investigation will move forward when the state board of education comes together in baltimore. >> justin finch is live in upper marlboro. justin, what came out of the meeting this morning? >> reporter: well, chris, the state board of education could decided to their next step after receiving the governor's investigation request. you could also see their reaction to the grade changing allegations here. we can tell you supporting an investigation is maryland delegate jaywalker. walker is a member of the prince george's delegation and he says that the county here
5:48 am
the truth. the allegations so strong that the governor is calling for state action. allegations raised by some prince george's county school board members that some high school students had their grades and credits changed here, falsely raising the county's high school graduation rates. what the governor had said amounts to widespread systemic corruption. the governor also calling for whistle blower protections for those who come forward with details in this investigation. we can tell you here at county schools headquarters, the county school executives, kevin maxwell says they're baseless and political in nature. that is the latest in upper marlboro, justin finch, news 4. back to you. >> justin, thank you. 5:48 now. health care remains the talk on capitol hill. >> but a newly released analysis by the congressional budget office is raising new questions about whether republicans will have the votes to pass their plans. >> here are the highlights. the cbo estimates 15 million
5:49 am
next year. 22 million wouldn't have coverage in a decade. there is some good news. it saves $321 billion over a decade. edward lawrence is live on capitol hill. eddie, big question. does this report help or hurt the chances of the bill getting passed? >> reporter: chris, it doesn't make it any easier. there were five republican senators who said they couldn't support the bill, now there are six. you can see senator rand paul, senator ted cruz, mike lee, ron johnson, dean heller and susan collins. to change their minds, the vice president, mike pence, will be on capitol hill today having a series of meetings. first starting with lunch and one-on-one meetings finalizing with a dinner to try and get this moving forward today and passed finally on friday. >> edward lawrence. thank you. this morning, the white house is warning president bashar al assad against the use of chemical
5:50 am
sean spicer issued a statement last night saying the u.s. has spotted, quote, potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack. how the u.s. is prepared to respond at 6:00. parts of president trump's travel ban could be in effect by thursday. the supreme court agreed to take up the case yesterday and until the argument is heard, allows part of the travel ban to be enforced. the justice department and tsa will work out how to roll out the new rules. president trump is going after former president barack obama blaming him nor russia's interference in the election. in a series of tweets on monday, mr. trump claimed that mr. obama, quote, colluded or obstructed by not more forcefully speaking about russia's attempt to interfere in the election. the president's accusations follow a report in the "washington post" that sort of laid out the obama administration struggling to develop an appropriate response to russia. the
5:51 am
retaliate against russia until after the election. less tran two weeks after a mistrial for bill cosby, he is facing another lawsuit. that lawsuit in california accuses him of sexually assaulting a teen at the playboy mansion more than 40 years ago. a trial date could be set at a hearing today. however, the accuser's attorney said the l.a. judge might delay a trial date in order to let pennsylvania prosecutors pursue a retrial against cosby. people in california have taken the first step to recalling a city judge because they think he goes easy on suspects accused of rape. a couple years ago, judge aaron persky sentenced university swimmer brock turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. if recall organizers get 58,000 approved signatures, the recall will appear on the ballot next year.
5:52 am
finding a missing teenager from sterling. this is 17-year-old bessie montoya cruz. she was last seen at her home on temple court. she might be in maryland. if you have any information, please call the loudoun county sheriff's office. i'm angie goff from the live desk. back to you. starting today, you could get a gender neutral driver's license if you live and drive in the district. people who live in d.c. will have the opportunity of choosing x instead of male or female on their license or i.d. card. officials hope this will benefit the transgender community. it's now 5:52. back to melissa mollet tracking the breaking news in your first 4 traffic. what are you seeing, melissa. >> breaking news in district heights. westbound lanes of silver hill are still shut down. you can see this telephone pole that that vehicle hit this morning. fatal crash there.
5:53 am
again, eastbound between brooks and pennsylvania avenue open, westbound still shut down. your alternates there to get around this, southern avenue as opposed to staying -- if you don't want to deal with the beltway, which doesn't look so bad there. inbound 14th street bridge, a crash blocking a lane there. 66 inbound the manassas rest area, left lane blocked by a crash. beltway, no major issues. northbound 295 at 4, a crash on the left shoulder. as far as travel times, 270 looks okay. top of the beltway, no major issues there. taking a look at 66 and 95 in virginia, also rolling along just fine. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm in your car today. hi, sheena. >> good morning. gorgeous conditions to start off your tuesday. now, we're not getting much in the way of rain right now. but look at the cloud cover. this is a beautiful shot this morning. we had the cloud layer. we see the sun coming up on the horizon looking really nice. it feels really comfortable, too. we have a few showers on
5:54 am
i'll show you that in a second. the chance of a shower for the morning commute, not for everybody. most of the area stays dry. despite the cloud cover, i think you could get away with sitting outside in many areas for lunch. humidity will be low. the pool will be comfortable. you'll just see more clouds than what we had yesterday. tomorrow will be fantastic. i'll show you that forecast in a second. 70 in the district. 61 leesburg. 57 in manassas. 55 in frederick. 62 clinton. we still have very comfortable areas this morning as far as temperatures are concerned. here's the radar. few light showers in rhagerstow. just light scattered showers here. you may run into them this morning, especially in charles county. some heavier rain here. that's going to continue to move mostly to the north and east. for this morning, by 7:00 a.m., the chance of a shower at 8:00 a.m., still the chance of
5:55 am
skies. mid-70s by 9:00 a.m. if you're exercising today, by noon, mostly cloudy, passing shower possible but the humidity is still going to be low enough to where it's kftable. 7:00 a.m., maybe a light shower through the afternoon. still that chance for a passing shower. tomorrow is going to be beautiful. low 80s. 90s return thursday and friday with the humidity and that's really going to stick around for a while with some storms over the weekend. >> nothing but 9s in that forecast. thanks, sheena. long before joe biden came to the white house, he was a lifeguard at a community pool in delaware. he came back to the pool yesterday as it was being renamed in his honor. he had trouble getting in and out of his old chair but he made it up there. the former vice president said he worked there as a teenager to get out of his suburban bubble. it eventually inspired him to go into public service. >> also wearing a
5:56 am
he was wearing his swimsuit back in the day. >> i had no idea he was a lifeguard. pretty cool. >> very cool. we know some of you are mapping out how to get your wawa coffee on the way to work. wawa says the second store in the district will be in georgetown. it will open up at the intersection of wisconsin avenue and prospect street. the first wawa is coming to farragut north. as many as ten wawa stores are going to open in d.c. wawa says the store in georgetown will have everything your typical wawa has, plus an upscale urban feel. i'm going to keep saying wawa all morning. ♪ >> feels like dancing. the iconic disco dance floor from 1977's saturday night fever will go up for auction this week. that flashing platform on which john travolta brought it into stardom is expected to fetch more than $1
5:57 am
>> little bit out of my price ran range. dead end on that. >> you know you have space in your basement for that. you have a disco ball already. >> that's right. i have the ball. 24 by 16 and features more than 250 red, white and blue compartments. there's some smaller items in the auction. probably a little less expensive. they include luke skywalker's light saber. >> i'd pay a lot for that if i could afford it. can you imagine? >> a golden ticket from willy wonka. remember the chocolate factory. of course the front door from rick's cafe from casablanca. a stafford county deputy doesn't need the dance floor to break it down. his moves are putting him on the national stage. >> he's about to show off his skills to all of the country. this isn't his first brush with fame. we'll show you o why he may look a little familiar. >> whoa. ever feel let down by a sports fan. a
5:58 am
frustrated, even in death. we'll tell you about the
5:59 am
right now on news 4, breaking news, a deadly crashed is cleared. but we have a warning and the ways around it. faulty fares. as metro raises the cost to
6:00 am
ride, we're learning you may have been paying extra for years. and video from a takedown in a metro train station. a passenger pepper sprayed and held to the floor. now we're hearing from a witness who says the punishment didn't fit the crime. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. i'm chris lawrence in for aaron. it's 6:00 and we're still seeing backups in the deadly crash that happened four or five hours ago. >> our whole team is working to get you out the door on time. we'll check on the forecast in a minute. but first, let's go to transportation reporter adam tuss who is live on the scene of that district heights crash. adam, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. let's show you the aftermath of that crash there. unbelievable scene here as a huge telephone pole absolutely just snapped in half after this car hit that pole at a high rate of speed and


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