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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 27, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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now on midday, the search is on for the criminals who vandalized a cemetery. details on this hit at a historic cemetery in our region. it began with allegations of grade changing in prince george's county high schools, then a request from the governor for the state board of education to investigate. well, today that board is meeting, and we're speaking with parents about it all. and temperatures are warming up, already 78 degrees until the district. come up, i'll show you the heat and humidity on the way by the end of the week. thanks for joining us ooichlt chris lawrence. >> and i'm angie goff.
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with a check on what's going on outside and our forecast. sheena parveen is standing by with what we need to know. >> it's actually shaping up to be a pretty good afternoon. we have a mix of sun and clouds out there, look at these temperatures, though. 73 in leesburg, 78 sterling park, if you're in vienna, temperature is 74. really comfortable too. the humidity not too bad. prince george's county, 79, morningside, 75, and if you are in annapolis, temperatures in the low 70s. we still have a chance for a passing shower, even a thunderstorm possible later this afternoon. temperatures will be right around 820 degrees by 4:00 p.m. by 7:00 p.m., maybe a passing shower, i think most of the area dry, but more heat and humidity before the weekend. i'll show you that forecast coming up. a disturbing story just into our news room. take a look. someone vandalized this
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say that two dozen tombstones were knocked over. this is in upper marlboro at the st. thomas episcopal church. place say it happened last week and the church is on the national register of historic places. some of the tombstones are hundreds of years old. police detectives are now hoping someone can give them some more information and by the way, there is a reward. if you know anything, please give police a call. we continue to work for you in prince george's county covering those accusations over student grades every step of the way. >> the governor asked the maryland state board of education to investigate and the members are meeting right now and while that's happening in baltimore, news4's justin finch has been getting some reaction. what are you hearing? >> reporter: chris, good morning. so far, we do know that board meeting is underway and that prince george's county public schools are not on the agenda at this time. but that does not mean that it will not come up today. that meeting set to go into the afternoon. meantime, here in the county, parents are hearing about these
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want some answers. in prince george's county, some parents are concerned, hoping allegations of grade changing in the county's public high schools prove false. >> i definitely will want to investigate it and make sure that, you know, the students are really being graded on their work that they're doing and not just being passed through without them having the knowledge that they need. >> you know, we don't just want them to be passed on. we want them to be educated so that they can go out into the world and make a dominant effect. >> reporter: the governor sent a letter sunday requesting the agency look into allegations that the credits and grade were altered, resulting in falsely inflated performance and graduation rates. those allegations were brought to him in a letter sent by some members of the county's public schools education board. >> we want to make sure that we're doing the right thing. we invest a lot of money in educat i
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county, and to have a disturbing news like these allegations is a very hard to stomach. >> reporter: delegate jaye walker, chair of the prince george's county delegation and the state house of representatives. >> these kids deserve to graduate and they should be able to show the evidence. if the assignments were turned in late, you should be able to show it to us zbl. >> reporter: walker suggested that there be a hearing. maxwell has denied these allegations, saying there has been no systemic effort to promote students in prince george's county public schools. and the chief executive also points out that the schools were under investigation back in january by the state and that no wrong doing was found. he also said that he believes this is all being motivated by politics. we are live here. i'm justin finch, news4. back in to you. >> thank you. 11:04 right now and police in prince george's county still trying to figure out how fast a driver was going when it slammed into a pole early this
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slowed down during the early morning commute. transportation reporter adam tuss shows us what happened. >> reporter: an awful crash here and let's show you the aftermath of what happened. take a look at that telephone pole there, snapped in two like a twig. the utility crews are out here right now because some power lines have come down and the telephone pole is just pulling on the wires here. so, that's creating a little bit of an issue here so the crews are out here trying to fix that. now, take a look at what this crash looked like from overnight. absolutely the car flipped on its side and the speed limit here on silver hill road is 35 miles an hour. this is a six-lane divided road with a speed limit of 35 miles an hour, but in order for the car to be flipped like that and in order for the telephone pole to be snapped like that, the car had to be going at a high rate of speed. one person dead, unfortunately, and this happened around 2:00 in the morning. the crews here continuing to clean up here as
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pole absolutely just snapped in half and a horrible crash here in district heights. back to you. >> thanks, adam. guilty across the board. he admitted to shooting and killing his estranged wife outside high point high school last year. the crime spree continued the next day when he shot four people in parking lots. two people were killed and he entered guilty pleas in those cases as well. as soon as today, we might find out what caused saturday's deadly fire in brightwood. our news partner reports a d.c. fire and ems official said it may be possible to get a preliminary finding but the overall investigation will take some time. about 200 people have not been able to collme back to their apartments. one man's body was found in the apartment where the fire might have started but investigators have not yet identified
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police are promising to crack down on atv riders wreaking havoc in our area. this was from sunday, over the weekend. you can see right there, all those motor bikes right there in the streets and it even, at some point right there, speeding across sidewalks where there are pedestrians. this wasn't even the first incident that day. viewers sent us videos from at least four other places around the district where dirt bikes and atvs came roaring through. >> the anxiety, not only myself, i think, people around me are just having -- people are nervous. you can see the looks on the drivers around them pulling up on curbs sometimes. you can see police rushing out and not really doing anything. i don't think they really can. >> reporter: well, we have reported on police response to those ride ez before and even though what their koidoing is illegal, against law, officers say that they generally do not pursue them out of fear that it could cause injuries or even worse. well, you're paying more now to ride metro, but
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may be getting a refund. the agency discovered that in some cases, riders were paying the wrong fare for the past three years. now it's not a ridiculous amount of money, but about 5% of riders were either over or under charged about 5 cents a ride and that does add up over time. metro discovered the error when it updated its new fares which went into effect this week so any customers who were overcharged more than $2 since 2015, they'll notice a refund on their registered smart trip card. and if you ride metro, you may have seen footage from gallery place on your social media feeds. it involves a man suspected of skipping out on his fare monday morning. the cell phone video shows metro police officers surrounding the man and then using pepper spray on him. now, we don't know what happened before the video started, but a black lives matter activist tells news4 it's similar to what happened friday on the national mall where a group of young black men were handcuffed f
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in this arrest at gallery place, a metro spokesperson says the man ignored officers' repeated instructions and then became combative. right now, we do want to take a live look at the white house this morning, where officials there and on capitol hill are still trying to figure out how to move forward on the senate health care plan. now this comes after the congressional budget office are released their analysis of the republican plan, and it's raising new questions on whether the proposal will have the votes needed to pass. news4's edward lawrence has a look another where things stand now. president donald trump and vice president mike pence aggressively pushed the senate version of health care reform. >> members of the senate will work over the course of the coming days to give us an opportunity to turn the page on the failed policies of obamacare. >> reporter: today, the vice president will be on capitol hill for a round of meetings are republican senators nervous about the senate
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>> we're going to continue conversations. we're going to listen to the debate, and then decide. >> reporter: the congressional budget office score may complicate things. it says by the year 2026, 22 million more people would be uninsured under the current bill. 15 million of those as soon as next year. it would cut federal spending by $321 billion in the same time period. >> if you're on the fence, i'm not so sure this report helps you much. >> reporter: democrats say it would be a disaster. >> here is a republican health proposal that is going to hit millions of working people and seniors like a wrecking ball. >> reporter: in a statement, the white house says historically, the numbers by the congressional budget office have been wrong. the president supports the senate better care bill. this bill could face the first challenge today. if there are no changes to the language of the bill, there are four republican senators who say they will not even vote for the initial motion to go forward. later on
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edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. and now the white house warning syrian president bashar al assad against the use of chemical weapons. the u.s. has spotted, quote, potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack, end quote. the pentagon says the activity has become more compelling in the last 24 hours. coming up at 11:30, we're going to show you how the u.s. is preparing to respond. parts of president trump's travel ban could be back in effect by thursday. by this week. the supreme court agreed to take up the case yesterday and until the argument is heard, it allows part of the travel ban to be enforced. the court will hear arguments in the case in the fall in october. seven u.s. navy sailors died off the coast of japan and their lives are being honored today. navy personnel formed a line in the street as the sailors' family and shipmates were escorted to a
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ship rammed into the navy destroyer they were on board. two of the sailors were died were from our region, one from virginia, the other from maryland. they say amazon is taking over. it's taken over whole foods, but what's coming next? a look into that takeover, the company is planning both on and off the internet. that's when news4 midday
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this morning, jury selection is continuing in the federal trial of martin shkreli. during questioning yesterday, several potential jurors said they couldn't ignore his reputation for raising the price of a life saving drug and one of them called him, quote, the face of corporate greed. >> we're going to catch you! by now, you have probably seen this video. that 14-year-old girl just dangling from a ride in upstate new york, only to be caught by a man and his daughter right underneath her. this morning, we are hearing from the father/daughter duo who say they were in the right place at the right time. >> she told us we were her heroes and i told her, no, god put us in theht
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>> god dropped an angel and i caught her. >> well, matthew howard went to the hospital for a back injury after catching that girl. >> she's 14 years old and police are saying it was human error that caused her to slip out of the ride, not a mechanical malfunction there at the park. amazon is completely changing the way we buy things and now that it's in charge of whole foods, it controls a lot of how we shop online but it may not be done yet. nbc's miguel almager explores where amazon can go from here. >> reporter: whether it comn it retail, already seems to offer it all from books and home goods to electronics and apparel and now you can add groceries with last week's $13.7 billion purchase of whole foods. the internet titan going from cyber space to shopping carts. >> amazon's goal is world domination. jeff bezos wants to sell everything sold to anybody. >> reporter: it
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amazon's aggressive growth is far from over. so what's next for the $136 billion a year business? speculation ranges from prescription drugs to gas stations to high end apparel. >> they need to buy a ralph lauren or a pvh that has tommy hilfiger and calvin kline. >> reporter: some experts say the relentless expansion is bad for competitors. mom and pop businesses and small internet companies have been gobbled up and amazon's rise has created a major shift in the land of retail. more than 100,000 retail employees have lost their jobs since october. and 25% of malls nationwide are expected to close in 2022. >> amazon is gradually destroying the rest of retail. people don't like
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business but it doesn't mean the world's not getting cheaper. >> reporter: for most consumers, the bottom line is saving money and time. for new mom kylie sharper, life is easier with amazon. >> i've ordered dresses. i just got an awesome pair of shoes. i've ordered routers for my computer. you name it, i probably ordered it. >> reporter: this morning, amazon is primed for another big move. the question now, what will it be? and what cost will their competitors pay? well, the nationals are in a pretty strong position this season but there's always room for improvement. in richmond, one family used an obituary, actually, to say how they felt about the nationals pitching this year. patrick's son wrote that his dad passed away a day after the nationals blew a six-run lead. he asked for donations for the,
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well, the obituary was published in the richmond times dispatch. patrick's mom approved before it went to print. the nationals were such a big part of the family that his father's probably speaking from the grave. >> he was channeling a lot of the frustration we have with the bullpen this year. we all know that greasy food is bad for us. i still eat it. >> now we're getting some new warnings about french fries. nicole reports on what you need to know. >> reporter: been through the drive through twice this week? i have some bad news. those french fries may be killing you. >> i'm not sure it comes as a huge surprise. >> reporter: this cardiologist says it's no secret they're unhealthy so it's no shock the eight-year study found eating fried potatoes two or more times a week could be related to early
11:20 am
fact that you're eating a fatty food in combination with a carbohydrate. >> reporter: she was surprise bid the criteria of the study. >> the study was done in individuals with osteoarthritis so are they at a risk anyway of having increased risk? also, if you're eat ago lot of french fries, what else are you eat something are you also eating other processed foods? are you eating lots of starchy simple carbohydrates and sugars. >> reporter: all things we shouldn't be eating on a daily basis. >> everything in moderation, number one, but also try to incorporate more plant-based foods into your day-to-day diet. >> reporter: it all comes down to portion control. >> i think if you're going to eat your spuds, maybe bake it and have some sweet potato also. >> reporter: bottom line, it may be just another study that needs a harder follow-up. >> nicole found out that the study followed more than 4400 people and she did find out some good news as well. unfried
11:21 am
direct threat to your heart health. >> and that's what our director is asking, what if you bake them. >> bake them. there you go. that's the alternative. well, we continue to work for you to keep your family safe and secure all summer long. >> when news4 midday continues, we're breaking dow what you nne
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your friends and family posting a lot of instagram, lot of pictures of all the food. >> mouth watering but those treats come with a warning. from the grill to fireworks, news4's milllet green has reminders on how to keep you safe and secure for your summer celebration. >> reporter: don't get burned while testing out your grill master skills. a backyard barbecue could singe your outdoor fun. >> actually, i was at one barbecue a few weeks ago where the guy didn't do the flue and it basically put the fire out. >> no touching the grill, thinking that was what i was supposed to do but it wasn't. i ended up burning my fingers. >> reporter: luckily for him, it wasn't serious enough for a trip to the e.r. this doctor is the director of the burn center at med star washington hospital. >> we see an increase in patients coming t
11:25 am
w burns from grilling and outdoor activities. >> reporter: big, loud, and spectacular but fireworks are always a big summertime hazard. >> sometimes people are holding on to fireworks while they're ignite and h ignited and then they explode in their hand. once you're injured by burns and you need surgery, we can close the wounds and get you back to functional recovery, but you'll always have that wound for the rest of your life. >> reporter: if your summer sizzler lands on you, doctors say stop the burning. try blotting it or in more serious cases, remember to stop, drop, and roll or extinguish it with water and get help right away. and it is a good idea to leave the fireworks to the professionals and we're making it easy for you to with an interactive map with all of our local fireworks displays. just search fireworks finder in the nbc washington app. i know some folks already keeping one eye, you know, looking aheo
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see what the rest of the afternoon's got in store for us. >> that's right. are we rain or are we dry. >> a little bit this afternoon potentially we could still see maybe a passing thunderstorm or a passing shower but yes, all eyes are on the fourth of july weekend and fourth of july. that's what we really look at when we get closer to july 4th. but for today, it's still going to be one of those comfortable afternoons with still the possibility of some rain across the area. not everyone, though, and then we go into tomorrow. tomorrow's going to be nice so by the end of the week, though, the heat and humidity both go up. it's going to feel a lot more like summer as we go into the weekend and we have those weekend rain chances, thunderstorms in the weekend forecast. right now, a mix of sun and clouds, a lot of the clouds from this morning have move out but we'll see that mix as we go through the afternoon. 78 degrees already, right around 80 for a high for much of the area. mostly in the mid 70s, 77 in
11:27 am
currently. the radar is nice and dry. you can't make out too much of the cloud cover here in this image but we do have some of those clouds around but still nice and dry if you want to walk the dog today or if you need one to walk, we have hugo available. this dog needs a home. you can head to the website to find out thousand adohow to ado. by 7:00 p.m., still the chance of a passing shower. this is future weather. picking up on showers and storms mostly west of the district. that crosses over into parts of maybe charles, prince george's county, by 3:00 p.m., moves away and we can still see a passing shower after that but we will be watching that very closely. beach forecast, we'll head into the weekend real quick in case you're already starting to make your plans, friday looks good, breezy, 85, late day thunderstorms saturday and sunday but along the beach it's going to feel like summer, mid 80s, coming up, we'll take a closer look at your extended forecast into next week and of
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that's straight ahead. there's still plenty more ahead on news4 midday. >> including why now?
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breaking news. this just happened. take a look. scaffolding broke on a building and a worker is in distress. it's still not clear if that person was hurt in all of this. d.c. fire and ems tweeting out this video literally just minutes ago. they said it happened on i street northwest near 22nd. this is right by the whole foods and a block from the foggy bottom metro station. again, they said one worker was in distress. we're working to find out more about this accident, this incident. we're going let you know here and as well on the nbc washington app. the white house claims potential evidence syria is preparing for another chemical attack similar to the one that killed dozens of people just months ago. but syria dismisses that claim. here's nbc's matt bradley. >> reporter: thanks.
11:32 am
step in u.s. foreign policy. it's just so rare for the white house to fire a shot across the bow of a foreign power like it did last night. so now the president's statement was pretty vague. the white house said they're seeing movements on the ground that they say are similar to the ones that led up to the chemical attack in western syria back in april. now, if you'll remember, that attack killed about 100 people and injured hundreds more. in response, president trump fired nearly 60 cruise missiles at the syrian government air base that he said had launched those previous attacks back in april. that was the first time that u.s. forces had attacked the syrian regime because remember, the u.s. says it's fighting in syria only against isis and in just the past week, the u.s. shot down a syrian fighter jet and that prompted syria's allies in moscow to say that they would now consider any u.s. aircraft over western syria as a legitimate target. so things have gotten incredibly mp
11:33 am
assad regime uses chemical weapons again, and the president follows through on his threat to punish the syrian government, that could make a volatile syria even more difficult for those who are trying to resolve this long conflict. back to you. starting today, you can get a gender neutral driver's license in the district. folks who live in d.c. will now have the option of choosing x instead of male or female on their license or i.d. card. officials say they hope it will benefit the transgender community. and tonight, the stafford county school board will vote on whether to start school after labor day. this would be for the 2018 school year and comes after surveys showed parents prefer starting school after the holiday. that was the second survey that was sent out to moms and dads. the initial one led to a heated debate with parents claiming the questions were slanted towards a pre-labor day start date. well, if you want to save a little more money this summer, have that crab feast about now.
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expensive. a study found that the juvenile crab population in the chesapeake bay, it's way down. they're talking 54%. so the researchers suggest crabbers scale back the harvest and let the juveniles grow a little more and then reproduce. if that happens, crab prices are going to increase, although we know some of you don't mind. >> i desire them, i'm going to get them. >> no matter how much it costs. >> no matter how much they cost. >> reporter: do you care about where the crabs are from? do you want chesapeake bay crabs? >> yes, because they taste good >> if they're like my mom, they're like, where's the females. she says the eggs make them taste so much better. the study found the population of the adult female crabs, there we go, in the bay is higher than expected. so that's some good news, at least for my mom. well, if an airport this is a question for you as someone who travels. if an airport would offer you a chance to work out, even take a nap, would you be more likely to fly out of there? >> work out, no.
11:35 am
nap, yes. nbc's con at the scetessa brewe the amenities they're adding for the passengers on the go. >> reporter: step off the plane at dfw airport and you might just get an opportunity to pet max. >> good boy. you can pet him, ma'am. he's so used to people. >> reporter: max and dozens of other therapy dogs began roaming the terminals with their handlers last october. the results are obvious and instantaneous. >> very few people walk by without coming to pet him. it makes everybody smile zblsh you know what else makes a cranky traveler happy? a nap. you can plop down $42 and for one full hour, you get, oh, 56 square feet of beautiful peace and privacy, enough space for two people to stretch out for a little shut eye without ever leaving the terminal. >> it's definitely got enough space and some privacy and actually relax and catch some satellite
11:36 am
out for a little bit and forget the fact that i'm at an airport terminal. >> reporter: may a little more, you get a shower. that's a plus for passengers getting off a long international flight. along with locations in atlanta and philadelphia, minute suites host 2,000 guests a month. >> the american airports are understanding to compete on the international market, they need to have a place like this, a place, a respite for travelers where they can sleep and relax. >> reporter: dfw is the tenth busiest airport for travelers in the world. to get a competitive edge against other global hubs, this airport is upping its game. >> in today's society, customers and passengers have choices in where they want to connect and where they want to fly out of. and we think that if we can create a better experience here at dfw international airport, they'll choose us over any other airport. >> reporter: and it's working. dfw was just named the best large north american airport for customer satisfaction. those customers find mood
11:37 am
security, a yoga studio to find your inner zen play space for children, free wi-fi, world class shopping that's about to premier a first of its kind duty free mall, volunteer ambassadors so show you around, but dfw, you had me at hello, doggy. >> it's a good dog. who's a good doggy. >> reporter: for those who complain air travel has gone to the dogs, at least here, you're absolutely right. >> that was nbc's contessa brewer reporting. well, he started with a group of teams. now this local deputy taking his talent to the small screen where you can see him bust a move on the national stage.
11:38 am
at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. so she can afford to feel at home even when she's miles away. and you can help her feel bright, without breaking your budget. and... who's there? hey.
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a boy? you never told your dad and i about any... oh, on the bed? absolutely not! okay... studying together is fine... and at ikea, we believe that letting go can be hard, but not pricey. what's going on now? move the flag. we want to update now that breaking news we brought you just a few moments ago. that worker has been rescued after
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building here in the district. d.c. fire and ems tweeted out this initial video. they said it happened on i street northwest near 22nd street, by the whole foods, about a block from the foggy bottom metro station. we're looking to find out more and we'll let you know more here in the app but apparently he was rescued by someone in a cherry picker so as of right now, this individual who was stuck and stranded is okay. ♪ that iconic disco dance floo from 1977's "start night fever" is going up for auction. the floor is the size of a small room, features more than 250 red, white, and blue light compartments. it's not the only thing up for sale. other items include luke sky walker's light saber,
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ticket from "willy wonka" and the front doors to rick's cafe from "casablanca." well, remember this guy, stafford county deputy is in full uniform right there. the video went viral and now he's getting a bigger stage. ♪ >> oh, there we go. love a man in uniform, right? diggs gets in front of judges on "america's got talent." >> he lives in fredericksburg but he's from maryland. >> and he has some moves. "america's got talent" airs right now on nbc4 and i just have to say, agt this season, it is one of the best seasons that
11:42 am
the talent has been amazing. they get it from all over the world. and it's so fun when we get to watch someone here from the area. >> local. pretty tool. >> we'and my girl j.lo, i can ln some moves myself and then angie will be on next. >> the comedy hour. you can dance outside today. >> you won't sweat at all probably. >> probably not. the humidity's -- we've been dawg the humidity because it really does make all the difference on a day when the humidity's really low, everybody loves the weather but the it goes up quite a bit, it's not so comfortable anymore. live look outside. we are dry across the area, mix of sun and clouds as we go through the afternoon so if you want to have lunch outside, we're going to stay dry over the next couple hours. it's going to be really nice and then we go into the early afternoon towards the evening skpru rush and we do have the chance for passing thunderstorms across the area, looks to be mostly south of the district.
11:43 am
for a passing shower. tomorrow morning, i think you're really going like it. it's going to be cooler and dry and really nice. we're looking at morning lows in the low 60s, believe it or not. right now we're at 78 in the district, 70 at warrentown, if you're in quantico, your temperature there mid 070s. sun and clouds around lunchtime, 80 degrees around happy hour this afternoon, chance of passing thunderstorm and showers around dinnertime. then we'll see things clear out in the way of cloud cover as well. here's the radar locally right now. we don't have any rain but we do expect some later on. this is future weather, 2:00 p.m., the model's been pretty consistent over the past few hours with trying to give us some thunderstorms possibly south of the district mainly and then we'll go towards the afternoon. that will slide into parts of maryland and then we clear up as we go into tomorrow. fourth of july, not looking too bad. chance of an early afternoon thunderstorm but really doesn't
11:44 am
90s into the weekend. stay tuned, wel be right back.'l
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11:46 am
you know, some big changes are coming to virginia's line of duty act along with a serious unintended consequence. >> dozens of families will lose their health insurance coverage this saturday, july 1, consumer reporter susan hogan was first contacted by a firefighter who called the new changes catastrophic. >> reporter: september
11:47 am
do you remember that day like it was yesterday? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: for craig foley, it was the day after that marked the beginning of his nightmare. >> being at the pentagon, coming from the military background, i felt that brotherhood looking at, you know, our dead servicemen. >> reporter: greg served as as technician for fairfax county fire and rescue. he was called to the pentagon september 12. he describes a feeling of helplessness when he realized there was no one there to rescue. >> six months or a year later, i developed very strong, very powerful ptsd that i still struggle with and was retired for line of duty injury as a result of that. >> reporter: greg became eligible for virginia's line of duty act, also known as loda. virginia is one of only eight states in the country that offer a lump sum death benefit and lifetime health insurance benefits to the families of public safety officers who were killed or permanently disabled on the job. they took care of your
11:48 am
it's a blessing and i'm very grateful to the commonwealth of virginia for having this. >> reporter: but this blessing is now becoming a curse. greg's wife and stepdaughter will be dropped from his health insurance july 1. >> and i do believe this was an unintended consequence that nobody anticipated. >> reporter: virginia diamond with the virginia state firefighters association was part of a task force made up of representatives from police, fire, res skcue and other agenc. they were asked to help come up with a plan to help cut costs and streamline the line of duty act. after a 2014 study by the joint legislative audit and review commission revealed costs to loda would double over the next ten years. health care benefits accounting for more than 90% of the total cost. >> we took responsibility and we all came up with millions of dollars of savings, but one idea that was never suggested as a way of saving money was that they would kick children on the plff
11:49 am
money. >> reporter: so here's why. currently, most loda beneficiaries in virginia are on different health insurance policies because their health plans are administered through their employers, which in most cases, are cities or counties. but starting july 1, the virginia department of human resource management will administer one health benefit program so that all loda beneficiaries will have the same level of coverage. news4 learned that there are a number of loda beneficiaries whose current health insurance plan allowed them to add a spouse or child after the date of their disability. unfortunately, those family members will not be covered under the new loda health benefits plan and will have to find alternative coverage. what does it mean for your family? >> well, i would encourage you the next time you sit down with your extended family, for dinner, to look around and pick 20% of your family that is no longer
11:50 am
>> like greg said, you know, life's not fair, but in instances like this, it's where -- i'm sorry. >> reporter: the department of human resource management acknowledges what it says are a small number of children and spouses who will lose their health coverage but also point out that the overhaul to loda will save the state and local governments $40 million over ten years. in a statement, the agency tells news4 the changes to the line of duty act are very important for fairness and equity and to make sure that the loda program is still there for public safety officers that need it in the future. but the changes which are right around the corner are coming too fast for this family. >> now i feel like the plans that i had in place to take care of my family are falling apart, and i don't quite know how to deal with it. >> and
11:51 am
makers to figure out a way to right this wrong and correct this injustice. >> reporter: before july 1. >> yes. >> reporter: time is ticking. >> yes. they need to get it done. now, according to the department of human resource management, families like greg's do have the option to stay on the plan that they have, but there is a difference. starting july 1, they'll have to pay for it. >> that can be tough for so many families. we'll take a final look at the forecast when news4 midday continues. and don't forget to join us this afternoon for the ellen degeneres show at 3:00. stick around forews4 at 4:00. n
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volvo is teaming up with nvidia to develop technology for self-driving cars that they hope can be deploy on the road by the start of the next decade. that phenomenofollows the news e is releasing a small fleet of cars. and lyft wants to make your next pick-up more convenient. the ride hailing service has rolled out a new suggested pickup feature. any time the app spots a slight change in location that would save the rider time, it will suggest an update and how many minutes the change will save. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm kate rogers. well, eating out at a restaurant is a splurge for some people, but a it looks like millennials are doing it almost
11:55 am
bank just did a study that found the average millennial eats out five times per week. it's far different from many americans, 40% say they don't eat out more than once a week. wow. well, if you are into buying your groceries and cooking on your own, wawa is coming to georgetown. the company says its second store in the district will be at the intersection of wisconsin and prospect street. the first wawa, of course, is going to be down in faragut north. the company is planning to open as many as ten stores in the district. wawa says the georgetown store will have everything your typical wawa has plus an upscale urban feel, whatever that means. >> i know. i mean, is it going to be the music or something? just don't change the mto. that whole process is amazing. well, if you are looking for a movie to watch this weekend, you have several new releases to choose from. >> yeah, nbc's raphael seth has a look at the video
11:56 am
>> reporter: hollywood rolls to havana in the bonus features for "the fate of the furious". chapter 8 of the fast and the furious franchise finds vin diesel leaving his friends. >> what you been up to for 20 years? >> ewan mcgregor kicks the habit in "t 2". this brings mcgregor back to eddenburg after a 20-year absence. >> the fate of the universe is in your hands. >> your life depends on unstable teenagers in costume in "power rangers." this turns five high schoolers into super human saviors as they protect the town of angel grove from elizabeth banks. >> be able to speak. >>
11:57 am
>> this omnipotent flick features simon pegg but stars robin williams as the dog. the teacher has been granted god-like powers. that's the video videew, nbc ne. open the window, poke your head outside while you can. >> tomorrow's going to be really nice too. right around 80 for a high today, 82 tomorrow, low humidity, then it all goes up by the end of the week. feeling like summer, the 90s come back, hot and humid over the week and 94 saturday, 90 sunday, that's going to come with a chance for thunderstorms. fourth of july, tuesday, 92 degrees, we can't roll out an isolated early afternoon thunderstorm. >> nothing by 9s across the board there. that's going to do it for midday. we're back on the air this afternoon, first at
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your weather and news any time in our free nbc w
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♪ stand by, everyone, we're live in five, four, three, two, one. this [ bleep ] is grasping at straws. good [ bleep ] lord. he will get washed under in a tide of realness that is kenny. >> whoo-hoo-hoo! >> ah! another to be continued. >> i know, right? >> it was another two-hour tease last night leading up to this big showdown on "the bacheloret bachelorette," did not deliver on the kenny and


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