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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 27, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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much every major roadway nearby. if you know someone who is making their way home and have to take think of these routes, you should give them a heads up. >> and bad time of day to happen there. >> yeah, indeed. now to a sudden pause in the high stakes senate battle over health care. >> republican rebellion of sorts is trampled the hopes of getting the bill before the holiday break which was the plan. the vote has been pushed back while republican leaders regroup. duane alexander live on capitol hill, blayne. >> that push back of the vote is really exactly what republican leaders were trying to avoid. they didn't want to send their members home over break without getting this done. they don't want to see them have to face another hall and they didn't want -- >> protesters celebrating. news that the health care is a no go. president trump now jumping directly intohe
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from capitol hill to the white house, hoping to find some common ground in its party. >> it will be great if we get it done and if we don't get it done, it's going to be something that we're not going to like and that's okay and i understand that. >> republican leaders now postponing the vote they were pushing to hold before july 4th. despite an uphill battle within their own party. >> if none of you ever covered a big complicated bill. they're hard to pull together. >> the biggest hurdle for republicans, the numbers, at least five gop senators coming out against the bill when the party could only afford to lose two, one of the hold outs, senator lisa seated directly beside the president after saying this hours earlier. >> how do you make this work for everybody. and so taking the time to get it right is where we should be. >> the bigger number an estimated 22 million more people without insurance within a decade compared the to obama
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care. >> we're going to talk and we're going to see what we can do. >> republicans now go in to regroup, hoping the bring the bill back to life after the july 4th holiday. now, of course, this is not unfamiliar territory for the president and his party. you'll remember the house version of this bill suffered the same initial space. but after leaders went back to the drawing board and changed a number of things, they were able to pass that bill several weeks later. deon. >> we'll see what happens next. take care. a white house official is pushing back on reports that son born in syria caught some officials off guard. sean spicer posted the warning on twitter, his statement read in part, the united states has identified preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the assad regime. spicer added that assad and pay a heavy price for the attack. the statement offered no evidence and lists military and intelligence officials told nbc
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by the statement. but white house officials say that all relevant agencies were involved in the process from the beginning. back in april you may recall a chemical weapons attack killed dozens of syrian civilians. he responded by firing 60 crews missiles. >> new video tonight shows the stream of a tvs speeding down route 1. surveillance cameras were rolling as riders rolled through here. this video followed similar scenes in maryland and the district on sunday. all over our area. news 4 kristin wright is working for you, looking for an effort to crack down on a tvs in your neighborhood. kristin? >> we're right at the arlington alexandria line. we talked to arlington police. they told us we're very concerned about this because, of course, it is very dangerous. they told us they are working with police departments around the area to put a stop to it.
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there speeding all over route 1 on sunday, they ended up in the bus lane. new video from gas station cameras shows illegal four wheelers dirt bikes and motorcycles takes over, route 1 in arlington into alexandria speeding right by. he's unnerved by the whole thing after years of dealing with across the dc area. >> if you're driving and in the middle of them. you don't get mad, you cut them off. and they do retaliatory stuff with people like that. >> and after, yet, another atv incident. people are frustrated by the same bottom line. >> but you've -- it's got to be stopped. >> arlington police say their officers responded to a gas station, but by the time they got there, the crew was gone. the department has a limited pursuit policy but says it's too
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>> they know folks can't do anything, so they'll take that and ride. >> it was a big group of them, i'll say, at least 100 of them. >> they got into bus lane and continued their aggressive antics. >> a few of them are popping willies and doing -- wheelies and doing tricks and stuff. and swarming eighth street in dc. the question is what's finally going to be done. >> it's an accident waiting to happen. i mean, i use to be a cop. i know what's going to happen, eventually. arlington police are asking this of you, if you see these guys get out of the way and call police. leon, we'll see more of this, i think, back to you. >> we're expecting that. absolutely. thank you. weeks ago a rape accusation at the high school captured the nation's attention and triggered a former review
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25 county high schools. the criminal case as since collapsed. the charges were dropped. the review of the school building continued district officials have just ordered upgrades. news 4 scott broke the story at nbc washington app late today. >> at least 1 point a million dollars in security upgrades for 22 of the 25 county high schools will include new safety equipment. door locks and others and also so-called security, partially enclosed structures inside the building to better prevent trespassers or attackers. the work begins this summer, it will continue through the fall, only three newly renovated high schools will go untouched. the other 22 building, they'll make additions too, among other things, reduce blind spots where students can go
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>> reversing the door swings at the stairs with different locks so they can't get upstairs. >> district officials tell news 4, the security review of montgomery county's nearly 200 middle and elementary schools can go into next year. >> thank you, scott. new at 6:00, a key piece of evidence in the lion sisters case has been locked. just months before the man charged is set to go on trial. news partner radio have learned that the county sheriff's office in virginia recently lost a tooth, that tooth helped prosecutors charged lloyd with the murders of the two girls. the tooth was found in a remote part of virginia where police believe he burned the young girls' bodies. but the tooth diea
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sheriff's office did not say how the tooth disappeared. if welch is convicted, he could face the death penalty. >> there's our annual explosive safety reminder of the national mall. it happened this morning. all ahead of the july fourth holiday weekend. the safety commission used mannequins and other props to show how dangerous it can be if you don't leave it to the professionals. last year people died. 11,000 were injured by the explosives. one week from today, thousands of you are going to be out packing the national mall for the big fourth of july fireworks. >> we look forward to it every year. security will be tight. news 4 chris gordon explains how recent attacks in europe are flubsing security plans here at home this year. -- are influencing security plans here at home this year. >> it's attracting anrm
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symbolic significance, there's heightened awareness this independence day, although there's no credible threat at this time. >> folks who are visiting the mall this week on into the fourth will already notice some of the fencing starting to go up. the bike rack is starting to come into place establishing those secure areas to protect spectators and participants from the events. >> recent terrorist attacks have targeted large crowds. last july, 86 people were killed celebrating in france. they were killed on a crowded thoroughfare by a driver who rammed into them with a truck. >> he sees homeland security chief says there's a coordinated plan here to harden targets against them using vehicles as weapons. >> there will be some blocking areas. law enforcement look at these things very closely and try to take the appropriate measures whether it's using additional police vehicles or ballard
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those type of things. >> he brought his family from dallas, texas. he believes police have done to ensure public safety. >> you try not to worry about it too much, but it's, you know, it's a fair concern, for sure. >> police departments at the maryland virginia suburbs tell me they have a heightened sense of awareness because of what is going on globally. they have good security plans in place for the fourth of july. reporting from the mall, chris gordon, news 4. there are plans for more than a dozen local firework celebrations around the dc area. we posted a map of them on the facebook page. >> and as for getting around for all of those, metro announced july 4th plan, that train is going to be running until midnight on independence day. that's a half hour later than usual. it will be operating every 12 minutes and increased to rush hour service. all peak fares will be in effect all
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that's where the usa gymnastics program is headed after a damming new report to determine the sex abuse scandal within that organization was even worse than first thought. >> how safe is your state. find out what dc, maryland and virginia stacks up when it comes to protecting accidental death. >> is lack of sleep effecting your ability to function. how you can find out more, doug. >> effecting me every single day, actually. we'll get to that in just a second. tracking the temperatures around the area. temperatures today, beautiful. how about 82 for a high temperature, just amazing. 70s to the west. that tells you we've got one more good day before the heat moves in see you
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this happened at the home on old dominion drive. the wall fell on the lower part of the worker's body. they were able to rescue and get them out of there. it's not clear how serious his injuries are. already rocked by scandal today, the usa gymnastics program released results of internal investigation. it outlines an organization that has done little to protect young athletes
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accusations of abuse. closer look at new information. >> in a court defined by its grace and precision today, new information that u.s. gymnastics fallen well below the bar when it comes to protecting athletes. >> it was surprising to me that there was no requirement that members report abuse. >> an internal investigation released this afternoon calls for a complete cultural change within the organization. it comes at national team physician larry naser faces a fire storm of civil lawsuits along the state and federal charges of sexual abuse and possession of child pornography. >> this guy is despicable. he is a monster. >> he's been accused of violating more than 80 young girls and providing medical treatment. >> the idea that you would put your hand in the private parts of a child because they have a sore back is laughable and it's
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>> over the last 20 years hundreds of gymnast have reported abuse at the hands of authority figures. and today's report says, the true number of those victimized over that period of time cannot be estimated but is surely far higher. it calls for a complete over haul within the organization's 70 recommended changes covering ten key areas all adopted by the usa gymnastics board of directors. jay gray, nbc news. the dc council voted today to exempt itself from a new law restricting annual staff bonuses and saving plans. the law passed this past year. the government agencies from giving any employee more than one bonus per year and 10% of salaries. but the 13 member council today exempted itself from the law it says it needs to retain key staff leaving for higher paying jobs. council voted the
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savings plans up to 3% per year. most city employees get no match contributions for their savings. tonight we know the name of the man found dead after a weekend fire. d.c. police say edwin's body was found in the apartment on the top floor of the building on pea body street. he was 34 years old. it isn't clear if the fire or something else killed him. his body was found in the unit where investigators think the fire started. but the cause of this fire remains unknown. the teacher whose students lost their homes in the fire started a go fund me page. >> do you feel safe on the roads at work or even in your own home. accidental deaths are now at an all time high in the national safety council. and the states aren't doing enough to make americans feel safe. just released the first comprehensive report. state of maryland does a best job from -- drownings and drug ov
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virginia is in 29th place on that list. here are the grades starting with road safety, maryland and dc get an a. virginia gives a d there. when it comes to feeling safe at home and the community, maryland gives an a there while the district scores a c and virginia gets an f. workplace safety, region got bs and c. do you feel like you're getting enough sleep. we put the question out there on facebook today and most of you said, no, you don't think you're getting enough sleep. you can join the largest sleep study in the world, western university of canada will be looking for online volunteers to determine how sleep or lack of it effects the brain. participants will be asked to track their sleep over three day period. they hope to learn more how sleep effects different regions in the brain and just how much sleep
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cash is up for grabs in prince georges county for whoever can say vandalized two dozen headstones at an historic cemetery. >> just made my heart ache. it's so horrific. it's in a place that's so beautiful. >> and we'll tell you about the top four scams that people are falling victim to this summer. we'll tell youow you h c
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you've got a chance to get outside. >> for a little bit. neither one of us got enough time outside to enjoy this day, fully, doug, can we get one more? >> i had time today, i was mowing the lawn. >> good for you. >> doing something constructive, i'm proud of you. >> you know, guys just a perfect day. it would be great, you know, obviously most of us like to do a few, all of us, we work that monday through friday. it will be great to get this on the weekend. we've got one more fantastic day, look at that shot. it's a postcard out there with a few clouds coming in. 79 degrees. gorgeous. 78 degrees at 7:00. temperatures dropping through the 70s by around 9:00 and 11:00. going to be perfect tonight. all right, 76 in martinsburg. 80 over towards manassas. now, we have seen a couple of showernd
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yesterday, seeing the i-95 south of east ward. most of us, though, also as we talked about. . one shower, extreme, st. mary's county, seeing a little bit of storm, lightning associated with that. . all of that, courtesy of area of low pressure upper level low, you can see it spinning here. that storm actually produced severe weather around the boston area. you can see the line right in here that brought us the showers and thunderstorms. now, behind this, not much in the way of clouds at all. this is the air mass we can get in on tomorrow. it is going to be spectacular today. and then things change a little bit. take a look. you can follow the clouds up into condition anada. that's the jet stream pattern, any time we're in this ridge trough panel like we are right now, we're in the trough and that means
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side. here comes the hot weather back up the east coast, we'll see the 9 90s. heat index may be close to a hundred a couple of those days. real heat will move back in, not tomorrow, the last great day. lots of sunshine and really perfection with the only caveat in that it's wednesday. 93 on friday. 95 on saturday. best chance of storms, i think, on saturday. high of 93. but hot and humid conditions right on through early monday. july fourth, i'll have more on this coming up at 6:45. there's a lot more coming in. temperatures around 9
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education weighs in on allegations of corruption within the prince georges county school system. that story, coming up next. families are shaken up as police try to find the person who knocked over dozens of headstones at one of the oldest churches in prince georges county. a real metro car on what feels like the real set of tracks. the thing is, this is actually a simulator built right here in louden county, just ahead, we're working for you, giving you a feel for how first responders are preparing for any real life issues that could happen, even though they may be a few
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>> the ceo of the public school system is asking the maryland state board of education for thorough review of the accusations. this after maryland's governor made the same request. maxwell wrote a letter saying this, i categorically deny any accusation that was ordered by me or others acting on my behalf to promote students. tracee wilkins spoke with him and this is
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the prince georges county teacher was one of the first to come forward to county board of education members, alleging grade tampering. >> i revealed what was going on at the school. they said they were hearing the same thing. >> -- they say the school system was trying to boost graduation rate. >> if you don't give the grade or change the work, the principal has the authority to do it. they can change a grade for you. >> all in favor, aye. >> aye. >> today the maryland state board of education voted unanimously to investigate allegations of widespread grade tampering within the prince georges koun georges county school system. this is just allegations. this implicate and we want to make sure the kids are well
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served. >> dr. karen read a letter from prince georges county school ceo requesting the board do an independent investigation. >> so we don't have anything to hide. there's nothing to be afraid of. >> dr. maxwell spoke with news 4 after the vote where he denied any wrongdoing. >> i have not, nor has anybody on my team told people to change grades that shouldn't be changed. >> but he says graduating more students is a primary goal of his school system. >> we are getting the kids second chance. they deserve second chances and, you know, we're working to try to graduate more children so they have those post secondary opportunities. >> i'm not trying to embarrass anyone. i'm not trying to embarrass the county or my school. but i'm ashamed of what they're doing. >> the maryland state board of education is saying it will hire an independent third party to lead this investigation. in baltimore, i'm tracy wilkins, news 4. >> police are looking for the vandals who targeted a prince
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they knocked over dozens of headstones before taking off, it happened friday morning. police say the suspect entered through the unlocked day and knocked over 24 headstones. church leaders estimate the damage at about $12,000. generations of families have been buried in the cemetery since the 17 hundreds, including soldiers from the revolutionary and civil wars. >> you probably never heard his name before, but tom grizzard gets much of the credit for clean safe water. for four decades he ran the monitoring lab. it's testing and troubleshooting solutions to make sure water reservoir and downstream was safe when development could have jeopardized the supply. last week he died in a bicycling accident. >> tom grizzard is known by many as the
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and i really don't know who is going to fill those shoes. >> it's a sad event. and, so, there will be people that miss him greatly. >> even though they retired from the lab a few years ago. he now -- he has served on the utility commission and was duly consulting work with clients from as far away as singapore. >> with the track program now wrapped up. riders are hoping for more reliable safer. >> but not all disstaasters are preventable. perhaps the most serious in 2015 with smoke filled with tunnel and hot plaza and a woman died, even before trains roll into louden county, first responders there are gearing up for potential trouble on the tracks. our northern virginia bureau reporter shows us how.
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of us will likely pass on jumping out of a window head first. it's another day of training for the louden county fire and rescue crews. but their curriculum much like the region they'll serve, rapidly expanding. >> everything from flash over simulators, liquid propane gas fires, everything like the french rescue. but this one is certainly different. >> deputy chief is referring to this. it's a metro rail training simulator. >> this is something that we have not dealt w. there's no rail line -- dealt with. there's no rail lines. >> they'll be using this to prepare for silver line emergency. >> we're talking about the portion of the rail that's currently a construction zone. preparedness doesn't wait. >> we'll train from one to the other. >> to arking insulators and the smoke that may rise. when building the simulator like this, the details, will they matter. that's why fire and rescue, they want today have an old rail car to use for their
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they wanted to position this car on track so that it was similar to what you would find in a real life scenario. everything from the distance from the car to the fence line and the drop below. you don't always have a platform to step on to. >> they need to be able to climb on it. that's why there's no steps on it. this is designed to be not a strange station. this is meant to be the one that you see as you're driving. >> maria has been claiming this for several years. she shared these photos. they show the logistical it took to bring the cars out to leesburg and hoist them on to the tracks. >> we watch how they're doing and i think now they'll know what we're doing to be ready if we have to respond to an emergency. >> skills, they hope to -- gaining skills they hope to never use. preparing to keep them safe. leesburg, virginia. news 4. >> staying on the rails
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u.s. district court judge has denied a request to stay the order, stripping the project of federal approval. maryland is appealing that ruling, but transportation officials and hope to get a stay at the order while the appeal plays out. otherwise they say they can't secure federal funding with the project. construction on the 16 mile long is suppose to begin on the end of 2016. they say if something doesn't change by august first, the state may cancel the project using $800 million to the process. >> more weather has everyone coming out of hibernation, that includes four scams making the rounds this summer that you need to be on the watch for. >> and a new ran some wear is making its way around the globe tonight. paralyzing airports. the department some countries. what you need to know about this, next. >> the word of today is beautiful. the word of the next couple of days, though. hot. we get right back into the summer heat. we s
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we'll see you back here in just a minute.
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consumer reporter is working for you, here is what you need to know. >> well, the
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it brings around some other kind of pests, like scam artist, here are four scams making the rounds in our region and the protections you need to know. >> number one, the vacation scam, whether it's a travel deal that seems too good to be true or a rental home on craig's list. do your research before handing over any of your hard earned cash. >> put it into your browser, if you see duplicates, that could be a scam artist just posting. >> number two, the abduction phone call, all of those photos you post during your vacation, they're trolling social media sites and use those details to trick your family or friend. >> most often thing that you hear is your loved one was involv in an auto accident has been slightly injured, tried to run away and the
6:40 pm
abducted that people. >> home improvement scams, be weery of landscapers who approach you. with any kind of home improvement project, do your homework. confirm that the company or person you're hiring is properly licensed. look for reviews on line. number four, door to door sales that can be anything from an alarm company to a third party utility provider. >> they're commissioned driven. they have sales quotas they've got to meet. they have hard sales, stress on them. so they may be a little misleading in their presentation to the homeowners. >> beware of scare tactics and don't ever show your utility bill to anyone. if you want to stay on top of the latest scam in your neighborhood happening right now. the better business bureau has a scam tracker and we have a link to that right now on our nbc washington app. just search summer scam. >> you cannot let dow
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about what you click on. another major ran some weare attack. locking victims computer and demanding they pay ran some. >> it's tuning in to america's got talent tonight. you may be surprised to see a familiar face.
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students in montgomery county will notice tighter security in the fall like more gates. the new team has ordered after rape accusation at rockdale high school that criminal case ended up being dismissed. >> complete organizational over haul is coming. internal investigation, all this huge doctor faces civil lawsuits along with state and federal sex abuse charges and possession of child pornography. >> the european union is hitting google where it hurts. record fine 2.7 billion u.s. dollars. the tech giant illegally favored its own shopping service when customers searched google for online products. google disputes those findings. tonight a new cyber attack is causing mass disruption around the world. >> companies in governments in europe are being h
6:45 pm
u.s. are also feeling the impact. nbc tom has been working this story all day. he joins us with the latest develop. >> this is big. this is very big. we have hundreds of thousands of computers around the world that are effected right now, specifically oil russian company is effected, ukrainian banks, european and u.s. companies are effected, big shipping containers, they're effected, merck pharmaceuticals are being effected. you get a screen that locks up on you. if you want your data back, you've got to pay $300 in bit coins, anonymous currency and it is becoming a big problem. the issue is can you actually get your data back because so far it would appear that when people pay the ransome they're not getting their data back. this is becoming a big problem around
6:46 pm
>> you're absolutely right. this is called golden eye. it is a believed based on the ran some attack. you may recall that was distributive of this nsa hack, this program that the nsa came up with and hackers got that program and started using it around the world. they believe this is variant of that. they don't know who is behind it. they tried to figure out if there's some particular country that is linked to this. so if you are at home and you're wondering how do i not become a
6:47 pm
victim. >> but the point is, you've got to do that, stuff, right, this is what you're up against. >> you're a lot smarter than i am. >> complicated enough, passwords. >> tom is going to have more on the cyber attack on nbc nightly news with lester holt that comes your way at 7:00 right here on news 4. happening tonight, a sheriff's deputy from our area appears from national television. he'll use a hidden talent to prove a point. >> why are you on america's got talent. >> i want people to realize when they see a cop we're human beings too and like to let loose and have fun. >> that will be dea nte digs. i don't know if his moves are good enough for america's got talent. the show starts at 8:00 here on nbc 4. >> if you tell him you voted for him, will that get you out the ticket? >> right.
6:48 pm
think, if he pulled me over. >> bumper sticker, that says "i love america's got talent". i'll tell you what, it does not get better than this very often in june. maybe we get a day, maybe two, we've had a couple, yesterday was great, tomorrow is going to be just as nice as it ends there, thursday i think it's starting to move back in. 82 degrees that was the high temperature today. average high up to 87 degrees this time here. look at winchester, only 77. fredericks at p79. some nice weather up there. about 7 miles per hour. now, as we look at the radar, we haven't seen a lot. that's in the south. we did have some showers right around 3 or 4:00. looking at coming over parts of saint mary's county. one shower, close to i-95. most of us are
6:49 pm
and there's nothing but dry air to the west. that's going to be another great day tomorrow. that's what we're calling for, get to the pool. 79 at 2:00. 83 by 4:00, nice, nice and nice, no matter what you're going to do tomorrow, the weather is going to be perfect for. the next ten days, however, a little bit different. the heat moves in on thursday. 91. 93 on friday. that's when the humidity starts to creep up. really hot and humid on friday. saturday with a high of 95. could be close to 100 degrees there. thunderstorms likely on saturday, could be a few on sunday, but most of the weekend, or most of sunday will be high temperature of 93. a lot of events going on. how about quicken loans. 9 90 degrees on your thursday. >> exactly right. so, yeah, you know, going to be
6:50 pm
especially on saturday. but that's something to watch out for there. if you're heading towards avalon looking very good there, 81 degrees on friday. 80 on saturday. 82 on sunday. sunday best chance of a couple of showers late in the day. but area wide, things looking pretty good, monday, tuesday, fourth of july on tuesday. only a slight chance of storms the way it looks right now. >> you've got to get that in writing. >> you're going to be out there. you don't want to make the neighbors mad at you. >> you've got the rest of the summer to talk about it. >> terrible. >> coming up in sports, my the fans should be excited about tonight's game. ee if it makes not sing many
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6:53 pm
it should be a breeze. >> i never thought it was going to be a breeze, you know, a couple of things are annoying. they're packing the noise. did i say that out loud. they're on the subway home. it was a golf tournament. we're one game in. here we go. nats and cubs game, two tonight, this series a late june treat. a match up for the ages. the last two
6:54 pm
winners, start with the nats, he's been on fire this season. ten or more strike out each of the last six games, look a no hitter into the eighth inning against the marlins last week. getting his record, only 8-5. hashtag, bullpen. on the other side, he's rebounded this month after struggling a bit in may, two in the one in june, including seven innings in his last outing. series opener, nats trailed 5-0 going into the bottom of the ninth. last night if you left early. you missed a period come back with home team scoring four runs within an inning. they could not complete the come back. >> thinking from last year to this year, it's a different nationals game, different team.
6:55 pm
money worth. you came to the game, you earned that ticket. . sometimes ball goes out and it's great baseball team over there and do little things right and playoff and defense. and pitch well. >> one of the few good stories of the summer. billy, won its first pga event right here at home. now, he's back defending the new venue, tournament moved from congressional to tpc patomic farms or tpc patomic at avano farms. >> everyone is having a hard time with that. >> and billy hurly says he's still on cloud nine after the tournament. >> super awesome for me being from around here, you know, to win this touen
6:56 pm
picture in my office that tiger signed for me with a letter from mr. palmer and a letter from mr. nicholas. to have like the three, you know, probably best three ever to, you know, have a play on a pga tour, that's really special to me to have won their tournament. >> probably the most signature events. but in this area, for this tournament, what does it mean. >> well, being the only veteran on the pga tour, i take it very seriously to represent the military well. when it comes in the event that kind of already has that in place and has that going on. it's extra special to be here and be a part of all the things they do throughout the week to honor, salute. >> i saw you on twitter and you have three weeks you
6:57 pm
normal guy. >> we try to be. you know we continue to do what we do. and we do it on a bigger stage. >> we still do it on. >> and go beyond it. >> so much more of this interview. helping kick off one of the favorite fan events of this tournament. >> doug. >> no one has a hole in one in the two years they've been doing
6:58 pm
this. going on the team prospect. he's a little too young and alumni game is tonight.
6:59 pm
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breaking news tonight. they won't vote. senate republicans retreat on a plan to push through an obamacare repeal this week. losing support, all gop senators summoned to the white house. heavy price. the trump administration threatens military action, warning assad may be preparing for another chemical attack on the syrian people. held for ransom. a massive cyber attack hitting airlines, banks and utilities around the world, even an american pharmaceutical giant. hackers demanding money, holding computer systems hostage. chaos underground. dozens injured after a subway derails in new york city. passengers evacuated through smoke and darkness. and battle of the sexes. serena williams fires


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