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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  June 28, 2017 5:00am-5:59am EDT

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a story only on news4. >> you'll be able to climb on it, there's no steps on it. this is meant to be the one you see if driving. >> the fire department worked with metro several years to set up the metro simulator. breaking news still unfolding after an amtrak train outside union station hit and killed two people. it is 5:00 a.m. >> we want to show you where this happened. take a look at the map. you will see the scene, 1200 block of new york avenue northeast. for anyone familiar with the area around union station this is near a bus depot and mobile gas station. >> this all happened after 11:30
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amtrak spokesperson says tra it into union station. the two people appear to have been trespassing, according to the spokesperson. no one on the train was hurt. a train leaving the station was delayed as a result of the investigation there. we have team coverage of this breaking story. justin finch live at the scene with the latest on the investigation. >> we begin with melissa mollet and what it means for people using amtrak. >> this is temporary suspension. trains not running between d.c. and philadelphia. expect an update at 7:00 a.m. some cancellations on the northeast corridor. as far as how it impacts marc as well, southbound camden trains stop at greenbelt. there's now no approach from rr
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greenbelt into the district. as far as road issues, roads are okay. good morning, chuck, sheena. >> good morning, beautiful day, perfect weather for mid summer. this is what summer in new england feels like. >> yes. these are moments you have to cherish as we go into the hot summer months. i will tell you, the ten day forecast, we have a lot of heat and humidity. >> and precious little rain chances. we could use it. >> yes. let's see the forecast for today. speaking of the 90s in the ten day, didn't want to show it yet, we'll talk about that in a bit. 63 degrees currently. we have plenty of clear skies out there. a fantastic morning. neighborhood temperature. 55 in sterling. 56 at
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it is comfortable if exercising. beautiful weather, low humidity. we talk about the heat and humidity coming up. >> thank you. back to breaking news in northeast d.c. two people dead after being hit by an amtrak train. >> the crash happened on the tracks near 1200 block of new york avenue northeast. news4 justin finch is live at the scene. justin, tell us what crews are doing there now this morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning. we have seen crews survey around the train. that train remains on the tracks. of course, lots of questions to answer this morning. who are the two people that sadly died and what were they doing on the tracks. you're looking live at the train still parked on the tracks as investigators do their work. amtrak officials, this is what we're hearing at this time. close to 11:20 tuesday night, amtrak 175 was headed from boston to new york and was on track for union station
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and killed them. this is along the 1200 block of new york avenue northeast. right by the 9th street bridge. at this time it does appear they say that the two people may have been trespassing at the time. there were no injuries to the crew or 121 people aboard. that train was later stopped in its tracks here and some hours later passengers and crew taken from that train and put onto a union station bound train to make their way back to their destination. back out live. we can tell you d.c. firefighters did take one rail worker to the hospital for a check up. no word on that person's condition at this time. in this area you may see flashing lights, and police are also investigating the crash. back to you. >> thank you. as justin reported, the train was full of passengers at the time of this accident. >> one of them snapped this photo of investigators on the tracks
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erika gonzales is live at union station with how this will impact passengers as the morning commute gets under way. erika? >> reporter: service suspended between d.c. and philadelphia this morning, not what passengers want to hear. as soon as we got here, we went inside union station, started checking the boards. everything said on time. this is a few minutes ago. we started speaking to somebody, a couple and their son who were actually on the amtrak train that struck and killed two people. this is late last night as you have been reporting all morning long. as we were talking to them, they were telling us how long they had been stuck on the train. you start seeing a flood of people coming back from the waiting area, saying their train had been cancelled. some of the video i posted on twitter this morning showing a long line of people trying to get new trains out of d.c. one woman saying her train was scheduled for 3:15 this morning. now she says it is pushed to 6:30
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this morning was his train, now doesn't know when he is able to get out of here. not what people want to hear. again, temporary service suspended from d.c. to philadelphia, if you're making plans this morning, check your amtrak app. keep it here on news4 for the latest updates. >> thank you. 5:06. angie goff continues team coverage from the live desk. >> they have been talking about this on social media through the night, into the morning. some of them so frustrated. take a look at a flurry of things we have been following. they continue to come in. most passengers asking amtrak simply what is going on. others saying they have plenty of information, a little honesty would have gotten sympathy for the dead, let people make alternate plans.
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"the washington post" reporter is on board and tweeted out there was a bump and it was being investigated. they're asking people to remember someone did die in this incident. back to you. >> thank you. team coverage of breaking news extends to nbc washington app. get the latest information on the home page and watch a news4 i-team investigation detailing the number of people killed by trains in our area. 5:07 here's a look at other top stories. new information about the suspect in the murder of a muslim teenager in sterling last week. "the washington post" reports that darwin martinez torrez was accused of sexual assaulting a woman in days before the murder. that woman told investigators she did not want to press charges because she feared torrez was an
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he charged with abducting and killing a girl on june 18th. d.c. police asking for your help to identify the man in the dark shirt. he is a person of interest in a child sex abuse incident that happened in 600 block of north carolina avenue in the southeast monday. if you know who this is, you're asked to contact police. allegations of grade tampering in prince george's public schools. maryland board of education voted to launch external review of the school system. that means the board will hire an independent investigator and that person will report to the state superintendent of schools. whistleblowers say over three years teachers changed grades to boost graduation rates. >> one teacher who spoke exclusively with news4 says investigators won't find a paper trail of orders to change grades. you'll only see this on news4. the school system denies any
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organized effort to boost graduation rates with grades they didn't earn. teachers say instead of written orders they received pressure and innuendo to get kids over the line. she did not want to be identified. >> if you don't change the grade, the principal has the authority to do what's called an administrative override and they can change the grade for zblu teachers union says it is impossible for teachers to change grades once they have been published. the ceo of prince george's school kevin maxwell denies allegations, says he wants a new investigation. new video of armed robbery suspects who hit in broad daylight. that video taken inside metro pcs store on georgia avenue monday afternoon. you can see the suspect walking staff and customers to a back room. they took valuables from everyone before taking store merchandise and leaving. we also learned this store was hit three tim
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years. police identified the man killed in a massive apartment fire in northwest d.c. look at the flames here. edwin romero's body was found in the apartments on pea body street sunday. 11 others hurt in that fire. among them 5 firefighters. more than 200 residents that live there have to find another place to live. exact cause of the fire is still under investigation. it has been nearly five years since free-lance journalist and georgetown law student austin pike disappeared. he is held captive in syria. if you have been near the museum, you've seen this banner, features a picture calling attention to the story and a social media campaign urging lawmakers to do whatever they can to support his release. coming up on the "today" show, matt lauer will have exclusive interview with his parents and their efforts to bring him
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highly dangerous strain of ransomware. two hospitals in western pennsylvania hit by this. cancelling surgeries and appointments for many patients. they hit the radiation monitoring at the shuttered chernobyl plant, the site of the world's worst nuclear accident. you can update your operating system and anti-virus software. back to you. >> thank you. well, it feels chilly this morning. i wish i had a little sweater or something. >> you may need a wrap if you spend time outside. otherwise, a clear sky and cool start to the day. temperatures around the neighborhood this morning mostly in the 50s in montgomery and fairfax county, even prince
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today's high around degrees. sheena will have more on that. if just joining us, tracking breaking news in the district. two people dead after an accident involving an amtrak train outside union station. live look at the scene for you this morning. people were on the tracks, not clear why. several crew are working to get updates. service is suspended for amtrak between d.c. and philadelphia. there's a marc train impactoo. the la tte
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breaking news. an amtrak train hit and killed two people near 1200 block of new york avenue northeast. anyone familiar with the area around union station, it is near a bus depot and mobile gas station. >> this happened before midnight. amtrak says train 175 hit two people as it came into uni
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people appear to have been spokesperson. no one on the train was hurt, train service between philadelphia and d.c. is suspended right now. angie goff at the live desk. want to get straight to the wildfires raging across western states. evacuation orders have been lifted and residents are returning after wildfires on california central coast. the blaze grown. the fire is 60% contained. a new wildfire broke out yesterday afternoon, causing evacuations for dozens more homes in san bernardino county. all of this happening as the goodwin fire burns through arizona. lot of dire situations out there, aaron. >> thank you for that. 5:16. an update to a story that had a lot of you fired up
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washington facebook page. many of you reacted to this picture of a group of black teens in handcuffs for selling water bottles on the national mall. they didn't have a license. police officers let the teens go with a warning. after the incident, "the washington post" said one of the teens got a call from a job training program focused on tech support. two of those teens are working with them for the summer. drowning is a leading cause of death for children. recent dry drownings have parents concerned. >> if you're not paying attention, you can miss symptoms. here's how we can learn from one family's tragedy in our safe and secure summer. a four-year-old boy from texas spent the day swimming. a week later died from what's called dry drowning. many of us never heard of dry drowning. it is rare, but the chief
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communityos even when parents don't realize anything is wrong. >> what happens is upper airway spasms or closes. and it does it as reflex to protect water going to your lungs. when that happens, spasming can continue to persist. if it persists, you don't get oxygen to the lungs and that effect is like drowning. >> can take hours or days for symptoms to appear. the key to prevention is know what to look for. >> most common symptoms are shortness of breath, chest pain, persistent cough or lethargy. that means low energy. >> here are four things to do to make sure your child can stay in and out of the water. make sure they know how to swim. make sure the child is closely supervised when around the water. know the symptoms of dry drowning. if you suspect anything, have your child examined by a
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your home safe and secure while you're away. tips and tools to use that go beyond locking your doors. four things to do before going on vacation tomorrow on news4 today. 5:19. back to breaking news in d.c. amtrak train hit and killed two people outside union station. take a live look at the scene. you can see the train involved. >> this is impacting rail service this morning. melissa mollet has updates. >> good morning. taking a look now, again amtrak suspended between d.c. and philadelphia, telling us they'll give another update at 7:00 a.m. as far as marc delays, south down camden line stopped at greenbelt, no service to d.c. if you have to take green line, take it from greenbelt to the district. road closures, inbound new york at kendall have a right lane blocked. one other thing happening on ad
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outer look before georgia, a crash in two right lanes. >> thank you. sheena parveen is here. we have been busy with breaking news, i haven't been able to tell you welcome back. >> thank you. >> people are losing their minds because you haven't been here. i mean, the messages. >> i'm all back. here i am. nice weather. 63 degrees. >> aaron brought us nice weather. welcome back. we missed you. temperatures are comfortable. eun, you thought you needed a light jacket. some of you might think that as well. some areas in the 50s. maybe you do need a light jacket. tell you the temperatures in a second. the morning commute, beautiful conditions. expect sun glare. exercise very comfortable. low humidity, feeling fantastic. you want to sit outside for lunch and dinner if
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men as is, 50 degrees. winchester, 46. might like a long sleeve. 54 in clinton. big area of high pressure keeping us nice and dry. that's responsible for low humidity. tomorrow starts to go up a bit. friday even more. for the dining out period around lunchtime, 80 degrees. 83 later this afternoon for dinner time, close to 80 but sunny and dry. beach forecast going into the weekend, friday is looking good but humid going into friday. mid-80s. saturday and sunday looking at mid-80s with chance for late day thunderstorms. elsewhere, looking at the 90s. cooler along the beaches. 91 tomorrow. 93 friday. over the weekend, hot, humid, thunderstorms moving back into the forecast. coming up, a closer look at what to expect as heat continues next week. >> thank you. a vote on the health care bill gets tab
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>> join us later for the "ellen degeneres show" a
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here are four things to know. the pentagon giving weight to a statement by the whouz press secretary warning syria's president not to commit another chemical weapons attack. officials detected active preparation by syria for another attack. syria's government dismissed the allegation. senate republicans delayed plans to vote on their health care plan this week. they will now take it up after july 4th recess. tracie potts has a look at how they plan to get their own lawmakers on board with the plan at 5:45. this may put crowd size story to rest. internal investigation says national park service did nothing wrong when discussing crowd size at president trump's
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inauguration. two people allege park service ordsofci and leaked pictures to the media to discredit the president. picture showed a larger turnout for then president obama's 2008 inauguration. the investigation found no evidence to substantiate either claim. a motion period for a lawsuit brought by former member of the olympic gymnastic team. the man in the orange jump suit was in a michigan courtroom in the middle of last week, facing charges of sexually abusing 80 girls and possession of child pornography. 5:26. still tracking breaking news, a deadly amtrak accident. two were killed on the tracks overnight. live team coverage with more on what happened just ahead. targeted at target. the man accused with a disturbing crime i
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breaking news out of northeast washington along the amtrak tracks that are usually busy this time of day. >> that's where two people were struck and killed by a train around 11:20. that train was on the way to union station when the people on the tracks were hit. >> live team coverage from the scene and from union station where we will be seeing delays for the next few hours. good morning, everyone. >> we have been working to find out more about the accident. >> angie goff is at the live desk as melissa monitors train delays. quick check of the forecast with chuck bell and sheena parveen. good morning. >> good morning. a fantastic
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needed a light jacket. >> lot of color in the sky. debating if you can see the spectrum. go to max 1. take a peek at the rising sun. beautiful orange color, temperatures in the 40s to around 50 degrees. there we go. 63 in washington, 46 in winchester. today's forecast, a nice day to be outside. sunshine, low humidity, light west wind. 83 today. if you're planning your weekend at the beach, friday, saturday, sunday, really good beach weather. temperatures in the mid-80s. slight chance for shower saturday and sunday. still worth the trip. ocean water temperature at 80 degrees. let's go to melissa. breaking news, again talking about the rails. big prob
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7:00 a.m. they say trains not running between d.c. and philadelphia. what does this mean for marc. brunswick uneffected. southbound camden, stop at greenbelt this morning and no penn line service. metro will be honoring tickets. as far as metro, green, orange line. either of those work as you are headed in. inbound new york at kendall street northeast, police activity blocking right lane because of the fatal accident. aaron? >> thank you. 5:32. we have team coverage of breaking news this morning. erika gonzales at union station with more on how it will impact the commute. >> we begin with justin finch, live near the crash site. what do you know about the investigation? >> reporter: hey there, eun, good morning. so far we can tell you investigators are likely waiting for daylight to get
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it is still on the tracks. overnight, we have seen crews looking for clues as they try to track down what was happening moments before it struck and killed two people last night. d.c. police at the scene with investigators overnight. close to 11:20 or so calls came in. at that time, amtrak was going from boston to new york, headed for union station. it struck two people on the tracks and we now know killed them on the 1200 block of new york avenue northeast. it does appear at this time those people were trespassing, say investigators. we'll bring much more as we get it. back to you. >> thank you. continuing team coverage, we're hearing from passengers who were on the train during the crash. >> news4 erika gonzales is at union station with more on this part of the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let me give you an update as far as train service is
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it is no go for morning rush hour fof service between d.c. and philly. camden line, no service between greenbelt and union station. inside we spoke with walter duncan on the train last night, described how they could feel the impact when the train struck and killed two people. this morning, they're trying to find a new way to get bwi to catch a 7:00 a.m. flight. >> heard the horn blow, about three seconds later heard like a clunking sound. my wife thought she heard something hit the window next to her. the train slowed to a stop. first thing in my mind was since it stopped, we must have hit somebody. >> reporter: they described how they were about a mile away from union station and they were stuck on the train anywhere from three
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they probably could have walked here faster. as i mention, trying to find a new way to get to bwi to catch an early morning flight. erika gonzales, back to you. >> thank you. news4 was first to report this overnight. we sent an alert on the nbc washington app minutes after it happened. have that free app downloaded to your phone, stay up to date with everything happening in our area. 5:35. here are some of the other top stories this morning. senate republicans are postponing plans to vote on their health care bill this week. this comes after several republicans voice opposition to the plan. they will now take it up after july 4th recess. coming up, tracie potts has a look at how leaders hope to get the votes needed to pass the bill. a construction worker in the hospital after two ton concrete wall fell on him in arlington, happened at a home on old dominion drive. fire crews say it fell on the lower part of the worker's body. they were able to rescue him,
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not clear how serious injuries are. allegations of grade tampering at prince george's school. a teacher saying they changed grades to boost the graduation rate. they launched external review. they will hire an independent investigator and that person will report to the state superintendent. we have an update to a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. the man who died in a bad crash in district heights had just stolen that car from a couple in upper marlboro. police chased him. they lost sight of the car when derrick foster turned off his lights and sped away. the car ultimately crashed into two utility poles and caught fire. police pulled foster out of the burning car, but he was dead. police also found a gun in the car. security upgrades to
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that the i-team first reported. the upgrades include addition of security gates at some of the buildings and door locks at others. so-called security vestibules, partially enclosed structures inside buildings to prevent trespassers and attackers. only three new renovated high schools will be untouched. these upgrades were triggered by a rape accusation that captured the nation's attention earlier this year. the criminal case since collapsed, charges now dropped. school district officials tell news4 they will undertake a security review of montgomery county nearly 200 middle and elementary schools. a target shopper warning others about her upsetting trip to the store. what she says she saw another customer doing with
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that will put youn high alert. o
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if you are just waking up and joining us, we're following breaking news in northeast washington that will effect some of your commute this morning. >> two people were hit and killed by an amtrak train just before midnight and all marc
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investigate. no one on the train was injured. we continue team coverage just ahead. you can check the nbc washington app for updates. the loudoun sheriff's office looking for a man accused of taking up skirt photos at a target store. look at this video. investigators say a woman saw this man trying to take video of her at the target in sterling on monday. she and a store employee confronted him and he ran away. if you know who he is, contact loudoun sheriff's office. final resting place for so many local loved ones. the search is on for people who crashed it. what police say about criminals who vandalized this cemetery. not cheap to live in our area, don't we know. one congressman is requesting extra money to live here. how much it would cost us to foot the bill. that's ahead. well, this morning it is very nice outside. temperatures are
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sun glare if you're driving. this afternoon is fantastic. roll down the windows, sit outside. the commute weather wise is looking good. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. breaking news in first 4 traffic. amtrak suspension. trains can't run between d.c.
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we are tracking breaking news that will impact many of you that haven't left home yet. >> two people hit and killed by an amtrak train. angie goff has the latest on this. >> aaron, eun, quick rundown of what we know at this point that matters. service suspended between d.c. and philly this morning. first 4 traffic is on top of all of the cancellations. smart to follow them on twitter, they're constantly updating that. offici
5:46 am
don't know their names. no one on the train was hurt. d.c. police are working the investigation with amtrak which is still under way. this as you look at more video that the crews are sending in. we have every angle of the story covered. if you're on the go, about to leave the house, you can always watch live team coverage throughout the morning anywhere in our nbc washington app. back to you. >> angie, thank you. 5:46 now. take a look at capitol hill where the vote on health care in the senate is on hold. >> republicans hoped for a vote on their plan this week, but gave up after realizing they didn't have enough support. news4 tracie potts live on capitol hill. what are republicans doing? >> reporter: moving ahead, trying to get revisions by friday, not a vote but changes can be submitted to congressional budget office to get a new score, new analysis besides that 22 million losing health insurance that came
5:47 am
monday. that's job one. then back room negotiation within the republican party to gain moderates, not lose conservatives, gain conservatives, not lose moderates. at this point nothing going on with democrats at all. top republican, mitch mcconnell says democrats don't want to play ball, they're trying to work within the party. they have 52 votes. there were nine against this. they have work to do. >> tracie potts, live on capitol hill for us. thank you. it is 5:47. congress is beefing up its security weeks after the shooting attack in alexandria. the house approved a plan to add $25,000 to the office budgets of all 435 members. that money used to bolster their office security or personal security when they're outside the capitol building. news4 learned u.s. capitol police chief will testify tomorrow before a senate panel to request a budget boost for his police force. coming ,
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congressman on his way outf office says lawmakers should be given a housing stipend. it has been five years since free-lance journalist student austin tice disappeared. he is held captive in syria and if you have been anywhere near the museum, you've seen the banner with #free austin tice. this is calling attention to the story and part of a social media campaign urging lawmakers to do whatever they can to secure his release. coming up on "today," matt lauer has an interview with his parents and their efforts to bring him home. police looking for vandals that targeted prince george's cemetery. they knocked over 24 headstones. they estimate damage at about $12,000. generations of families have
5:49 am
since the 1700s, including soldiers from revolutionary and civil war. new details in the lyon sisters case. key piece of evidence is missing. learned the bedford county sheriff's office recently lost a tooth. that helped prosecutors charge lloyd welch with murders of the two girls. found in a remote area of virginia where they believe welch burned their bodies. the tooth disappeared before it could be tested. if rhe is convicted, could face the death penalty. a man tried to help a girl find her parents at a park, ended up getting beaten up. florida police say the parents mistook the good smar tan for a kidnapper, the father punched the man several times. that man is being attacked on facebook. several people posted his name, photo and place of employment online, calling him a child predator. lakeland policay
5:50 am
terrified and took his family out of town. >> a father, local business man, has two children, trying to help his child. they turned it completely around. that's not right. >> parents say they don't believe the man was trying to help because he was walking toward the parking lot with the girl. there will be much more on this story at 7:00 a.m. on the "today" show. 5:50 is the time now. it is a little duller on screen than we see on the monitor. this sunrise is amazing. >> nice clear skies, precious little in the way of humidity as well. you have a nice spread of colors of the rainbow this morning. remember your colors. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. >> i know them, i do. >> i know you do. you're both matching in green today. had a great time yesterday, doing a public appearance folks in the golden trian
5:51 am
lot of people had a chance own yard. they take great pride putting together beautiful flower boxes in the area. the heat is on with a theme this time around. some great looking planter boxes around the downtown area. if you haven't had a chance to get there near the world bank and such, beautiful area there. i will be posting pictures on my social media platform as well, instagram forecast for you on twitter @chuck bell 4. there it is. rising sun. 5:45. sunup today, down at 8:37 this evening. current temperature is 63 degrees. light northwest wind keeps humidity in check the next day and a half or so. tomorrow it will be back to 90 degrees. friday is the day you notice humidity back. look at the numbers. 48 in frederick county, 50 in frederick county,
5:52 am
63. planning out the day. look at that. not hardly a cloud to be found. sunny and warm today. temperatures in the upper 70s. great night for baseball. nationals and cubbies take off at 7:05 this evening. we split first two games of the series. by tomorrow morning we will be back, not quite as cool as this morning, still quite comfortable. then heat starts to come back in. 83 for today. 91 tomorrow. 93 with more humidity in place for friday. that leads to afternoon thunderstorm chances on saturday and sunday. looks like as of now, fourth of july will be hot, humid and rain free. let's go over to melissa mollet. take a look at this. amtrak again temporary service suspension today, trains cannot operate between d.c. and philadelphia because of those two people hit and killed. here's what's happening on
5:53 am
camden line service to and from greenbelt, and to and from new carrollton. otherwise, uneffected. green, orange, use either of those. metro is honoring tickets. outer look at georgia, rest of the roadways are okay. that looks nice and light. that's good for us this morning. as far as travel times, 270 southbound from germantown to the spur, quickly. top of the beltway, 95 to 270 going 32 miles per hour. 56 inbound. fairfax to the belt, no issues. and quantico, okay as well at 45 miles per hour. take you 25 minutes. listen to 102.5 fm when you hop
5:54 am
metro stays open late on fourth of july. trains run until midnight, a half hour later than usual. trains operate every 12 minutes until 6:00 p.m., increase to rush hour service before and after the fireworks on national mall. parking at metro lots will be free. uber making it easier to request a ride for a loved one. the new feature is designed for uber users who want a simple way to arrange rides for their parents, grandparents or others that can't drive themselves. this is part of an upgrade to the uber app. now any time you set a pickup location away from where you are, the app will ask if you or someone else is taking that ride. and looks like the district is on top when it comes to affording a car. according to bank, they list places where they can afford the car they
5:55 am
the 20% down payment, financing lasting no longer than four years, and interest and insurance not exceeding 10% of household gross income. >> that's a lot of math. >> too much for me. congressman jason chaffetz says lawmakers should get a $2500 stipend to live in d.c. he told republicans that's because the district is one of the most expensive places to live in the world. he says stipends help them have a decent quality of life in d.c. he is set to retire at the end of the week. taxpayers would be paying more than $16 million a year. target is taking on amazon, prime pantry service with its own version called restock. customers can fill a box with up to 45 pounds of items for a flat fee, but target is charging less than amaz
5:56 am
amazon arrives in four business days. target can do quicker deliveries because it fills boxes with items from nearby stores instead of a warehouse. i am landon dowdy. >> thank you. stafford county start classes after labor day for 2018, 19 school year. they approved that calendar with the start date last night. comes after debate whether to start classes three weeks earlier. prelabor day start on the table for 2019, 2020 school year. a local deputy getting his chance to become a star. >> the dancing deputy. we were there for his watch party and co-workers, see what they thought and how he did ahead at 6:00. new details in theea
5:57 am
what the man arrested for days before her death. a live look, two people killed after being struck by the amtrak train. another team coveragupdate in e le
5:58 am
breaking news right
5:59 am
a deadly amtrak accident. >> two people killed on the tracks not far from union station. >> i am justin finch at the scene where an accident investigation is still under way. that train is still on the tracks as crews work to figure out who people were on the tracks and why they were there. >> reporter: i am erika gonzales, we're speaking to riders on that lane last night when it struck and killed two people. that story coming up next. fast approaching 6:00 a.m. on wednesday morning. i am aaron gilchrist. >> and immune union. working to get you the latest on that accident. we will get to justin and erica with the latest and melissa mollet will have a look at impact to train service today. >> we want to check on storm team forecast to see what to expect from the weather this wednesday. turn to chuck and sheena. >> clear and cool outside this morning. maybe the
6:00 am
have until sometime in september. >> pretty much. needless to say, enjoy today. after today getting hot and humid. beautiful. look at the sunrising. we don't have any clouds in the sky. gorgeous condition to start your wednesday. 62 degrees. this is the coolest so far in the district. many areas in the 50s as well. we can expect low humidity. wakeup weather by 7:00 a.m., 66 degrees, cool and crisp outside. 8:00, 70 degrees. 9:00 a.m. looking perfect. temperature 73 by then. we will be comfortable this afternoon. coming up, talk about the heat and humidity and weekend storms. let's check the roads. good morning, melissa. breaking news this morning, because of this fatal train crash. amtrak suspended between d.c. and philadelphia. take a look at how this is impacting this morning. brunk,


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