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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  June 28, 2017 6:00am-6:58am EDT

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have until sometime in september. >> pretty much. needless to say, enjoy today. after today getting hot and humid. beautiful. look at the sunrising. we don't have any clouds in the sky. gorgeous condition to start your wednesday. 62 degrees. this is the coolest so far in the district. many areas in the 50s as well. we can expect low humidity. wakeup weather by 7:00 a.m., 66 degrees, cool and crisp outside. 8:00, 70 degrees. 9:00 a.m. looking perfect. temperature 73 by then. we will be comfortable this afternoon. coming up, talk about the heat and humidity and weekend storms. let's check the roads. good morning, melissa. breaking news this morning, because of this fatal train crash. amtrak suspended between d.c. and philadelphia. take a look at how this is impacting this morning. brunk,
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greenbelt,en to and from new carrollton this morning. if you have to use one of these, let me tell you at this point what we know is that metro is open. take either of those into d.c. one problem on roadways, outer loop near georgia, crash is on the shoulder. causing a little delay. >> melissa, thank you. 6:01. tracking breaking news. two killed by an amtrak train as it pulled into union station. news4 was first to report this. sent out an alert on the nbc washington app minutes after it happened. lot of passengers stuck on the train took to twitter to voice frustration. most were asking amtrak what is going on. >> this morning, we have team coverage to let you know how this will impact your commute. erika gonzales is at
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station. justin finch has more. >> reporter: take a look, it is still parked on the tracks hours after the deadly crash involving two people struck here. this happened we are told close to 11:20 last night. with amtrak 175 coming in, closing in on a destination not far away at union station. after that crash came to a stop here on the tracks around 1200 block of new york avenue northeast. on board, 121 passengers and crew. officials telling us that no one on board was hurt. we do know one rail worker was taken to the hospital for a check up. you can see that train is still parked on the track, looking like it has been here all night. investigators will take advantage of daylight to see as many details as
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what we know about the two people so far is not much. hearing from amtrak officials, they may have been two trespassers. justin finch, news4, back to you. >> thank you. it is 6:03. live look from union station where amtrak trains are stalled after last night's crash. >> news4 erika gonzales is live talking to folks impacted by service suspension. erika? >> reporter: hey, we were talking to passengers on board the train last night when it struck and killed two people. vivid accounts how they describe feeling like they knew the train had hit someone and not something. this morning, we spoke to riders that they got here, all the boards said on time, boarded their trains at 3:15 this morning, only to be told they have to get off. >> we boarded the train, was on the train an hour and a half. and t
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going anywhere. >> reporter: those ladies were headed to new york this morning. they did tell us amtrak refunded their tickets, they're going to try to schedule another day to head up there. big delays out there this morning. of course, keeping your updates with news4 today with amtrak if you plan to head out this morning. back to you. >> erika gonzales at union station. thank you. team coverage of breaking news extends to our nbc washington app. get the latest on the home page and watch a news4 i-team investigation detailing the number of people who have been killed by trains in our area. 6:04. new very dangerous strain of ransomware is crippling computers. >> angie goff at the live desk with details. what is this? >> security experts link the latest round of
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to one from last month. on the hit list this time, names we know. big pharmaceutical maker, food company, nabisco. two hospitals had to can sell surgeries when their system was compromised. and the chernobyl nuclear site in ukraine. radiation monitoring carried out manually because of it. if you go to the nbc washington app, susan hogan shows you how to tell if you're at risk for cyber attacks, was to do now to protect your own computer. eun? >> thank you. 6:05. now to allegations of grade tampering at prince george's county schools. whistleblowers say they changed grades to boost graduation rates. one teacher that spoke exclusively with news4 says
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investigators will not find a paper trail oies any organized effort to boost graduation rates with grades students didn't earn. that teacher we spoke with said instead of a written order, they received pressure and innuendo to get kids, quote, over the line. she did not want to be identified. >> if you don't change the grade, don't give the work, your principal has the authority to do it and call it an administrative override, they can change the grade for you. >> teachers union says it is impossible for teachers to change grades once published. ceo of prince george's county schools kevin maxwell also denies allegations but says he wants a new investigation. getting new information about the suspect in the murder of a muslim teenager in sterling last week. "the washington post" reports that darwin martinez torrez was accused of sexual assaulting a woman in days before the murder. that woman told investigators she did not
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torrez was an ms-13 gang member. torrez is now charged with abducting and killing nabra hassanen on june 18th. here's a look at other top stories we're working this morning. senate republicans postponing plans to vote on the health care bill this week. this comes after several republicans voice opposition to the plan. they'll now take it up after july 4th recess. at 6:45, peter alexander has a look at how republicans plan to move forward. police looking for people that targeted a prince george's county cemetery, knocking over dozens of headstones before taking off. at 6:30, we will tell you how much money they estimate the damage cost. we have an update to a story we brought as breaking news yesterday morning. the man who died in a bad crash in district heights had just stolen that car from a couple in upper marlborough. prince george's county police say derrick foster ultimately crashed
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and caught fire. new video this morning. look at the screen. d.c. police asking for your help to identify the man in the dark shirt. he is a person of interest in a child sex abuse incident that happened in the 600 block of north carolina avenue in the southeast monday. another look here. if you know who this man is, you're asked to contact police. new video this morning of armed robbery suspects who hit in broad daylight. take a look. this video taken inside the metro pcs store on georgia avenue in northwest d.c. monday afternoon. you can see there the suspect walking staff and customers to a back room. we're told they took valuables from everyone before taking store merchandise and leaving. we also learned the store was hit three times in the past two years. police now identifying the man killed in a massive apartment fire in northwest d.c. edwin romero's body found inside the apartments
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sunday. 11 other people were hurt. the number includes five firefighters. more than 200 residents that live there have to find another place to live. the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation. fire and smoke in another apartment. this time caused by a pet product. the warning about the item you may have in your home. a stafford county deputy gets his chance to become a star. we were there as he watched his performance on the national stage with his co-workers. we'll show you what they thought. good morning, 6:09 on a wednesday. sun has been up for 24 minutes. beautiful way to get the day started. four things you need to know about the next four days, today absolutely beautiful. getting back to the hot side of things tomorrow. humidity back friday, storm chances for the weekend. we have the whole ten day forecast comup
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we still tracking that breaking news. here's a live look at delays for amtrak trains after two people were killed on the tracks overnight. we have team coverage spread out to bring you the latest up
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6:13. following breaking news in northeast washington that will effect some of your commute. two people hit and killed from an amtrak train. all service from perryville to washington suspended until further notice so police can investigate. >> we're told no one on the train was injured. people were stuck for hours
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updates as well. breaking news continuing in first 4 traffic. amtrak temporary suspension, trains can't operate. worth repeating between d.c. and philadelphia. we will talk about how this sets up. get your hump day started. temperatures mostly in the 50s, downtown washington at 62. one of the milder spots. some spots are in the 40s. highs today with 100% sunshine, up near 83 degrees. if you start to wonder about fourth of july, typical of washington, hot and humid, but dry for the fireworks. i'm angie goff at the live desk. get straight to this footage of a wildfire burning in california. you can see all of the smoke rising in the air, near a lot of houses in riverside county. this is east of l.a. this wildfire is 60% contained.
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all the damage until it is more contained. at this point, big bang theory johnny gallon he can ee confirmed his home was destroyed. there's new word out west, too, with a fresh wildfire that broke out yesterday in mountains of the san bernardino county area causing dozens of evacuations. eun? >> thank you. you probably saw this story all over your facebook feed, close to three dozen people hurt after a manhattan subway train derailed yesterday. it was caused by an improperly secured piece of replacement rail stored on the tracks. crews spent the day inspecting every inch of rail. we're told trains should be running normally this morning. firefighters in loudoun county training to respond to potential threats on metro. getting ready for anything that arises once tracks are in place and silver line trains are in
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part of the train metro cars. >> they need to be able to climb on it, that's why there's no steps on it. this is why it is designed to be not at a train station. this is meant to be the one you see as you're driving. >> the fire department worked with metro for several years to set up metro simulator. security upgrades to montgomery high schools that the i-team first reported will be costly. board of education voted in favor of spending $1.5 million on changes. the upgrades include addition of security gates at some buildings and door locks at others. so-called security vestibules inside buildings to prevent trespassers or attackers. work continues this summer, will continue to fall. only three newly renovated high schools untouched. gaithersburg, paint branch and
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accusation that captured the nation's attention earlier this year. the criminal case since collapsed and charges are now dropped. school district officials tell news4 they will now undertake a security review of montgomery nearly 200 middle and elementary schools. ♪ did you see him on "america's got talent?" that's dancing deputy. >> oh no. >> you remember this guy from in our own backyard. he is a stafford county sheriff's deputy, there was a viewing party for the show. he watched his debut as sheriff's headquarters with supportive colleagues. news4 talked to him about the inspiration behind the dance moves. >> i watched videos, some of my favorite artists, most know beyonce is my favorite artist.
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he did not advance to the next round. he says he has no regrets. now everyone knows him, he is a dancing sheriff. we're enjoying the refreshing, cool, crisp. >> yes. >> good stuff. >> maybe a light jacket. windows down this afternoon. definitely eat outside if you can. >> i have to write that down. >> write it down. eun needs a jacket this morning. in some areas, looking at 40 degree temperatures in parts of winchester earlier this morning. now that the sun is up, things are starting to warm up. still cool this morning. this will be one of the coolest mornings we're going to have for probably quite awhile. heat and humidity start to go up tomorrow and into the weekend. speaking of the weekend, it will feel like summer, hot and humid with thunderstorms in the forecast. typical summer weather for in
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62 now in the district. 57 in leesburg. you might need a light jacket. men as is, 49. gaithersburg coming in at 50 degrees. we can thank this big area of high pressure for the weather today, tomorrow and friday. humidity is going to stay low really just today. tomorrow it creeps up, more so friday and into the weekend. if you're walking the dog, he needs a home, available at humane rescue. head to the website, figure out how to adopt him. 8:00, 70 degrees. near noon, perfect weather. low humidity this afternoon. dogs will love it, people love it too, of course. a look at the beach forecast headed into the weekend, friday, mid-80s, pretty good, breezy. saturday most of the day is nice and dry. late thunderstorm by sunday. looking at thunderstorms in the forecast. elsewhere, 90s on the map thursday, friday, and saturday and sunday. heat and humidity through the weekend
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thunderstorms saturday, then a chance for scattered thunderstorms sunday. we'll look at the ten day forecast in a bit. let's check the roads with melissa mollet. >> good morning. breaking news on the roads, talk about it in a second. rails again on amtrak, we have temporary service suspension this morning. trains cannot operate between d.c. and philadelphia because of two people killed on the tracks overnight. on marc, delays. camden line service to and from greenbelt, penn line service to and from new carrollton headed northbound this morning. metro, you have to do that, green and orange line, either of those into d.c. westbound freeway, seventh street blocked by a crash. 295 before pennsylvania. police activity drawing attention. outer loop ramp to bw parkway, car into ditch. chopper 4 over that now. >> thank
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pool. called dry drowning, and it has happened to this little boy. symptoms to look out to to keep your summer safe and secure. we're tracking that breaking news melissa mentioned, trains delayed after two people hit and killed by an amtrak train. and we'll check in with the news crew at the scene and at union station still ahead. here's a live look at crews owrking n
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everything is back to normal
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high-rise apartment building in potomac, maryland. montgomery county fire officials responded for a fire on the first floor last night. officials say the cause of the fire appears to be a reptile heat lamp. it malfunctioned. >> take a look, the liz regaard fine. nobody was injured. >> is it wearing a jacket? 6:24. working to find ways for your summer to be safe and secure. drowning is the leading cause of death for children. >> recent story about a child death from dry drowning is getting a lot of attention online. lot of people never heard of this. >> we talk to experts about what to look out for even days after getting out of the water. a four-year-old boy from texas spent the day swimming. a week later died from what's called dry drowning. many of us never heard of dry
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it is rare, but the chief medical officer with doctors community hospital explains it can happen, even when parents don't realize anything is wrong. >> what happens is upper airway spasms or closes. and it does it as reflex to protect water going to your lungs. when that happens, spasming can continue to persist. if it persists, you don't get oxygen to the lungs and that effect is like drowning. >> can take hours or days for symptoms to appear. the key to prevention is know what to look for. >> most common symptoms are shortness of breath, chest pain, persistent cough or lethargy. that means low energy. >> here are four things to do to make sure your child can stay in and out of the water. make sure they know how to swim. make sure the child is closely supervised when around the water. know the symptoms of dry drowning. if you suspect anythg,
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>> coming up tomorrow, keeping your home safe and secure while you're away. tips and tools to use that go beyond locking your doors. four things to do before going on vacation tomorrow on news4 today. 6:26. following breaking news this morning, a deadly accident on the tracks. an amtrak train hit two people. team coverage on the investigation and service impacts still ahead. a fiery crash, a gun on the scene, and police chase. the wild story revealed after we reported breaking news first on news4 today. good morning. it's also a cool one as you step outside. some areas are in the 40s, believe it or not, but either way, it is going to be a fantastic day. heading into the weekend, we have more heat, humidity and thunderstorms. 'll show you the forweec
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a deadly amtrak accident. two people killed here, the tragedy on the tracks and impact on rail service is spreading. >> here's a live look at the
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the train is still on the tracks. it was on its way into union station when two people on the tracks were hit overnight. >> live look from union station. 6:30 train to new york has just been delayed, and this is not the place you want to see delays this morning. in the last hour, learning how it is impacting rail service on metro, marc and amtrak. >> we are working with new details what's being done to get around delays as a result of the accident. don't leave home without listening to our report this morning. >> melissa mollet has up to the minute information in first 4 traffic. >> this breaking news, take a look. trains can't operate now between d.c. and philadelphia on amtrak. here's what is also being impacted when you look at marc. camden line service to and from greenbelt only, penn line to and from new carrollton here in the northbound direction, of course. metro green and orange line, either of those c
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get to d tickets. westbound southeast freeway, some lanes blocked. 295 slow before pennsylvania avenue. and the outer loop northbound, bw parkway, some delays, car off onto a ditch area. hi, chuck and sheena. good morning. gl good morning, melissa. it is fantastic outside. if you leave soon for the commute, roll down the windows. >> i had somebody on twitter say they needed seat heaters. >> come on. >> i gave them a shoutout, come on now, toughen up. it is a lovely cool start to a summer morning in washington. sun is up, clear sky, low humidity. temperatures, how about 50 in lateensville, 53 in potomac, great falls. prince george's county, 58 in riverdale, 55 in upper marlborough. nice way to get your day started. 78 in gaithersburg, 82 in
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is. 80 by the bay. beach bound, friday, saturday, sunday, great beach weather this weekend. ten day forecast and fourth of july forecast still to come. >> thank you, chuck. it is 6:32. we're following breaking news this morning. two people are dead after being hit by an amtrak train. take a look at the map. you'll see the 1200 block of new york avenue. >> if you're familiar with the area around union station, it is by a bus depot and mobile gas station. justin finch is live on the scene this morning with more on the investigation. justin, what can you tell us? >> reporter: aaron, good morning. right by the mobile gas station you mentioned, behind us an active scene. several agencies trying to gain clues and sense of what happened. we have csx workers, federal railroad workers, amtrak crews on scene just where the van is about to back into, that's the base camp at this hour. as for what we know now, taking you
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so last night came reports of amtrak train 175 striking and killing two people on the tracks here. we have 121 on board that train. crew as well. no one on board was hurt. there was a rail worker injured, reporting a need for check out, was taken to a hospital for that purpose. back on scene, the amtrak train remains on scene. crews are on the ground trying to get a sense of who the two people were. i can tell you speaking off camera to workers here, there's a sense that those were not just trespassers, as reported earlier, there could be more to the story. we will have that coming up soon. back to you. >> justin finch, thank you. team coverage continues from the live desk with a look at the impact at union station. angie goff is monitoring the situation. what are you seeing? >> in addition to your alarm going off, may have heard a push alert, letting you know train service between philly and d.c. has been temporarily
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on amtrak. at union station, take a look at the scene inside. trains are stalled and lines are filling up at ticket counters, after two people were hit and killed by the amtrak train. melissa mentioned the effect that it is having on the marc penn line service from union station, and carrollton also suspended, and camden limited service to greenbelt. melissa will continue to update status of both of those. if you're supposed to take amtrak today, best to check the company app. they're updating there as well. coming up, we're going to erika gonzalez for a live report. she's speaking with people stuck looking for alternates, has firsthand accounts and the latest. that's coming up shortly. aaron? >> thank you. 6:34. here's some of the other top stories. police identified the man killed in this massive apartment fire in northwest d.c. his name is edwin romero, his body found inside rolling terrace apartments sunday. 11
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five firefighters. cause of the fire still under investigation. look at the man in this video here. he is accused of taking up skirt photos at a target store in sterling. investigators say a woman saw him trying to take video of her monday. she and a store employee confronted him and he ran away. if you recognize him, contact loudoun sheriff's office. in prince george's county, police looking for vandals who hit a cemetery, they knocked over dozens of headstones before taking off. this happened friday morning at saint thomas episcopal. they knocked over 24 headstones. generations of families have been buried in this cemetery since the 1700s. church leaders estimate damage at about $12,000. we have an update to a story we brought as breaking news yesterday morning. >> the man who died in a bad crash in district heights had just stolen that car from a couple in upper marlborough. police in pe
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when derrick foster turned off his lights and sped away. the car ultimately crashed into two utility poles and caught fire on silver hill road. they pulled him out of the burning car, he was pronounced dead at the scene. they found a gun in the car. fourth of july celebrations, now is the time to plan ahead. details metro just released that will impact how and when you get to the mall. it is a cool start to the morning. temperatures are in the mid-50s for the most part. 55 in the district. we have heat and humidity on the way for the weekend. and thunderstorms. we'll show you that with our extended forecast looking at the fourth of july as well, coming up in a bit. i am erika gonzalez outside union station. we're talking to riders that got on trains this morning, only to be told it is cancelled. we have more on that story coming up.
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weenchts staying on breaking news in washington. an amtrak train hit and killed two people. it happened before midnight. >> train 175 hit the two people as it came into union station. a train is still sitting on the tracks. we will check in with reporters. first, we will check in with melissa mollet. >> big impact on rails for a lot of people, not just amtrak, also marc. trains are not running between d.c. and philadelphia this morning. we expect an update from amtrak about when service will resume. and we will keep you updated in cut ins and online. we will talk about marc and the rest of the roadways coming up. good morning. we are looking at com
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weather. take a look outside. plenty of sunshine. it is a nice day. today is the last day with low, comfortable humidity levels. tomorrow it goes up. near 80 by lunchtime. very pleasant. coming up, we talk about heat and humidity and thunderstorms for the weekend straight ahead. >> thank you. 6:41. metro stays open on fourth of july. >> trains run until midnight, a half hour later than usual. trains operate every 12 minutes until 6:00 p.m., then increase to rush hour service before and after fireworks on the national mall. parking lots will be free. >> everything to know about watching fireworks for the fourth. you can find an interactive map with all of the local fireworks displays. search firewor
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in prince george's county schools. whistleblowers break silence, why some say it may have been going on for years. remember this scene, teens cuffed and detained for selling soda and water on the national mall. we have a positive update to the story that had people fuming on facebook. and tracking breaking news on the deadly accident involving amtrak. we just learned csx workers were hit and killed on tracks late last night. we hear more from passengers next. first thing on my mind, we must have
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it is 6:45. we are on top of breaking news. two people dead after being hit by an amtrak
6:46 am
tracks nea of new york avenue northeast. >> justin finch is live at the scene with new information on the victims there. justin? >> reporter: aaron, good morning. that's right. new information regarding the two struck yesterday. csx confirming with news4 they were indeed two csx employees truck and killed on tracks tuesday night. let's back up and tell you how this all happened here. about 11:20 came reports of two people struck on the amtrak tracks here. we're on 1200 block of new york avenue northeast, 175 was the train involved in this. two people struck and killed. no injuries to report to the crew, and 121 passengers on board. right now, watching crews and investigators from amtrak, the national transportation safety board and many other agencies combing the area for details. two people struck and killed on the tracks were csx railroad
6:47 am
employees, their identities not yet released this morning. we're awaiting update from ntsb for new details. for now, that's the latest. justin finch, news4, back to you. >> justin, thank you. from the accident scene in the northeast to impact at union station, team coverage continues now with news4 erika gonzalez. >> she's live at the train station with how this is impacting amtrak passengers this morning. erika? >> reporter: hi, aaron, eun, good morning. deba gate b behind me is now empty, this was a train to new york, 15 minutes later, everybody is on board, things are getting better. check out the board here, still lots of delays and cancellations this morning. when we got here first, we spoke to a family of three -- >> heard the horn blow and about three seconds later heard like a
6:48 am
clunking sound. first thing in my mind was since it stopped that something -- we must have hit somebody. >> i could tell one of the workers on the train who had probably seen what happened was really i guess in shock. >> we're anticipating an update from amtrak around 7:00 a.m. as to when they will change service status or if they'll change it. we'll let you know through the nbc washington app as soon as that happens. >> coverage extends to the app. get the latest information on the home page. you can also watch the news4 i-team investigation detailing the number of people killed by trains in our area. it is 6:48. there will not be a vote this week on the senate republican health care plan. >> they're aiming for a vote after july 4th recess. peter alexander is live at the white house. peter, president trump summoned all republican senators to the white house yesterday. how big r
6:49 am
>> reporter: to this point, he played a more limited role than he did when the house passed its bill. the scene yesterday was strikingly different. when the house bill passed, they had a celebration in the rose garden. yesterday, you saw dozens of republican senators coming here, brainstorming, expressing frustrations about what in effect is a failure, the stunning delay in what was expected to be a vote tomorrow for the republican bill to try to repeal obamacare, something they have been working on for the course of seven years. now republicans over the course of the next 24 to 48 hours will try to gather a plan to be reviewed by the independent budget score keeper, congressional budget office, while they then head away for their fourth of july recess. the goal being when they come back that they get a chance to vote on a new bill, suffice it to say this is not the way they carved it out. the challenge is every fix you do that helps a conservative republican is one
6:50 am
with. back to you, aaron. see you on "today." >> see you in a couple minutes on the "today" show. peter alexander, live at the white house. thanks. i am angie goff at the live desk. another widespread cyber attack effecting systems across europe and even in the u.s. like the one last month. it took computers hostage unless they paid up. most of those targeted were in ukraine and russia, major pharmaceutical maker, and nabisco hit as well. they are also monitoring chernobyl nuclear plant, site of the worst nuclear accident. protect your computer by updating your operating system and anti-virus software. tips in the nbc washington app. >> angie, thank you. now to allegations of grade tampering at prince george's county public schools. whistleblowers say over three years teachers changed grades to boost graduat
6:51 am
one teacher spoke excsi investi will not find a paper trail of orders to change those grades. the school system denies any organized effort to boost graduation rates with grades that students didn't earn. teachers we spoke with say instead of written orders, teachers received pressure and innuendo to help get kids, quote, over the line. she asked we not identify her. >> if you don't change the grade, don't give the work, your principal has the authority to do what's called an administrative override and they can change a grade for you. >> the teachers union says it is impossible for teachers to change grades once they have been published. the ceo of prince george's county schools kevin maxwell has also denied allegations but says he wants a new investigation. an update now to a story that had a lot of you fired up on nbc washington facebook page. many of you reacting to this picture of a group of black teens in handcuffs for
6:52 am
water bottles on the national mall. they didn't have a license to do that. >> park police officers eventually let the teens go with a warning. after the incident, "the washington post" says one of the teens received a call from a job training program that focuses on tech support. two of the teens are now working with that program for the summer. 6:52. get you up to speed on first 4 traffic. >> here is melissa mollet. good morning. >> breaking news on the rails. take a look again. this amtrak problem really widespread for everybody in this area. trains cannot run between d.c. and philadelphia as of now. expecting an update here in the next 15 minutes or so. brunswick, no problems. camden line service only to and from greenbelt. penn line to new carrollton at this point this morning. as far as metro, take green and orange from either station. use either line into d.c. this morning. 124 before 270, a crash
6:53 am
chopper 4 overha this morning. inbound 66 at 123. disabled vehicle in the road causing delays. rest of the roads as you widen out, looks pretty good this morning. travel times on 270 top of the beltway, normal right now. in virginia, 66 and 95, no major issues. remember to listen to wtop, 103.5 when in the car. had a great time around golden triangle district of downtown washington, one of the judges picking the prettiest planter boxes. there's the winner, beautiful white elephant ears and lilies. great day to be outside. another winner coming today. i will have pictures on my facebook and instagram. and any time you need weather, download the nbc washington app and it is there for you. 62 in washington under a clear sky. there had been 40s on the map earlier, but sunas
6:54 am
to around 60 degrees. no chance for rain today, tomorrow or friday. perfect day for splishing and splashing in the pool. mid 70s this morning, up to 83 for a high today. great night for baseball. nationals and cubbies, first pitch 7:05. no chance for rain delay. let's hope it leads to a win. tomorrow is not as cool as this morning, still not too bad. then warmup starts tomorrow, up to 91 degrees. check of the weekend, fourth of july, let's go to sheena. good morning. >> good morning, chuck. enjoy today. talking low humidity today, makes you feel comfortable. starting tomorrow and especially friday that humidity will go up. you'll notice it will be hot and humid. right now we're mild. watch what happens as we go into tomorrow and friday. hot and humid weather headed our way. that's the case over the weekend. tuesday, that's fourth of july. it will feel like summer. good news, rain chances will be minimal that day. here's t
6:55 am
that's where you are heading for start of fourth of july. maybe fourth of july week. cape may, looking at late chance saturday and sunday. hoping to be mid-80s, looking at late chance saturday and ocean city. most of the first half of the weekend is looking good at the beach. look at fourth of july, chuck. >> all right, thanks, sheena. fireworks go off around 9:15 tuesday night for fourth of july. not much threat of them being rained out. couldn't rule out a stray afternoon shower. by 9:00, everything should be drying out. there's the ten day forecast. enjoy nice weather today and early tomorrow morning. 90 plus for thursday, friday, saturday, all the way through the fourth before better rain chances come in middle of next week. >> chuck, thank you. about 6:56. four things to know before you head out the door this morning. two csx employees were hit and killed by an amtrak train overnight. this happened near the 1200 block of new york avenue northeast. the train is still sitting on the tracks and impacting o
6:56 am
th t latest on delays. ing. republicans delaying a vote on the health care plan originally scheduled for this week. they're aiming for vote after fourth of july recess. "today" show has the latest on that battle in a few minutes. montgomery county fire officials say a lizard heat lamp may be to blame for an apartment fire in potomac, maryland. the lizard is fine, no one was injured. watch the "today" show. matt lauer has an exclusive interview with parents of aust tice, the free-lance journalist, law school student has been held captive in syria nearly five years. remember right now, amtrak service suspended. trains are not running between d.c. and philadelphia. also impacting marc. camden line service to and from greenbelt and penn line to and from new carrollton. just a mess. effecting a lot of people. we will keep you updated on the
6:57 am
facebook late chance of thunderstorms saturday, and then for sunday. but looking like summer, feeling like it too. >> reunited. >> that's the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> "today" show is next. enjoy your day. >> make it a great wnesday, eveder
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breaking news. mounting problems from a targeting major companies in the u.s. and around the world. hospitals, banks, airlines, the food industry, all affected. the hackers demanding a ransom. how will it impact you? good progress. republican leaders express confidence about passing their health care bill after a strategy session at the white house. >> i think we have a good chance of getting there. it will just take us a little bui bit longer. >> the vote on hold until after the holiday break. held captive. tension between the u.s. and syria, adding new urgency for the efforts to free an american journalist kidnapped a


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