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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 28, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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hit someone on a bridge near bull run in prince william county. but when they got there, it turns out the person was actually under the bridge. here is why this could affect you or someone you know. as a result, vre is canceling train 355 out of d.c.'s union station and that means a lot of people have to find another way to get home. metro is accepting vre passengers. we'll bring you new information as we get it here. now to triangltriangle, vir. chopper 4 over what police thought was a shooting. police arrived at the he south hampton apartments on southway lane and found three people with injuries. but police say those injuries were not from gunshots. those three were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. police right now are looking for a suspect. back to the rails now. segment of the red line will be close the four weekends in a row starting next month. crews will try to repair problems with the leaking tunnel. there won't be any train
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heights. adam tuss first reported on this issue back in 2013 and warned that shutdowns like this could be coming to see the exact closures, open up our nbc washington app. right now there are a lot of questions to figure out, but amtrak and commuter trains are rolling again hours after two csx workers were hit and killed. >> and wife learne've learned w workers were on the tracks. many passengers on board said that they knew something terrible had happened. >> we heard like the horn blow and about 3 seconds later, we heard like a clunking sound. my wife thought she had heard has gone hit the window next to her. >> the tragedy has also impacted thousands of people who use marc's camden and pan
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adam tuss is live at union station with the latest on this investigation. adam. >> reporter: this is all a tragic accident unfortunately. what happened here was around 11:30 last night, those two csx workers got an alert from their train that they needed to stop the train and check out a problem with the wheel of their train. when they got off that csx train, they unknowingly stepped into active amtrak tracks and that is when they were hit by that amtrak train. now, this again happened around 11:30 last night and this morning the tracks were cleared, but amtrak trains are still going about 10 miles per hour in that area as investigators continue to try to put the pieces together here. again, all of this seems like a tragic accident and we're still trying to figure out how fast that amtrak train was going, why there was no communication between amtrak and that csx train or to what extent the communication was there to let
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xwchlt wox workers were on the track. we heard from the ntsb. >> dispatch was notified that there was probably something wrong with one or more of the wheels. and the train came to a stop for the drew members to take a look and try to identify what the problem was before continuing. >> reporter: now, we still haven't learned the identities ever those people who were killed. we do know that the csx was coming from baltimore here to union station. again all serviceridor is back and raining, bunning, but train running slow during that area. adam tuss, news 4. and first at 4:00, prince george's county police are looking for three people who tried so hard to uproot and atm.
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the whole thing. chris lawrence, we understand you have more of the video. >> yeah, this is the first time we've searing this video and it shows you the length thieves will go to to get their hands on that cash. take a look. this is surveillance video from the gas station. three suspects huge a hitch and chain to rip the atm out of the ground, but it holds firm. three times they tried to haul it away, but didn't get the cash. this happened around 3:00 in the morning on monday at the shell there on marlboro pike. that is the same road where the so-called backhoe bandit hit just a few weeks ago. in that case a man stole a construction truck and tried to pry the atm from a drive-thru. in the latest case, we saw two of the men on tape, but they were wearing masks and hood gis. chris lawrence, news 4. let's turn to storm team 4
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now. >> doug, are you going to turn up the heat on us? >> yeah, heat getting turned up over the next couple days. and this heat wave looks like is it wants to stick around a while. but out there right now, just gorgeous weather. temperatures right now only 82 d.c., are 77 hagerstown. ocean city at 72 degrees. nice day but a cool day out there along the beaches. if you are heading out to the national game tonight, looking good. stephen strasburg on the bump. 79 at first inning, 76 by the home stretch. and leaving a bit cool around 73. might need the jacket again tonight. we'll talk about the heat wave and how long it lasts in about ten minutes. a montgomery county man is set to spend about more than three decades in prison for his role in a gang murder. this happened back in 2015. the victim, a day laborer found stabbed to death in germantown. chrigo
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sentencing and joins us live. >> reporter: edwin reyes martinez is a teenager who has now started serving a 34 year prison sentence. he confessed and pleaded guilty to his role in this brutal ms-13 gang murder. >> this was a savage killing. this was a savage killing. >> reporter: montgomery county's top prosecutor john mccarthy says 19-year-old edwin reyes martinez acted as the lookout for an ms-13 gang murder, he stood watch to alert the killers if about anyone unexpected showed up. the victim was found buried in a shallow grave in germantown with 27 stab wounds. >> massive amounts of the overkill and multiple weapons, multiple assailants. >> stipulate typical of a gang murder? >> sadly the answer is yes. >> reporter: police identified the victim
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vargas only after the autopsy revealed he had a metal nail embedded in his foot. his family said years earlier he had an accident with a nail gun and could not afford too have it removed. prosecutors say that he was lured into the woods and attacked by as many as five gang members. the motive may have been a gang initiation. prosecutor tor tos say most of suspects are still on the loose and they want the public's help finding and arresting them. that is the latest live from the courthouse, back to you. well, a crime you probably heard of takes root in a new community. >> we're working for you with three simple things you should do to keep your things safe. and we all know smoking is bad for your heart, but which other habits should women especially be careful about? first at 4:00, a new
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for one of the black women mathematicians critical to nasa's space program. and the best time to get out of town for the holiday weekend.
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first at 4:00, one of the women who helped inspire the movie "hiddig
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named after her. >> members of united steel workers local 8888 presented a letter and petition with more than 2500 signatures at hampton city hall. hampton is mary jackson's hometown. jacki ining son o ining jackson in a tesch shanahan and helped launch the first americans into space. a record number of you are expected to hit the roads this weekend for the fourth of july. aaa today said more than a million people in the d.c. area will travel 50 miles or more from home. and that means a lot of traffic on the bay bridge of course. maryland transportation officials have some suggestions if you are heading to the eastern shore. if you leave tomorrow, you should leave before 10:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. friday before 8:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m., saturday before 6:00 in the morning off 8:00 at night, sunday before 8:00 a.m. or after 7:00 p.m.
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on monday, before 8:00 a.m. or after 8:00 p.m. about and tuesday, before 9:00 in the morning or 10:00 at night. >> and if you will ignore all that and stay here in town, the 50th anniversary of the smithsonian folk life festival opens up tomorrow. this year consider's themes are circus art and on the move. circus performances are part of the events there. and we have posted the complete schedule and a link as well where you can check out some of the artists and musicians. nbc washington app and search folk life. she is beauty, grace, and she has some big plans to help children in our area. our interview with miss usa first at 4:00. and an update on a favorite summer food. why you may want to plan your crab feast early this summer. i've already had a couple of those. next couple of days, the heat is on. we're talking heat and humidity and that brings
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clo index close to 100. which days are the hottest rht after thige
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loud done couon county want shares to help prevent car break-ins. just last week mayor bowser was handing out fake tic
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unlocked. and in prince george's county, vehicle break-ins are the fastest rising crimes. 2300 so far this year. police want you to take property out of your cars and lock your doors. and back to loudoun county where david culver explains how police are using technology to share their message. >> reporter: they sure are. and look behind me. you can see what is a rather picturesque community, safe, family friendly. this is stone ridge. we have communities like this across the county. and the sheriff is rolling out this initiative because even though many communities are crime free, he worries that those of you who live in loudoun county, you may become too trusting and you may let your guard down. this is one of the examples right behind us, something that you are 2r50iing to tell people to avoid. >> exactly. what we're trying to do is make sure before anybody goes to
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doors. there is probably somebody home, so probably safe do that, although we would still recommend against it. >> reporter: we think about how busy we are as a community, parents who have things to do with their kids, always on the go, this is an idea of coming up with a checklist and trying to remind people as you say. >> that's right. what we're trying to do is make it just kind of a regular thing that people do. i mean, we're putting it out on twitter. >> reporter: twitter, facebook, any sort of social media, that is the effort behind this. the hash tag is 9:00 p.m. routine. it began last night and it will continue to fill your social media feeds throughout the summer. and i can tell you that a lot of the homeowners associations like here in stone ridge, they are helping police, they are trying to reinforce that message and send it out through news let erers and e-mail lasts. >> all right, thanks, david. well, if you like crabs, get cracking. we're learning maryland will shorten the crab s
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whole days. >> a survey reveals a decrease in the blue crab be population, so harvesting now will be closing on november 20th this year. a study shows that the chesapeake bay's juvenile crab population is down 54% and the same study says crabbers should be scaling back the harvest now to give the babies extra time to grow and reproduce which the crabbers may not want to do, but here is the tradeoff. if they comply, prices for the crabs that you catch will go up. which they do want to hear. >> yeah, they do. >> i just want to hear that there is plenty for everybody. >> you don't care what you pay. >> you know what i did the other day? i bought my own crab pot so i can do it at my house. saves you a ton of money. from 85 a dozen to 35 a dozen and takes 40 minutes, everybody. it was good, too. out there right now, take a look at the numbers. really a great day once again. i mean, wow. can it stay this wayor
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we have the heat moving back in, but right now looking great. temperature at 82, winds out of the southwest about 9 miles an hour. going to be a bit on the breezy side during the day tomorrow and that will bring in more warm air. but right now, it's very nice. 82 d.c., 79 manassas, 79 gaithersburg. our average high is 87. look at annapolis, 74 that little breeze off the water there. no rain to talk about, we still need some rain. we have not seen much in the way of it raining in june at all. it has been a very dry mond and looks like it will remain that way. have a storm up towards minneapolis, that will continue to move to the north and that one will help to bring the heat our way. the jet stream going up and then right back down. and that jet stream has allowed the hot air to be back toward the west and the nice mild cool relatively this time of year in toward parts of of the d.c. area and northeast. next couple days though, the heat really starts to on come back in, we're talking a heat wave comi
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we're well into the 90s and heat index near 100 degrees especially friday into staaturd. so the forecast tomorrow, here comes the heat, but not too humid. temperature around 91. i don't expect to see much in the way of a heat index tomorrow. if you're heading to the pool, a great day for the pool. 88 around 2:00, 90 around 4:00. so yeah, i expect the pool to be a little bit packed over the next few days because of the heat wave that we have going on. 93 isolated thunderstorms on friday, but a better chance of storms on saturday. only a 30% chance, but any storms that develop could be on the stronger side with locally strong winds. 93 on sunday, 94 monday. and then look at july 4th, 93 degrees on the fourth of july. that is a hot one, but right now it looks like we will be okay for the fireworks. wednesday and thursday, looking pretty good there with a good about chance for some rain as it stands right now. again, we do need to see the rain. but right now track the heat moving
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kammerer the crabber. secret talents. >> oh, yeah. >> our favorite dancing deputy, he got cut from "america's got talent" sflp but we think he has the right attitude. >> every step back is a set up for the future. >> the virginia deputy's plans for the future and the woman who inspires him. >> and a newly popular medical test that could help doctors indicator better to you. plus we are staying on top of those accusations about grade inflation in prince george's county. the new developments
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usa 2017 is -- district of columbia! >> what a moment. miss d.c. was crowned miss usa. she's a scientist bhwho works a the regulatory commission. she's now working to get more children across the country interested this science, technology, engineering and math. she stopped by news 4 midday and told aaron gilchrist the pageant fully supports her education project and she's hoping to kick off the tour right here in her home town. >> are hoping to do like a d.c. school tour first, maybe like a tri-state one in new york and l
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do scienceprojects. hopefully a tutoring project, as well, be and bring that type of college aspect to the high school students. >> so you take your crown and your lab coat and talk to -- >> maybe the goggles, too. >> she's also looking ahead to the next big competition, miss universe pageant. in the meantime, you will find beautiful photos from the win on the nbc washington facebook page. >> if about my science teacher looked like her, i'd be at m.i.t. right now. >> brine brains and beauty. winning combination. how about talent of a different kind. dancing deputy took the national stage when he was on america's xwoot t got talent. >> so he mhow marty stone talked
4:26 pm
him. >> reporter: he busted a move. >> how did i get here? like i never in a million years thought as a law enforcement officer that i'd be dancing in uniform on stage. ♪ >> reporter: he watched the show at the sheriff's headquarters with supportive colleagues. >> i'm excited that i'm getting to put the message out there that as a law enforcement officer, i'm still human, i like to have fun. >> reporter: so much that he taught himself how to dance. >> i watched video ons, some of my favorite artists, beyonce is my favorite. >> reporter: last year he danced to beyonce's formation at a north stafford high school pep ral li. the swrid i don't went viral and then he got a call from "america's got talent." >> we have seen that this has had a positive impact on the community. >> reporter: the judges made their decision. although he didn't advance to the next round, the deputy has no regrets. >> every
4:27 pm
the future. >> reporter: and his future is bright. shomari stone, news 4. and he did it with all of his equipment on. >> yeah, that's what makes the dance. >> got it give him credit for that. new today, the teachers union surprising reaction to that grade scandal at prince george's county. and the new rules about to change the kind of alcohol you can buy.
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i'm chris lawrence back at the live desk where we just got an update on the murder of a teenage girl in fairfax county. she was bludgeoned to death but investigators say there is no credible evidence that the suspect has any affiliation with local gangs. this is after a report came out that he did have connections to
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ms-13. she was killed after leaving prayers at a mofmosque. investigators are treating it at an incident of road rage and are holding torres in jail. an update on breaking news. this is the view theiew from ch of a vre train that hit someone on the track near bull run in prince william county. when first responders got to the scene, that person was under the bridge are and someone was already performing cpr. >> we are working to learn the condition of that person. meantime, this will have a big about impact on a lot of people trying to get home. vre is canceling train 355 out of d.c.'s union station and metro is accepting vre passengers who use the manassas line. we have heard from a whistleblower and state officials regarding the allegations of grade changing to boost graduation rates in prince george's county schools. >> tracee wilkins has more reaction from the teachers' union and
4:32 pm
she's live in district heights with more. >> reporter: the teacher's union has released a statement that made two major points. the first saying that its teachers cannot change grades after they are published, so they do believe that teachers will come out fine at the end of this investigation. but you the second statement said that they believe the allegations are damaging to the school system. that is a statement that left at least one whistleblower teacher who we spoke with feeling like the union did not support her. this all foes ba sgoes back to allegations that surfaced last week that the school system had systemic issues involving grade tampering in an effort to boost the overall grades and graduation rates. now, the school system is denying this, kevin maxwell saying that that is not the case. but there are teachers and also counselors who have come forward saying that that is absolutely what is happening within the school system. we spoke
4:33 pm
george's county principal who says that what is really happening here is that students who are not performing well in traditional class settings and failing are given another opportunity to succeed through what they are calling multiple pathways to success. >> so it's hurtful to hear that because we've developed systems and structures that are occurring throughout the nation to support kids, that we would be accused of inflating grades because of the use of something that is -- fairfax, montgomery, you can know to other counties and see that they are using the same type of processes in order to help kids. >> reporter: there is a lot to this program. some of it includes online learning that can help to make up for lost credits. and even missed time in school. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, we'll hear more about how that program is working and communication that may be bng
4:34 pm
the school system including some of the teachers. tracee wilkins, reporting live from strict heights. starts saturday, you can get a stronger drink in virginia. more alcohol items will be selling that are 151 proof. currently just rum, vodka and flavored licking ors are allowed. a new law will allow tasteless and colored liquors like ever clear to be sold as well. you can find even more new laws going into effect in the area on the nbc washington app. search new laws. in "news 4 your health," a new study finds certain women who have had children are at greater risk for developing heart disease. researchers discovered that many women don't know that gestational diabetes which only happens during pregnancy increases their risk as does pre-eclamp see a. lupus also
4:35 pm
if you sxerpt experienced any of these, you might want a heart checkup. doctors are using gene profile as a guide for finding the most effective medication and some common conditions could be impacted. >> dr. john tore investigation jo recent is joining us live to cover this. >> reporter: and it covers a variety of conditions can. heart disease, blood pressure problems, infections, even over the counter medications can be covered by this because this test can tell what your body can take, what might be toxic for you and what night nmight not w you. >> is it covered by insurance? >> right now there are a couple insurance companies that do cover. if insurance companies don't cover it, it's a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. just depd gend depends where
4:36 pm
>> and are there certain conditions that this works better for? >> the ultimate goal is essentially to get the medicine down so you go in, you have heart problems, they could put you on medicine that could be toxic or antibiotics that don't work, the hope is that something will come up on the computer screen that this patient can't take this medication, switch to a different one. that way the doctor knows it before you find out you have a reaction. >> whatever works. thanks, doctor. watch for the complete story and the latest on the day's events on "nightly news" at 7:00 right after nbc news 4. we are just a few days away from the 4th. >> and we know you're already making plans. if only the weather could stay liking today. >> amelia. >> absolutely. low humidity, beautiful outside right now. but doug and i are tracking the start of the
4:37 pm
a 6 or 7 day heat wave. coming up, we'll have are the latest on any storm chances over the holiday weekend and when the humidity moves in, as well. and also coming up, a new place of worship is coming to prince william county. why neighbors tell us they are not happy about it. and we are asking on our nbc washington facebook page today do you think that there are too few d.c. stat chews of women and people of color? the effort to change who we are recognizing first at 4:00.
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from subway. head in now to grab the five dollar footlong spicy italian. loaded with salami and pepperoni. for a limited time, the spicy italian footlong is just five dollars. it's a big value for even bigger flavor. only at subway. serena williams legacy speaks for itself, but this week john mcenroe dropped a little shade when he seems to qualify her andbilities. troy johnson is here. it started when mcenroe said he played well for a girl, but would be like 700 in theld
4:41 pm
and it triggered a lot of reaction. >> and my listeners are saying they are not surprised. he has always critique ed playe with that special edge, that commentary that he's known for. a lot of people say that they aren't really fans of that kind of shade if you will. or necessarily him for that matter. but they are disappointed that he doubled down on those comments when he was asked in an interview if he would consider apologizing to serena williams. and he said no. that didn't sit well with folks. i spoke to michelle who lives in prince george's county, she told me today that mcenroe's comments are just another example of where black being athletes in general are sometimes marginalized even when they have proved to be the best at what they do. >> i feel that this is about disrespect and not giving serena the accompalades she dehse a
4:42 pm
success that people ha jell city that people have. so it is an attempt to lessen her accomplishments and i'm glad she called mcenroe oh, so it is an attempt to lessen her accomplishments and i'm glad she called mcenroe oh, out. >> and we saw the photographs in full pregnancy. a lot of folks were happy that she's expressing herself, she is much more than an athlete, she has inspired so many different people. and she's got the championships to back it up. john mcenroe has 5, she has 23. do the math. >> she's so great to watch. what she does stands on its own. thank you, troy. >> that baby may come out at 700 on the tour. they said they were there to help, but you tell us workers from a cleaning service were stealing from you. susan hogan is working for you to get your money back. >> reporter: mary mcchewloud, educator, civig
4:43 pm
this is a tribute to her in d.c.'s lincoln park. but there aren't many statues like this around the city. the effort going on to change that.
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
d.c. council member wants greater statuedy verszity in the district. women are being recognized enough. kristin wright is live with more. >> reporter: the bethune stath chew is a great one. it was the first statue on public land in d.c. to recognize an african-american person. not a lot of statues like this one in the city. so this is why we want to tell you what is happening now. so if you take a look, the city of course is filled with monuments, memorials. few recognize the
4:47 pm
accomplishments and contributions of women and of people of color. bethune was an educator, humanitarian, civil rights actity advicact actity activist. and across here in the park there is a statue recognizing abraham lincoln and the emancipation proclamation. so a lot of statues along those lines, a lot honoring military admirals and generals, but not a when will lot of women and of people of color. so on d.c. councilman teddy mcduffy introduced a bill in week asking the came medical are a commemorative works ghigs to put up statues in each ward highlighting women and people of color. mcduffy says the first one should be charles hamilton houston. >> charles hamilton houston helped to train thurgood marshall. he was the
4:48 pm
to the naacp. he was born and raised right here in the sdrisktdistrict. he graduated from dunbar high school. >> reporter: right now this is just a proposal in council. we'll keep you posted on what happens. pat, back to you. after years of debate and controversy, one of the nation's largest mosques has won approval to build a new facility in. it was approved during another lengthy public meeting. residents expressed concern that it would bring too much traffic to the area and might destroy the countryside, but supporters of the project said steps will be taken to keep that from happening. all dulles area muslim society plans to build a 22,000 square foot mosque. it will caccommodate 500 people. a new push for information about an explosion in new york's central park that injured a fair
4:49 pm
>> that is one of the stories we're work on at 5:00. >> ooilts a been almoit's been jumped off the rock and landed on an exabout diplomacy suffer. >> he lost part of his leg and now police are renewing their push to solve this case. >> and more on the new reward and about why this is so personal for the lead detective. and good news if you are in the market for a used car. prices are coming down. >> but how do you know you're not getting taken for a ride? susan hogan will join us with what you need to know. >> with and also doug's forecast, we are just 11 1/2 minutes away. >> oh, yes, 11 and 15 seconds away. >> but who is counting. >> better hurry. speaking of do
4:50 pm
and make it good. >> well, you will love in because you love the heat. >> i like it hot, but not humid. >> it will be a little on the humid side, too. but the heat is coming. temperatures today simply gorgeous. it will be a perfect night for the national game. amelia drarp amelia draper is outside right now. she volunteered no problem. she's been out there for 15 minutes waiting for this just are chilling out. let's talk first about what is going to be happening the next couple days. she will be here to talk more about that heat index. but right now, looking pretty good outside. plenty of blue skies across the area. reston live camera, not many clouds in the sky. simply gorgeous. 82, temperatures dropping through the 70s. so once again heading to the nationals game, looking great. temperatures in the 70s and maybe a little cool. last night some of you mentioned you needed a jacket around 10:00, 11:00.
4:51 pm
to the 40s early this morning. the 40s! ba battle mo baltimore down to 51. won't see that tonight. we are tracking a storm system to the north, but this one moves by and actually helps to bring the warmer air up across our region. so tomorrow 6 of 7 by 7:00 a.m., 85 by noon, mostly sunny, a great day for lunch. 91 by 4:00. breezy conditions and increasing hu humidity. but amelia, it looks like heat wave comes friday and saturday. >> and with the heat and humidity, maybe isolated storm chances as well. but tomorrow marks day one of a six or seven day heat wave. the good news about tomorrow, look at the humidity levels. they are in that comfortable range. so it is just hot, but not humid during the day. friday and saturday, it is feeling oppressive out there,
4:52 pm
through the fourth of july monday and tuesday, as well. and then beaches, if you are escaping town, looking great. saturday 80 breezy degrees. sunday and monday, maybe an isolated thunderstorm. nothing to change your plans. tuesday, temperatures in the mid-80s. but before we get to the holiday weekend, we still have two days left and you will be at the fwoofl courgolf course tomorrow? >> that's right, talking about the quicken loans with carol maloney. beautiful tomorrow. a little bit on the humid side, but not bad. again, too many tomorrow's humis bad as friday, saturday. always heats up for this tournament. best chance ever storm s would e on saturday. and the heat wave goes through next week.
4:53 pm
and hoping to get some rain. a followup to a consumer investigation that we first told you about in september. >> a cleaning company accused of misleading d.c. residents now has to pay them back. susan hogan has the details. >> reporter: well, we started hearing from customers of handy tech be knowledges last summer. and this is and on demand service where customers actually use an app to to get all sorts of services from furniture assembly, painting, moving and even home cleaning. the company advertises that it does thorough background checks, but our investigation revealed customers who noticed several items missing after hiring a mandy emplman handy employee. one even notified unauthorized charges on his credit card. the d.c. attorney general filed a lawsuit against the company on behalf of a number of d.c. consumers and today announced that his office obtained restitution for them. the district aeg
4:54 pm
practices, made untrue statements regarding the safety and security of its home cleaning services and enrolled consumers without their knowledge into cleaning plans. now, are handy denies it violated any consumer protection laws and nothing contained in the consent judgment they say is an admission by the company that it did anything wrong. handy has been ordered to pay the district damages to resolve all of what they call eligible complaints from customers, and if you think you are eligible for restitution, you can go for our nbc washington app and search handy settlement. back to you. first at 4:00, dramatic video as wildfires rip through communities out west.
4:55 pm
y2d1iy y16fy
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4:57 pm
more than 20 wildfires are scorching several western states. and one of them in utah has forced hundreds of people from their homes. >> as jay gray shows us, the fires are still burn, out of control. >> reporter: raging wildfires continue to sear much of the west. >> the area has been sort of kind of our worst nightmare. >> reporter: a nightmare that stretches from texas through oregon, 21 large fires, the worst right now in utah where the flames have swallowed more than a dozen homes. >> you feel so bad for the ones that have lost already.
4:58 pm
i just can't believe it. >> reporter: loss that is being felt across the fire zone. >> it hurts. all my memories, childhood memories are all right here, but they are all burned down to the ground. everywhere i used to play is touched with fire. >> reporter: firefighters are working around the clock, crews battling not only the flames, but also brutal heat wave and gusting winds. >> we're trying to organize chaos. this is very chaotic out there, the wind is blowing one direction one minute, the other direction the next. >> reporter: as the fires and fears continue to grow across the region. jay gray, nbc news. new at 5:00, we're learning more about what led to two men being hit and killed by that amtrak train full of
4:59 pm
renewed search for crew cloous in the mysterious explosion in central park that badly hurt this virginia teen. >> and growing questions about alleged grade changing at schools in prince george's county and why one administrator says it could all be a misunderstanding. we begin with the deadly train accident that killed two csx workers. it left thousands of rail passengers stunned and stranded today. good evening, everybody. >> investigators have been on the scene all day trying to understand what went wrong. but what we do know right now is that the two straight workers were near union station when they thought something was wrong with their train. when they got out to check, they ended up in the path of and oncoming amtrak train. >> adam tuss was able to get close to the scene and he is live for us at union station now with new details. what are you
5:00 pm
>> reporter: that's right, the ntsb says that those csx workers actually got an alert to check out the wheel of their freight train and when they got off the train, they walked into active amtrak tracks. the area where this accident happened is busy. trains c s coming and going at hours. and now we know that the two freight train workers got a an alert to check out a problem with a wheel on their train, that is when the ntsb says they made a deadly mistake. >> at some point two crew members crossed on toen beingan track. >> reporter: so let's give you a look at the nice playout where the accident happened. these two tracks right here are amtrak tracks. the two tracks on the other side are csx tracks like this freight train is using right here. but how did those two workers end up on th a


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