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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  June 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: that's right, the ntsb says that those csx workers actually got an alert to check out the wheel of their freight train and when they got off the train, they walked into active amtrak tracks. the area where this accident happened is busy. trains c s coming and going at hours. and now we know that the two freight train workers got a an alert to check out a problem with a wheel on their train, that is when the ntsb says they made a deadly mistake. >> at some point two crew members crossed on toen beingan track. >> reporter: so let's give you a look at the nice playout where the accident happened. these two tracks right here are amtrak tracks. the two tracks on the other side are csx tracks like this freight train is using right here. but how did those two workers end up on th a
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the two krmpt sx workers were a conductor and trainee. the amtrak speed limit in the area is 95 miles an hour, but trains start slowing here to about 30 miles an hour on approach to union station. >> they will be downloading the data roersd aecorders. >> reporter: trains are now supposed to pass the area slowly at 10 miles per hour until further notice. so you could see some delays because those trains are operating at lower speeds just north of union station. tonight though the good news is that all amtrak service has been restored along the northeast corridor. we are still waiting for the identities of the csx victims to be released. back to you. we have an update now on a story in prince william county, some delays for passengers using the vre. after a person was hit by a train there. it happened on a rail bridge between cli a
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we've learned that the person who was hit was trespassing on the bridge. no word yet on that person's condition. and there were about 10 passengers on the train. but they are stuck because the train cannot move until this investigation wraps up. there are still more questions than answers this evening surrounding the death of that 17-year-old virginia girl, but this evening investigators looking into the murder of nabra hassanen appear to havelism natured one possible motive. chris lawrence has more. >> yes, they are ruling out that he had anything to do with ms-13. nabra hassanen was bludgeoned to death the and it rattled not only the muz about hslim commun people across the country. they looked into reports that the suspect about was a member of ms 13, but now say there is no
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torres was ofaffiliated with an gangs. prosecutors say torres killed nabra as she walked back home after a mosque. investigators are still looking into the possibility that she may have been sexually assaulted. fair fairfax county county police chief have said that they don't think this is a hate crime. torres remains in custody still charged with her death. cana man is being sentenced into a deadly crash on valentine's day last year. brandon broussard learned his fate today. investigators blue he was speeding when his dodge viper went off the road and hit a concrete wall. his passenger, an 18-year-old, was killed. a savage killing, that is how montgomery county's top prosecutor
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maryland back in 2015 and today the judge sentenced the lookout to more than three decades behind bars. chris xwgordon is here with the hearing. >> reporter: police found the body buried in a shallow grave. it was only by chance that the victim was later identify as marvin vargas. >> he had on the job several years earlier using a nail gun had shot himself in the foot. during the course of the automatic top city, it was noted by the coroner that there appeared to be a metal pin in one of his city, it wa by the coroner that there appeared to be a metal pin in one of his feet. >> reporter: he was a 17-year-old gaithersburg teen. and he was the
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watch as gang members lured the 34-year-old into the woods and stabbed him 27 times. prosecutors say martinez was also involved in another murder in the time since he today to montgomery county from el salvador. >> in eight months, this validated member of ms-13 was involved in two killings in our county. obviously we have spoken about our concern about rising gang violence in the county in particular and specifically rising gang violence as it relates to ms-13. >> reporter: prosecutors say the amount of gang violence in montgomery county is unprecedented and that gangings are recruiting at local high schools. that is the latest from the courthouse. back to you. with the fourth of july just around the corner, it's important to know which fireworks are legal and which ones will get you in trouble. more importantly, fireworks inspectors in the district want to make sure you don't get hurt. tom sherwood went with them a
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fireworks stands for an inspection. >> reporter: in this season for fireworks, fire inspections like this one occur dozens of times all over the city. and there is about a dozen forms each vendor has to have to be in compliance with d.c. rules on what is allowed and what is not. >> this is the fireworks permit that you get. >> reporter: this man showed all his products were properly accounted for, including the fire marshal stamp on each box. >> you have to stick to the script. >> reporter: he's a street sven are dovendor year-round. and he's glad the city cracks down on far too many illegal sales. >> does that hurt your business? >> it do hurt our business. but you know, i just try to keep it away from me. >> reporter: and thorn says he
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encourages adult customers to keep even minor fireworks away from kids. >> well, kids shouldn't shoot fireworks at all. they should have a parent's supervision with all fireworks. somebody over the age of, you know, 18. >> reporter: the city sharply limits what can be sold with no projectile. maryland montgomery and prince george's county strictly ban all fireworks. virginia has less strict laws. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. to the latest now up on capitol hill where mitch mcconnell is hoping to revise the senate health care bill by friday. mcconnell wants to send a new version to the cbo so it can get scored while lawmakers are on recess. but republicans have their touts. john mccain telling nbc news this evening it will be possible, quote, when pigs fly. and lindsey graham saying if there isn't a compromise version, it's the end of a o
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meanwhile inside capitol halls today, more protesters taken into custody by capitol police officers after they stage demonstrations outside a number of senate offices. another beautiful day out there across our region. temperatures today well below average. our average high 87. so far today, we've hit 82 and many of you have not made our way out of the 70s. take a look at the numbers right now, d.c. we are at 82. 78 hagerstown, state college only 73 and only 71 in ocean city, maryland. it will get warmer next couple days. tonight cubs taking on the nationals. 79 degrees first inning, 76 around the home stretch there and by the time you leave, a little on the cool side, some of you needed the jackets last night. but looking good about for the nationals. maybe another win there tonight. we
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coming up, but it's also the humidity. see you back here. allegations that they inflated the grades so they could boost the graduation rate in prince george's county. the reaction keeps pouring in and some school administrators are saying this could all be a misunderstanding. plus a former marine and fworn georgetown law student held hostage in syria the last five years. and a plan to honor more women and moreeople of cloor. p
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if you pass graduate, if you fail, you repeat. sounds simple. in prince george's county, a principal and teachers union are speaking out about the allegations of grade changing to boost the graduation rates. trails ci tracee wilkins is live to tell us the latest on this. >> reporter: student union is saying -- or the teachers union is saying that when the investigation is wrapped up, their teachers will be in the clear because they couldn't have the power to change grades. but one teacher is also saying that the union's statements are leaving people like her out. >> i feel morally obligated to say that there is something morally wrong going on in the schools. >> reporter: this public be schoolteacher does not want to be identified. she was one of the first to report alleged grade tampering to some board of education members. w
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that it's okay for you to get a reward without doing any work. >> it's hurtful to hear that because we've developed systems and structures that are occurring throughout the nation to support kids, that we would be accused of inflating grades. >> reporter: the principal at flowers high school says students are earning changed grades through a program called multiple pathways to success. >> fairfax, montgomery, you can go to other counties and see that they are using the same type of processes in order to help kids. >> reporter: but multiple teachers and guidance counselors are alleging that grades are being changed without students earning the credits in an effort to on boost the graduation rate. the union that represents teachers released a statement that reads in part "we are very concerned that these allegations will have a destructive impact on our school system, a statement that left this teacher who has made t
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her union. >> feel that are copeople that forward are undermining all the hard work that we do and i don't are see it that we at all. i think we're standing up for the hard work we do. >> reporter: union representatives say they stand by all teachers including potential whistleblowers. >> we are supporting our members and that means them all. we know they continue to work very hard. >> reporter: yet the maryland state board of education agreed that they will investigate this using a third party, a move that is supported by the governor of maryland and also the ceo of the prince george's county system. i'm tracee wilkins, back to you. that massive cyberattack targeting ukraine is now wreaking havoc across the globe including here in the u.s. miguel almaguer joining us live from los angeles. so bring us
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impact the attack is having on american companies in hospitals, too. >> reporter: as you mentioned, it starts in the ukraine and has now hit some 64 countries including the u.s. it hit a pharmaceutical company, health care provider, food and beverage contributor. what it is doing is basically locking up their computers saying that you are not able to access any of the data unless you pay a $300 ransom. the problem say authorities is that once folks pay that ransom, they still may not get their data back. the fix for this is actually fairly easy. just upyou can date the latest security software and folks at home should also do this because while the ransome wear attackers are going after big corporations, next they could focus on personal executers. so good advice for us all to take. >> so do we know who is behind the cyberattack or what their motives are? >> reporter: authorities don't know who is beh
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believe it's probably somebody overseas working on this since it started there. but the motive seems to be apparently money. they are demanding $300 in ransom from every corporation and while that amount may seem nominal, it is actually quite lucrative when you tally up all the folks that people are going after. certainly something the authorities are watching closely. >> miguel almaguer, thanks so much. and this evening we are hearing from the parents of an american journalist who has been held captive in syria for nearly five years. austin tice. he was taken hostage in 2012 just days after his 31st birthday. the former marine and fworngeorn law student was in syria to cover that country's civil war. and aside from this video showing him blindfolded, there has been no claim of responsibility. lester holt sat down with tice's parents who say there is no
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>> we had a video that was titled austin tice is alive. it has been confirmed over these last almost five years. >> we wouldn't be sitting here talking to you if we weren't completely positive that austin will come home safely and we wouldn't have a lot of the conversations and meetings that we have if that weren't the case. >> with rising tensions between with our country and the assad regime, there is a new sense of urgency to secure tice's release. we will hear more from tice's parents ahead on "nightly news." high blood pressure, cigarette smoking. there are certain are things we all know can increase your risk of heart disease. when we come back, the extra risk for women that you may not know about. guns, cash, all sorts of things taken by criminals because you don't lock your doors. local police using a new technique to sa guard your fe
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. if you wanted to go to canada this week, you didn't have to. canada came to us. >> very good call. the interesting thing about this, if this pattern was the pattern in january, it would be frigid. it would be in the mid-30s. we're 5 to 10 degrees below
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so come in the summer. the other time you can stay up north of the border. temperatures next couple days will be a lot like texas rather than canadian temperatures. we have some cooler air out there right now. temperatures well below average and it has been nice. perfect day r day to get out and play some tennis, right? trying to rub that in, buddy. because it really has been great. whether running, biking, it has been quite nice. 82, winds out of the west 5 miles per hour. nothing but sunshine. take a look at the current numbers. only in the 70s in many areas. 7 w 77 winchester, how great would a hike be. as far as the radar is concerned, no rain. we still need to see some rain. june has been a very dry month. but we're no longer in a drought situation because of all the rain nearly 6 inches of rain we saw in the month of may. satellite and radar showing the clear skies here tracking storm to the north that is bringing
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the ground right now in iowa, however that storm won't bring us storms, it will actually help to usher in the warmer air as it makes its way in. you can see the canadian air right there and then the warmer air out of the west. what we've had is the jet stream going into canada and then bringing that cooler air down across the eastern portion of the nation. but now the heat will begin to move back in and the hot weather wants to remain. i think we have 90 # degrees or better for the next six days at least. so we will have to wait with and see about that. but you the heat wave coming. heat index near 100 especially on on friday and saturday. i think those will be the two hottest days. sunday awfully muggy as well. tomorrow 91, here comes the heat. not too humid. so it will be a comfortable 91. we've had a koourm dcouple days. a pool will be the great place. up to 90 around the 4:00 hour. the pools though starting to get a little on the warmer side. tomorrow you will want to be a cool
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isolated thunderstorms, 93 degrees there. 94 on your on saturday with afternoon storms. this is a little bit more likely, but only about a 30% chance. so don't expect a washout saturday. sunday 93, 94 on monday. right now fourth of july, a high of 93. going to be hot for the fourth, but at least by 9:00, we're back down into the 80s. a little bit on the humid side, but not looking at much of a chance for storms. so it looks like this year we'll get those fireworks in without a hitch downtown. but there it is, not just six, but seven days at 90 or better. >> here we go. when daddy is the caddie, the surprise reunion on the golf course for a military family. . >> reporter: watch closely, you are looking at real surveillance video taking in loudoun county. this is a vehicle break-in. but the suspected thief doesn't have to break in, he can just
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just ahead right here on news 4, you will hear from the loudoun county, he is launching a new initiative inform he hopes a hash tag could help stoop the crime. >> don't make it easy for them. and how something metro is doing to its walls could improve the ride on the rails. how are your teeth whiter than mine? your strips are slippy... ...mine are grippy. crest whitestrips stay in place. crest whitestrips professional effects... ...lock in the whitening for a whiter smile. these aren't going anywhere. these are. crest... ...healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
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loudoun county sheriff thinks your retweets and facebook shares could help protect your community and your stuff. they have launched an initiative called #9 pm routine. think of it like your do you know where your children are for
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when you look at social media and share it with your friends. david culver is live in stone ridge to explain what police are hoping it will do. >> reporter: yeah, you hear this and you think this is common sense, right? but the reality is we're often so easily distracted by our busy lives that we may forget. that is why the sheriff as you mentioned, he is pushing this out through social media with that #9 pm routine, he hopes that it will be a checklist. lock your house, close your garage and lock your cars. you would not believe how many people leave their cars unlocked to let thieves go right in. you want proof? take a look. the homeowners inside, unaware ever what is happening here. their car parked in the driveway. you're about to watch a break-in without anything actually breaking. watch as the suspect simply opens the door. no smashed
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this surveillance camera capturing the same, talk about making it easy. this guy just strolls up, pulls the handle and he's in. even spends a few minutes rummaging around inside. out here, you have a lot of folks who trust their neighbors, who trust their environment. that's why they live out here in many cases. yet the reality is they are still vulnerable. >> they are. it's good that we have such a safe community, but you can still be a victim out here and we have reports every day that show that. >> reporter: the sheriff tried to stop the crime with a hash tag. 9 p mchlm routine. a reminder to lock both your car and home and close the noticed invite during our short walk. >> make sure you close your garage doors. there is probably somebody home, although we would still recommend against that. >> reporter: the thieves aren't only getting to valuables. over the past year, dozens of weapons taken out of cars and brought to
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most from unlocked vehicles. you see some of the videos and person prp traitor perpetrators can car hop. >> are right, because the residents are giving them free will because they are not securing their own valuables. >> reporter: the sheriff is in touch with family focus communities like stone ridge with its nearly 3,000 homes. the association here is making the effort to help share the hash tag. >> we send an e-mail blast every thursday and we have a facebook page. >> reporter: a digital warning that do keep this from happening in your are driveway. in allloudoun county, david cul, news 4. and here at the live desk with details on new security regulations that will affect flights bund f s bound for the . department of homeland security is requiring countries to institute district new standards. they include extensive passenger screening, increased use of boo
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it will be implemented in phases. at more than 280 airports in more than 100 countries. all these changes coming in response to a laptop ban from earlier this year in which the u.s. would not allow them in carry-ons from certain countries. now dhs the officials say they will not expand that ban if these countries comply with the enhanced security screenings. metro is about to make a much needed fix, but to make things better in the long run, they need to show you down in the short term. a section of the red line will be closed for four weekends starting next month. while crews try to repair the leaky tunnel there, for years water has been seeping in which makes for bad combinations with the electrified track. the weekend shutdowns mean no train service between grosvenor and friendship heights. we first told
5:33 pm
four years ago. to see which weekends are affected, just head to our nbc washington app. the pga tour is back in our area this week with the quicken loans national. for one military family, today is a day they may never forget thanks in part to one of the best golfers in the world. carol maloney is live with more. >> reporter: yeah, a tear jerker for sure. tiger woods is not here as you know. but his mission, to honor the military with this tournament. that is in full force. and nowhere was that more evident than the 18th green today. a heartwarming moment with one of the tournament's most recognizable faces and a caddie with a secret identity. >> when we started to walk up, me he and ricky was talking, and they were like did they notice yet? and i was trying to keep my head down. >> reporter: tough to look like ricky fowler's caddie in today's proceed a.m. when you look so much like being dad.
5:34 pm
the white hat? >> no way. >> recognition turns into a reunion and a hug that didn't want to end. >> i noticed him when he started walking down and then they started saying who is that, who is that. and then i ran down there. >> so it took you a second to know it was actually him. what did you think? >> i thought it was a different person. >> there has been lots of birthdays and things like that that i haven't had him here for. and i'm just really happen that he is back for good this time. >> always seeing the coming home stories and brings a tear in your eyes. so to be here in person and get that tear and that feeling to see these guys all happy is pretty cool. >> reporter: the ninth ranked player in the world called it a privilege to be part of today and knows nothing, not everyone a tournament title, can top this. >> there are a lot bigger things
5:35 pm
so puts things definitely into perspective. i'll have fun and play well, but this is by far the highlight of the week. >> kind evof hard to leave knowg that you still have people over there that you care about, but to come home for my family and to spend time with them brings things into perspective. >> reporter: the kids are visiting from california. dad wants them to sight see around d.c. so they know why they made such a sacsacrifice. carol malone loan ade any, back sfloop a college student injured in a mystery excan motion plose. items been it's been a year. when we come back, the push for new clues. a different summer camp experience for some local teens. how they are finding a way to give bacto others. k
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. check this out. an unusual cause for a fire at an apartment complex. investigators believe a heat lizard frlamp may have caught fire. this is along potomac avenue. you can see the lizard is just fine and we're told no one people-wise were injured. that looks like a onesie. >> i want to know why i didn't get in to lizard attire right out of college. who knew this could be a booming market. >> and in june. what is he thinking? don't need a heat lamp or onesie this time of year. >> but the lizard is rocking the fourth of july. >> rep-tire. all right. everyone stop. this week hundreds of virginia teens are hard atk
5:40 pm
fixing houses for 240es those i. its put on by the catholic church in arlington. news 4 talked to grateful homeowners. >> we have a water leak help. >> reporter: betty's home desperately in need of repair. but when it comes to health problems, she and her husband have a long list. >> spinal stenosis, bone disease. >> reporter: now a group of teenagers taking care of the tuckers to-do list. a new deck. >> perfect. >> reporter: new windows and roof. >> whenever someone helps me, it feels really good. so when someone else is in trouble, i want to be there for them, too. >> reporter: they are here seven hours every day this week. this house is one of hundred being worked on by high schoolers around virginia. >> i just wanted to make somebody's day because i know someeo
5:41 pm
people out, they really appreciate it. >> reporter: at night the kids have been sleeping at a nearby high school and during the day, well, they have to use this. but the kids say they are more than happy to give up their own comforts if it means helping someone else. >> it was a hard journey making all the money to get all the supplies and get the high school and everything, but definitely worth it. >> reporter: a journey for which tucker couldn't be more grateful. >> i love it. yay! >> they could be at the beach, sleeping, playing games. but they come here for us. i'm just humbled that they come to help us. >> reporter: these teens have a giving spirit that can sure do in handy. aimee cho, news 4. >> and i love that the homeowner, she has a lot of spunk. >> she sure does. so appreciative. >> and especially with a cordless drill, is there anything better on the map? >> i think the kids
5:42 pm
that born she is. coming up, it means financial relief for buyers. used car prices are going down. >> and here we go, susan hogan explains what you need to look for to make sure that you don't get taken for a bad ride. >> reporter: and this statue in lincoln park honors bethune. but there aren't many tributes in the districtlike th like thi. s
5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
a d.c. council member wants women and people of color to be better represented in the sdriktd a district and now he's pushing his plan. kristin wright has creation to h reaction to his proposal. >> reporter: and when the bethune statue was first dead indicated in the 1970s, it was the first one on public be land in the district to honor an african-american and there just aren't a whole lot hardly any in the city.
5:46 pm
visits the bethune statue in lincoln park. sometimes he thinks about her lifetime of fighting for rights. he says it would be nice to see more statues like this. >> i think that would be great. d.c. the more statues and more black women i think would add a nice flavor to the city. >> reporter: ward five down scoe member kenyon mcduffy also wants more statues recognizing women and people of color. he into on duesedroduced a billt lea put up at least one stat dhu in each ward. >> there have been lots of people who have made major contributions. >> reporter: mcduffy says charles hamilton houston should be honored first. >> people don't know that he helped train thurgood marshall when he was teen at
5:47 pm
here in the district of columbia, he graduated from dunbar high school. >> reporter: liz foster and her two boys learned about statues around the city while playing pokemon go. >> it's a great idea so kids are aware that other people are doing great things. >> reporter: christian jones looks up to historical figures. >> they can see role models when looking up to the statue like oh, i can be like her. >> reporter: right now this is just a proposal, it has to go through the process in city council and councilman mcduffy's office tells me that they are still figuring out the funding and how they would pay for the statues. so justs beginning. back to you. a new mosque will be coming to northern virginia. the prince william county board of supervisors unanimously approved the project.
5:48 pm
it would be built on a 14 acre site in nokesville. residents have cited traffic concerns an wantid wanting to pe the rural fear. the all adult less mdulles musls behind the project. where you live could play a big role in a used car. according to a new bank rate study, our region is one of the only places where it may be affordable. kelly blue book found that the average cost for a new car or a pickup truck in may just over $33,000. bank rate looked at the top 25 markets in terms of population and median income and they found d.c., the only major market where the median income was high enough to support that cost. at the other end, the
5:49 pm
lauderdale region was at the bottom of the top 25. using median household incomes, bank rate found that the average household can't even afford half the cost of a new vehicle. here is the rule experts say you should stick to. it's called 20-4-10. 20% for a down payment for a four year loan. and no more than 10% of your annual income on. because if you stretch out that loan, you have a bigger chance of being hit by debt and a harder chance of getting out of it. >> easy way to remember. good way to save money when you're car shopping is opting for a used vehicle, but how do you make sure you're not being taken for a ride? susan hogan is working for you tonight with what you need to know before you sign the dotted line. >> reporter: nbc 4 responds gets complaints about used cars almost on a daily basis. so consumer reports has great
5:50 pm
buying a dud. and they could help you even when buying a new car. getting your money's worth can be a challenge especially around pushy salespeople. >> understand going in that them try to take advantage of the information that you give them such as how much you can afford or if you're in a rush to buy. so never reveal anything. >> reporter: do your research. look for reliability ratings from sources like consumer reports, used car marketplace. find the true value of the car you want to buy by checking condition, mileage and age. but don't rely on dealers for that information. get a report through car fax or auto check to help alert you to possible fraud or damage or if a rebuilt or salvage title was ever issued. and run the vin number through the national insurance crime bureau. don't forget to check for recalls. safer or consumer car recalls will tell you if there are any safety represented defects or problems. >> once'v
5:51 pm
work, state your price. if the seller won't bunch, don't bin bunch oirks don't be afraid to walk away. >> reporter: and before you sign a contract, take the car to a certified mechanic, not just with an oil change shop. isai it's worth$100 or so it will cost. if your car needs repairs, don't be afraid to seller of that car pay you for that or deduskt it from the sale. back to you. doug joining us. this is the last of the kind of very comfortable days. >> yeah, we go from san diego to miami type weather. you can call it typical d.c. weather in the summer because that is what we see. out toward rockville, look
5:52 pm
this shot. looking pretty good across our area. 355 there rockville pike looking all right, too. as far as the d.c. metro area, we're with at 82. temperatures dropping through the 70s. nationals game looking fan fantastic. on the radar, nothing to show. we'll have a dry night tonight and we'll stay dry. we need the rain, but we will stay dry the next few days. we're tracking this storm system back to the west. it will move to our north and actually help to bring the rain in across our region. so let's talk about that forecast for tomorrow. or bring the warmer weather in, because we will stay dry. 67 at 7:00 a.m. mostly sunny at noon. 91 at 4:00. and increased humidity at 8:00. but tomorrow not much in the way of humidity. although that humidity is going to be going up in a big way over the next i canmelia draper is o more about the humidity. >> reporter: yeah, the humidity not too much of an issue tomorrow during
5:53 pm
really builds in over the holiday weekend. tomorrow day one of our six or seven day heat wave. so enjoy this beautiful evening, this beautiful weather while it lasts. s tomorrow it will be comfortable. hot, but not humid. friday and saturday, the humidity levels do start to feel a bit oppressive out there. and then as we look to fourth of july weekend, still feeling muggy for monday and tuesday as well. and after that, we're still going to talk about humid conditions out there. now, if you're heading to the beaches this weekend, saturday 80 degrees. sunday and monday, maybe an isolated storm, but most of the time we'll be completely dry. fourth of july on tuesday looking fabulous. breezy at the beach saturday but it won't have too much of an impact at the quicken loans golf tournament. >> however those guys are teeing offer into the wind, they could bring those balls back a little bit. teeing off with
5:54 pm
that might help them on your thursday. 90 tomorrow, 93 on friday, 93 on saturday for your quicken loans national. and as we look on on sunday, still a little on the muggy side. so it's always hot this time of year for that tournament. 94 in d.c. on saturday, 93 sunday. monday and tuesday looking hot as well. 94 monday, 93 tuesday. and still around that 90 degree mark as we led toward the middle of next week. it was an incident that cost a local teenager part of his leg. >> and now more than a year later, leads in the case dwind link. but up next, the renewed effort to solve the mysteryehind an bex
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5:57 pm
. there now a $40,000 reward in a case that involves explosives in central park. >> a young man from our area had part of his leg blown off when he stepped on a fireworks experiment gone wrong. investigators believe someone may still have the clue that will lead them to whoever left those explosives behind. chris glorioso reports. >> they were looking to climb up to the rock. >> reporter: for nypd detective andrew cohen and the atf special agent, this investigation has been no walk in the park. finding whomever planted the explosive that took connor golden's leg is personal. >> what makes it
5:58 pm
that are around connor's age. two boys and a girl. and i see connor and i see my own kids. it could have happened to any of my kids. >> reporter: it was date before fourth of july 2016, and connor was just scoping out central park from up here when he jumped town to jo down to join his friends and an explosive compound blew up under his foot. his amputated. and now they plead with the public to come forward with images and video of these rocks from last summer, pictures could help investigators their rote time frame when the suspect carried the explosive into the park. >> what should people be thinking back to, what should people be looking for on in their own pictures and video? if. >> this area. pretty much right here. this whole area.f. >> this area. pretty much right here. this whole area.. >> this area. pretty much right here. this whole area. >> this area. pretty much right here. this whole area. >> reporter: no person or group has claimed responsibility for the blast, but the iteam spoke with connor
5:59 pm
said that it's hard for them to understand how someone would accidentally leave explosive powder in a tourist haven. they point out the substance that blew up their son's leg is similar to the material used in the manchester, paris and brussels terror attacks. >> somebody out there has a secret. what should they be thinking right now? >> that we're closing in. that we will find them. breaking news, we've learned a female has died after being hit by a vre train in prince are william county this afternoon. >> at least ten passengers have been stuck on board that train for hours now after the train hit the female who was trespassing on the track at the time. it happened around 3:00 today. dhoper chopper 4 was up over the rail bridge in the bull run area. >> we've told that the passengers conditions move until an all-clear is given by first responders on the scene. once the all-clear comes, the train canp
6:00 pm
d.c. where it was headed when this happened. >> some trains have been canceled because of this accident, others have been delayed. and we're waiting to get an update on the condition of the person -- or people involved in the situation. jackie bensen is on her way to the scene, we'll have her live report coming up here in a bit. as investigators look into that train accident, we're learning more about a deadly mistake that killed two railroad workers near union station. >> we covered this all morning as it was breaking. the train that hit an amtrak train full of passengers. many riders said it was clear something terrible had happened. >> first thing in my mind was that we must have hit somebody. >> trains are rolling again in and out of union station, but all day long the fallout from the tragedy has impacted thousands of rail passengers up and down the east coast. adam tuss is at union station with some


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